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tv   President Trump Visits North Carolina After Hurricane Florence  CSPAN  September 19, 2018 2:17pm-2:56pm EDT

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reel america the world war ii series on why we fight, but the alpaca world war ii, pearl ofbor, and the rise authoritarianism in italy, germany, and japan. watch american history tv on prime time on c-span3. c-span, where history unfold daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. president trump traveled to north carolina to meet with federal state and local officials about hurricane
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florence recovery efforts, he landed at marine corps station cherry point he answered questions and held a briefing pledging continued support for families affected by the hurricane. this is just over half an hour. >> thank you very much we appreciated. the job you done has been incredible. they have been talking about it all over the world and we want to continue talking about it. because the hard work is now. we have gone through dangerous work but some of the hard work is taking place now, even though it is beautiful and sunny. i want to thank you governor, you've done a fantastic job. in speaking to the governor, some of the flooding is actually epic. hard to believe. and we have seen all of the pictures where houses are literally covered beyond the
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roof. you don't know there is a house there. the water is starting to go down, finally. i want to thank heaven or cooper , -- governor cooper. i want to express gratitude to the lieutenant governor and the state and local leaders who have been incredible throughout the response and recovery. there has been a lot of talent, a lot of work and a lot of talent. without the talent it doesn't work. you have a combination of hard work and great ability. we are also joined by secretary nielsen, administrator mcmahon, director mulvaney, and fema administrator long. i want to thank you. the planning that went into this is beyond belief. .o i just want to thank you it's really something special.
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i also want to thank some friends of mine and talented people who love it the state in all of our states. that is richard, thank you. you have great representatives. senator thom tillis, thank you. where is he? thank you. lindsey graham? look at him. do you want to pull up a chair? what happened here? [applause] [laughter] chair., plop a -- pull up a chair. but he has been great. i feel pretty guilty. come over here. , and wee been fantastic have had a lot of help from congress.
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we are ready and they are ready to do what we have to do to make this perfect. and that means that the money will be a lot, but it will come as fast as you need it. we will take care of everybody. hurricane florence was one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the carolinas. one of the most powerful and devastating storms to ever hit our country, to the families who have lost loved ones, america grieves with you. -- and our hearts break for you. god bless you. we will never forget your loss and we will never leave your side. we are with you all the way. for those impacted by this terrible storm, our entire american family is with you, and ready to help. you will recover. most importantly we give thanks to the incredible first including sheriffs, police officers, firefighters,
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the cajun navy, they are all over the place. i put them up online and everybody loves them. everybody loves them. but they put themselves in harms way, and what they had done to save precious lives of our citizens has been nothing short of incredible. nearly 3000 federal and military theonnel are supporting response efforts, along with the southeast coast. including brave men and women of north carolina and the national guard. we are going to south carolina right after this, and they have been incredible. i know you have coordinated well with south carolina governor, that has been a great partnership. together with state and local first responders, they have assisted and rescued more than 3000 people. we want to thank you and i will say i have been watching the coast guard with all of the
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helicopters lifting people up. it's an incredible job, we appreciated. thank you very much. more than 16 meals have been delivered to north carolina -- 1.6 mealsion me -- have been delivered. crews have restored power to over 1.2 million customers already in north and south carolina. and the power starting to go on as soon as the water goes down. they are meeting the demand very well and i want to thank the power companies, and the federal workers. the we must also thank the power companies because they have been responsive. as soon as the water goes down for the most part, people have power. in moments of despair we witness the true character of the american people. so true. citizens across our country theied together to rescue
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stranded, to protect the innocent, and restore hope to families who have experienced tremendous and unbearable loss. i want to thank all of the people here today. a very special group of people. we loveented, and working with you. it's an honor to work with you. we have done a real job and we will continue to do that, because another phase is coming in now and we will meet this phase like we met phase one. so governor, i want to thank you very much. i appreciate it. and whatever we have to do what the federal level, we will be there. -- secretary nielsen >> [indiscernible]
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we are all working together and under your leadership, we greatly appreciate your leadership and partnership. i would like to ask the minister to give us an update. >> mr. president, as you know, disaster response like this takes all of us functioning together. wells come together very so far. it takes all of us from neighbor helping neighbor to people in the federal government helping everyone overcome with a been through. i have been on the ground yesterday and will be on the ground through tomorrow, to make sure that we are doing everything we can. the event is not over. the rivers are still cresting and we have a lot of work to do when it comes to life-saving missions. but we are simultaneously working on making sure that we have stabilized all the critical
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lifelines in regards to the infrastructure. we have to get the roads open and get the power crews into the isolated and flooded areas. we also have to a big focus on hazardous materials and helping those with medical capabilities getting back up and running. that is mostings important is that we are arty fields forward into the and shelters, we need people to femater with 1-800 61 - fema. whenb is made easier others do their part, and at the state level we have some very strong and capable partners. thank you. governor coming you said so well yesterday, [indiscernible]
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thank you mr. president for coming to north carolina as our rescue and recovery continues. our rivers are still cresting, and there is still danger for some people. we are hoping they can get evacuated, and that first responders continue to make sure people are brought to safety. our state took a gut punch. and our people are still reeling. officially, sos far. more are under investigation. we mourn their loss. we have a farmers of lost significantly their crops. a lot of businesses are down. and of course, people have lost their homes. we have about 10,000 people right now in shelters.
