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tv   Campaign 2018 West Virginia Senate Debate  CSPAN  November 1, 2018 11:29pm-12:28am EDT

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keep america strong. >> oivoices from the states part of c-span's 50 capitals tour. >> five days until the election c-span remains your primary source for campaign 2018. coming up next, some recent debate starting with a debate in in west senate race virginia between democratic senator joe manchin and republican patrick morsi. then, from wisconsin, democratic senator tammy baldwin faces her republican challenger leo who clear. -- leah vukmir. later a debate in new york between claudia tenney and anthony brindisi, a democrat. senator joeonight, manchin and his republican challenger, patrick morrissey, met for their first and only debate. the race is listed as leans
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democrat. this is just under an hour. >> good evening and welcome to the west virginia broadcasters association u.s. senatorial debate between democratic senator joe manchin, and his republican challenger, attorney general, patrick morrisey. i'm your moderator for this evening. the west virginia broadcasters association is proud to bring this debate to all of west virginia tonight. we thank at&t for sponsoring the event. we will do our best to explore issues related to west virginia while providing you with a clear picture of where each candidate stands. now is the time for details and specifics, accountability for statements made, and positions taken and not taken. my questions are designed to elicit answers. here is the format. senator manchin will have the first question and have 90 seconds to respond. candidate morrisey will have 30
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seconds for rebuttal. then we will alternate for the next 30 minutes, then have closing statements with the attorney general closing last. by great men of the candidates, i have the latitude to seek clarification and allow a very limited response to the rebuttal. we have less than an hour and a lot of ground to cover, so i'm going to try to move things along tonight. welcome to you both. mr. morrisey: thank you. sen. manchin: thank you. >> senator manchin, we had a horrible tragedy last week in pittsburgh. the week before, a man sent pipe bombs to leading democrats, which is prompted debate about the political rhetoric in this country. this campaign has been acrimonious. each of you have called each other a liar at times. advertisements on behalf of each of you have said some very vicious things. rabbi jeffrey meyers at the memorial service in pittsburgh last week, called on politicians to lead the way to avoid hateful rhetoric. two part question. do you believe the overall tone of the public
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debate in this country contributes to violence and, if so, would you be willing to tone it down in the final days of the campaign and call on your supporters to be more respectful? sen. manchin: first of all, my prayers and condolences to all the families who lost loved ones and the people that were targeted in the bombing mailing. it is awful. who are we as a people, who are we as west virginians and who are we as americans? it does not set a good example. the tone to be tamped down, from the leader of our free country, the leader of the free world, president trump, on down to each one of us is elected officials. we can have civil debates. i'm hoping that this is a very informative, educating, civil debate. but you set an example in your house if your children are watching and it will basically do what you do and think it is ok and condone it. that is what is happening. words mean something. with that being said, people believe it is ok to attack and say anything you want
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to and i hope that changes. i would hope the president would tone down the rhetoric and the tweets. the president is our president. whether we voted for him or not, he is the president of the united states and i want him to succeed and do well. i want to help him do that. i stand up and support him when it is good for was virginia and when it is not, i stand up to him. i think that is what it takes. he leads by example, and i think we need to do the same. mr. morrisey: i want to start off by thanking you for hosting the debate and the broadcasters. this is the first opportunity, finally we have a chance to debate and i welcome that. i think, to answer your question, i would say that we have to have candidates for office reject violence in all forms. we have to reject anti-semitism. when i start seeing the finger-pointing that when on after last weekend, that is crass, has to come to an -- an end. that is not a republican or democratic position.
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but there are clear differences in this campaign for u.s. senate and i appreciate the opportunity to talk about them tonight. i think president trump has been doing positive things for america, he really is making west virginia great again and west virginia great again. if you look at what he has been doing the last number of years, he has been cutting taxes, standing up for conservative values. the united states is now more respected all of the world. very positive. he will come and talk about those things at the rally tomorrow. president trump has supported my candidacy in contrast to senator manchin because senator manchin supported hillary clinton when it mattered most and i think you will see the differences in our campaign. moderator: we will get to that. let's continue on this theme. after the balance at the white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia, president trump said both sides were to blame for the violence
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and that there were five people on both sides. after the pittsburgh shooting he said quote, "the fake news is doing everything to bring republicans and me for the division that has been going on in this country." one of the things he will talk about tomorrow at the rally are the clear differences between my campaign, which is focusing on closing the open borders, and the amnesty, building the wall, versus senator manchin. -- ending the amnesty, building that wall, versus senator manchin. who supported hillary clinton for president. in his world, we would have amnesty, open borders, and sanctuary cities. those are the things we have to talk about.
