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tv   Green New Deal Senate Debate Preview  CSPAN  March 24, 2019 4:48pm-5:03pm EDT

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ild estimate that includes the medicare for all and others but they feel it is so big, the it is so big el and undefined that they can efine it any way they want and use it against democrats to look like they are pandering to the far left. host: you point out past incidents where the majority leader did that. votes to need 60 advance this legislation. i understand that a number of democratic senators are planning on voting present. why is that? guest: i believe most if not all vote present to take the air out of the balloon that if nnell has set up that they vote against it they look like they are opposing their own they can ote present say it is a procedural motion and we are trying to show the isn't hat mcconnell serious about addressing climate change and when you talk to emocrats about whether it is markey or skhaourpbl schumer is the democrats'
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plan and they have not put together a really good plan on is and i think that something the democrats will emphasize during the debate. >> in about 15 minutes we will have a portion of a senate ebate from early march on the green new deal promise. news a portion of a conference with mass senator ed alexandra ocacia cortez. they spoke with reporters outside the capitol. > thank you all for being here today on this very important moment. i want to thank my partner on resolution, ew deal hosts to thank all of the -- and te -- house an
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senate members with many others ho will sign on or will be signing on to this resolution. his is an incredible moment because all of the supporters the re here today support climate, champion energy, social public health, grassroots organizations that powerful e most movement organizing in the today. states never in our history have the americans been issue, ed on a single climate change. from the air we breathe to the is, to the mploy he neighborhoods we live in, to the within, we operate climate change defines our existence. global temperatures are the recorded wealth inequality is at its
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the era of t since the great depression. he erosion of our coastlines, the erosion of the earning power of workers, the pollution of our planet, the pollution of our koch acy by big oil and brother financing. he interrelationship of these ills and injustices is undeniable. is not challenge insurmountable. t will only be through an historic generational commitment that we imate change create the kind of democracy americans.for all we will save all of creation by massive job creation within our country. deliver a green new deal america. what are we talking about when
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we talk about a green new deal? we talk about a green new eal, we are talking about jobs and justice. we are talking about greatest creation program in a generation. repairing ing about the historic oppression of front vulnerable communities hat have borne the worst burdens of our fossil fuel economy. right nt roosevelt was when he said about his new deal. statesmanship and vision require relief to all at the same time. talking about an historic 0-year mobilization that will mitigate climate emissions, build climate resiliency. acted on this scale before and we must do it again. renewable energy
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deployment., offshore storage batteries for renewable electricity. will not be ture found in the dark of a mine but of the sun. nergy efficiency, smart power grids, clean and affordable public transit. andn cars and manufacturing working with key industries to pollution. today we are putting forward a set of principles, not prescriptions, that will retire leveraging new financing, roviding new resources and training and using existing laws nd new regulations it meet our 10-year goal. jocks create high quality and -- jobs and enforce labor standards and guarantee rights security and healthcare and conduct inclusive decision making. there will be critics logical
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say this does not go far enough get these are the single cynics who auto companies would never agree it raise fuel economy insisted that a lobal climate agreement in paris was impossible. i'm continually comforted by the consistency. they have been consistently wrong. climate denier of hem all is the white house, donald trump, a president who did not utter the words climate or clean energy during two tate of the union nights ago. n the most important issue facing this country his state of the union, donald trump's state union was silent. very reason trump and deniers -- is proof we
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should push forward harder. so the question is not whether all democrats can support there resolution. if any republican will support there resolution. if we stion shouldn't be can do it. do answer should be when we it. ive decades ago president kennedy announced the gol -- sending a american to the moon. he didn't say how it would be it.e but that we would do we would need a giant rocket ade of new metal alloys that had not been invenues r vent -- invented yet. it would have to be returned safely to earth within 10 years ago. urged us to be bold. say today that it is time for us to be bold once again.
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we have the technology to do it. moral obligation. we have the economic imperative. political will to get this done. setting on the dirty energy of the past. new marks the dawn of a era of climate action when we look back today this will be the able to at we will be say that the political tide has seas. on the rising we are reclaiming our leadership n the most important issue facing human kind. this is the new climate people, by the e people, for the planet. thank you all for being here today on this historic day and i want to introduce to you my phenomenal partner on this great alexandere alexandria cortez.
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>> thank you senator and thank you you to all of my colleagues have joined us today. in the is so incredible. major watershed moment and i'm so incredibly that we are going to transition this country into the future and we are not going to drag the behind by our past. i'm so excited about that. not just at today is ig day for us as a delegation or party or a movement but in is over day for activists all the country and for front line communities all over the country. is a big day for people who ha who have been left behind. today is a big day for workers in appalachian. a big day for children breathing dirty air in the south bronx. today is a good day for families enduring the inskwrufrpbts of drinking dirty
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their r who have seen living rooms flooded with the rising sea levels. oday i think is a really big day for our economy, the labor movement, the social justice movement. indigenous people and people all over the united states of america. because today is the day that we comprehensive a agenda of economic, social and racial justice in the united america. that is what this agenda is all about. in our climate change environmental challenges are one of the biggest threats to our life.f not just as a nation but as a world. in order for us to combat that must be as ambitious
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solutions ive in our as possible. what we are doing in introducing is not a lutions it bill, it is a resolution and with this resolution is saying is our first step. our first step is to define define the scope of the solution. o, we are here to say that small incredibilitial policy solutions are -- incremental not enough.ions are they can be part of a solution they are not the solution unto itself. there is no justice or change ng climate without addressing what has happened to indigenous kphraoupblg communities. we have to address the racial wealth gap. to transition g to renewable energy without front lane g from communities and coal communities into economic opportunity as well. that is what in is about.
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it is comprehensive and compassionate and extremely today is also the day we choose to assert ourselves as a global 100%r in transitioning to renewable energy and charting that path. that means we are not going to by the lowest standards of other nations. it does not mean we will say what about them? they are not doing it. why should we? we should do it because we should lead. we should do it because that is what this nation is about. we should do it because we are a country founded on ideals of a culture that is innovative. that cares for our brothers and sisters across this country. we are an example to the world. that is why we should do it. we need to save ourselves, and we can save the rest of the world with us.
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that is why we should do it and that is why we define the scope of this resolution to be so broad and comprehensive. we are outlining the green new deal and in the spirit of franklin delano roosevelt, we have the green new deal and the green new deal projects. the tennessee valley authority, with the new deal project that was part of a larger vision. today we are laying down what that larger vision is. when people say what about this? or what about that? the answer isn't this is why it is not in here. the answer is, that is part of the solution too. i hope you will see the scope and the scale. the solution is not going to come from just one congresswoman from the bronx. it will not come just from one senator. it will come from all of our representatives as a country, saying this is what iowa needs. this is what virginia needs. this is what michigan needs. this is what illinois needs.
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and this is what new york needs. we have this threat that challenges all of us, the solution will take all of us too. i am thankful again. i want to reiterate my thanks to the activists and the organizers who made this moment happen and created the political energy to be relevant and put it at the top of the agenda, not the bottom. i thank you all very much. on march 6, republican senators gave floor speeches criticizing the green new deal. eventually, democrats began responding on the floor as well. speakers during this portion of the debate include texas republican john cornyn, minority leader chuck schumer, democrat ed markey of massachusetts, and republican john barrasso.


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