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  President Trump holds a Rally in Topeka Kansas  CSPAN  October 6, 2018 7:24pm-9:01pm EDT

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say the merrick garland -- we you take the same pledge? >> let's talk about 2016. i'm glad you brought it up. you would have to go back to 1888 -- >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we take you to kansas where president trump is set to start for his rally. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause] usa. usa. usa. [applause]
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president trump: hello, kansas, thank you very much. hello kansas, thank you. i am thrilled to be here with all of my friends on this truly historic night. this is a historic night. [applause] president trump: i stand before you today on the heels of a tremendous victory for our nation, our people, and our beloved constitution. [applause] just a fewrump:
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hours ago, the u.s. senate kavanaughjudge brett to the united states supreme court. [applause] president trump: i proudly 's commissiondge aboard air force one just before landing. at 7:00 monday night, p.m. in the east room of the white house, we will perform the swearing in ceremony for soon-to-be justice kavanaugh. great man. proudlyill sit
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alongside justice neil gorsuch . who is doing a great job. to uphold your sacred rights and defend your god-given freedom. [applause] thankent trump: i want to our incredible republican senators for refusing to back down in the face of the ameless campaign of political and personal destruction. moment brett kavanaugh was announced, and you remember this, we made an announcement. and right from the moment we announced, radical democrats disgracefuly campaign to resist, obstruct, delay, demolish, and destroy. right from the beginning.
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is a man ofugh great character and intellect. he is a totally brilliant scholar who has devoted his life to the law. he is a loving husband, a devoted father, and a faithful public servant and he always has been. [applause] hisident trump: what he and wonderful family and do or did dured at the hands of democrats is unthinkable. unthinkable. in their quest for power, the radical democrats have turned into an angry mob. you saw that today with the screaming and the shouting. not from the 200 people or less. those people, they couldn't fit
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in the front rows. look at what we have here tonight. [applause] president trump: they threw away and threw aside every notion of harness, of justice, of decency. and of due process. no one has seen anything like it. each of you will have a chance in just four weeks to render your verdict on the democrats' conduct at the ballot box. got to vote. got to vote. you will have the chance to stop the radical democrats, and that is what they have become, by electing a republican house and a republican senate. we will increase our majorities. we need more republicans.
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we need more republicans. over the past few weeks, every american has now seen the profound stakes in the upcoming election. you now see it. we have been energized. we have been energized. if democrats are willing to cause such distraction in the pursuit of power, just imagine the devastation they would cause if they ever obtained the power the so desperately want and crave. you are going to have other supreme court justices places to be filled. it could be three. you could even before. -- be four. it could be a lot.
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and if you allow the wrong people to get into office, things could change. they could change and they could change fast. we are not going to let that happen. we can't let that happen. it could go very quickly. it can change very fast. we can't let that happen. you don't hand matches to an arsonist. you don't give power to an angry left-wing mob and that is what they have become. [applause] president trump: the democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern. republicans believe in the rule law, not the rule of the mob.
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we are doing a hell of job of doing it. we are draining the swamp and we want to defeat the democrats. [applause] drain the swamp. drain the swamp. drain the swamp. president trump: under republican leadership, america is booming. america is thriving. america is winning because we are finally putting america first. we are putting america first. yesterday it was announced that unemployment has fallen to 3.7%.
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the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. lowest and 50 years. -- in 50 years. we have created nearly 600,000 three monthsast alone. think of that. 600,000. when ii ever said that was campaigning, the fake news made it would going say, and , impossible. they are fake. confidence is at an all-time high. confidence, very important, all-time high. [applause] president trump: and we have the best economy in the history of our country, the best. we are taking care of our veterans. protecting our great seniors.
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and rebuilding america's military might like it has not been built before. but if democrats take control, they will try to plunge our country into gridlock, poverty, and chaos and that is what is going to happen. it can change. the democrats one to significantly raise your taxes. want to significantly raise your taxes. essentially, they want to impose socialism. venezuela. dismantle law enforcement and illuminate our borders. iminate our borders. they want to have nice open borders. no way. the democrats have become the
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party of crime. they have become the party of crime. think of it. republicans are the party of law and order and justice. [applause] we really have: become even more so than ever before the party of opportunity and wealth. and that is what is happening. we are creating wealth for everybody. whether it is small businesses, big businesses, or people wanting great jobs. wages, right now, for the first time in 19 years, wages are going up people. jobs, you can choose the job you want for the first time. many years. so we are thrilled to be joined by a number of your state's terrific republican leaders. i have to tell you, i was not supposed to be here. this is such a big day. this is such a big day.
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i was supposed to call you. they said, do you mind calling kris kobach, and watkins, because of the fact that we are today getting this great, great talented, wonderful supreme can youdge, they said, call the people of kansas and tell them we will not be able to make it? i said, i don't have the courage to do it. i don't have the courage. i said, i don't have the courage. [applause] they called me, they said we are signing the next united states supreme court justice. a presidentthing can do, they have always said, is supreme court justice. and we have had two in less
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than two years. it is thedents -- biggest thing you can do. they said, do you mind canceling kansas? i said no way i am canceling kansas. no way. no way. i have that phone working. i have that signature going on that plane. and here we are. by the way, you think this crowd is big inside? you want to see the crowd ght to see the crowd outside. we just put up a big movie screens but i think this is better. this is better. i want to thank congressman roger marsh. has been a great friend.
