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tv   Campaign 2018 Minnesota Governors Debate  CSPAN  November 6, 2018 3:04am-4:04am EST

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c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> here is a look at what is live on tuesday. administration seeks to impose new sanctions on iran. we will bring you victory and concession speeches from the candidates. center looks at mexican migrants coming to the u.s. on c-span two. as your primary source for campaign 2018, we have brought you a total of 162 debates, more than any previous election cycle. we have a race listed as likely democratic. this is just under an hour.
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>> thank you. i am running for governor of minnesota because i believe deeply in the promise of the state. our future is bright and we can make it happen. >> thank you for being here. were born and raised in northwestern minnesota.
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i spent most of my life in the private sector. for governor to allow people to spend on their own families and run their own businesses and start holding governments accountable again. have lost that recently, and i think it is time for a change. >> we want to start with a focus talking about taxes. mr. johnson, to you first. you said you will not raise taxes. the state budget forecast shows the state of minnesota with a shortfall. what you propose cutting to balance the budget? >> i am not going to raise taxes. i have made that very clear. how about we start with the $500 million that the legislative we'ver has told us
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provided to people who aren't eligible for welfare? look at the $40 billion spend on a we computer system that isn't working. we could move it to the federal system and save that money. i could go over several other examples. i think a little bit of accountability in government will go a long way to actually give some relief to the taxpayers. that, we could start measuring programs we have in our state to figure out which ones are actually working. they are working to change people's lives for the better? let's celebrate them. let's end the programs that make politicians feel good.
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i want our government programs to help people. i don't know why we are putting up with this. it is time to hold government accountable. >> thank you. consider the same scenario. would you propose for people of the state who say, they are already being stretched too thin? deficitd a $6 billion that was caused by lack of investments. what minnesota always does is we invest. we invest in our people. out this week from the association of civil engineers. hundreds of investments
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in those bridges. it is irresponsible for the government not to a daft the situation shows itself. that budget document is far more than a fiscal document. outcomes and health care are all because we have made smart investments in education and public health. those are things that leaders do. they assess and move forward. moderator: where would increases for that spending come from? we rank below the median average with what we invest. that money does not need to come
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from corrections officers or nursing homes. we gave about 50 million in tax cuts from premium tobacco companies. that is not a smart investment in terms of the cost. people healthy and working and grow that tax base, you can lower taxes. this is what separates us from other states. talk more specifically about what you would cut in terms of human services to assist with state spending. >> let's start with the fraud we have in our system. we have spent $100 million on some plans and they are asking for more. >> we spend more on welfare than pretty much any state.
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minnesotans are generous. we want to take care of people who need help. we have programs that are not helping people. layer, decades of programs, some of these are not doing anything to help people. at thesee a look programs and measure them and bolster the ones that are working and end those that don't. tim, you have promised the world $18 billion in spending increases, you have promised the anyone that asks for more health care, but you have to raise massive taxes to get there. where else are we going to go to get all that money?
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you are going to see different versions of minnesota. one that tells you what we can't do, and how we can grow. property rates have dropped here while they grow in these other states. we are improving lives into the economy. saying it is rampant spending is not true. we want to keep someone from getting sick. can keep them working, we improve the tax base. >> we want to move on. saying it is fearmongering is preposterous. it is being honest.
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toing we are never going tell people which taxes we are going to raise to pay for it is not irresponsible. i am trying to be honest with people. sometimes people like or don't like the answer. but let's be responsible with people's money, rather than promises and figure it out. >> one of the biggest issues in this governor's race is health care. it is the one issue that issues people of the state the most. reported you like a single-payer system that covers everyone. esther johnson, you like market-based reforms with private companies. tell us about the system that you like. -- mr. johnson, you like market-based reforms with private companies. tell us about the system you like. this nation spends 20% of our
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gdp on health care, twice as much as any other industrialized nation. after we undermined the aca, we had 16,000 minnesotans kicked off health insurance. when you give people health insurance, you keep them healthy with preventative care and you save money. we have the highest insured rate and the highest health outcome. we get them healthy and then we start doing what minnesota is can do. instead of talking all these years about health insurance reform, let's start curing diseases. what do you like?
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we have been pulled down the somewhere to the middle. you have two sets of issues. can takeo make sure we care of people in this state who need help. has taken care of people in this state, for decades, and we will continue to do that when i am governor. means continuing to guarantee affordable coverage with pre-existing conditions. that is only part of the equation. sometimes people just talk about that part. people who are paying for their own insurance, with their employer, are paying for their insurance. they are getting killed. we have seen it deductibles skyrocket. we have seen people leave their doctor.
