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tv   Washington Journal Sebastian Gorka  CSPAN  December 2, 2018 2:26pm-3:17pm EST

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pay their respects to the late president as he lies in state at the capitol rotunda. the washington national cathedral begins at 11:00. later they will be returned to texas republic feeling in houston on wednesday night. there is a funeral service at saint martin's episcopal church at the george bush presidential library and museum. table, sebastian gorka the former deputy assistant and national security advisor staff member good morning and thank you for joining us. we want to get your take on the legacy of late president george h.w. bush. example ofhe is an how it should be done. keyidea you can fill in posts as a bureaucrat and civil
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servant, whether in china or to become a politician not only the vice president but then president and retain the dignity that is so lacking today in terms of bipartisan action. else,le model if nothing and if you go back in time, an amazing pages. paul: you wrote a book, why we fight. it, italk more about wanted to show it and this photo of president bush in saudi arabia in 1991 greeting the troops. i wanted to connect the two, the title and the fight president bush chose to take to the iraqis with kuwait. explain why that action might have been important. sebastian: i try to make the
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argument having worked for presidential that even in an administration we don't have an intervention -- trump is not an interventionist -- policy must have a moral content. that you can be an isolationist and pull down the shutters and we will be fine did not work in pearl harbor. it did not work on 9/11. and the lesson president bush gives us is a bully's will not be tolerated. he hated bullies. whether it was in latin america or middle east. if there's something we can do that is realistic and reasonable we should do it as a most par phonation in the world. there is a moral compass to arm foreign policy and that is a legacy. paul: numbers on the bottom. he we with us in next 40 minutes.
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republicans (202) 748-8001, democrats (202) 748-8000, independents (202) 748-8002. he is there was some news out of argentina, the u.s. and china according to the wall street journal have reached a truce on trade. for 90 days. there are a lot of details, but a lot of folks think the markets will view that friendly. photo, of thee american leadership, the chinese leadership natures for 90 days. mean?s it me? -- sebastian: i tell people if you want to understand this president is you read the article. maybe the communist party and china got around to reading a translation of the art of the deal. this is how he bring success to
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the table. you radel the cage of your adversary and make them uncertain of their future and they will come to the table. this is a clear sign. we sent the message we must buy more american goods we will slap on 25% more, this is their breathing space. , initiated message the investigation on theft of property on the chinese and we said it is about seeing behavior modification. will china behave. they have 90 days to prove it. paul: the economist who was been on this program says china has slow walked president trump, he is fallen into the same trap as barack obama, president bush and bill clinton. you'll get promises and few results. sebastian: i think that is wishful thinking from someone with the political agenda.
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look at the economy, weren't we told by obama you will never see gdp growth. it donald trump becomes president the stock market would crash. recover.t would never look at the economy and unemployment look at the companies like google. dollars of billions of that have been ushered through congress. let us look at the facts not wishful thinking. paul: another foreign policy matter, the ukraine. the president canceling of formal meeting for a brief chat. what do you make of the current situation? what should the president be doing? -- i amn: i am to start
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disturbed. it is assigned old dog cannot be taught new tricks. and that russia is led by a man who is a formal kgb colonel is the reality and context. it is the lesson of what we did in syria, killing 200 of their so-called contract killers. and they're trying to re-escalate, get a hold on the region. this is classic soviet kgb tactics and this is not the was theesident -- what past few hours, you cannot trust this man, vladimir putin. paul: let us get a call from raymond in michigan, democratic line. caller: good morning.
