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tv   Prime Ministers Questions British Lawmakers Question Prime Minister...  CSPAN  September 10, 2018 12:00am-12:47am EDT

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>> whaatch "the communicators >> members of the british house of commons are back. during question time, prime minister theresa may was asked about brexit negotiations, funding for the national health service and immigration policy among other notes. this is 45 minutes. order. questions to the prime minister. thank you mister speaker. i'm sure that they would like to join me in congratulating both english and the scottish. with them qualifying for it
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next year's world cup. i have meetings with ministerial colleagues and others. i should have further such meetings later today. thank you mister speaker. my constituents had released temporarily for three days last month before being taken off to prison. she was contacted by the revolutionary guard a sane and that if she attempted to contact the british embassy her family would be harmed. i find it deeply troubling that the british -- british citizen was there against contacting their own entity. they raise the specific issue. can i say to the honorable lady. also throughout the whole house.
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the honorable lady will know if it's their constituent. by regularly do. it's an issue. and we will continue to do so. will they assure the house. that they will always work. they should feel safe and secure. do not had to worry about the
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future. we had been taking steps providing the funding to ensure that they have a funding. to run events for the memorial day. i believe that we should all be united in our determination to tackle the anti-semitism. the jewish people that have lived in the country their whole life and do not understand english irony. on that we all agree.
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in our own parties as well. and that includes the conservative party. i joined the prime minister in congratulating me. on the qualifications of the world cup. mister speaker the international trade secretaries of the likelihood of a no deal is now 6040 it means that more likely than not the prime minister, is he right. we are continuing to do what we have always been doing. once we've left the european union but it is entirely right and proper that we should prepare for all eventualities.
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because we have it come to the end of the negotiation. it's right that we are preparing for that. we had been publishing technical notices. we published over 20 so far. and it's likely to be around. we are making those preparations. but crucially what the government is doing is working for a good deal. they are insuring ensuring that they make the best regardless of the outcome of the negotiation. the new foreign secretary is here this morning.
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the tensor sitting next to us. has written to the select committee stating that and no a no deal of brexit would/gdp by only 8%. it would be the end of the world. the government as has right to make the necessary preparations at the same time. they're working for a good deal. on that we come out of the european union on the 29th of march. we do so at that protects the neighborhoods. and ensures no hard border. and maintains the precious
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union of our united kingdom. on one thing i'm clear. we will not have a second referendum. we could see an up and rule out the second referendum. no deal is better than a bad deal. it would be a catastrophic collapse of our economy. they have the opportunities to a no deal brexit. could they show us what they actually are. it is working to ensure that whatever the outcome of negotiations the global brexit. for the people in this country. yet again as i have done on other occasions.
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i'll give them another opportunity to do it now. majority of people might have voted to leave but they expected negotiation to be handled competently. i didn't hear a single one of these captivated opportunities. it seems mister speaker that they've taken it. they are relocating out to this country. did they sell the house. how many other companies had
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been in touch with her. in the absence of a serious sensible deal with the european union. what we have seen his business is showing confidence in our economy. with the electric vehicle. with major new contracts. we welcomed 130 million of the investment. from companies in july generating around 500 new jobs. what were doing is negotiating a brexit deal that would deliver to this country. and when ensure that we did so protecting jobs.
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what we get from the right honorable gentlemen. who wants to do new trade deals. they are not ready for the freedom of movement. nor do we rule it out. he does not even agree with himself on his position. they may have heard from the family union. that it said it will be an armageddon scenario. they say and no deal brexit would be devastating for working people. the eu chief negotiator.
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can the prime minister tell the house if she believes a deal will be reached by the agreed deadline of october. 2018 not any other one. >> we are working for a good deal. and were still working in the european union for the timetable. it was set. we are leaving the european union on that 29th of march 2018. he talks about those deal. i will be signing up to deal with it at any time. that would be bad for the british people. yesterday the secretary admitted that the next some
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slippage. when they have the economy in the world. it should get itself into that position. no deal is a bad deal. and everyone to the own chancellor. it's the turning of the same thing. the checkers proposal is dead. when will they publish a real plan that survives contact with the cabinet and with reality. those are two very separate concepts. when they put jobs in economy had. on their own government. we have published a plan we are discussing with the european union.
