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tv   President Trump Holds a Rally in Richmond Kentucky  CSPAN  October 14, 2018 4:17pm-5:27pm EDT

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in a moderate voice. he wanted reform. is as mildhe system a criticism you can have, but that voice was not even tolerated. our senior writer for the wall street journal, joining us on the phone. her work available at farnaz: thank you for having me. announcer 1: next president trump attends a campaign rally in richmond, kentucky for congressman andy barr. also joining the president were kentucky republican senators mitch mcconnell and rand paul. this is one hour and 10 minutes. >> ♪ still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa
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from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains of texas from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. there's pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today no doubt ire ain't love this land god bless the usa
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and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ [applause] [crowd chanting] >> usa. usa. usa. usa.
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usa. pres. trump: that's right, usa, and hello kentucky. thank you. [applause and cheers] pres. trump: and i am thrilled to be back in the heartland with thousands of loyal, hard-working american patriots. [applause and cheers] pres. trump: in just 24 days, the people of kentucky -- we love kentucky. greatest horses in the world and plenty of other things -- are going to elect an incredible slate of republican candidates to protect your jobs, defend your borders, and continue making america great again. [applause and cheers] just hours ago we celebrated another tremendous victory for the american people. you know what i am talking about.
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[applause and cheers] we are having a lot of victories, folks. can you handle it? [applause and cheers] in the oval office of the white house, i welcomed home pastor andrew brunson, great man from turkey. [applause and cheers] he is now free from jail. think of that. 35-year jail sentence, 35 years. not anymore. he is back with his family. together with his wife, and he is on american soil. [applause and cheers] pres. trump: and it is a beautiful family, they are altogether, and i want to thank president aragon -- erdogan of
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turkey. it wasn't easy. it wasn't easy. that one wasn't easy. and we don't pay ransom. we don't pay ransom. [applause and cheers] but i do, i want to thank the president. i want to thank the people of turkey, and i think now we will probably now really establish a terrific relationship with turkey. we appreciate it. this evening, in the wake of hurricane michael, our thoughts are with our fellow citizens in florida, georgia, alabama, north carolina, south carolina, and virginia. they got hit hard. they got hit hard, especially when you look at when you look , at florida. did you ever see anything like that? and you look at georgia, georgia got hit hard. that was some wind force. up to 200 miles, almost 200
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miles an hour, one of the most vicious we have ever been hit with. so i just want to thank all of those incredible people, the people of fema, the first responders -- [applause and cheers] law enforcement. [applause and cheers] and all of the thousands of federal employees and national guard, all of the personnel, they are now on the ground. they are supporting this really major recovery. i will say, we have thousands of electrical trucks all lined up, they are following in they are , getting the roads cleared, not easy. and they have done some job. you have 600,000 people without electric. in one day they got it down to 250,000. that is some job. one day. [applause and cheers] and we will not rest until the job is done. we are here tonight to discuss everything we have accomplished
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together in less than two years time. think of it. [applause and cheers] and i am here tonight, although i have been back many times, i love this place. [applause and cheers] to thank the people of kentucky for 2016. we didn't have to wait too long for that. [applause and cheers] we didn't have to wait long for that. remember, the vote is in, the polls have closed in kentucky. donald trump is the winner of kentucky. [applause and cheers] how was that, how was the? -- that? and to make sure that america's extraordinary comeback, we want
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to make sure it continues full speed ahead. we don't want democrats that are coming from a different place. we don't want them getting into office. all they will do is abstract. -- obstruct. under republican leadership, america is booming. it is thriving. [applause and cheers] america is winning again because we are finally putting america first. [applause and cheers] [crowd chanting] >> usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. [applause and cheers]
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pres. trump: our country's unemployment rate has just fallen to 3.7%, the lowest in over 50 years. 50 years. [applause and cheers] median household income has reached an all-time high. that's pretty good. [applause and cheers] it means you are making more money than you have ever made. i don't know how much better, but we are going to get it up higher. we have eliminated a record number of job-killing regulations. [applause and cheers] and some of you will love this, and i'm proud of it, these are great people, a great resource when properly used. we have ended the war on clean, beautiful coal. [applause and cheers]
