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tv   Campaign 2018 Sen. Kamala Harris at Orange County Rally  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 11:52pm-12:32am EST

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>> voices from the states. part of c-span's 50 capitals tour. >> california senator kamla harris attended a campaign rally this past weekend to support u.s. house candidate katie porter in california's 45th congressional district. other speemers chud lieutenant governor gavin newsom running for governor and actress and comedian chelsea handly ler. his is 35 minutes. >> please welcome to the stage chelsea handler! >> hi, hi, hi! thank you! thank you everybody for coming out and supporting great candidates for the state of california. we're all here today because of our values.
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and because we care about our country. and because we know that is our civic and moral duty to use the very right that so many people fought for us to get for years and years and years to stand up to inequality, to stand up against marginalization, and to stick our next out and fight not only for ourselves but to stick our necks out and fight for marginalized communities everywhere. [cheering] we have the power to take back the house in three days! i've spent my year doing everything in my power to ensure that every single person who has the right to vote, a right, not a privilege, a right to vote. feels emboldened and empowered and knows their voice matters and it is your responsibility for every single person here today to get a person who is
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not planning to vote to vote on november 6. we are going to knock on people's doors. we can offer, un, make people, make shaur people are aware lyft and uber are offering free rides to the polls. we can offer baby-sitting services to our friends in our community. we can reach out to neighbors and strangers with help for transportation. even though i was born in the state of new jersey -- we don't need to give new jersey props right now -- the state of california is my home. . is is where i've lived this is where i've been very lucky to live. it gave me a life, a career, a job. and many dogs from the state of california i have. it gave mae most importantly an understanding of what it means
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to be a progressive and what it means to ableader. california is a leader and atie porter is a leader. so, so we have an election coming up. ok? we've been waiting for two years for the tide to turn. for pumpkins to wake up and say no more babies in cages after the 18th indictment. we can't wait for the tide to turn. we are the tide. and also california is one of several states where you can still register to vote on the very last day of voting. all of that information is available. we'll make it available for you. i am very, very honored to bring up my next guest running or state assembly district 74.
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>> thank you. thank you. oh, my goodness. this is incredible. the energy in this room is electric. and the energy all across orange county is absolutely electric. i am thrilled to be here with you. just three days before the most important election of our lifetime. for so many of us the 2016 election was a huge trauma and it was also a huge wakeup call. hich we have heeded. we didn't just get sad. we didn't just get mad. we got busy.
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let's just think about what we've already accomplished and what we've already achieved. because we have changed the face of orange county. orange county is gazillion in the fight to take back the -- is ground zero in the fight to take back the house in 2018 and restore some sanity to our national politics. it is even bigger than that. the transformation is even bigger than that because all across orange county from the city council, the congress, our school board races, to state assembly, this election is our opportunity to elect people in orange county who will stand up for our values, stand up to the issues that we care about, and who will fight for the people in this room instead of a andful of special interests.
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i am running to represent you in the california state assembly. i am a business woman, a mom, a community leader. i am running against someone who is fundamentally out of touch with our community and fundamentally failing to deliver. i'm just going to spend a couple minutes so we know what we're up against here. my opponent matt harper doesn't believe in women's rights or equal pay for equal work. we deserve better. he doesn't believe in common sense gun safety or that it should be required at all to own a fire arm. we deserve better. and my opponent does not believe in climate change or in protecting our coast from offshore drilling. we deserve better.
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really and truly. we deserve better. we deserve better. we deserve better. we deserve representatives to put people before party and put their constituents before campaign contributions. and that is what this election is about. so this is it, orange county. we are in the homestretch. .e are just three days away every single vote in this election is going to count, going to matter. these races are going to be close. so please keep walking. keep knocking. keep phoning. keep fighting. keep believing. in three days we are going to win.