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i talked to one the other day, off of anrescue apartment in downtown wilmington. i will say this, all the way from firefighters in wilmington two-state responders, our national -- to state responders, the national guard, and the coast guard. there have been first responders who have saved lives. we are beginning the process of getting our feet under us. supplies, hot meals to people. we are beginning to clear roads, though we have a number of them continuing to be closed, including 95 and interstate 40. you can imagine what that does. we have a lot of power that has been restored, but there are thousands of people still waiting to get their power back.
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this state has a great economy, a great education. beacon in the south and we have weathered storms before in our state. but mr. president, we have never seen one like this. , it has has been epic been disastrous, and it has been widespread. a storm like no other. we are beginning the process and ourr federal help county people. we would like to thank our local responders and all of the help they has given to deal with people there on the ground. we are starting to figure out how to get back. we will do it in a smart and strong way. i've been grateful for secretary
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admiral, theor the coast guard, for helping to rescue people. mr. president, brock long, eddie great emergency director in mike sprayberry. general of the national guard has been doing an excellent job. our jointx goes with military exercise, we are grateful to the members of the u.s. military who have stepped through this us process. inhave got a long road ahead the days, months, and even years sure we build back where we need to be in north carolina.
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you are here, and i am asking , everyr, for your help step of the way. federale of these agencies is going to help us cut red tape and make sure we can be smart about this rebuilding process. we still understand a lot of people have immediate needs that will be critically important over the next few days and weeks, but long-term, i know the resilience of north carolinians. i know we can come back stronger than ever. thank you for coming and listening. pres. trump: thank you, roy. we will be there 100%. and all of the folks from the federal government are around the table. they are confirming it. we started early, and we will be here late. we want to thank you and all of your people. thank you. i would maybe ask richard burr to say a few words.
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a great senator, he's done an incredible job. then we are going to ask tom tillis. these are two people who love this state and the country. >> i'm going to say exactly what i said to you on the plane. i've been doing disasters in north carolina as an elected representative for now 25 years. i've never seen the preparation, coordination, and collaboration between federal, state and local government like a scene prior to this. if we do half as good in the response as we did in the preparation, then north carolinians are going to be in good hands. the challenge is, quite frankly, going to be this. we are faced with things in this event we haven't been faced with before. the ability to have the coast guard and dod assets in this state, upfront, before the event, has enabled those at a
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local, state and federal level to adjust what plans we might have had in place and deliver water and food and essentials in a way that we can get to any community in the state. without that level of collaboration, we would have people that are in serious , serious problems, much worse than today. i am grateful for the federal component, but i am as grateful to the governor for the witty -- for the way the state emergency management folks and first responders have been, volunteers and the communities, aiding their neighbors. thank you, mr. president. pres. trump: thank you very much. tom? sen. tillis: very briefly, i would like to echo everything senator burr said. we are now moving toward the next step, getting the initial funding for recovery. we've made a request and will be moving forward with trying to for someoney in place of the initial recovery. thank you, governor, for being
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so prompt in getting the initial need. we would like to thank all the volunteers as well, the red cross and everyone else that has come together. congressman rouser, everyone in the counties that were affected, he's been on the ground the entire time. this is when north carolina and america is at its best, when we are all coming together and working for the people in north and south carolina. mr. president, thank you for your leadership. pres. trump: thank you, and for your leadership. as tom and richard said, we are getting all teed up for a lot of money to come to the area. you're going to need it. we have it, and we will be supplying it. there will be nothing left undone. you will have everything you need. it is going to be probably a rough two weeks. people don't realize how very difficult phase is beginning today with the beautiful sunshine.