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we are putting our miners back to work like never before. they are going back, back, back. and after years of rebuilding other nations, we are finally rebuilding our nation. and we are doing it with american iron, aluminum, and look at what happened to steel. you see the come back with steel? everybody is going back to work. the mills all are opening up. nucor.eel, they are all opening up, the steel mills. that was faster than i thought. and they are stopping the dumping. if they want to dump, they can , but they have got to pay a lot. so if you think about it, so
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true, despite our size, america is now the hottest country anywhere in the world. this is where people want to be. [applause and cheers] since my election, we have picked up in worth $11.7 trillion. think of it. [applause and cheers] and we are going to get along great with china, but we are doing things with china, and they have dropped about $20 trillion. but do you know what? they are going to be just fine, but they have to treat us fairly. they have to treat us fairly. right? that is right. [applause and cheers] and every day we are living by our motto, promises made, promises kept. [applause and cheers]
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>> [crowd chanting] pres. trump: and you look back there at the fake news media, look at them. >> [crowd boos] farnaz: -- pres. trump: look at them. it's like the academy awards every time. i'd like to walk into a place one night and not have any of these guys. boy. it gets bigger and bigger. but even they have said that president trump, and you know they probably get fired the next day, that president trump made promises during the campaign. and i have actually produced more than the promises i made. how often do you hear that? [applause and cheers]
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and we all produced it together. we have incredible people. mitch and rand, and we all produced it together. we have a great team. but we need more of them. we need more republican votes. we have a majority that is rand, not a majority. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority. so we have to get more republicans in there, and we are here for some good ones tonight. on monday night at the white house, we kept one of the biggest and most historic promises of all. you know what we are talking about, right? never has a man been treated so badly. america watched as we proudly swore in the newest member of the united states supreme court, justice brett kavanaugh. [applause and cheers]
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great, great gentleman. what happened to him was so unfair i've never seen anything , like it. and we stuck with him all the way because we knew the facts. we stuck with him all the way. [applause and cheers] and rand paul and mitch, they stuck with him. no doubts about it. no doubts. none of that. none of that. he now sits alongside justice neil gorsuch to defend your sacred rights and your god-given freedom. [applause and cheers] lots of crazy radical democrats did to justice kavanagh is a national disgrace.
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from the moment brett kavanaugh was known, you know what happened, we announced the name, we nominated him, and literally from the moment he was nominated, they didn't even know. it's actually, if you think of it, it's from before he was nominated. nobody knew anything about who it was going to be. i didn't even make my decision yet, and they started saying horrible things about whoever the person might be. they were on a mission to obstruct, resist, delay, damage and destroy. the democrats have become totally consumed by their chilling lost for power -- lust for power. and i will tell you something, we have a man, one of the most powerful men in the world, ok, comes from kentucky.
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that's not bad. got to respect him, and he heard about this, and he says i want to be there. he is one of yours. he is joining us tonight. he is a rock-ribbed kentucky leader. he has been a leader for a long time. there is nobody tougher. there is nobody smarter. he refused to cave to the radical democrats' shameful campaign of personal political -- and political destruction. he stared down, tough cookie -- i know tough people, he is tough. he is kentucky tough which is , about as tough as there is. [applause and cheers] he stared down the angry, left-wing mob, he never blinked and he never looked back, and he got us a man who will be one of our great, great supreme court
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justices. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. come up here. [applause and cheers] sen. mcconnell: thank you, kentucky. aren't we proud of president trump? [applause and cheers] let me just add, thanks to president trump and a republican
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senate, 84 new federal judges already this congress. [applause and cheers] that is already a record, mr. president. keep sending them our way, and we will keep confirming them and change the court system forever. thank you for being here. [applause and cheers] pres. trump: thank you. and mitch is a true fighter for kentucky. loves his state. and you know, we will be running together in 2020. that will be a lot of fun. [applause and cheers] thank you, mitch. on this election day, november 6, every american faces a simple choice. you can either vote for democrat mob rule, or you can vote for a republican party that stands proudly for law and order,
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fairness, freedom and justice. simple as that. [applause and cheers] if nancy pelosi -- >> [booing] crying chuck schumer and the radical democrats take over congress, they will try to raise your taxes. they will immediately restore job killing regulations. they will impose, believe it or not, socialism, take away your health care, your health care and your whole life will be unaffordable. shut down immediately, forget this one, shut down your coal mines in about two minutes. >> [booing] pres. trump: you see what is going on with the second amendment? they will destroy your second amendment.
