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tv   Washington Journal Jonathan Tamari  CSPAN  November 1, 2018 9:00pm-9:17pm EDT

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>> the c-span bus is traveling across the country on the 50 capital store. in-- tour. we asked what party should control congress and why in augusta, maine. >> i am looking for a republican party to control congress. i think it's important we keep a republican majority. i hope it will continue to get things done for the people. parents unable to work due to health issues. i don't want them to go through the process of not having health coverage. if the midterm elections
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result in the change for the control of congress, it would be a good thing for health education. devos as the secretary of education has been the wrong way to go. we are concerned about the decisions that will be made that are impacting our students. we are hoping for good funding schools.c we are hoping for a turnaround in the midterm elections. republicansng controlled congress j-- control congress so we can keep moving president trump's agenda. vhave sponsored an article term limits bill. reelected, i would look
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forward to sponsoring that again. this would be for the people of the state and the people of the united states. >> i would like to see the economy stay the way it is. it is doing really well. i would like to see it continue. passed a tax package. i think the investments are going to come and hopefully we will see that happen in the midterm elections. >> this week we have been taking a look at battleground states across the united states as we lead up to the midterm elections. today,vania is our focus .
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inquirer. he served as the national political writer for the publication. good morning. guest: thank you for having me. host: the story yesterday, you took a look at two races in pennsylvania that could serve as harbingers for what we may see on election day. onst: the races we focused our ones that have not been on the front lines for much of the coverage but both parties are looking at as we get closer to election day. it is the pennsylvania 10th district, around harrisburg, represented by republican scott perry. and the 16th district, represented by republican mike kelly. these are districts that are pretty republican. president trump won them by nine points in the harrisburg district, more than 20 in the western pennsylvania district. some polling has shown a tight
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contest, especially outside of harrisburg. democratic national groups are starting to put money into those races. those are the kind of districts where it democrats managed to win, those can be the sign they are not just winning tossups but there might be a wave. if there is going to be a wave, that can be one of the first two places we can see it. host: if the state did well for donald trump, why is scott perry having issues he's having? guest: there are some factors. the biggest one is probably that, and a lot of people know the pennsylvania congressional map was reach ron earlier this year. all the districts have new shapes, new demographics and profiles. that district went to a significant change. the president won it under the old line. is much more moderate. instead of having only part of
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the city of harrisburg, it has the entire city now. it is much more of a moderate district for even republican voters who previously voted for charlie dent, a centrist from allentown. perry is very conservative. democrats have found a strong candidate, a pastor and veteran named george scott. if you combine those factors, and perry has never had a close race. suddenly it was like a tight one on election day. endorsedocal paper george scott. this is what they said. they endorsed scott perry in the last election cycle, urging him to become a bipartisan. now they think voters should get george got a chance to change the town. 's positions on a host of issues -- his position on a host of issues make sense. he is willing to reach across the aisle.
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can you factor that in? guest: scott perry has not. he has stuck to who he was when he was elected. through his time in office he's been very conservative. theist devoted to the conservative causes. the caucuses with the freedom caucus, the most conservative wing of the house republicans. he is unyielding and those beliefs and continued to stick to those beliefs even of his district has changed a few months ago -- even though his district changed a few month ago. that is why they think it could be a tight race. he is not as in line with his district's politics as he was before the map was we drawn. -- redrawn. host: it is described as a bareknuckle fight. with you agree with that assessment? guest: it certainly seems that way. there have been charges and counter charges of lying. the democratic challenger had
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some ads that came under some pretty sharp attacks from scrutiny from fact checkers. it's interesting because the district was very pro-trump, but it does have some democratic roots. in voted narrowly for barack obama in 2008. 10th is the one where people think there is more of a chance for an upset. that is one that has come online recently in the 16th. host: this is in the first district of pennsylvania. brian fitzpatrick versus scott wallace. guest: this is the toughest race in pennsylvania. this is a very classic swing district that has regularly flipped back and forth between the parties. wave years have seen democrats and republicans winning. has a veryatrick independent brand.
