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tv   Washington Journal Steven Dennis  CSPAN  December 11, 2018 2:51am-3:17am EST

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announcer: the ceo of google is on capitol hill tomorrow to testify on the companies data collection policy. the has judiciary underway at time clock a.m. eastern live on c-span3. later, politico has a women's leadership summit with the rnc chair and white house press secretary sarah sanders among the speakers.
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live coverage begins at 1:15 eastern on c-span3. you can also watch online at or listen on the c-span radio app. >> sunday night on q&a. >> the american not see party had 20,000 supporters. who came to the middle of new york. stormtroopers giving the salute next to a statue of george washington. very active american fascist movement in the 20's and 30's earlier than people think. it was associated with the phrase america first. londoner: university of literary professor sarah churchwell looks at the history of the term america first and the american dream in her book, "behold, america."
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>> coming up next on c-span, a look at the week ahead in washington and the new deadline for funding the federal government. house members talk about the life and legacy of former president george h.w. bush. bloomberg, he previously sent several years in the white house. he joins us this morning as we look in the -- at the week ahead. steven dennis, let's start at the white house. the search for the next chief of staff. the latest on how that search process is going and when we are checking an announcement. guest: we had been expecting want today or maybe on twitter over the weekend. anyone'sappening is guess what is happening at the white house right now. they needed -- they need a chief of staff and anyone in the next three weeks. john kelly was going to be leaving. he said that on twitter. -- the president said that on twitter.
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the person that would seem to be the heir apparent, mike pence's chief of staff, nick ayers decided on twitter to say that he was going to be taking his family to georgia instead of become the chief of staff. there is a scramble and everybody in washington seems -- whether the mark meadows or a budget other names who theoretically could get the job. host: when was the last time there is a chief of staff windows notnounced a replacement also announced? guest: i can't think of one. barack obama did have five chiefs of staff. it is not uncommon for a chief of staff to be chewed up and spit out by washington. it is one of the toughest job congress -- toughest jobs, if not the toughest job. certainly for trump, it has been tougher because you have to deal
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with tweets that happen at 6:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night. you have to figure how to deal with that. it is a very tough job. especially for this president. the first hour of the program talking about potential government shutdown. going over to the white house to have this discussion, does john kelly join those conversations? guest: i assume so. the big negotiation is the wall money. and what trump is willing to give in to democrats and what the democrats are willing to offer him or not. has beeny intimately involved in wall discussions. i imagine he is going to be the chief of staff until he is not. also a general so i expect them to salute and keep doing his job until he is not in there. that is the big question. is trump going to be in the mood
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of wanting to actually get a win? he has had a whole bunch of non-wins for lack of a better term. friday, the mueller conviction and indictments and paul cohen.rt to michael there is a bunch of legal trouble at a the presence way as well. maybe a shutdown would be a distraction. someght be a win to get money. that could shift the narrative a little bit. host: is there any grandville coming together, we talked about the dreamers? is the potential for that? has any great talked about that? guest: no. the timing is really bad. nancy plus he is not yet the speaker. she is the presumptive speaker but she does not yet have 218 votes. they will be a vote on january 3.
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it is hard for her to cut any kind of compromise right now. we have a lame-duck congress. there is a new congress about to take hold. democrats are feeling like they a guild ofhe house, a what accepted a year ago, which would've been the daca population, about 2 million people, was the deal they were willing to support a year ago. now, it is not enough. they want more. so, i think the most likely scenario is that we get a cake. the last dose code times -- there was a times ine in a march -- a kick march. host: republicans, (202) 748-8001.
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democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents (202) 748-8003 fit -- independents (202) 748-8002. the present announcing the nomination of william bar as attorney general. we got into the william barr nomination and the quality he brings to downtown, can you talk about that? guest: if you imagine how hard it is going to be to confirm somebody to the senate where almost everybody supports the mueller investigation, and a president who is intent on either killing it or not giving any oxygen and wanton attorney general to rein in, that is a very small keyhole to get through. william barr just might be the guy. he is the former attorney general under george bush, george h.w. bush.
