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tv   Prime Ministers Questions British Prime Minister Theresa May Answers...  CSPAN  September 16, 2018 9:01pm-9:46pm EDT

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20, 2019. for more information, go to our website, >> next, british prime minister theresa may takes questions from members of the british parliament. then a congressional caucus forum on racial equality. then at 11:00 p.m., another chance to see q&a with historian and author, richard norton smith, talking about his biography on president herbert hoover. is prime minister theresa may discusses the british economy, brexit negotiations, and whether lawmakers should participate in interviews on russia today, which the prime minister describes as a tool of propaganda for the russian state. this is 40 minutes. >> order. questions to the prime minister. david duquette.
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>> prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and i'm sure measures across the house would join me in congratulating alexander cook. as england's highest ever scoring advancement, his incredible career has many highlights, including the magnificent 147 against india. we wish him the very best in his feature. this morning, i had meetings in addition to my duties, i shall have further meetings later today. >> david to cap. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i know the premise or appreciates fishing communities. exportou look at ways to -- support the expansion of infrastructure and other
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businesses reliant on the sector? >> prime minister? >> i fully recognize the importance of the fishing industry to his and other constituencies represented in this town. i can reassure him what we want to do is sustain a profitable fishing industry that will regenerate coastal communities and support future generations of u.k. fisherman. what we can do is taking back control of our waters, protecting fisheries, and exclusively determining who fishes what an hour sees. and it's -- in our seas. and its air priority to have a food supply chain. we work to consider the long-term funding programs currently managed by the eu is underway. >> jeremy corbyn? >> thank you, mr. speaker. i too join the premise or in congratulating him on a fantastic achievement and a brilliant series, which i really enjoyed. mr. speaker, the national
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farmers union, the federation of small businesses, the national audit office, the national gingerbread,ation, and the royal society of arts. does the prime minister know what these organizations have in common? [yelling over each other] >> i can tell the right honorable tillman that what those organizations have in common is that across the variety of activities, they have excellent service, they promote the interests of those that they represent, and this is what this government interacts. >> jimmy corbyn?
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>> i am truly grateful to the prime minister for that answer. the first part of which i wholly agree. it's all right, it's all right. but what they also have in thisn is they are telling government flagship benefit policy is flawed and failing both in work and out of work. in 2010, they claimed the universe of credit would lift children out of poverty. does the prime minister stand by that figure? >> prime minister? >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman that we introduced the universal federal credit because we need a system that interest people to work rather than discourage them, which made sure work always
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played and it was a legacy system we were left under the legacy -- of the labour party. immense we even had individuals being paid 100,000 pounds a year on benefits, all paid for by hard-working taxpayers earning a fraction. >> jeremy corbyn? >> mr. speaker, the child poverty action group says that far from taking them out of poverty, they will now increase the number of children in poverty. and since 2010, half a million more children have gone into poverty relative to that time. the government knows this policy is flawed and failing. their own survey on universal credit claimed many were in debt, have fallen behind with their bills. does the prime minister dispute her own government survey or
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dispute the experience of the claimants? >> prime minister? >> some said the work coach helped turn my life around. he catered his support to my situation and found my dream job. ryan, i'm happy with the credit. a jobnot expect to have so soon. credit gave me the flexibility to take on additional hours without the stress thinking this might stop my benefit right away. we have a situation under the labour party where 1.4 million people spent most of a decade trapped on benefits. we are helping get people into work. and that's why earlier this week, we saw unemployment is yet
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again at a record low. >> jeremy corbyn? >> mr. speaker, we are all constituency mps and i think most of us are well aware of the pain that universal credit is causing when people come into our crisis. 60% of families facing cuts due to the two child policy are in work. universal credit isn't making work play -- making work pay, it's taking money away from families and putting more children into poverty. the report found that the universal credit is creating a hardship and forcing people to use food banks and could actually end up costing the system even more. does the prime minister dispute the national audit office findings? >> prime minister? >> the right honorable jim and talked about constituency cases.
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i remember, i remember. >> order. the questions must be heard and the answers must be heard. >> the right honorable gentleman started his question talking about constituency questions. i remember the single monarch -- single mother who came to see me who told me she wanted to get into the workplace and provide a good example to her child. but the job center has told her she would be better off on benefits. that's the legacy of the labour party. >> jeremy corbyn? my question was about the national audit office. they back to the nal. they say food bank usage in areas where universal credit has been rolled out is four times higher than areas where it has
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not been introduced. but without resolving any of those failings, the government proposes to inflict this on another 2 million people. as part of that transfer, hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities will receive a letter telling them their support will be stopped. they will have to make an application for universal credit. does the prime minister think it's the responsibility of the government that is changing the system to ensure that people retain the support they need or is it down to the individual, many of whom are in need of support? >> they do give support to vulnerable people but encourage people to get into the workplace because we know that work is the best way out of poverty. but it's the right honorable gentleman that believes
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universal credit needs changes. but why would we make changes like ensuring that we reduce the waiting payment? why was it that they voted against those things? >> mr. speaker, it's labor that has been speaking up for the poor in this country. it's labor and the decency within our society that this government is incapable of describing. >> mr. spencer, i always thought you were a good-natured, laid-back farmer. you seem to be very excitable. comment yourself, man. >> they said that the real possibility and i quote that many people with mental health problems could see their benefits stopped entirely with the abject failure.