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roger has been a great friend. a great friend also, ron estes. with the us so much tax cuts, with regulation cuts. with so many things we have passed that nobody thought would be possible. that would be possible. thank you both very much. where are they? where are they? thank you very much. thank you. fantastic. also, i want to thank somebody who has done a fantastic job. gop chair kelly arnold. [applause] president trump: great job. know why a great job? because we won the state by a lot, right?
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your what i just did for with the new deal with mexico and canada, i think should double it up. i think we should double it up. us mca. i refuse to call it not the -- was suchbecause nafta a horrible deal. 50,000 plans and factories and did out. -- emptied out. i said there is no way i am calling it noafta 2. usmca. and everybody is really happy. they are really happy. so congratulations. congratulations. we also signed a great new deal with south korea and the farmers
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are going to be benefiting there, too. we are working right now, they want to make a deal. i said you are not ready to make a deal yet. we are working on a deal with china. we will see. hitting us hard for a long time. we have never had a president that did anything about it. $500 billion a year, that is a big one, they take out. right now we are doing extremely well of china. and let's see what happens. maybe we will do it, and if we don't, we will be in a better position. thank a man of incredible integrity and class. your governor, jeff collier. jeff, where's jeff? [applause] jeff is a great
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guy. he's doing a really incredible job. i said, nothing personal, i just did not know you. because when i backed chris -- you have one hell of a governor. we have to talk about bringing him down to washington or something. great governor, great man. by kansaso joined attorney general eric schmidt. thank you. and president of the kansas gel.e senate, susan weg thank you. i am also proud our campaign manager, you know brad. where's brad? tall. like seven feet thank you, brad.
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our chief, you know him. our chief operating officer. do you know michael? he is fantastic. right from the beginning. thank you, michael. they all come from kansas. they all come from kansas. i guess that is how we win. you get from kansas, you win. amazing secretary of state, mike pompeo. [applause] president trump: he is doing a great job. over to north korea. this guy travels. you have that do that to be a
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good one. if you are home a lot, or not doing much of a good job -- you are not doing much of a good job. mike pompeo from kansas. great man. tonight isre with us your next lieutenant governor, wink hartman. thank you, wink. a man that has been with me from the beginning. and itough, he is strong, hated that he ran because i himd have loved to bring into my administration. i hope he loses because i want him so badly but don't do that. don't do that. i was angry when he did it. i said, don't do it. sir, i want to be the governor of kansas. i love my people. i said, go for it. i was very unhappy. i was very, very unhappy.
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i said, go do it. he has been winning and doing an incredible job. he left the state. -- loves this state. i want to introduce the next governor of kansas, kris kobach. [applause] >> let me just say on the half of kansas, president trump, welcome to trump country. [applause] such an honor and a
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blessing to have president trump here in the city where i grew up to support my campaign in the state we all love. and i want to give president trump credit for something really important. something we have worked together on. a number ofed on things but the most important is stopping illegal immigration. [applause] >> i am so glad america has a president who gets it and knows that illegal means illegal.
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quick,to tell you a short story about illegal immigration. i began working on this issue when i was an advisor to john ashcroft. i was there during 9/11. all 19 hijackers came into this country legally on temporary visas. five of them became illegal, mostly by overstaying their visas. four of those five were stopped by state and local law enforcement for speeding violations. they were illegally in the country at the time, but the cops did not know it so they did not make an arrest, even if they could have if they'd had that information at their fingertips. legalof those four a aliens they could have arrested were pilots -- illegal aliens they could have arrested were
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pilots. they could have stopped 9/11 cover the gravity of that has shaped me. president trump will not allow our immigration system to be used as a weapon to harm the american people. [applause] >> stopping illegal aliens is not just about jobs, it i not just about crime. it is about our nation's security and that comes first. illegal immigration is an issue in this campaign for governor. did you know my opponent, laura kelly, voted to continue allowing century cities in kansas? she did. look it up. when i am governor, god willing, end iny cities welill
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this state. laura kelly -- sanctuary cities will and in this state. also voted for illegal immigrants to continue getting welfare benefits. while we are struggling to pay our bills, we are getting taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens. it is time to stop illegal aliens from getting taxpayer dollars. it is time to put kansans first, not illegal aliens. >> usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. issuere is another big
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that president trump and i have both been confirmed about, -- concerned about, voter fraud. i drafted the laws and the legislature passed, kansas has the most secure voter registration laws in america. photo id creates trust in our elections. if you need a photo id to cash a check or by the kind of sudafed that works, you probably ought to need one to go cast a vote in an election. proof of citizenship, too. proof of citizenship. votes, it an alien cancels out the vote of the u.s. citizen. and theirats socialist friends, they claim they care about photo cancellation or voter suppression.
