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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  January 3, 2019 9:13pm-12:01am EST

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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote, the yeas are 197, and the nays are 233. with no one answering present. the motion is not adopted. the question is on the passage of the joint resolution. hose in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the yeas have it. the bill is passed. >> madam speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized. ms. granger: i ask for a recorded vote. the speaker pro tempore: a recorded vote is requested. those favoring a recorded vote will rise. a sufficient number having
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risen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 239 and the nays are 192. the joint resolution is passed. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.
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the unfinished business is the question on agreeing to the motion to recommit on h.r. 21. offered by the gentlewoman from texas, ms. granger, on which the yeas and nays are ordered. the clerk will redesignate the motion. the clerk: motion to recommit on h.r. 21 offered by ms. granger of texas. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on agreeing to the motion to recommit. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote, the yeas are 199 and the nays are 232. the motion is not adopted. the question is on the passage of the bill under clause 10 of rule 20, the yeas and nays are ordered. members will record their vets by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote, the yeas are 241 and the nays are 190. the bill is passed. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from california -- the gentleman from california seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i offer a resolution and ask unanimous consent for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerning will report the title of the resolution. the clerk: house resolution 9, resolution, resolved that pursuant to legislative pay act
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of 1929, as amended, the six minority employees authorized therein shall be the following named persons effective january 3, 2019, until otherwise ordered by the house, to wit, barrett karr, james minn, will dunham, tt sparks, caleb smith, each to receive compensation pursuant to house resolution 115 as enacted into permanent law by section 115 of public law 95-94. in addition the minority leader may appoint and set the annual rate of pay for up to three further minority employee. the speaker pro tempore: is there objection to the consideration of the resolution? without objection the resolution is agreed to and the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. for what purpose does the gentleman from massachusetts seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i offer a
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privileged resolution and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the resolution. the clerk: house resolution 10, resolved that unless otherwise ordered, the hour of daily meeting of the house shall be 2:00 p.m. on mondays, noon on tuesdays or 2:00 p.m. if no legislative business was conduct those opposed, no preceding monday, noon on wednesdays and thursday, and 9:00 a.m. on all other days of the week. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the resolution is agreed to and the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. for what purpose does the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern, seek recognition? mr. mcgovern: i offer a privileged concurrent resolution and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the concurrent resolution. the clerk: house concurrent esolution 1. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the concurrent resolution.
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the clerk: house concurrent resolution 1, resolved, that pursuant to clause 4, section 5, article 1 of the constitution, during the 116th congress, the speaker of the house and the majority leader of the senate or their respective designees acting jointly after consultation with the minority leader of the house and minority lead of the senate may notify members of the house and senate respectively to assemble at a place outside the district of columbia if in their opinion the public interest shall warrant it. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the concurrent resolution is agreed to and the motion to recommit is laid on the table. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland seek recognition? mr. hoyer: i ask unanimous consent that during the 116th congress the speaker, the majority leader and minority leader be authorized to accept resignations and to make appointments authorized by law or by the house.
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the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland seek recognition? mr. hoyer: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent that during the 116th congress all members be permitted to extend their remarks and to include extraneous material within the permitted limit in that section of the record entitled extension of remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. hoyer: madam speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for hat purpose does the gentleman rise? mr. hoyer: i rise to ask unanimous consent that during the first session of the 116th congress, one, on legislative days of monday or tuesday, when the house convenes pursuant to house resolution 10, the house shall convene two hours earlier than the time otherwise established by the resolution for the purpose of conducting morning hour debate. two, legislative day of wednesday or thursday, when the house convenes pursuant to house
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resolution 1240erk house shall convene two hours earlier than the time otherwise established by the resolution for the purpose of conducting morning hour debate. three, when the house convenes pursuant to an order other than house resolution 1240erk house shall convene for conducting morning hour debate only as described by such order. four. the time for morning hour debate shall be allocated equally between the parties and may not continue beyond 10 minutes before the hour appointed for the resumption of the session of the house. and five, the formal proceedings for morning hour debate shall be as follows. a, prayer by the chaplain. the approval of the journal, and the pledge of the allegiance to the flag shall be postponed until resumption of the session of the house. b, initial and subsequent recognitions for debate shall alternate between parties.
