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tv   Campaign 2018 Final Campaign Events  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 9:41pm-10:10pm EST

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barletta.this event took place yesterday evening in the final public event for the former vice president in his hometown. he served in the u.s. senate representing delaware, first elected in 1972. we wanted to share this story that's getting a lot of attention.the early voting from pointing out that a staggering 36 million people have voted early, setting the stage for a big midterm turnout. does this help the democrats, the republicans, or is this simply individuals casting their ballot early because of other obligations? just one of the things to keep in mind as returns come in tomorrow evening. we will have live coverage of the results, speeches, the balance of power 8:00 tomorrow evening and into the early morning wednesday, and back with "washington journal" in the morning. we will be back on c-span with losers.ers and judy is joining us on the democrats line from bismarck, north dakota. have you or will you vote
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tomorrow? >> i have to do my big ceremonial thing of going to the polls, standing in line, and chatting it with people. i need to walk out of there with my voted sticker. >> what will happen tomorrow? >> i am praying for heidi. -- one of my main concerns is health care for everyone, including people with pre-existing conditions. andself have diabetes asthma. i need the health care. my other -- this is my other , i fear we are watching the death of our democracy. things --at some of the statue of liberty stands in stark contrast to what trump and the oligarchs are doing. i hate to put it in terms like that, but i am a history buff,
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and i know what hitler did, and it seems like trump is using some of the things in his playbook. my fear is watching the death of democracy. party me? >> your final point, go ahead. >> i fear we might be a dictatorship by the end of trump's term. he needs to be stopped and i will vote for anyone who wants to take him out of the white house. thank you very much. >> thank you, judy. this is another headline from bloomberg news looking at the analysis of what will happen in the house of representatives. the cook political report saying the chances of a democratic pickup have increased with the expectation that the house democrats could potentially pick up as many as 45 seats. 2006 -- ord, back in 2010, the republicans picked up
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60 seats in the first midterm elections of barack obama. on the republican line from dulles, virginia. good evening. >> how is it going? >> great. how are you? >> pretty good. i live in the 10th district. i am a republican. i voted for barbara comstock. i voted for trump. i voted for and gillespie. it's time for a change. i am voting for jennifer westin. exton.nifer waxe her team has visited my home four times in the last month. they have recruited actively in this area. this area has changed in the past two years. there are signs everywhere for her. really consider her, but after listening to the people that came to my door and knocked on my door and gave me material to read, i am voting for her tomorrow. >> so you are an example of
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retail politics that works. >> yes. >> and you are a registered republican? >> yes. i voted for barbara comstock a few years ago. i emailed her team asking them about town hall meetings and whatnot. i didn't get any feedback. i voted for her, i gave her a shot, it did not work. i am voting for jennifer wexton tomorrow. i want to let people know here in northern virginia, the 10th is jennifer is going to win and i will probably be voting for her tomorrow. >> thank you for the call. virginia's 10th district is one of the bellwether races that will determine whether republicans keep control of the house. the number of the house, 23. if the democrats flip that number of seats or more, they will have control.
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some of the projections, there are 75 competitive seats and 70 of them are republican seats terrified are democrat -- republican seats. five are democrat seats. missouri,girardeau, where president trump will deliver his final campaign appearance. members of the press corps covering the campaign rally. during the dinner hour, was in fort wayne, indiana. over the weekend, he was campaigning in georgia, tennessee. the president will be watching the returns from the white house. we will go to harriet from maryland. >> good evening. i just have a confession. --n obama was voting for off running for office, i was so excited and i was so happy when
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hillary and bill came out and campaign for him. i promised myself that i would vote for hillary. disliked donald trump. i never watched his tv show. mahal, i refused to go there. i just had no use for that man. but when he came down that elevator and he said he was going to do something about trade and strengthen our voters -- borders, i voted for him. i will vote for him tomorrow. >> in terms of voting tomorrow, he is not on the ballot. >> i am voting republican. i'm voting to give him support to save the country.
