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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  January 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:24pm EST

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800,000 people who work for the federal government and who are not now being paid, some of whom are working. and ironically they're working to protect the border. and to make sure our planes are flying, make sure people who fly on planes are not a danger. . we want the president of the united states to open up this government. we want the republicans to help us open up this government. we just passed four bills that are the senate bills. senator mcconnell is not going to take yes for an answer. because the president tells him i'm not going to sign those bills. let me tell you something, mr. speaker. i've been a member of this body for some period of time. i served with george bush. he was president of the united states and we had a democratic house. and we didn't have a shutdown. he signed appropriations bills.
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we worked together. e respected one another. i would hope, mr. speaker, in would in t the whip fact help us open up the government. and then we're prepared to sit down, he knows me. talked about how we make our borders secure and protect our people. and yes, give humanitarian services to those who are seeking asylum. running from violence and mayhem and murder. we're prepared to do that. we want to do that. i would hope the whip, i would hope senator mcconnell, who was quoted just a few years ago as saying shut down is a failed policy.
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shutdowns ought not to occur. adults who are responsible ought not to allow that to happen. realizing full well that in order to preclude that from happening, compromise is absolutely essential on both sides. president trump is the president of the united states. we have to work with him to compromise, to come to agreement. but there are an awful lot of republicans -- i quoted will hurd, i quoted ron johnson, i quoted some other republicans. there are an awful lot of republicans who think the president has the wrong idea. frankly as mr. mulvaney said, during the course of the campaign, it wasn't a very realistic idea. but that aside, it is time for us to open up the government. then we will have an extensive discussion. as we must, as we should.
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in the best interest of the american people to keep our borders secure and keep them safe. unless the gentleman wants to say something further -- i yield my time. mr. scalise: i thank the gentleman. now that we're closing this. i want to go back, last year when the president signed the omnibus bill to keep the government open. at that time he said this won't happen again. he laid down a marker last year that ok, he'll go along with a bill far short of what he needs to secure the border but he wasn't going to do it again. that was a year ago. so everybody has known that this issue is going to have to get resolved because lives are at risk. the president, like we did, took an oath to protect this country. that's what this is about. we surely want to open up all areas of government but keeping the border secure is part of that. so when the president signed the bill last year, he said it's not going to happen again. now obviously when we came to this year, there were some people telling the president the votes weren't there.
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to put the money in place to secure the border. in fact, the now speaker, when she was minority leader, went to the white house and told the president, the votes aren't there in the house to fund your request for the wall. mr. hoyer: how many republicans were in the house at that point in time? r. scalise: we had over 18. mr. hoyer: we had 240 plus. mr. scalise: good for you, things have changed. when the minority leader said the votes weren't there to fund the wall, maybe the president took her at her word. but it turned out she was wrong. the house had a difference with the senate. it's surely not the first time in this country's history where the senate passed one bill and we came back and passed a bill to fully fulfill the president's request to secure the border and we ended up at an impasse. not because there weren't enough
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republican vote bus because there were no democrat votes to do that so now we're here today. you want to quote republicans, i'll quote a democrat. i won't tell you who it is first. in 2006, when there was a bill to put $50 billion in place over 25 years for border security, this democrat in the senate said, quote, it will authorize some badly needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders and that should help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country. that was in 2006 for over $50 billion for border security and the democrat who said that was then-senator barack obama. so you can quote republicans, i'll quote democrats. that -- mr. hoyer: that bill passed, did it not? mr. scalise: it passed but it didn't put the money there. if you don't appropriate the $50 billion the money is not there to actually build the fencing that's needed.
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mr. hoyer: was that bill brought up in the house? mr. scalise: oso now we talk about how to fund the wall, how to fund the structure. call it what you want. -- what you will. the president said you can title it however you want, you can ban cement fencing. what barack obama and chuck schumer voted for in 2006 is the authority to build what's need bud they tnt put the money there. it's time to finally back up the words, it's hot air unless you put the mown the table. so the money has been put on the table by the republicans, at least an offer. backed up with real data of where the money would be spent to secure this country. there is not -- there has not been a counteroffer. let's talk now about the final issue and that is adjournment. i know later today the house will be voting to adjourn. last week the house under democrat majority as you proudly talk about, the fact that y'all are in the majority y'all voted to adjourn. with voted not to adjourn. we should stay here to get this job done. to finally have a real
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negotiation. to solve our differences. we cab solve our difference bus we won't solve them by continuing to adjourn every weekend when we should be fwoshting and getting the government back open and securing the border. on this final thought would the gentleman address the vote, the motion that will be made later to adjourn that we oppose? mr. hoyer: the gentleman has a different concept of negotiating han i do if somebody takes somebody that i care about hostage an says now i want to negotiate with you, that's not a negotiation. that's a demand. that's an if you don't do it i'm going to harm people. when you said the president of the united states said this is the last time i'm going to open up government, i'm going to sign an almost overwhelmingly supported piece of legislation by republicans an democrats, george bush didn't do that i don't remember ronald reagan doing that or george h.w. bush
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doing that, obill clinton doing that. and they did it when it was a close vote out but not when it was overwhelming that we ought to open up the government. as long as hostages are held by your opponent, you are not negotiating, you are subject to being demanded, do what i say. that's not the democratic process. and it is harming, literally, millions, tens of millions of people. in the process. in order to get his way. ye not seen that before. the other two shutdowns were legislative shutdowns. there's no doubt this is an executive shutdown and you just said it. i'll never sign something like this again unless it gives me what i want. frankly that's what we saw in the negotiations over the three days we were there.