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they don't care about u.s. citizens votes being canceled out. it is time for other states to require proof of citizenship, too, just like kansas. [applause] one more topic, taxes. thanks to president trump, our federal tax burden is much lower. but in kansas, our state taxes are the highest in the region. it is time to cut our state taxes here in kansas. when i am governor, the first bill i want to sign is one that passes along the trump tax windfall to the people of kansas, $137 million.
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that, you have being taxed kansans out of their homes because of property appraisal tax increases. when i am governor, we will put a 2% cap on property tax appraisal increases. to put it simply, i want to do for kansas what president trump has done for america. >> kobach. kobach. kobach. >> we have a big election, a big election ahead of us for
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november 6. tonight, president trump is here calling on us to get out and vote. calling on us to stand up. the time is now to stand up for the proven principles and constitutional rights that have made this country great and made this country strong. [applause] >> the time is now that we must reject the political correctness that the progressives and the left are constantly putting on us. and stand up for the time-tested values of hard work, faith in god, and the united states constitution. thank you, president trump, for making america great again.
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and now we are going to make kansas great again. thank you. me, i tellhe did for you. he is going to be a great governor. he will do the job for you. he will be a great, great governor. he is a tireless champion for border security. he will fight for you every single day. he does not stop. he will protect your family. he will protect your children. his far left opponent is laura kelly. voted to raise your taxes. giving public
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benefits to the illegal aliens that pour in. f -- i had earned an never even heard of an f -- an f rating from the nra. i assume that means she is not too big on the second amendment. is that what that means? everyone get out and vote for my friend kris kobach on election day, please. introduce want to another terrific republican candidate, your next congressman. get out and vote. i need him in washington. steve watkins. steve is a great veteran. he is a patriot. and the proud west point graduate. that means he is very smart.
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steve, come on up. [applause] >> hey. kansans can do anything. [applause] >> i am proof of that. i grew up a couple miles away and here i am standing next to the leader of the free world. [applause] not just any leader, a truly great one. when i left kansas, i left. i spent eight years in war
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zones. eight years with my boots in the sand of iraq and afghanistan. eight years. [applause] all in all that time, that time, i really just learned a couple of things. i know for sure i have seen the devil. i have also seen fighters. donald trump is a fighter. [applause] >> he fights for america first. he fights to keep our borders secure. he fights for jobs. he fights for those at or approaching retirement. he is a fighter and we are so loud to have him here in kansas -- honored to have him here in kansas. he moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem.
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yes. [applause] he likes of pointing pro-constitution judges to the benches. [applause] >> in he is tough on china, iran, and north korea. two other things, gorsuch and kavanaugh. kansas, you know, might be a little partial. just think how much more he thank you, mr. president.
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thank you for all that you do for kansas and for america and for this world. so glad you are here. thank you, sir. [applause] president trump: good man. a good man. a vote for steve is a vote for me and our agenda to make america great again. you know that agenda. a lot of hats. a vote for steve's opponent, his name is, paul davis -- [crowd booing] president trump: he is not good. it is a vote for the radical agenda of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. and a legendary maxine waters. [crowd booing] president trump: here in kansas,
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his opponent, paul davis, voted time and time to raise your taxes and to give public benefits to illegal aliens. stop nancy pelosi from becoming speaker of the house? nancy -- no as a pelosi, you vote fort out and steve watkins leaf. -- d. watkins, please. in of democrats have already sponsored a socialist takeover of health care. the democrats plan would eviscerate medicare and eliminate medicare advantages for 20 million seniors. [crowd booing] president trump: we want to protect medicare and we will as republicans protect medicare for our great seniors, who have earned it and paid for it.
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protectill always americans with pre-existing conditions. we will take care of our great americans with pre-existing conditions. today's democrats have embraced radical socialism and open borders. if you don't have borders, you don't have a country, folks. you don't have a country. every single democrat in the u.s. senate has signed up for the open borders. and i say, bill, it is called, the open borders bill. what is going on? it is written by, guess who, dianne feinstein. [crowd booing] president trump: remember the leaking senator: the leaking dianne feinstein. ?f you leak, did you leak
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did you leak, diane? no. no. no, no. i didn't. i don't think area weight. did we -- i don't think. . then we? was in that the worst body language or have ever seen? no come i did not least, i did not leak. that is what you are dealing with. democrats bill ever becomes law, a tidal wave of drugs and crime would pour into our nation like never, ever before. democrats also support deadly sanctuary cities that release violent predators and killers like ms 13 into our communities. [crowd booing] republicansump: believe our country should be a
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sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. [cheers and applause] president trump: and republicans stand proudly with the brave men and women of i.c.e. border patrol and law enforcement. they want to defund i.c.e., can you believe it? you know how tough they are? ms 13 sees i.c.e. coming, they say, let's get out of here. but they can't, they get caught and they get thrown the hell out of the country. they can't. they don't like us. the democrats want to get rid of us. these are great americans. by the way, i.c.e., great americans. the happen to be tossed people, but i think we need tough people -- they happen to bea
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tough people, but i think we need tough people. they go into a committee, i grew that community. they go into these communities, rough, rough people, ms 13. how they even come mean, and we stopped them at the border, but there are so many people here from before others. our laws are so bad and we are getting them changed and tough, that is why we need more republicans. i.c.e. and, we send they get in there and they get him out and it is likely are liberating town. in this day and age. , a foreigna war invader, a foreign invader finally being taken out. are liberating a country or a city or a town. these people are liberating , and you know the
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story, you have heard it. they cut people up because they don't want to use bullets. it is too fast and not painful enough. then when i called them "animals," nancy pelosi said come how dare you speak of them in this way? this woman set it to me. she screamed out the word, animal. how dare you call them -- they are human beings. they are not. animals, we need law enforcement, we need i.c.e. and we need border patrol. these are great people. [cheers and applause] and if your committee has a problem, don't worry about it. just give us a call, we will take care of it. democrats are also fighting to give health care to illegal aliens, paid for by you, the american taxpayer. thank you very much.