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in three days, in three days we are going to elect gavin newsom as the next governor of the great state of california. in three days we are going to elect katy porter to the united states congress. petrie-norris: katie porter has spent her life, has spent her career fighting for working families and fighting for justice and fairness. in the united states congress she will fight for you. please welcome to the stage the
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next representative for the 45th congressional district, katie porter. [cheering] ♪
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ms. porter: wow. you all are fired up. [cheering] >> let's make the next last few days count. we still have work to do. three more days to go. thank you to everyone for being here today. it is a really special day for me because i get to share it with our great senator, kamala harris. [applause] ms. porter: and our amazing lieutenant governor gavin newsom. [cheering] let me tell you why today is so special. for me, it is personal. in 2012, i got a life changing phone call from our then attorney general kamala harris. she had just secured a
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settlement from the nation's five largest banks and the banks had promised to pay billions to homeowners who were wronged during the foreclosure crisis. when i say our hard-fought, i mean it. kamala didn't blink. she walked away from the negotiations when the banks try shehortchange us and fearlessly fought for a better deal. when the negotiating was over, she didn't even pause. she knew what matters are promises on paper, but what happens to real people. she asked me to be your watchdog, california's top what -- watchdog against the banks and to hold the banks' feet to
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the fire. i remember it clearly, she said to me, "you and i, we know these banks. they're going to try to get out of their responsibility to homeowners." she was right. when we caught a bank lying to a homeowner, we forced the bank to cut that homeowner a check. [applause] we caught banks who were wrongfully foreclosing on homeowners and we put that family back in its home. [applause] we saw the banks try to bury entrepreneurs and small business owners with mountains of paperwork just to discourage them. we forced them to knock it off. [applause] senator harris was right. we need to stand firm, to stand tall, and to stand up for californians. [applause]
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we did. we won tens of thousands of victories for california homeowners and right here in orange county, we helped over 11,000 families stay in their homes. [applause] but the reality is, here in orange county and in the 45th district, we are still living with the consequences of what wall street did. i firmly believe we are seeing history repeat itself. fundamentally, our political system has not changed. donald trump and my opponent mimi walters. [booing] >> they're making things so much worse. instead of delivering for middle-class families, they are
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delivering for their special interest donors. they are turning their backs on families like yours and like mine. mimi walters has voted with donald trump 99% and in doing so, she has sold us out. mimi voted to pass trump's tax plan and raise our taxes by thousand of dollars. she is a traitor to orange county on taxes. [applause] mimi voted for trump-care >> [booing] >> which, for those of us with pre-existing conditions, would have meant no care at all. she did the bidding of polluters
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and big oil to push hard to drill off the shores of our beautiful beaches. those are the stone cold facts. time and again she has turned her back on orange county and she has turned her back on you. she has shown us who she is and now it is time that we show her the door. >> [cheering] katie, katie, katie, katie! ms. porter: it is time we had a representative who fought for orange county 100% of the time.
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a representative who will fight for tax fairness. a representative who will champion affordable quality health care. and a representative who will protect our air, water, and our beaches. >> [cheering] : as a teacher,i have a feeling i already know the answer, but i ask you, are you ready for a representative who fights for you? >> [cheering] ms. porter: we have a lot on the line in this election. we have just three more days. let's make them count. make every conversation with every voter count. are you with me? >> [cheering]
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ms. porter: now, it is my great pleasure to welcome our fierce senator. >> [cheering] porter: in her short time in the senate, she has championed legislation that would provide real tax breaks. she is fighting for working families struggling to make ends meet. and she is working to secure tuition free higher education. >> [cheering] please, help me welcome my inspiration and my dear friend, senator kamala harris. >> [cheering] ♪
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sen. harris: what's up, oc? katie!e, katie, sen. harris: what's up, oc? >> [cheering] harris: let's get this done. i could not be more excited to be here and be with these rock stars in terms of who we need and who we want to come into we -- so we want, and who we will get as leaders of our country.
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as a personal point of privilege i had to tell you about katie porter for a minute. you know her, you have brought her this far. folks here have been knocking on doors, calling, emailing, you have been working for this because you know katie porter is truly a voice of the people. i have seen her work when there weren't all the cameras. i have seen her work the long hours, the thankless long hours. i have seen katie porter pull up her sleeves and get ready to box when it needs to happen, do whatever needs to be done in terms of looking at the mass and the details to deliver for people. plenty of people would like to call themselves leaders and can give a beautiful speech but don't know how to get the work done. katie porter knows how to do both. [cheering]
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we need her now. we need her now. because we need our strongest soldiers on the field. because we've got to fight. we've got to fight we have a fighter in front of us. what everyone here knows is this moment is truly an inflection moment in the history of our country. i think of this moment as being similar to the moment in time when my parents met when they were students at the university of california berkeley in the 1960's. when they were active in the civil rights movement, marching and shouting for justice. this is a similar moment in time. this is a moment in time that is requiring us each individually and collectively to look in the mirror and ask a question. that question being, who are we? i believe part of that answer is we are better than this. >> [cheering]
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senator harris: we are better than this. so, this is the moment in time that is requiring us to fight for the best of who we are and so fight we will. let's be clear about it. if it is worth fighting for, it is a fight with having. i'm going to say that again. if it is worth fighting for, it's a fight worth having. >> [cheering] harris: because, it is an interesting thing, when it is time to fight, some people sit back and say, what is the probability of winning that thing? others will say, that is going to get messy. that will require hard work. but that's all right. that's all right.
