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tv   House Rules Committee Meeting - Part 2  CSPAN  December 20, 2018 4:46am-5:01am EST

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[indiscernible] >> it appears that reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. here we go with the rules committee again.
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the chair has not received emotion from the distinguished gentleman from oklahoma. , i have a motion on the parkers crossroads battlefield designation act. as a motion by the chair on ways consistentndment rules of committee grant. provides tohe rule the senate, will be considered as read, the motion provides one hour of debate on ways and means. section two provides that on any legislative day of the second 21.ion after december
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the chair may at any times were for a day and time to be announced by the chair. he may perform the duties of chair for the duration addressed by section two. >> you have now heard the motion from the distinguished gentleman from oklahoma. is there amendment or -- >> no amendment, just a question. i know we will debate, but he really expect we will vote on this tax bill. >> it is hard to know. i would anticipate we are, that is why we are doing this. we're going to take this rule. we believe, as the gentleman has heard, there are at least three major taxes that will hugely
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impact almost all of america. one is the tax on health insurance, that would be about $70 per person. second is the tax on medical devices that will cause medical made, because be president obama and house democrats made sure they test them at manufacture of not sale, which is very destructive to the industry. , which the cadillac tax means many, as i understand it, employer-provided health care including union wages will be taxed greatly. on top of that, we have the allrtance of understanding across this country the people
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have they can begin paying for this and preparing for their new housing. know, lots of people in california all across this country, there are major provisions that are in this bill to how actly relates person who is engaged might be .oing something tax wise whistleblowers, rather than being fired by turning into .omething wrong provides anat, it enormous opportunity for every single american who understands the chairmanot, as
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said, not overtaxed, we overspend. the american people need a chance to continue the economic growth and development that is important to this country. >> i appreciate it. that is way more information than i needed to know. -- >> the chairman and committee would like more discussion. the gentleman might bring up and amendment here, but it is important that we do this bill. republicans on the rules committee are ready and willing. we are fired up, we are all here. discussions, or you now have the discussions, no amendment. say aye.favor of the
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those opposed say no. >> rollcall. [voting] nay's.-- yay's, 2 i will be handling this for republicans, mr. torres will handle this for democrat. we do have a second motion, but before we get that, i would dislike the distinguished gentleman from miami who has served as our staff director for these number of years.
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i would like to thank him not only for his service to the committee, but his service to me personally for the work he has done. making sure that we ably move forward our work and do the right thing. sir, i want to thank you and wish you luck. >> yay! [applause] >> as you head out of here, and ,'m very proud of that service i want to thank you very much. we are now going to move to the second rule. once again, to rules, to bills. this thing would gentleman from oklahoma. toit waives clause 680 rule 13 -- 2-13. on the same day it is presented to the house, with respect to
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section two of the rule provides it shall be in order at any time as the calendar day of december 23, 2018, the speaker to entertain suspension of rules that the speaker shall consult with the minority leader for the designation of any matter for consideration pursuant to this action. much.nk you very >> those opposed say no. have it.e's i will be handling that second rule also and the sandwich gentleman from massachusetts will handle the second. judge hastings, if he were here, he would be asked me a question. the answer is i would ask for
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all members to remain flexible as he watched the senate continue to update our members. i promised to make sure we do that. >> tomorrow morning would be a better time to do it. >> this finishes our work for the evening. [indiscernible]
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>> the first government under which we live was created in the compromise of mutual concession. >> thomas jefferson questioned the need for the senate. >> let's follow the constitution. >> the framers established the senate to protect people from their rulers and as a check on the house. world is in the hands of congress and the united states senate. senate -- conflict and compromise. c-span original production. exploring the history, traditions, and roles of this uniquely american institution.
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wednesday, january 2 at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span. >> earlier today on the house floor, a democrat from guam and a nevada democrat gave their farewell speeches. mr. speaker, i rise today in appreciation of the people of guam for their >> i rise today and appreciate of the people of guam for allowing me to represent them and their interests for eight terms. i also rise this final timee appreciation to my colleagues in this wonderful institution, the u.s. house of representatives. for their support over the years, as we have worked on many impactful issues for the betterment of our constituents and our nation, it has been my honor to serve in congrfo


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