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he got rid of statues in the middle of the night. but he saved the toll bridge on the eastern shore. the last man we had, the democrat -- i can never remember his name. he will have the tolls go up to $12 for us to go over that bridge. $2.50.y are larry hogan saved that. i would have voted for larry hogan anyway. i don't -- tomorrow i will be all red. >> thank you for the call. larry hogan being challenged by ben jealous, former head of the naacp. we are getting phone calls and waiting for the president, who
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will be speaking in around 12 to 15 minutes. denver,oining us from the line for independents. tomorrow's vote, what will happen in colorado? >> i am going to be voting republican. >> why? >> i am tired of the hate. constant it is the argumentative instead of a conversation with people here in colorado. our country is heading in the right direction and i believe that donald trump and stapleton will take us in that direction and we are headed there. a lot of change has been made and i just don't see how people are not seeing the changes that are being put forth. why anyoneerstand would think we shouldn't protect our borders. i don't get that conversation at
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all. i believe in immigration, we are all a part of immigration, but it should be done in due process the right way, just like our ancestors did, and it is the process of the united states. >> we are hearing from voters only on this midterm election eve. we welcome listeners on c-span radio. ofwill have live coverage election returns getting underway at 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow morning. this headline from "the new york post." the president is optimistic as the polls are predict a -- predicting a blue wave. from josh holly, the republican candidate trying to unseat claire mccaskill, one of eight or 10 senate seats that will return -- determine whether republicans keep control or
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democrats can take control. good evening. have you voted in tennessee or will you vote tomorrow? >> i will vote tomorrow. >> marsha blackburn or filled medicine? >> i will go with marsha. i will tell you why. phil wasn't a good governor for us. day, wember back in the will not touch social security? kepthe was governor, he $280 million out of the transportation fund to put it in a general fund because they couldn't balance the budget. robbing from peter to pay paul. now we have a six inch tax on the fueled that just got voted in to take care of transportation problems. we had a $280 million surplus. because this man decided to take that out instead of balancing
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the bridget -- budget, now we have six cents going up. now the people in tennessee have to realize they were paying $.18 makee gallon, which would $.43 from the federal government and hennessy, and now -- and tennessee, but now $.53 on every gallon of gas justin tax. if the democrats can't balance a budget, and apparently they can't because they did not do it in obama's term either, i'm not saying that they did in george term either, but we need to start worrying about the budget. we will start worrying about the things that government was put in place for. the government was not put in place for social issues. >> thank you. thank you for the call. this is from "the new york times."
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the headline, "trump closes out a campaign built on fear, anger, and division." available online. next is darrell joining us from minnesota. you have to senate races and competitive house races and a governor's race. what is going to happen tomorrow? have you already voted? >> no, i haven't voted yet. it's going to be a tossup, i think. its is a blue state, but turned red because we almost voted for donald trump here. i think we do have other important races. we have the attorney general's race. keith ellison, he is running for attorney general. waslatantly said that he -- you know, he was only going to -- sorry.
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he said that he was only going to judge the laws based off of what he thought was right, based off of social issues, like marijuana laws. >> thank you. we will move on to devin joining us from missouri. state?rt of the >> 45 minutes south from st. louis, jefferson county. >> is there early voting or is it just one day? >> i believe that you can absentee vote, but i am voting day of. >> and what do you expect to happen tomorrow? who are you voting for? >> i think i will put my vote
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towards josh holly. hawley. i think it will be a tossup. i see a fluctuation of both. but i think red is going to take it this year. >> thank you for the call. this is a headline. trumps high risk strategy puts them on the midterm ballot like no one else. we have paul joining us from washington state. welcome. anyway, i am independent. i vote in the state of washington. obviously, we are a blue state. i did vote for trump. , i was justto say watching cnn, chris cuomo. he called president trump a punk. media ishe mainstream
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doing more to get people to vote for trump than republicans then anyone else. he has been called every name in the book. anybody that supports him has been called any name in the book. to be really honest, i think cnn and msnbc should have to register as lobbyists for the democratic party. it's terrible. >> that is a pipe that sean hannity made on the start of his program as well. > all we want is the truth. whether good or bad. president trump, he makes a lot of mistakes. he does a lot of things that i don't like. but he's not 100% wrong all the time. >> thank you. the president, if you are moving
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around channels, on fox news with sean hannity, he is now backstage with the president. the event is scheduled to get underway in about five minutes. we will have it for you here on c-span. this is in cape girardeau, missouri. is capeattendance girardeau native rush limbaugh. this is from "the washington post." " this midterm election like no other in modern history." we will go to eric in virginia, republican line. >> how are you? >> fine, thank you. you must be on c-span radio. go ahead. >> i want listeners to know that i voted for trump and i'm glad i did. i am really disparaged about the democratic party, what they have done since the unexpected loss in 2016. as you can see, all the
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production they have done is name-calling and accusations which is unsubstantiated, and they are used to divide and divide people for the past two years. at the end of the day, he's getting it done. the economy is up. when you look at the amount of people on welfare, it is down. when you look at the amount of wars in afghanistan and iraq, down. isis is on the run. we are moving in a positive direction. even when donald trump talks about something common sense regardless of party, they jump on the other side. million illegal immigrants per year. when you calculate that, that's 3000 per day every day of the week per year. all of a sudden when we are just asking for people to come to the country legally, the democrats are going to be on the side of illegal immigration? even commonsense laws, you are against donald trump. at some point in time, we have
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to do what's right for the country, attacking a particular person. i want to address this twitter thing. people are just so outraged by donald trump using twitter. i heard something on the national press club today. donald trump was listed number five of communicating to the masses. >> thank you. josh hawley, the republican senate candidate in a tough battle against clare mccaskill. claire mccaskill has a three-point edge from one pole, but real clear politics calling it a tossup. rita on the democrats line from jacksonville, florida. you have two big races. have you voted already? >> i voted early.
