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tv   U.N. Security Council Members on Nerve Agent Attack Investigation  CSPAN  September 10, 2018 1:00am-1:38am EDT

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emergency service and health service in responding to these incidents. let me think all of those involved in the intelligence community for their tireless and painstaking work that has led to today's announcement. about the evidence presented to this house. today's announcement shows that we were right. we were right to act against the russian state, and we are right to step up efforts against the gr you. we will not tolerate such barbaric attacks against our country, and together with our allies, this government will continue to do whatever is necessary to keep our people safe, and i commend this house. announcer: at u.n. headquarters on thursday, russia's ambassador to the u.n. denied the country's involvement in a nerve agent attack during the security council meeting.
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the meeting also included remarks from the british ambassador. this is 35 minutes. ms. haley: this morning the security council addresses the use of chemical weapons for first of two times today. as we have previously, the united states expresses its unequivocal condemnation of the use of chemical weapons. in salisbury or anywhere else. we stand firm in defense of the international norm against the use of these horrific weapons. r use of these horrific weapons. and we stand firm with the british people. it's easy to express outrage, of course. we do it every day in this chamber. what is difficult is finding solutions. and today our british friends and colleagues are providing us with a master class on how to stop the spread of chemical weapons. they are creating accountability for those who use chemical agents and providing vital support for the international norm against the
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use of these deadly, illegal weapons. the british government is pursuing accountability for this attack in the only way accountability can truly be accomplished. in accordance with the rule of law. british investigators have conducted a full and fair investigation of what has been determined to be the attempted killing of sergei country is pal and detective nick bail request -- skripal and detective nick baily. the screggetters have -- investigators have linked these crimes with the chemical agents that poisoned and killed others. prime minister may went into great detail about each step of this investigation. hundreds of detectives have analyzed thousands of hours of cctv footage and thousands of documents. some things we knew already. british investigators had already concluded russia was responsible for the exposure of
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hundreds of people to a deadly agent on the streets of salisbury. now, thanks to the careful methodical work of the british authorities, no one should have any doubt. it is actually amazing to see the clarity and the undeniability of the results. the british government has identified two russian nationals as responsible for the use of the nerve agent on british soil and the attempted murder of a british citizen and his daughter. critically the british have ad also concluded that the two -- have also concluded that the two men are officers of the russian military intelligence service. this was not, as prime minister may said, a, quote, rogue operation. this was a highly planned, purposely driven attack. the british had the suspects on cctv from their arrival at gat wick airport to their travel to the vicinity of the skripal's
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house on the day of the attack, and finally their departure from heathrow back to moscow. every one of us in this room and listening around the world should be chilled to the bone with the findings of this investigation. as for the subsequent poisoning of charlie rowley and the death of don strugis, prime minister may said it well. quote, were these two suspects within our jurisdiction there would be a clear basis in law for their arrest for murder. this is how it's done. this is how individuals who commit murder and their hay mouse crimes are exposed. this is -- heinous crimes are exposed. this is how nations that defy the international thunderstorms that keep us safe are held to -- norms that keep us safe are held to account. this is how the service for the first responders to those who were killed are honored. it now falls on us to do our part.
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rather than accept responsibility for its actions, the russian government has offered only denials and counteraccusations. anything to deflect attention and distract from its guilt. the russian denials have followed a familiar script from the a to the killing litvinenko. the list goes on and on and the song is always the same. russia is somehow never behind these incidents. but no one's buying it. the most recent british action ensures that russia doesn't get away with this brazen attack. in direct response to russia's use of chemical weapons in the salisbury incident, the united states has announced additional sanctions against russia and together with our nato allies and other partners, 153 russian officials were expelled around the world in response to the
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attack on the skripals on u.k. soil. while this incident was in salisbury, who is to say it couldn't have happened in paris or amsterdam? but we must now help our british friends find the two russian suspects they have identified and bring them to face justice in the united nations -- united kingdom. better yet, why doesn't the russian government turn these two murderers over to british authorities? we must fight and win the broader battle against impunity for chemical weapons use. this is a day for explanations from russia and solidarity with our colleagues in the united kingdom. thank you. >> thank you very much, madam president. and thank you for scheduling this meeting today, following the announcements in the united kingdom yesterday. when the council last met on this issue on 18 april, i