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that is why the president knows this west virginia race is so critical. 1 >> let me get clarification. do you support the language used by the president, which mansion says is inflammatory? mr. morrisey: nobody has an ideological twin that says the same words as someone else. this president is absolutely right that we have to close our borders and it is diamond to clear posed to hillary clinton -- diametrically opposed to hillary clinton. senator manchin is a dishonest washington liberal because all you are seeing on the issues that matter is -- [crosstalk] moderator: let us get the rebuttal from senator manchin. mr. manchin: i have voted every time to support the border as far as securing the borders. i have voted every time and will continue to vote every time. the president has used every means possible to him. i have also said that we have to tone down the rhetoric. all of us, republicans and democrats. quit acting like you belong to some tribe, start acting like
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you belong to the american tribe. we work things out. as governor, we came together in our differences and we never blamed anybody. we address their problems and worked together for the betterment of west virginia. now we are seeing that it is ok to divide. instead of the united states, it is ominous the divided states. moderator: senator manchin, west virginia voters are deciding whether to amend the state constitution to nullify the west virginia supreme court decision that allowed state funding, taxpayer dollars, to be used to pay for elective abortions for women who qualify for medicaid. attorney general morrisey supports that amendment. do you support or oppose that amendment? mr. manchin: i was born into a pro-life family, i was raised pro-life and i have always voted pro-life. my entire public career, with the exceptions of the life of the mother, rape and incest. i have been pretty clear about that. the republican legislature had a chance to fix this and make it right and basically put in case of the life of the mother, rape , or incest. they decided to make it
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political. with the help of patrick morrisey. the other thing i have said -- if those exclusions are not in there, it is not something we should be voting on. it is something we should be working so that pro-life democrats, pro-life republicans that believe that i do, that it is reasonable to have exceptions for the life of the mother, incest and rape. moderator: but there is an amendment to vote on. will you vote on it? sen. manchin: if it does not have it in there, no. moderator: you would vote against the amendment it, you are against the amendment? as the amendment stands now. mr. manchin: because it does not have the exceptions for the life of the mother, in fast and a rape, which most with pro-life west virginians agree with. mr. morrisey: this is the example of a dishonest washington liberal talking about an issue. first of all, i am clearly for the amendment. i can state that very clearly. i oppose taxpayer funding for a -- of abortion. but if you look at the amendment and go into
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the underlying details, into which do, there are exceptions provided for. i think senator manchin is not correct in terms of his reading of the law. this emphasizes his position. he has been on both sides of pro-life issues. he has supported planned parenthood funding and hillary clinton, the most radical abortion candidate in america, a big difference between the two candidates here. >> i'm going to go to the next question. attorney general morrisey, your past work record on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry has been well-documented. you have received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from this industry. last october, the democratic senatorial campaign committee filed a freedom of information request to obtain coming issues with opioid manufacturers from your office. last week, a judge ordered you to immediately begin supplying that information and the judge said, "the fact that those records a year after they had been sought his evidence and proof of the blatant disregard
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of the west virginia attorney general as a custodian of records, obligations, and duties." why have you not complied? why shouldn't your reluctance raise questions about your connection to the pharmaceutical industry? mr. morrisey: i am glad you asked that question. we have complied. if you look at the request letter came in from the democratic senate committee, the very arms spending millions of dollars for senator manchin, they did one of these unbelievable fishing expedition requests, asking for over 100,000 documents from 460 people. we were working diligently to get it back to them and we got everything act -- back to them. even now, we got all the information required under the law. we are doing everything right. what this does, it shows the politicization of the opioid issue. senator manchin has not been a -- has really failed on that issue. when he was governor, opioid deaths doubled. separately, he has not been a very effective leader with respect to tackling opioid abuse.
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we have taken on the problem the dea.ed they were funneling hundreds of millions of excess pills into west virginia. senator manchin voted for a weakening amendment. it is a quote people can look at. he said it would make the opioid epidemic worse. my actions are fighting to protect people from this opioid epidemic. senator manchin, unfortunately, he is aligned with hillary clinton. barack obama did not do much for the epidemic either. i think there is a big difference on this issue. >> let's get a rebuttal. sen. manchin: there is only one person who has made money from pills coming into west virginia, he is sitting right here. his lobbying firm he has operated, he has made hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from the morrisey lobbying firm. he continues to reap benefits
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from that, sending millions of pills. he talks of other types of deals you made, record-breaking, we have $1.8 billion for a tobacco settlement. he thinks $20 million from cardinal health, who he used to work for, he thinks mckesson, he wants to make a deal with them, which would be a horrible deal. please let me. the state pays $77 million a year for incarceration of $291 million to take care of families because of addiction. $368 million and he wants to settle for $20 million? >> my next question is about that. there will be a chance for a rebuttal. but i want to start with this question. senator, you had a news conference and alleged that the attorney general negotiated a settlement of 35 -- with the pharmaceutical $35 million company, mckesson. he recused himself from the lawsuit. he has not been involved in the negotiations.