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that started with his brother, mike fitzpatrick. he is trying to build up his bipartisan credentials. he voted against the republican plan to repeal daca, but voted for -- repeal the aca, but voted for the tax bill. -- aby for left the best wealthy philanthropist has poured a lot of money into the race. is a place where in 2017 democrats cannot and won a bunch of offices in bucks county. they had not won them in decades. that was a real sign of the backlash to president trump. i don't think anybody was i concerned about the row offices. democrats just wanted to vote. is probably one of the best positioned republicans to withstand a wave. if the democrats managed to beat him, that's a sign a lot of also races mandrake towards the
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democrats. host: how much money is coming in from outside factors? particularly for support of republicans? guest: i could not put a specific number on it but it is significant. the philadelphia media market is a really expensive market to begin with. you have the fitzpatrick race over in south jersey -- you have the fitzpatrick race. there is another race in south jersey. those markets are just not as expensive and a little bit more of a reach for democrats. is a lot of national attention on the state. host: for the telltale signs for you? guest: we will look for what goes on in the first district. that will give us a sign. if brian fitzpatrick loses, that's a good sign the democrats will be able to win a majority. that is a tough race. he is a strong incumbent. if he loses, a lot of incumbents
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could be in trouble in the nationalized race. your local profile does not count as much as democrats' desire to vote against republicans and put a check on president trump. i will be watching the 10th and 16th. if they pull the upset, is not just a majority. in might really be a big wave for them. if they lose the first district, democrats can still win the house but it could be a nailbiter and we will be watching the late results coming in from across the country. host: are guesses the national political writer for the philadelphia inquirer. jonathan tamari joining us. -- journal.gton
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live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. up, talking about how the c-span bus has evolved. and a discussion on how states have improved voting systems since 2016. and florida's electoral history and current dynamics. watch washington journal. join the discussion. charlie cook shares his predictions for the 2018 midterms. that is followed by former president barack obama campaigning in florida. evening, president
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trump and vice president pence traveled to indianapolis -- travel to indianapolis. and a discussion about the impact of refugee migration, and also, former white house steve strategist steve bannon debate the rise of populism as part of the munk debate. and a look at defense and aerospace exports with peter navarro among the speakers. >> this weekend on american history television, peter carmichael talks about public reaction to photographs of the dead, the 1862 battle of the antietam, and the soldiers perspectives in letters to home.
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>> this was a terrible fascination these people had with death. people did was satisfy their morbid satisfaction with these photographs. and an arizona state university professor on president lyndon johnson and the vietnam war. johnson transformed the conflict for better or for worse, giving up power in the search for peace. pretty big. a major step. it led to what? vietnam. eastern, at 8 p.m. ronald reagan's attorney general talks about president reagan's views on communism and his relationship with pope john paul
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ii. >> there are relationships between these leaders, in the secular and religious world, with parallel interests. these interests were obvious in terms of what happened in poland, where they were under attack. reaganlogical for ronald to cooperate. >> and the world war i centennial. american history television airs every weekend on c-span3. launched our longest running and most successful community outreach program ever 25 years ago. program hasus visited teachers and students in
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all 50 states. bus has promoted television programs and c-span educational resources and highlighted cable and public service offerings. we thank teachers and students for allowing us to open our doors across the country. we are grateful to experience all the things the c-span bus has to offer. >> it was a really great experience. >> c-span works closely with cable partners and your community to foster a stronger relationship with local educators, media, and the government. enables us tor
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solidify our position in the community and advocate for education and technology. buses have posted close to 8000 events and connected his nearly 40,000 teachers and hundreds of thousands of students. we have had 1.5 million visitors. our mission continues with a new high-tech bus, providing a hands-on, interactive experience. >> with five days until the election, vice president pence traveled to georgia to campaign for republican brian kemp who is running for governor. kemp has a high over stacy abrams, just over 40 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]


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