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understood took to update the council in the light of significant developments. my prime minister's full statement to parliament has been circulated to security ouncil as document sc-2/ 2018/814. as the british prime minister announced yesterday if parliament, the united kingdom has reached a significant conclusion in the salisbury c.w. investigation. ms. pierce: i'll come to that later if i may, but first, a brief summary of what happened in salisbury earlier this year. on sunday 4 of march, sergei skripal and his daughter, julia, were found unconscious on the bench in the city center after being poisoned by a to move chock nerve agent. detective sergeant nick bailey, a which will shir police officer, was also seriously ill after having been exposed to a nerve agent. following this attack, the united kingdom notified the
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opcw, invited them to confirm the identity of the substance involved, and we briefed members of the security council. the opcw's independence expert laboratories confirmed the u.k.'s identification of the to move chock nerve agent -- novichok nerve agent. the skripals are thankfully recovering. but on 30 june this year, 44-year-old mother of three dawn sturjiss fell ill in the nearby town after being exposed to novichok. she sadly died on the 8th of july. her partner, charly, was also exposed to the nerve agent and he became seriously ill. police have identified that sturjiss and rolly came into contact with the counterfeit perfume bottle which had been discarded in salisbury. tests of this bottle following its recovery by police confirmed it contained a significant amount of highly
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lethal novichok nerve agent. on 4 september, the opcw's independent expert laboratories have again confirmed the u.k.'s identification of the to move choke -- novichok nerve agent with a very high lell of purity. and -- level of purity. and to remind councilmembers, a very high level of purity means that it will have been made by a state. the inquiry into the incidencent -- incident has been linked by the police to the attempted murder of the skripals. the opcw independence experts have confirmed the identifications of novichok nerve agent and it is the exact same chemical that was used in both attacks. mr. president, it stretches cruduality that the identification of such nerve agent twice in close proximity to be a coincidence. we have previously shared with the council the information about the russian program from
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the 2000's, but to recap briefly, there was a development of novichok outside of the chemical weapons convention and russian agents were trained in assassination techniques, including the use of such agents on door handles. madam president, in the u.k. the police are independent of government and they have been conducting a painstaking forensic investigation. this investigation has involved around 250 detectives who have trolled through more than 11,000 hours of cctv footage and have taken more than 1,400 statements. working around the clock, they have carried out painstaking and methodical work to ascertain exactly which individuals were responsible and the method they used to carry out this attack. this evidence has been independently reviewed by the crown prosecution service, and they have concluded there is a sufficient basis to bring charges. we have thus independently
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concluded that there is enough evidence to bring charges against two russian nationals for the following crimes. the conspiracy to murder sergei skripal. the attempted murder of sergei and julia skripal. and detective sergeant nick bailey. the use and possession of novichok. and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to julia skripal and nick bailey. the investigation into the murder of dawn strugis remains ongoing. madam speaker, -- madam president, the evidence reveals the following. it shows the arrival of two individuals traveling under the name of alexander petrov and another to the u.k. from russia. cctv and other evidence records their travel to and from salisbury and crucially there are images which clearly place them in the vicinity of the skripal house at 11:58 a.m. on sunday, the 4th of march.
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this was moments before the attack took place, which involved placing the substance on the skripals' frontdoor handle. madam president, should any council wish, we can share copies those images. further, testing of the hotel revealed the presence of traces of the novichok substance in their hotel room. based on the thorough analysis of our intelligence, the u.k. government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police investigation are in fact officers from the russian military intelligence service, also known as the g.r.u. this is a body of the russian state. madam president, we previously, when we briefed the council before, atrnted -- attributed responsibility to russia on the basis of technical means, operational experience, and i recall the case of litvinenko
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here, and motive. russian statements have said that former russian agents are, if you like, fair game for assassination. these arguments have now been firmly reinforced by the clear evidence of the involvement of identified russian nationals traveling to the u.k. from moscow and returning there on russian passports. this evidence has been sufficient for our independent prosecuting authorities to bring criminal charges in relationship to the salisbury attack and to issue european arrest warrants. madam president, these two individuals are no longer in the united kingdom. were they with us, these twoment ises within u.k. jurisdiction -- two suspects within u.k. jurisdiction would be liable to arrest in a clear basis in law for their ttempted murder of crimes. - murder crimes.