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your representatives and a -- and your congressmen are working very hard. thank you very much. appreciate it. great job. does anybody have anything to say? any of our folks? administrator mcmahon, would you say something, please? >> thank you very much, mr. president. i am a north carolina girl. i was born and reared in new bern. i feel like i've come home. . am the administrator of sba where sba comes in is not on the front side, but we are immediately right there -- in fact, we are already staged in east carolina to deploy to get people's businesses back up and running, to get them back in their homes. this is the time sba actually makes the loans and not just guarantees the loans.
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so please go to and it , will take you to the right place. we've already approved some 10 applications already for loans and mortgages for businesses. so go online and start getting applications in, so we can help our communities and homeowners and even renters who have lost personal property in the storm get back on their feet. thank you. pres. trump: thank you, linda, very much. any other statements. congressman? >> first of all, thank you for being here. you have a great heart for the american people that's one of . the things i like most about you, and it means a lot for you to be here at this particular time. we have a lot of folks that are really hurting. i have a couple of points i want to make. before i forget, i want to thank brock long and his team. they are doing incredible work. everyone around this table is doing a lot of collaborative, great work together.
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your admiral here at the coast guard, i walked in the other day and saw doctors and nurses that were stranded, trying to find a way back to the medical center. this guy here helped us get it clear to get them on that c130 and take them to the airport. i don't think i've ever seen a ceo of a hospital that was happier than our ceo at new hanover regional the other day. your team is doing an incredible job. a few things i want to miss an -- a few things i want to mention. housing is so important, as you know. infrastructure is important. really looking forward to working with you as we rebuild our infrastructure, not just here, post-storm, but we've got to do a lot of pre-mitigation work for the next storm. these storms aren't going to end. they are going to keep coming.
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the more we can prepare him of the more we can clean out these eight of my nine counties are almost completely underwater they are all major disaster , areas. rebuilding this infrastructure is going to be critically important. housing is number one. agriculture in my district, huge component of this state. $87 billion industry. i see steve troxler in the audience, our commissioner of agriculture. we've got to have more than just a new farm bill. we've got to have the new disaster package for agriculture as well. our beach communities and waterways are a key component of infrastructure, vital to tourism in my district, as you know. of course, i know you are quite familiar with wrightsville beach and all these counties that are going to need a tremendous amount of help. i just thank you and appreciate you being here, and appreciate
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all of the work of your entire team. president, i represent 220,000 citizens of new hanover county. i want to thank you for coming here. i would like to echo the comments that were very ably made by david and the others around the table about what's been done. i also want to share with you the hope and optimism that our people have about the economy you've created, the people you've put back to work, because all of these next two or three or four phases of recovery are better because of the preparation and the economy you have created, and we appreciate it. i've been out in our community since before this storm began, and every day since. folks are cutting trees, putting power lines up, feeding their neighbors, loving each other, caring for each other, and he -- and they have incredible hope
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and optimism for the future. it tells me something that you brought the administrator of the small business association here today, that your thinking about the future too. i own a small business, and they are the lifeblood of our economy and new hanover county. we thank you for being here and for your leadership. pres. trump: that is really nice. i appreciate it very much. the economy is fortunately doing very well. i would say maybe the best economy our country has ever had. so, that is important. we want to get everybody back to work, because this area has been very badly damaged. but we will get it up and working again very quickly. i have no doubt about it. anybody else? yes. >> mr. president, i am jerry jones, mayor of morehead city. on behalf of a grateful community, not just morehead him i'm talking about coastal north carolina. your presence here today means a whole lot to us. it means we are not left stranded alone on this island.
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the federal government is here helping us, along with the state government and many local governments. being the mayor of a small town and having boots on the ground, with mythe food lines constituents, and not just my constituents, but people from outside the county, just building up something you said earlier about community pride in spirit. the community spirit from what i've witnessed is as high as it's ever been. and what i've learned also is that communities aren't just in neighborhoods and towns and states. i'm talking about a national community. people from all over the nation have come to assist us. and just on my way up here, i had three phone calls from people in my state who wanted to bring provisions to carter county. and when i walk through the people, and i have
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to say this is my first experience. i've never stood in line before to get a treat of water or food. anyway. the people, when i asked my question to them, is, how are you? are you safe? they say we are safe. however, my neighbor, they lost everything they had. my house is underwater. my response to them always is yes, but at least we are here today talking about it. they always just give praise to god when that is mentioned. i know we will get through this together. it is baby steps, as we all mentioned. although it happened overnight, the rebuilding is not going to be overnight. from the state and local and federal level, we will make it happen. again, just the presence of everybody around this table is going to be a whole lot to everybody affected with hurricane florence, so thank you. >> mr. president, i want to thank you and your team for coming down, governor cooper, senator tellis, senator burr, other representatives.