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understand you have a warrant out for your arrest from hungry of a gun violation. what is going on with that that?on debt -- sebastian: you should not believe everything you see on the internet. but thank you for the call. paul: peter from new york on the republican line. caller: good morning. i spoke to you the last time you were on the show. it was a pleasure to talk to you. said, i did what i not believe the president wanted to prosecute anyone at the fbi or the doj. i saw in the new york post they asked the president about
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releasing the documents, the classified documents and he said he was going to hold onto them as a type of insurance policy in case the democrats decide they go after him with taxes and everything. do you think the president is going to release the documents? i believe he made an agreement with rod rosenstein that if you weinstein the investigation, he will not expose the corruption in the doj and fbi and democratic party. take on theverall mall investigation? -- mueller investigation? sebastian: millions of dollars spent, two years of work, and what do we have, we have two baskets of results. prosecutions of people who did things that were legal that have nothing to do with the trump
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manafort,anager paul wire fraud, and a basket of indictments of russians for spying. spies spying. what we do not have is a connection of the two. nothing robert mueller has put on the table connects russian illegal activity with the trump campaign. it is a travesty. robert mueller is a man possessed. me they will told find nothing because there is nothing. that is the saturated. wasting money. paul: there was an effort in congress to -- we saw bernie sanders, we will look at the clip in just a moment. but let us take a call from
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david in fairfax. caller: thank you for c-span. the rise of the terrorist threat against the united states. i wanted to ask if you thought there was a role in the failure of our public diplomacy over the last couple of decades, particularly since the dissolution of the united states information agency. -- we failed to guest: wonderful question. in my first book and this new one, it is more than public diplomacy. it is active anti-public and measures. during world war ii, we were really good at this. ss out of the u.k. active partwar, the of the group is how you take down totalitarianism.
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not done active countermeasures to propaganda, whether it is iran, north korea, russia, which has really upped jihadie, or the global movement. i have written my version of how we do this in the book. secondly by his administration, we will be back in the game of counter propaganda. host: back to the new investigation, here is bernie sanders from earlier this week. [video clip] >> the democrats won close to 40 seats in the house. they will become the dominant party in the house. and, for the first time since trump was elected, there will be some accountability demanded from congress. [applause]
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so to my mind, it means two things, two separate areas we have to vote on. the senate has to do what it can, we can in the minority, working with our friends in the house. that is, for the first time, holding this irresponsible president accountable. that means, among other things, making it very clear that any interfering -- interference with the mueller investigation is an obstruction of justice. and, in my view, obstruction of impeachablen offense. i think, and i am absolutely confident, that democrats will do this in the house. emoluments at the clause, and that is to ask governmental's
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policy decisions are based on the best interest of the united states of america or are based on the financial gains of the trump family. maybe mr. trump likes authoritarian leaders like mr. salman of saudi arabia. or maybe there is another reason. maybe there are financial aspects to that relationship that we need to know about. host: your reaction to bernie sanders? guest: if you are not a senator, that would be reasonable, a man lecturing us about whether the president likes dictators?
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you honeymooned in the soviet union. a man who couldn't even keep his own party accountable when the democrats, namely hillary clinton stole the nomination from bernie sanders with her so-called superdelegates. the idea that he is concerned with russian meddling -- so now the democrats do not like moscow? let's go back to robert durante, the cold war, ted kennedy. this is not a conspiracy theory. colluding to undermine ronald reagan during his reelection campaign. afterly, the democrats, half a century, are concerned with moscow? if this were not a senator, i would think that an "snl" skit. democratic caller
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for sebastian gorka. hello. caller: hello. good morning. before i get into my main question to you and the reason i called, i just want to say that i am sure history will recall presentrd that this economy that trump is taking credit for was actually rescued by the last legitimate president of the united states, barack hussein obama. and his policy. and to my question for you, i trump ishat president horribly and is compromised by the same putin that you just castigated. prince, andik people can look this up, because you want people to look things up on the internet, erik prince
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has contacts the right wing connections and his sister, betsy devos, and he has an international group of mercenaries now training in f manys dan, in yemen, in hotspots -- training in and manyan, in yemen, hotspots around the globe, and they are ready to come here to the united states because donald trump is getting ready to announce martial law the closer mueller is to announcing his ties to russia. i want to know what congress is this to do to disband right-wing group of mercenaries who trump is trying to privatize the war in afghanistan with. trump has been talking, on the campaign trail, calling democrats mobs, calling the media the enemy of the people. this is not idle talk.