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last day of course was about a 10-minute day. because the president stomped out. mr. scalise, all i can tell you is, i share your view of the objective but because we don't agree with the same ways and means to accomplish that objective, shutting down government ought not to be the alternative. the alternative ought to be keep talking. and getting to a place where i think you and i both want to get. where these borders are secure, where people are not being transported across it for human trafficking purposes, where murderers and -- don't come across the border. but there's a surge right now across our border. and that surge is of mostly mothers and children. seeking asylum. coming to ports of entry. not across any fences or borders -- coming to ports of entry. border guards telling us they're turning themselves in. they want to -- because they are
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seeking refuge. from a country that has purported to be a country of refuge. raises a statue in new york harbor to send that message. but we need to make them known to us. when they come into the country. we agrow on that so rather than all this rhetoric back and forth, mr. speaker, it is a simple proposition. senator mcconnell has said unless the president says he will sign an opening up of government he won't put it on the floor. that's the only person who can stop you. we've sent bills. mr. cole of your side i don't like the bills because they're only senate bills, we don't like them either. but we like less government being shut dun. we like less 800,000 people being put at risk. we like less the anxiety that we are causing federal employees in
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torpse they have financial stability of their homes. and their ability to put food on their tables. and pay their mortgage and pay their rent. surely, surely we ought to be able to come to agreement that that is not what we ought to nflict to get our way. i hope we open up our government. i yield back. mr. scalise: i thank the gentleman from maryland. when you look at the women that are coming across through this trek to try to cross the border, first of all, asylum has been offered by mexico to all the people as part of that caravan. thousands of people were offered asylum, work permits, turned it down. there's a legal way to seek asylum. seems to me if another country offers you asylum and you want to leave your country you take the asylum, but they turned it
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down. the women coming over, doctors without borders has done a study said 30% of the women on this trek have been sexually assaulted or worse. we should all want to address this crisis. there's a way to solve the -- a way to solve the crisis. if we talk about hostages, both sides can use terms. but when the president of the united states in the white house looks at the speaker and says i will sign a bill that contains things we have yet to negotiate, i'll sign them if you agree to keep negotiating and the speaker of the house said no. that's the my way or the highway approach that's wrong. the president has put multiple things on the table. has offered to negotiate on terms, on dollars, on every front, and not one counteroffer. that's got to change. we can solve this crisis. but it's going to involve both sides being willing to put something on the table to solve the border security crisis. i hope we can get there.
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we will keep working at it. i appreciate the comments the thoughs of the gentleman from maryland and i truly do believe that he wants to solve this. we have some differences. let's keep working. and get it done. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that when the haas adjourn today it adjourn to met on monday, january 14, 2019, when it shall convene at noon for morning hour business, for morning hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the chair will now entertain requests for one-minute peeches. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition?
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>> mr. speaker, i rise today to remind you of the everyday faces being hurt by this government shutdown. 21 days into this crisis the central valley has had enough. i spoke to a woman from mo decembero who drives 30 miles to work every morning to serve our country as a t.s.a. agent. she lives paycheck to take, supports her kids, pays her rent, health care, groceries. she's not getting paid right now and her daughter may have to drop out of college because her mom can't afford her tuition. what are we doing? and it's not just federal employees. farmers in my district can't apply for tariff relief because the farm services agency isn't open. because h.u.d. is closed i have hundreds of families who won't be able to pay their rent and are worried about being evicted. mr. harder: this is an unnecessary crisis. the central valley, america, needs this to stop. i urge everyone on this floor to put politics aside, work together, and reopen our government.
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thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection the gentleman from florida is recognized for one minute. >> i rise today on behalf of the people of florida's second congressional district who stand in strong support of the trump administration's efforts to secure our southern border. unfortunately, obstructionist leadership on the other side of the aisle is unwilling to even consider a commonsense solution to the problem that hurts the security of our nation. this has become a needlessly divisive issue. we simply must secure our borders. mr. dunn: despite the steadfast efforts of law enforcement, human traffickers, drug dealers and other violent criminals continue to enter our country from the southern border daily. furthermore, the majority of heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine in america is
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smuggled into america from mexico. with the opioid epidemic and drug addiction costing our economy hundreds of billions of dollars annually and taking countless lives, we must take action. i stand with my colleagues and president trump and our commitment to secure our nation and protect our people. i yield back, mr. speaker. . the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> permission to address the house for one minute and revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this shutdown is tearing at the fabric of our society and one of the clearest examples is the lack of funding for the justice department. as a practicing attorney for the past 30-plus years, i know that many people when facing some of the most challenging times of their lives often depend on
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justice department services. when we fail to provide those resources, our fellow citizens are forced to suffer in silence. this lack of funding has led to violence against women act to expire, jeopardizing protections for domestic abuse and sexual assault victims. constituents in my district who provide assistance to these survivors through such fine organizations as turning point of the lehigh valley and crime victims counsel said their programs could be at risk. and because of washington's failure to fund program like the victims of crimes assistance grant program, they look out for children and aren't getting the resources. as promised when the shutdown began, i will be making charitable contributions to individuals and agencies in my district who are adversely affected by this shutdown but . at will by no means offset
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i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from missouri seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> the u.s. government, the greatest nation on earth should never shut down, never. it's outrageous and totally unnecessary and it must end immediately. today, 800,000 federal workers who go to work every day to serve this nation and the american people won't get paid. not because they did a bad job, but because of a temper tantrum from a president whose first allegiance is not to the national interests, but to protecting his fragile ego and
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keeping his campaign promise to build a wall that no one with an ounce of common sense wants. mr. clay: the u.s. house has passed legislation to open the government, may our employees and contractors and get on with the people's business. it's up to leader mcconnell and the president to do their job and end this ridiculous trump shutdown. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities towards the president. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from michigan seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and stepped my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> i rise today to call on my colleagues and the president to re-open the government. too many lives are being impacted. too much is at stake. i cannot sit by and watch the impasse that continues to plague
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our country. i have been in constant discussions with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to come to an agreement but to no avail. this shutdown is hurting our economy and causing distrust in our democracy and putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of federal employees in limbo. this is sun acceptable. there are federal employees out of work in michigan. this is impacting our country's safety and health. there are food and safety labs in detroit and oversee items coming into our country. the house just voted on the final appropriations bill to re-open the government. i urge my colleagues in the senate and the president to put an end to this for once and for all and pass these bills. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition?
