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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Part 1  CSPAN  August 18, 2018 6:59am-7:33am EDT

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>> coming up on c-span, "washington journal" is next followed by cory will endow ski on the trump administration, to the russian investigation and the 2018 elections. later, a meeting from earlier this week with president trump and members of his cabinet. coming up, on today's the center journal" for responsive politics' anna massoglia talks about foreign laterng in the u.s., and
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usa today's jayne o'donnell discusses the fda's consideration of e-cigarette regulations and a look at the witht to control superbug maryn mckenna. ♪ host: good morning. welcome to "washington journal." president trump revoked the security clearance of john brennan, a frequent critic of his administration. intelligence officials have criticized that move, but president trump seems to be on his way to revoking other security clearances of other critics of his administration in the intelligence community. we want to know what you think of president trump revoking the
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security clearances and canceling the one for john brennan. republicans, call 202-748-8001. democrats can call in at 202-748-8000. independents, you can call in at 202-748-8002. you can also reach us on social media, on twitter and on facebook. president trump actually talk to reporters on friday as he was leaving the white house to start his weekend vacation. this is what he had to say about revoking john brennan's security clearance. [video clip] >> security clearances are incredibly important to me. anything, i'm giving him a bigger voice. many people don't know who we is and now, he has a bigger voice.
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i likeok with me because taking on voices like that. if you knew anything, why didn't you report it when you were before these committees? he had a chance to report, he never did. this came up lately. it is a disgusting thing, frankly. i've said it, i say it again -- it is a totally rigged deal. they should be looking at the other side, they should be looking at all the people who got fired -- all the people who got fired, they should be looking at bruce and his wife, nelly, for dealing with russians. they should be looking at steele, all these fbi guys who got fired or demoted. it is a rigged witchhunt. i said it for a long time.
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bruce is a disgrace. he's a disgrace with his wife, nelly. for him to be in the justice department and be doing what he did, that is a disgrace. mr. mueller has a lot of conflict also. mr. mueller is highly conflicted. in fact, comey is like his best friend. i could go into conflict after conflict. host: former cia director john brennan responded to president trump taking his security clearance last night on the rachel maddow show on msnbc. [video clip] "washington journal [no audio]
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>> [no audio]n journa host: let's go to marry. -- mary. caller: i'm calling from detroit. usr.o and good morning, that's what we are turning into, a banana republic. host: let's go to john calling from palm springs, california. john, good morning. caller: good morning. we are losing a lot of intelligence experience from both parties for many, many decades. i think this is a very bad idea that we remove security
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clearances just for political revenge. host: thank you, john. let's go to emily calling from san francisco, california. good morning, annalee. -- good morning, emily. caller: hello. i'm very pleased with this president. i think this is a good way to respectinging back some for the fbi. brennan has expanded the cia into this. i didn't feel they were included. so, he's allowed to say anything he wants to. the only thing is he's not allowed to take a clearance. he voted for a communist early in his career. obama's time,nt
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he also did things that were not right, like he investigated -- he stole files from the senate to find out all the personal things about the senators. dianne feinstein, she was involved with a chauffeur that was a spy. you see how we out here feel there's nothing good going on as far as intelligence. who's looking out for the country? everybody is involved in this one case about russia. i feel very bad about this. the justice in our country is going one way. it is not just this. ice.ot just one party gets away with everything they do. if a man beats his wife and he's involved in politics, that's ok
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if he's a democrat. everys a republican, newspaper has all these big stories about it -- fake stories about it. the democrats care only about getting more votes. we need to come back to trusting our intelligence and justice. host: john brennan responded to president trump taking his security clearance on the rachel maddow show last night on msnbc. [video clip] >> it is not unexpected. he has signaled that something like this was going to happen. no one got in touch with me from the white house or the cia since it was first noted. i learned about it when somebody sarah huckabeey sanders was announcing at the podium that those clearances were revoked. i was not shocked. there was a heads up.
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i'm not shocked at all the appalling things that mr. trump has done. act thatn egregious flies in the face of traditional practice as well as common sense and national security. that's why there's been such an outcry from many intelligence professionals, not to support me, but to support the principle that security clearances are something that are very solemn and sacred and they should never be used for political purposes, either to grant friends with clearances or revoke clearances of your critics. host: let's go to a caller from new york, new york on the democratic line. good morning, dave. 75 of there's another frome that protect us administration to administration. being attacked.