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c, recognition shall be confered by the speaker only pursuant to lists submitted by the majority leader and by the minority leader. d, no member may address the house for longer than five minutes except the majority leader, the minority leader, or the minority whip. no legislative business shall be in order except the filing of privileged reports. and, f, following morning hour debate, the chair shall declare a recess pursuant to clause 12-a of the rule 1, until the time appointed for the resumption of the session of the house. and six, the speaker may dispense with morning hour debate upon receipt of a notification described in clause 12-c of rule 1, or upon a change in reconvening pursuant to clause 12-e of rule 1. nd notify members accordingly.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland. mr. hoyer: thank you, madam speaker. your committee apointed on the part of the house to join a like committee on the part of the senate to notify the president of the united states that a quourm of each house has been assembled and is ready to receive any communication that he may be pleased to make, has performed that duty. the speaker pro tempore: the chair announces the speaker's appointment, pursuant to clause 11 of rule 2, clause 11 of rule 1. and the order of the house of today, of the following members of the house to the permanent select committee on ntelligence. the clerk: mr. schiff of california, chairman. mr. nunes of california.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair announces the speaker's appointment, pursuant to 2 u.s.c. 2001 and the order of the house of today of the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer, and the gentleman from california, mr. mccarthy, as members of the house office building commission to serve with the speaker. the chair announces the speaker's appointment, pursuant to clause 8 of rule 2 and the order of the house of today, of mr. douglas nadler as general counsel of the united states ouse of representatives. the chair announces that the speaker has delivered to the lerk a letter dated january 3, 2019, listing members in the
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order in which each shall act as speaker pro tempore under clause 8-b-3 of rule 1. the chair lays before the house a communication. the speaker pro tempore: the honorable the clerk, house of representatives. madam, i hereby designate representative steny hoyer of maryland to exercise any authority regarding assembly, reassembly, convening or reconvening of the house pursuant to house concurrent resolution 1, krause laws that -- clause 12 of rule 1, and any concurrent resolutions of the current congress as macon template my designation of members to exercise similar authority. in the event of the death or inability of that designee, the alternate members of the house listed in the letter bearing this date that i have placed with the clerk or designated in turn for the same purposes.
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signed, best regards, nancy pelosi, speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives. madam, under clause 2-g of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, i herewith designate mr. robert reeves, deputy clerk, and mr. christopher denesa, legal counsel, to sign any and all papers and do all other acts for me under the name of the clerk of the house, which they would be otherwise authorized to do by virtue of this designation, except such as are provided by statute, in case of my temporary absence or disability. this designation shall remain in effect for the 116th congress, or until modified by me. with best wished i am, signed, sincerely, karen l. haas, clerk of the house. the speaker pro tempore: the chair customarily takes this occasion at the onset of a congress to announce policies
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with respect to particular aspects of the legislative process. the chair will insert in the record announcements concerning, first, privileges of the floor. second, introduction of bills and resolutions. third, unanimous consent requests for the consideration of legislation. fourth, recognition for one-minute speeches. fifth, recognition for special order speeches. sixth, decorum in debate. seventh, conduct of votes by electronic device. eighth, use of handouts on the house floor. ninth, use of electronic equipment on the house floor. 10th, use of the chamber. these announcements where appropriate will reiterate the origins of the stated policy. the chair intends to continue in the 116th congress the policies reflected in these statements.
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the policy announced in the 102nd congress with respect to the jurisdictional concepts related to clause 5-a of rule 21 , tax and tariff measures, will continue to govern but need not be reiterated. as it is adequately documented as precedent in the house rules and manual. without objection, these announcements will be printed in he record. under clause 5-d of rule 20, the chair announces to the house that the whole number of the ouse is 433. for what purpose does the gentleman from vermont request time? mr. welch: mr. speaker, i move that the house do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn.
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those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands adjourned until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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extending current funding, including $1.3 billion in border security funding, and a package of appropriations bills, six bills funding them through the end of the fiscal year, the end effectively opening the government for those departments. mitch mcconnell has said the senate will not take those measures because president trump will not sign them, and the senate will await a measure agreed to by the president, democratic leadership as well. the house back in tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. coverage of the senate on c-span 2. some final thoughts on this long day in the u.s. house, the 13th day of the government shutdown. our facebook page, a couple final thoughts. aboutot too excited nancy pelosi but so inspired by
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the women on the floor of the house." david says republicans have had two years to a complete anything for their country. kimberly with a preview of the boston herald's front page tomorrow, historically for women in congress. 102 women in the house, 89 democrats, 13 republicans. from one of those democratic women from the house, rashida tlaib tweeting this really happened, i am a u.s. congresswoman, not bad for a girl from detroit who did not speak english. steve womack had been the chair for republicans. a photo of him and his grandson, who hoped to be the next speaker of the house, but the vote did not go his way. the joint session coming up in a couple weeks. speaker policy invited president trump to give his state of the
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union speech. the white house has it on the calendar. that will do it for our house coverage today on c-span. the gavel back in tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. yours thoughts and comments tomorrow morning on our washington journal program starting 7:00 a.m. eastern. next, in case you missed it from the beginning, we will show you the quorum call, the debate over the rules package, and funding the government, a measure proposed by democratic leadership and passed by the house tonight.