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republicans believe the public benefits must be protected for the truly needy americans. americans of the need help, not illegal -- americans of that need help, not illegal aliens. if you want safety, if you want a border, if he went america to remain a sovereign, great mustry then you organize, register and vote republican. we need more republican votes. safetyection is about and it is also about prosperity. since the election, we have created over 4.2 million new jobs and listed almost 4 million --ricans off foodstamps.
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we have added nearly 1.5 million manufacturing. think about. if i ever said that during the --paign -- look how many man, you are getting more and more people back there. look how many reporters. look. [crowd booing] president trump: wow, that is a lot. wow. wow. do you know what i call it? i call it the academy awards. that is the academy awards. you know, we are doing great. our new polls just came out. i had a poll, rest neeson, 51 or , 51% orasmussen poll 52%. but they don't report that. when they don't want to talk about it, that means they are voting for trump. i've said, i don't know, i'm i supposed to be thrilled? but we'll take it. that is what happened in 2016.
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a lot of people do not want to talk about it. in the polls said, ok -- now they learned. when they don't talk, there are trump voters. all action. no talk. african-american unemployment in reached its lowest level recorded history. [raucous applause] african-american poverty has reached its lowest rate ever recorded. way, can youy the imagine doing that debate if i had those stats, the best unemployment number ever for african-americans? -- best interms of terms of poverty ever in the history of african-americans? how do you win?
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it has happened. for 100 years, african-americans have gone with democrats. but now, they are changing and there are changing fast. the are coming with us. [cheers and applause] president trump: thank you, kanye west. thank you, jim brown iliad big jim brown. -- thank you jim brown. thank you i'm a big jim brown. iron mike. big jim brown, we could use him right now and the -- in the nfl. asianic americans and americans, likewise, unemployment rates for them have also reached all-time historic lows. the lowest. unemployment just fell to 3.6%. the lowest rate in 65 years. now there as of right
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world's number one producer of crude oil and natural gas, energy. . #1. #1. and since i took office, the mutual andricans' pension funds has increased by $2.7 trillion. that is your money. that is your money. 401(k)s, you all look like a bunch of geniuses, thank you donald, very much. you are all great investors, right? you are all great investors, that is ok. we picked up -- i would say 10, i was saying seven, we picked up now, 11.7 -- larry kudlow said it to me the other day. he said, you are a little little on that number.
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i was using 10. the number is now $11.7 trillion in worth. do you know what that is? [raucous applause] and chennai was catching as rapidly, before i became president, and right now, we are going so fast, we are the fastest developing country in he world, can you believe it? fastest in the world. [chanting "u.s.a."] [chanting "u.s.a."] president trump: that is why i say, we have a midterm election coming up. historically, whoever is resident -- i don't know why this works, i guess people get complacent, i guess we just won
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the presidency, no two years later, they get complacent -- then we always win the next one, which is, as you know, the presidential election. so far, i am dreaming of those candidates. i see those candidates before my eyes every night before i go to sleep. sometimes, well i am sleeping. i love them so much. [laughing] cory booker. [crowd booing] pocahontas, pocahontas. [crowd booing] i have got more indian blood in me than pocahontas and i have none. i mean, sadly, i have none. but i have more than she has. her, why do you say you are of indian heritage? well my mother to me i have high cheekbones, that is the answer. do you have any documentation? no, i don't. while i have high cheekbones
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too. hey, maybe i am an indian, and i will do very well. i want to be careful. i am taking out so many of these people. i am hitting them so hard that they are disappearing. i don't want to do that because i may get somebody that is actually good to run against me, and that would not be good. i will take out all the easy ones and maybe i will get stuck with somebody that is actually good. but i don't see any on that side. well, sleepy joe biden who ran for president two or three times -- you know they say, i think i remember a third time in their .- he had 1% less then obama took him off the trashy. what he is one of the people.