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>> permission to address the house for one minute and revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman is recognized. >> i rise to sell bait the life of my friend barbara who decide on december 26, 2018 at the age of 71. she did dedicated her life to community service. mr. lieu: born in los angeles in california, she believed that community development was key. she championed the welfare of children and families and actively participated in the jewish community sitting on several boards at the jewish federation of greater l.a. and that voices were heard in government and policy making. barbara volunteered with nonprofit organizations and served on the l.a. commission on communities and services,
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california board of nursing and member of the clinic and of the california medical board. barbara and her future husband met while he was a hall monitor and she was at the front desk. they married in 1971, four years before being elected. ran for the board of county supervisors. barbara is survived by her husband, two children and four grandchildren. i hope that barbara's family takes comfort her memory will live on. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas seek recognition? >> permission to address the and revise e minute and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to urge my colleagues here and in the senate to vote to end this shutdown. across texas, there are nearly 30,000 federal workers hoe will not receive their paychecks today. many of them still performing their jobs. this congress has a constitutional duty to fund the government so that the agencies that can do their important work, the work of and for the american people. and there is much of it. in my own district in houston, for example, this shutdown is delaying our recovery from one of the most devastating natural disasters in our country's history. ms. fletcher: as members of this body will recall hurricane harvey hit houston and the gulf coast in august of 2017 causing 150 billion in damage.
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this body appropriated funds to aid the recovery from harvey but nearly 18 months later, the city of houston and harris county still await these funds. and the funds can be distributed only after the publication of rules from the department of housing and urban and development. this shutdown has delayed publications of these rules and i urge my colleagues to vote to end this shutdown. i yield my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from new york seek recognition? >> ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlewoman is recognized. mrs. maloney: mr. speaker, democrats in washington continue to urge the president to re-open the government, end the crisis of his own making and get federal employees back to work. despite this unfortunate
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situation dragging on, we can celebrate good news out of richmond, virginia. wednesday marks the first day of virginia's state legislative session and on day one, a senate committee passed a resolution to ratify the equal rights amendment. 37 states have voted to ratify the e.r.a. since it passed congress in 1972, two in the last two years. 38 states must ratify a concxds con stutional amendment and virginia could get it across the finish line. i am thrilled to witness this energy to enshrine women's equality in the constitution where it be longs. i hope my colleagues will join me in supporting this incredible state effort in virginia and elsewhere to amend the constitution to finally ensure equality for all women and men in this country. thank you. and i yield back.
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the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> the government is shutdown hurting people in philadelphia right now. i met a hud employee this week who is tired of being used as a pawn. she said i'm ready to go back to work and ready to serve the people. stead she has to worry about her student loans. she said it's not fair. she teared up. i understand why. the 800,000 federal workers and contractors this is not a reality tv show but real life. the citizens need the president and the senate to re-open the government first and then we can
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have a debate about border security. the senate should join the democratic house in passing the senate bills that they already passed last year. we all need to keep foremost in our mind that this debate about the wall, we should be talking about the real people and getting them to work now. yield become. -- i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: are there further requests for one-minute speeches? the chair lays before the house the following personal requests. the clerk: leave of absence requested for mr. griffith of virginia for today. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the request is granted. under the speaker's announced policy of january 3, 2019, the
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gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. at this time, i would yield such time as he may consume to my riend from iowa, mr. king. mr. king: thank you, mr. speaker and i thank the gentleman from texas for yielding to me here this afternoon and i come to the floor of the united states house of representatives for the specific purpose today and that's to address an issue that has become a controversy. i regret that. i made a freshman mistake a week ago today when i took a call from a reporter from the "new york times" and that was a 56-minute interview without a tape and resulted in a long article in that article were snippets of the 56-minute interview. part of it was about the history of immigration policy in this
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country for over the last 18 or so years which i have been a significant part especially in iowa as we have a voice to shape policy and help these presidential candidates move onto the oval office. much of the policy that was debated then is in the oval office today and being debated all over this country. one phrase in that long article has created an unnecessary controversy. that was my mistake, mr. speaker. i want to start this out with some context of that discussion and that is this, if you can control the language, you can control the policy. labels have been hurled in this country at people like we have never seen in this history of america. i made a point on this in a september 12 tweet that i sent out as a component of this broader dialogue and here is the tweet veer bait im, mr. speaker, the word nazi is injected into leftist talking points because
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the worn out and exhausted word racist is overused and applied to nearly everyone. that's the foundation for that discussion with at least part of that discussion with the "new york times" reporter, mr. speaker. and in that also was discussion of other terms that had been used almost always unjustly labeling otherwise innocent people. the word racists, nazi, the phrase white nationalist, the phrase white supremacist, they are even derogatory towards western civilization which is the foundation for the american civilization. . i'll read the quote that brought about this controversy. this is from "the new york times" article titled "before trump, steve king set the agenda for the wall and anti-immigrant politics" which is a bit pejorative because i've never been anti-immigrant, i am
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anti-illegal immigrant and i remain that way. but here's the quote. it says, quote, white nationalists, white supremacist, western civilization, how did that language become offensive, mr. king said. why did it i sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and civilization. that's off this article an that's the substance of this heartburn that seems to be churning across the media and america today. so i look at that and i think quhaffs that conversation? it was about how those words got plugged into our dialogue, not when the words became offensive, which is what the technical interpretation is, how did that language become offensive. it's how did that offensive language get injected into our political dialogue? who does that? how does it get done? how do they get by with laying labels like this on people?