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and the democrats want to open our borders to a flood of deadly drugs and ruthless gangs. >> [booing] pres. trump: the fact is, democrats have become the party of crime. they have. republicans are the party of safety, and we are the party of jobs, jobs, jobs. [applause and cheers] and we are thrilled to be joined this evening by several terrific kentucky republicans. first of all, kentucky senate president robert stivers. where is robert? [applause and cheers] where is robert? [applause and cheers] thank you. congressman tom massey. [applause and cheers] they've got them spread all over
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the place. where is -- doing a great job, thank you. they are doing a great job. congressman hal rogers. [applause and cheers] thank you, hal. congressman james comer, james comer. [applause and cheers] james, the whole group, they have been incredible, i will tell you what. we got tax cuts, biggest tax cuts in the history of our country. we got so many other things. and more, we got rid of the individual mandate. we had obamacare repealed and replaced. [applause and cheers]
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we did not get one democrat vote, but we will get it done. we had a little disappointment that night. a little bit of a disappointment, but it is essentially done anyway, because when you get rid of the mandate, the individual mandate, it's done. and what we have done with the remnants of obamacare is we've kept your premiums down far below what anybody would have thought, through good management, through secretary alex azar. [applause and cheers] now a friend of mine, who has helped us so much, he is really smart, but i have to say his wife, the last couple of days, has become maybe the biggest star in the family. she has been -- i said, rand, you have to get her on television more. [applause and cheers] she has become the biggest star in the family. yes. [applause and cheers]
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a man that really has been a friend of mine, a special friend, and he's really something. he's a great guy. not everybody knows that, believe it or not. not everybody -- it's like mitch, not everybody knows that mitch is a great guy. he's a great people. -- these are great people. there is something that happens to you when you grow up in kentucky, i guess. right? these are great people. [applause and cheers] but you know, i call rand a senator of tremendous common sense. that is a great compliment, common sense. and you know what? hey, rand, he is young, he is spry, run up here for a second. come up here, rand. [applause and cheers]
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sen. paul: the president says he's tired. i could take 20 or 30 minutes. right? now i am going to tell you a story about the president. this shows you why he is different than any other politician. i went to him with an idea on health care. i said let's let individuals by in a group, let them join an association, let competition drive prices down. the president said, it's a great idea. what did his staff say go to -- his staff say? we could never do that. his middle managers said, we could never do that. what in the president say? what did the president say? he said, make it happen, and it did. [applause and cheers] pres. trump: but it's true. we were talking about health care and rand had this concept that he was so far advanced, and even the experts didn't know, and after they checked they said, you know he's right. , he's right. association health care, where
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you can team up with other companies, you can team up, you go in, and you get phenomenal pricing. you have no problems with crossing borders so you get every insurance company, and it has taken off, rand, and that was rand's initial idea. that is true. and it's doing really well. inexpensive and terrific. [applause and cheers] and another man, a very special friend of mine -- he was a great businessman, decided to win and run in kentucky. by the way, does that sound familiar? this guy was a really successful guy, and he saw things happening in kentucky. and he said, i can do tremendous stuff, and he really has done. and he doesn't want to be political. he wants to get the job done. this state is doing so well. you have your lowest unemployment numbers in history. you have your best incomes in history. you have jobs and companies flowing back in.
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if i didn't like him, if i didn't like him i'd say, forget about him, right? but i like him a lot. he's a terrific man and a terrific governor, matt bevin. [applause and cheers] thank you, matt. thanks, matt. so we are here for a truly special guy. these are all special people. something about this place. boy, did we win by a lot. what did we win by, 38? 38. we won by a lot. [applause and cheers] i have a feeling that mitch mcconnell could in two years do very good, very good. he's going to do very good.