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force more competition into the system against current insurers and create more options and choices for people. moderator: are you saying if you have a pre-existing condition, you are still going to get coverage? >> absolutely. >> with a private company? >> no. we will not reinstate what we did so well before. minnesota reinstated a system similar to obamacare 30 years ago. it worked. cracks incorrect. the commissioner was -- >> incorrect. the commissioner was taken to task over this. in thes a person here audience tonight that was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
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considerations against pre-existing conditions was the norm prior to the aca. the repeal of this undermines that. kelly understands if we choose to go in the direction of this fantasy world that there is a free market in health care, she will lose her health insurance and she is two years in recovery from brain cancer. >> there is not a free market in health care. that is part of the problem. options.e people more this business about losing pre-existing condition coverage, we need to move back to where tim wants to go. he is back to minnesota care for all. i am not sure where you are at. either we all lose our health coverage, and everyone is forced on to a government plan --
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>> these are personal physicians. -- positions. the money that is being spent in -- insurance companies added nothing to this, and there is a fundamental difference that needs to be stated here. i think health care is a basic human right. heard jeff states that. -- state that. >> heard jeff states a lot of rural hospitals
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would be out of business. you would have very different coverage. >> a quick question. according to a study from the minnesota department of health, -- what is the best way to gain transparency in hospital pricing? >> we agree on this. there is a free market in this. we have seen this. the real focus is the preventative care on the front end and the cost reductions. sure we areake doing the research on the front end. price transparency matters. >> yes, we agree on something.
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we need more transparency. to give we also have consumers some incentive to care about the cost. if they haven't more choices and options, they are going to care. x things like brain cancer is why we have to have people covered. minneapolisof recently passed a $15 an hour minimum wage, and other cities appear to be headed in that direction. should the minimum wage the end issue tackled at the state level? ?hat is the right answer cracks it needs to be a living or a housing wage for people to be able to get by. that's maybe enough in some parts, but that is pushing it.
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i respect local entities. if the state is going to be paralyzed, they need to do what is right for folks. the best stimulus plan in the world is extra money in the pocket of a middle-class person. people are spending 60% of their income on housing, wages are not working. any economy with low unemployment, rates are rising -- wages are rising. but you should not have to work a full-time job and not be able to provide basic food, housing, and services. the way to do it is to work through the legislature and have compromises. but we have seen his cities take it upon themselves. moreee that makes it
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complicated. i respect the local authorities to make the decisions they need to. >> should these decisions be made at the state level? >> yes. must be locally -- government is going to have a significant effect on the economy of the entire state. a patchwork of labour regulations threaten the state is going to cause a problem for our entire economy. i would support preemption. things citylot of governments might do. has a ban on plastic bags in their grocery store. say, we is going to will preempt that, so you cannot do it. my job to say the city of minneapolis cannot do stupid things.
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on -- an effect on the entire state, the state should be setting it. there is a report that says we do not have enough skilled workers in minnesota to fill jobs. doinghould the state be to prepare young workers to focus positions? we need to make sure there is a lot government can do to connect our schools with our businesses. we need to make sure our kids are learning the skills that are employers believe they will need in a year or 10 years. some communities are actually doing a great job. me, this is a much bigger issue, almost a cultural issue, right now. to decidewas trying what to do next, he will probably go to college.
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if you choose is something other than a four-year degree, some of our friends will feel sorry for him. they will say he will not be successful and that makes me sad. is -- atrue there governor can help change that sort of culture by celebrating these opportunities and making sure parents understand they are out there, and you do not have to have a four-year degree. i do feel sorry for your friends, having that attitude. the trades is where our families came from. afford in this state to allow any child to slip through the cracks. we have a problem with the achievement gap in the children of -- in children of color.
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make sure that teachers understand those cultural competencies. 70% of our workforce is going to come from communities of color in the future. we are an aging population. the average age of an agricultural worker in southern minnesota is 58 years. only 1000 of our students took the advanced placement computer science class last year. we going to have to start thinking for the future. >> can we talk about the achievement gap? betweenevement gap white students and students of is possibly the biggest moral value, issue we have.