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he has the biggest credential you can have. which is being senate confirmed to the same position decades ago. inh trump, he had a role basically shutting down the advocating probe by for a wave of pardons as the first george bush was leaving office. william barr was an advocate for having a big wave and that shut down the investigation. so, he has also been a critic of independent counsels. this is a special counsel. a little bit of a different thing. he had been critical of pieces of it last year. there are a lot of reasons for trump to think hey, he might be my god. .o rein in the mueller probe -- hey, he might be my guy to
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rein in the mueller probe. he expects him to be confirmed easily. he is an outstanding pick. they only need republican votes. it is a 53-47 senate. even though rand paul has said he is concerned about william barr on other issues. they don't necessarily need his vote. host: this happens in the 116th congress. happens in chance it the weeks before the end of the 115th congress. nauert could get confirmed but it is more likely the democrats are going to want to have hearings. host: plenty more to discuss about the week in washington. in arlington, virginia, you're honesty does. go ahead. caller: good morning. i had more of a question.
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i know that people are anxious to push through with the wall before people leave but it is my understanding and i'm not sure i have it right that there is an anti-semitism bill that they want to post through. i don't know the number of it. i know the israelis are potentially helping us with building any potential wall. i'm wondering if you could maybe speak a little bit about that and what you may know. guest: i am not aware of that bill. i can go look it up. basically, right now, this is the end of the congress. every bill dies on january 3. some of them are reborn and some of them are dead forever. everybody that has a bill is trying to get it in this last g spending package and ship it in as a christmas ornament. that might be out there, someone
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is try to make it a christmas ornament onto that big spending package. or maybe there is a talk of tax cuts. there are kinds of things that toward christmas, magically make it to the finish line. expecting, we are this week on u.s. relations with hasi arabia, saudi arabia our support for their efforts in yemen. where does that stand right now? guest: the latest i have heard the foreign relations chairman is trying to work on language that would sanction effectively the crown prince of saudi arabia. the one republican senators say is guilty of murdering this journalist. .onitoring the murder
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a lot of senators agree. there is going to be some kind of vote. there will be at least a vote on getting us out of yemen. that could happen any day. it could happen quickly. it can happen after hours of debate. there could be a lot of amendments as well. hecould be something that tries to move separately. he is talked about having hearings this week. and there are other bills that would sanction saudi arabia. the main thing is these things are not going to go anywhere. because the president of the united states does not support them. voteou need 67 senators to to override a veto. you need 290 house members to pass a special role so they don't have to bring it up or vote under paul ryan. that might change early next year. these things would still be privileged. this is sort of a prelude to
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what could be additional votes next year. 63 senators right now, what sounds like a lot. but if you're trying to take -- do something the president does i want, you need 67. they don't have that. host: diane is a republican, good morning. caller: i have a couple of questions. with regard to potential government shutdown, it is my understanding -- but they always paid when they come back? that is one question. butcally, they get time off they get paid the next pay round or whatever. the second question i would like to ask is what happens with regard to congress during a shutdown? do they have to stay at their jobs you i think they should. until it is resolved. if it means working on christmas day, i don't care. i would like to know what does happen. guest: i know the answer. i covered a lot of shutdowns.
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members of congress get paid $174,000 and they get paid that whether they vote or not, whether they're in jail or not. they get paid that until they are no longer a member of congress. it is actually one of the most recent constitutional amendments. you can look it up. it was passed in the 90's. it is a fun one. they actually can't withhold their pay. they cannot force them to work. hasn't congress already passed its own budget? guest: they basically, a lot of the government is funded. it functions as a minority of the government that would have this issue. one of the departments happens to be the department of homeland security. if you need help with getting a
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visa and passport extension, there could be people annoyed about things getting shut down. yourmight consider vacation nonessential. these are the kinds of things that could get a lot of people annoyed. but, airplanes are not going to fall out of the sky. the system is going to continue to work. host: what about the questionable employees and back pay? bill --hey pass the congress passes the bill to reopen the government. they have never failed to pass that bill. usually, to negotiate that bill, you have a love people who represent federal employees in congress. it is not their fault. so, if you want to get the votes, you usually -- those people get paid for networking. this is often a fight, every time. there are people who have the
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feeling people should not get paid for networking. congress to potentially pass a law dealing with future congresses and cutting their pay during these times. they might not pass a constitutional imminent. might have to pass a constitutional amendment. i don't see members pushing that hard for that sort of thing. jacksonville, north carolina. jackie, independent line. caller: i want to say, you would not need a wall if all of the american companies that hired mexicans were prosecuted. happened andricane you go into a restaurant, there -- ifbe 52 100 mexicans 100 mexicans.