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you know, he goes down as the greatest leader, in my opinion, in history. what we've done is incredible together. but he is better when i'm president than he ever was when anyone else was president. [applause and cheers] doing much better. but i want to introduce the leader that we are all here for tonight, and all of our congressmen know exactly what i'm talking about. he has been so strong on all of the things that we stand for. tax cuts, regulation cuts, every single event that we passed, and it is record numbers of events, he has been at the forefront, and he's got a little bit of a tough race with a nancy pelosi-picked figure. >> [booing] pres. trump: and i guess they did a lot of changing, they did
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this and that. the democrats do, that's the only way they can win. but use no -- you know i have seen the crowds. outside, you have 25,000, 30,000, some crazy number of people, and we set up movie screens. we set up beautiful movies, and to those people outside, we love you. we love you. [applause and cheers] you have to see the lines. they go all the way back, many miles. a lot of them are standing and they are watching screens outside. i like your location better, do you agree? [applause and cheers] but this is a special guy, and normally i wouldn't make a trip, but here i had two reasons. one was, i love the state of kentucky. [applause and cheers] and the other was that andy barr is a great congressman. andy, come on up. [applause and cheers]
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>> andy, andy, andy, andy. rep. barr: mr. president, welcome to kentucky's 6th congressiomal district. [applause and cheers] a swing district that two years ago, you sent a message to the nation because you won it by 15 points. [applause and cheers] and welcome to madison county, a county, mr. president, that you won by a whopping 32 points. [applause and cheers] rep. barr: home of eastern kentucky university where we are right now, the most pro-veteran university in america. [applause and cheers]
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home to workers who relocated from eastern kentucky, who value a paycheck to put food on the table, and mr. president, thank you for ending the war on coal. [applause and cheers] and madison county, home of the department of criminal justice training, the kentucky state police, two awesome police departments, and democrat sheriff mike coil, the sheriff of the year, who says mr. president, to keep the drugs out of our communities. we need to build the wall. [applause and cheers] usa, usa,a, usa, usa,
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usa. rep. barr: and when i first met you, when i first met you, mr. president, i told you about our drug problem in kentucky and you listened. six months later, i was in the white house with you when you declared a national public health emergency to fight the drug epidemic, the opioid epidemic, and we worked together and we funded the most significant investment to fight a drug crisis in american history. [applause and cheers] this president is a man of action. a man of action. [applause and cheers] other people resist, but this president gets results. [applause and cheers] and so, i want to turn it over
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to him, but i just want to remember one special night two years ago in cleveland. the moment i knew this man would be the next president of the united states. remember? remember what he said. he said that my opponent has a slogan, and that slogan is "i am with her." remember what he said next? what he said was, "i have a different slogan, and that slogan is i am with you, the american people." [applause and cheers] mr. president, i am with you, to fight for the american people! [applause and cheers] pres. trump: thank you. that's pretty good. [applause and cheers]
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now, you know the one thing andy didn't say is that she paid a lot of money for that slogan. >> [laughter] pres. trump: and the morning after i came up with my little feel on it, they changed the slogan. it was gone. it was gone. but we weren't gone. because this was the single greatest movement in the history of american politics. [applause and cheers] pres. trump: and our slogan was a great slogan. i think it's the greatest slogan that anybody will ever come up with although in two years, ours new one --have a ours is, make america great again. look at all these hats, and at the rate we're going, it's going to happen fast. it's called keep america great. got to be that.