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it is clear, madam president, that the russian state does not permit the extradition of russian nationals. and i understand that this is the prohibition in the russian constitution. so therefore, with respect to these two individuals, we have obtained a european arrest warrant and we will shortly issue an interpol red notice. should either of these individuals ever again travel outside russia, we will take every step open to us to detain them, to extradite them, and to bring them to face justice in the united kingdom. and we responded at the time to russian behavior robustly. the council will recall that we were joined by 28 partners and nato in expelling more than 150 russian intelligence officers. this was a proportionate and
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direct response to deter and degrade russia's ability to conduct further operations in the future and to reduce her ability to use the g.r.u. network to cause our citizens harm. madam president, we have clear evidence of russian state involvement in what happened in salisbury. and the use of c.w. this involvement, endangering the lives of many citizens, and reckless involvement and endangering the universal prohibition on the use of c.w. madam president, as the council has discussed before, there is an established pattern of maligned russian behavior perpetrated by military and intelligence this was shown in the october 2016 attempt in montenegro shown
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in the 2017 cyberattack that caused an estimated $1.2 billion of damage worldwide. it has been shown and other cyber attacks. it has time and again been responsible for russian interference in other countries affairs and most recently, we saw a u.s. indictment of individuals in relation to the 2016 democratic national committee hack. now, it might of the evidence from salisbury, we see that with military nerve grade agents on european soil. , these members found responsibility to help hold -- uphold international law , especially where weapons of mass destruction are concerned.
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one member has undertaken behavior that showed that they tried to measure. they played dice with the lives of the people of salisbury. they worked in a parallel universe where the normal rules of international affairs are inverted. challenge toect the international system that has kept all the states, including russia since 1945. in the face of such behavior, the international community needs to continue to defend the laws and ends to tuitions that safeguard our citizens against .hemical weapons if this is why the important of using transparent mechanisms to actors to account.
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allow me to summarize the steps that we believe should be taken by the international community. againstto work together the use of cw around the world that we saw most recently violated on the streets of the u.k. we need to build further the capability to attribute the use of chemical weapons. there can be no place for such incidents installed very again. toneed to shine a light undermine the rule of law and interfere in the domestic lives of other countries citizens. we need to make best use of our established methods, including and threats to our society and ways of life. quarrel with the russian people.
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we continue to hold out hope that we will once again enjoy with the partnership governance of this great nation. we have fought alongside russian troops in the second world war, but we will respond robustly threatened,urity is when the lives of our citizens are endangered and when the norm and rules of the system are flouted in such a brazen and reckless manner. we stand with our partners and allies, determined to face this threat together, the activities of foreign intelligence networks on our territories. citizens andct our we will defend ourselves from all forms of maligned activity directed against us and our societies. thank you, madam president. we listened very carefully to
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the statement of our british colleagues. new promised to provide information on the investigation of this affair. we carefully examined the statement of the prime minister theresa may and the british parliament on this topic. wevery much hope that today would hear something convincing that shed light on this serious incident. unfortunately, our expectations were not met once again. in today's statement, we heard on thee repeated lies as alled double agents about the training of russian special services in the
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,andling of toxic chemicals about the development of military grade chemical agents attacksa, about cyber and attempts to engineer and a lot of other information. i will not go through the list of the unfounded and mendacious .ocktail of facts similar relations were heard from the british prime minister yesterday. out yesterday, we found that the courageous british investigators published photos of individuals suspected. this is provided by the british authorities as basins nation, as
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a turning point in the investigation. these individuals have supposedly russian last names and citizenship. well-known degree of certainty highly likely. it is stated that they work for the russian intelligence services. at the same time, it is assumed that the names provided are aliases. furthermore, unlike the previous unsubstantiated affair, the to -- itide does say does not intend to do so from russia. nor did they intend to cooperate with russian authorities. why should they even try? londones not into her game. several delegations today, on the russian -- called on the
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russian side to cooperate. everything is exactly the opposite. we have been calling london to cooperate rather than london calling us to cooperate. london has been refusing this cooperation. london needs this story for one purpose. a disgustingd -- hysteria and to involve other countries in this hysteria. the number of inconsistencies and unresolved issues in connection with the new evidence is off the chart. for example, in the photos provided of the suspects, where they are shown going through the cor identical core door -- ridor. thetime corresponds down to second. according to information stated
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by theresa may, the suspects found themselves approximately .t noon in all police reports it was reported that they left their house early in the morning and never returned. how would it be possible for contact with a contaminated door handle of their house. considerficult to convincing that the suspect used a regular container or perfume bottle to transport. as follows from the reports of this substance is so toxic and dangerous that to transport it, it would be necessary to use a specially protected container otherwise the person transporting the
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substance would definitely suffer themselves. meta-president, there is a very popular joke about a character named the elusive joe. -- elusiveelusive not because no one can catch them but because no one needs him. no one is interested in looking for him. i have a strong feeling that we have been provided with two such elusive joe's who were supposedly acting on orders from moscow. perhaps some of you are convinced by this article, but i is just as invented and produced out of thin air as the previous episodes. our british colleagues have taken a very comfortable position. they had issued a verdict.