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optimism for this prayer, please join me. almighty and injuring god, whose lordship is just and true, we bow in recognition of that moment in this hallowed to provide leadership to the house of representatives of the
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united states. ourwe temporarily hush preoccupation with vexing considerations that deplete our energy and consumer hours to se votingfavor who record demonstrates the need for guidance. on unaided privilege and power, to address the great challenges of this day that are fraught with tribalism at home and turbulence abroad. thou who has the whole world in his hand, to thee we pray for inner resources, to rise above political selfishness and then shrink to a level of humility and penitence that would be in harmony with your will. when we leave this place, we will with your blessing launch a bold attempt to become a kindly
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or nation purging itself of prejudices. us, the numbers of this august body, to dedicate ourselves to the healing of open source on england -- open sores on a land where there is too much enmity towards people that are different. in this place. we need thee every hour, o lord, how we need thee. when we're puzzled, guide us with your hand of direction. when we're worn and weary, grant us light to find a just and fair way, and when we're confused, ignore our priorities and pet projects so that any diminutive success may give you the glory. we have now this prayer, o lord, amen.
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the clerk of the house: the representatives eleaningt their guests will please remain standing and join in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the clerk of the house: as directed by law the clerk of the house has prepared the official roll of the representatives elect. certificates of election, 434 seats in the 116th congress have been received by the clerk of the house. the clerk has not received a certificate of election for the 9th district of the state of north carolina. the names of those persons whose credentials show that they were regularly elected
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representatives in accord with the laws of their respective states or of the united states will be called. the representatives elect will record their presence by electronic device and their in alpha be reported -- alphabetica order by state beginning with the state of alabama to determine whether a quorum is present. representatives elect will have a minimum of 15 minutes to record their presence by electronic device. representatives elect who have not obtained their voting i.d. card may do so now in the speaker's lobby. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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>> this is a day prescribed by the constitution, but important things have to happen, including the election of the speaker. let's start with this vote. it is not technically a vote, is it? >> right now the house is establishing the presence of a quorum, that there are enough house members in the chamber for the house to conduct business. that is why folks are voting they orderregister to open the new congress. >> another notable thing we saw
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is neither kevin mccarthy nor paul ryan nor nancy pelosi gaveled in the session, it was the clerk of the house. how the new congress begins. it is the outgoing clerk from the previous congress. one thing congress will do today theelect a new clerk of house. she is a former democratic hill aide who will return to do that very important and administrative job in the 116th congress. >> it will probably go a half hour or so. we are seeing the likely next speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. that is the next order of business. how will that procedure happen? >> we will see a democrat, ms. p elosi's name put into
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nomination by the newly elected caucus, the democratic hakeem jeffries of new york. you will see a republican, kevin byarthy, his name put forth liz cheney, the newly elected chair of the republican conference. there will be brief nominating speeches. thee will be a call of membership. each member of the house will vote by voice. often we see the house vote via electronic device, as they are doing now for this quorum call. we expect some number of democrats will not vote for ms. pelosi. some may vote for other candidates. members,bers or -- or nonmembers.
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we have been following whether policy has -- pelosi has a number of votes to be elected are expected to vote for kevin mccarthy. it will take some time because each votes by voice. the-span cameras showing press gallery. call is underway to establish a quorum. once the speakership elections have happened, what is the next step in the process? >> the house, unlike the senate, is not what we call a continuing body. the senaterd of membership continues from congress to congress, the senate rules change from session to session. the house needs to adopt a new
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rules package at the start of congress. even when we are having the same consecutivel two congresses, we will see some changes. more often we will seek bigger changes when a new party comes into the house majority. the house rules package has a number of changes, including budget rules, permission relating to the debt ceiling, that sort of thing. >> we saw the new representative elect from minnesota takes over keith ellison's seat. she is wearing headwear on the house floor. that had not been allowed in years past. it will be allowed under the new democratic rules. what did they say their reason for doing that was? they think it is important for democrats in particular to send a message about collusion
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as to the membership of the house. as to theion membership of the house. to fulfill that religious responsibility she has on the floor. >> our guest with the brookings institution, first date of the 116th congress, the quorum call underway. let's watch and see as new and other members gather on the house floor.
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>> center of your screen, former navy seal dan crenshaw. members will be sworn in shortly.
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the first call of the 116th congress. molly reynolds with us as we watch the gathering on the floor. let's get back to the rules for a second. we will see significant changes in terms of the naming of committees and establishment of additional committees in the house. theirocrats in opening-day rules package will change the name of two house committees. they will return what republicans have called the committee on education and workforce back to one of its previous names, the committee on education and labor. that reflects where democrats see some priorities for that committee. they changed the name of the committee that has been called the oversight on government reform to the committee on oversight and reform, i believe. that is meant to reflect the jurisdiction of that committee, how the democrats see that
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committee's role. we expect to see two new select committees, one on climate issues has been the subject of some debate over the past couple weeks from more progressive members of the democratic caucus regarding what powers that committee has. you will see a new select committee on the organization of congress. this select committee will join previous efforts at congressional reform, will involve members of both parties, including some members from the rules committee that is charged with developing recommendations about how to improve the functioning of the house in 21st century. >> brookings has been focusing on the congressional budget process. i am reading they plan to vote on a measure that would revive the so-called gephardt rule.