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no president in history, in the united states, ever talked about his own people, his own media this way. donald trump is going to declare martial law, and erik prince and his mercenary band are going to be used against black lives matter and all of the protest and resistance organizations here in the united states. host: all right, we get the point. let us get a response from sebastian gorka. gets: i have to say c-span the most interesting callers. that was the democratic version of infowars. prince is training mercenaries to come over and take over america . let's talk about russia, that you say is the friend to the current president. when russia annexed crimea, what did your president, president obama, do? look it up.
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he sent blankets to kiev. he didn't help. he rolled over on his back. that's what leading from behind meant, letting others, dictators, -- sentwe took over, we things a nation can defend itself with. sending, instead of hillary clinton with a plastic reset button that was mistranslated to meet with lavrov, we, under secretary than 200illed more russian mercenaries in syria. so much for russian collusion. i find it so disturbing we have americans like yourself that literally live in an alternate universe. with regards to your first
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point, what we see today is a result of obama -- let's quote mr. obama. he said those jobs will never come back, unless you have a magic wand. we will never again see growth beyond 2%. how is it that when we come into the white house we literally reversed every single policy of the obama administration and then suddenly the economy was unleashed? president trump must have graduated from hogwarts as well, because he must have a wand that mr. obama said you need to make the economy thrive again. dr. gjoe, you are on with orka. caller: good morning. mr. gorka, you just spouted the republican line about how mr. "wand" made the
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economy grow. that this whole butomy is based on nothing expectations. believe is going to happen. it's all speculative. any time you say i am going to restrictions, any kind of regulations, anything i can off of business, hello, well, we'll bring the money back, because i will let you bring it back for nothing, even though you took it when the tax rate 20%.t 15%, let's bring that down to 10%.
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hand theahead and just public a line of crap, give all this money to the richest people in this country, and then we will do another reagan. trickle down. we find, now, these companies suddenly decide we will shut us down, shut detroit down again, and we will move to china. or maybe we will not move to china now, let's move to the pacific. let's get a response from our guest. guest: again, you are living in an alternate reality. let's talk about facts -- i listed them in the book, "why we fight."
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companies offering $25,000 cash signing bonuses for new employees. that does not happen on expectations. it happens because we need workers. we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. how does this caller not care that we have the lowest unemployment for african-americans and latin since we began record-keeping? these are the results of what happens when you unleash the market, when you unleash businesses. we came into the white house saying the president is going to rescind two regulations for every new order he signed. by the end of the first year, that ratio was 1 to 22. we got government out of the way. whether you are a company with two people or a large, mega company, we got government out of the way. we now have functional zero
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unemployment. there are more jobs available in america today than there are people looking for jobs. if you are angry for that, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why do you want people to be unemployed? host: let's talk about saudi arabia and jamal khashoggi. here is a quick blurb we notice in the local neighborhoods yesterday. a group voted to rename the street in front of the saudi embassy for jamal khashoggi here in the district of columbia. what do you make of that? vote tohy would you name a street after a man who was best friends with osama bin laden and a member of the muslim brotherhood? yes, he was murdered, but his last article was about the need for theocracy. streetsneed -- rename after the head of al qaeda?
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it is peculiar, to say the least. host: does that mean your support of the way the president and demonstration -- administration has handled the situation? guest: yes. we have to get to the bottom of it. we have to have some consequences for the saudi regime. this is some form of extra do form that extrajudicial -- execution.icial just as we have iran back in its box. the crown prince of saudi arabia says israel has the right to exist. that is a direct result of the riyadhnt's speech in that called out the muslim and arab world to get their house in
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order. these are amazing results. we must respond in a way that does not endanger them but sends a signal. host: washington post headline, by the mattis, stand u.s. relationship with saudi arabia. let's move this forward to saudi arabia and yemen. we have a short clip of senator lindsey graham talking about the so --e of gina have hapsfeld on wednesday. that will be ready in a moment. but let's drop in a call from john, salem, massachusetts. what would you like to say? urge the would like to people out there to google this man, sebastian gorka. are you aware this is a neofascist? why would you have a man like this on?