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and when i asked the question and heardsit in class about the merits of western civilization. i've never heard merits about other name, i've never heard a merit about nazi or fascist or white nationalist or white supremacist but western civilization has merit and i remain a defender. so i put together a statement which is public and i choose to read it into the record now, mr. speaker. it's this. i quote. today "the new york times" is suggesting that i'm an advocate for white nationalism and white supremacy. i want to make one thing abundantly clear. i reject those labels and the evil ideology they define. first i condemn anyone that support this is evil and bigotted ideology which saw in its ultimate expression the systematic murder of six million
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innocent jewish lives. it's true that like the founding fathers i am an advocate for western civilization's values and that i profoundly believe that america is the greatest tangible expression of these ideals the world has ever seen. under any fairing political definition i am simply an american nationalist. america's values are expressed in our founding dock yimets, they are attainable by everyone and we take pride that people of all races, religions and creeds from around the globe aspire to achieve them. i am dedicated to keeping america this way. this conviction does not make me a white nationalist or a white supremacist. so once again i reject those labels and the ideology they define and i told -- as i told "the new york times," it's not about race, it's never been about race. one of my most strongly held beliefs is that we are all created in god's image and that
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human life is sacred in all of its forms. and all of my life's work, all of my public record, all of my bill, all of my votes, all of my activities support that statement. that we are -- that human life is sacred in all of its forms and that we are created in god's image. so mr. speaker, i regret the heartburn that's poured forth upon this congress and this country and especially in my state and congressional district. but the people who know me know i wouldn't have to make this statement because they do know me. they know my life, they know my history, take know i've lived in the same place since 1978, there's nothing about my family or my history or my neighborhood that would suggest that these false allegations could be supported by any activity whatsoever. i reject that ideology, i defend american civilization which is an essential component of western civilization. thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back to the gentleman from texas and thank him again for the opportunity to address you here
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on the floor of the united states house of representatives. mr. gohmert: i thank my friend from iowa. i traveled with him, been different parts of the country, different parts of the world with my friend, mr. king, from iowa. i have seen him dealing with different races, nationalities around the world and had a lot of private conversations and never seen anything that indicated anything but condemnation for white supremacists, but he is a proud american. he's an american, he's very proud of it and he is proud to carry the moniker of being an american in any situation. and i would contend that's not a bad thing.
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i've been listening to the speeches on the floor here this week. there's been a great deal of righteous indignation and constant condemnation for a shutdown. it's deeply troubling. there are some people working who are not getting paid. ike to see that fixed. but president trump got his answer this week when he continued to try to compromise with senator schumer and speaker pelosi, trying to get a compromise. and i was delighted to hear the majority leader hoyer mention
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that we've got to have compromise. it's how things are supposed to work. and i agree with the tone of that comment but it's not a compromise to say, you know, i'll give you $1 for the border wall. when it is such a serious matter. and especially when we have a history of people making comments on the democratic side as well as the republican side about the need for border security, the need for either a wall, a barrier, a fence, but tough, tight border security so that this country, which is the most generous country, not only philanthropically, there's never been a country that has given more, done more without any
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request in return but just out of the goodness of americans' hearts, for other parts of the world. we do that. we care deeply. but the only way you can have people who are giving and who have money to share and spare is if we have a vibrant economy here. otherwise, america continued the move we saw during the last administration where the middle ass kept shrinking, the poor -- much bigger, and the rich it's easiest to put it this way. as president obama acknowledged, we have never had a time in united states history, never,
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when the policies of an administration would have the effect that the obama administration had and here's what he acknowledged. for the first time in american of american income went to the top 1%. never. but that's what happens as you ove more and more toward a socialist form of government. you will have the rich ruling class, virtually no middle class and then you have everybody equal in the poor ruled class. that's where socialism goes. and that's where this country has been heading as young people have been miseducated and not been informed that socialism has never worked, it will never work, it always leads to
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totalitarianism. you can't have socialism without totalitarianism so why, one ight ask, do we have so many billionaires supporting socialism, the democratic cause, the progressivism as they call it? it's because they see themselves being in the rich ruling class once they get rid of the middle class. and it helps to get rid of the middle class if you keep bringing illegal immigrants into the country so they take the job of americans but never forget the cost. of that. some quotes. well look, i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. and i do think you have to krom your borders.