10:28 pm
what are they doing in terms of forestalling the debt limit fights we have seen before? >> what we call the gephardt rule is a provision that allows the house to consider to have passed an increase to the debt limit upon completion of action on the budget resolution, which is congress' high level spending and revenue blueprint for the coming fiscal year. in previous iterations of the gephardt rule, to trigger the considered automatic adoption of the debt limit in the house, it is required congress as a whole pass the resolution. the opening-day rules package only requires house action. it allows the house to say it has increased the debt limit
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without having to take a separate vote that may be politically difficult for some. >> our guest is with the brookings institution helping us understand and process what is going on on the house floor. stipulated by the u.s. constitution for the gathering of the new congress in the u.s. house. they are calling members to the floor, this quorum call. going to the speakers election, gave it upder pelosi in the 2010 election. when was the last time a speaker came back from having served out of power? >> it has been quite a while since we saw this happen. sam rayburn, from one of our office buildings is named, was the last to do this.
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it was a significant achievement for nancy pelosi to return to holding the speaker's gavel after having been in the minority for quite a while. >> the center of our viewing screen, new congresswoman from florida. eat the s total among the 127 when -- women total serving. the speaker elections will happen next. in that process, that is conducted by the clerk? >> it is conducted by the clerk with assistance from tellers who are appointed, two from each party. we will see that proceed using voice votes either for a
10:31 pm
candidate -- most will either vote for representative pelosi or mccarthy. some will vote present. some may abstain, and others may voice other candidates or folks outside the house. we have seen in recent for colin votes powell, a former comptroller. >> we continue coverage of the u.s. house. the senate also gaveling into session. you can follow them on c-span two.
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>> john lewis in the corner of t hasscreen, who in pas been nominated for the speakership. live coverage of the house on c-span. they are calling members to the floor. you should see the process begin to start for the election of speaker. there is also as a significant role for the man who is called the dean of the house, don young from alaska. >> don young will administer the oath of office to the speaker elect. we presume that will be mrs. pelosi. by virtuerole he gets of being the longest serving
10:35 pm
house number. he is quite a character, so that is a fun moment on this day of high pomp and circumstance. >> don young tweeting earlier today, attending church service, tweeted out a photo of himself and nancy pelosi. this is the call of the house for election for speaker. call of the house underway, election for speaker coming up.
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>> on the right of the thing is singer tony bennett and his wife, guests of likely speaker pelosi. reportedly he sang last night at an italian restaurant. other famous musician, mickey hart of the grateful dead.
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>> the center of your screen in white, alexandria ocasio-cortez, will be sworn in shortly. she is there with congresswoman barbara lee and i believe to her right, our left. barbara lee and alexandria ocasio-cortez from new york city, who beat joe crowley handling and went on to win the general election.
10:40 pm
>> on the floor of the house, congressman jim len goodman, the first quadriplegic elected to congress. he will preside over the house as the speaker pro tem when they
10:41 pm
come back for legislative work this afternoon. we expect that between 2:30 and 3:00 eastern.
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>> the call of the house underway, the 116th congress. the vote board up, not normally seen on our c-span coverage. our cameras normally on the house floor. this call will wrap up shortly. the next process is the the election of speakers. remind us again how that is handled. who will nominate nancy pelosi? who will likely nominate kevin mccarthy? >> representative hakeem jeffries of new york, the chair of the democratic congress put forth the nomination for representative pelosi. we will see his republican counterpart liz cheney of wyoming put forth that nomination for representative mccarthy on the floor in just a couple minutes. >> her office sent out in email
10:44 pm
to indicate she has designated her tellers, who will count the vote. nancy pelosi selected the longest serving house member and zoe lofgren. will republicans pick people to count the votes? >> there are four dollars, two -- four tellers, two from each party. those will be cast by voice. they will state aloud who they are voting for. >> live coverage here of the u.s. house on c-span.
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>> in the center of your screen, ayanna pressley of massachusetts who beat a longtime democratic ext step ints -- n the process on this first day of the u.s. house since the election of the new speaker.
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the clerk of the house: are there additional representatives elect in the chamber who wish to record their presence? f not, all time has expired.
10:51 pm
431 representatives elect have recorded their presence. a quorum is present. credentials regular in form have been received showing the election of the honorable jennifer gonzalez colon as resident commissioner from the commonwealth of puerto rico for a term of four years beginning january 3, 2017. the honorable eleanor holmes norton as delegate from the district of columbia. the honorable michael st. nichlas as delegate from guam. the honorable stacey plaskett from virgin islands.