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because we say, if it is worth fighting for, it is a fight worth having. so, what we are fighting for is the best of who we are. the stakes are high. the stakes are high. let's talk a moment about the issue of health care. we have been talking about it here. these people are trying to take away our health care. let's be clear. because of the affordable care act, 1.7 million californians now have access to care that otherwise did not. >> [cheering] but, they have been trying to defeat the affordable care act. since i got to d.c. in january of last year, they kept trying. they said that's a fight that is lost here, it's not worth having. they're going to win. what happened? they may have the power and they
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control the house and senate, but the people have the power and we won. the people have the power. in this election, and the next three days, i say if somebody wants to vote to take away your health care, vote them out of office. vote them out. vote katie in. >> [cheering] senator harris: the stakes are high. the stakes are high. you know, they walk around and talk about, you know the economy is doing great. "the economy is great," they say. you've got to ask, ok, how are you measuring exactly this thing about the economy doing so great? they will say, look at the stock market. stocks are going up. that's fine if you own a stock. then you ask, do you have any other measures?
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they will talk about the unemployment rate going down. you know what? i have been traveling around the country and up and down our beautiful state. let me tell you how many people i have met that will say, i am working, i'm working two and three jobs to pay the bills. we have an economy that is not working for working people. we need new leadership. [applause] they're not going to play us. it is no coincidence that in this election cycle, you know that tax bill they have passed, are they talking about that? no. you know why? people are smarter than they think. they could see that they passed a tax bill that was about benefiting corporations in the top 1% of our population instead of families and working people. we know the difference. if we don't like what they are doing and they're not working
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for working people, vote them out of office. vote the right people in. >> [cheering] harris: let's also be clear about this fight. this fight -- this fight is a fight that is for something. this is not a fight against something. this is a fight for something. gavin is about to come up in a second and he has been talking up and down the state, all these folks have been talking about what is not working because they believe in speaking truth. and that means to have to hear sometimes the things you don't want to hear but it is critical to getting things done. so we speak the truth and we are critical in what is not working. it is an interesting thing when you have that conversation. some people suggest that would invite a question about one's love of country.
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i reject that notion. it is ok to point out what is not working in our country and to be critical. i would say there are two definitions of what it means to be a patriot. one, a definition that suggests to be a patriot one must condone the conduct of their country , whatever it does. and then there is the kind of patriot i believe assault i believe -- i believe us all to be: the kind that will fight the agenda every day for the ideals of our country and that is what it is about. [cheering] that is what this is about. this is a fight for the left of -- for love of country and they're not going to take that away from us. our grandchildren, others, will
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look and our eyes, each one of us, they will ask us a question. they will ask us, "where were you at that inflection moment?" what i know we will all be able to say is we were all hanging out here together. [applause] [cheering] harris: and our answer, our answer will not be limited to that. our answer will not be limited to how we felt at this moment, it will be what we did. the action we took that we spoke up, that we walked the streets and we knocked on doors and we emailed and we text folks and we told them you must be involved because your voice is important. it matters and this is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. we will be heard. we will not be silenced. we will not be bullied. we will vote. >> [cheering] harris: and we will vote
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gavin newsom in as the next governor of the great state of california. >> [cheering] ♪ gov. newsom: i love this crowd. chelsea, camelot, cottie, kamala, katie, and the token male feminist. how are you doing, orange county? >> [cheering] newsom: i love orange because orange is the new blue. [cheering] i want to brag on you guys. all the democrats in orange county, eat your heart out. thank you all for taking the time to be here. thank you for supporting such outstanding folks behind me. thank you for everything you have done to get us to this point.