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all of them are paid by dollars an hour yet the owner, however he does it, is telling the government that he is paying them the right wage and getting away with it. i'm just saying you are not need a wall if -- you would not need a wall if they were prosecuted. i think that is the core of this whole argument. is that people are being hurt economically because they are competing against unauthorized -- you canwho are get paid less than the minimum wage. wouldconditions citizens not accept. you're trying to compete with that as a worker, it is hard to compete. who wantedsomebody to get a dishwashing job and you
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are being replaced or any other job and you are being place, that is -- being replaced, that is what you make you angry. even if you're not being replaced, maybe your pay is less. the reality is, the chamber of commerce, they make a profit when workers get paid less. they wanted more immigration, they want sweeping amnesty's so that people can get legalized with work permits. this is a big fight. yep government saying look, all these people are living in the shadows. they are going to be working. they're not going to leave. and they are working now so it's bring them out of the shadows, get them right with the loss, the way they call it. , the way they call it. suddenly, they would have these rights.
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they would get paid minimum wage. good workingve conditions and parent that with -- right now, it is optional for most employers to check immigration status. and that is something that is resisted every time it is brought up. not just resisted by democrats, it is also resisted by farmers, for example. if they had to verify for every farmhand, there might be a lot of cows that don't get milked. host: what is the status of the farm bill? it is greased, it seems like. it is a matter of finding time on the floor and or scheduling the votes. it seems like that is one thing has bipartisan support --
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is bipartisan. it is being reserved as a get out of town kind of bill. leaders usually like to have a bill or two that they know is going to pass, that will keep member's sticking around and negotiating on other things. it could happen this week. it could happen next week. we will see. caller: jerry -- host: jerry in new jersey, go ahead. caller: i heard this person talking about trump not having any successes and i have to comment because he is over here working so hard with the trade agreements, with mexico and canada and now working with china. which, by the way, nobody attempted to do prior to trump to help the american people. thei cannot get over negativity about that and i am listening to the democrats and i'm a registered democrat. i am listening to them saying
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they may not sign this deal because they want more. prior to this, they never even attempted to make any changes. prior to that, they did not do anything. i got a laugh, they want to take the credit, i'm sure. it's not going to work. that's ok. host: why are you a democrat? caller: i am a registered democrat because at first, i really thought they had the best way. but, when i look at it now, they are so anti-american, anti-quite. anti-white. anti-men. i probably will change to republican. i can't get over the fact that they hate this country so bad. that they will take it down to get power. is probablynk trade
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the president's signature issue that he has been working on this past year. he is starting to see results. you have a deal with mexico and canada. it is potentially coming up for votes next year. ultimately, net to pelosi is going to be in charge of when -- nancy pelosi is going to be in charge of when there is a vote in the house. there is no guarantee she is not going to demand other things on it. it is going to be a challenge for the president because a lot of these things did not happen six months ago because these deals are from the last several weeks. he will have to deal of net you pelosi, as opposed to paul ryan to get these things across the finish line. president george w. bush learned the hard way because nancy pelosi blocked several free-trade agreements until barack obama was elected. they added some things that she wanted, she has shown in the
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past that she has been able to get things that republicans don't want attached to things that they do. in 2007, when george bush needed iraq, shee surgeon ultimate the cave but she added a two dollar minimal wage increase. she understands leverage, i have covered her before. she is probably going to look at this as a leverage opportunity when it comes to the floor. d.c.,in washington, independent, go ahead. caller: i'm calling because there is a couple of calls i want to respond to. we are talking about kentucky and alabama, these are all states that receive more in federal government handouts. welfare, medicare, medicaid, government programs. our deep red conservatives, the ones that love to tout that it
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is the immigrants that are taking -- takers and not givers. these are the states that receive more from the federal government in terms of medicare, that they do give out in texas. that is a fact. you can go to the washington post and see that they have been showing that. these states are receiving government handouts. your point,ot kevin. do you have a question before you go? caller: how come it is allowed for callers to get up on the c-span and say whatever untruths that they want to say? while i appreciate people possible unfiltered -- people's unfiltered perspective, please do a better job of fact checking these colors so they are not
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saying the same garbage that our president does. host: we always appreciate the feedback. billriminal justice reform , the status of that in the final weeks. guest: it is an mitch mcconnell's hands. he has been reluctant to bring it to the floor. -- as been he is said last week that he had 77 votes for the bill. including most republicans. whipcornyn, the republican was not necessarily as convinced about that number. ted cruz came on board. that was a big get. previouswas opposed to versions. so, the fact that ted cruz was convinced that


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