10:52 pm
the honorable amata raddy wagon as delegate from the american samoa. gle goreo -- gre goreo sablan from the northern mariana islands. pursuant to law and precedent the next order of business is election of the speaker of the house of representatives. for the 116th congress. ominations are now in order. the clerk recognizing the gentleman from new york, mr. jefferies. why refries: -- mr. jefferies: thank you, madam clerk. let me begin by welcoming all the members and families to the people's house in connection with the start of the 116th congress. the scripture says weeping may endure during the long night,
10:53 pm
but joy will come in the morning. madam clerk, it is with great joy that i rise today as directed by the house democratic caucus to place the name of nancy pelosi in nomination to be the next speaker of the ups house of representatives. without question nancy pelosi has a track record of legislative success that is unparalleled in modern american history. nancy pelosi captained a ship that defeated the effort to privatize social security,
10:54 pm
rescued our economy in the midst of the great recession, saved the american automobile industry, provided affordable health care to more than 20 million americans. created the consumer financial protection bureau, enacted a minimum wage increase for the first time in 10 years, struck a blow against mass incarceration with passage of the fair sentencing act, and provided relief to tens of millions of americans who were credit card holders that were being defrauded. but nancy pelosi is just getting started.
10:55 pm
in the 116th congress she will continue to fight hard for the people. nancy pelosi will fight to lower health care costs, strengthen the affordable care act, protect people with pre-existing conditions, increase pay for everyday americans, enact a real infrastructure plan, clean up corruption, defend the dreamers, fix the voting rights act, and end the era of voter uppression once and for all. will fight for a country that provides for the poor, works for working families, makes sense for the middle class, stands up for senior citizens, innovates in the inner city, and strengthen suburban communities. nancy pelosi is a woman of
10:56 pm
faith. a loving wife. a mother of five. a grandmother of nine. a sophisticated strategist. a legendary legislator. a voice for the voiceless. a defender of the disenfranchised. a powerful, profound, prophetic, principled public servant and that's why we stand squarely behind her today. let me be clear, house mocrats are down n.d.p., nancy deli sando pelosi, the once and future speaker of the united states house of representatives. i proudly place her name in nomination, may god bless her, may god bless the united states of america. .
10:57 pm
the clerk of the house: the clerk how recognizes the gentlewoman from wyoming, ms. cheney. ms. cheney: thank you, madam clerk. i'd like goin i think by thanking my colleague, the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffries, and welcoming all of the members and the families who are here with us today. madam clerk, we gather today in this magnificent place, on -- in this body, a place where there's no other like it in the world, the united states house of representatives. the people's house. this is the place where the great battles and debates about human liberty and freedom have been waged since the beginning of our republic. it was on these grounds, madam clerk, that abraham lincoln sought to heal this nation in his second inaugural address. it was here that we passed the 14th amendment to the constitution, guaranteeing equal protection under the law.
10:58 pm
it was here, madam clerk, in this chamber, 100 years ago this year, that we passed the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. i would point out, madam clerk, finally catching up with my home state of wyoming, the first place in all the world where women had suffrage beginning in 1869. now, madam clerk, we have not always gotten it right. one legislator famously said, quote, we have the power to do any damn fool thing we want and we seem to do it about every 10 minutes. madam clerk, that was a senator.
10:59 pm
and a democrat. on this ground, madam clerk, we have inaugurated presidents and mourned them, declared wars and celebrated peace, debated all the issues facing this great republic down through the years. today, as we take our oath of office, democrat and republican alike, we inherit that legacy and that duty to defend and protect our constitution. madam clerk, it is my high honor today to have the great privilege to nominate the gentleman from california, mr. mccarthy, to lead us in that work as speaker of the united states house of representatives. leader mccarthy is the grandson
11:00 pm
of a cattle rancher. he's the son of a firefighter. he grew up in a working class family. he started and ran his own small business. kevin owns in bakersfield. he paid his way through college and he learned firsthand that the government of the united states is more of a burden than a help to small businesses all across this country. no one has fought harder, madam clerk, for the rights and freedoms of american families, to ensure they get to keep more of what they earned so that the american dream is accessible to all. been a - no one has greater champion of ensuring our government is limited, exercising its constitutional obligations to defend our rights and resisting the urge that our colleagues on the other side of the aisle constantly seek to fulfill of empowering federal bureaucrats o tell us how to live.
11:01 pm
leader mccarthy will always look for ways to work with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle when we can. but he will never compromise on our fundamental rights and freedoms. leader mccarthy knows our ights come from god. they are enshrined in our constitution. he knows government is not the source of our liberty. rather, it is instituted among men and women to secure our liberty. leader mccarthy has led us through the 115th congress in unmatched historic productivity. including passage of the historic tax cuts and jobs act, we know, know -- madam clerk, that the american people know better than the
11:02 pm
government how to spend their money. leader mccarthy led us in passage of the support act, providing important resources to help address the devastating opioid crisis across this nation. he helped work to pass the v.a. mission act, so we could finally provide our veterans with the care that they deserve. leader mccarthy led us in repealing historic numbers of obama-era regulations that were strangling families, small businesses, and community banks all across our nation. the s leader -- he was leader in the important fight to combat human trafficking and, madam clerk, leader mccarthy led us in passing legislation to secure our borders, keep our nation safe, and the devastating practice of sanctuary cities and, yes, madam clerk, build the wall.
