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tv   Campaign 2018 West Virginia Senate - Sen. Joe Manchin  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 3:53am-4:08am EST

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>> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy that impacts you. coming up, we will open the phone lines all morning and take your social media comments on campaign 2018 elections and result across the nation. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at seven eastern. join the discussion. election night 2018 continues. republicans have retained having 51 the senate, seats and democrats 43 and two independent's. democrat, won reelection in his race against republican patrick morsi.
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senator manchin received just under 50% of the vote. here is senator manchin, followed by patrick morsi's .oncession speech [applause] , i kind ofust say
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lost my voice on the motorcycle ride. ride that was, what a way to end it. you are all our family. >> thank you! you know we stand here tonight because each and every one of you. here have yoube not all make the efforts you made to vote, your friends and family, this has been a long journey. joe and i began this journey 51 years ago. his commitment to public service started 36 years ago.
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and you know what is amazing? there are those of you in this room who were with us, 36 years ago! during that 36 years, we were blessed with three wonderful children. threet and married wonderful spouses. now we have six children instead 10 glorious, wonderful grandchildren. and they are with us tonight. they supported joe when it was not easy. life was not always good when you were a public servant. but the kids never said, dad,
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don't do this. tonight, it is about the head of this family, senator joe manchin. [applause] this, there are so many people to thank, so many people made this possible. let me tell you, you make history tonight. won, nobody in the united states has ever won in a state that the president in the previous election won by 42 points. never.s never happened, this is a win for west virginia.
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we've got heather, we've got joseph. spouses,ot all of our all of our children, really. we've got trace, and marshall. we've got all of our grandkids. and i want to say something so special about this election. i was able to have kelsey with me. and then i had mattie come in. and i have jack come and do the door knock. just to have the kids involved was special. i have my brothers and sisters with me. janet, my sisters janet. i have polly -- paula, rocky.
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all of my cousins, nephews and nieces. everybody, raise your hand back there. i have been in a lot of elections, a lot of races. never never had a staff, had a staff that works so diligently, so professional. and i wanted them to be recognized, because without them, all of you who are out there and are part of our staff. but larry has been with me for a long, long, long time. larry will tell you, he was six feet tall and we first started working. we just knocked him down, that's not all. but my goodness, he has been with me, he has been putting it
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together, making sure all the .rains ran on time [applause] and to missy phelan. [applause] >> on the official site, i have had, my chief of staff, john, myble, and communications director, doing an unbelievable job. and let me tell you, the guy who , grant. glue together where is grant? right back there.
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[applause] and to all of the volunteers, everybody who was involved, hold your hand up. this is the group that made it happen. and let me tell you this about i have never had more of a commitment to any group of people than the senior citizens of west virginia, because they have earned the respect and dignity the state should give them. we have fought, and we will fight. medicare will never be tampered with, i can assure you that. and anybody who has a pre-existing condition, i will fight with every bone in my body to make sure you are protected. to our veterans, if it wasn't for veterans, my goodness, where would we be?
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the most patriotic state in the nation is right here, right in west virginia, we have given our blood in every conflict and every war. and let me say something, about 55 strong, god bless each and every one of you. every one of you. proud ofver been more educators, school service personnel, administrators, superintendence, standing arm in arm, lockstep, fighting for the children and education they to the in west virginia clergy, the clergy was unbelievable. the clergy stepped out and they helped us in all quadrants of this great state. think of the clergy for staying us, working hard for each and everyone, every denomination, so great. rabbi, thank you.
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thelet me say this, to business and labor, we were able to read business and labor we have always worked for and worked with, because together, we can all succeed and do better. but there was one, one labor group that stood out, one group that came with me from the beginning. tall, umwthat stood and -- cheering]e we got that health care, and we are going to get your pensions, i guarantee you. let me say that i never expected this race to be national race this turned out to be. i never expected president trump to come to the state as much as , sending vice president
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pence, sending his family, time after time after time. and you stood tall, what you , what west virginia said loud and clear tonight. mr. president, we want our senator, not your senator. [applause] i cannot tell you how proud i am, i just cannot tell you how proud, to stand tall. democrats, republicans, independents, i make my commitments to each and every one of you. i take my oats series.
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i raise my hand and swear to god to uphold the constitution, that is for everybody, everybody. got to stop this absolutely toxic rhetoric that is going on in this country. we have got to stop the toxic rhetoric, we have got to bring people together. mr. president, i want you to be president of the united states, not the divided states. [applause] and i want to say this to our state legislators. "joe"]ng i want to say this to every state legislator, to the leaders, from the governor on down. start acting like a west virginian and stop acting so my part -- partisan.
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i will finish with this. you have heard me say this before. more -- iin more believe in you more than you believe in yourself, and tonight, we shelled the old world that we believe in west virginia. it is all about west virginia, god bless each and every one of you, bless the great state of virginia, and may god continue to bless the united states of america. [chanting "lets go,
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