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tv   House Speaker Ryan Farewell Address at Library of Congress  CSPAN  December 20, 2018 12:28am-1:14am EST

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it is expected on the house floor. this is expected after the house approved the resolution. government funding runs out midnight. >> when the new congress takes office in january, it will have the youngest, most diverse freshman class in recent history. new congress, new leaders, watch it live on c-span starting january 3. >> the federal reserve announced it will raise short-term interest rates by another 0.25%. that official signaled a milder path? we will have that conference for you in about 45 minutes. house speaker paul ryan gives his farewell address. he was introduced by his friend and colleague, congressman trey gowdy. >> thank you.
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paul ryan has been the speaker of the house, vice presidential candidate, a chairman of the budget committee, a chairman of the ways and means committee. smartest kid in the room. whether it is tax, budget, health care, entitlement reform but those are not the things that i will remember most or remember most dearly about him. paul was my favorite member of congress before i ever got to congress. when i was trying to make the transition from a courtroom to a congressional candidate, i would read his roadmaps to recovery. i would read his speeches. i would watch his interviews. he was smart. he was persuasive. he was contrasting, but not in an overtly confrontational way. he did not need cards during a
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debate. he did not need staff to whisper in answer into his ear. he was to me exactly what our party and our country needed which was a smart, persuasive, contrasting person who understood and knew the issues. so i got to congress in 2011 and i made it my mission that i was going to meet paul ryan. so, after orientation and we were sworn in, i went by his office. no appointment, i just showed outcome is set by his receptionist. i that of not going to leave until it get to meet paul ryan. if you are ever thinking of running to congress, don't do that. i came out >> i said mr. ryan, i would like your autograph. he was shocked.
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and don't ask a colleague for his or her autograph and said, look. said we're peers and colleagues. we're equals and don't ask for autographs. and you don't ask your colleagues to call your tea part regroups in 2011 because you continue to vote for continuing resolutions. and i didn't x you volunteered. i was catching grieve back home. when surrounded by jeff duncan you're going to catch grief and
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chairman called other people's problems and is always policy. and then, i saw almost often in the gym, lifting weights eight years and have you look at paul ryan in the morning and you'll find him in the gym.
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one morning in 2012 i said do you think you'd ever consider running for speaker of the house? he said i love you guys but i don't love you enough to be a speaker. and for those of you that remember the trip back to
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capitol hill the election didn't go his way. he suffered disappointment on a national scale. chairman of the budget committee, going to be the chairman of ways and means committee and that is his dream job. and then, boehner left and kevin withdrew. and we're a wreck. and outside world needed a speaker and needed more we
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needed a first ballot candidate. convincing that person to run for speaker. most people think of the speaker of the house as being second in line to the president and rising up to see your genius the senior deflects praise and explains inexpoliticable to national media and travels
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nonstop. fewer are qualified and i know and sometimes there is someone you needed someone sacrificial. no one's dream job.
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paul has too much class and i and his bias is towards fairness and working with people. >> i am glad you loved the country enough i am glad to hear you love the country enough to be the speaker of the house. my sadness is not if you're leaving.
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it's i don't know how many paul ryans there are behind you. and how many paul you're wrong about one thing. we're not equals. people like you don't come along very often. our founding fathers decided to enfaith in this experiment i
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have one pick. a modern day founding father or mother it would be you, paul. and thank you for your service and humility in which you have discharged it.
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ladies and gentlemen, the speaker of the house. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you for combing your hair today, trey. this version is a good one. thank you. and i see friends and colleagues here. i want to thank dr. hayden for having us here in his beautiful home. thank you very much.
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i can't help but think bank to to this pivotal time in my life. i got a phone call from beth meyers. and so she goes through these logistics and it's just occurring to me that my family's life is about to change so at
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this moment i walked into colleagues and reporters just keeping mum. i had a number of impossible terms in my life and i don't know what is next. before i to i'm grateful to say good toy to you and this job.
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i came here to capitol hill aas an intern in college. the plan was pretty simple. one semester here in washington. learn something, that is it. since then, the mentors have set me on an incredible path intellectual giants and people of southern wisconsin gave me a chance to work for them. and the staff and president, vice president and colleagues who became friends. this started as a familiar affair. my mom, my brother,tonin --
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tobin, my brother and my mom was my scheduler. no one would turn down your mom. it ends with family, too. i'd not been able to be speaker without the sacrifices they made. being a husband and dad is everything to me. so we'd come a long way together had this journey. so thank you. thank you all. i've been thinking to myself whether my dad would be proud of me. and what i'm doing and did. he lost him at a young age.
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i don't know what he thought i would make of my life, i was too young but all i keep thinking is every time is, what a country. where someone of an unassuming mid west upbringing gets a chance to be part of all of this. what a country. this is part of your journey. you know? it's laid out there. to achieve a more perfect union.
