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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Reps. Curbelo Costello Farewell Speeches  CSPAN  December 27, 2018 2:08am-2:31am EST

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occupation was maid. but she believed in america. she believed in this amazing country. and we've been privileged to help lead it, and it's been one of the greatest privileges of my lifetime. i yield back. thank you. >> next, more farewell speeches of members of congress. are leavingcans after serving two terms in the house of representatives. mr. curbelo: thank you, mr. speaker. my colleagues, politics is the art of what is possible.
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what is achieveable. not the measure of our differences. we come to this chamber, we should, to seek common ground, to solve problem, to address challenges. that's what i have done over the course of the last four years. work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to improve quality of life in our country and our communities and to show the american public that this institution is capable of responding to its concerns and its aspirations. in congress, progress is measured in small units. the way our founding fathers intended. on climate and the environment we broke the ice, bringing republicans and democrats together in the climate solutions caucus. the first meaningful bipartisan dialogue and collaboration on this subject in a generation. we also filed land mark legislation to make massive investments in american infrastructure while reducing
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carbon emissions and creating clean energy jobs. climate change and transportation infrastructure. twin challenges threatening the future of my home, miami-dade county. the market choice act would make it more likely that our children and grandchildren can live out their years in our paradise, an area marked and blessed with countless natural treasures. on immigration, we forced the house to process and debate comprehensive reform for the first time in nearly a decade while for many using this subject and the many victims of a broken immigration system for political gain is the preference, ours was a solution that would secure the border. reform our asylum laws to prevent abuse. keep families together. and secure a future for two million american dreamers. the young immigrants who went to school with our own children and today are contributing to our economy and to our communities.
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while the forces of obstruction and cowardice prevailed, this institution grew from the debate and dividends will be reaped in the future. i have no doubt. this issue is also a special one for miami-dade and south florida. it's personal for us. we are a community of immigrants. we believe immigration should be legal and orderly. and we know immigrants made america great and will continue making it greater still. guns and -- gun, another issue that deeply divides our country. we proposed solutions modeled after what was achieved in florida in the wake of the tragic massacre at florida's marjorie stoneman douglas high school. it is possible to protect gun rights for law-abiding citizens while keeping deadly weapons out of the hands of those who seek to harm others or themselves. we are reforming our criminal justice system in order to truly give people a second chance.
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we secured funding for everglades restoration if water quality improvements in the florida key, for important infrastructure projects in south florida. we honored our fwripets guaranteeing them the resources they need and granting them the raises they've earned. we also invested in american children, making it easier for immigrant students to learn english and protecting the accountability framework that put all students at the center of the public education system. and we delivered historic tax relief for florida workers and famries while making american businesses more competitive. in our hemisphere i have advocated for the oppressed people of cuba, venezuela, and nicaragua and encouraged the administration to forge strong relationships with leaders committed to human right the rule of law and economic growth and prosperity in countries like brazil, columbia -- colombia, ar general tee narc coast rah rika, panama and others. in the middle east i have worked
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to support and bolster the critical u.s.-israel alliance while holding the terrorist mue la regime in iran accountable for its countless transgressions. further east, i have advocated japan ser relations with and taiwan in the face of hostilities. and i have always put my country above any partisan or personal interest my goal has been to serb with decency and sincerity. to do what was right even if people got upset. to focus on ideas instead of petty politics. to speak in truth instead of talking points. to be both direct and decor russ. i have learned much from this institution, it never changed me. i have served to the fullest every day and i now begin a new chapter in my life overflowing
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with gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to serve, for the many colleagues i have come to know, for my team, for my family, my god, and for the community that trusted this child of political refugees with the privilege of representing it here in the congress of the united states. -- of the united states of america. mr. speaker, i'd now like to yield to my colleague from illinois, mr. davis. mr. davis: mr. speaker, thank you and thank you to my friend from florida. i know he's probably worried about what i might say in his final speech here on the floor tonight but i've got to tell you about a friend i met just shortly after going to a meeting across the street where i had the honor of becoming a mentor to a candidate who wanted to run for congress. and his name was carlos curbelo.