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the guilty party russia has been declared. the real names of suspects are unknown. supposedly, it is known that -- how theyr the gr do this without determining the names is not known to us. actually calling them to cooperate. they have refused to cooperate. the british ambassador was foreign affairs in russia in response to a request.o the investor refused to provide the ambassadors said the british authorities have refused to provide russia information that the suspects were supposed to provide to the and busy when they applied for
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their visa. this includes anger prince, which would be easier to identify them been using a photo from the internet. there is nothing surprising about this. the world of the weary young news is quite enough in order to issue a verdict and start punishment. london does not intend to take this case to the conclusion. again toare here once hear information from london, happens sincehat the moment of attack. thosessian citizens ask to a mysterious nerve agent. they are being held somewhere. of all international, legal and humanitarian norms, accessve not been given
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to close relatives or services. this is a fact. all we have seen is television statements that raise questions that she is being the subject of psychological pressure. there is also a letter in the form of an ultimatum demanding of the acknowledge guilt attack. there are several letters from russia to great britain with proposals to take part in the investigation with a convincing -- convincing list which have remained unanswered. there are conclusions of x words that on the fourth of march in words that onh of the fourth of march in salisbury , it was not possible because as a matter of principle, it is not possible to determine this.
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justthing else is conjecture created by the investigation and recent phobia of the authorities. contradictionsus in the investigation which has been fueled by leaks to the oura, are colleagues -- colleagues disregard this. i will not list them all. half a year later, it is not clear why russia would want to poison the policy or why they would want to do this in such a strange, sophisticated and illogical way. we were told a gel was applied to the door handle and now, supposedly the suspect brought with them a perfume bottle. there are many such inconsistencies.
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a lot of unsubstantiated conclusions. apparently moscow is responsible. this led to concrete sanctions. the only one who has gained from of lot of freeng advertising. the british authority still has no evidence that russia is responsible for salisbury or any kind of clue. i think everyone is already convinced of that. we have lost all hope of finding the truth of those who are guilty. the only issue is what kind of employees london will invent to avoid truly serious rather than motivated investigation into the case. disclosuresn -- the presumed -- pursued by
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london. we have no problems with rank citizens.ritish we have a great deal of sympathy for them. the problem is with the government trying to mislead the community and their own citizens. to shift to more official language. all accusations regarding involvement in the poisoning with toxic chemicals in the city of salisbury. they were once again repeated by the prime minister theresa may. side toon the british
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moderation. we confirm our readiness to coordinate with them. we demand access to illegally detained russian citizens. once again, with full responsibility the statements by london that only russia supposedly has or had technical means and motive to carry out as completely unfounded to mislead the international community. the russian federation has never developed and never produced, never stockpiled chemical compounds.
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information about the structure of the chemical compound started appearing in scientific literature and applied databases. provided by soviet defectors who had an indirect connection to the soviet military weapons program. furthermore, such developments were in a number of states. laboratory that the ministry of the u.k. was involved in this kind of research and development. specializedlumes of literature about this work. the last circumstance is important to understand what case thategarding the
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has been produced by london against russia. wouldssian federation like to make an appeal to all states with all responsibility and to support the appeal to the government of the u.k. to begin consultations with the russian federation and the framework of the prohibition of chemical weapons. president,on, madam from the statement of london what is absolutely clear is that already back in may, it had all the information that was visited yesterday. without determining the list of determining the fact that they were in salisbury, there would be no reason to search the hotel where they stayed. evidence wereis as important as they claim to
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be, they would have been published four months ago. from all of those that follows, we can only make one conclusion. by justicened not but by other reasons and motives that we already mentioned. the incident on the fourth of march became a useful pretext to unleash anti-russian hysteria and was years in an attempt to .ndermine our authority we are witnessing a similar picture. maystatement by theresa took place on the eu vote a new political season. the situation and the
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provocation that is being prepared by the fighters there together with the white helmets. which, we have warned about more than once. we will circulate the relevant materials on week, the houses live
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assessing the 2019 spending. as always come you can follow the house light on c-span and i and 2. -- and the senate on c-span 2. in 1929, c-span was created by america's cable television companies. we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c., and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite writer. the sunday shows today, there was talk about the anonymous white house official who recently wrote an op-ed for "the new york times" that was critical of president trump. those who spoke on the topic included vice president pence, kellyanne conway, and ben


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