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did you make a false statement? million dollar settlement would be the largest of any drug company settlement. sen. manchin: it would be a horrible deal for the state of west virginia. i was able to stop him from making that horrible deal. i just said, $368 million per year for the pills that come in and the cost of people in west virginia to incarcerate and take family business and disrupted. he wants to make it look as if this is a great deal? i have said before, this is the only man that has profited from pills coming to west virginia. he is supposed to say he recused himself after he removed -- was removed from the case? he knows that by me bringing that up and stopping it, we had a board meeting and he told their shareholders, mckesson, but $34 million would be taken from the earnings because of setting aside for settlements. he knows it, i know it, he will not admit to it
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that he knows it is true. >> let's get a rebuttal. mr. morrisey: a couple things. i want to really address this. part of the reason president trump is coming back tomorrow to rally for my campaign is because he knows that everything you just heard is part of that whole hillary clinton lies, say anything you want. it is documented that he is lying about this issue. it is no different from what we used to see from hillary clinton, the radical democrats. all of the people you saw on full display in the fall. the obstruct, resist, impeach team. he is hiding behind his record. he is the largest recipient of pharmaceutical cash. they are large maker of opioids, at the pens. .- epipens senator manchin supports them. moderator: currently the federal government is prohibited by law from negotiating drug rises to bring down the cost of the hundreds of dollars of drugs
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purchased every year in medicare part d. you are credited with helping to write the medicare monetization act of 2003. when you run for attorney general, you drafted medicare and medicaid laws. the law included that prohibition and thus cost medicare billions of dollars. what was your rationale for that and why shouldn't the government be able to negotiate those drug prices? mr. morrisey: i want to make sure that west virginians have the lowest prices possible. the best way to do that is to have competition. not allow the government to decide which drugs are under the formulary and which ones are not. in that law and everything i do, i will make sure there is rigorous competition. we will move to generics quicker and that is what that law did. west virginians benefited from that law. i'm going to note. it is in dramatic contrast to what senator manchin has done because when he allied with that company, taking hundreds of thousands of their cash, he defended when epipen went up 500%. remember. his daughter is the ceo of epipen.
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that is outrageous. if there is anyone who should be worried about the high price of prescription jogs -- drugs, it should be senator manchin for defending the system. i tried to change it. for competition. moderator: so the government should not be able to negotiate with the drug companies on drug prices? mr. morrisey: the government should get the best possible price and you do that most effectively through robust competition, by accelerating competition and making sure that generics come on earlier. that is the best way to do it. we look at every model. we don't want the government in our medicine cabinet. >> senator manchin, your rebuttal. sen. manchin: i want to rebut on that. first of all, you are talking to the person here who you said wrote and is responsible for the medicare part d law which basically prohibits medicare from negotiating. he also, if you want to have competition, i voted to allow drugs to be purchased from canada. it is much cheaper.
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i don't think that he has done that and i think his lobbying firm lobbies against that. everything it takes to reduce drug prices and keep pills out of west virginia, he has profited from area it and he knows that. mr. morrisey: i think that deserves a rebuttal. moderator: you will get a rebuttal. hang on, the next question continues on this theme. the next question continues on this. you can rebut there. senator manchin, in 2016, after the cost of the life-saving epipen shot up 500% in just a few years, your daughter, ceo, was drilled on -- grilled on capitol hill and you defended her. you said the attacks of her salary of $19 million were "sensational." the also said the real problem was a convoluted system that drove up the price. why was the company justified in charging $600 for life-saving
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drugs that cost $2o to $30 to make? mr. manchin: first of all, the system is broken. patrick morrissey helped break it because he profits more from it being broken than fixing it. next of all, i cannot tell you on a publicly traded company how they operate, how they bring products to market or how they price them, i have no idea. what i can tell he is that when it comes time to get lower drug prices and competition, which he will not support, bringing in and able to buy drugs from canada. you're are basically able to negotiate medicare pricing, that you are gouging people on medicare, paying high from a -- pharmaceutical prices. he benefits by that. he will not say he operates and supports that. the only person that has made a direct paycheck and money from this pharmaceutical industry, not from campaign donations, but money you put in your pocket, money you are able to buy things with. it is patrick morrisey. his family firm has made millions of dollars doing exactly what you're talking about, destroying west virginia.