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i can see by the sullen faces behind her. and that's not just the group, it's the whole lot of us. but everywhere you look this government is failing. one million families using food banks. 4 million children in poverty. wages lower today than 10 years ago. and on top of that, there's the failing universal credit. disabled people risk losing their homes and support. children using for banks. -- food banks. and the prime minister wants to put 2 million more people onto this. mr. speaker, the prime minister the burningenging
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injustices in our society. the right honorable gentlemen -- >> prime minister? the right honorable gentlemen talked about challenging the burning injustices. that's about picking up the racial disparity. it means saying that nobody in this country should be stopped and searched on our streets because of that color of their skin. seeing 3.3 doing is million more people -- as a
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result of our economy. and what have we seen from labor over the last few days? the state broadcasting against members of parliament. anonymousestigating and threatening letters about andde-selection of labor of all, the honorable member saying that the labour institutionally racist party. that's what he does to labor. just think what he would do to this country. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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>> order. major speculation is required. call yourself. you're a former deputy leader of the house. behave in a statesmanlike manner. order. let's hear the questions and the answers. mr. nigel huddleston? >> we quite rightly spend a lot of time talking about crime and criminals and prisons. but perhaps we don't spend enough time looking at the victims of crime. i warmly welcome the government announcement this week. this will not be a dry document but an effort to boost support for the victims. >> nothing can take away the trauma and distress of being a victim of crime but we need to
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make sure people get the support they need as they rebuild their lives. it's our duty to keep people safe to ensure that the victims are properly listened to. that's why we are taking steps in the first ever cross victim strategy will ensure victims receive the care they support and i would like to commend the justice secretary for the work they've put in. >> the bankers were bailed out. the ordinary people paid the bill. average,is showed on it's and floor and damning indictment of the u.k.
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governments leadership. tell us prime minister, why have you abandoned millions of families, those just above managing? >> what we have done is created a unique environment where 3.3 million people are in work. we now also see what we have done is we've increased the national living wage. people areured that paying an income tax altogether. over 30 million people have received a tax cut. that's what this government has been able to do by a balanced approach to the economy. >> on freight she simply -- i'm afraid she simply ignores the reality that we've seen the worst decade in wage growth in
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over 200 years. the increased cost of living. yet the prime minister still wants to walk off the brexit cliff edge. the prime minister is unfit to govern. she's incapable of leadership. the country knows it. 10 years after the economic crash and they are still bearing the brunt. mr. speaker, the prime minister should and that program or admit that her party is unfit for government. >> he mentions the question of brexit and of course we are working to get a hold brexit deal. and can i suggest to the right honorable gentlemen and that he might listen to the views of the scottish, who said this week that the plan the government has put forward is something that certainly the agricultural and food and drink sectors can work
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with and that politicians from all sorts of parliament should actually get the hind it. only a short time from london as i'm sure my right honorable friend remembers. and you are lucky to cover that tiny journey and an hour and 40 minutes. that's if the trains work. they have a lot to offer, economically. a lot of which remains in tact. we can attract new homeowners and businesses to the area. can they please tell me what this government is doing to improve our rail services? >> i do remember the visit i made. actually, i was very pleased to meet with caroline shearer and the work that they have done.
