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tv   Jennifer Shutt  CSPAN  December 22, 2018 7:47pm-8:01pm EST

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to date. time for the two leaders be reserved for use later in the day. morning business be closed. finally, following leader remarks, consideration of the house message to accompany under the previous order. i am going to repeat the final sentence before asking for consent. all living leader remarks, the center resume consideration of the house message to accompany hr 695 under the previous order. >> without objection. >> the senate adjourns under the previous order. >> the senate stands adjourned until 11:00 a.m. on monday. >> for more on what the
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government shutdown means, weise book to congressional reporter -- we spoke to a congressional reporter. >> we went to check back in with jennifer shaw. she has been following all of this, shuttling between the house and the senate at capitol hill. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> where do things stand? what is next? >> there is a lot of negotiation going on on capitol hill. i'm currently standing outside the senate appropriations committee where mick mulvaney and vice president mike pence just walked in. that means they have left the meeting with senate democratic leader chuck schumer. there are a lot of moving pieces as they try to negotiate some type of spending bill. the other recent piece of information as i'm sure everyone just listen to, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has
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-- senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has gaveled out until the 27th. even if there is some type of agreement on government spending it looks like the senate will not be voting on that for a few days. >> a couple other things, this is a tweet from a white house reporter, in a conference call with reporters to check in to make clear what the president still wants, $5 billion, and he believes money for physical barriers must be included in any deal. clearly the white house is digging in. the president is saying i want that wall. >> this is a complicated process. this has been working itself out through the appropriations process since february when they ask congress for that $1.6 billion for barriers and then to re-up the request in july, asking for $5 billion instead. this is the stalemate that has been happening between democrats, republicans and the white house about how to address
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border security and whether a physical barrier is the best use of money. >> another report from the "washington post" saying i don't think it is imminent that we will reach a deal from senator richard shelby. he was in that luncheon today. by sunday,was made later next week at the earliest that the shutdown would end. at the very earliest it would be december 27 or december 28, correct? >> correct. >> give us a sense of what it is like on the hill today. is it busy? is it chaotic? what are you hearing and seeing? >> from the perspective of a reporter here it has been very chaotic. i have been running around between the first floor and the second floor, literally running after richard shelby. we have been tracking the movement of vice president pence.
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there are a lot of moving pieces to figure out. i was a little bit surprised when leader mcconnell made the announcement that they were going to go out for several days. you did have a lot of senators fly back and do that procedural vote, now it sounds like they will be flying back to their districts and there is a lot of uncertainty about when they need to be back. >> senator mcconnell's office saying that the meeting on december 27 could be a pro forma session. so my question for you is how do both sides come together? clearly there needs to be a compromise. the democrats say they will not provide money for the wall. the president says he wants the money for the wall. how do they reach a middle point? >> this is the thing that has led to the third funding lapse
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and shall government shutdown of the calendar year. i don't see a clear path forward. they have been trying to reach agreements. now that we're in a partial government shutdown it seems like the sides are digging in a little bit. this could be something that goes on very long, potentially until january 3 when the democrats take over the house of representatives. that could be a really interesting things to watch, politically speaking and from a policy perspective as well because nancy pelosi would essentially come in, holders speaker vote, and assay spending package which puts the ball in mitch mcconnell's court. that puts him in a very tough spot of whether or not he whether ort bill and not the sort of challenges president trump's shutdown. >> we know that another the senate will be out, lawmakers can head home for the holidays. we suspect that the president will stay here during much of
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the shutdown, although we did here earlier from todd gillam of the dallas morning news that first lady melania trump and her son are already in west palm beach, florida. any indication on where things stand in the house? >> the house came in around noon and i would expect that following what just happened on the senate floor that the house has a couple of pro forma sessions and maybe bring lawmakers back into town for the 27th or lets them stay back in the districts for the holidays. when i was speaking to pete sessions earlier today he was on his way to the airport to head back to texas. he said there is a strong possibility that if a deal is through true unanimous
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consent that doesn't that require all lawmakers to come to town for a rollcall vote. >> remind is what congress needs to pass in order to reopen the federal government. >> every year we have 12 spending bills. first fiscal 2019 back on october 1. that allocation was roughly $1.24 trillion. of those bills, five were passed on time which includes the department of defense, the legislative branch, the military construction funding as well as the va. the partial shutdown we are in right now affects the remaining bills which is around $300 billion. agencies experiencing a partial government shutdown right now include agriculture, the treasury department, the state department and a handful of others. including some agencies and one of those agencies is of course nasa.
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>> you have been doing double duty checking in with us on occasion, we appreciate it. we will follow your work online on >> thank you for having me. >> tonight on c-span, exit interviews with three outgoing members of congress. then today's a senate debate on the government shutdown. later, a washington post forum .n the future of work the government shutdown will continue past the christmas holiday as the senate and house have ended sessions. legislative business scheduled until next thursday. as always, watch live house coverage on c-span and the senate on c-span two. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ "washington join journal" for authors week,
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featuring one-hour segments each morning with a new author beginning at 8:30 a.m. eastern. starting sunday with crystal fleming and her book "how to be less stupid about race." monday, the author of "the once and future worker." tuesday we discuss "what the hell do we have to lose, trumps war on civil rights." "squeezed: why our families cannot afford america." matters."e book " sex "theday, the author of view from flyover country." join us for authors week starting sunday on washington journal.
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♪ >> christmas day on c-span. at 11:45 a.m. eastern, a look back on this year's memorial barbara for first lady bush, senator john mccain, and president george h.w. bush. eastern, the admiral on the future of the u.s. military. at 8:00, former president barack obama, former secretary of state james baker, and historian john role inon the u.s.'s the world. >> when there is a problem in the world people do not call moscow or beijing, they call washington. even our adversaries expect us to solve problems and keep things running. at 9:00, a conversation with entrepreneurs on women in corporate america. >> we know that women's networks continue to look very female heavy.
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very maleks look heavy. that might be fine in the first position right out of school. who do you think wins with a network by the time you get to senior leadership? >> watch tuesday, christmas day on c-span. >> the united states senate, a uniquely american institution. legislating in carrying out constitutional duty sense 1789. >> please raise your right hand. c-span takes you inside the senate, learning about the legislative body and its informal workings. we will look at the history of conflict and compromise with original interviews. >> arguing about things and and
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having great debates is thoroughly american. >> key moments in history and unprecedented access, allowing us to bring cameras into the chamber during the session. follow the evolution of the senate into the modern era. from advice and consent to their role in impeachment proceedings and investigation. the senate, conflict and compromise. a c-span original production. exploring the history, tradition, and role of this uniquely american institution. premieres wednesday, january 2 at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span. be sure to go online at to learn aboutte the program and watch original, interviews. take a tour inside the senate chamber, the old senate chamber,
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and other exclusive locations. takesn the new congress office in january, it have the youngest, most diverse class in history. startinglive on c-span january 3. >> north dakota senator heidi heitkamp lost her reelection bid to kevin cramer. our series of interviews with outgoing members of congress, we talk about her six years in the senate. this is 30 minutes. one of theheitkamp, speeches in the video library, speech, it got rather emotional. what were you thinking?


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