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tv   911 Memorial Service in Shanksville PA  CSPAN  September 11, 2018 9:30am-11:02am EDT

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hear you correctly. i don't know. view, not theal product of analysis. i am always somewhat skeptical of dual citizenship. i think you can only be loyal to therefore i am not a fan of dual citizenship. if people come here as immigrants, they have an opportunity to be u.s. citizens and that should be the goal and that means severing ties as my grandparents did on both sides of my family, from whatever country they came from. to move tokably were another country and swear allegiance to that country, i
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cannot imagine maintaining my citizenship in the united states at the same time. that is a personal view. what affect dual citizenship has had on terrorism, i am not entirely sure. few who have been arrested for carrying out or plotting terrorist attacks in this country have had dual citizenship. about half of them are u.s. areign citizens and others -- radicalized here. american jihadists are made in the usa. host: brian jenkins is a senior adviser at the rand corporation,
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an expert on terrorism there, joining us from los angeles. we do appreciate your time. guest: thank you. host: that is going to do it for today on the washington journal. we now take you live at the shanksville, pennsylvania where the commemoration ceremony is scheduled to get underway momentarily.
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[applause] >> good morning and welcome to flight 93 national memorial. my name is stephen clark, superintendent of flight 93 national memorial, one of over 400 sites within the national park service. the national park service is honored and deeply humbled to serve as the stewart of this moving memorial and tell the inspiring story of 40 amazing heroes. ago, theay, 17 years passengers and crew members of flight 93 bonded together and prevented their hijacked airplane from reaching its intended target in washington, d.c., a mere 18 minute flying
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time from this very location. ever since that moment, these special people have always been and all -- and will forever be remembered as heroes, extraordinary citizens who showed incredible courage under fire. on sunday, we dedicated the tower of voices located at the entrance to the park. it was an inspiring and powerful ceremony as we remember their voices through an iconic cathedral serving as our welcoming beacon to this special place. willlically, these chimes -- will forever provide a voice for our heroes. are still with us, andorting those who mourn encouraging all of us to follow in their footsteps, putting others before oneself.
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they truly sacrifice their own lives to save so many -- sacrificed their own lives to save so many. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to embellish the many dignitaries and special guests who have joined us today. thank you all for being here with us this morning for our annual observance. you tod a special thank the many volunteers and ambassadors of flight 93 who tell this story to our park visitors to better understand this incredible journey, this incredible story of what occurred aboard flight 93. i would like to recognize captain stewart and his entire crew at the uss somerset and all members of our military. those who have served and those who are currently serving this great nation, both here at home
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and around the world. [applause] >> also, a special thank you to all of our law enforcement personnel, firefighters and first responders for putting their neighbors before themselves each and every day. ofr since the events september 11, 2001 -- thank you very much. thank you. [applause] ever since the events of of1, 2001, our look -- september 11, 2001 -- to the development of this memorial. for that, we are eternally grateful. and of course, we welcome and 93nk the families of flight
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for being with us today as we honor the memories of your loved ones. [applause] >> i am honored to have on stage with me the president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. [cheering and applause] >> first lady melania trump. [cheering and applause] >> the secretary of the department of the interior, mr.
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ryan zinke. [applause] >> the governor of this great commonwealth of pennsylvania, mr. tom wolf. [applause] governor pennsylvania mr. mark stryker. [applause] president of the families of flight 93, mr. gordon felt. [applause] and finally, we are so grateful reverent to have you with us today, reverend paul. [applause] brother of a passenger aboard flight 93.