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no longer head they have the court of justice here in the country. we don't have a hard border. we do have a border between northern ireland and great britain. what i'm doing is negotiating a brexit deal. i'm making sure works for everyone. what is the right honorable gentlemen doing. his chain --dash trying to change his party. and they would be ashamed of themselves. they are aware of the campaign. that is to provide a huge boost to the economy.
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what will the prime minister do to ensure the results. >> can i say to my honorable friend. i understand the importance across the region of the campaign of the proposal that he is referred to. i'm sure he understands. i would encourage all parties that are involved. to come to a workable solution. they have the growth deal. they will continue to work in partnership to deliver that. thank you mister speaker. they had been qualifying. what the scottish women's team.
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scotland was used as a guinea pig. it is even more unpopular. with the checkered flag. it is is the scottish national party. that was what they were talking about. delayed with the prime minister's question. they have said that it is not acceptable. they've called the government preparations your plan is there.
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the prime minister can finally concede that back in the single market. to protect jobs. can i say to the right honorable gentlemen. that we have the border proposal. to protect the jobs. they maintained the maintain the union of the united kingdom. they put forward another proposal which keeps northern ireland in the customs union. it's a free trade agreement only for this. i believe there is no british prime minister he would find facts with that acceptable.
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it desperately needs a new and extended any department there there supporting their deal. to improve i am the provisions. i say to my honorable friend that we are committed to providing that. they support the implementation of the plans from the local community. i understand the healthcare to have that funding in july.
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it expects it to be announced in the order. we are pleased to meet the honorable friend. last week the chief executive of the council. i have those for the more flexible policy. will the prime minister agree to do that. to discuss the merits. can i welcome the honorable gentlemen. can i say to him he's asked
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the question about the regional immigration policy. it's actually something which they have a while back. this is not a situation they thought they should accept. when we put forward our proposals for the immigration policy. we will be insuring that we put forth proposals with the united kingdom. a lot of which they helped to shape. there is as much debate here. can i ask the prime minister for reassurance that there will still be the highest level of security arrangements with the eu. because any reduction is completely unacceptable to the people of the uk.
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i remember the discussions. and what led to the establishment of the pnr directive. it does provide a comprehensive vision for that future security relationship. and that is why we are proposing that partnership to protect our shared law enforcement and criminal justice capabilities. and they had recognized the progress made in our discussions on security. the opening of the dna. is already attesting one of the detentions.
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fruit the local economy. in the current conductivity is key. with the success zero will the prime minister today referred to the firm commitment. in the associated investment that requires. he is right to bring to the attention of the house is ideal and more. these are important my in which they are working to ensure that support for scotland. another one of those is the fact that this is a government the government that has taken the position and we will see better connectivity within the united kingdom.
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the september as blood cancer awareness month. therefore i'm delighted that yesterday it was announced the that the nhs will be providing the immunotherapy. can i take insurances that a focus on blood cancer awareness and diagnosis and perfection will continue into the future. >> can i first of all commend my honorable friend for the work that he has done. a much greater awareness of this issue. this will continue will continue to raise awareness. once again i congratulate my honorable friend because he
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has certainly campaigned on this. the prime minister and i both head that around. and expansion. if i can understand her change of heart because a new facts emerge. it was at the same proposal as it was a year ago. on the final brexit. can i say to the honorable lady. this parliament gave overwhelmingly the decision to the british people as to whether they should remain or leave the european union.
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it is now up to this government. and i believe politicians across the whole house to show our faith with the british people and deliver on their vote. we will be spending a lot of time discussing brexit. we should concentrate on other issues and for many families their own children's future it's a very immediate concern. but that in mind does the prime minister agree that making sure as many children as possible grow up in a household where someone is working is not only the best way to provide a secure economic benefit but also the best way of ensuring the future generations are prepared to play a full productive role in society. i absolutely agree with my right honorable friend. i think it's also important for the example it is to children in households when they see a parent or parent
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working. we now see the levels in relation to children. as at the lowest level that we've seen. this is very important. we now three quarters of children move out of poverty when their parents go into full-time work. for the example that shows in the benefit it brings for those children. in the society as a whole ensuring that we provide the jobs. so they could see the can see the future of that is important. will they define the future for people up and down the uk and pledged to protect the can i say to the honorable gentlemen. that they have made an announcement about the fact that the passport will be going ahead.