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that is all. host: anything you want to respond to? guest: the internet, really, that is the only place you find we? why not read what i said? under fascismed as children. my father was tortured by members of dictatorship and given a life sentence at the age of 20. used to it. if they are not calling me a fascist, not calling the president a racist, then we are not doing our job. why? these are the metrics of people who do not have an argument. the president's chief advisor is his orthodox son-in-law. this is the first president in 23 years to keep america's promise to move our embassy to jerusalem and recognize that as
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capital of the internal jewish state. these people need to get out of their bubble. it is disturbing that, in 2018, people are such hostages to propaganda and fake news. read a book. might want to start with "why we fight." host: once again, we want to bounce back to senator lindsey graham. [video clip] >> about the briefing, i am glad we had it. i admire both secretaries. but it was inadequate because the cia was not there. the question for me was whether supports thea conclusion, with a high degree of confidence, that the crown prince was complicit in the murder of mr. khashoggi. i get yemen. the strategic relationship between us and saudi arabia. but i will not float past it.
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is not givening soon, it will be hard for me to vote for any spending bill. >> there was a report that the cia director was prevented from coming here today -- >> they will have a hard time getting me to vote for us to move forward. i am not going to be denied the ability to be briefed by the cia that we have oversight of about whether or not there assessment supports my belief that this could not have happened without them knowing. if the briefing supports the conclusion that i have already tentatively formed, then there will be no more business as usual with saudi arabia. you talking about the spending bill being what you would -- >> i am talking about any key vote, anything you need me for i'm notut of town,
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doing it until we hear from the cia. host: lindsey graham once a cia briefing about saudi arabia. your reaction? guest: i love the new lindsey graham, especially post-kavanaugh. but the idea that the defense secretary, a cabinet level member, and the secretary of state, a cabinet member, cannot brief you adequately on america's or and relations in the middle east is antithetical to common sense. for are gina will appear closed session sooner or later, and there is no business as usual with saudi arabia. the president made it clear there will be ramifications, but not one that our strategic in nature and undermine this country. trying toan is destabilize the whole region. so senator graham, you will get your briefing. host: republican caller for
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sebastian gorka, jerry. caller: hello, dr. gorka. a pleasure to talk to a conservative intellectual. a factual, historical standpoint, what we know now, what did the obama administration have to do, what influence did they have, directly or indirectly, with the assassination of qaddafi? host: sebastian gorka? guest: i think it is clear. it was dilettante to some meeting with the highest level of arrogance. destabilizing the region, preferring to support the shia muslims in iran with the jcpoa $140deal that released
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billion. i do not think you will find a smoking gun. i do not believe the conspiracy theories. but the fact that they thought they could fix the region by helping those who wish to destroy us and destabilize libya led to the death of qaddafi, who was a bad man. but there leading from behind leg to a streak where, by the end of the obama administration, the world had 65 one million inugees, more refugees than 1940 five, after six years of devastation. more refugees than we have ever had in human history. that is the direct result of president obama retreating from the world and blaming america for the world's ills. the subtitle of my book is not an accident, "why we fight: recovering america's will to win with no apologies." host: let me get your reaction
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-- more from secretary mattis. arst, he calls vladimir putin slow learner. he is basically pointing to the midterm elections -- spoke yesterday at a big defense forum and again said he tried to muck around in our elections this past month. what do you make of the administration's response to these charges so far and, moving forward, what is the posture of the president? guest: the secretary is absolutely right. it seems with his actions around ukraine, he has not understood this is a very different commander in chief. in regards to elections, russia has been meddling in other people's election since soon the mentor vicks were defeated by the bolsheviks for over a century.