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have one of the worst achievement cap's in minnesota in the country for 30 or 40 years. this does not get any better. if you keep doing the same thing over and over, and nothing gets , maybe you should do something different. we have to be looking at giving parents more control. thatill not see any of cutting edge reform we had 20 or 30 years ago. we cannot leave these kids behind. >> giving control tool the of the kids in5% minneapolis are homeless, is not control. teacher, if a child
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comes to my classroom, they will not learn geography if they were sleeping in a car the night before. 90% children of color, free introduced lunch, and 90% graduation rate is what i propose. voucher when they don't have a car or a home or the capacity to research is not a way to go. that leads to a death spiral. pretty big making a jump from giving parents more control to a voucher system. i have seen your answer to the question.minnesota
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no cutting-edge reform, no accountability, nothing different, more of the same. we are to keep living beings kids behind? we need to try something new. this is not just ideological. these are the lives of real people. there are concerns that we could be heading into a trade war that could be having a significant impact on farmers and manufacturers. what are you prepared to do to help these groups if they are negatively impacted? here is where i have a difference in policy with the current administration. i believe we should encourage trade, as opposed to encouraging barriers.
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we have farmers that are just getting killed by this. i will be mature achievement -- chief cheerleader of everything we do in this state. that is the key job of our governor. we need to make sure the rest of the country understands what we do so well in the state. >> these trade policies are horrific. they were not done strategically. we have worked really hard to open those markets and the smart. i will ensure those trade relations are kept up. this is where we differ.
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i visited a company in bloomington, a gerona company. it is the high-tech ability of sensors onboard. you can find weed by links, and a john deer tractor goes out and sprays that one weed. this idea that farmers do not want clean water is nonsense. energy that happens between the university of minnesota and private entities and growth as to value. we need to continue to use these products in a smart way. at the same time we address climate change, we have an economy that feeds right back into that. >> thank you. minnesota has a diverse population.
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what would you do with refugee resettlement? minnesota is not just a state that benefits from immigration. we are an immigrant state. worthington, to you will not have an empty storefront. allow people to understand this is a welcoming community. the past of the state, the present -- the present in the future is dependent on immigration. you can go through the process to live here and get to the
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american dream. >> we do have a very proud history. we have a lot of stories to tell about wonderful immigrants and refugees who have come here. i see a program that a lot of people believe is now working, -- not working, my answer is, let us not pretend like there is no problem, or to demonize them. at this and have the discussion and the debate. with respect to refugee resettlement, communities in minnesota are saying this cost is extreme. we know there are hundreds of millions of dollars at the state know there is the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars at the state level. is, let's have the
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discussion -- discussion and cause refugee resettlement. ours look at why some of refugees are not achieving the american dream. unemployment is much higher than the rest of the state. why is that? let's have a discussion about the community as to how to move forward. >> i would go out to washington dc and talk to the administration. we have been more generous by a lot. than any state in the country. we are better for the kindness our state has shown. as to the problems in the system, we agree. immigration is the federal government's responsibility.
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the issue of dealing with comprehensive immigration reform we have a young woman sitting in the front row who is one of those refugees and achieving the american dream. rhetoric,ears that she wonders what kind of state we are. the economy of minnesota is a plus because of immigration. >> you talk about the horrible rhetoric. said?u listen to what i we have been welcoming and we continue to be. but the response of government should not be what our current governor set. this should be, let's talk about this. in our society, we cannot have discussions about anything to do with race or religion or
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immigration. if you don't hold a certain view of the other side, you are shut down, and been called racist. >> a lot of this rhetoric comes house.e white as governor of minnesota, i will stand up for citizens and our residents. stand up to the kind of rhetoric that undermines who we are and the -- the capacity to find common ground. i, but we have to end the practice of not having the discussions. >> what about sanctuary states? should we be one?
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>> the state of minnesota should be a safe space for any illegal immigrant who wants to come here. would be the only one in the upper midwest. we have a lot of people in this state right now who are here illegally and who should be better treated by a government than they are. >> this is jeff's definition. the responsibility of the federal government is immigration enforcement. local law enforcement is supposed to keep our communities safe. i spent 24 years in uniform on state and national security issues. -- have committed a violent crime, you go to prison.
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if someone of color reports their house being broken into, they will be picked up for a violation. in places where they feel that goes up, and it does nothing to reduce undocumented immigration, and it ends up with fear. ask the federal government to participate in their responsibility. to encourage people to come here who are criminals is an insult to24 years of doing this myself. why are we taking precious resources away, when the federal government should be doing their responsibilities. >> you had to make this promise to when your primary, and now you are kind of stuck with it. you can pretend like it is something that it is not.
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agree that we should not be asking our police officers to do the job of the federal government. we should be allowing them to cooperate. but that is not what a sanctuary state is. i just stood up with the minneapolis police federation, and they endorse me. >> the vast majority of law enforcement disagrees with this position. a jeff know if there is butson definition library, let me say clearly, if you commit a violent crime, regardless of your status and anyway, you are going to prison.