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that was presidential candidate hillary clinton. she was asked, would you commit tonight that you would finish the fence and speed up construction? and she said look, both obama and i have voted for that as part of the immigration debate. we were voting for the possibility that thrrn -- where it was appropriate, made sense, that would be considered. so she was watering it down already a little bit from where she'd been before. but senator barack obama said we failed to protect our nation if we do not regain control over our immigration system immediately. and really heart breaking to ear people that i like condemn as hateful and immoral a wall. like they have around their house. the walls of the house themselves show that wall works. the fact that so many people in
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this body at night last thing they do make sure all the doors are locked, didn't used to be that way. and if you're in a gated community and you've got really tight security in your gated community, you may not need to lock your doors you may feel safe enough without that. but most will secure their doors not because a burglar can't break through and get into their home but because walls work that are secure in slowing down people that would be trespassers, burglars, long enough hopefully for either the police to arrive or for the homeowner to be prepeared for the burglar coming in. that's the hope. that's why people don't -- i mean they don't just have a roof. they have walls arn their home. people that they don't want to come in and interrupt their families, don't come unless they're invited. that's the way the immigration
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system works. so i would encourage all my friends that say walls don't work, go home this weekend and get a contractor to destroy your outer walls. and if you've got a wall or fence around your home, you got a gated commun, tell them, demand, that the walls, the gates, they all be destroyed. and say, walls don't work. i've been saying it over and over on the house floor and in the media on cnn, msnbc, walls don't work so i am going to eliminate the hypocrisy that some can see in my life, i'm going to eliminate the outer wall of my home because walls don't work. not going to have a door anymore. just no walls. walls don't work. that's what needs to happen this weekend to avoid some people i really care deeply about, i don't want them to look like
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hypocrites. i want them to look fine and upstanding, but you've got to eliminate the the walls of your house because walls don't work according to you. the ravens indignation that we have heard this week and prior weeks about the shutdown, i want to put focus on people that are working right now, and that may not get their next paycheck if speaker pelosi and schumer do not come to at least agree to some compromise, something. not continue to say no to a wall no to a barrier, and then when he says ok, i'll compromise, won't be concrete, it'll be steel. there's a compromise. they said, oh, now, we see you don't have a definite plan. well yeah, he's trying to compromise with people with whom -- who disagree with him. fine. but if you're going to
1:45 pm
compromise you're going to deal with the president. ok, i'll compromise. we'll make it a steel wall. we'll compromise and we'll have barriers. let's work it out. what we'll have. oh, see, they say, he doesn't have a plan. we need to see exactly what his plan. oh, he's got a plan but you said under in circumstances would you agree. he's been compromising. that's what it's called. that's what he's trying to do. that's what we have been wanting to do here in the house. let's have a compromise. but don't say under no circumstances will you ever agree to any kind of wall, fence, barrier and then say there's our compromise. that's not a compromise. if people would look back what they said in the past, it would be easier to reach this compromise.
1:46 pm
oh, i forgot i said that. now some of my friends across the aisle are saying, well, we don't need a wall, we need a virtual wall, the drones, the cameras. you also do need a barrier or those things don't work. and in fact, under the prior administration that had as i recall about $8 billion to create a virtual wall in support there ring our border, was one little out that they had to avoid doing any of that and that was if the administration declared virtual walls wouldn't work, the technology wouldn't work and that's what secretary napolitano did and i can't find out what they did with the $8 billion in the prior administration since they didn't spend it on the drones and the
1:47 pm
technology. and the prior administration that that kind of thing doesn't work and aren't going to spend money on it. and now they come back some years later and say you know what? we were wrong before. those kind of things do work. that's what we need. and why they are saying it now when they disagreed some years back is because president trump, who creates president trump's stress disorder, they are suffering from the ptsd, president trump's stress disorder. they said we are not agreeing to anything he wants. that's our offered compromise.
1:48 pm
going back just a little bit again, you had this comment, when i see mexican flags waved at pro-immigration demonstration, i feel a flush of patriotic resentment when i'm forced to use a translator with a guy fixing my car. . feel a certain frustration friends may recognize the name, that was senator barack obama. but you have another here, quote, the american people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and put me in that category, too. but he said the american people are pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration. we will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept.
1:49 pm
first, illegal immigration is wrong and primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform is to curtail future illegal immigration. that's what president trump is trying to do and what we are trying to do. that was senator schumer that said that. we had a president who recently said, i'll tell you what we can't have is these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk. that was president obama in 2015 . i've got several pages of quotes from democratic friends who have been supportive in the past of what we're asking for now. let's don't play politics with this. let's just help the american people. kuwait quote from president
1:50 pm
clinton back in 1995. here's a good quote. t's a competition for space -- this is what was said by democrat, it's a competition for space, whether the space is a job, the space is a home, the space is a classroom. it becomes a competition for space. this is a country that's based on immigration and we all know, we all know that. and yet, at times, you become so overtaxed, you have to concentrate on saying the people who should be here are those who come legally at this time. and we got to for the time being enforce our borders. d that was well educated senator feinstein on a visit to the border. and yes, it was some years back.