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right? [applause and cheers] so i am here for andy barr, and that is a vote for safe communities, strong borders, and kentucky values. andy barr. a vote for andy's opponent, i had to do a little checking, who's he running against? who? this is an extreme liberal named amy mcgrath. >> [booing] chosen by nancy pelosi -- >> [booing] pres. trump: waters, that's a real beauty, and the radical democrat mob. now, amy supports a socialist takeover of your healthcare, -- >> [booing] pres. trump: which by the way means your taxes will triple if
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you are lucky. she supports open borders. she -- >> [booing] pres. trump: she needs the tax hikes to cover her through the roof garbage that you want no part of. and she wants to immediately decimate your now thriving coal industry. >> [booing] pres. trump: so if you want to stop nancy pelosi from becoming speaker of the house? >> [booing] pres. trump: no, we can't do that. that will not be good. then you have to get out and vote for andy barr, great man. [applause and cheers] great man. you know, actually i must tell you, kentucky, you are always involved as the middle of politics. the election of andy is a very important thing. it could mean the difference between unbelievable continued
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success and frankly, failure, where we fight two more years with these people, with these obstructionists, so it is really an important race. it could be the congressman -- they are so far ahead in their races, we don't have to talk about him anymore. right? [applause and cheers] we don't have to talk about them, but we were talking backstage. and they said it, this could be the most important race there is, so get out and vote. we can't let this happen. [applause and cheers] a majority of house democrats have already signed up for socialist healthcare, by the way, it doesn't work anywhere in the world. just so you understand. doesn't work. it's good if you don't mind waiting like five weeks to see your doctor. they come from socialist countries. frankly they come from canada,
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because they want to use our doctors. they come from all over the world. and we are making it now better, and they want to destroy everything that has been built. all of that great foundation. they want to outlaw the private insurance plans of 2.4 million kentucky residents, and some of those plans are fantastic and inexpensive. the democrat plan would obliterate medicare and terminate medicare advantage for nearly 250,000 kentucky seniors, who depend on it. republicans want to protect medicare, and we will for our great seniors who have earned it and who have paid for it. [applause and cheers] and republicans only will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. we are going to protect them. the new platform of the democrat
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party is radical socialism and it is open borders. democrats want to abolish ice, and they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and ms-13 thugs. >> [booing] pres. trump: and do not kid yourself, that's what's going to happen. and they want to get rid of ice. they think ice isn't nice. did you ever see what they are dealing with? first of all, they're incredible patriots. they have a job that nobody in this group wants. [applause and cheers] they go in there, and they meet the most vile, the most vicious people on earth like it is a day at the office. you don't want to do it. you might do it. this guy might do it. you want a job? i'll get it to you. look at this guy, this guy will do it. i'm looking at -- he might do it.
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you might do it. but you don't want to do it. they go in there, and they liberate towns. these people came in by the thousands, and we are taking them out by the thousands. they are getting out. they are getting out. republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not criminal aliens. [applause and cheers] and republicans stand -- and you know this, you know this, republicans stand proudly with the heroes of ice and border patrol and law enforcement. you know that. one by one, we are finding the illegal alien criminals, predators, drug dealers, ms-13 killers, and we are sending them back home.
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we are liberating america's cities and towns. that's what we're doing. [applause and cheers] the only immigration policy democrats support is catch and release. how about that one? you catch a criminal thug, take the name, and then you release them. say "please show up in five years to court." number one, it is ridiculous. number two, they never show up. what a mess. we have the dumbest immigration laws in the world. the world laughs at us, but we are getting them changed. we need some more republicans, we need some votes. [applause and cheers] and if you elect republicans this november, we will pass legislation to end catch and release. we will -- i will tell you, have
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you heard the other one? right? lottery. lottery. lottery. ok? names, you pick them out, coming to the united states. now let me ask you, these countries set up lotteries. do you really believe they are giving us their finest? no. this is a lottery. this was chuck shumer's special deal for this country. >> [booing] pres. trump: and we need to elect people so we get rid of it . we just got to get rid of it. how crazy. how crazy. and then you have chain migration. you know what that is, right? so we had a man, horrible person , the west side highway of manhattan, where i live, right along the hudson river, he is driving a car down this roadway where speed limit is 35, he went
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about 70. and he decides to make a right turn into a beautiful park that goes along the river with lots of people. many people were killed. nobody ever talks about the people that were horribly injured. they lost legs, they lost arms. these are people that were running. they wanted to keep themselves in shape. they were working out. they were walking hand-in-hand together. they are dead. they are horribly wounded. many will never, ever recover. now what happens? what happened to him? it will be years of litigation. he came in, and then he took chain migration, and he brought his mother, and his father, and his brother, and his sister, and his aunt, and his grandfather.