11:03 pm
leader mccarthy also led to ensure we pass the american health care act, to expand access and options and put patients and families in the driver's seat, not government bureaucrats. leader mccarthy made sure that we passed on time and at a sufficient level for the first time in a decade appropriations to fund the united states armed forces, to fulfill our most sacred and important constitutional duty. madam clerk, because he will lead us in fighting for all the
11:04 pm
people of this great nation from all walks of life, because he will stand against the fraud of socialism, which strips power from the people and gives it to the government, because he knows that the most important words of our founding documents are the very first words, we, the people. as chair of the house republican conference, i am honored and directed by the vote of that conference to present for election to the office of the speaker of the house of representatives for the 116th congress, the name of the honorable kevin mccarthy, representative-elect from the state of california. the clerk of the house: the
11:05 pm
names of the honorable nancy pelosi, a representative-elect from the state of california, and the honorable kevin mccarthy, a representative-elect from the state of california, have been placed in nomination. are there further nominations? there being no further nominations, the clerk appoints the following tellers. the gentlewoman from ohio, ms. kaptur. the gentleman from illinois, mr. davis. the gentlewoman from california, ms. lofgren. the gentlewoman from north carolina, ms. foxx. the tellers will come forward and take their seats at the desk in front of the speaker's rostrum.
11:06 pm
11:07 pm
11:08 pm
the clerk of the house: the names of the honorable nancy pelosi, a representative-elect from the state of california, and the honorable kevin mccarthy, a representative from the state of california, have been placed in nomination. the roll now will be called and those responding to their names will indicate by surname the nominee of their choosing. the reading clerk will now call the roll. the clerk: mr. abraham. mccarthy. adams. elosi.
11:09 pm
aderholt. mccarthy. aguilar. pelosi. allen. ccarthy. allred. elosi. amash. assie. modei. mccarthy. armstrong. mccarthy o. arrington. ccarthy.
11:10 pm
xne, pelosi. babin, mccarthy. bacon, mccarthy. baird, mccarthy. balderson, n -- mccarthy. banks, mccarthy. arr, mccarthy. barragan, pelosi. ass, pelosi.
11:11 pm
beatty, pelosi. bera, pelosi. bergman, mccarthy. beyer, pelosi. biggs, jordan. bilirakis, mccarthy. pelosi.f georgia, ishop of utah, mccarthy. lumenauer, pelosi.
11:12 pm
blunt rochester, pelosi. bonamici, pelosi. .o.s. -- bost, mccarthy. rendan f. boyle, pelosi. brady, mccarthy. ryn disy -- brindisi, biden. brooks of alabama, mccarthy. brooks of indiana, mccarthy. , pelosi.maryland
11:13 pm
rownley of california, pelosi. buchanan, mccarthy. uck, mccarthy. bucshon, mccarthy. udd, mccarthy. burchett, burgess, mccarthy. ustos, pelosi. butterfield, pelosi. byrne, mccarthy.
11:14 pm
calvert, mccarthy. arbajal, pelosi. car keenas -- cardenas, pelosi. carson of indiana, pelosi. carter of georgia. mccarthy. carter of texas, mccarthy. artwright, pelosi. case, pelosi. asten of illinois, pelosi. castor of florida, pelosi. castro of texas, pelosi.
11:15 pm
sha pot, mccarthy. -- chabot, mccarthy. heney, mccarthy. udy chu, pelosi. cicilline, pelosi. , pelosi. -- cisneros clark of massachusetts, pelosi. pelosi. new york, clay, pelosi.
11:16 pm
cleaver, pelosi. cline, mccarthy. mccarthy. clyburn, pelosi. , pelosi. mccarthy. ollins of georgia, mccarthy. ogins of new york, mccarthy. -- collins of new york, mccarthy. omber-can-comer, mccarthy. conaway, mccarthy.
11:17 pm
pelosi. ook, mccarthy. cooper, present. correa, pelosi. osta -- costa, pelosi. courtney, pelosi. cox of california, pelosi. craig, pelosi. crawford, mccarthy.
11:18 pm
renshaw, mccarthy. crist, pelosi. crow, duckworth. cuellar, pelosi. ummings, pelosi. . nningham, bustos curtis, mccarthy.
11:19 pm
daveds of kansas -- davids of kansas, pelosi. avidson of ohio, mccarthy. davis of california, pelosi. anny k. davis, pelosi. rodney davis, mccarthy. , pelosi, defazio, pelosi. degette, pelosi. pelosi.