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at this time, would you all please stand as you are able for the national anthem, performed today by the united states navy band brass quintet. i ask that you remain standing as the reverend leads us in the indication, followed by a moment of silence -- the invocation, followed by a moment of silence. spangled banner" plays]
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>> among many of the prayers written and published. empower me to be a bold participant rather than a timid saint in waiting. not to wait in difficult -- the difficulty of ordinariness. to exercise the authority of honesty, rather than to defer the power or deceive to get it. justiceence someone for rather than impress anyone for gain. find treasureso peace, of friendship, of hidden in the fields of daily
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life. the fields you give me to plow. joshua taking -- was given a command three times. courage. and of good be strong and very courageous. do not be afraid. they, the 40, acted not subdued by the power of violence and not held back by the disease of fear. they, our 40, acted from a
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friendship formed in but a few hearts, from a piece of -- peace of heart and mind in their newfound community. they, the 40, were strong and courageous on behalf of you and i and all others. for the love of others and by grace to protect others, they challenge of us to do no less than to live strong lives courageously, for others. courageous, do not be afraid. i ask you to leave your hearts
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ve yourds -- wea hearts and minds as we pause in silence in their honor. a man -- amen. >> please be seated. on this day at this very special time, flight 93 national memorial's architect mr. paul
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murdoch will lead the reading of the names of the passengers and crew members of flight 93. mr. murdock will be joined by family members reading the names of their loved ones, for each name, mr. bill anders and sharon custer who proudly serve as flight 93 ambassadors will ring the bells of remembrance. >> christian adams.
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lorraine g. bay. todd m. beamer. >> my husband, alan anthony bevin.
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>> my son, with love. i loved him very much. thank you.
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>> sandy bradshaw. marion britton. >> thomas burnett junior.
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>> william joseph. >> my sister georgine corrigan. >> patricia.
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>> my loving sun, brother and cousin, captain jason. >> joseph deluca.
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>> patrick driscoll. >> my cousin, edward porter felt. >> jane folger.
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>> sister and aunt colleen fraser. grandfather, andrew garcia.
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>> jeremy glick. osterholm white catuzzi grandcolas and
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unborn child. >> my best friend, wonder anita wanda anita green. >> beloved father, husband and .rother, donald greene
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linda gronlund. guamy wife's cousin richard dagno. >> my cousin, first officer lreo homer.
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kuge.sun, toshiya >> in memory of carrie i present the name of our daughter who was a loving mother to jerome and a loving sister to tony and william. ceecee rossndant
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lyles. -- hilda marcin. mertinez.
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>> nicole carol miller. brother, louis, nacke the second. .> donald peterson
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>> jane peterson. ernberg --vid roth rothenberg. cristine ann snyder.
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talignani. wainioabeth
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>> deborah welsh. >> thank you to all of the family members and paul murdoch
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for assisting us with this special tradition. we thank bill anders and sharon custer for their part in bringing -- ringing the bells. in november of 1863, at the dedication of a new national cemetery in gettysburg, pennsylvania, not that far from this place. president abraham lincoln delivered the gettysburg address. referring to the bravery of soldiers in the battle of " thesburg, he stated world will little note or long , butber what we say here it can never forget what they did here."
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those same words could be said here at flight 93 national memorial. when the passengers and crew learned other planes had been used to strike the world trade center and pentagon, they voted to take action. refusing to let their airplane be used to inflict more damage on this nation. process, they sacrificed their own lives to save many. visitors who come to this memorial, not only learned of the actions of those on board, but are inspired i them. missed, they are will never be forgotten. time, i would like to introduce pennsylvania governor tom wolfe.
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he was sworn in as the 42nd governor of the great commonwealth of pennsylvania on january 20, 2015. oflowing in the footsteps governors during and after the events of september 11, he has been a supporter of this memorial. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, gov. tom wolf. [applause] >> thank you. thank all of you for being here is a remember those we lost 17 years ago today. governor whonk the i have the honor to introduce who provided much-needed leadership. i want to think president trump
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for joining us. i want to thank you, the families, friends, loved ones, who found their lives changed forever. gratitude a debt of to the family members who learned of the attacks happening in new york, washington, and took action. as i became governor, i have been honored to speak before you and offer what little thanks i can on behalf of myself and the commonwealth for the sacrifice. this year, the dedication of the tower of voices, there are new avenues of remembrance and opportunities to reflect on the sacrifices made in the skies above us. with a has been tragedy, the family whose loved ones built hope and honor. right here in pennsylvania. we thank you for that.