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none of them working. it ended up being approximately 22 people came in. it is called a chain. isn't that wonderful? a chain. [audience boos] pres. trump: and we are stuck with them. we are stuck with these people. and i do not want a chain. i want people to come into our country on a merit-based system. [applause] pres. trump: and i want them to help all of the great companies that are moving back into the united states. they are moving to michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, they are moving to north and south carolina. they are coming in and moving to florida, and yes, they are
5:01 pm
moving into kentucky. [applause] pres. trump: and with what we have done, we have become so successful, that we need people to come in with all these companies that are coming in. but we want great people that love our country, that respect our country, and want to work. [applause] pres. trump: this election is about safety and it is about prosperity. since the last election, and these are numbers that the fake news would never have allowed me to say, they would never in a million years, if i ever said this during the campaign, they would've had headlines. we have created over 4.2 million new jobs, and lifted over 4
5:02 pm
million americans off of food stamps. [applause] pres. trump: you know what that means? it means number one, we get rid of an unbelievable cost. you would not even believe it. you would not even believe it. and you know what else? you have a lot of happy people that are working. it is a great thing, a great thing. [applause] pres. trump: we have added nearly 600,000 manufacturing jobs. remember, manufacturing is never going to come back? remember? the previous administration, oh, you think that is going to happen? you need a magic wand. i guess we had the magic wand. we had the magic wand. [applause] pres. trump: and these are great jobs and important jobs. manufacturing jobs, companies pouring back in.
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manufacturing. african-american unemployment has reached its lowest level ever recorded in history. [applause] pres. trump: african-american poverty has reached its lowest level in history. [applause] pres. trump: hispanic american and asian american unemployment has reached its lowest level in history. [applause] i cannot believe -- i am so sorry, i apologize to the women in the room. remember, i got 52%. remember they kept saying, the fake news -- that is right. they were all saying, he will not do well with women.
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wow, did we do well with women. fake news. we did really well with women. but unfortunately, the women's unemployment number is not at a historic low, it is only the best in 65 years. we let down women. we let down women. 65 years, 3.6%. as the charts grow just a little bit, it will be historic very soon. the only reason to vote democrat is if you are tired of winning. [applause] pres. trump: you know about
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when thethose horses horses win. you people are winners. i am just afraid that kentucky is winning too much. you are going to see rand paul and mitch mcconnell and they are going to come to the oval office to see me and they are going to say mr. president, we cannot do it anymore. kentucky is winning too much. they cannot do it. they don't like it. they don't want to do it anymore. they're going to say, we are winning so much, we just can't. i am going to say, mitch, and matt, and rand, i'm sorry, we are going to keep winning. we are going to win more and more and more. and i will send them happily back to kentucky. [applause] pres. trump: you are winning a
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lot. we won today with the great pastor. last week i announced that we are replacing the horror show, one of the worst trade deals nafta, withnown as an incredible brand-new u.s. mexico-canada agreement called the usmca, usmca. and even the democrats are saying wow, what a great deal that is. they can't believe it. we may actually get bipartisan support. although if it is too good they will not support it. i will say, even chuck schumer liked it. can you believe that? we have taken the toughest ever action to crack down on china's abusive trade practice.
5:07 pm
[applause] pres. trump: china, and i have great respect for china, and i have great respect and liking for president xi, the absolute head of china. but you know what? they have been making $300 year,n to $500 billion a taking it out of our country. we have rebuilt china. and i do not blame china. i blame our past leaders. they should never have let it happen. i do not blame china. and thanks to our strong trade and economic policies, great industries recently broke ground on a billion-dollar aluminum mill that will create up to 1500 jobs right next to ashland, kentucky.