1:51 pm
and again, i havey got lots of these quotes. here's one. do we have a commitment to secure the border? yes. what are the options that we have available to us? let's make sure they work. because we do need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in the country. we certainly do not want any more coming in. and i agree with speaker pelosi when she said that previously. that was in the last democratic majority. that was made in 2008. that helped the democrats keep the majority for a second term. and now, i think to put the needs of the american people
1:52 pm
hind the desires of people that want to come in illegally is a big mistake. you will erode and destroy this country's ability to be the most philanthropic, to be a country that every year produces cleaner air, cleaner water, like texas has. you erode that ability because when people are struggling financially, the thoughts of a cleaner environment and helping others fall behind the desires of just making enough to feed my family. you've seen it throughout history. it's important to secure our border. floor, riend on the representative ted yoho, a real
1:53 pm
patriot -- i don't believe he minds being called a patriot, but i would yield to my friend from florida such time. mr. yoho: i thank the gentleman from texas. and i think the pictures you have up there speak a loud picture on the other side of the 21-day shutdown. and yesterday and today we heard from our democratic colleagues about what 20 days, 21 days and yes people are furloughed. and it's tragic for them if they can't pay their bills. we know this is a temporary inconvenience and we passed a bill today in this chamber that will be signed into law that these people will be made whole. so it is a temporary inconvenience and we don't like it. neither side likes it, but when you look at the cause of this, when we go back to the cause of this and we saw that meeting at the white house with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and
1:54 pm
president trump, after that, there was a press conference and said no one penny will go to a wall. how many times or senator obama at the time, senator feinstein, senator schumer, ms. pelosi have supported a wall, border security, the hypocrisy, it's ok then but not now because they want to label it trump wall. the president is trying to fulfill our obligations to the constitution, to uphold the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. border security is something we all do. border security at our homes. i imagine 90% of americans lock their doors at night because of security to protect their families. mayors and police chiefs of towns protect their citizens. that's their job. mr. gohmert: if the gentleman would yield back.
1:55 pm
do they secure their doors and secure their cities because they hate people that are not part of their home or their city? mr. yoho: no, not at all. but because they want to protect the people the that they have been tasked to do. that's all we are asking here is border security. 21 days ago, the government shut down, partial shutdown. 76% to 80% of the government is funded. there is a small portion that is not funded and i feel bad for the people that have been furnish load but we passed legislation that they will be made whole. 21 days ago the government was shut down and we are tying the previous record for the longest shutdown. why has it been this long? the democrats refuse to come to the table and refuse to negotiate. one is willing to work and compromise and the other side said not one penny.
1:56 pm
you are not at a starting point. they would bring up messaging bills that don't fund the programs and also they can say we didn't support president trump's border security. this is hatred at the highest level but talk about tolerance and all of this other stuff. they have disdain for this president and all he is trying to do is secure this nation. let's look at the last 21 days on the other side. days, on average, 2,000 inadmissible migrants arrive at our southern border daily. this means in the last 21 days, approximately 42,000 migrants have sought illegal entry at our border without going through the proper channels. if they come through the proper
1:57 pm
channels as you said, we allow over 1 million people to come here. we have proper channels for people to come through. but over 42,000 immigrants have sought illegal entry at our border without going through the proper channels. additionally, in december, 27,518 family jailens were apprehended for crossing the border illegally. if those numbers remain consistent that means over 18,000 family jailens have been apprehended for illegal crossings in the last 21 days. ver 18,000 family units in iscal year 2018. they had homicide charges already. if this number remains consistent, that is 115 homicide
1:58 pm
charges for illegal aliens in the last 21 days. further, on an average, 300 americans die per week from heroin. 300 per week. and 90% of those of all the heroin in the u.s. and marijuana and cocaine, 90% of that comes from our southern border. secure the border, ms. pelosi. that means in the last 21 days, if we have 300 dying a week, 21 days is three weeks, that means at least 900 americans have died because of heroin illegally crossing our border. secure the border, ms. pelosi. this doesn't include the amount of fentanyl that crossed our southern border in 2017, which the amount that has come in is enough to kill every single american via overdoses.