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agents soviet undermining american democracy to 1948 and back before. what the administration is doing, i expect to see out of dhs and may the doj, very serious measures in the next few years. but this is not new from moscow. host: and on the slow learner comment, mr. putin is clearly a slow learner, he says in this politico piece. he is not recognizing what he is doing is creating animosity in the people. he is causing nato to rearm and strengthen the democracies' stance. guest: that is an accurate depiction of what putin is doing. but we also have to talk about what is going on domestically. russia is in a tailspin. 600,000 people are dying and russia every year, more than are
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being born. with our unleashing of the oil sector, they are primary export is no longer what it used to be in terms of gas and oil. syria, there is a rising resentment inside russia with the way president putin has -- the special forces guys are deployed to crimea, syria, are killed, then do not receive any kind of recognition for dying on behalf vladimir putin. there is a need for him to paint the devil on the wall to distract his citizens for the lack of support from his international adventurism. , new sophia, in the bronx york. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i am going to try to talk faster, because i have so much to say. but i am going to try my best.
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50 years ago, the first word i from russia, most communist countries, was americans are a good heart but stupid. that stayed with me for so long, until our president, president trump, came into office. i tried to stay and tried to make sense out of it, out of all this year, when the word oru president said, the enemy of the people, the media, the person that hurts me -- listen, c-span is our home, american home. c-span brings us the right right what wase
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going on in the news. the person you have right in front of you, i watched 5 to 3 minutes, fox news, my stomach hurts. i'm 69-years-old, ok? my stomach hurts. everythign that comes out of his mouth, everything that comes out of fox news, nothing but negative. i'm a repubican, ok? president obama, hillary clinton, what does that to do with what happened two years ago, three years ago? why are we keep on going back? and for c-span to accept him to come this morning, maybe it's good. i get my feeling go down. i sound very angry, but i'm not.
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one -- in lifetime, the i hate to say this word -- the enemy of the people is fox news. but you have to watch them. host: go ahead. guest: i really do not know the anger and why the hatred. "enemy of the people"? said fake news is the enemy of the people, not the media. with regards to fox news being the enemy of the people, i am proud to be national security strategist for fox news. there is a reason the most popular tv shows in america are sean hannity and tuck carlson. we lead all the other cable channels and popularity, 5 million viewers. are you calling 5 million americans your enemy? that is un-american. saying we are the negative news channel, why is it, then, that
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independent polling companies have found that mainstream, non-fox news coverage of the 93% ofnt, msnbc, cnn, the past three years have seen negative coverage of the president? hardly unbiased reporting. host: what was your take on the jim acosta story, which seems like forever ago now? the white house printing -- putting out new rules about news conferences. what do you make of that? guest: i really do not know how my former colleague, sarah huckabee sanders, and the president himself, put up with the grandstanding of jim acosta for so long. i would have pulled his past long ago. this is not the jim acosta show. this is the white house press briefing. this is a man who grand stands front of the president of the united states. i know his president -- i know his colleagues in the
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white house press corps are not happy with him. see the danger of pulling individual passes from reporters? guest: not if they manhandle a microphone from a female government intern. there has to be consequences for lack of professionalism. there are rules of professional decorum. if you negate them again and again, if there are no consequences, how are you saving the american people? allow another reporter to come in, allow regional reporters to come in. if you want to have news, come watch the white house as briefing, not the jim acosta show. host: willie, st. louis. isler: what i want to say that mueller was a witch hunt. he has indicted 35 people already.
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he got people spying on him to know what was going on behind closed doors, and at the end of the day, why would he want to know what is going on, why would he want to be interviewed? he did, heing else talks all about himself, his family. and all of the money we have --ted with hillary clinton we got one guy called in that this is a witch hunt, do not believe what they say. he is not out to hurt anyone. if you wants -- he wants to know what the facts are. do not let people like him sit there and lie to us and say do not believe that witchhunt. if the president did not do
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this, he would go out and have people -- would he want to hear the things to tell him what is going on? please don't believe this man. if he were the right way, he would say i do not do anything, i would have my interview with mueller, and he would go on and let it happen. host: thank you. guest: it's "mueller," not "miller," to get this right. robert mueller is marine, a vietnam veteran. i would ask your callers to look up robert mueller in connection with the whitey bulger investigation and of the anthr ax killings in washington, d.c. his 30t that 14 out of
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-- emost expensive opposition research campaign in american history. the sad thing is it is being done by their federal prosecutor. host: does the president have authority to fire mueller? guest: how is that senators do not understand the constitution? you have senator flake calling for legislation to protect robert mueller. the president is going to sign a bill undermining himself? bernie sanders needs go back to civics 101. the chief law enforcement officer of the united states is not the director of the fbi, not even the attorney general of the department of justice. the chief law enforcement officer is the president. he can fire any political appointee he wants to in any agency without cause, and there is no obstruction of justice.