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and he will not own up to it. mr. morrisey: gimme a little bit more time here because -- [laughter] mr. morrisey: if you can. i think it is a just another example where you have a dishonest washington liberal in senator manchin. he says one thing, but the facts are opposite. he is operating in hillary clinton's universe, making all the facts up. everything he said is provably false. let's look at the real record. he said he was open-minded to the single-payer idea of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you know what that would do for west virginia? this is a $32 trillion health care package, that is the direction he wants to go in on health care. and on drug prices, you know what that would mean? double of your taxes. government taking over every aspect of your health care. president trump is supporting -- moderator: this is a hot issue, i will give it should be a quick comment to resolve this. first of all --
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sen. manchin: there is no way i support a single-payer system. i think we should evaluate all systems come a look at everything to make sure people have adequate access to health care. these pre-existing conditions, on he wants to do is tell it 2000 west virginians, basically like for death. he is doubling down on his suit. he wants to repeal the affordable care act. the fix we have for 20%, his buddy mitch mcconnell, will not bring a bill to the floor. >> get something in here. mr. morrisey: president trump supports affordable health care. high quality. senator manchin is in the opposite direction. that sanders approach is very much in the direction of not only doubling your taxes, but in terms of allowing government to run roughshod over every aspect of your life. senator manchin not only has directly benefited but he has been working to defend the family interest. he mentions my firm, he knows
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that is not true. he has people who have been hawking to make money for his family on pharmaceuticals. >> we are going to continue on this theme because this is very important. patrick, this question is for you. senator manchin has criticized you for signing on to the lawsuit by 20 republican states attorneys general that call for what is left of the affordable care act to be overturned as unconstitutional. the senator says that will lead to the loss of protection for people with pre-existing conditions and threaten expanded medicaid protections. would you concede that if the lawsuit you are in is successful, that immediately, protections for people with pre-existing conditions would be lost at that moment and those with expanded medicare coverage would be lost as well? mr. morrisey: no, we filed the suit to get rid of obamacare. but the judge ruled that we could determine what the remedies are. example of the misinformation that you see from the hillary clinton the pelosi , and the schumer team. they are the problem.
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i want to look everyone in the eye tonight until the my support protecting people with pre-existing conditions. that is critical. but what senator manchin is doing is trying to disguise his support for obamacare. he will not change it. meanwhile, premiums are skyrocketing, 160% over four years. and the real goal is to get to hillarycare which senator manchin supports. open-mindedness which went bankrupt our country, is a wrong direction. a big difference between us on health care between us, but we are not going to ever allow people with pre-existing conditions -- you don't need obamacare to protect people with pre-existing conditions. mr. manchin: you know what his friends and republicans put on that after my bill that i was trying to make sure to intervene and stop him from throwing 800,000 west virginians off? make no mistake about it, they would be out on the street. it would be a life-and-death matter. their remedy for this is to say, yes, we will protect you from pre-existing conditions, except we will not protect the disease you had.
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takeu have cancer, we will care of the rest of your body, but of cancer comes back, we will not take care of that. that is how cynical this is. just drop you lawsuit, patrick. if you drop your lawsuit, we are good. mr. morrisey: i need a rebuttal, we are good. hoppy, if you can. [laughter] >> let me do this. the next question is along the same lines. mr. morrisey: but then you are going to go to him first. >> it is his question, but you have a rebuttal. senator manchin, you were not in the senate when obamacare was passed in 2009. you have had eight years to think about it. would you have voted for or against obamacare? yes or no? mr. manchin: i would have voted -- it is not a yes or no. >> yes it is. mr. manchin: i would have voted no. hold on, let me explain. basically, the mandate. i was at the governors association, and i said -- you have to force them to purchase one type of a product. i said that would not work for west virginia. give us a product mix.
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but you have to care for people with pre- existing conditions. he could care less about that. when john mccain walked out and did this -- [thumbs down motion] -- he said that this would not work. we can fix it, the process is not working. mitch mcconnell has had on his desk that would reduce people's premiums 20 to 40% overnight. it has been there since july when we worked on it. democrats and republicans, 24 of them signed the bill. it sits on mitch mcconnell's desk because you know what happens, the person he places his allegiance to does not want to miss anything because you cannot blame anybody. 80% of west virginia's benefit. for the first time, seniors are getting care. for the first time, people with opiate addiction are getting services for the first time. people with mental illness as well. this has never happened in west virginia. we try to teach people to be
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preventive in using their health care. we can educate them and teach them. he does not want to do that. he professes time after time, repeal, repeal, repeal. and then he gladly files a lawsuit that would take 800,000 people thrown off coverage. mr. morrisey: everything he said is false. the reason why is because he is in this whole mindset, hillary clinton and what senator mansion did, he went to washington, he became a dishonest washington liberal. he things, like hillary did that , you can make things up as you go along. health care, like every issue, senator manchin is an all adds of every issue. he is either for obamacare or against obamacare. the is for the second amendment or against it. he said he was open to donald trump. when the key judgment came in 2016, he said no to donald trump. i am a conservative fighter for donald trump and he made his bed with hillary clinton. that is bad for west virginia. mr. manchin: hillary clinton is not on the
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ballot. joe manchin and pat morrissey. i am right here. mr. morrisey: senator manchin ofws that when you think hillary clinton, that was the decision. imagine what would happen. we would not have judges, we would not have trump tax cuts, we would have open borders. moderator: your home currently, -- county is jefferson county. there is a huge fight going on rockwell over the plant to make fiber-based insulation. supporters say that their $150 million investment is a boost to the economy. others say that it would hurt the environment. you told me he would have an announcement prior to the election on your position. it is almost election day. please tell us know whether you are someone who has a home in jefferson county support or close the plant -- oppose the plant? mr. morrisey: i was very clear on your show. we are still looking at the problem. we still need to have meetings with the state department of environmental protection. i will tell you what i would not
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do, i will not actually use this issue to ride both sides of the fence, like senator manchin does. that is what a dishonest washington liberal does. you know what they do, they take a position like senator manchin did, he went to the groundbreaking and now he is backing away and will probably be on the other side of the issue. when i give you an answer, i will be straightforward. and i'm still getting to the bottom of it because we have to consult with the dep. i will tell you this much, when you look at the rockwell issue, you have to make sure that they are dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's. jefferson county is a farming community. we know it is a special place. we cannot allow things to come in that would ruin the character of the community. moderator: let him finish. you will get a chance to respond. so you're not able to say tonight with a support or oppose of the plant. this is a huge issue in your home county. will you say for or against before actual election day? mr. morrisey: hoppy, i am working to get to the bottom.
