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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Fmr. Vice President Biden Speaks to Reporters...  CSPAN  April 5, 2019 11:53pm-12:04am EDT

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done. [applause] fmr. vice pres. biden: thank you. thank you. ♪ >> after his speech, the former vice president spoke to about the controversy of several women who expressed discomfort in the way he had physically interacted with them. he also talked about his timing in his entry in the 2020 presidential race. this is 10 minutes.
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fmr. vice pres. biden: it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. i realize my responsibility is to not invade the space of anyone who was uncomfortable in that regard. and i hope it was not taken that way. i literally think it is incumbent among me, not anybody else, to make sure that if you touch someone, it is with their consent, regardless of your intention. you are trying to bring solace, welcome them, it is my responsibility to do that. >> what is your reaction to president trump taunting you on twitter? fmr. vice pres. biden: it doesn't surprise me. he doesn't have time to do his job. look, everybody knows who donald trump is.
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i don't have to say anything more. reporter: do you expect a lot more people to come forward and say they felt uncomfortable -- fmr. vice pres. biden: i have had hundreds and hundreds of people contact me. i don't know. i'd say the exact opposite. it is important that i and everyone else is aware that any woman or man who feels uncomfortable should have the right to just say hey, i was uncomfortable with that. even before anything happens say i am uncomfortable with that. no matter what. i really do understand that. one of the things that, for
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example, i was not joking, the president of the union put his arms around me. that's how it has always been. that's how people react. reporter: you think you owe them a direct apology? the woman who came out? fmr. vice pres. biden: i've i've -- i have made it clear. if i made anybody feel comfortable, i feel badly about that, ever. reporter: are you sorry to the women? fmr. vice pres. biden: i am sorry i didn't understand. i am not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything i have ever done, i have never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. reporter: you said you're not changing your brand. is is going to change how you
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campaign? fmr. vice pres. biden: i think it is going to have to change somewhat how i campaign. everybody wonders why i take a selfie. if i have the camera, at least i make sure there is a photo and i am not doing something else. you have to wonder what it is being used for. it's all changed. it is changing with you guys, come on. each of you are aware of it. it's not a bad thing. it's a new thing. it's important. and i'm sure it is going to take a while -- it settled out for me. reporter: the 2020 race? fmr. vice pres. biden: i am told by the lawyers that i have to be careful what i say, so i don't start clock ticking.
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i am very close to making a decision relatively soon. reporter: days, weeks? what's the holdup? fmr. vice pres. biden: the holdup? putting everything together. even if i knew for certain i was going to run for president, my intention in the beginning if i were to run would be to be the last person to run out. i give it a shot and it is off to the races. reporter: would it make your response trickier? fmr. vice pres. biden: sorry, didn't hear you. reporter: the federal reserve?
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reporter: you are the most progressive in the democratic party. there's a lot of candidates in this race. fmr. vice pres. biden: i didn't say progressive. i said liberal. my whole career i wish i had been labeled as a moderate the seven times i ran. i have never been labeled as a moderate. with my record of all a -- of the traditional organizations, i have never walked away from them. i am not sure when everybody came out and said they are for gay marriage and talked about a lot of the things i talked about, but my point is, the seems to be changing.sive noise are you a socialist? that's a pretty -- real said -- real progressive. around, this last time the traditional judgments of
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whether or not you were a youral were whether or not positions were on race, women, lgbtq community. your positions on civil liberties. those back my records on things against anybody who's ever run, who is running now. [inaudible] will find out whether i can win in the primary. let me say one last thing. here's the deal. i think you guys, if you look at all the polling data and the actual results, the party has not moved. whatever characterization you give it. the fact of the matter is, the vast majority of the democratic party are still basically democrats inrate the traditional sense.
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ratios on theose [inaudible] the party should welcome -- i don't know how you want to characterize it. the progressive left. it should be welcome. we should have a debate. that's not a bad thing. the idea that the democratic party all of a sudden, i'm an obama-biden democrat. i'm proud of it.
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[inaudible] >> president trump spoke with reporters as he was departing the white house for a trip to california. he talked about joe biden's potential 2020 presidential bid.
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>> i don't see joe biden as a threat. i don't see him as a threat. i think he's only a threat to himself. i just don't see him as a threat. he's been there a long time. his record is not good. he'd have to run on the obama failed record. you look at what happened with so many different things. north korea. the middle east. the economy never got going. i've don't think joe is the threat. i would be happy with any of them, to be honest. trump held a roundtable discussion in california on border security. this is just under an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states.


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