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the promise to appreciate that. that when they loved they lost. nevertheless. it has been frozen. with our mission to help to heal the brokenhearted. can i say to my right honorable friend.
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none of us want to see a situation where they are not able to afford. to be able to give them the proper funeral. they do continue to cover the cost with that. and the changes have been made to ensure the other contributions are not deducted. the position and they then they put forth. it sounds like they missed might wish to put forward again. many schools are cutting short the school week. the prime minister's question to parents. they will be out of school for half a day a week.
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can i say to the honorable lady first of all i think we should all pay tribute to the work that our teachers and have teachers deal. and i'm pleased with 1.9 million are now in good or outstanding schools. we are back in schools without extra $1.3 billion over the next few years. being protected in real terms. but were doing more than that. the department for education is working with schools to help review that. it includes up to 1 billion pounds. that means the teachers do what they do best and as carry-on with teaching. on the lives of the mother and daughter. they were brought to an end after double stepping outside the home. i have met with them.
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they desire to see something good come from their loss. they now had their thoughts and prayers and get our emergency services. can i say to my right honorable friend. i think the whole house will want to join me in sending the deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones it is a terrible tragedy. i'm sure my honorable friend understand i can't comment on the ongoing investigation but he is right to draw attention to the work of the emergency services it indeed i will join him in pain tribute not only to our emergency services but also to the local community for the support that they have shown at this very difficult
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time. according to the patient's group. there has been a refusal of any trust to back obligations. to the home secretary has only played that there appeared the workable solution for other children. and the prime minister could show real leadership. and solve this for hundreds of families. first of all i of the deepest sympathies. that they have not been affected. in the additional project. they have the process to help. they will be able to legally describe. with the clinical need.
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the expert panel has been established. to ensure that treatment is safe and effective. so were not just waiting for the legislation to change it will change a lot but we've also put in place a procedure to ensure that those cases can be considered properly. on monday. the rightful members will join the people and celebrating the national day. will they confirm that people will be fully included in all aspects of their withdrawal and negotiation. and that no other party well have any veto on that. i'm very happy to give him that reassurance and that commitment on behalf of this government. and can i say that i send best wishes for the celebrations on the tenth of september.
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due to the stopping issues. this is disgraceful. the starting with nhs. they've have very dedicated universities. the national shortage and finding that properly. payment can i simply point out to the honorable gentlemen. they will be 1.5 billion this year. this is an increase of over 60 million pounds on the previous year. attacking with a 4.2 percent. this is the commissioning group. and it will receive a cash increase of four-point 34 percent. but more than that we have committed with the future --dash like future funding and
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the ten year plan for the national health service to deliver the services that patients need. with the exit day fast approaching. while they now will they now commit the structure for the whole government that the first priority on every department must be domestic preparedness whether we leave the eu with a deal or without. can i first of all commend my right honorable friend for the work that he did when he was the minister on this particular issue. it can i assure him that the brexit department is indeed set up with the work on preparation. we had 6,400 civil servants working. we have passed the necessarily law.
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with the historic acts parked in his house. there are other legislations like that sanctions act. we are ensuring that those separations are being made. and they are made for every eventuality. we prepared for every eventuality. thank you mister speaker. do they agree with the chief constable. after losing 2000 offices in eight years. do they have to accept that after more resources. it's impossible. what the even the property tested. is that just a reality. or will the prime minister commit to give up the funding they need obviously we understand the demand that is changing. it is becoming increasingly complex.
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we provided a comprehensive funding investment. by 460 million pounds. and you might like to know that they have a higher number a population. thank you mister speaker. on the own merits. with thousands of other schoolchildren that are attended across the state. what message does the prime minister have on the thousands of other children who had that on their own merit. first i would say will done. secondly i would say to those others. this is a country where how
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far it you get on in life should depend on how hard you work a good education is crucial to that. i would say, enjoy your time at school make the best of your time at school because education is the key that unlocks the door to your future. 25,000 jobs with 30 million passengers. in my constituency. no real world trade organizations. can the prime minister explain why the government is downgraded the possibility of the aviation sector deal. i can say to the honorable gentlemen. not only are we of course making sure that the arrangements will be what they should be when we need the european union.