5:08 pm
you know where we are talking about? ashland. under republican leadership, we also passed the biggest package of tax cuts and tax reforms in the history of our country. bigger than any have ever been passed. we have taken historic action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. you saw three weeks ago, pfizer, a lot of drug companies announced substantial increases. and i said to alex azar, this is no good. we have to do something. i want to call them. so i called the head of pfizer, i guess the biggest company, a big drug company. i called the heads of these
5:09 pm
companies, and they said sir, we will immediately drop the price back to where it was. and rand paul is the first time i realized how powerful it was to be the president of united states. [applause] pres. trump: now, they reduced -- and by the way, i kid, but i do respect that they did that. i really appreciate it. and now because of what azor is doing, you're going to see prescription drugs going down. we have countries on this planet, the exact same pill, the exact same prescription, made in the exact same factory or plant, in canada, and in other countries all over the world, is 50%,less, sometimes sometimes more than that. it is much less than what
5:10 pm
americans pay. we are getting rid of the middleman. we are doing a number, i will be hated so much by some people in this country that have made a fortune. but we are getting drug prices way down. and we started it last friday with the signing of two bills. [applause] pres. trump: and something that the congressman really helped me with, with all of them in the room and andy in particular, we helped right now get critically ill, terminal patients, access to life-saving treatments. we just passed right to try. [applause] pres. trump: i hope nobody has to use it in this room. but this is a person who is terminally ill -- we have the greatest research in the world i
5:11 pm
by far, nobody is close. but we have a pipeline that would take 12 to 15 years to get it approved. we have that down, i think four years, maybe less. we have to be careful. but if we had something that really showed great promise toward a problem that somebody had, who is terminally ill, for 44 years they have been trying to get this past beard it is not as easy as it sounds. between the insurance companies and the liabilities, and the country itself, the lawsuits. i got everybody in a room, we have to get life -- this is really important stuff. how many of you know friends? if they have money, they travel all over the world begging and looking for a cure. if they do not have money to go home and have no hope. and we got right to try passed a month and a half ago and already it has had an incredible impact. [applause]
5:12 pm
pres. trump: incredible impact. 44 years. so now a patient is terminally ill, we have something that is looking really good, we make them sign a document, very important document, and they go in and we work with them and we see if we can help them. and we have had some incredible results already. so i just want to thank andy barr and all of the congressmen here and mitch, and rand, because we got it passed. we got it passed. but to me that was a big thing. [applause] pres. trump: many years they worked on and couldn't get it done. we also passed veteran's choice. giving our veterans the right to see a private doctor instead of waiting online for 12 days, 24 days, 38 days.
5:13 pm
we have our great veterans who are doing a great job -- we are doing a great job with the veterans. they would be waiting in line for sometimes months if you can believe it. we had people waiting in line and they were not very sick. by the time they saw a doctor, they were terminally ill. now, if there is a line, if there is a wait, because we have great doctors in the va, you can't get to them. now, if there is a wait, you go to a local doctor, you get yourself taken care of, and we pay for the bill. we pay for the bill. [applause] pres. trump: that was another one. that was another one. it took over 40 years. i used to say to people, why do we do that? i thought i was so smart. i said listen, we have a great idea. these lines are terrible. 28 days. 30 days.
5:14 pm
i have a great idea, maybe the greatest i have ever had. we are going to a private doctor instead of waiting in line. sir, we have been trying to get that passed 40 years. they couldn't get it passed. we are good at getting things passed. we got it passed. in the landmark va accountability law, to ensure anyone who mistreats our veterans will be held accountable. you miss traded -- you mistreated our veteran, get out. [applause] we just secured $700 billion and $716 billion to fully rebuild the american military. [applause] pres. trump: bigger, stronger,
5:15 pm
more powerful than ever before , and we are giving our warriors their largest pay raise in over a decade. [applause] pres. trump: and at my direction, and we need rand and mitch's help, but it is really popular, let them know how popular this is. it is all about space. it is all about space. defense, offense, it is going to be soon be all about space. know aboutd mitch this. at my direction, the pentagon is now working to create the sixth branch of the american armed forces known as the space force. [applause] pres. trump: now, they have to do it. i put them on the spot. i put them on the spot. now, they have to do it. it is very popular.