11:20 pm
delbene, pelosi. delgado, pelosi. demings, pelosi. desaulnier, pelosi. esjarlais, mccarthy. deutsch -- deutch, pelosi. diaz-balart, mccarthy. dingle -- dingell, pelosi. doggett, pelosi. michael f. doyle, pelosi. duffy, mccarthy.
11:21 pm
uncan, mccarthy. dunn, mccarthy. emmer, mccarthy. engel, pelosi. escobar, pelosi. eshoo, pelosi. pelosi.t, estes, mccarthy. evans, pelosi. erguson, mccarthy.
11:22 pm
finckenauer, pelosi. itzpatrick, mccarty. fleischmann, mccarthy. letcher, pelosi. flores, mccarthy. fortenberry, mccarthy. oster, pelosi. foxx of north carolina, mccarthy. frankel, pelosi. fudge, pelosi.
11:23 pm
fulcher, mccarthy. gabbard, pelosi. gaetz, mccarthy. , llon lager gallagher mccarthy. gallego, pelosi. guerra mend -- garamendi, pelosi. garcia of illinois. pelosi. garcia of texas, pelosi. gianforte, mccarthy. gibbs, mccarthy. mccarthy.
11:24 pm
olden, bustos. gomez, pelosi. onzalez of ohio, mccarthy. gonzalez of texas, pelosi. ooden, mccarthy. gosar, jordan. ottheimer, pelosi. granger, mccarthy.
11:25 pm
graves of georgia, mccarthy. graves of louisiana, mccarthy. raves of missouri, mccarthy. reen of tennessee, mccarthy. reen of texas, pelosi. riffith, mccarthy. rijalva, pelosi. grothman, mccarthy. . guest, mccarthy.
11:26 pm
guthrie, mccarthy. haaland -- pelosi. agedorn, mccarthy. harder of california, pelosi. , mccarthy. hartzler, mccarthy. , pelosi. .ayes, pelosi
11:27 pm
, kevin heroin, mccarthy. errera butler, mccarthy. hice of georgia, jordan. iggins of louisiana, mccarthy. higgins of new york, pelosi. ill of arkansas, mccarthy. . ll of california, pelosi
11:28 pm
himes, pelosi. holding, mccarthy. , kendra s. horn, pelosi. pelosi. han,wood han -- hollywooda , pelosi, houlahan hoyer, pelosi. mccarthy. huffman, pelosi, huizenga,
11:29 pm
mccarthy. hunter, mccarthy. .urd of texas, mccarthy ackson lee pelosi. jayapal, pelosi. jeffries, pelosi. ohnson of georgia, pelosi. . hnson of louisiana, mccarthy johnson of ohio, mccarthy. , nson of south dakota
11:30 pm
mccarthy. . hnson of texas, pelosi .ones jones. ordan, mccarthy. joyce of ohio, mccarthy. joyce of pennsylvania, mccarthy. kaptur, pelosi. katko, mccarthy. keating, pelosi. .elly of illinois, pelosi elly of mississippi, mccarthy.
11:31 pm
kelly of pennsylvania, mccarthy. kennedy, pelosi. khanna, pelosi. ildee, pelosi. kilmer, pelosi. kim, pelosi. john lewis. . ng of iowa, mccarthy
11:32 pm
ing of new york, mccarthy. kinzinger, mccarthy. kirkpatrick, pelosi. krishnamoorthi, pelosi, kuster of new hampshire, pelosi. ustoff of tennessee, mccarthy. ahood, mccarthy. , mccarthy. kennedy.
11:33 pm
lamborn, mccarthy. langevin, pelosi. larsen of washington, pelosi. larson of connecticut, pelosi. latta, mccarthy. , pelosi. lawson of florida, pelosi. pelosi.alifornia,
11:34 pm
.ee of nevada, pelosi lesko, mccarthy. levin of california, pelosi. levin of michigan, pelosi. lewis, pelosi. ed lieu, pelosi. ipinski, pelosi. loebsack, pelosi. lofgren, pelosi. mccarthy.
11:35 pm
oudermilk, mccarthy. .ow lowenthal, pelosi lowey, pelosi. lucas, mccarthy. luetkemeyer, mccarthy. ieu han, pelosi. luria, pelosi. lynch, pelosi. carolyn b.y, pelosi, maloney, pelosi.
11:36 pm
sean maloney, pelosi. . rchant, mccarthy marino, mccarthy. marshal l, mccarthy. jordan. . st, mccarthy atsui, pelosi. , mcadams, murphy.
