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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Tribute Moment of Silence for Fmr. Rep....  CSPAN  February 14, 2019 6:15am-6:26am EST

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baldwin novel with the washington post that the local editor. >> i thought it was visually beautiful, and the thing that really sticks with you is just how loving and lovely the film is. i think his writing really does deal with love, whether it is universal love, loving oneself, love between people and society, really think that is the overarching theme. i think a lot of people probably see him because he was so passionate in fighting for the rights of african-americans, that sometimes people mistake that for anger. i don't think -- i think he was not angry, but forcible in his denunciation of racism. >> sunday night on c-span q&a.
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former north carolina --gressman walter jaros died walter jones died earlier this month. a public memorial service will be held today in a greenville, north carolina. yesterday in the house, has colleagues observed a moment of silence and shared memories of the republican. the speaker pro tempore: the house will please come to order. for what purpose does the gentleman from north carolina seek recognition? secretary price: i ask unanimous consent to speak out of -- speak out of order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> i rise along with my colleagues in the north carolina delegation to remember -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is correct, the house is not in order. the gentleman shall proceed. >> we honor and remember the life of walter jones junior, a treasured colleague, a public
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servant and a personal friend to many across this chamber. walter died on february 10, his 76th birthday and lived a life full of service four years in the north carolina national guard, and quarter century in the u.s. house of representatives. walter and i met long before either of us served in the house. we worked together on the north carolina presidential campaign of jimmy carter in 1976. i have a photo on my desk to prove it, a very youthful campaign team. walter went on to chart a different course politically. there was uniquely his own. in fact, he found himself frequently at odds not one party but the other. but by the same token, he found possibilities for alliances and
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cooperation in unexpected places and did not hesitate to take those opportunities. this approach was rooted in walter's strong conscience and his personal sincerity and he ood out in an age when sincerity is in short supply in politics, earning respect and admiration from both sides of the aisle. it is testament to that tact. much has been said about the personal encounters hat with veterans of the iraq war and the families of those who never returned and how these encounters led him to reassess his present and past policy stances. he sent over 10,000 letters to families of fallen troops and he memorialized those who died from
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camp ledge union with photos outside his office. his effective voice for our military, the marines especially and his deep love for his home state of north carolina will be missed in these halls and in the coastal, farming, military communities that make up the 3rd congressional district. we extend condolences to his wife, his daughter, his loyal staff and the countless friends, neighbors and community members whose lives he touched along the way. our state and the institution of congress will be poorer without him. we are going to miss walter's reliable and cordial presence right here. right here in this center aisle. before we observe a moment of
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silence, i yield to the senior republican in the north carolina delegation, representative foxx. ms. foxx: i thank mr. price for yielding time and for his wonderful comments remembering walter. on behalf of the republican members of the north carolina delegation, indeed, all of the members of our republican conference, we remember our long-serving colleague walter b. jones. already miss him and express our prayer for him and his family. walter asked to be memorialized on the floor by his dear friend, thomas massie and mr. price will recognize him in a moment for that purpose. i thank mr. price for yielding, and i yield back. >> i thank my colleague and i yield now to mr. massie. mr. massie: thank you, mr.
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price. our colleague and our friend, walter jones was kind. he quoted, washington, d.c., is the spirit of arrogance and christ is the spirit of ue humility. walter had the spirit of christ. didn't matter if you were a waiter at his table or intern, he extended the same respect to everyone and in his heart he never pleeved he was any better. his chief josh who has been with im for 16 years remind me that people in washington, d.c., kiss up and punch down. he did the opposite, he would punch down and kiss up. he was a true southern gentleman who followed his heart. and whether you goode with him or not, walter displayed the
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type of courage we could all hope to possess. he was willing to admit when he was wrong like the time he voted for jimmy carter. he would admit it in front of god, in front of his colleagues and to 750,000 constituents. that's true courage. walter's conscience guided his every vote and action in the six years that i knew him. 11,266, that's the final number of letters that walter jones personally note offering his apologies and condolences to the families who lost loved ones. he voted for the iraq war but then later came to believe that he had made a grave mistake. did he write those letters toll prepare him for the next re-election? no. he wrote those letters to prepare him for this day, when
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he would be judged at the gates of heaven. what might like a small fight might be his greatest cause if honor and respect were in the balance. whenever he gave the blessing before the meals, he mentioned two pilots who had been implicated, clearing the names of ruber and brow was one his most important achievements. when i spoke with him, he said he looked forward to meeting they will in heaven. he was at peace. he told me something else in that hour we shared a couple of weeks ago, he reminded me that his father served 13 terms in congress and it had been his goal to match his father's service. for those who don't know, this was walter's 13th term. i told walter, they never beat you, did they? i used another word than that,
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but he laughed. you see, all the money in the world was no match for walter's sincerity, which always shown through to the people he served, even if they didn't always agree with him. he wanted to finish this term. i told walter he would finish this term because when i would vote, i would ask myself what would walter do, he seemed pooh pleased at that. please join me, the next time you are torn what to do or say in this body, what would walter do? he would follow his conscience. just follow your conscience and together we can assure that walter's spirit finishes his 13th term. yield back. >> i ask that we observe a
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moment of silence. the speaker pro tempore: all present, please rise, and observe a moment of silence. announcer: yesterday, house democrats spent a considerable deal on security funding to avoid another shutdown. after the meeting, caucus chair hakeem jeffries told reporters that most democrats agree to the deal. the house is expected to vote on the spending package today.


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