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but on the issue of rails that my friend has raised, they would be introducing a whole new train. they will be available for the middle of next year. with much improvement, i think they will be pleased to hear. they need to ensure that they can deliver those journey times and the constraints on the line. but we will engage with network rails to see the improvement that my honorable friend wants to see. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister just said the work is the best way out of poverty. are talking about the responsibility she just gave to the smp. can she explain why after the conservative government, living
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wage reports 40% of people do not earn enough to live on? >> prime minister? can i say to the honorable lady that what the figure shows is that the portion of work of low pay is actually at its lowest level. this is the result of the changes that we've introduced in relation to the economy and the balanced approach that we have taken. i also say to the honorable lady if she's worried about people living in principe, the answer is not 500 billion pounds of extra borrowing, fewer jobs, higher taxes, and people suffering the cost. >> given what we know about the russian state involvement in the poisoning, does the prime minister think it's important
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that they appear in russian states television? >> prime minister? >> can i say to my right honorable friend that i'm sure we all have doubts about the objectivity of the reporting of russia today, which does remain a tool of propaganda for the russian state. the decisions on appearing with them is a matter for each individual. they risk being used as propaganda tools by the russian state. and i know that i will be shared by all of the members of this house including the right honorable gentlemen. he's made clear he doesn't think people should appear on that. i would also say to press tv, whose that has been revoked in the u.k. >> the prime minister refused to
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answer my written questions so i will ask her here. why did judge sylvester meet in last autumn and why did they meet? who invited them? what was the purpose of the meeting? and why was the meeting not recorded in that transparency state? say to the honorable lady, it has not been drawn to my attention. but following her question, i will ensure that she will be replied in writing. >> thank you mister speaker. when it comes to brexit the joint statement of the last year said that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. does the prime minister agree that this means the payments of the 39 billion pounds, exit payment of that money should be locked into that legally
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binding agreement that also requires the final trade agreement to be fully agreed and implemented by the 31st of september in 2020 in a form that is acceptable in the house. >> we are very clear that we need to have an in between between the future relationship in the withdrawal agreement. we are a country that honors our obligations. we believe in the rule of law and therefore we agree with abiding by our obligations. my honorable friend is right that a specific deal was made to reach a deal for the union and as the eu itself has said, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. without that the position changes. >> the prime minister was right yesterday to be promoting electric vehicles, but she also needs to focus on production and investment in renewable energy
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that's halved of the government policy. fracking is deeply unpopular. across the country. will she invest in solar and other renewables? >> the honorable gentlemen that i believe in that terms of the provision of energy across the united kingdom we need to have a diverse range of supplies. that's why, yes we do and had supported and continue to support renewable energy but it's also why we are ensuring for example, that we have supply in the future for nuclear and we look across other forms of energy as well in terms of ensuring that we see an increase in the number of connectors with europe. so a diverse supply is what we need. >> thank you mister speaker. britain will always be a close trader for the eu.
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does this mean giving britain a good deal is in the interest of oxides? -- of sites? -- of both sides? >> prime minister? >> i've always said i know that not only he also went on to say. he also went on to say after that 29th of march, 2019, united kingdom would never be an ordinary country for us. i welcome prime minister may's proposal with the new partnership of brexit. we agree with the statement. it was such a partnership. it should be a free trade area . let me be very clear when we leave the european union we will be an independent sovereign state. we will have control of our border our money and our laws. i want to say our closest allies in europe you will never also never be an ordinary third party
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for us. >> justin matus? >> is she concerned with the proposals to take fracking away from local councils? a concern shared by a prominent conservative statement on her website, including decisions should be returned to locally untested counselors and counsel needs the power to stop unsuitable developments. the prime minister will hopefully recognize these comments. she made them. >> minister. >> it's always been the case. that there are decisions at the local level. there are also decisions with the national level. >> mr. michael fabricant. >> prime minister? >> i was indeed very pleased to be in the west midlands yesterday at the summit where i
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made clear my determination across the u.k. at the forefront of zero emission pickles. the midlands have a very strong industry. they continue to drive investment. it's boosting economic growth. and it shows we are now over 320,000 more people in and work in the west midlands 2010. i think my right honorable friends for that answer. it's like silicon valley. and some 6,000 different companies. the second largest cluster of its time in the whole of europe.
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i'm sure that he was delighted. and as they referred to. with the region. with the digital skills partnership. with the digital skills of individuals. for the sections will be critical to the success of the industrial strategy.
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it is not all the responsibility. they had had explained how they will do this in england. what can i say that we ensure the honorable gentlemen. mister speaker. back in july. the prime ministers questions. when i trust them on the possible complication. the prime minister. in the affects of that. with the long awaited report.
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minister, reinsured my right honorable friend that the home secretary has been looking at this. we are committed to making publications. and yesterday with that positions. the catastrophic failure. to act on warnings about the behavior. the lifelong violent offender. it was entirely preventable. it was a young woman. the family has been left completely heartbroken.
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and in this case they failed to do so. with the most devastating consequences. can i ask what can she and the ministry of justice you. to prevent something like this. that he was raised. it was absolutely devastated case. in and devastated for lisa's family. i understand they have met the family of lisa skidmore. and apologize for the feelings in this case. this should not have happened i understand some action has that some action has artie been taken. nothing can be done to bring back lisa. to look at what can be done to prevent such tragedies.