5:16 pm
one of the biggest applause i get wherever i go is when i talk about the space force. and by the way, china, already started. russia already started. to have to start but we have the greatest people in the world. we make the greatest equipment in the world. we make the greatest rockets and missiles and tanks and ships in the world. [applause] the. trump: i withdrew united states from the horrible one-sided iran nuclear deal. [applause] pres. trump: when i came to office, weeks before i was given rundowns of what is happening, and iran was a question of when will they take over the entire middle east? they are not thinking about that anymore. they have a disaster. they have rights in the streets,
5:17 pm
their currency is shot. they will be coming to us some day, probably not too far off, and they will say we would like to make a deal. a real deal. not the joke of a deal that was made by the past administration. [applause] pres. trump: and we have recognized the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [applause] pres. trump: right? [applause] together we have made extraordinary progress, but we are just getting started. if you vote to elect republican house and republican senate, we will continue to cut your taxes, cut your regulation, and raise your incomes very substantially. [applause]
5:18 pm
pres. trump: we, unlike the democrats, will protect medicare and social security. remember what i said during the debate. we will protect them. we will defend your second amendment and protect your right to free speech and religious liberty. [applause] pres. trump: with your help, mitch mcconnell, rand paul, and all of the people that work so well with us will continue to confirm incredible pro constitution judges, not radical far left judges who will rewrite your constitution, and replace your kentucky values. not going to happen. 84 judges, think of that, a record. we actually have a lot to go.
5:19 pm
84 judges approved. what a difference. finish, maybe 50% of the court. we will fully secure the border, we will pass case law, stop sanctuary cities, and the visa lottery, and chain migration, and we will keep the dealers and terrorists out of our country. [applause] pres. trump: we will lift millions more of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity. [applause] pres. trump: but to achieve this future, to continue the greatest movement in the history of our country and maybe of any country, you need to vote
5:20 pm
republican. [applause] pres. trump: for years, you watched as your leaders apologized for america, now, you have a president who is standing up for america. [applause] we are standing up for your values. we are standing up for the great people of kentucky. and we are proudly standing up for our national anthem. [applause] pres. trump: on november 6, i need you to get your friends, your family, your neighbors your -- your neighbors, your coworkers, and get out and vote for andy barr. [applause]
5:21 pm
pres. trump: great man. a vote for a republican is a vote for more jobs, more wealth, and more products made right here in the good old usa. [applause] pres. trump: it is a vote to respect our laws, and respecting our heroes of law enforcement. they are heroes. [applause] pres. trump: and a vote for republicans is a vote to reject the democratic policies of hatred, anger, and division, and to celebrate the greatness and the glory of being an american. [applause] pres. trump: it is not up to the media, it is not up to the pundits, it is up to you to decide your own fate.
5:22 pm
[applause] pres. trump: you have the power with your vote to defend your family, defend your country, defend your values, your faith, and to defend your dignity. loyal citizens like you help ed build this country. and together, we are taking back our country. we are returning power to the american people. [applause] pres. trump: this great state was settled by, really -- how tough, how smart, by tough, tough men and even tougher women, by the way. [applause] pres. trump: but it was settled by tough men, pioneer women who braved the wilderness and
5:23 pm
defied the dangers to build a home.nd they did not have a lot of money. they did not have a lot of luxury. but they all had one thing in common. they loved their families, they loved their country, and they loved their god. [applause] pres. trump: these courageous kentucky patriots did not shed their blood, sweat, and tears so that we could sit at home while others try to erase their legacy and destroy our proud american heritage. [applause] pres. trump: for the sake of our freedom, and for the sake of our children, we are going to work, we're going to fight, and we are
5:24 pm
going to win, win, win. [applause] pres. trump: we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never back down. we will never surrender. and we will always fight on to glorious victory. [applause] because we are americans, and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. [applause] pres. trump: we are one people. one family. and one glorious nation under god. and together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again.
5:25 pm
we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, kentucky. vote for andy barr. [applause] ["you can't always get what you want"] ♪
5:26 pm
♪ i saw her today at the reception ♪ >> the white house says president donald trump plans to visit florida and georgia monday to survey damage from hurricane michael. the president will be accompanied by the first lady. >> ♪ at her feet was her footloose man
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you can't always get what you want ♪ >> later today, ohio senator sherrod brown will debate republican representative. c-span, at, and our radio app. c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. on monday, david brett will debate abigail span berger in virginia seventh district, live at 6:30 p.m. eastern. later, the senate race in arizona. kiersten cinema debates martha mcsorley for the seat of check flight -- of jeff flake. >> anarchist on newsmakers this week is


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