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we see the jobs that just been maintained but also created across the country that provides the high skilled and well-paid jobs for people in these important sectors. twomac think you a wonderful lady there. she has been subjected to the most awful abuse. we've been called to their home several times. one is allegedly showed her by that social media count is now too scared to leave the house. with the prime minister join me in condemning this. is this supposed to be the kind and gentle policy.
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you make in a first of all site to my honorable friend. it was actually me who fought for this election. i'm sorry that she has been subjected to this. across our democracy we have different opinions about what we want to achieve and sometimes about how we achieved what we want to achieve. but it is right that we are able to put those opinions forward the democratic process means we put our views to the public and the public chooses. they had chosen to represent them on the council. and she should be able to get on with that job free of hatred in the abuse that she appears to be getting. i was in this would be
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condemned on all sides of the house. thank you mister speaker. the treasury is blocking plans for the three-year policy. it is a great concern to enlighten them. including many families sending their children back to school not knowing where they will be living this time next year. will the prime minister make a clear, that they would be entitled to three-year currencies in law. those are enjoying those labels. to recover the property when needed. in the private sector closed on the 26th of august. it did propose that new three-year model.
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we will provide information on the next step once we have done that. thank you mister speaker. i know my right honorable friend. will ensure the whole house to see the nearly 90 elephants. this coincides with it being disarmed. to fund more inches in training. the whole issue of the illegal trade is a very important one. it's an issue i touched on when i was in south africa in the presence of the prime minister from books wanna at the time. we are holding a major conference later this year on the wildlife trade. we can see that it is important. to see how we could deal with it.
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they promised that whales would not wells would not lose out on funding if it voted to lose -- to leave the eu. they have received a 5.3 billion pounds of structural funds since 2000. at the highest level in the uk and europe. will the prime minister here now that they will not lose out on these findings should the uk leave the eu. >> can i say to the honorable gentlemen. it will happen on the 29th of march next year. that's what we will be doing. looking at the structural funds that have come from the european union in the past. that would ensure that we are looking at disparities with in the nations in between. and we are we are working to ensure that we have a system
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and a deal into deal with the european union to ensure the whole of the united kingdom. thank you mister speaker. i've recently returned from africa and the camp. witnessing the transformative impact protecting women from sexual violence and giving women access to education. can they outline what they have made for the label compact on refugees. we are looking at it. it's not us just looking at what is being proposed. we've actually been part of the discussion about what should be in that global compact. with the speech that i gave in 2016 shortly after i became prime minister. and the need for us to look at
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internationally and how we deal with migration and refugees. i wanted of the better ability to differentiate between the migrants and the refugees. by doing that we would be able to ensure that we are providing what is necessary to the refugees. they explain why the process by which the european nationals requires 59 pages of guidance and this simply provides the way to say no and a continued hostile environment. the system as he will know was launched not that long ago. it is what we have delivered. thank you mister speaker. it has become something of an institution.
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while the scottish government continues any changes. which is killing the string. can i sit in my honorable friend. they're using they are using it in a responsible way. and they make changes worth over 10 million pounds to businesses. at a pain business rates altogether. because of the retailers for the independent traders are a crucial part of our economy. they create jobs. and i think all of those should deal with them responsibly and recognize the
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division that they may have. >> with the donations. in the consent. i wish to thank her personally for the support that she is given. that support. she consisting that support now. and have an act on that. for the sole purposes is to save, and preserve.
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it will make a difference to people's lives. they have given the backing and we will continue to give it are backing. >> at the conclusion, theresa may gave an update on the u.k. investigation into the nerve agent attack against a former russian spy and his daughter earlier this year in southern england. in her remarks, the prime minister had two suspects with ties to a russian intelligent agency. this is 15 minutes. >> statement, the prime minister. >> with permission, i would like to update the house on the investigation into the attempted murder of sergei skripal and


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