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because, unlike senator manchin, who flip-flops on every issue, when i say something, i mean it. that is why president trump is coming in to help me tomorrow for the rally. i am a conservative fighter and when i say something like a pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-coal, i mean it. sen. manchin: in a civil discourse in west virginia, we don't attack people and call them liars or dishonest. i don't think patrick is lying or dishonest, i think he is confused and does not understand west virginia because he hasn't been here that long. it is hard for him to understand our ways. we can be civil without calling people names. on the rockwell situation, i went to the opening. i go to any opening i am invited if there are going to be more jobs and opportunity. there was not one word of dissent. went all of that happened, to the groundbreaking, then we started hearing about people's concerns. so what i did immediately, i tried to get everybody together, i tried to get everybody together and i said, bring all sides together and let's get to this.
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moderator: the support or oppose? we have 30 seconds. sen. manchin: let me tell you what i'm doing. i sent 2 letters to the epa, the dep, all people who supported. if it is going to be harmful to the children, if it is going to be harmful to the children. moderator: you cannot say no, whether you support or oppose? sen. manchin: you don't know. did they get all the permits? >> neither one of you is prepared to say? mr. morrisey: senator manchin goes to the groundbreaking. sen. manchin: were you invited? mr. morrisey: i'm not aware that i was invited. >> let me ask the questions. real quick. mr. morrisey: when senator manchin gets invited, he supports something, then he does the other thing. that is what he does on planned parenthood -- >> i will move on. that is exactly what he does on planned parenthood. senator, you and suzanne collins with the last two senators to announce your vote whether to confirm brett kavanaugh.
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at 3:50 p.m.ced that she would vote to confirm, becoming the 50th vote. your vote was announced on twitter at 3:54 p.m., minutes later after confirmation was assured. why, senator, did you wait until the last minute and why should they believe you did that out of political expediency? >> i am the only democrat to vote for brett kavanaugh. people here were announcing it immediately within 10 minutes the job we do is to advise. he had experience, a repertoire as far as his resume was great. education, his standing in the community. he came in for a two-hour confrontation with me and we went through all his cases. after that, we waited for the judiciary hearing. how in the world can you announce in the first day or the first 10 minutes that someone is nominated without doing your job?
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nothing is going to change. moderator: where were you the very last to vote? mr. manchin: i was not the last, i think i was 49 or 50th, not the last boat area and you vote in the order of your heat. mr. morrisey: another example of how senator manchin says one thing, west virginia, and he does another in washington. he took a powder in the bathroom and left and then he allowed maine to decide west virginia's boat. but there is a big issue. i support gorsuch, trump, kavanaugh, all the judicial appointments is made. if senator manchin had his way, he would've had hillary clinton as
12:02 am
president. we would not have any kavanaugh or any gorsuch. he supported president obama's judicial text 95% of the time, that is being in dishonest liberal. mr. manchin: i supported president's nominations mother anybody as well. moderator: you supported hillary clinton in the 2016 election. i have a question coming up. attorney general morrisey, despite promises to the contrary, the republican tax plan you supported has sent deficits skyrocketing, 700 billion dollars over the past fiscal year and one trillion in deficits over the horizon. not president trump is proposing another -- now president trump is proposing another round of tax cuts which would balloon the number even more. how is any of this fiscally responsible? mr. morrisey: i have to say, i strongly support the tax cuts because they are good for west virginia. doubling the standard deduction, lowering the rate, these opportunities that will attract capital. they help the most impoverished people of our state.