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there are only three more nights that we all have to self-medicate together watching rachel maddow. only three more. we are almost there. finish line, right there. 72 hours. don't run the 90 yard dash, everything we have done today won't mean much if we don't turn it up and turn it on on election night, november 6, and turn out in record numbers to elect katie, to elect cottie, and to send a message to donald trump and those who support trumpism that we reject it, that we are california, and we in the spirit of kamala harris are better than this. >> [cheering] governor newsom: our state, our country, our moment. man, california. the most diverse state in the
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world's most diverse democracy. 27% of us foreign-born in the state of california. this is a state -- i love all of this talk about this caravan. about refugees that are a thousand miles away, moving about 20 miles a day, that may or may not get here in two months, heading up this crisis. it's not a crisis for us because you know better than i, this is a state of refuge. this is a state, california, this is a state that has brought in 112,000 refugees over the last 15 years. living together, and advancing together across every difference. that is our state. california. you know what makes california great?
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we don't tolerate that diversity, we celebrate that diversity. >> [cheering] governor newsom: that is what is on the ballot this november. man, i love this state. california, the coast of dreams. horace greeley was right. "go west, young man, go west." a state of dreamers emma doers, -- dreamers, doers, occupant of ours, innovators, a state that is on the leading and cutting edge. the future in california, the future in this country happens here first. >> [cheering] governor newsom: you are america's coming attraction. the sun does not set out here in orange county, it rises on the west. california, i love this state. i love this state.
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my job is easy. it is to close this thing up and make this point. the future is not something to experience, not just something to enjoy, the future is inside of you. you have got to make it so. it is decisions, not conditions that determine our fate and future. so the next three days, this is it, folks. let's run that 100 yard dash. let's get cottie in the assembly, katie in washington, d.c. let's see kamala harris's star get brighter and brighter. let's take back this democracy from donald trump and trumpism. thank you, democrats. thank you for everything you are doing. >> [cheering] ♪
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announcer: washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up election day, tuesday morning, university professors from old coast university, west virginia university and the universities of misery and arizona discuss -- missouri and arizona discuss battleground states and what to watch for. and then debra cleaver joins us with her efforts on increasing voter turnout.
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be sure to watch live at 7:00 eastern on tuesday morning. join the discussion. here is a look at what is life tuesday. a discussion from the heritage foundation about the trump administration decision to impose new sanctions on iran. election night coverage begins at 8:00 eastern as the results come in four races around the country. we will bring you victory and concession speeches from candidates. on c-span2, the wilson center looks at the political and economic impact of mexican migrants who come to the u.s. the c-span buses traveling across the country on our 50 capitals tour. during the stop in vermont, we asked which party should control congress and why. isan important issue to me social justice issues regarding women's rights.
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turningwe are at a point in u.s. history and i think this is a good opportunity for lawmakers and those being elected to office to really make a big difference and turn the tide on what is going on in the country right now regarding that. >> one of the issues that is very important to me that is addressed in the next election is mental health issues and having enough money in the budget to deal with mental in theissues going on world right now. >> i think currently with the atmosphere of the u.s. political scene, the two-party system has failed us. it does not represent a wide
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array of audiology's. if you compare the legislation and ideals of the republican and democratic parties, you see similarities beyond some social ideology. it does not acknowledge and address other spanning political issues. a population that does not want to consider the idea of a third-party. stagnanteated a environment for politics in the u.s. that results in a lot of people with different ideology and different beliefs systems being seen as outcasts and who seets versus people the issues in the underlying moral fabric of the united states. >> i know i am not voting for, election isming because thent to me
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last two years under president trump has not been ideal for anyone in the lgbtq community and with the current trans issue affects me because i will be and i haveng to male several friends who are trans. new policy that is proposed is in my eyes further evidence of why the government has no business being so involved in my life. i really do not think this is something they should have a say and they have been voting about a lot of things they should not have a say in. it is important to me that this is resolved, because it just takes away more rights from me
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and my ability to exist. announcer: voices from the states, part of c-span's 50 capitals tour. forour primary source campaign 2018, c-span brought debates, more 162 than any previous election cycle. , one of the debates from maine where angus king is running for andection against ed breaky zach pringle stein. this is one hour. ♪ jennifer: hello and welcome to the maine u.s. senate debate.


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