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tv   House Minority Leader Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Schumer Press...  CSPAN  December 21, 2018 12:58am-1:13am EST

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of all. we don't stand strong for our national borders, then we cease nation. and we betray our commitment to he loyal citizens of our great country. i look forward to signing a bill fundamental our duty to the american people. i say this,out, and in any way they want to hear it, it's all about america first. our country t first. we have to put our people first. to put safety first. so thank you all very much. be working on that, mitch, paul, and kevin, and what wey, and we'll see can do. but hopefully that will all come together. house went on to approve a short term federal spending billion includes $5.7 for a wall on the u.s.-mexico order and $7.8 billion in disaster relief activist measure would keep the government
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operating through february 8. senate for to the debate. the senate is gaveling in at eastern time live on c-span 2. ust before the house voted on the spending resolution house and senate democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer about the eporters government funding bill for about 15 minutes. . >> the house and senate, republicans, have orked together to put together appropriations bill to meet the needs of the american people, now to keep government open. somehow or another, and i don't
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know what the answer to the is, the president of to united states prefers shut government down. nd will resist any opportunity to keep government open. again, we're completely ready as while, with for a legislation, to pass the appropriations bill and have continuing resolution for the seventh bill if we can't come to terms on that. e've offered that to the president. we've also offered him one with sevenresolution bills in it. the united states legislation overwhelmingly and i'll yield to the distinguished leader of the senate. he president is doing everything he can to shut the government down. question, ask the why does he not believe in
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governance? oes he not care about the american people? doesn't he know that the economy is uncertain? hasn't he followed the stock brag that he likes to about? sometimes. there is something wrong with this picture. in the holiday season. and so, if they make the bill able to getthey are house nough votes on the side. or a shameful bill that's unworthy of this house of ofresentatives and certainly the american people. now i yield to the distinguished leader from the senate majority. pelosi.k you, leader today's events have made one thing clear. the dent trump is plunging country into chaos. down anotherket is 500 points. general mattis is stepping down nd we know he has real disagreements with the president wall, and nd on the
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now, president trump is throwing and creating um the trump shutdown of the government. the senate passed by oice, unanimously, a bill proposed by leader mcconnell, all speaker ryan has to do is it on the floor of the house. he'll get a majority of votes, the president can sign it and avoid a shutdown. unfortunately, president trump was attacked this morning by the hard t ight, and fearful, he backed off. his commitment to sign this bill. republican leaders told us that he was ready to ign the bipartisan bill that passed the senate unanimously, every democrat and every avoid a n, to
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government shutdown. the bill contained neither republicandemands or demands. it said to the american people, keep the way to government open. leader er pelosi, mcconnell, and myself have done everything we can to avoid a shutdown. but president trump wants one. times.sked for one 25 and he zeid in front of us, he would be proud to shut down the government. it's nothing to be proud of. the gom is, it won't give him his wall. veryone knows the bill on the floor of the house will not pass the senate. ryan and mccarthy have put it on house knowing e it can't pass the senate. everyone knows it can't pass the senate. cynical attempt, a attempt to just hurt
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innocent people and do just what wants.ent trump even though they probably know, for the country. simple.tom line is very there is still hope. leader pelosi and i have put two table.als on the we've not taken them off. that would avoid a government a majority of t vote in the house and senate. leader mcconnell had put on the last night, a proposal shutting down d the government. it's a shame that this the dent, who is plunging nation into chaos, is throwing another temper tantrum and is lots of innocent people. the trump temper tantrum may shutdown, overnment it will not get him his wall. >> what happens next in the senate if this bill does pass tonight? >> well, leader mcconnell has said he would schedule a vote.
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not come close o getting the 60 votes that it needs. and then, leader pelosi and i, cconnell, ly senator m would hope that the house would then consider passing the passed an, unanimously bill that the senate would pass, but whether they will do that or as your guess is as good mine. donald trump wants a shutdown be so afraid to along.ey are going to go we'll see. the news e shaken by about jim mattis's resignation. shaken?you >> i'm shaken by the patriot is.eral mattis i think everybody in the country should read his letter of resignation. great letter of patriotism. respect for the president. also a statement of his
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values, where he talks about the nation is our intrinsically link, unique and omprehensive system of alliances that we have. about, we must be rest our oot and unambiguous in approach, who is -- [inaudible] intentions with ours. it's a beautiful letter about, again, our values as a nation in terms of our national security. by a patriotic american us was a comfort to many of as a voice of stability in the trump administration. just look at this week. troops out t taking of syria without really full with the national security leaders of his own administration. the president taking actions secretary of his
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efense to issue a letter of resignation. reversing his position about signing a bill. thinks if the government shuts down he can golf more comfortably. not how it works. government must work even if you're golfing for two weeks. there is something very wrong this picture. this resignation is one, we just a week ago by ecretary mattis, secretary pompeo, and -- that was last week ago,o it was one our troops looked to secretary and now he'seader, going to be leaving them. this is very serious for our country. i yield. >> yeah. one of the ttis was few symbols, the few items of stability in this administration.
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everything that indicates everything that indicates strength, everything is indicates knowledge, leaving this administration. general kelly, general mattis, others. >> mcmaster. >> mcmaster. exactly. there is chaos now in this administration. this week was one of the most chaotic weeks we have ever seen n american government and amazingly, they want to close the week, president trump does, shutting down the government. shutting down the government. we all know that secretary mattis had real disagreements and the president on syria on the wall. some have speculated that the resident was going to demand that he start building a wall, which he knows he can't do by and maybe that's one of the reasons he stepped down. >> do you think there is any reasonable prospect that if shutdown you can override president trump's veto
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of a cr? our u would have to ask republican friends. > it's strange our how republican friends, the worst he gets the more they rally around him. to what efer back -- schumer is saying, andsaying left, you who have have great leaders who have left andadministration in dismay the rest have left in disgrace. that's what this administration about.en we don't want to be fear mongers in terms of our country. can withstandntry just about anything but it shouldn't have to. it shouldn't have to. so, yes. resignation y the of general mattis, for what it eans to our country, for the message it sends to our troops, and for the indication of what view is of the
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commander-in-chief. >> -- [inaudible] >> look. our military soldiers, 2.15 them, are civilian employees and defense looked up to general mattis. i'm sure they feel it's a great loss. i'm sure most americans feel it's a great loss, and everything like this that resignation of a strong leader, gives the american people less and less president trump and the way he governs. >> it's just all the more reason us to pray for our country, in country has been blessed so many ways, by leaders throughout the centuries. decades. and some of them, one of them, very l mattis, this is a sad day for our country. read his letter. read his letter? read his letter. examine the activities that have led up to it.
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and what it means. of his leadership, we're safe. yes. and we have to pray that we're continue to ave to make sure the american people are safe. that's the oath of office we take, to protect and defend and we will. to do so 't have temper tantrums of the commander and chief. a number of will be posts that need to be confirmed in a short period of time. able to work with the new administration with this new round of appointments? unlike previous presidents, democratic and republican, there is no consultation. say what call us and do you think of this person? what do you think of that person? of the nominations have been so below par in their their standards, in ability to govern, in their over, y, which is so far and i hoped there would be a change but given the past group
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nominees, i don't. so they are going to get very, very thorough examinations. to get serious, serious questions. almost all of , them have not passed muster. thank you. >> thank you all. >> read the letter. *-*. >> the house approved the short term spending bill which would keep the government operating february 8. the measure includes $5.7 billion for wall on the u.s.-mexico border and $#.8 billion in disaster relief. it now goes to the senate for debate. the senate gaveling in tomorrow eastern live on c-span 2. the debate


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