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true,gas lights us, it's bro's attention -- throws attention off omarosa. this man is all about enriching himself and the people in his cabinet. they are corrupt. the republican party does nothing to oversee him. as little as possible. absolutely corrupted by lobbyists. this man is a benedict arnold. he is treasonous. the republic is at stake. francisco, from san she sounded like nixon in his race against douglas. ited mr. brennan, was a hero, whether he voted
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commonest 45 years ago or not. -- communist 45 years ago or not. confront our us to demons, the biggest demon of all is this president. host: thank you. our next caller is michael from stanford, connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what do you have to say, michael? caller: you listen to trump in these speeches he has. from one sentence to the next, you have no idea what he is saying. if you write it down and say it back to somebody, they think you are not well in the head. all these people who think he's making sense, i don't get it. i don't see how anybody could believe anything he has to say. he's revoking security clearance from these people. but, his son-in-law has a top
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clearance? what is that all about? and his daughter? what does he know about anything? he ran a business where he bankrupt a casino, he can't be he good at business, and now knows everything about everything and wants to have a parade? youyone who believes them, are out of your mind, really. host: harold on the republican line from florida. there: let's be clear, are a lot of people who think his security clearance should have been lifted. for the man to go on national tv and accuse the president of treason, it's just unbelievable. to say he has bad judgment doesn't even come into it. the man is literally out of his mind. he rebels all through his life, votes communist, becomes a
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muslim, does all these things, and you wonder why he gets his security clearance revoked? he accused the president of treason. you can't give that person information. heyou look at the facts that cites when he says the president is treasonous, it's a complete joke. treason is defined in the constitution. it is not treason. host: or you think this should become common practice from this that if an intelligence official criticizes them, they should be able to pull their security clearance? caller: our nation is changing. i remember when i was younger in the 1960's, the intelligence services were there, but they didn't say much. maybe it is better now.
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you can'ter hand, have the head of the service accusing the president of treason. you can't have him doing other things that he's done. to have somebody who voted communist in charge of the cia is insane. -- we all freedoms know the ussr was our main enemy. for him to vote that way with what we know about the communist party and what they stood for and their beliefs, it's just unbelievable. host: thank you. calling fromen beaumont, texas. caller: good morning. thank you so much for c-span. -- very fortunate to have when my family first came to the east coast -- when i take a look
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at this and reflection to the rest of the third world countries and what i'm seeing, the problem is all the nasty swamp creatures come to the surface. donald trump is the president. he was elected properly. that is the way this country works. people hiding behind closed none of thisendas, was supposed to have come to the surface. it was all supposed to be smoothed over when hillary won and everything was taking care of. if you go back to the very beginning, the meeting between loretta lynch and president bill,with hillary and this was set up. this was the game plan. this was very secretly done. i think it will go down in totory as a real intention
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convert and take over this country, very similar to the civil war. the use of race is appalling. they have no agendas other than trump derangement syndrome. that israel. -- that is real. people need to put those efforts into trying to help this betterments global. globally -- its betterment globally. separated --s unusual things are happening in this country. america needs to wake up and realize what is happening on
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this agenda that is slowly being brought to the surface. these water goes down, animals don't like being seen for what they are. host: we're talking about president trump's revoking of security clearances, especially those of john brennan. atublicans, call in 202-748-8001. democrats, call in at 202-748-8000. independents can call in at 202-748-8002. you can always reach us on social media, on twitter and on facebook. linda calling from detroit, michigan on the democrat line. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i'm doing fine. what do you have to say, linda? caller: i figured you would do that yesterday and the day before because he is running scared. looks so confused, he
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like he doesn't know where he's at half the time. when he was in russia, he didn't even change his clothes. he is coming apart. he's kind of blaming other people for his mistakes. he shouldn't have taken the job if he didn't know the job. we found out he doesn't know the job, so he is out to hurt everyone for his mistakes. host: let's go to jack calling from scottsdale, arizona on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i'm fine. what do you have to say, jack? caller: your previous two c woman whoher than the just called, the callers from florida and texas, they were exactly right.
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look at the very beginning -- i'm not political. we have to look at exactly what happened. obama started this when they set up through the fbi through comey when they were investigating hillary because they were counting on her -- she was supposed to be president. once trump got the nomination, this was all planned from comey to clapper to brennan all the way to obama. this is going to come out that those previous two callers had it right on the nail. all the facts have come out now between page and comey and clapper and all these other -- there must be 20 people involved. this is going to end up being -- thisis clapper thing
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is like ross perot. people voted for trump because they want somebody to make business,n like a make this country a business, not political. take all the politics out. this went back to hillary, uranium, all the crooked deals there. a very methodical if you can't just use common --se -- i'm not political you have to look at the facts of this. -- alls going to end up these people will end up getting rid of all of their security clearances. obama somehow is going to be tied into this in the next year and this will end up being one
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of the biggest things in the history of our country. is only thing i have to say -- a friend of mine told me this is not going to be pretty. thank you. host: let's go to freddie calling from detroit -- from los angeles, california on the republican line. caller: good morning. thanks for having me. the people make a good point when they say this is unprecedented. it is unprecedented for former cia directors to be so outspoken in politics to call the president treasonous. you don't have a constitutional right to maintain your security clearance. it's about time you do revoke the privilege. the teaated story, party groups successfully sued for being the irs
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unduly harassed years ago. what kind of investigation took place? it was run by the same people who botched the russian collusion story. i was never big on the conspiracy theories, but there this left-wing viewpoint in the fbi that refused to investigate the irs scandal. drain the swamp is an appropriate comment. he should lose his secret clearance and so should the rest of the clowns. if they are not doing government work, get out. i think it is simple. i appreciate the time. host: let's go to david calling from detroit, michigan on the democrat line. caller: thank you for allowing
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me to express my opinions on this. trump really is transparent. i think we give him too much credit and we assume he is a clever guy -- he is very transparent. i will tell you why. he said right from the beginning "i love the poorly educated." he never took his foot off the pedal with that. i listen to these people who support trump, it's very thatus, it is very clear these are poorly educated people and it is scary because they play into this nonsense. when we begin to remove the intelligence base people and we begin to take away their clearances, it's not going to stop there. let's keep going.
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if you say anything against someone, if you say anything against the president, let's remove their citizenship, let's remove their ability to drive a car. where does this stop? has theesident trump right to remove security clearances from people. n't he?uld a caller: he politicized it. there is no right or reason that you would remove a man's security clearance, other than the fact that he said something against him. where does this thing stop? it is the same thing that took place in the 1930's. you go after certain groups of people, you go after your intelligence base, you demonize people and criminalize people. i say this with all respect, i believe trump has already said
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educated, the poorly that's his followers, poorly educated, misinformed and uninformed. host: let's go to greg calling from south dakota on the republican line. caller: good morning. i'm a retired army officer. as a specialars ops army aviator. i always had a run-in with intelligence people -- when they miss information or miscalculate something, people die. i got tired of having to write letters to parents or new windows. -- widows. shut andyour big mouth
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take those secrets to the great. i've got a lot of secrets because i've been in the army since the 1970's. i will be taking a lot to my grave when i'm finally laid to rest in arlington and that's the way it should be. host: randy calling from wisconsin on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking michael. had a security clearance in the previous administration. when you leave that administration, they should lose their security clearance. administration would need any kind of questions from up, if they can help them, find. -- fine. john brennan turned into a tv
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commentator giving his own opinion. he is trying to persuade the people of the country of his opinions. it's not right. security clearance is a privilege and now, you've lost it. president trump should have tipped him upside down and spanked him to give him something to cry about. carolina,bash, north democratic line. caller: good morning. i have only one thing to say about all this. i think it's time to invoke four oftwo, section the constitution, disqualification of the entire administration. that's all i have to say. i want people to learn about the disqualification, there is such a thing in the constitution.
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the only way to drain the swamp is to use article two, section four of the constitution. host: literally calling from orlando, florida on the callingent line -- lily from orlando, florida on the independent line. caller: former cia director brennan should have remained .ith his security clearance these men and women served their country. in the case of brennan, he served it for 30 years plus, they deserve to have this. i don't think trump should be acting like a dictator. thank you. host: thank you, lily. let's go to patty calling from connecticut on the independent line. good morning, patty. caller: good morning. i think a lot of people don't know the facts about the head of
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the -- the ex head of the cia. i don't know how he qualified to be in the cia. whot of all, after 9/11, doesn't think we have a converted muslim as the head of the cia? host: where do you get that information that he's a muslim from? several fact checking organizations have said that is completely unconfirmed. caller: it is fact. go on google. you can see it. he's a muslim. he converted. i'm telling you. go on google. you will see it. he voted for a communist in the presidential election. this man is not qualified. they should give him a lie detector test. he's forming a coup against our president.
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this is like a third world. all,e trump strips them everyone of them. host: let's go to sandy from orlando, florida on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i'm so afraid hearing the people that call in. and have drank the kool-aid we are in a big mess. what do they think about all of these people who have been in the intelligence community that recently signed on to the letter that backed brennan and thought this was wrong? in charge the person whoetting osama bin laden started saying that he would like to have his security clearance revoked?
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the republicans are supposed to be for the military. when it comes out that the military doesn't like what the president has done, they forget about all of that. they are only about what they want. we have to look at this realistically that our country is under attack by a nutty president. that is my comment. i don't understand how the republicans are the people out tore that feel so committed our having intelligence go after one person but not another. where are we supposed to go? we are supposed to seek the truth. we can't see everything that's going on, but they certainly can in the intelligence community. they've all come out and said that trump is basically
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colluding with the russians. this is all just crazy. i don't understand how the people in the united states that follow trump even think he's worthy of being the president of the united states. host: thanks. coming up next, the center for annansive politics' massoglia will talk about her report on foreign lobbying in the u.s. we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ >> the c-span bus has arrived by
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boat in hawaii for the next up of our capitals tour. >> we are excited to have you here in hawaii. we can share the history and culture. this is a great opportunity for showcasing hawaii across the nation. welcome. hellaloha. impressive bus going all over our nation. welcome to hawaii. i know c-span will enjoy the beauty, the sunshine and the aloha of the 50th state, also known as the aloha state. i know the bus will feel below al spirit -- feel the
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