8:15 pm
.- took him off the trash heap well he is one of the people. remember he challenged me to a fight? i would like that. that would not last long. that wouldn't last long area [cheers and applause] it would go like this. he is down and he will never get up. he will never get up. he'll never get up. i have to leave their candidates alone. somebody actually said, you are hitting these candidates really hard. here is a noncandidate. [;:::] anang that is blumenthal iliad he said, when i was fighting in i made a second
8:16 pm
attempt. and bullets are going left and right and all of them are shouldered and they are hitting my men. and i used to think, wow, this guys are pretty brave guy for real then i found out, he was a fraud. he never was in vietnam. campaigning,d because there was no way he could win. no way. ,nd because it is connecticut where, i guess, only a democrat -- can you believe this? that is what connecticut is such generalight now -- electric just moved out. that doesn't help. k.t, danang dic then i see him yesterday talking about a man who was #1 at yale. a perfect man. one of the reasons i picked him
8:17 pm
was because he was a good person. dick, who said he was a great war hero and never saw the country, this wasn't like saying, hey, i was in the army -- this was the guy who said he was charging up danacg province. he is up that hill and he is taking bullets left and right and he never saw the place. he was in the reserves though, remember that. and he said, i demand honesty! exact words. "i demand honesty, integrity and " -- but there was no lying. and i said, wait a minute, isn't that a guy that lied about -- in the history of our country, if you look at it, he lied. and this is one of the people. then you have feinstein and all the others. you don't want those people in office, folks.
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you have to have great republicans. compare that with what you have , who askedohn cornyn about great question to diane and got her a little off base, john cornyn of texas, and a lindsey graham, who did such a great job. [cheers and applause] right? did a great job. how good was lindsey graham? how good was lindsay? and you know what? he was speaking from the heart. he was speaking. by the way, it took a week, but that extra week was a great thing because it showed no corroboration, no nothing. by the way, no nothing. how good was senator susan collins yesterday, really? really? great.
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and chuck grassley? i will tell you what, chuck was great. he has got to be very happy with what we did on trade, right? chuck from iowa, a great state. and mitch mcconnell. how good? he was tough and smart. he was great and worked hard and we got ourselves the finest legal mind, one of the finest human beings and again, what his family took, the horror that ure by theseend people like blumenthal and cory booker who was a disaster as a mayor of new york, new jersey. [crowd booing] president trump: what they had to take was a disgrace. the only reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning.
8:20 pm
tired of winning. we want to win, win, win. we will never get tired of it. after years of rebuilding other nations we are finally rebuilding our nation, you see what is happening. left the united nations last week and i can tell you, and everybody else can tell you and even the fake news can tell you, america is respected again. [cheers and applause] president trump: we created more jobs and rising wages -- to create more jobs and rising wages, republicans passed the in history thus far. we also passed veterans choice, 44 years, giving our veterans
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the right to see a private doctor, and we pay for it. so they don't have to wait in days, 1425 days, 38 days, six days. they go out and they see a private doctor, they get themselves a good doctor and be pay the bills. simple, but ito took 44 years to get it done and we got it done. i am good at getting things done. i am am good at getting things done. we also passed, this is 45 years, of the v.a. a, but only -- the v.a. accountability law, to make sure that anyone who mistreats our veterans will be held accountable. you are fired, get out. and we have secured a record $700 billion and the next year, evan hundred $16 billion -- $716
8:22 pm
billion to rebuild our military and to give our great warriors and largest pay raise in almost a decade. "u.s.a."] and are my direction the pentagon -- under my direction the pentagon is now working to create the sixth branch of the american armed forces, the space force. a very serious thing. that is happening quickly. it is very serious. you have to know where it is at. you have to know where it's at. it doesn't sound right, that that is where it's at.
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i withdrew america from the horrible, one-sided iran nuclear deal. [cheers and applause] know,ent trump: you before i became president i looked at what was happening with iran. you were taking over the middle east, syria, yemen, they were taking everything. now, they just want to make it area they have riots in every city. since i took over that operation, that horrible, horrible deal -- think of it, the previous administration gave billion -- [crowd -- president trump: and even crazier, they give them $1.8 billion in cash. cash. airplanes full of cash or we had in fact, i got in and i said
8:24 pm
does the president of the united states actually have the power to give away $1.8 billion in cash? you know what the answer is? it is actually, no. they don't. what they did was a disgrace. they give them $1.8 billion in order to have a horrible deal. they pay that for hostages, can you imagine. and we got our hostages back from north korea. [cheers and applause] nothing. zero. and we have a good relationship. and you know -- and who knows what happens? i think good things are happen. , nuclearocket testing testing, missile testing. we got the remains of our great, great heroes from 75 years ago back and they keep coming back. and we got our hostages
8:25 pm
back. good things are happening over there. , justow what i always say before we signed the deal with canada and mexico, a great deal, i said, who knows? off --s on the pressure who knows. with north korea, who knows, but i think we are doing very well, ok? the fake news says, why aren't you going faster? i said, listen, i just got back three months ago. i was there with kim jong-un three months ago. chairman came. -- chairmanirman kim. i said, this has only been three months. and one of the anchors says, why has the president given away so much? i said, what have i given? i have given nothing. we got our hostages back for
8:26 pm
nothing, out of respect. we got our remains back. we got the testing stopped, including the nuclear testing. i said, tell me, what have we given? agreed to oh. that doesn't cost me so much. i like to meet. i like to meet. what the hell do we lose by meeting? i asked the previous administration -- that is what i give away, i agreed to meet. can you believe it, these people are's eric? -- these people are sick? can you imagine, instead of fake news? i agreed to meet, i am sorry i agreed to meet. and then they said, -- you know
8:27 pm
the rhetoric was extremely tough but couple of months. president obama said at my meeting with him, the biggest problem we have is north korea. they would have gone to war. millions of people would have been killed. i said to somebody in the administration, have you ever talked? have you ever liked sat down and talked? well, we have never done that. what we have now coming in, we will beat everybody, i tell the, it is a greatest power in the world. you know why i have that? because we don't want to use it. and when you have that, nobody is going to mess with us ok? nobody. i don't want to use it. greatest hour in the world. $716 billion. greatest power in the world. we are doing great. we have recognized the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem.