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president trump is right and you see our economy soaring through the tax cuts and regulatory relief. happened to what senator manchin had his way and hillary clinton were present, so that is a difference between the two of us. hillary clinton would have been ,iking our taxes, war on coal west virginia would not have its comeback if senator manchin had his leg. my position is different. we need to stimulate our economy, growth jobs in west virginia, and you do that through president trump. one of the reasons why president trump is coming back tomorrow as he has made it clear that i would've voted for the tax cuts. no, becausehin said he is part of the schumer pelosi liberal team that does not look out for west virginia. we are going to do better as we need those pro-job policies. >> rebuttal. >> i said no because i'm trying
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to protect west virginia. he seems to be very pleased about it now. he will talk, and it is the first time that we've ever talked about taxes, tax reform, anytime of adjustment. not the end of the day, we assumed we would have more debt. it never happened before. we have spiraling debt quicker than ever before. inflation is going up, there will be a cost to citizens. but on top of that, what we are doing to our children, we are writing checks our children will never cash. we did the president for plants, 15 democrats. it was intended to make it a partisan. moderator: let's continue on taxes. you said one reason you voted against was because the tax cuts weren't permanent for the middle class families. house republicans are pushing forward legislation to make the tax cuts permanent. if you get a chance would you vote for the middle class tax cut and if you do support it wouldn't that add to the debt as
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well? mr. manchin: absolutely i would vote for it. they need to adjust the corporate tax from 21 to 25. moderator: to raise the corporate tax -- mr. manchin: it needs to go back to 25 and take the exemptions off from his wealthy friends, his wealthy friends in the lobbying industry that benefited from this. we need to close the loopholes. carried interest is one of the most egregious things ever done. he would never vote for that and we have to make sure that our children are treated fair. should have been a tax cut for the middle class, a permanent tax cut. when mitch mcconnell got done wit and paul ryan got done wit, the middle class, the average working person, got very little, if nothing, except a big debt. moderator: there's a clear difference between you two, let's hear your rebuttal. mr. morrissey: he's saying it now because election season. but president trump when we comes in tomorrow for the rally,
12:06 am
he'll talk about the trump tax cut, what's it's doing for west virginia. it is good policy. the fact remains that senator manchin always votes against west virginia. he would have to wait, he has to get chuck schumer's position before he votes. that is not the leadership we need. the fact is that senator manchin offered to work with the president but did not come through because you cannot trust him. virginia, we saw it in cap, he not only this owns virginians, he did not live up to his word. republican leaders are talking about changes to entitlement as a way to get the debt under control. that would include tough decisions such as raising the retirement age, raising the cap on the amount that is taxed for social security. you believe that they need to be reformed, and if so, can you give me at least one concrete thing that could be done that
12:07 am
would get these entitlements under control >> i want to tell all of the seniors out there that the social security and medicare program, these are promises that are made. when a senior in roles, we have to ensure the trust of people who have paid into these programs. we are not going to touch and hit anyone who is on these programs. we have to protect those people. i have been very clear about that. we also have to make sure that we go after the fraud and abuse in the program. i have taken on this disability fraud issue. i can remember, before i became attorney general, nobody was willing to do it. others in office said no, they would not go after disability fraud. i want to make sure we protect resources for those who need it most. on disability,n medicare, you can preserve the benefit for future generations. are you suggesting that
12:08 am
dealing with fraud is enough to bring social security and .edicare into fiscal alignment >> i am saying we're not going to harm seniors. this is part of the big spending ways of washington. senator manchin votes for one spending bill after another. a big part of the problem is the mess in washington, and schumer and hillary were a big part of that is they want to spend money we do not have. we have to be responsible with the dollars we are spending. >> he is saying he wants to protect social security. when he was running for congress, he got 9% of the vote. one of his key things was to privatize social security. people playing the market and privatizing is russian roulette, he knows that does not work this is what we are fighting against, people wanting to play with people's income and people's lifeblood. the other thing is, i have
12:09 am
worked with a republican from oklahoma. anybody that has total disability in west virginia that is younger than retirement age, every three years should be reviewed. >> senator manchin, a question for you. you campaigned as someone west virginians know. campaign for hillary clinton, famously said i'm the only candidate with a policy of how to bring economic opportunity using renewable energy as the key, because we will put a lot of coal miners out of business. after she said that, why do you continue to support her? i made a tremendous mistake, i said what you said is not going to be misconstrued, you are very clear here she said i need to explain what i said. i said coming here is a mistake. i went down also.
12:10 am
she looked at me afterwards and said i did not know it was this bad i said people would not accept it, she says what can i do i said i can tell you what needs to be done. a clean coal highway has to be built, and expressly has to be built, broadband high-speed conductivity, and the final thing we need is a hydroelectric dram dam -- dam to diversify the economy and take the revenue and share it with the counties down south. that will help them stabilize, because they have been hurt. joe, if i become president, you to make that happen. i could have said sorry hillary, nice offer. in my there for me, or am i there for helping west virginia? i made a decision to do my job and help my state. >> i think this shows a big difference between our campaigns. the fact is that he didn't double down in his support, you
12:11 am
and after she made clear she was going to put coal miners out of work. hillary clinton was bad for west virginia. we suffered under the obama administration. senator manchin support barack obama. i chose a different path. i support president trump and have worked with him to see that come back. on the issue of coal, let's be clear, i fought for coal miners, took the case to the supreme court and beat barack obama. meanwhile, he is aiding and abetting hillary clinton. that's why he's a dishonest washington liberal. general, two important questions. there are at least 12 million people in the country illegally. do you support or oppose a pathway to legal status or citizenship? number two, do you support the president's postal to send up to 15,000 troops to the border in anticipation of the migrant care of them. -- caravan?