1:59 pm
if you talk to the democrats, 5.7 billion they say is too much to pay for protection at our southern border. what they won't tell you is how much more it costs the federal government and the americans by not securing our borders. and again, we want to be sensitive to the people that have been furloughed. as i said, and i'm going to take some heat for this, it is a temporary inconvenience. but for these people that you have on this picture, for the countless other people we can molly, peter, all were killed by illegal mexicans that have come into this country. and i find this egregious. peter hacking, a blended family, married to his wife for prl -- approximately a year, he and two of his children were killed by a
2:00 pm
mexican that came into this country illegally. that person that killed these people that should not have been in this country got two years in prison, two years in prison. it's a sham that the democrats want to use politics to say this is not about security of this nation. ask those people, the people that have been furloughed, temporary inconvenience, they are going to be made hole whole. but for these people, it is a permanent damage not just to their family but to their communities and this nation. and i thank the gentleman for allowing me and i will be here if you want me to weigh back in. . mr. gohmert: i know how deeply my friend, representative yoho, cares about this country and about the people that are under
2:01 pm
our charge. this poster has some more recent folks. heard about officer singh, recently killed by a person illegally in the country. that's the charge. pierce, 22 years old. i was hearing his parents talk about him yesterday. you know, justin dames, dennis lee. 14 years old. cute kid. steven waller. his family would love to have im back. grace. some of these were not intentional murders. some of these were accidents,
2:02 pm
sometimes by drunk driving, some by neglect homicide, but they killed americans. grace. she was 22 months old. it's a little harder. ellie jean bryant. reminds me of one of mine. killed when she was 4 years old. blake. he was 20. krisha, 13. rocky jones, 51. now, domonique's mother is a friend of mine and i know how she has suffered. ingle mom at the loss of dominick. ounds like an absolute awesome
2:03 pm
young man. shayley. grant. he was 21. and i was -- i got to see a little bit of my friend, sean hannity, show last night, and i saw these names scrolling and i was going, oh, my gosh. look at those names. there's a website. his producer, linda, directed me to that they were using that has a list of names. these are three columns. in case someone can't see, hree columns of names and this isn't everybody that's been killed by illegal immigrants. lost wing people who have illegal mbers to
2:04 pm
, it's nt homicides the pieas o absorb -- pias, righteous indignation that we've sometimes heard on the house floor about the it sounded h -- like a calousness on this floor, potential callous -- calousness to the murders and deaths of so many americans if would not have happened and ess had done its job know the y heart to
2:05 pm
homicide, neglect homicide otherwise that would occur if we continue to fail to do our job when i would submit is a part of our oath. our oath is not to protect and defend people that want to break into this country illegally. that's not the people for whom and to whom we took an oath. i heard from teachers who are saying, you know, my heart breaks for these groups of kids that are thrown into our classroom that don't speak , but my heart also breaks for the american citizens and legal residents who are not getting an education any more that would
2:06 pm
have gotten had we not had so many illegal immigrants thrown into the classroom. we can't take care of both. we can't teach them both because if we try to concentrate on the people that don't speak english or that are illegally here and i'm hearing from teachers say, we're getting -- constantly we're getting more people and we're not prejudice against anybody ut we can't teach them and the students that are legally here because they can't learn at the what happens? the american citizens, the legal residents, people that are legally here, they're not getting the education that they would get otherwise. and i would just submit, before i yield, again, to my friend from florida, this is a compassionate country.
2:07 pm
it's one of the things i'm proud about. but i ask the question, mr. speaker -- what is more compassionate? it to allow people to flood into america illegally when we know 37% of the girls are being sexually assaulted, normally multiple times, 17% of the young boys being sexually olested on the way as they are drawing toward the united states to come in illegally and another day another girl is pulled into sex trafficking that would not be if our border weren't so porous, is that compassionate? you guys keep coming? or is it more compassionate looking at the situation -- and i love mexico. they got some of the most beautiful places in the world.
2:08 pm
my wife and i honeymooned there 40 years ago. and we loved it. i got certified in an hour to scuba dive. it was great certification process and i loved the scuba diving. it's just beautiful. they got incredible beauty in mexico and in central america. they have more natural resources than most countries in the world. they got actually a better location in mexico, in central america for commerce than north america does. they're between two continents, two oceans. they ought to be one of the very top economies in the world. there's one reason they're not, and that is the corruption. where does the corruption come from? it comes from the tens of billions of dollars that americans pour in to the drug cartels, because they're
2:09 pm
getting money for people coming up from human trafficking. they're getting money from sex trafficking. they're getting money from the drug trafficking that's going on in the u.s. and it's funding corruption. we got places where police won't step up because they know they'll get killed, like the last ones that stepped up. it ought to be a top economy in the world. the -- it ought to have a burgeoning, huge middle class that is thriving and doing so well. it's not because we have a porous border and we're funding the corruption in mexico. they got some of the hardest working people in the world. i know. i know some. it would be so much better for the people of mexico if we would secure our border, cut off the money to the drug cartels and let them become what they could be if we
2:10 pm
weren't funding the corruption through our porous border. so i'd ask my friend from florida, would you agree that the compassionate thing to do is to secure our border? if our only goal was to help the people, all of the people of mexico -- mr. yoho: absolutely. we're going to continue this on. it will be 22 days, 23 days, hopefully not long, but we're going to highlight what's going on. the compassionate thing is -- and as you brought up, this is not anti-immigration, this is not anti-mexican. i made reference to three people that were killed by people from mexico that were here illegally. that doesn't mean all mexicans are bad. i worked with a lot. i come from an agriculture background. they are hardworking people. just like americans are. this is something that if we don't have rule of law, you can't have a law-abiding society. i want to address one other people, if you'll allow me.