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if you come here and you have committed violent crimes in the past in few happen to be an illegal immigrant, we are going to welcome meal. that is what you are saying. >> let's talk about education. i want to ask you a couple more things. discussionbit of a going on about the role of schools. they have become a point of access for social services. what role should community schools play in minnesota? >> children do not come in pieces.
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we need to make sure we do not continue the school to prison pipeline. the fix to that is on the front end. these children may come from positions of trauma, daily. they are coming from positions of economic poverty. we have full service community schools and placement for housing and the ability to get job placement. this is how we not only improve the lives of -- lives of children, it helps them to save money. the school board not fix all society problems, but when we worked together in a smart manner, the results are staggering. first and foremost, the role of community schools should be to teach our kids.
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we do have a lot of kids that have needs that could be served if you have other agencies in place. first and foremost, we have to educate our kids. our funding formula is an abomination. only one or two people in st. paul gets it because we have system that does not promote what is most important for kids. we need to remove the many mandates are state government is placing on her local school districts. we should free up administrations and school boards, to reward and promote the best teachers in their
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schools. there is nothing more important other than family to predict the sets -- success of a child, then a teacher. that we should not adjust the funding formula to needsion and look at the of different parts of the state. i think administrators do have the capacity to do what they need to do. minnesota attracts teachers because we lift them up and respect them. i do agree we need to give the support to the teachers in those classrooms.
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>> should the state be doing more to support these local districts? or is this something where the local districts need to be focusing themselves? >> we have something that was really unique around the country. maybe we have moved back from that a bit. we are helping the school that don't have the tax base to compete with some of the schools that do. there is probably a bigger role for the state. no matter where you lived, minnesota was going to give you that quality education. it is also about having the local workforce well-trained.
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what you end up seeing is cities like duluth that have to pass sales taxes to build streets because we have cut back on local government aid. did inthe things we minnesota was this mechanism of local government aid that allowed them to do that. these districts to go back time and time again with a -- this is anse incredible problem and creates an unequal distribution of workforce. it is moral -- morally wrong to say a child in greater minnesota cannot have the same opportunities. >> i think we actually agreed. we are one state. i'd put up in detroit. i went to public
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schools and i know there are places in the part of the state where it is harder. this a talking point in your campaign appearances. we want to spend less time in traffic. we want better roads and strong bridges. do you support the light rail? >> i do. i have not supported the light rail projects we have seen so far. the analysis is terrible. >> i do not agree. transit make sense to move people. we are seeing the light rail that is efficient.
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missing, we are starting to pick the state against one another. mike job as governor is to bridge that gap. the transit system that moves in the twin cities aria provides the impact to grow the economy. ex transportation is a great example. i have two teenage boys.
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i remember when they would come home from school. i would say, do your homework. they would ask me to watch tv. i would say, focus. government has become like a teenage boy in the areas of transportation. we need to focus on for most building roads and bridges, and then transit. then we can build a world-class bus system that cost a fraction of what these trains cost. how are we going to find these things? >> i have already proposed my proposal. we know the backlog on this is horrific. there are applications that are so real for not doing this.
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highway 14 in southern minnesota is a nightmare and had been neglected. a driver was killed on that highway. these are things that are about safety. we were told that in order to the highways, this would take $.10. >> this is not because the government is not taking enough money, that we can't build better highways. it is because we are not on the correct areas of transit. 15% increase of spending in 18 years. fail thethat we can't
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potholes is a true failure in government and leadership. >> government is unaccountable. 500 million dollars in people who are receiving benefits. another hundred million dollars at least a year in childcare. $30 million in uncollected minnesota care premiums. government still does not work. we are spending $40 million a year on that. let's focus on what matters to people, rather than spending hundreds of millions of dollars on rebuilding the streetcar system.
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let's focus on what actually works for people first. >> you talk about a world-class bus system. what that means to the average person from minnesota? >> the best bus system in the world. bus rapid transit is not cheap. i have supported that at the county level. it requires a fraction of the subsidies that trains deal. do. you can actually move the route as people or businesses move, rather than spending billion. -- billions. transit is a big issue.
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comes out of,t makersclal decision decision, you have to understand that when parts of minnesota benefits, all of minnesota benefits. >> we're spending a massive amount of money on systems that are inefficient. withave to be careful other people's money in government right now. >> what is your response to minnesotans concerned about the impact>> that this will have on the environment? i will be an advocate for koppel and nickel mining.
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there is the private sector creating good jobs for people who are desperate for good jobs. with respect to mining, we have regulatory requirements at the federal and state level that are extremely rigorous. if people can get through the roadblocks, i will be a big advocate to get this done, because this means good paying jobs for minnesotans. mining is ad nickel very dangerous proposition. and not all minds are the same.
