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tv   Interview Erik Wasson  CSPAN  December 9, 2018 3:48am-3:56am EST

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bloomberg news is with us. now that the president has signed a two-week extension of government funding, not much time, just two weeks, before they have to figure out how to resolve their differences and avoid a shutdown. what are the key issues remaining? >> by far the biggest one is president trump's demand for a border wall. his demand is now sitting at $5 billion for the current year. congressional republicans have tried to talk him down to 2.5 billion this year and 2.5 next
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year. chuck schumer has rejected the. -- that. all eyes are on tuesday when chuck schumer and it's a close will sit down and try to come up with a deal. congressional lawmakers are hoping to have a deal this week cameron out and then use the following week to meet that christmas time deadline. >> how much room does each side have to give? nancy pelosi say this is a line in the sand. where did the democrats stand in terms of flexibility on funding? >> it was a key comment from nancy pelosi at the end of the current week when she talked about the need to not have a trade-off for daca and the wall. this is the idea of protecting young undocumented immigrants from deportation. there was a deal on the table in providewhere they would billions for a wall, but trump backed off once they said he needed to make changes to legal immigration.
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lack of trust between democrats and the white house on such a grand bargain seems to longer be an option. another way to skin the cat would be to find ways for border security, fencing, levies and other ways of preventing people from crossing without making a concrete wall. it is very much become a symbol of racism in the eyes of people on the left. >> a fact that another issue we will certainly see, a bill dealing with yet. a rip -- yemen. a resolution that would end the support of side force. in fact, reporting with a headline saying "senators seek path to punish saudi prince shoji killing." -- it seems like a standoff. >> there is a lot of wrangling
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about this. it only takes a few votes to get on the bill. however, there is a lot of concern about having what is called a vote aroma -- v ote-a-rama. and bob corker was saying that look, the house is not going to pass it in the president will not sign it. let's come up with something that everybody can actually agree. there is a debate about an amendment that might provide sanctions on certain individuals , limiting future arms sales. they're trying to find something that could actually be law. there is also a senate resolution, something of a copout, a statement by the ,enate that mohammad bin salman the crown prince, is responsible for the murder. this is what the senate on record, but it does not have much teeth. , it wase farm bill reported last week that there was agreement.
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things stand and is that likely to be passed before the end of the year? >> it is likely it will be put on the spending bill. republicans caved in on their demands. to shift money from beneficiaries to job training. with them backing down, the farm bill can proceed. there's a lot of warning that would democrats took over, they would try to do anything to bog down the farm bill. they are still waiting for the impact. but there's a lot of ways to do that. one more item that is taken a fair amount of bipartisan , promote justice reform, it is generally over in the senate. where does that stand? >> the day question is mitch
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mcconnell, the senate majority leader. president trump is not really using his power here, a different president might be able to browbeat the senate majority leader into putting this on the floor. there is some talk about combining with the senate bill, we don't see a big social policy change aching under the bill. it is looking very dicey at the moment. >> read more about all the issues with eric wasson at bloomberg and on twitter. thanks so much. >> thank you. on newsmakers, neil bradley, chief policy offer for the u.s. chamber of commerce talks about the business climate two years into the trump administration and the job market. today, 10 a.m. eastern on c-span. a lot is being made of the
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numbers coming in below expectations, but still 155,000, strong growth, low unemployment, wage growth. beginning towe are see is the tightness of the labor market having an impact. frankly, as we begin looking out to the duration of being able to sustain this level of economic growth, one of the things we are most concerned about is having workers we needed to fuel to continue growing. good, strong numbers, but worries ahead about our ability to continue. >> susan mentioned market volatility recently, it seems investors are anxious about possible signs of a recession. not too far off. how concerned are you and your members about economic growth slowing down? >> i think we are more concerned about policy missteps that could lead us into a recession. one of the things driving the stock market this week our tariffs -- are tariffs and a
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global trade war. also making sure the fed against the normalization of interest rates right. so a lot of attention is paid to both of those things, probably driving what you're seeing in the stock market. the underlying fundamentals we need to be concerned about as well, we had make sure we don't make policy missteps in the meantime. >> newsmakers with neil bradley. today, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> now, george papadopoulos, a foreign-policy adviser for the donald trump campaign talks about the start dances which had for lying2 day jail to members of the mueller russia investigation. from the american priority conference, this is a little ov


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