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tv   White House Briefing  CSPAN  August 15, 2018 2:34pm-2:56pm EDT

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what is going on with the scandals and so on, whatever, on how the fbi has been behind, trying to protect hillary and possibly some other politicians besides -- it angry's me to see what is going on. the fake news -- you know, i switched channels from every general, i say aloud, my best common sense tells me and from what i just have seen, the democrats are in big trouble and they deserve every bit of what they end up getting simply because of what they have done >> historically, former head and
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law enforcement agencies have been allowed to retain access after their government service so they can some -- they can consult with matters that may have. neither of these justifications support mr. brennan's access. first, any benefit that senior officials might glean from mr. brennan are now outweighed by his erratic behavior. second, that has far exceeded the limits of any professional courtesy due to him. 2014, he denied to congress
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that cia officials had -- heerly accessed the told the council of foreign relations that the cia would never do such a thing. generals inspector contradicted mr. brennan. more recently, mr. brennan told congress that the intelligence community did not make use of the so-called steele dossier. it is contradicted by at least two other officials. additionally, mr. brennan has recently leverage his status as a former high-ranking official to make a series of unfounded allegations about this administration. conduct is's
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inconsistent with access to the nation's most closely held secret. of mr.oadly, the issue --nnan's security clearance such access is inappropriate when former officials have transitioned into highly to validateitions political attack. any access to our nations torets -- i have begin review the access of classified information of government officials. comey,lapper, james michael hayden, susan rice,
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andrew mccabe, peter struck, lisa page and bruce orff. the security clearances may be revoked and those who have already lost theirs may not be .ble to have it reinstated i will direct appropriate staff to make the necessary arrangements. but that, i will take your questions. reporter: it seems like everyone thementioned is a critic of president. is he going after his opponents? no,.
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-- reporter: rudy giuliani said if it is not written within a couple of weeks, we will unload him in a couple of weeks. see theuld like to investigation read -- wrapped up. for suffix, i refer you back to him. anter: -- reporter: isn't it attempt to curtail their freedom of speech? the president has a
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responsibility to protect classified information and that is what he is doing. is specific to mr. brennan and the others are under review. why are there no republicans on the list? >> we would be happy to review those. there is obvious examples. a list ofs only that have been critical? thosein, we would look at if we deemed it necessary.
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we will keep you posted if it gets updated. turkey announced they will put $1 billion on tariffs on american goods. >> tariffs from turkey are certainly regrettable and a seven the wrong direction. statesiffs the united place are on national security interests. we don't support turkey's decision to tell you against us -- retaliate against us. ministrations the view that as a new setback? and itsel turkey
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treated the pastor very unfairly and badly. hasrter: the administration , yetn a robust defense there have been thousands imprisoned in north korea. is this something the ministration has also been looking into? see in the like to individual persecuted for their beliefs free again. ishas been discussed and something we like to see changed.
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reporter: a report says that as much as 30,000 isis members exist. what would the administration consider a victory? >> we would like to see every member of isis defeated across the globe. closing arguments are taking place across the river in the trial of paul manafort. in mid-june, president trump said he felt badly for mr. manafort. ?s the president still friends when is the last time he woke? >> are not aware of any recent conversations that have. i don't have anything to add beyond that. you said the increased
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tariff levels were national security interests. the president announced on said i relations with turkey are not good at this that theuggestion was not allowed to leave. they would not be removed with the release of pastor brunson. consider it at that point. reporter: what has changed in the last month or so that you
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are identifying national security? >> the president has been clear about the steel and aluminum industries. those are industries that must be protected. reporter: i was going to ask about turkey, but based on your opening statement, i have to sayt out that the attorneys their passes were automatically de-magnetized and they were separated from their offices. to others, mr. clapper and general hayden say they do not use the past at all in it is my understanding this would be the first time the president himself remove the passes from anybody.
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that it has normally been done by agency head. have you considered all these things in the process you say you're going through? >> other individuals, those are being reviewed. that determination will be made at a later date. reporter: you outline to areas from brennan. is that the only standard by says this administration he should have his security clearance revoked? the laid out the reasons in opening statement. we don't have any specifics. reporter: if you give erroneous , doesony in the future that mean you can lose your
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security clearance? >> my understanding it is a case-by-case basis. reporter: does this administration have any evidence to believe or suggest that mr. brennan has misuse as access? i laid out the reasons. we will continue to review the other actions. madeter: in the absence he -- you made, it you are saying you did not find any? >> no. [indiscernible] why do you think president trump's afghanistan strategy is working? >> i will leave it to the department of defense to get
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into specifics about tactics on the ground. what i can tell you is that we are committed to finding a solution. we are exploring all avenues. we're going to continue to do that. if we have announcements or changes, we will certainly let you know. reporter: have you guys assessed whether turkey's financial sector is at risk? >> certainly, we are monitoring the situation. areey's economic problems part of a long-term trend, something of its own making, not a result of the united states. reporter: one of the individuals you listed is a current employee
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of the department of justice. does the president believe he should be fired? >> i don't have any personal announcements on that front. who criticizede , are they at greater risk of losing their clearance? >> we will do an individual or the -- review. reporter: now that they are back, can you lay out the white house strategy for moving forward?
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daca and other issues, are there -- is there a strategy in place? >> we have continued a number of ongoing conversations. we are happy the hearing dates have been set and we look forward to seeing it confirmed. reporter: you did not mention anything about a possible shutdown or it is that something the president will continue? in some places, they are ready have it. in other areas, you don't have that requirement. something that is shutdown we don't
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have anything. we have a completely broken system. reporter: [indiscernible] manyou tell me how african-american -- or in this building -- are in this building? just value diversity not in the white house, but the entire administration and we will continue to diversify the staff. we have a large number from various backgrounds, both race and religion.
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and dong to go through account. -- do a count. about the election seeingght, we are democrats rejecting the president's agenda. what will be the impact of his minority?ut race and >> if you look at the policies individuals are implementing and whether or not it will help individuals, people across the country, that is what we are looking at and focused on. the president
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commented early that many harley-davidson owners plan to four. the company. is the president of united caughtendorsing a more of an atomic american company? hishe president has made voice heard. he is making sure we keep his -- the industry here in the united's. reporter: [indiscernible] thanks, guys so much. heard sarah sanders --
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reference judge kavanaugh. as he leads indiana, -- the nominee is meeting with senators , including a meeting that is scheduled to get underway in about 25 minutes from now with senator heidi heitkamp. judge kavanaugh serves certainly -- currently on the u.s. circuit court. we will have live coverage on or our free -- app.
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>> this week, book tv is in primetime. thursday at 8:00 p.m., microsoft president with the future computed. artificial intelligence and its role in society and friday, adam bellow talks about publishing authors from both the political right and left. inch book tv this week primetime on c-span two. the colorado governor talks about his transition from businessman to governor and his experience with marijuana legalization. the conference in washington this week. [applause]


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