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i would especially like to thank the lieutenant governor. he came down the day after the , to the operations center. things are still dire. over half of our county is without power. we have obviously had the river and creeks flooding, storm surge flooding in most of the state. these people have been displaced, and we are going to need help with shelter. the big thing is public safety. we haven't had trash pickup since wednesday before the storm. for health reasons, we need to make sure we get all of your help. i know protocols and procedures, we've got manuals. i know the protocols and ut as i look around --
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hopefully we will have continued support to have boots on the ground and help the people in our county and surrounding counties. andank all of you guys appreciate what you are doing. >> mr. president, thank you so much for coming to north carolina. the story for duke energy is also a story of partnership. i am pleased to report we have restored 1.5 million citizens to power. we have 150,000 to go, and we will not leave until that power is restored. we have the opportunity to work with so many around the table that have made it possible, with the governor and his administration, the federal agencies, secretary nielsen, to -- not only the planning but the resources necessary to restore power on this scale. so we thank you for the
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leadership and partnership that made it possible. we are anxious to get 150,000 more citizens power back. pres. trump: how is that area doing? >> good, it's good. pres. trump: i love that area. i can't tell you why, but i love that area. it is really terrific. >> mr. president, secretary mattis give us very clear direction from the department of defense to assist in any way we can. governor cooper's team here was phenomenal in helping us understand what those needs would be, so hats off to governor cooper and the team here in north carolina. and also at fema, brock long was able to help us coordinate the federal response that was seamlessly tied in to the state and local efforts. and i would like to highlight, mr. president, that there are 28 different states that have contributed to the national guard for north carolina and south carolina. that just shows the strength of the national guard. pres. trump: thank you. good job. appreciate it. thank you very much.
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let's get back to work. thank you. [indiscernible] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [indistinct chatter]
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2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis which saw the collapse of the u.s. housing market and brought the country close to a second great depression.
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tonight at 9:00 eastern, what government officials were saying in september and october 2008, following a recent event with so of those same officials. henry paulson, treasury secretary under president bush. here's a preview. liquiditystanley's had been bleeding away. john mack was on the phone with me sunday night. i was in my hotel room. i got off the plane and flew , and johnshington mack was saying, i don't know how long we are going to live. the shorts are going to be all around us. up inound myself standing the white house press room, and i felt like, if i said, guess what? there's not a single power that the united states of america has
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that will save a disintegrating investment bank. we did not have the authority to do it. i think morgan stanley would have gone down immediately, and that was my judgment. best so, i tried to put as good a fake -- so, i tried to put as good a face on it as i possibly could. >> good afternoon, i hope you had an enjoyable weekend. as you know, we are working through a difficult part of our financial markets now as we work off some of our past excesses. but the american people can remain confident in the soundness and resilience of our financial system. commend the fcc and the fed for their work over the weekend, convening leaders from around the world to meet the current challenges and put measures in place to reduce market stresses. just a brief portion
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of our program marking the 10th anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis. you can see it tonight at 9:00 eastern on c-span. committee judiciary has postponed its scheduled vote of judge kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court. chuck grassley has called a hearing this coming monday to give judge kavanaugh and christine blasey ford, who has accused the judge of sexually assaulting her in high school, to testify. it is unclear if she will attend. her attorney is asking for an fbi investigation before she appears. coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern, and available on and available on the free radio app. american history tv is in prime time this week on c-span3. histories, our women in congress history starts
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wolfie and nancy johnson. the past century and a half, then friday on america -- eal rise of authoritarianism in germany, japan. prime time on c-span 3. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's television cable companies. we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington, d.c., and around the country, brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> now, the president of the
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european union with his annual state of the european union speech in strasburg, france, to lawmakers in the european parliament. he underscored the importance of a strong and united europe in the wake of brexit tensions and migration. >> mr. president. honorable members. good morning. sometimes, history moves discreetly. when we are talking about the work of a commission, which only has a five-year time to make


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