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an important piece of this is the liability fund. the -- thiso do work care deeply about clean water and the jobs and the growth that are there. hopper and nickel mining is incredibly important to a clean energy economy. minnesota has the capacity to dress this as long as we are not cutting corners. >> let's talk about the oil pipeline. how do you balance these environmental concerns? >> i have been able to strike a balance between economic
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activity and environmental growth. we need to make sure the environmental impact statements are done right. i have served on the transportation committee. to be very cognizant about where these trains are running, to be very cognizant about where these trains are and i think that the people who built these things also support the environment. >> we need to get linux three done. it is private sector jobs.
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tim, you are better than any politician i know that answering the question without answering it. i don't know what you will do with this. i still don't know where you are on this issue. >> i think the listeners were very clear. >> thank you. are looking for some shorter answers. we are running out of time. try and get through as many as we can. x according to the minnesota department of health, there were 401 deaths in 2017. how do you fix this?
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x there was a mess lab bill that was the most comprehensive ever passed in the country. -- meth lab bill the most comprehensive eve rpar passed in the country. you have to look at education, prevention, and treatment. problem this opioid is heroin, fentanyl. there was a bill that came together that moved us in the right direction and it ended up on the cutting room floor. scourge that has to be addressed. talked about, if we don't get
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a handle on this, we'll have an epidemic. we need to give the tools to law enforcement. these drugs help, but there is overprescription. need to help the places and make sure they have the capacity to treat in a way that makes sense to them. win but your party does not lead in the house or the senate, what will you do to get things done? >> we don't accomplish anything in government. win but your party does not lead in the house or the senate,if i am not working e other side, anything i get done
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is going to be short-lived. we need a fundamental change to the status quo in this state. i'd better get some democrats on board. if you can't maintain those relationships, you were not going to have any success in government. >> this is where leadership matters. of --ad the reputations reputation of moving things through, signed by presidents of both parties, whether it is a farm bill or a bill dealing with veteran suicide. the duluth news tribune endorsed us. -- endorsed
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they said, this is the leader minnesota needs. i have the eternal that ran this campaign with and irved in congress -- tone have ran this campaign with and served in congress with. it is the partisan rhetoric -- i am dug in on my issues. if i can't change my mind, that becomes a problem. >> you have a partisan record. you don't jump across the aisle may be as much as you would like to say. board, i sometimes lose, but other times, i am able to
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cobble together coalitions with those who disagree with my worldview. we need a governor who leads and disengaged from the beginning of the session, rather than one who waits until the very and and then everything blows knew where stood. >> did you want to respond again? >> no. >> you both have losing statements you can make. mr. johnson, you have one minute to let minnesotans know why they should vote for you. >> thank you again for having us and for hosting this debate. i believe minnesota is the greatest state in america. it has been my entire life. but i have real concerns about where we are heading. tim and i get along but we have dramatically different views of where to go from here. i believe minnesotans pay to much in taxes and tim has promised to raise texans -- taxes. we should work with
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the federal government to enforce our immigration laws and tim things wish -- thinks we should be a sanctuary state. i think government has become completely unaccountable in minnesota and we need a fundamental change in the status thisbecause what makes state so asked ordinary, so awesome, is not government. it is our people. it is our work ethic and the creativity and ingenuity and the basic goodness and decency of our people. i will be a governor that empowers those people and not more government, so we continue to be the greatest stay in america. >> mr. walter. >> thank you to the listeners for caring enough about this. it was our iron that forced of the tanks that liberated europe. it was our farmers that sparked the green revolution and our imagination that transformed medicine. this is not a state that worries about the future. this is the state that creates the future.
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it is time for a governor with a record,niform -- proven whether in uniform or in the classroom or now, to set our sights high, not to tell is what we can't do, but tell us what we can do together. let's create that state that needs to be this any example for the rest of the country. we are not interested in just talking about health care. we are interested in curing cancer. we are not interested in denying climate change. we are interested in being part solution. we are a welcoming place where people wants to come and minnesota takes its rise -- its rightful place, incredible state family.le to raise a hope i can earn your vote on november sex and i would be honored to have it. your timeou for tonight and think you to the viewers at home for watching this debate. >> we hope you found this helpful and informative. thank you for watching. >>which party will control the house and senate ? watch c-span's live election
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coverage sun night starting at 8:00 eastern as the results come in from house, senate, and governors races around the country. here victory and concession statements from the candidates. then, we will get your reaction to the election, taking your phone calls live during "washington journal." c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> this past weekend, former vice president joe biden was near his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, to campaign for senator bob casey and representative matt cartwright, who are both seeking reelection. this is about 40 minutes.


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