12:12 am
and you have a view on a pathway to citizenship? >> first of all, i think the president is right to send the troops and the clampdown on open borders. what you are seeing with this caravan is a direct product of all of the radical proposals by his teammate, senator chuck schumer, feinstein, hillary clinton, the radicals, because they support open borders. senator manchin actually supported providing free health care to illegal immigrants. it is unbelievable, and he talks about doing that, and what we need to do instead is to clampdown on borders. i think we need real reforms in our immigration system. we need to and this chain migration and have merit-based immigration. no amnesty. i don't think we should reward people with citizenship if they come here illegally. >> so what do you do with the 12 million people who are here now? >> we are a compassionate
12:13 am
society. having alking about system that is not going to be throwing people out on the street. thei will say this, policies of senator manchin, along with diane feinstein, you know what they did, they tried to put the catch and release proposal in place. do you know what that would do? that would prohibit a law enforcement officer from arresting for human trafficking. that's the senator manchin. >> give me some time here, i'm trying to be nice. things are so far from the reality, it is unbelievable. i have been against sanctuary cities, i have clampdown, i don't think illegals should be able to come here and set up shop. i think we should do everything we can to secure the borders.
12:14 am
legislation,tisan which i know he would have a hard time understanding, working with both sides, people who live on the border. john mccain, leading the charge. what we end up with is a peace of legislation that spent $46 billion, almost twice as much and nothing could be done to a pathway unless the borders were secure. >> that's my next question. you were talking about the senate immigration bill of 2013. said that the undocumented people in this country could apply to become permanent resident. why do you believe that people who have entered here illegally should be allowed to stay with all of the rights and privileges of a citizen. or that 4 million immigrants who follow the rules -- legislation did one
12:15 am
thing for us, it secured the borders. $46 billion, secure the borders. that was written by two republicans, and that was as tough as it has ever legislatioe thing for us, it secured the borders. been. the thing that says if you are illegal and you came here, you go to the courthouse. you committed a crime, you pay a fine. if you have committed any crimes while you are here, you are thedeported. in the borders would be secured. , you had to13 years learn english, you had to have a job and pay taxes. if you committed any crimes while you were here, you are deported out of here. and it was the toughest peace of legislation. i respected the republicans and democrats, john mccain, leading the charge, an american patriot. arizona new exactly what to do. we have to have laws. we have to use all of the technology. we have to secure the ports.
12:16 am
we have to secure them coming in. so much needs to be done. that bill did it, and they basically said that was amnesty. >> there are clear differences on the issue of immigration. i stand with president trump, he will talk about immigration issues. senator, what you just heard is all of this this honest washington liberal doubletalk. senator manchin supports health care for illegal immigrants. that is outrageous with all of the budget problems we have. number two, we know he supported open borders and he has been on both sides of the wall. she is quoted as saying that. senator manchin's policies will exacerbate the job epidemic and drug trafficking. here is what we will do. i will break the format a little bit and ask each of you the same question and give you one minute to respond.
12:17 am
president trump has called for an end to birthright citizen no preference. -- calledtrump has at for an end to birthright citizenship. the 14thlieve amendment means that if you are born in the country, you are a citizen, or a you believe is president trump says that that is not so and that can be changed with an executive order? , i think thell president is right to look at the birthright lottery, that this is something that can be abused. we have not seen the executive order yet, i want to look at that and study it to make sure we are handling it the right way. i will do that, but let's be , we know,ator manchin has supported these open border policies. and you look at that caravan and what is going on, that's a direct result of the policies of nancy pelosi, hillary clinton. senator, do you believe the
12:18 am
14th amendment automatically -- >> the legal officer for the state of west virginia not understanding that the constitution can only be changed by the legislature putting on an amendment for the people to ratify. i think it is worthy of looking at your i think the president needs to look at. ask the legislature to put the bill up, see if it gets the vote. i think a lot can be done and control, but he cannot do it i an executive order -- by an executive order. >> let's get to the closings. >> i think this has been a very good line of dialogue. i think you've seen the differences we have between us. that iwanted to say think the people are finally able to see the differences between patrick morsi and myself. the difference is clear. here is a person who has made a living lobbying in the swamp and west virginia and washington and
12:19 am
has made a living representing people that have made us sick. he got rich and west virginia pre-existing conditions, you can't even believe it. you can't be a west virginia and understanding that 800,000 people are going to be affected in a life or death matter. on top of that, his unwavering support to mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell has fought in the minors from getting pension and health care for years. we finally got health care, and no pensions here he is fighting us again. on top of that, he wants to cut social security and medicare. and born in west virginia, live sure all my life, people know me and i talk about trust. i have been in many offices because of the trust of the people, done everything i can to operate under that trust. and when i was governor, we basically put our state in better shape than ever before.