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, yes, i didd to say vote early, i voted republican. in the presidential election in 2016, i voted republican. democrat.istered being a single mother with children, i think the republicans are better for our country and everything right now. . >> so you voted for ron desantis and governor rick scott? >> yes, i voted for both of them. >> any predictions? >> i'm hoping ron desantis and governor rick scott win, but like the polls, everyone keeps saying, you never know what's going to happen. my biggest thing is everyone keeps saying that with everything trump is doing, the women are not voting, and that they are going to vote democrat. i amted to call in and say
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a registered democrat and i voted republican. >> a lot of questions especially after 2016. thank you for the call. fox news right now with sean hannity. let's go to cindy from gloucester, ohio. >> yes. i would like to say that i am going to vote straight democrat. we have to get rid of this trumpism, all this hate going on . it is awful. if i was a republican, i would vote democrat. >> thank you for the call, from ohio. you have a senate and governor's race.
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next is robert in clearfield, kentucky. who is your representative? >> andy barr. >> he's in a tough race against amy mcgrath. tell us about that. one reason i don't like it is -- mcgrath was two-and-a-half years ago. she started campaigning a year and eight months ago. andy barr has not done anything to be voted out of office at all . i am a big trump supporter and a big republican supporter, and i haven't heard one of her that matter at all to the regular people of kentucky. state.a big coal things.a lot of other i voted for andy barr, and
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everyone that the republican nationally that i could vote for. local races are different. you have to go for the person you know. i will have a split vote tomorrow, but i just wanted to make that clear. the people of kentucky know it. thank you for your time. >> thank you. that is kentucky's sixth congressional district. edward joining us in las vegas, where the democrats hope to defeat dean heller. what will happen in your state? >> i think we are going to flip the senate. to shock -- we are going to vote and there will be a blue wave in nevada. >> thank you. next to gilbert in winchester, ohio. 2012, i voted for obama.
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2016 i voted for trump. ago in ohio, a couple years , you couldn't even borrow money from the bank. money was tight and i sell real estate. it's always a good thing, ever since trump became president, the banks are loaning money. the economy is moving. it's unbelievable what's going on here in southern ohio. tomorrow i will be voting straight republican. >> thank youm, gilbert. on the democrats line from maryland,. courtney. >> i have been listening in, and i have never been more involved than since trump took office. i'm 31, so part of the millennial group. i am voting democrat all the way down the line.everyone is
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talking about the economy moving , but the economy was already moving when he took office thanks to barack obama and joe biden. i don't understand where they are getting this perspective that he has done so much. all i think he has done is so discord and is it -- divisions. we have had shootings, people fighting, people bombarding people in congress. that never happened before. that's happening now. tomorrow, i will definitely be voting all democrat. >> thank you. on the republican line from hollywood, florida. good evening. have you voted or are you going to do so tomorrow? >> i already voted, straight republican. i am conservative. i believe that democrats are far too liberal. although donald does things that are a little bit out of line, the way the country is today,
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you can't really have a president that is just not willing to speak out and be a little different. >> thank you. this is the headline from "the new york post," on what to expect tomorrow morning. "what, me worry? dems expecting a blue wave but don remains confident." we will go to jail in staten island, new york. we also have a competitive house race in your neighborhood. >> correct. how are you? we do have a really interesting dynamic here in staten island. i graduated college not too long ago. i'm just urging younger folks to get out there and vote. and starting to see how important it really is. one thing i would like to comment on is it seems the younger generations are voting based on issues and candidates and less on party, and i think that's a good step forward. the call.ou for
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james joining us from maryland. good evening. >> how are you doing today? >> good. how are you? >> good. i am second cousin to joseph biden, who you have seen on tv. ok? i am second cousin said joseph biden, vice president joseph biden. i did see him at the camden yards in baltimore, when he left. could you just tell him for me that i'm calling to tell him that he's done a good job tonight on tv, and he still has my number? my number is -- >> don't give it out, james. we have your number here. is he going to run in 2020?
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>> i kind of think he will be. he's a tough person. people can't get around him. he's a very strong person and i love the man. being the second cousin and everything. tell him his cousin jimmy called from baltimore county. >> will do. thank you, jimmy. that is josh hawley, by the way, running for u.s. senate. the 38 years old, republican candidate recruited by state republican leaders along with his wife as he tries works tohe crowd and get the vote. claire mccaskill, seeking a third term. abigail is joining us from california. democrats line. >> good evening. i am a registered democrat for
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53 years, but i'm voting straight republican. i just love my president. >> thank you. let's go to the independent line. schenectady, new york. >> i am an independent. i am voting state -- straight democrat tomorrow. i think president trump is a disgrace to the office. how he treats women. i think he is not a gentleman. i hope every republican is unsuccessful. i think the president has done a lot of damage to this country. >> thank you. teresa is next in carrollton, texas. republican line. we are hearing from voters only. good evening. >> i wanted to thank you all for covering all of th


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