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security. and later, national affairs contributor r. shep melnick talks about his recent piece on the evolution of title ix of the education amendments ♪ host: good morning and welcome to washington journal, the white house is on the verge of making major change to the north american free trade agreement. announcing its intention to sign a bilateral agreement with mexico. however, a major impact seems to be happening with canada. with the canadian government and the american government disagreeing on major topics , and other
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agreements. we want to know what you think about the negotiations on the nafta agreement. democrats can call in at (202) 748-8000, republicans call in at (202) 748-8001independent --(202) 748-8001, independents can call in at (202) 748-8002. you can also reach us on facebook and twitter. the united states government and canadian government hit an impasse on friday with the negotiations ending and president trump deciding to send a letter to congress saying he would sign a bilateral agreement with let -- with mexico. negotiations of canada should begin again on wednesday. here is what president trump had to say yesterday about the negotiations with canada at a
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stop in charlotte, north carolina. >> i gave an interview yesterday to bloomberg business. i said, off the record, and i made a statement about canada, which is fine because i love canada. but they taken advantage of our country for many years, they have tremendous trade barriers and tariffs. dairy products, did you know tariff?most 300% nobody says that. they say we like canada. i even like the national anthem, is called o canada. would you like me to sing it? [laughter] of they have taken advantage us, as has virtually every country in the world. when they have not, i say what is wrong with you? but i cannot find any so i have not been able to say that yet. host: the canadian prime
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minister had her own reaction to donald trump, there seems to be a big impact between the two countries right now. here is what the foreign minister, crystalline freeman had to say about the -- crystal lynn freeman had to say. >> we continue to make progress but we're not there yet. this is a complex agreement and we are going to continue working at it. as we have said from the outset, is objective in these talks to update and modernize nafta in a way that is good for canadians , good for americans, and good for mexicans. win-win-win is within reach. that is what we are working towards. with goodwill and flexibility on all sides, i know we can get there. but, as the canadians here have heard me say before, i am hating canadian dollars.
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my job is to them -- i am paid in canadian dollars. my job is to make sure this works for canadian emily's and businesses. the government in canada will not -- fourth -- for canadian families and businesses. host: we have a call for maria on the independent line. i want tood morning, make three comments, the first, until we get a handle on illegal aliens in our country your taking construction and other jobs from american citizens, it's not going to benefit our people. -- there, immigration are over 30 million of them in the country, we have to get a handle on the money. two, we have to have prosecution of the officials in the sanctuary cities. that they are actually subversive and should be
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arrested for ignoring immigration laws, and the third comment, everybody says that illegal aliens are hard workers. however, it's not just because they love hard work, if you get five dollars a day in mexico for doing agricultural work and get any kind of minimum wage in the ,nited states, but you remit it you will be in the top 10% of earners in mexico. so let's have some honesty and investigate the chamber of commerce. the president is trying to do something for americans. rob, on thego to democratic line. morning, thank you for c-span and you are doing a great job. that last caller was a little , here i am, a democrat, i agree that any to be immigration written --
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immigration reform. but the e-verify system, how come republicans and democrats are not talking about the e-verify system. you don't need the wall, you don't need to go after the chamber of commerce. that's a bunch of nonsense. you need to e-verify. but i called to say that i'm a ross perot guy, he started the whole conversation about nafta and trade. arear as last i checked, we running a surplus with canada, so here we are, pulling out the and wes against canada are doing just fine against canada. working, oddly, even though i was originally against it. and really the issues we have are with japan and china, where we have our biggest trade problems. fromemedies of the past, 30 years ago, from when ross it, ands talking about
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also, by the way, john mccain was a hero. we have a president who five to a said that he went doctor and they certified that he had bone spurs, which are highly questionable. he dodged the draft, most likely, five times as a result of having a rich father who knew a doctor and i don't know why that's not being investigated about how he was able to avoid service in vietnam when we have a fellow like john mccain. an absolute war hero. and we have a president who dodged the draft five times. line,on the democratic tony, from new jersey. caller: good morning. that last caller stole my thunder. first, if i was in the mccain family, i would not allow them to send mike pence. , i wantar as tariffs go
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c-span to pull up the story about -- he is already paying the farmers after he created this big mess with tariffs. i want you to pull that off, i know you have those newspapers and find that story and read it to the american people. these republicans are stark raving mad to go along with this man. he's creating this chaos. have a good day. once again, we are talking about the u.s. mexico trade deal that was reached by president trump, and the canadian talks following and resuming next week. democrats if you want to call in , republicans-8000 at (202)- can call in can001, independents call in at. (202) 748-8002.
