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tv   House Minority Leader Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Schumer Press...  CSPAN  December 20, 2018 9:23pm-9:37pm EST

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principles worth fighting for, principles that are more important than politics, party or personal convenience. and security and sovereignty of the united states is the most important principle of all. if we don't stand strong for our national borders, then we cease to be a nation and we betray our commitment to the loyal citizens of our great country. billk forward to signing a that fulfills our fundamental duty to the american people. it is all about, and i say this to hear it,hey want it is all about america first. we have to put our country first. we have to put our people first. we have to put safety first. so thank you all very much and we will be working on that, mitch and paul and kevin and
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everybody, and we will see what we can do, but hopefully that will all come together. >> late this afternoon house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer spoke to reporters about the government funding deadline in the current status of a measure to keep the government open into 2019. this is 15 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] representative pelosi: good evening. for weeks now house and senate republicans have worked together to put together an appropriations bill to meet the needs of the american people, and now to keep government open. somehow or other, and i don't know what the answer to the question is, the president prefers to shut government down, and they resist any opportunity to keep government open. we are completely ready, as we have been, with bipartisan, to pass alegislation
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sixth appropriation bill and have a continuing resolution for the seventh bill. we have offered that to the president. a have also offered him continuing resolution with seven bills in it. yesterday the house and the united states senate passed legislation overwhelmingly. i will yield to the distinguished leader in the senate to talk about that. the president is doing everything he can to shut the government down. you have to ask the question, why? does he not believe in government? does he not care about the american people? doesn't he know that the economy is uncertain? hasn't he followed the stock market that he likes to brag about sometimes? there is something wrong with this picture, especially in the holiday season.
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and if they make the bill bad enough, they are able to maybe get enough votes on the house side for a shameful bill that is unworthy of this house of representatives, and certainly of the american people. i yield to the distinguished leader from the senate. schumer: thank you. today's events have made one thing clear. president trump is plunging the country into chaos. the stock market is down another 500 points. down,l mattis is stepping and we know he has real disagreements with the president on syria and on the wall. and now president trump is throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown of the government. last night the senate passed by voice, unanimously, a bill proposed by leader mcconnell.
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all speaker ryan has to do is put it on the floor of the house , he will get a majority of phones and the president can sign it and avoid a shutdown. presidentunately, trump was attacked this morning and last night by the hard he backed fearful, off his commitment to sign this bill. republican leaders told us yesterday he was ready to sign the bipartisan bill that passed the senate unanimously, every democrat and every republican, to avoid a government shutdown. the bill contained neither democratic demands or republican demands. it said to the american people, we have a way to keep the government open. and leader pelosi, leader mcconnell and myself have done everything we can to avoid a shutdown, but president trump wants one. for 120 five times,
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and he said in front of us, he would be proud to shut down the government. it is nothing to be proud of. the bottom line is simple. the trump temper tantrum will shut down the government, but it will not get him his wall. the bill on the floor of the house, everyone knows will not pass the senate. mccarthyyan, leader have cynically put it on the floor of the house knowing it can't pass the senate. everyone knows it can't pass the senate. to justcynical attempt and do justt people what president trump wants, even though they probably know it is better for the country. the bottom line is very simple. there is still hope. leader pelosi and i have put two proposals on the table, we have not taken them off, that would
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avoid a government shutdown and get a majority of votes in the house and senate. leader mcconnell had put on the floor last night a proposal that would avoid shutting down the government. this a shame that president, who is plunging the nation into chaos, is throwing another temper tantrum that will hurt lots of innocent people. tantrum maymper produce a government shutdown. it will not get him his wall. reporter: what happens next in the senate? leader schumer: mcconnell has said he will schedule a vote. it will not come close to getting the 60 votes it needs, and then leader pelosi and i and probably senator mcconnell would hope that the house would then consider passing the bipartisan, unanimously-passed bill that the senate passed.
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whether they will do that, your guess is as good as mine. donald trump wants a shutdown and they seem to be so afraid that they are going to go along. reporter: you told a couple of us you were shaken by the news about jim mattis resigning. why are you shaken? representative of the patriot h. i think that everybody in the country should read his letter of resignation. it is a letter of great patriotism, with respect to the president, but also a statement of his values where he talks about the strength of our nation, intrinsically linked, the strength of the system of alliances we have. that we must be resolute and unambiguous in our .pproach
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about,beautiful letter again, our values as a nation in terms of our national security, written by a patriotic american who was a comfort to many of us as a voice of stability in the trump administration. just look at this week. president taking troops out of syria without full consultation with the national security, leaders of his own administration. the president taking actions that encouraged his secretary of defense to issue a letter of resignation. he is reversing his position about signing a bill. maybe he thinks a government shutdown, he can golf more comfortably. that's not how it works. government must work, even if you are golfing for two
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weeks. there is something very wrong with this picture. it was one week ago, our troops looked to secretary mattis as a leader, and now he is going to be leaving the. this is very serious for our country. i yield. sen. schumer: secretary mattis was one of the few pillars of strength and stability in this administration. everything that indicates stability, strength, knowledge , is leaving this administration. general kelly. general matters. so many others. mcmaster. exactly. there is chaos now in this administration. this week was one of the most chaotic weeks we've ever seen an
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american government. to close, they want the week, president trump does, by shutting down the government. we all know that secretary mattis had real disagreements with the president on syria and on the wall. some were speculating that the president was going to demand he start building a wall which he knows he cannot do by law, and maybe that is one of the reasons he stepped down. is anyou think there reasonable prospect that if there is a shutdown, it could override president trump severe tar -- president trump's veto of acr? rep. pelosi: just to refer back to what leader schumer has said about the voice of stability in this administration and the people who had left, you have
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leaders, great leaders who have let -- left the administration and dismay and the rest have left in disgrace. that is what this administration has been about. we don't want the fear mongers in terms of our country, this great country, can with strand -- with sam just about anything, but it shouldn't have to. i am shaken by the resignation of general medicine, for what it means -- general mattis, for what it means to the country, our troops, and the indication of what his view is of the commander in chief. >> are we less safe without him running the pentagon? look, our military soldiers, 2.15 million of them, civilian employees and defense, looked up to general mattis. i'm sure they feel it is a great loss. i'm sure most americans feel that. and everything like this that
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happens, the resignation of a strong leader, gives the american people less and less faith in president trump and the way he governs. rep. pelosi: just all the more reason for us to pray for the country. our country has been blessed in so many ways by leaders throughout the centuries and decades. some of them, one of them, general mattis. this is a very sad day for our country. read his letter. have you read his letter? read his letter. activities that have led up to it and what it means. leadership, -- because of his leadership, we are safe. we have to continue to make sure the american people are safe. that is the oath of office we take, protect and defend. and we will. we shouldn't have to do so because of the temper tantrums of the commander-in-chief.
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there are a number of key cabinet posts they are forced to confirm here in a short period of time. is your caucus able to work with the administration with this new round of appointments? sen. schumer: unlike previous presidents,- democratic and republican's, there is no consultation. , what do you think of this person -- they do not call us to ask. most of them have been so subpar in their ideology, their ethics, i hope there will be a change, but given the past group of nominees, i don't. they are going to get very, very thorough examinations. they will get serious, serious questions. almost all of them have not passed muster. thank you. rep. pelosi: thank you all. read the


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