12:20 am
my grandmother took care of everybody, she was a one-woman social worker. my grandfather taught me fiscal responsibility. i have done everything i can to make sure every decision i make will help west virginia. i have not looked at democrats and republicans as a tribe, i look at it as people who come together and fix. now, it has become tribal. i trust the people of west virginia. i believe in you more than you believe in yourself. i would love to have the opportunity to continue to represent you to the best of my ability. i work for you and nobody else. thank you for having the format, finally, people get a chance to see the major differences between the candidates. i want to look at the voters and make sure that people know those differences. i think it is critical that there are two different ways we can go. when senator manchin had a
12:21 am
choice decided he would support hillary clinton for president. unfortunately, over the last number of years, the senator has grown accustomed to the ways of washington, being a dishonest washington liberal. when you look at all of the policy positions that senator manchin says he supports, the fact is that if hillary clinton were president, none of those would be possible. we couldn't have judged gorsuch or kavanaugh. we would have abortion on demand because we would have the most radical, pro-abortion president in history. the second amendment would be under vicious assault. look at coal, i fought hard for coal miners, the senator abandoned them he supported hillary. that's not the approach. those aren't west virginia values. in patrick, you get someone different. i love the state of west virginia, and i don't have new jersey values. he votes like a senator from new jersey and from washington, that
12:22 am
is very different from a conservative fighter for president trump. i will work with this president to cut taxes, to reduce regulation on the hard-working job creators of our state. we will tackle the opiates epidemic, we will have affordable, high-quality health care that actually protects people pre-existing conditions, and we will make sure we drain the swamp. i support term limits, and i want to make sure west virginia gets the conservative leadership it deserves. when you hear from me, you can count on what i say. senator manchin, you can't trust anything he says. >> thank you both, we have had a spirited discussion tonight and i appreciate you both being here. thank you for allowing me to interrupt at times, and let's shake hands. thank you both. thank you morsi and senator manchin, be safe on the trail,
12:23 am
and good luck in this election. want to thank all west virginians for tuning in, i want to thank the west virginians broadcasters association. thank at&t for their sponsorship and our producer for putting together this debate. thank you and good night. severalk obama has events planned on behalf of democratic candidates. tomorrow, he will be in florida there are competitive races for senate and governor. live coverage begins at 2:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span. trumptomorrow, president and vice president pence will travel to indianapolis for a campaign rally in support of republican candidates. underway at 7:15 p.m. .astern, also live on c-span >> as president trump campaigns for republican candidates in the election, you can find his
12:24 am
rallies online at here is a brief look at one he held thursday in missouri. >> we have a tremendous opportunity to do something so great for our country this is an important election, these are the midterms. nobody thought of them as being a big deal for years, for years, nobody thought of the midterms. you hear midterms, it's like, let's go to sleep. this year, we are every single record in attendance for the midterms. they're getting more people than some of the presidential elections were more people. and, in one way, it is a beautiful thing. and i will tell you, we have gotten tremendous numbers, tremendous numbers of republicans are going out to vote. we did have two maniacs stop the momentum that was incredible,
12:25 am
because for seven days, nobody talked about the elections. , andopped our momentum more importantly, we have to take care of people, and we don't care about momentum when comes to a disgrace like what just happened. but it did, nevertheless, stop a certain momentum, and now the momentum is picking up. it is picked up based on common sense, strong borders, on taxes, on everything you can think of that makes sense. we will lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, to independence, and poverty to prosperity. >> which party will control the house and senate? live election night coverage starting tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern as the results come in. here victory and concession speeches from the candidates.
12:26 am
and wednesday morning at 7 a.m. eastern, we will get your reaction to the election, taking your phone calls live during washington journal. c-span, your primary source for .ampaign 2018 a quarter of a century ago, c-span launched our extensive community outreach program. bus program has paved the way for our grassroots community outreach i engaging students, teachers, and citizens in all 50 states. since 1993, the mobile classroom and production studio has gone into communities, promoting our comprehensive television programming. resources andonal the video library, and to highlight cables public service offering. the cableteful to industry for making c-span possible and allowing us to open our doors to visitors across the country. >> we have been very fortunate
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to have the c-span bus visit us and bring a variety of classes down there. there got to experience all of the great things we have to offer. >> the kids love it. it was a great experience. they got so much out of it. >> c-span works closely with our cable partners in your community. >> programs like the c-span bus tour, enable us to solidify our position. >> over the last 25 years, the buses have posted close to 8000 events and connected with nearly 40,000 teachers and hundreds of thousands of students. all in all, we have welcomed over 1.5 million visitors.
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today, our mission continues with a new bus providing hands-on, interactive experiences. watch for us in your community. >> with five more days before the election, c-span is your source for campaign 2018. next, a look at the senate race in wisconsin between tammy baldwin and her republican challenger. this final debate focus on health care, immigration, and the deficit, among other topics. this is just under one hour. tonight's, a commitments 2018 election special. debate, innate partnership with marquette university law school. and deb tammy baldwin and republican challengers meet


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