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negotiations were roiled this week by broke -- this week by news that was broken showing off donaldment records by trump. high-stakes trade negotiations between canada and the u.s. were dramatically upended on friday morning after inflammatory secret remarks by president trump were retrained -- were retained. by commas were reviewed canadian negotiators as evidence for their suspicion that the u.s. was not making a legitimate effort to compromise. prime minister justin trudeau's officials confronted the presidents officials with the leaked quotes at a high-level meeting on friday morning. trump made his controversial statements in the oval office interview with bloomberg news on thursday, he said, off the record, he has been making -- he is not making any compromises at all with canada. he could not say this publicly because it's going to be so insulting they will not be able to make a deal.
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here's the problem, if i say know the answer is no. iti say no you up but that will be so insulting they will not be able to make a deal. i can't kill these people trump said. in another a marketed not want published he said any deal with canada would be to only on our terms. he said he was scaring the canadians into submission by repeatedly threading tariffs on canadian -- threatening tariffs on canadian made cars. let's go to jared on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. of course you will need canada and mexico and everyone else to do trade deals. that's where we get our products from. i just wanted answer for some of those people about the mccain thing. i have a question. invadeher countries
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other countries on a lie, or drop bombs that killed children or civilian buildings. killing innocent people, what do we usually call that? we call them terrorists. but when it's john mccain, they call him a war hero. i just want to know what is the difference between a brown or black guy being called a gang terrorist, while the white christian is called a war hero. i want to know where is the difference on their? --on there? murderedwas iteris who -- he was a terrorist who murdered children through bombs and he loves war, what kind of hero -- a hero looks out for the
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poor. the elders. they save lives, they don't take them. i just want your americans to onw that you are backwards your psychological. you're kind of crazy. you think killing people is good. add --ed, go to from washington on the democratic line. caller: i'm an american scientist, i work in the state department and im ashamed this president -- ashamed of this president, canada is one of our best trading partners, we have a surplus of canada and mexico and we don't need this wall. it's silly. it's causing progress -- it's causing problems with progress. elected by the electoral college, he had electoral fellows that voted for
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imagine that al gore lost -- he had half a million popular votes, but one of two electoral college people elected him. he did not lose the election, he was sabotaged by a foreign power. protect america from foreign and domestic enemies in the state department. ,'m proud to serve this country and i believe our citizens need to be aware that our president ,s violating our constitution allies across the nation, and all over the world he is causing havoc in the united states of america. be warned citizens, be aware of the electoral college and votes strongly.
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thank you very much c-span, you're doing a great job and be proud. thank you. tyler, fromgo to west virginia, on the republican line. caller: good morning. i'm listening to some of the comments this morning, and it's always shocking to me when i hear anyone speak against president trump. his language is not always correct, nor his tone. but coming from west virginia we , but thet a bad rap president has done a turnaround here in west virginia. and he has around the country. you have to have faith that someone knows what they are doing, if we get behind him and we go forward i can see an improvement for the whole country, not just west virginia.
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i think it's important to remember, what he has been able to do in this short time. if the american people would get behind him, we need to overlook , because id rhetoric tell you he's done a tremendous job in west virginia and i'm looking forward to seeing what he will do. i hope to get him back in for another four years. a u.s. representative sent a letter to congress yesterday talking about what the president had planned to do. in the letter it said, today the president notify the congress of his intent to sign a trade agreement with mexico and canada if it is willing, 90 days from now. the agreement is the most advanced and high standard trade agreement in the world. canada wereth constructive, and we made progress.