2:11 pm
mr. gohmert:. mr. yoho: president trump's -- mr. gohmert: please. mr. yoho: president trump's taken a lot of heat about building the wall. i spoke to the president about this when he was a candidate and i think that's an issue we do need to talk about. when you look at the facts, mexico, since 2008, has received $3.2 billion with a b, billion dollars in foreign aid. $3.2 billion. that comes out to about $320 million a year in foreign aid. i'm a proponent of foreign aid. they have also started the meridia initiative in 2008. 2008. ince that period of time, $1.6 billion has been invested into that program. that is strictly counterdrugs. $1.6 billion since 2008. i ask you, is the drug problem today better in america or worse? mr. gohmert: it's worse. mr. yoho: it's worse. so my proposal is that we as a
2:12 pm
body start looking at rerouting that money. if 90% of those drugs are coming through legal ports on our southwest border in addition to the open, porous border, would it not make more sense to secure our borders, whether it's more screening at the legal entries but let's also take care of the illegal ones? so in reality, that money that was earmarked for mexico in foreign aid and drug initiatives, i propose that we reroute that and let's do those things that we know we can do. that will stop the amount of deaths, the 300 deaths a week that are happening from fentanyl, cocaine -- heroin and then the cocaine and marijuana coming in. a border wall and beefed up border security will do that. i asked ms. pelosi to please negotiate and get off the moral
2:13 pm
high horse that you're caving into the president. this is not a partisan issue. this is an american issue and it deals with our constitutional responsibility. i yield back and i thank you for your leadership on this. thank you. mr. gohmert: i appreciate my friend, representative yoho from florida, not just for his eloquent comments but also for his friendship and his deep abiding love for america. three rows of names on each of these. these are just a part of the people that have been killed by people who came into the united states illegally. i would like to go back to the place i honeymooned with my wife. one of the prettiest places on, las had
2:14 pm
and we went to cancun. i am not comfortable going back now. read recently near cancun, cartels had some people killed. i want mexico to return to being a safe place to go. there was a time when the cartels would not do anything like murder around any of the tourist attractions because tourism was so important for mexico. well, that's gone by the way. the corruption is terrible. eople that stand up many times pay with their lives or family members' lives. i heard people hear on the floor say that this is a manufactured pry cis-- i heard people on the floor say that this is a manufactured crisis.
2:15 pm
f course, the megaphone that's used, places like cnn and msnbc and others, they repeat the same exact talking points. i don't have any talking points here from the president, the white house, from republicans. this is just coming from the eart and from the facts. , we're in trouble. this little experiment in self-government, our founders knew would not go on forever. knew it would go on for so long as we could keep it, as ben franklin said. it's a republic, madam, if you can keep it. and i know a lot of my friends
2:16 pm
across the aisle they think they are acting from compassion when they say let's leave these borders wide open and blanket amnesty for everybody who can get here, but as someone who has worked in our judicial system much of my adult life, i do believe if all its faults, and there are plenty, it is the best legal system the world has ever known. and one of those doctrines, legal doctrine that has evolved over the years because it has been deemed to be fair by americans and i think it exists in every state, strange name of the doctrine, attractive nuisance. most americans don't know inherently or through education that if you have something like swimming pool or really cool
2:17 pm
playground and you don't put a ence around it, then someone comes and is hurt in that swimming pool, drowns or falls in the playground, killed, hurt in some way, landowner that refused to put up a fence or a wall to keep people from getting to that attraction are held financially liable. and they have to pay financially to those who have suffered or in the case of a death to the family of those who suffered. that's been considered one of the great doctrines of our legal system. but thankfully for people here in the house and senate, we haven't applied that sound fact that the
2:18 pm
america has become a lure, a draw and it is drawn people by the thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of .housands some are pulled into sex trafficking. their lives are destroyed. i have been there so many times when it's not on their list of questions to ask but many times they ask, how much did you pay to get into this country, $5, $6,000, where did you get that kind of money? where are you getting the rest from? the drug cartels are going to let me work it off when i get where i'm going. i watched them hand over
2:19 pm
different addresses while the border patrol is asking the questions and getting the information. they pass around different addresses. i have seen them say basically, do you want to claim this child. no, you claim the child. you don't know how many are unaccompanied and who are accompanied by people that they shouldn't be. let's stop luring people to their demise or to their despair . let's continue to be the most generous country in the world when allowing people legally into this country. over a million visas legally. nobody else does that. we do. but let's make sure it's legal. and not ms-13 gang members that are going to repeatedly stab a
2:20 pm
young girl or boy, rape women. let's make sure it's not drug cartels sending people in. and i hear people say, it's not that much drugs that comes across our border in the south. hey, i have been there too many times and the border patrol will tell you there 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, they sent over 20 in a raft and you hear it on the radio and call the border patrol in and start processing the people and that's when they send the illegal drugs in. and they say we got pipped by .50 caliber, no mistake when that .50 caliber was tired. and we were hunkered down behind the tanks what big drug shipment are they bringing across right now when they know we don't have anything that stops a .50
2:21 pm
caliber. and we used thermal technology. it was the texas department of public safety. they float up a balloon and use their thermal technology and say we see those two, three people here, carrying drugs, some big thing. here's 17, 18 people. they are not carrying anything. they are trying to come in illegally and find the people that we would tell them about and float up the balloons and zoom in. and in the end, they said, ok, we got all the people and all the groups that you saw that you appear just trying to come in illegally, but the ones that appear to be bringing in drugs, they know some little way to get away and we didn't catch those guys. that goes on every day, every night. and who dies from those illegal
2:22 pm
drugs coming in? the compassion nature thing for mexico, for central america, and for the people to whom we owe our oath, secure the border, build a barrier where we have to have it to secure the border and let's stop americans diing unnecessarily so that we can save the righteous indignation in this room for those that have died because we did not do our job. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. gohmert: move that we do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no.
2:23 pm
the ayes have it and the motion is adopted. accordingly the house stands adjourned until noon monday


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