11:37 pm
mcbath, pelosi. ccarthy, mccarthy. ccaul, mccarthy. cclintock, mccarthy. ceachin, pelosi. cgovern, pelosi. mchenry, mccarthy. mckinley, mccarthy. mccarthy. dgers,
11:38 pm
cnerney, pelosi. meadows, mccarthy. .eeks, pelosi meng, pelosi. miller, arthy, , mccarthy. tchell moolenar, mccarthy. mooney of west virginia, mccarthy. , pelosi.
11:39 pm
.orelle, pelosi .oulton, pelosi , pelosi, mullin, mccarthy. murphy, pelosi. nadler, pelosi. . politano, pelosi neal, pelosi. neguse, pelosi. new house, mccarthy.
11:40 pm
norcross, pelosi, norman, mccarthy. mccarthy. , owe cast pelosi yeoh cortez, pelosi. olson, mccarthy. . ar, pelosi palazzo, mccarthy. pelosi. . lmer, mccarthy
11:41 pm
panetta, pelosi. appas, pelosi. pascrell, pelosi. . payne, pelosi. elosi, pelosi. pence, mccarthy. erlmutter, pelosi. perry, jordan. eters, pelosi. pettersson, -- peterson,
11:42 pm
pelosi. hillips, pelosi. pingree, pelosi. pocan, pelosi. orter, pelosi. posey, mccarthy. ressley, pelosi. price of north carolina, pelosi. quigley, pelosi. raskin, pelosi. ratcliffe, mccarthy.
11:43 pm
eed, mccarthy. reschenthaler, mccarthy. ice of new york. brams. rice of south carolina, mccarthy. ichmond, pelosi. riggleman, mccarthy. oby, mccarthy. david p. roe, mccarthy. rogers of alabama, mccarthy.
11:44 pm
reerges of kentucky, mccarthy. rooney of florida, mccarthy. rose of new york, duckworth. ohn w. rose, mccarthy. udea -- rouda, pelosi. rouzer, mccarthy. , mccarthy. roybal-allard, pelosi.
11:45 pm
pelosi. pelosi.erger, ush, pelosi. , mccarthy. yan, pelosi. sanchez, pelosi. arbanes, pelosi. scalise, mccarthy.
11:46 pm
scanlon, pelosi. chakowsky, pelosi. chiff, pelosi. schneider, pelosi. chroeder -- schrader, fudge. schreyer -- schrier, pelosi. chweikert, mccarthy. ustin scott, mccarthy. david scott, pelosi.
11:47 pm
scott of virginia, pelosi. sensenbrenner, mccarthy. serrano, pelosi. sewell of alabama, pelosi. shalala, pelosi. sherman, pelosi. herrill, bustos. shimkus, mccarthy. simpson, mccarthy. sires, pelosi. lotkin, present.
11:48 pm
smith of missouri, mccarthy. smith of nebraska, mccarthy. smith of new jersey, mccarthy. smith of washington, pelosi. .mucker, mccarthy oto, pelosi. panberger, bustos. spano, mccarthy.
11:49 pm
pelosi. stanton, pelosi. stauber, mccarthy. tefanik, mccarthy. steil, mccarthy. steube, mccarthy. stevens, pelosi. stewart, mccarthy. stivers, mccarthy. suozzi, pelosi.
11:50 pm
walwell of california, pelosi. pelosi. aylor, mccarthy. pelosi. of california, thompson of mississippi, pelosi. thompson of pennsylvania, mccarthy. hornberry, mccarthy. timmons, mccarthy.
11:51 pm
ipton, mccarthy. pelosi. pelosi. tlaib, tonko, pelosi. orres of california, pelosi. torres small of new mexico, pelosi. rahan, pelosi. trone, pelosi. urner, mccarthy.
11:52 pm
underwood, pelosi. upton, mccarthy. mr. van drew votes no. vargas, pelosi. easey, pelosi. ella -- veterans daya, pelosi. -- vela, pelosi. velazquez, pelosi. visclosky, pelosi. agner, mccarthy.
11:53 pm
walberg, mccarthy. walden, mccarthy. alker, mccarthy. walorski, mccarthy. waltz, mccarthy. pelosi.n schultz, , pelosi. watkins, mccarthy. atson coleman, pelosi.
11:54 pm
eber of texas, mccarthy. mccarthy. florida, welch, pelosi. enstrup, mccarthy. westerman, mccarthy. pelosi. wild, pelosi. illiams, mccarthy. wilson of florida, pelosi.
11:55 pm
wilson of south carolina, mccarthy. wittman, mccarthy. womack, mccarthy. woodall, mccarthy. right, mccarthy. yarmuth, pelosi. oho, mccarthy. young, mccarthy. eldin, mccarthy.
11:56 pm
the clerk of the house: the reading clerk will call the mes of the representatives-elect who did not answer the call of the roll. . e clerk: jones
11:57 pm
mr. van drew is present. the clerk of the house: if there are nip representatives-elect who did not answer the call of the roll, you may come to the well and vote at this time. >> most always important on the
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
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house floor. there


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