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our officials are continuing to work toward agreement. the negotiation with canada's will resume on wednesday. let's go to kelly, in west virginia, on the independent line. caller: good morning. i wanted to say, trump has made some good trade deals. if anyone is against fair trade would walk into walmart, and try to buy something made in the united states, it's hard to find. laid i'm at it i want to -- to lay to rest the thing about the electoral college. if it wasn't for the electoral college five states and united states would control the population.the the electoral college was set up to prevent this, that's why we , it voter in each
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steak and have a voice, if it was not for the electoral college, and you went by the population vote, five states in the united states would control election. ana on thego to democratic line. caller: i'd like to comment in reference to the trade, if it's not broke why mess with that? this has not been broke, president trump is trying to create havoc for everyone. the only thing that you see out in reference to any kind of material that you are buying is basically from china. has nothing to do with mexico or canada. these are hard-working people, we have a great relationship with them, and he needs to continue to have that. all he wants to do is disturb, ,reate havoc in this nation
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create separation in this nation, and john mccain is a war hero. thank you. from let's talk to linda, antioch, california, on the democratic line. good morning. i wanted to say something to the american people, i was one of the idiots who voted for donald trump. i'm embarrassed that i did. know if anybody in the united states realizes what he is saying when he says the news is not what you are hearing and things like that. that is a dictator. he is doing things that a dictator does. does anyone realize that he is looking up to all of the dictators?
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communists? i'm so scared of what is going to happen in the united states if he stays on in that office. he is a disgrace. i just wanted to say one other thing, senator john mccain was a hero. i wish the republicans would stop saying that he isn't, and donald trump too. thank you. ont: several media reported friday that any trade agreement between canada, and mexico, and the united states would have to be approved by congress. the new york times writes, the keep house agreement to talking to canada -- let's go ahead and go to carl, on the
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independent line from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. say i think the way that america treats south america -- the south american continent and mid-american continent, and talking about information coming into this country with illegal immigrants, they are not really illegal. americans are illegal immigrants from europe. my thing is, we should have a , because theada discrimination policy to have a wall with mexico and not canada. a positionold against canada, but we hold a position against mexico with some bigoted idea of this nation that we have.
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let's go to cindy, on the democratic line in illinois. good morning. i'm calling in regards to the and theals with canada negotiation with canada and president trump. and the supposedly leaked statements that were made by president trump. i personally do not believe the statements were leaked, i believe president trump wants the statements to be made public because he knows he cannot make a trade deal with canada. and making statements gives him an excuse not to be able to make a trade deal, and his base will eat it up. he will be a hero in their eyes, as he is now. he has the perfect excuse for not being able to make a deal with canada, he has offended them on purpose, and now he
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doesn't have to make a great deal. -- a trade deal. and i want to say that john mccain is an american hero and donald trump needs to keep his mouth off of him. thank you for taking my call. have a good day. writeshe new york times that any agreement with canada and mexico will have to go through congress, the white house agreement has less to do with a change of heart, than with political reality. august has the ultimate authority over trade agreements has more with the white house -- has to work with the white house ready revised deal, canada his a major export nation for more than 36 states, and many of the present political supporters insisted he do no harm to the deal. without canada lawmakers will be likely to scuttle any new nafta pact, dealing trump and embarrassing loss. let's go to john, from tennessee, on the republican line. caller: i think the president is
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doing a good job. , lookhe hearings are over at democrats, because remember what he said. when you hit me i will hit you back. steve, ins go to indiana on the independent line. good morning. ,aller: is actually in maryland and i hope that all callers willdless of party realize real -- realize the john mccain is a hero. ronald, in go to bloomington indiana -- bloomington, indiana, on the independent line. i'm calling because i have been a viewer for a number , we are facing a
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deplorable political condition. i wish there was more public dialogue that addresses the fact big-money defines how government is falling in the hands of big money. it's taking place. one quick example is the cost of higher education. so-called public colleges and universities, are in fact owned by banks. how that came about i don't know , but i do understand. it's deplorable. there are other privatization not we the represent people, but the interests of big-money.