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the president is the head of the executive. @mylandburketer, writes i do not expect sebastian gorka back anytime soon, you can see independent and democratic call going under his skin. is that right? because commend c-span, you do not shut down people you do not agree -- disagree with. c-span understands that we listen to both sides and allow citizens to decide. i am sorry that your twitter individual disagrees with freedom of speech. host: one other question before we took our last call or two. it has to go with a big budget debate. the government shut down set for friday night unless they figure
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out funding. but one of the issues involved is the president's request for money for a border wall. would it be a good idea for the president to shut down the president by not signing an appropriations bill if it did not include that money? guest: if you look at what happened last time we had the threat of a shutdown, chuck schumer lost the argument. we went up to the precipice, and the american people realized that what the democrat party is doing is choosing illegal aliens and sanctuary cities over the american citizens and the armed forces. i think the president has nothing to lose with a shutdown, and i think he should threaten that, because i do not expect a lot of spine to be displayed by the gop in the next few weeks of the lame-duck congress. host: brian in new york, for sebastian gorka. good morning. caller: thank you very much. have you handle it willingly,
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what comes on. guest: thank you. question is about the mueller investigation. one of the previous investigations handled was the presidention into clinton, after four years of investigation that started with whitewater -- nothing came from that. ae end result of that was huge thing that ruined the life of a young girl who saw in him and showed howon despicable of a character the president had at that time. four-year investigation into the peccadilloes of this guy, who was not as good of a
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person we wanted to be president , i guess, with the mueller investigation, i would hope that we would just allow the man to do his job, do his investigation. there have been very few leaks to come out of the mueller investigation. he has done an excellent job of keeping it very tight. i think he is an honorable person, that he is trying to do it in a verydoing steadfast way. like i said, just leave the man to do his work. he seems to be doing it very well, if by himself. host: thank you. let's take one more call. oklahoma,man, republican. what would you like to say? guest: good morning. --
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caller: good morning. guest: i was in california yesterday. i know the republicans are out there. thank you. not long ago, the caller talked about the 30 indictments, none of which had to do with russian collusion. -- as long as they have homeless veterans and single mothers with their children sleeping in cars and out on the street. veterans commit suicide every day because the government says there is no money for them to get the mental health treatments and surgeries that they need. when old people are trying to get by on $600 a month then turn inand take $135 of debt
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medicare, i do not think medicaid has any kind of copayment. san francisco, they want -- obama, he had of $10 trillion of deficit, none of it i can tell was any good. you are in the capital up i see they will cut every christian off that they can from praying at a friday night football game. something is wrong with that, they are discriminating against christians. when we get all the primary american people taking care of, and illegal immigrants, then maybe we can -- and legal immigrants. then maybe we can get illegal immigrants at the democrats want
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for cheap labor and votes. host: we are out of time. but sebastian gorka, final thought on the state of the world? guest: it's in "why we fight." i talk about great american viewers. i have to address karen. my parents were refugees. i am a legal immigrant. the idea that my parents would throw rocks and bottles at people they had to live with is an anachronism. gorka, formern deputy assistant to the president and national security adviser staff member, trump administration, and author of "why we fight: recovering america's will to win >> c-span's washington journal is live every day with news and
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policy issues that impact you. monday morning, politico white gabby, andspondent washington post congressional reporter erika preview the week ahead in washington. america -- andty bruce reed discuss their new report on the working class. watch washington journal live monday morning. join the discussion. new congress takes office in january, it will have the youngest and most diverse freshman class in recent history. new congress, new leaders. startinglive on c-span january 3. >> on wednesday, secretary of state pompeo and defend secretary mattis briefed people on yemen. they were told diplomatic efforts to end the war are on


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