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to make sure that it never happens anybody else. i'm one of the most beautiful paths of the uk. our farmers will be able to export their meat their world-class meat after we leave the european union. can i say to my honorable friend. absolutely right. and the important goal that farmers play in this. we are looking to ensure that we have those things that
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enable our farmers to be able to ask for their very porton product. to do something else which is come out of the common act of cultural policy. this is right for our farmers and not for others. last year 183 people will return to this country. to face justice. if we leave the eu. the words would not be available to us. with the prime minister prime minister be happy for that. i love the debate in which we ensured that when we exercise that. we actually went back into the arrest warrant. which we had identified in the plan. and one that we wish to discuss with the european
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union. the police finish their investigation the body was returned to the family for a funeral. last year they discovered that they had retained some of the body parts and these were returned to the family for a second funeral. only a few weeks ago yet more body parts were discovered by the police and the family had to go through the ordeal of a third funeral. they have no confidence in the police. they allow them to lay the daughter to rest. for the sake of the family.
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i say to my honorable friend. i think this is an absolutely terrible case and i'm sure he will have felt from the reaction for members across the house. that we all want to express our deepest sympathy for what is a prolonged drama. i understand that the manchester officials. are advising on ensuring that the establishment can take the necessary work to evaluate what went wrong in this case. and putting members that this will ever happen again. in the national police chief counsel to further address those issues. i will ensure that. thank you mister speaker.
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with the british passport. and eligible as he is not made enough insurance, attribution's over the last two years and since they had been there. since working there. so they take responsibility and can she confirm that my constituent will get the support that she deserves. thank you to the honorable lady. to deal with the fresh cases. and provide health and support to the individuals. what i think is it important
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for the individuals concerned. we won the government body. i believe that they will have the industry concern. in the home secretary will make sure the necessary tea party is made. will the prime minister visit my constituency to open this new integration center. and good quality apprenticeship to the future. for their strong and enjoyed commitment to the uk. they are very interesting. with the commitment. can i also say absolutely right. that we think and congratulate them and when i went to the
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air show i was very pleased to actually meet with them. to look and talk about some of their latest products. the fear industry told me with the exception of the labour party he refused to attend that thousands of jobs are put at risk by the british government. this is the case that she is prepared to dole out the manufacturing workers in order to appease the brexit extremists in her own party. nothing could be further from the case. but what we are put forward in the plan is the plan that delivers on the results of the referendum.
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and insurers that we take control of our money and our borders. in a way that protects jobs. they protect the jobs and the library -- livelihood across the industry. and the strategies about ensuring that we have a healthy manufacturing industry in this country but they provide that for the future. and the skills of people for the future. the prime minister would be aware not only my feelings but pretty much everybody there. as the prime minister can i ask her what she personally is doing. and how she's personally investing of herself in this process. to bring to the end. something the vast majority of her property completely leaves. this is an issue i'm well aware of.
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the degree of concern. to the heroism and bravery of the soldiers and police officers who upheld the rule of law. that is something that is always set them apart from the terrorist who during the troubles were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of members. as i made clear. the current system is flawed is not working. it's not working soldiers. it includes many soldiers and police officers as well. so while another a number of those. they're under investigation. under the current mechanism. a disproportionate focus on that. we want to ensure that all of our standing deaths are
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investigated are fair and balanced and proportionate. i think thank you mister speaker. since the treatment families affected including that. have been left heartbroken. they meet with me. to discuss progress. so that they can access those things as soon as possible. very happy to look at the specific issue that they had raised. i ensure that the ministers look into that. and have a meeting to discuss the details on that.
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you can also go to and find video of past ministers questions and other british public affairs posters. >> washington post reporter bob woodward is our washington journal guest monday at 7:00 a.m. eastern, talking about his new book, "fear: trump in the white house." and former independent counsel ken starr joins us to discuss his book, "contempt: a memoir of the clinton investigation." watch on c-span's washington journal. >> monday night on the communicators, a discussion with u.s. telecom president jonathan smolder on developing 5g and the expansion of broadband throughout the u.s. he's interviewed by augie breland, tech and telecom
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reporter for the hill. >> broadband providers are ready, willing, and able to work with any legislator whether they are democrat or republican to invest in policies that will guide the development and future of our internet. the fact is, whether we like it or not, the one who zeros are transit of the broadband record are neither red or blue. we need to have nonpartisan approach when it comes to shaping the kind of rules of the road that will animate the next generations of how and where we want the internet to actually develop. >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. american history tv is in primetime next week on c-span3. starting monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, a discussion of the role on black features in the --
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teachers in the south that fought against segregation. tuesday, a symposium on the concept of liberty, exploring how the ideas of freedom, law, and liberty have changed throughout history. wednesday on oral histories, our women in congress series continues with lynn will be and nancy johnson. historians look at the will of espionage in conflicts over the past century and a half. and on friday on railamerica, the world war ii film series "why we fight" about the outbreak of world war ii to pearl harbor and the rise of authoritarianism. watch american history tv in primetime on c-span3. >> on thursday, the congressional hispanic caucus institute held a leadership caucus in washington.


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