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i knew we were going to get along well when i called him the first time on the phone and he said, why are you my mentor? i said because you have key west in the district you are running in. i'd like to come visit you. he took my first jeck well and we hit it off and became very close friends. imagine my glee when on election night in 2014, my men tee became a new -- my mentee became a newly elected member of congress. to see him walk into this institution, to see him immediately become not just a friend to me and to many others, but a legislator and one of the best legislators i have ever had the opportunity to serve with. it's bittersweet for me to stand here tonight and wish him the best in his next endeavors. i know he will have plenty of opportunities to spend a great deal of time with his wife and their two lovely young daughters and one of the most beautiful --
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in one of the most beautiful places in the world in miami-dade. i got a feeling this isn't going to be the last of my friend mr. curbelo. and this speech may be the last one you deliver as a member of this institution, but whether it is you come back here, or whatever your next step is, my friend, you know that it's not only me who will be standing there right behind you but so many of the colleagues and friends you have met along the way and have meant so much to you. thank you for being a great friend, thank you for being a member of the wolf pack and i will always know you as my good friend chuck curbelo. i yield back. mr. curbelo: i thank the gentleman from illinois who indeed is a wonderful friend. sometimes his jokes aren't as good but his advice has been very good here since i started running for the house for the first time in 2013. the people of southern illinois are blessed to be represented by mr. davis. he has a wonderful family, he's
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a great friend, and i am -- even though i'm moving on, i'm happy to know that people like rodney davis will remain part of this institution, working for his community and for our wonderful country. i'd like to yield to my colleague from pennsylvania, another wonderful friend, we've shared many great experiences together, we have worked hard on the issues that are important to our communities, to our districts, mr. ryan costello. mr. costello: thank you. i too want to thank carlos for your service to this country, your constituents, you've been an exemplar of what it means to be a gentleman, somebody who comes in to work here every day in the halls of congress, serving the people, doing your best, giving it 110%. what i would like to do if i could is just thank those
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residents in my congressional district, residing in chester county, pennsylvania, montgomery county, pennsylvania, burks county and lebanon county pennsylvania for the opportunity to serve you here in congress for two terms. this was always admittedly a dream of mine and it's something that i took great pride in doing. it's been a very humbling experience in some respects, it's been a rewarding experience, in other respects it's been challenging and frustrating at times. but when you are someone who put yours name on a sign and gets elected to this institution, you carry with yourself a certain humbleness and a certain sense of purpose that every single one of the 434 members that i've served with, probably more since there's been resignations and re-elections, but everyone who i've served with in this institution takes their job very, very seriously and i just hope the american people realize that even as we have differences
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here we have a lot more that binds us together as americans and everyone is here trying to do their very best. i'd also like to briefly thank y parents, chery and tony, i would like to thank my parents, to my wife christine, to my children, ryan and caroline, to the many great members of my staff who have just done an absolutely wonderful job. i think one thing that every single member of congress can agree to is that the staff is underappreciated, undercompensated, but without them, this institution would not run and we wouldn't be able to be as effective. i like to recognize sean -- my iefs of staff, my district director and if i start naming
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all the other staff persons, i would forget one. i'm grateful for their service to pennsylvania's 6th congressional district, to this country, to myself and for all those i have served with from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a friend and being an advocate for this country and your constituents. this is a very special institution and been a real privilege to serve in it. god pleas each and every one of you and god bless each and every one of you. mr. curbelo: i thank mr. costello for his kind word and his great service to our country. the people of philadelphia's suburbs have been pleased to have been represented over the last four years by thoughtful, honest deesept man, someone who
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i worked with on issues like the environment, like imdepration, the controversial issues, the issues where legislators are required to take risks if they are going to have a positive impact. and my final message is just extreme gratitude to this wonderful institution, to my community for this privilege, this opportunity, to my parents, when they arrived this country to be free and work and contribute. i don't think they could have imagined that their son would have been able to seve in this fine institution, only in this wonderful country can we tell stories like that, do these miracles happen. i thank my wife and two daughters. my daughters, because public
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service is difficult, especially on young families and my wife and my daughters have sacrificed a lot. we have done it with the support of our family, my in-laws, my parents and to all my colleagues, i wish you all the best. i will be rooting the best. try to strengthen this country and do the right thing every day and serve with a servant's
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to steplturally need back. >> we have spent trillions on these wars and the war in afghanistan is going on 18 years. i think it is just ridiculous. these wars and our foreign policy has caused us to have more enemies than we would have had. >> in the congress of the u.s., even with the reforms nancy accepthas pledged to based on my problem solvers
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cauterize, i believe there is too much power. i fear that is not going to change. >> watch conversations with retired members of congress on c-span and >> five new members from minnesota join the house of representatives including the only republicans elected to seats previously held by democrats. the first is pete's daughter -- pete stauber. , perseverance. hard work is always the equalizer. many people never gave me a chance to play division one
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hockey. >> the other member is jim heckendorn. he succeeds a democrat who was selected minnesota governor. he later worked for the treasury department. formert angie craig is a reporter for the commercial appeal in memphis, tennessee. gayis the first openly person elected to congress by minnesota voters. she succeeds keith ellison who was elected attorney general.
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ms. omar became an american citizen in 2000. of worked in a variety positions while being engaged in state and local politics. that activity led to her election to the minnesota house of representatives in 2016. democrat dean phillips was less than an year old when his father was killed in the vietnam war. now president of the folks to still in company, which has been in his family for over 100 years. new congress, new leaders. watch it on c-span. >> it has been five days since the government shutdown began. agenda depends on whether congress and the white house can reach an agreement on were security. president trump is still calling for $5 billion on border funding
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which congressional democrats you canpposed to read watch both the house on the seven on c-span. >> the unit in state senate, a uniquely american institution. legislating and carrying out constitutional duties since 1789. on wednesday, january 2, c-span takes you inside the senate. learning about the legislative body and its informal workings. we will learn about its history of conflict and compromise. >> kicking things around and having great debates is a
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thoroughly american thing. >> key moments in american history. following the evolution of the senate into the modern era. rolladvice and consent to in impeachment proceedings. , conflict and compromise. a c-span original production exploring the tradition, history, and role of this uniquely american institution. to learno go online more about the program. and watch original, full-length interviews with senators. farewell speeches. take a tour inside the senate chamber. >> president trump and the first lady made an unannounced visit
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to iraq. during the visit, the president met with military leaders and defended his decision to withdraw military forces from syria in a speech to service members. this was his first trip to a combat zone since being elected. president trump: he came back to the military because of me. and i came here because of you. [camera shutters]
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president trump: thank you, fellas. [camera shutters] president trump: thank you very much. thank you. do you want to both get in? >> thank you.


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