8:28 pm
story ihat is the other tell. it is a big one. it is a big, big story. you know why? because many, many presidents said they were all going to do it. and i see why. i don't blame them. ,very leader called me and said don't do it, please. you know the story. i refused to take their phone calls. i said, tell them i will call them back on wednesday. next week. tell them i will call them back on thursday. then i sent a deal and adeal, then i called him back and said, hi, how are you doing? they said, well, we wanted to talk to you about israel, but it is too late. and the embassy, which is going to cost over a billion dollars, we build it for about 400,000, right? you know that.
8:29 pm
[indiscernible] [applause] and we built it for less than the cost. so we saved a billion dollars. [cheers and applause] as your leaders apologized, but now, you have a president who is standing up for america. [cheers and applause]
8:30 pm
.e are standing up ,e are standing up for kansas we are standing for our great national anthem, right? [cheers and applause] i just told canada -- i just helped canada and the nfl make a deal that they were trying to make for years. canada was taking advantage of the nfl. not get it done. it is a lot of money, but compared to corn, crops, dairy, milk, cars, steel, everything else, but we got it taken care of and done right. it took me like the local minutes. i will get it done -- it took me like two minutes.
8:31 pm
they were calling me from the nfl to ask me to stop taunting for theut standing american flag and for our nation. he called me to thank me. he said, the previous administration could not get it done. you got it done, and we do not even know you were trying to do it. so now, they will have a lot more money to give to their players and their players will still hate me, but that is ok. just as long as they stand for our flag and our and them come i don't care how they feel about me -- our anthem, i don't care how they feel about me. you have to get your friends, your families, your neighbors, your coworkers and get out and vote republican. we need more people.
8:32 pm
go to them. the vote to bring kris kobach to theirvernor's motion -- own is mentioned and bring steve watkins to congress. although it for republicans is a vote for lower taxes, less regulation and more products made right here in the usa, finally area and finally. -- finally. finally. area we want them made here. we want them to respect our borders, our constitution and respect our heroes of law enforcement. that is what they are, they are our heroes a vote for applicants to reject the democratic politics of anger and division and distraction and reclaim americans true heritage and righteous destiny.
8:33 pm
we are losing that with these people there we had to everyone in this room tonight, that is a lot of all the much everyone watching across our land, this is your time to choose, a time to choose whether we turn back to the failure and frustration of the past, or whether we continue forward into a future of american greatness. it is not up to the media. it is not up to the party. it is up to you to decide your fate. happenedber this, what in 2016 and what is happening , -- more so, now, i believe i spoke to three people. when of them said, he made more
8:34 pm
promises any actually produced more than he made in promises. you have the power with your votes to defend your family, your community, your country and everything we hold sacred and righteous and true. loyal citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country, returning power to every day, great american patriots. the state of kansas was settled by strong, pioneer men and strong women who braved the wilderness to build a beautiful beautifule planes -- life on the plains.
8:35 pm
beautiful. . beautiful. strong women. . am sorry, fellas stronger than the men. ,hey didn't have a lot of money they didn't have a lot of luxury but they all had one thing in common. they loved their families, they loved their country and they love their god. [raucous applause] president trump: these shedgeous patriots did not their blood, sweat and tears so we could sit at home while others try to erase their legacy and destroy ou proud and great
8:36 pm
republican heritage -- destroy our great and american heritage. for the sake of our freedom and for the sake of our children we are going to work, fight and win, win, win. we will not bend, we will not rake, we will never give in, we will never give up, we will never back down , we will never surrender and we will always fight on to victory. [raucous applause] american and our .earts bleed red white and blue we are one people. one family and one glorious nation under god. and together, we will make america a wealthy again.
8:37 pm
we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. america greatke again. thank you, kansas. thank you. ♪ ♪
8:38 pm
♪ i saw her today at the ♪ eption ♪ glass of wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet her connection ♪
8:39 pm
at her feet was a footloose man♪ you can't always get what you want♪ you can't always get what you want♪ you can't always get what you want♪ ♪ if you try sometimes well you might find♪ you get what you need♪ ♪ ♪ and i went down to the demonstration ♪ ♪ to get my fair share of abuse ♪ >> a speech lasting little over one hour. president trump in kansas talking about several things, and at several times, highlighting the november
8:40 pm
elections, particularly in light of brett kavanaugh's confirmation to the supreme court which took place earlier today. your chance to talk about that confirmation. call the democrat line. thatepublican line and independent line. you can post your thoughts also ,n our twitter feed at @cspanwj and also on our facebook page. there was a story posted on the rally, highlighting the president words, saying "each of you will have a chance in just four weeks to render a verdict of the democrats conduct at the ballot box on november 6." again, that is a story from the hill. other stories coming in from this event as well, you can see the whole event on the span. also, all the events and the video we have taken connected to brett kavanaugh's confirmation.