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so in this scene behind the scenes, and these issues, to be understood. and more public dialogue address -- tens of thousands of students are indentured to banks. universities are owned. media willthat more address the pregnant that our current -- the predicament that our country is facing. because we are at the crossroads . thank you for your time, and i hope to hear more dialogue on our predicament. thank you very much. there are tweets about the canadian negotiations, a sweet
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was sent out saying i love canada, but they have taken advantage of our country for many years. let's talk to gloria, on the democratic line in oklahoma. caller: good morning. have?what do you caller: i like canada and i don't think they taken much we are friends, we are very close and i see no reason for all of this garbage going on. i think trump needs to back off. it's scary, what goes on there, it is scary. and i don't understand how he gets away with everything he gets away with. i just don't understand it at all. i think a lot of people don't see clearly, and that's sad. i thought we were smarter than this. charles, ingo to tennessee, on the independent
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line. caller: good morning. ahead.o caller: what do you mean? host: let's go to jean, in mississippi, on the independent line. caller: alt-right wants to do is trump the name -- all wants to do is change the name of anything democrats have done, and it's nothing else is going on with this trade with mexico and canada. and i think the canadians in the us much. this much --y us envy us much. and i want to mention about this guy from the national enquirer, -- andt is, is another
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you. host: in a release from the white house, the ministration has -- the administration secured a political agreement that modernizes and rebalance is the trade relationship to reflect the reality of the 21st century. it will create more reciprocal trade, grow the economy, support high-paying jobs for american and protect american intellectual property. the preliminary agreement is a mutually beneficial win for north american farmers, ranchers, workers, and business. as is the first time that a modern u.s. trade agreement -- this is the first time a modern u.s. trade agreement has been renegotiated. host: let's go to janet, in west virginia, on the republican line. caller: i don't know how people come up with this thing that trump is not doing anything and they don't think about what hillary.with obama and
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selling our uranium, tearing up 33,000 emails, and they've also come up with a lot of people in the fbi administration, or whatever you want to call it, of tople that were going collusion against trump from the beginning. i don't understand this. listening to cnn or msnbc. it doesn't make sense. why don't they understand what's going on? they should check out a little more before they make decisions like that. thank you. , on thet's go to jan republican line. caller: good morning. ahead.o
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caller: hello, good morning. i don't understand why they trump.mpeach donald he is despicable. up, we will look at election security and how $380 million of election security funds are being used by the states. with the election assistance commission, thomas hicks. shopaholic have theep melnick talk about evolution of title ix. tour's -- 50 cities our 50 states tour is visiting flagstaff, arizona. the arizona programs will air
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together in one time block. canyon go to the grand to hear about its history and the role of the national park service. we are at the eastern and of the grand canyon, it's called desert view, when you look to the east you're looking out into the painted desert. you can see a little bit of that. this is a quarter of the way into the grand canyon, it starts 70 miles east of here, and another 200 miles to the west. right here is when the canyon starts to widen and deepen and turn into the classic views that you see in most photographs, or calendars, or famous images. gorge a much narrower before now, and then when it reaches the desert it opens out. it's about 10 miles wide and a mile deep, and it runs 200 miles to the west before it ends up at the coloradod
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river, i hope you can see that at the bottom is it runs to the rocky mountains and between california and arizona. this was an american idea, a democratic idea. it's the idea that the land belongs to all of us, it's a profoundly democratic idea that we cannot be proud of. the country is pretty divided, but that something that we should all be taking pride in, we done a good job with national parks. tuesday at 9:30 a.m. eastern, watch c-span's live coverage of the senate judiciary committee's hearing on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. day one includes opening statements by the committee chairman, senator chuck grassley, and also committee members. in introductions of judge kavanaugh from former secretary of state condoleezza rice, ohio senator rob portman, and
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attorney lisa blatt. and then he makes his opening say -- statement. 9:30 live on tuesday at a.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen on the radio app. washington journal continues. host: we are talking with thomas hicks, chair of the u.s. election assistance commission, good morning. guest: good morning. host: tell us what it doesn't how you get started? guest: this came out after the 2000 election under the help america vote act of 2002, it's a bipartisan piece of legislation that provided the states with $3.9 billion to reform process that we saw across the country in 2000. host: and what are you looking forward to with these upcoming


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