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each year all pennsylvanians remember and honor your loved ones. we hail them as heroes and recall their actions and listen to their words. hero" is one of the most used words in any language. we bestow this title to frequently. 93, and then flight skies above us are in fact heroes. the first responders and everyday citizens who came to the crash site, our heroes tos --too. they did these in her old-fashioned. they did not know who they were saving. they did not know whose lies that plane might take. the only new their fellow americans were at risk, so they sacrifice everything for them. their actions were heroic.
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their actions were patriotic. we all hope face with the same situation we would make the same choice, but there is no karen t. the people on that flight were truly special, truly heroes. on behalf of all pennsylvania's we give our deepest thanks and sincere gratitude. in the days following the attack, pennsylvania was lucky to be led by individuals who rose to the challenge. state that became a battlefield in a country of distress. uncertainty,as they let with strength, they led with purpose. where there was fear, they led with compassion. they led with courage. while they awoke with the same fear, same worry for their families, children, wise, husbands, that we all had.
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they were stoic and strong. they helped us rebuild our institutions and confidence. the governors and their colleagues set a path toward recovery. the dedication at this site have given visitors a remembrance of patriotism. i think the governors for their inspiration and service. it is with great honor, i introduce pennsylvania's 44th governor, march whiter. [applause] >> thank you. thanks to the partnership and families. thank you for the privilege on such sacred ground to offer what i consider important
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reflections. president, for the heroes we honor today. know i am still in all -- awe of them. the last time i spoke here, on the first anniversary, it was here that freedom took its first stand. again, we gather to reflect on the sacrifice we have never forgotten. is hard to believe it has been 6200 and five days. as we know, time has a tendency to stand still when loved ones are ripped from us. we hold them close to our heart. we made a pact we would never
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forget, and we never have. i want you to know in difficult times, my thoughts go to them. patriotism,ice, love for america was and remains pure. it is difficult for many to grasp. thomas burnett junior told his wife a group of us are going to do something, i have to go, i love you, goodbye. brother called 911 to report the hijacking. in the more it -- moment of horror he was thinking of others. that they choose the youngest passenger on board. debbie told a reporter in 2015, it is important the visitors see what these 40 people took on to take a stand for freedom to take
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the stand that cost them their lives. maybe there will be some special thing that will inspire them. debbie on sunday at the dedication, we know how special your daughter is. we know how special they all are. and yes they inspire us to this minute. that is why this moment is so fitting, and timely. as they did in the years leading up to 2001, our counterintelligence agencies are watching attacks in foreign places. the president's own director confirmed this last week when he said " they are growing increasingly aggressive." as you saw in indonesia, entire family units are committing vile
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acts of terrorism. real, so weremain must remain vigilant and prepare a new generation of leadership. the university -- universal reality set in-- for me not to long ago. the fact is, our college students are not old enough to remember first-hand what happened here. as i marvel at the tower of voices on sunday i cannot help but think of the biblical storytellers of centuries ago and their own motivation. they traveled and met with .eople
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in colonial times, the stories werein colonial times, the stors were shared at the village tavern. decades ago they were told on the steps from nebraska to pennsylvania and beyond. chosen wasoften self insure people did not forget the events that shaped their lives and cultures. times, suggest, at these on the sacred ground, help tell the story of 40 brave souls who came together by chance, ,acrifice to provide protection and changed our world. it is as if these chimes musically ring in our ears with three striking notes.
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we must never forget what took place here. we must never forget the heroes who sacrificed here. , and striver forget to reach to purity of their remarkably noble sacrifice. americans, can you hear the course -- chorus hopefully you-- do. , please return home share the store -- story of the flight 93 patriots. be there storyteller. --, telldo come on september 11, 2001,
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here that.m., it was freedom took its germanic stand -- dramatic stand. thank you for having me. [applause] >> thank you governor wolf. for your powerful words. at this time, i would like to introduce mr. gordon, president of the families of flight 93. this organization is very special group of individuals are a part of the stewardship of flight 93 national memorial. 2001, gordon's,
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eldest brother was killed aboard flight 93. as a passengers and crew members fought to retake control of that airplane. since those days, as our country struggled to make sense of the lost -- loss of our citizens. as an has served spokesperson for the families of flight 93. ladies, please joining me in .elcoming mr. gordon mr. president, mrs. trump, secretary,lf, captainand mrs. casey,
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and crew of the uss somerset, distinguished guests, those who serve our nation through the national park service, national park foundation, flight 93 national memorial ambassadors, friends of flight 93, visitors, dears to my heart, families. families of flight 93. i welcome you to our annual service to honor 40 stored in their heroes of united flight 93. 17 years ago, i and other family members experience the tragic loss of a loved one on september 11, 2001. we were loaded onto buses and escorted along country roads lined with first responders saluting at attention. and families waving flags and
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hands over their hearts in respect for those who we lost in what has been referred to as the first battle fought against this current brand of terrorism on american soil. our destination was a site just behind us on the western overlook. at that moment willy looked out over a field torn, smelling country wered our hurting. confused andated, cast into a world had offered only uncertainty, violence, and fear. little did we know, the choices our loved ones made during the final 35 terrifying minutes of their lives. as well as actions taken on the ground in new york city and at the pentagon.
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little did we know, they would inspire a nation and reaffirm a standard of exceptionalism and those that understand the unrelenting nature of freedom loving people. this memorial is dedicated to preserving the stories of the 40 heroes of flight 93 and their actions. our newly dedicated tower of voices stands defiantly, reminding us of how fortyish rangers and together -- 40 strangers came together, prayed, and chose to fight. one attack against our country, five years in the making. they were not passive. they did not sit back and let events unfold. actions,f their further loss of life was averted
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and the preeminent symbol of our democracy was preserved. this flight 93 national memorial was designed to not only honor their memory, and enshrine the history of september 11 for future generations, but to inspire those to take time to bear witness to their sacrifice. , a fraction of an hour, a lifetime to our loved ones. 35 minutes, during which a choice was made, the course of history was changed, and a more devastating impact of a terrorist attack was averted. i am often asked, what can we learn from the events of september 11. is a comp lex question and 1 -- a complex question leading to many responses.
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believe the heroes of flight usset a standard, reminding what we know to be true, but neglect to realize. the diverse individuals aboard could easily have been anyone of us. they ranged in age from the unborn to those enjoying retirement. backgrounds, professions, ethnicities, countries, and religions. who's never city added significant value to the choice that they may. challenge,with the that far exceeds anything most of us will ever have to face, they were able to come together in minutes, not as 40
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individuals, but as one unified force. they chose to stand together and fight as a united group and in their case it was a hastily planned attack to retake control of the plane. on the ground in new york and at the pentagon, it was a choice to run into buildings. to assist others from fiery infernos on the verge of collapse. how do we honor these heroes? how do we keep their memory alive so they can continue to motivate us and impact the course of our history? answer as i have been trying to articulate for years, is by choosing to do so. we have to choose to remember. there should never be a time where we sit back and remain idle when evil threatens our freedom. we have to choose to be inspired
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by the actions of our heroes. the most important link, choose as our up and be better loved ones did in the final moments. they deserve no less. we as freedom loving people can --, can afford no less. if we choose to forget the lessons learned on september 11, 2001 through neglect, apathy or distraction, we will become less , and less less heroic free. thank you. [applause] >> thank you.
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i'm honored to call you my friend. i would like to introduce, the united states secretary of the interior. he was sworn in as the 52nd secretary of interior in march 2017. he leads an agency with more than 70,000 employees who are stewards of many of our public lands, including wildlife --uges, national parks, national memorials such as this one. a tremendous individual and the steward of our public lands. welcome the, please united states secretary of the
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--mr zr misters inky incy. years sinceen 17 september 11, 2001. most of us remember where we were on 9/11. for me, i was a navy seal and shocked her. -- instructor. our members looking in the eyes of the candidates and knowing their lives would change forever. the last lines of our national anthem tell us america is the home of the brave. patriotsay, exemplified that bravery in the aisles of flight 93. , the pain of years
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the passing remains. i visited this site last year with vice president pence and was honored to share the sound of the first chime for the families. our great park system tells stories, the stories of our conservation ethic. to our battlefields, civil rights monuments, women's rights sites, and this flight 93 memorial we honored to be at today. , a storytory of heroes of tragedy, and most importantly, a story of our shared values of america and self-sacrifice, duty and honor. it is a story that reminds us to and it neveredom
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ends. it has to be earned every day. the crew and passengers of flight 93 gave their lives for this nation, their sacrifice shall never be forgotten. ofther here and the fields the great commonwealth of pennsylvania, or across our great nation. , the name ofr name all those who gave their lives for our country, that we never forget this tragedy and remain diligent against those who wish to destroy our values and our nation. today, as a combat veteran, it is my privilege and honor to be here with the president of the trump states, donald j and his beautiful first lady, lonnie at -- milania.
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[applause] i would like to think donald trump, president donald trump for his leadership on national security, his support of law enforcement, first responders, and his support of protecting our borders. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome our president, donald j trump. [applause] president trump: thank you very much.
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thank you very much. so beautiful. we are gathered on this hollow ofund to honor the memory nearly 3000 souls who were murdered on this day 17 years ago. tribute to to pay the 40 passengers and crew members on flight 93 who rose up , to fight the enemy, took control of their destiny and change the course of history. today we mourn their loss, share commemorate and we their incredible valor. 2001, a band of brave patriots turned the tide on the nation's enemies and joined the immortal ranks of american heroes.
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memorial, on the sacred earth, and the field beyond, and in disguise above -- in the skies above our heads we remember the moment when america fought back. grateful to be here for today's ceremony. i want to thank the members of congress in attendance. casey, and along with the president of the families of flight 93. members of they national park service along with
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firefighters, first responders, and incredible people from law enforcement. these are great people. [applause] some of you answer the call and raced to this field 17 years ago , you fill our hearts with pride in the want to thank you on behalf of our country. thank you very much. [applause] to the family members of flight we close ourrica arms to help shoulder your pain
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and carry your sorrow. ,our tears are not shed alone for they are shared with an entire nation. we grieve together for every mother and father, sister and brother, that were stolen and from us -- stolen from us at the twin towers and here in this pennsylvania field. we honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and do what it takes to keep america safe. [applause] 17 years ago your loved ones were among the 40 of flight 93. the passengers and crew members on board the 8:00 a.m. united
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flight to san francisco. they were men and women from every background, young people returning from visiting family, moms and dads on business trips, and friends going and coming from birthdays and weddings. they boarded the plane as strangers and entered eternity linked forever as true heroes. [applause] soon after takeoff, flight 93 was hijacked by evil men bent on terror and conquest. passengers and crew members began using their phones to call home. they learned to planes had already crashed into the world trade center in new york city.
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immediately those on board flight 93 started planning a response. sandy bradshaw, a flight attendant called her husband and told him they were in the back of the plane preparing hot water to throw onto the hijackers. explained themy plan to his wife and said, stay on the line i will be back. the passengers and crew members can together, took a vote, and decided to act. at that moment, they took their backand america's fate into their own hands. in the last 20 minutes, many ,laced their final calls home ,"ispering those eternal words
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i love you." some said the lord's prayer and then they bravely charged the cockpit. enemy, foughtthe until the very end. they stop the forces of terror , --defeated this wicked horrible, evil plan. flight 93 crashed yards from where we stand just 20 minutes flying time from the united states capital. through their sacrifice they save the lives of countless americans and they saved our capital from a devastating strike.