8:41 pm
again, he was sworn in in two parts today. once the chief roberts and was by the retired anthony kennedy that took lisa the supreme court. the story on the feeds this evening saying that there will be a formal ceremony next monday that will take place. stay close to c-span for more on that. ,ori in santa maria california on the republican line. in your first. that evening, go ahead and .eyond speake >> in a sense against -- innocent until proven guilty prevailed. justice prevailed. thank you so much. >> hallen is in ohio, independent line. go ahead. >> i was shot to pieces when i found out that he had been confirmed to the supreme court. what is that telling the rest of that have been
8:42 pm
damaged when we were in our younger years? is it telling us that it is ok, just shrug it off ? he is guilty in my eyes. >> you thought it wasn't going to happen? >> absolutely not. no. >> what convinced you of that? >> the fbi did not do a thorough investigation, if they had, he he.dn't be there, would >> on the republican line, next up from seminole, florida. >> i am very surprised. lots of women are brainwashed by democrats. i came to this country 50 years ago from communist socialist country and i am proud to be american. i am proud to have this hours, andesident of i am proud of brett kavanaugh
8:43 pm
winning. thank you. >> again, the numbers are on your screen if you would like to give us a call. (202) 748-8001 four democrats, (202) 748-8002 for republicans and for all others, (202) 922.800 monday is a federal holiday and judge brett kavanaugh will go to court on tuesday and start the process of hearing cases are out in front of the supreme court. judy in indiana, go ahead. hi, i am a survivor of sexual abuse throughout my entire find it very,i discussed me --
8:44 pm
it discussed -- it disgusts me how democrats are writing on the coattails of survivors and using it as an excuse. dr.: what did you make of ford's testimony then, considering your experience? >> i agree that something may have happened, but there are ,imes when it could be wrong depending on your memory. i will be 60 years and i lived this throughout my entire childhood. right now, i currently am not ,peaking to my extended family cousins, and and uncles because they will not believe me. my mother and father did believe and now, they have passed away, so i have no proof.
8:45 pm
but i know what happened. timesalso know, there are at school and other places that i may not be able to pinpoint , but i knewthat was who it was at home. >> ok. that is judy in indiana. elizabeth, from alexandria, virginia. you are on. >> i was a democrat through this whole process then when this all happened, i became a republican. >> because of this specific experience? >> yes. >> explain how that happened. exposed and they ,ade victims of sexual assault they were very much exposed during this and take advantage of by the democrat party.
8:46 pm
it was a horrible situation. , you willng forward about republican straightforward, or will that depend on certain circumstances? >> it will depend on certain circumstances but i am beating that way. i thought the republicans handle the situation with a lot more acumen. they investigated things, they did everything they were told to do, they got the fbi investigation and everything that was asked. >> let us go to our independent line. george is in florida. george, go ahead. >> i was concerned from the get-go with regards to not having all the information from the time that he worked under president bush in the white house. i think that was as important to get that information in, and be well versed on that. with regards to the manner in
8:47 pm
which it was approached, when you are slinging mud, it will discolor everything in the picture, on the landscape. christine people, dr. blasey ford as well as judge , looking a bit out of sync to what their normal life has been, this can't be. , very clean,a very concise operation. to see this lean toward the left awaye right is just taking from the true meaning of the supreme court. about this.ncerned this may really damage our credibility throughout the country as well as throughout
8:48 pm
the world. justice kavanagh was sworn in earlier today after the senate voted earlier this afternoon in a 50-48 vote. one of the key people you probably saw as one of the process was senator susan collins. she will be on "face the nation" tomorrow morning, saying that her vote on judge kavanaugh was one of the hardest decision she ever made. also, other reporting saying that she will be part of an interview on 60 minutes tomorrow on cbs news. this is from virginia and missouri, republican line. caller: hello. yes. flabbergasted at reporting that the media does. years, everybody
8:49 pm
could depend on what they hard -- what they heard, read, saw, you had most side of the story. no, the only thing you get is what the "deep state" once you to get, and just bits and pieces. for example, that dr. ford was , did ito questions happen, did you like? other than the qualifying questions on her lie detector test. everybody is bragging about it. if we just had the truth and the newsuld depend on that they get, it is just a sad state of affairs that they lose -- they use media -- the news news. they just give fake they just write what they want to write and expect everybody to believe it. >> ok. mrs. harold in north carolina, democrats line.