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so liberty, konsent and go to work to apply them to the problem of the day. and that is how we built a more confident america. i never wanted to become speaker. i was just a policy guy. i realize that you don't become speaker. it's not a prize or trophy to
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raise. you accept a temporary trust to be a steward of the most awesome body in the world. soon, the house will become a care of a new majority and what i know will be a spirited republican minority. i wish the next leaders well but it's because this is so momentary and we've achieve a great deal and have much to be proud of. three years ago we began a great journey. this house is the most
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productive we have had in at least a generation. and we've taken on big challenges and made a great difference in the trajectory of the country. and ushered in a new career educational system.
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and criminal justice reform to give people a chance of redemption making its way through up to the end. landmark crack down and after years of doubt and saying it could not be done, we achieved the first overhaul of our tax code in 31 years.
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this is something i worked on for my aput life and will help improve lives of people for a long time still to come. and is why we do this. not every outcome has been perfect but that is our great system at work. and i'm proud of what we've achieved together to make this a stronger country. central task is to offer superior ideas of government. i see it more of a mask. as a labor of love. and you can make a career out of criticism. many people do. seems like an easy living but well done is always, always a better pursuit than well said,
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isn't it? in this miss you watch slings and arrows. it's a mice i've been happy to pay because nothing is as fulfilling as an idea that will make a difference in lives and seeing it through from start to finish. that is the ultimate in politics. a great fan festation of this experiment in self government. and i leave here convinced we faced in challenge that could be overcome by putting peb to paper and by addressing problems of the day.
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politics is another question. and you know we have a good sense of what our politics should look like. a system of fostour system doesn't allow for that but depends on that we start anew and today disagreement is each of us pound ourselves on the
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wrong side from time to time. and this is scaled up and that is a thing. there is less passion and energy and this is a meaning from politicians and, it discourages good people from pursuing public service and roots run deep into
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our culture today and this is on the threads of our common mu man ti. and we all struggle and are fighting a patel in our lives. so why do we insist on fighting one another so bitterly? so how do we get back to inclusion? ? i don't know the answer to that. i offer something to keep in mind as we try to navigate through this moment.
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we come together with people of different back grounds and teams, pta meetings. it's where we build our social capital. that is one lane back to inclusion. drivers of our broken politics are more obvious than the solutions. so this is a challenge i spend more time wrestling with. this much i know. our problems are solvable if our politics will allow it.
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there are challenges and you know finding solutions to help people lift themselves out of poverty is a personal mission for me and others. four years ago, for all billions spent and programs created we will bring more destruction. bonds push more capital toward community leaders solving big
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problems. and new job training and case management are things that will help more people move from welfare to work. there is a long way to go. the meaning of work and not about getting people will require a great rethinking of how we help the most vulnerable among us.
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and thank you and my friend tim scott do every life matters. and this is great work. second, i believe we can save our entitlement programs. and frankly, we need to be.
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entitlement reform and this continues to plague us is a system this is the case today. few were willing to recognize the scope of the problem. you look i'm proud this
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congress, we came within one vote of real reform. think about that. it remains a driver of entitlement spending. so we have come a long way. and solving this problem will require a greater degree that exists today. we can get there. we can tackle this problem before it tackles us. and there is a third challenge.
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we're again incoming days larger problem will remain. and no less than our full potential as a nation here is at stake. so it makes sense for the economy and people. so that includes dreamers. and to fix the system have you to reset the system.
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we came closer than people realize. and this is is would go in long ways toward making venom out of the discourse. to we fix our immigration system and confront this debt crisis, we can make this another great century for the country. i've got to tell you i'm confident we have it in us to solve this. you've got more faith in our system of government than
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before. really bad ideas get killed and good ideas just take time. problems are solvable. and i know it. i have seen it. we get on with our work. much of our attention is day-to-day and radical
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extremism. china offers an alternative and the sense i get from when i had been traveling overseas is that everybody gains ground. and a confident america commits to pillars by leading.
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and good there is a lot of effort that needs to continue. a confident america exercises clear moral leadership. we need to continue to work together to be a voice for the voiceless so each challenge i have discussed here today there are people ready to take action. all you need is enough people of
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if faith willing to take up an idea that is a good start. what comes next? this place is full of wonders and opportunities. do your best to stay grounded. insist on it. it's what i've been praying about every morning.
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remember how awestruc you felt? keep that mealing. listen. you're going to hit road blocks. that is okay. timing is everything. so you have to get it right. and with ready and build
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personal relationships. you want real relationships. that most of all, keep your word. it's important. give your word only if you can keep it. to everything, there is a season.
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and remember we're part of a greater cause and what we have here is miracle. what we've achieved is what we have capacity to do, still. thank you for everything and god bless america.
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>> saturday, conversations, democratic senator and republican representative there is no interest in doing reform with health care.
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and they're against your ideas. and so that is just for me an intellectual fraud. if nothing changes, and so what happens is that it turns it into a leadership system.
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>> senate approved a short term bill by voice vote. headlines from bloomberg news and the rates moved washington post reports


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