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attack,ays after the tens of thousands of ,irefighters, police officers and recovery workers traveled to new york and arlington to crawl through the rubble in search of survivors. --re were prayer vigil just vigils, and charity drives across the nation. raised thef you first memorial, a wooden cross, a chain-link fence, mementos and dozenss pouring in, and of american flags. a piece of america's heart is buried on these grounds. in its place, has grown in new resolve to live our lives with the same grace and courage as 93.heroes of flight
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tos field is a monument american defiance. message toal is a the world, america will never submit to tyranny. [applause] since september 11, nearly five half-million young americans have enlisted in united states armed forces. nearly 7000 service members have died facing the menace of radical islamic terrorism. [applause]
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today we thank -- think of the more than 200,000 service members now serving overseas. we think of every citizen who protects our nation at home including our state, local, and federal law enforcement. these are great americans, great heroes. we honor and thank them all. [applause] as commander-in-chief, i will always do everything in my power to prevent terrorists from striking american soil. garcia today, is dorothy , her husband was one of the passengers on flight 93. on september 11, 2001, just over
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a month after the 32nd wedding anniversary, he was on his way back from a business meeting. from the planehy and uttered her name before the line went dead silent. in the days after the attack, dorothy told the investigators there was only one thing she wanted from this field, her husband's wedding ring. they would know it by the inscription etched inside. it said, followed by the number eight -- 2 -- 69. , great people, promised to try, but in this
10:52 am
field of wreckage it seemed impossible. dorothy began to pray and asked her friends to do the same. months, stillthen no ring. a week before christmas, on december 19, she heard a knock at the door. -- officers were standing she thought it was so beautiful -- a beautiful small, white box. , aide it was a wallet luggage tag, a drivers license, a small bag with a wedding ring inscribed with those three love."s words," all my
10:53 am
those words echo across his field. those words of the story of 40 minute and women who gave all their love -- 40 men and women who gave all their love for their country and our freedom. dorothy, and every family here today, america will never forget what your loved ones did for all of us. [applause] earlier this week he dedicated the final part of this memorial, the tower of voices. , --ding and 93 feet standing at 93 feet, it is the first shock sure visitors see -- structure visitors see when they
10:54 am
come to the sacred ground. it will hold 40 chimes that ring out. note, but all in perfect harmony. each time we hear those chimes in the wind, we will remember the 40. ,e will remember their faces voices, stories, courage, and their love. we will remember that free people are never at the mercy of evil because our destiny is always in our hands. [applause] future is not written by our enemies. america's future is written by
10:55 am
our heroes. [applause] as long as his monument stands, as long as his memorial indoors, brave patriots will rise up -- as long as this remark -- memorial indoors. brave patriots will fight back. 17 years ago, 40 incredible men and women showed the world that no force will ever conquer the american spirit. memory, we their treasure their legacy and we ask god to forever bless the immortal heroes of flight 93. thank you, god bless you, god
10:56 am
bless the families, and god blessed united states of america . thank you very much. [applause] thank you. thank you. [applause] [indiscernible] [applause] indeed mr. president, thank you for those inspiring and
10:57 am
moving words. once again, we are honored to have you and the first lady with us today. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, at this time, we ask you remain seated to allow the speakers the opportunity to personally reflect on this solemn ceremony inside the visitor center. the united states navy and brass quintet will now share their talents with us as we conclude today's service. you, to all of the family members of flight 93, those who are with us and those who were not, and to everyone watching at home and all over
10:58 am
the world, thank you again for taking the time to remember the passengers and crew members of flight 93 and the nearly 3000 days that were lost on this 17 years ago. thank you. [applause] ♪ [applause] ♪
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tonight at 8 p.m., we will show all of today's remembrance ceremonies on the c-span network. with more like coverage later today on c-span starting at 3:00 p.m. eastern, a conversation about vladimir putin, his use of propaganda, and has control over russian media. that will be at 3:00. at 6:00, we will hear from facebook executives as well as executives from google and microsoft about what they are doing to help -- tech political campaigns. at 7:00 former director of national intelligence, former cia director, former nsa director will talk about the
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relationship between presidents in the intelligence community. live from george mason university here on c-span. washington post reporter bob woodward is our journal guest monday at 7:00 eastern talking about his new book. 8:30 a.m. eastern, ken starr joins us. on c-span'seek washington journal. this morning vice president mike pence defense secretary james mattis and the chair of the joint chiefs of staff. this is just under one hour. community andn family that is here and all


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