8:50 pm
go ahead. caller: yes. yes. of all, hello? you will have to stop listening to the tv and just keep on with your conversation, please. caller: ok. i don't think it is right, first of all, with them saying that he is not guilty, because, first of all, you are guilty for what you have done. things people are doing and they think the fbi cannot investigate in a week. it takes time. what happens to everybody else with their allegations towards him? they done disappeared. they got rid of them. make yet do that. if youy the way, folks,
8:51 pm
are watching at home or online, if you would just might turning down your television so that the conversation can go smoothly. teresa in minnesota, republican line, your next up. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just went to say, today's a great day for the people that live the truth. when you live the truth it is easy to see who is speaking the truth. there is a black and there is no gray. when you live the truth, you do need the fake media to get out there and speak their mind. you know what, when you live the truth, you can see it. ost: what you mean by that? how does this apply it, specifically to brett kavanaugh's confirmation process? caller: because brett kavanaugh lives the truth. people that live the truth can
8:52 pm
see the light. when i look at other people, you look at different people and you can see darkness around their eyes and their face. there is a light around brett kavanaugh. miranda is next in a north carolina on the independent line. hi. caller: how are you doing. i did not like -- i am a that way the and republicans handle this case, they will pay the full price for the. people will come out and vote them out because the fbi did not investigate nothing. they did not look for the allegations. they didn't interview the correct people there. they should interview the steeple. but we will send a message to the republicans. we, the independents. we support ford.
8:53 pm
i am a survivor too. host: miranda is from north carolina, from the next couple of minutes, we are taking your phone calls. you can comment on the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. earlier today, photographs were brett kavanaugh being sworn in by chief justice roberts and anthony kennedy. a formal ceremony is set to take this on monday. he is expected to be at work on tuesday. you can also comment on the president's comments, not only about brett kavanaugh but how you apply that to the november elections. (202) 748-8001 for democrats, (202) 748-8002 for republicans and for all others, (202) 748-8922. from sacramento, california. hi. caller: i wanted to comment on the kavanaugh hearing and the confirmation. mynkly as an american,
8:54 pm
family has been here for a very long time, hundreds of years. been inem is, they have the military their whole life, and i am watching fox news television, they don't report the facts. beliefe complicit, in my , of brainwashing and dumbing down our society. the s.a.t. shows this administration has brought in. host: how does that specifically apply -- how does that specifically apply to the confirmation, please? i am sorry. to me, this man they are putting in will bring more dark money into politics, ok? this is going to change everything for the worse. for the middle class, and it definitely, for the poor. . this is dangerous. the health care.
8:55 pm
how we treat women, number one. it is an egregious. it is hard for me to watch, it is like this fake, giant, horrible play unfolding in front of america. i believe they are all complicit in taking down our democracy. los: now we have ruben in angeles, california on the democrats line. caller: yes, i just wanted to agree with the last caller. not only on the recent allegations against kavanaugh, , really, what he stands for as far as his views. he has made it very known that he is very political. even in his own, in the red that a lot of the republicans reside in, they will of thethe most, because health care, the women's health issues.
8:56 pm
host: what is it about the views he takes specifically the media -- that led you to make those conclusions? caller: i believe there were some records of him in previous issues, some health care where he sided with -- he sided against public health care. to carmen in clearwater, florida on the republican line. i am very proud to be a citizen of the united states for so many years. i am very proud of the result to for the cavanaugh supreme court -- to keep judge kavanaugh for the supreme court. one of the things that i think is the right thing that the
8:57 pm
people from congress did. it from the democrats. interviewed dr. cover best interview judge kavanaugh before and did not say anything. -- they interviewed judge kavanaugh before, the democrats did, and did not say anything. and i am very proud to be a citizen of this country. god bless this country. tot: a couple of resources point you to as we finish out this week, if you go to our website at, search our video library. it is there come out where you can see information and video about the confirmation hearings that took place the first time , then for judge kavanaugh the follow-up testimony he gave along with dr. christine blasey ford. you can find resources as far as
8:58 pm
statements the senators made leading up to today's vote. you can find more information also when you go to our twitter feed, people from c-span have statistics about senators, how many spoke, how many did not speak, how many hours were spent. you can find all of that information on our website and on our twitter feed. all the information about legislators. the debate started september 28 and continued on to today. on the information is available for you there. bruce from illinois, you're next. that evening. my name is lewis, i am calling on the independent line. i spent a lot of my life as a democrat and became independent. i feel like the confirmation -- as you allally know, it has really polarized the situation, but i think it
8:59 pm
has also shown a light on -- shined a light on some of the real problems that as a nation, we are facing on a deeper level. with sexual assault and me too and things like that. i wish this process could have been more about looking at brett kavanaugh's background. i wish more news time could have been spent discussing his real case record. that would've been a really healthy way to mitigate some of the battles and some of the .motion around it host: as far as this case law and everything else, you don't think that information came out during the several days of confirmation hearings he had? caller: to be honest, i think it was discussed to some extent, obviously, but of course, with such an extensive record, more time should have gone spent on that.
9:00 pm
i think it would have enabled people to understand it. and of course, when it comes to the allegations, that is one thing. but i think a lot of the polarization could have int: let's go to margie virginia on the republican line. caller: good morning, excuse me afternoon. pleasedo say i was very with the brett kavanaugh's confirmation. i did not think dr. ford was very credible. simply because she could not remember coming and going. that -- host: let's go to george on the independent line, michael go ahead. caller: