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tv   Washington Journal Cheryl Chumley Sophia Tesfaye  CSPAN  April 7, 2019 4:38pm-5:36pm EDT

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audience to join me in thanking you as well. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] -- >> on newsmakers, representative jim jordan. he talks about the mueller report and pending issues for congress. newsmakers at 6 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> at our sunday roundtable looking at presidential politics, we have an opinion reporter from the washington times. an opinion writer at the washington times. sophia tesfaye from salon.
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congresswoman tim ryan says he seeks a united nation. he is the latest entry, more than a dozen now in this race. what does he bring to the 2020 presidential race? some: i think along with new recognition he is able to speak to ohio. the end of last him ao cap a rep -- built reputation in the democratic party. with so much of the narrative as groupthink and everyone being pushed to the left, tim ryan has a credible record to say he has pushed back against the party. he has a credible record as a moderate. there are some moderates in 2020. tim ryan has a record of confronting politics in that
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way. hometownm the newspaper in youngstown, the vindicator, we carried this. you can go to and search representative tim ryan. vindicator, congressman tim ryan says he is running to bring the country together. he says he wants to bring the values he has seen in youngstown to the white house. his challenge is to make it to the first democratic debate on june 26 and june 27. the debate will be two days with lineups chosen at random. a candidate needs to have at least 1% support in three polls or privately
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65,000 unique donors. i think he is a moderate voice that is much-needed in the democratic party right now could -- right now. i think john hickenlooper is one of them. i think he is a voice the democrats need at a time when socialism is corrupting the once noble message of the democratic party we saw under john kennedy. have ad be nice to moderate element. from his announcement in downtown youngstown yesterday, democratic congressman tim ryan. [video clip] toi am running for president try to bring this country back together. [cheers and applause]
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country is aided weak country. we have politicians and leaders today that want to divide us. they want to put us in one box or the other. you cannot be for business and labor. you cannot be for border security and immigration reform. cities andbe for rural america. it cannot be for the north and south. you cannot be for men and women. i am tired of having to choose. i want us to come together as a country. we are a great country. and we can do it. we can do it if we come together. i want you to know this one thing. the competition we are in today is fierce. we don't need a superstar, and we don't need a savior. we need to come together, and we it and determination
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and the ability to work together for a better future not just for us but for our kids. that is what this is all about. host: congressman tim ryan, the latest entry into the race for the white house. next week cory booker formally entering the race along with mayor pete who judges. guest: cory booker needs to bring a message that is a little more inclusive to all of america. so far you hear that he speaks strongly on lgbtq issues. that is such a small segment of concern for most of america. i think the democrats in general, cory booker and other candidates, kamala harris, bernie sanders need to grab hold of issues that are big ideas for
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americans, not so much identity politics or smaller segment issues. with booker, he is good to have a particular direction towards iowa. he is going to put all of his attention there. i think that is where he can build on the legacy of barack ofma and carry that mantle bringing a larger group of people together. he does have a personal connection to the state with his family. he will attempt to do that by with walls record street and as mayor. directly appeals to voters in iowa because of his experience in indiana. ryan, mayor pete has
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that same appeal, i can speak to every man. they are also going to have to speak for every woman. host: this is the headline for the washington post. quick,real gay real comments while he was campaigning. his emergence gives americans their second openly gay presidential candidate. activist frank carver sought the gop nomination 2012. many americans are celebrating his quicklime as tangible progress. others wonder whether talking about his candidacy as a stork undermines the notion that sexuality does not matter. he will suddenly have to sentiment as-gay his campaign continues. any gay voters symbolizing
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acceptance they could have hardly imagined a decade ago. guest: i don't think the emphasis on his sexual orientation is coming from his campaign. i know it has a very viral social media presence. anytime he is asked about it on the campaign trail, his remarks tend to follow along the lines that it is a stork, but that is not why i am running. historic first, i don't think trailblazers want to be known as trailblazers. if his sexual orientation is something that voters in the have a hardrimary time getting over, i don't think it will be in the first couple states of iowa and new hampshire. host: let me get your thoughts on joe biden. weirdest apology the
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campaign kickoff ever. at i amou are starting sorry. that is not the best place to start. you want to say i am running, here is why. i'm sorry means i am running. donald trump took off on a golden escalator. it was from a position of authority and not a position of something that has been denoted. in many ways it is going to be indicative of how his campaign is going to have to be run because his record is so long. currently not really in sync with democratic primary voters. host: joe biden's defenders are wrong, this is your piece. explain. guest: i disagree with what you said because i don't think joe biden issued an apology. theink he sidestepped
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apology and went to excuse making. he basically blamed his behaviors on the past and up to the present on social norms and changing societal values. to that, i think that is a ridiculous defense because there has never been a social norm where it is ok to reach out and stroke little girls in intimate manners in front of their parents. i think that is where joe biden gets his creepy label. i think excusing his behavior due to social norms changing is deceptive. host: he addressed this issue friday. he spoke to a union gathering at the washington hilton hotel and afterwards spoke to reporters. >> do you think you owe them a direct apology? is ie fact of the matter made it clear, if i made anyone
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feel uncomfortable, i feel badly about that. .t was never my intention to >> are you sorry? >> i am sorry i did not understand them. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i have never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or woman. that is not the reputation i have had since high school. >> you have always said you are not wearing any funny hats. is this going to change how you are going to campaign? >> i think it is good to have to change somewhat how i campaign. the new thing is the selfie. everyone wonders why i take the selfie. if i have the camera, i make sure it is a photo and not something else. what areto wonder these being used for.
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it is all changing. it is changing with you guys. them inyou are aware of your personal relationships. it is not a bad thing. it is a new thing. it is important. i'm sure it is good to take a while for it to settle out. it has settled out for me. host: that was former vice president joe biden. jonathan martin in the new york times, biden did not rush into 2020. the race came to him anyway. the new york times, far from remaining above the fray, mr. biden will enter the campaign as bruised as any of the other 16 campaigns already in the race. they are in this never never land now because they are being treated by the outside world like they are in the race. he, and they are not. that is a tough place to be. have been told to
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expect an announcement after easter. mr. biden has secured the services of mark vadon, democratic ad maker known for making gripping cinematic commercials. guest: if you are asking if i think joe biden is going to enter the race, i definitely think he is. recently andme out said he intends to be the last democrat to announce entry. situation,is current guehink that is going to pla him and prevent him from being the democratic nominee in part. the other reason i think is the democratic party is looking for a little more youthful energy. it is already shown that on capitol hill, where you have io-cortez going
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head-to-head with nancy pelosi and nancy pelosi stepping down. be the think biden would nominee. i certainly think his ongoing somethinggoing to be that is going to push him to the side. ,ost: do use that line creepy you think that over being warm and friendly. andt: i have seen the video the images. this is not something that has cropped up recently. this has been part of joe biden's reputation, whispered among political circles for years and years. it is my view that if you are a politician and part of your job is to read people to get their votes, you should know about the reputation you have. if you are stuck with a reputation like that, a good politician, a decent human being would work hard to change that
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reputation. the fact that joe biden has not but has laughed it off and excuse it as being simple friendliness has defied logic. host: what about president trump, who has talked about women's parts, that access hollywood video, and 18 to 20 women claiming he has abused them. if you want to make a case out of president trump, that is fine by me. there were certain valid questions that were asked of president trump on the campaign trail. he has had to deal with that issue. the difference between joe biden and donald trump is that republicans by and large came out and accepted the fact that donald trump said these things and voted for him anyhow. acceptanceen, that is not there. admit theneed to
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behaviors of joe biden, that they are creepy. then you can decide whether or not to vote for him. you cannot deny dismissed. host: let me go back to the new york times story available on the web. mr. biden's uncertainty over how to address his past conduct and how contrite he ought to be captures the tension at the heart of this emerging candidacy. can he retain the unvarnished, tell it like it is political brand that appeals to older toers while appealing youthful and diverse constituencies? good morning. caller: good morning. windmill cancer today. that is how lucky i am. i think a president is supposed to embody our national
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conscience and set the tone for our national conversations. i think the leader is made to make our populace reach for higher and better than we imagined possible. there was recently a trump -- he told theed fbi he was a patriot. mentioned donald trump. the coast guard mentioned trump. the terrorists mentioned trump. is invoking sarcastic terrorism. communications to insight unpredictable violent acts. host: we will leave it there.
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do you want to respond? guest: i don't know what the question is. guest: i would say i think what aller is expressing his something democratic voters are acutely aware of. when they go to vote, they will not be judging these candidates in a vacuum. veryone will be judged relative to the present. i think what was being expressed is something a lot of voters are frustrated with. host: from wisconsin, tim. you are next. caller: good morning, c-span. good morning, america. i recently had a friend of mine who is a staunch republican. i have many friends who are republican. he asked me if i had seen the tim ryan town hall. he po tim ryan town hall,
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lls the audience, asking them if they want their children to grow up with the same values of donald trump. he asked them to raise their hands. from what i saw, not one hand came up. i like tim ryan. i don't know much about him. i see that he is trying to pull the country together. that is what i want to see. i would really like to see washington journal on at prime time so that maybe on public television so that maybe people who don't have cable could still participate. being on in the morning, retired watch, butothers can i want working america to be able to participate in this program. host: thank you for the call. thank you for being a loyal viewer.
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so many candidates, the question is how do you get traction in detention and raise money? guest: in the democratic primary in 2020, unless you are joe , i don't think there is very much space for the amy klobuchars and hickenloopers. i think it is difficult when the juggernauts in the party are bernie sanders, even though he is not a democrat, mayor pete, and kamala harris. these are the people that are speaking to the more progressive message. host: you also have stacey abrams, candidate for governor still thinking about running for president. michael bennet said if he is cheered of cancer, he will enter the race. we may have 20 candidates in 2020. host: we get -- guest: we definitely could. we know that joe biden, bernie
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sanders, and molly harris, and beto o'rourke are the money draws. i suspect wants biden announces, the money game will change. the big donors will have to choose a candidate. it will say a lot where the big money is put. there will be a lot of shifting. host: let's go to new york, republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i just want to say that unless the democrats get something to run on besides hating donald trump and reparations now, they are all touting that. they have nothing. they are going to lose in a landslide. that is what i predict. it is all about the economy. the economy is doing great. it is roaring along.
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everybody is making money. i think this whole thing, the democrats better come up with something better to run on them what they're doing now. they have hated donald trump for the last two years. that is not doing anything. it is not drawn the country together to vote for somebody. it is bad news. after all this time, they ought to come up with something. two they have anything? host: thank you for the call. thomas mint jim jordan said 100% chance -- congressman jim jordan said 1% chance that donald trump will be reelected. defeatwhat it takes to donald trump is wisconsin, pennsylvania, just a few states that went to this campaign, marginal votes. i think a barack obama like
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traditional democrat would be able to take the seats back. host: we go to ohio, independent line. caller: thank you for c-span. i live in tim ryan's district. i live in the extreme northwest corner of akron, ohio. just to give you an example of the gerrymandering that goes on. i am happy to be in his district. my question involves donald trump's tax returns. convinced and wants to convince the american people that molars investigation is a big hoax, he should be eager to show his tax returns. in your face. the whole thing was a hoax. why would he not want to show those tax returns? what makes them so special? every president has done so.
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before we get an answer on our guests, it was not an issue in 2016. do you think it will be a bigger issue in 2020? guest: i think it caller: i think it should be. guess you just alluded to what my point was. the tax issue should have come out during the campaign since season. the molar report showed there is no collusion on the part of donald trump and russia during the presidential campaign. we have not seen the full contents of the report. we'll have the memo of william barr. redactedreport in its version will be released. now the fact that democrats and the left are crying for donald trump to release his tax returns, it is a little
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suspicious, almost as if they are looking for the next witchhunt to go after this administration. i would say if you want donald trump to release his tax returns, just wait until the 2020 campaign season. host: here is part of that exchange in which 2020 politics came up. [video clip] >> the president was in ohio ohio, weeks ago, lima, the airport to the tank. there were people lined up on tn the intersections. we went by an elementary school, and it was like apple pie. in our state, and we are considered one of the key bellwether states in determining president, the next
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i think he won by 10. sophia tesfaye, politics editor for, your perspective. guest: i actually agree with the congressman. i think there is plenty of evidence that democrats come of the state of ohio is pretty red. you really -- you don't need ohio. you can still have wisconsin, pennsylvania -- host: michigan. guest: michigan, there you go. they are not exactly like ohio. put them together. with these gm closures and an candidate,mocratic they have to insight enough people to turn out.
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to turnant your base out, or will you try to vote, get independents to come out? -- as far as a long, democratic debate, i do not think democratic voters want to play the game in 2016. way, and our podcast, "the weekly," we focused on the history of the electoral college. you can download the podcast on the free c-span radio app. as we talked 2020 politics is cheryl chumley from "washington times," opinion editor, and the sophia tesfaye, politics ever for julie is joining us from minneapolis. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. host: good morning. caller: i had to call. i am enjoying the c-span radio app, so i am not sure who is
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speaking between the two women, but when i hear accusations about jill biden, stroking little girls' hair and things like that, things like that, speech like that cheapens the need to movement. what joe biden was accused of was making women feel uncomfortable. night and day what the current president is accused and was accused of. i think we do the movement a disservice. also, i do not consider myself -- i consider myself an independent, but i really think that democrats really go down the wrong path when they try to destroy and try to make bigger than they are, just like the same way they ran al franken out of -- did not give him due process. oft the mischaracterization
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biden'sen's -- joe actions and trying to put them in the same pot donald trump, harvey weinstein, it is really a disservice. host: julie, can you stay on the phone for a minute? caller: sure. host: don't hang up. this is from great america pac, supporting donald trump, focused on the former vice president. let's watch this and get your reaction. [video clip] >> it happened so suddenly, very unexpectedly, out of nowhere, i his hand onen put his shoulder, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, and plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. how could the vice president of the united states do that to me
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so unexpectedly and kind of out of nowhere? it was shocking. it was shocking, because you do not expect that kind of intimate behavior, you do not expect that kind of intimacy from someone so powerful and someone you have no relationship with whatsoever to touch you, to be so close to you .n that way ♪ host: so, julie, that from the trump campaign. that, watch and listen to i know you're listening on the c-span radio app, your reaction. caller: yes, before i answer, steve, i want to tell you how much i love you and c-span and happy anniversary. i think -- i cannot blame the people that are for the president for making that ad,
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but i think that we -- or i think democrats really gave them the material to make the ad, and i think it is a disservice. it is definitely over-the-top, and women who came out against the president, they were over-the-top in their descriptions. i think a couple of them were politically motivated, bernie sanders supporters. but that is what we are going to get. crazy accusations like that in a political ad. i think it gives everyone a disservice. thank you. host: thank you very much for the call. we should point out the lieutenant governor candidate from nevada was a bernie sanders supporter. she was the first to come out. there have been others since then. what do you think of that a d? guest: it is not surprising.
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of course republicans will capitalize on what came out with joe biden recently. michael thing is this has been going on with joe biden for years. to movementa need thing. i have written about jill biden and the creepy factor for years. other people have written about joe biden and the creepy factor as 2016 an even earlier. people want to say that the whole thing with joe biden now is politicized or simple politics, it is politics that is hard-hitting now, but it is not political in that joe biden's reputation has been that way for years. and i look at this with joe biden as more than chickens coming home to roost. due being paid now for years and years of behaviors that have been over the top your reaction in your comments -- over-the-top. host: your reaction and your comments. exists comethink it
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and i think that reaction is cultivated in conservative so circles, but i do not think it has penetrated the democratic voters. i think the defense you just heard from the last caller is one that you are likely to hear throughout the primary. host: we welcome our radio audience on c-span radio and on sirius xm, potus channel 124. with us frome's and cheryl chumley of the "washington times." our next caller is from raleigh, north carolina, republican line. thank you for waiting, cindy. caller: yes, i also do believe that joe biden's reputation is being blown out of proportion. affectionatea very person, and he always has been, and i will take a hug for him anytime. people saying he is creepy, women have an obligation also to say no. they can say no at any given
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time to make sure that they are so these people up there talking about joe the way you are, that is just wrong. host: we will get a response. guest: i don't know why it is wrong. i don't know why it is wrong to look at video and images and stories and read news and see online in images and videos how joe biden has touched not just women but young girls, and i don't know why it is wrong to draw a conclusion from that, that it is over-the-top touching. it is toointimate, friendly, it is creepy, and i do not understand why my opinion is valued any less than the opinions of women who think there is nothing wrong. host: this is a tweet from james. give it up. it is bernie. if you look at national polls, joe biden and bernie sanders get about half of the democratic votes.
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he raised $18 million in the first month of his candidacy. host: and they are still reluctant in the media to report of the bernieasm sanders campaign, as has been shown. one of the most interesting things that have gone around with the sanders campaign is that i think with the last reporting of his financial contributions, which hit $18 million, i believe, most of those contributors under the age of 39, a significant voting block this time around or turnout propelled barack obama into the white house in 2008, and i think that same energy can push bernie very far in the primary. i do think if he were to win the nomination, he could then be the catalyst for howard schultz, an independent that is all but dead at that point. host: tom, harrisburg, pennsylvania. good morning.
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caller: good morning. your guests sophia, she is right, you do not need ohio, but you know what, no democrats win pennsylvania right now. zero. there is one democrat have any chance to win pennsylvania, and unfortunately that is joe biden. in 20, bernie sanders would have but in 2020,nia, joe biden has to get out of the way of these allegations, but a 2020 bernie sanders, there is no chance. trump is extremely popular, and look at michigan, when he gave candidate --this when was the last republican who could go to michigan and draw 20,000 people? inrump comes to speak
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pennsylvania at hershey or something, he will drop 20,000 people. there are zero democrats that will be able to do that. is one person, and i would agree with your guests, conor lamb, he will be a great --ocrat frannie running mate great running mate for any democrat. host: thank you. guest: i think it is a little candidateay what granit would be great to run against donald trump, but he had said he would have had a harder time hillaryld it been clinton, so i am not sure where donald trump stands on a face-off with bernie sanders right now, but i think it is a little early to predict how democrats might fare not just in their primary but also even farther down the road against donald trump. host: there is a story online at the headline "here is a trump campaign strategy that democrats are eager to embrace."
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" president trump left many in washington scratching their heads when he put the 2016 campaign digital chief in front of the entire efforts. now democrats are embracing that, among the white house campaign digital folks. it is from raising breathtaking email. money via today in a low-price politico, the stakes are even higher, early success online can entirely framed the candidacy, and a misfire can doom a nascent bid. democrats see a war that instantly parlayed the online attention. page of the judge, the mayor of south bend, population 102,000. i think democrats
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were right to follow his lead, every moment of the campaign, digitalg the aspects. they are being more and more integrated into campaign structures. again, that was something that was built off of barack obama's and the hillary clinton campaign alec giving the digital leads -- elevated digital needs pretty high up in the campaign. so when you see the work, fundraiser, everything goes online. donna ands go to somerville. i am taking the democratic ballot in 2020 and voting all of the republicans out, and the people who voted for donald trump, they did not even know who they were voting for, and they did not even read the fine print, and i am going to vote democratic, and i hope the democrats will, because
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people that don't know how to vote voted for donald trump, and they made a mistake, and now they have made their bed, so now they can just lay in it. host: thank you, donna. let's go to patrick, south carolina, on the republican line. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i am a c-span junkie. i do not get out much, you know, so i was everything on c-span. i do it for several reasons. news pretty straight. but anyway, years ago, when they would have a swearing-in service for the new members of congress, and i would be watching it, and joe biden would be, you know, you hear people saying well, he is friendly and everything, he was awful friendly -- he was not friendly with the older women or
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the man, he was just friendly with the younger women and the pretty ones. you can go back, and c-span, you all have got it on tape. host: it is all in the video library, you can go to the site and type in the vice president joe biden's name, and everything will come up, including the eight appearances during the swearing ceremonies of the members of the u.s. senate. moment agou solve a from the trunk campaign, uses some of that c-span footage. guest: i think how this will probably play out in the democratic primary is that younger voters, young women essentially understand the dynamic between a joe biden and someone like themselves. i do not think it is tolerant for that type of behavior. again, everything is relative. is joe biden as bad as donald trump? of course not.
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as bad as other candidates who are better and don't have that record? yes, democrats have a lot of options. host: we will go to daniel in miami, florida, our line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i am ashamed that this dialogue is being discussed on tv. there is so much more important things. joen never believe that biden is so aggressive a woman, not one outright argument that he is trying to full around a woman or do something, and there are so many other men around him doing the same thing. grew up in an area where there was so much touching theg on and touching of people, and this was a sign of the times, and you are going to castigate the guy for doing things like this who has never towardny tendencies
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brutalizing women or anything like that. i am ashamed of this. that isa situation doing down america, to bring vengeance against the world and the political sources are using them to come out against innocent people so that they can squash him. to my mind, i was surprised to see that. host: thank you for the call. let me take this point and move it in terms of strategy, because it took a week for the former vice president to speak directly to reporters about these initial charges. it came out friday a week ago, and the former vice president is this past friday in washington. does that posed a problem in our hyper immediate news cycle? guest: i think it does, but for joe biden, it is all about moving forward.
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what is he going to do now that these are being openly discussed some of these allegations, the reputation that has haunted him from the past? back, my, i come personal view is that joe biden, and faceoes announce the democratic race, i just do not think he will be the candidate who wins the nomination. host: here is what donald trump has to say about the investigation, he says biden is too close, too friendly. [video clip] pres. trump: i think i am a very good messenger, and people got a kick out of it. he is going for a situation -- less see what happens -- but people got a kick. we have got to do it a little bit, right? no, i do not see joe biden as a threat, no, i do not see him as a threat. i think he is only a threat to himself. i just don't see him as a threat. he has been there a long time, his record is not good.
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he would have to run on the obama failed record. you look at what happened with so many different things, north korea, the middle east, the economy never got going. no, i do not think joe is the threat. i would love him to be. look, i would be happy with any of them, to be honest. host: sophia tesfaye. guest: i do not think there is any greater political motivator than donald trump for both sides. i think when donald trump goes out there and pretends to give -- i think moral democratic voters throw their hands up, and i think republican voters eat it up. that is what may be our 2020 giving. mccain is the daughter of late senator john mccain on "view," also weighing in on this. here is what she has to say. [video clip] me thisg has been really difficult for me to watchhan: -- really this has been
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difficult for me to watch, because no woman has come out and that i have been sexually assaulted, and that is what the me too movement is about, and i know joe biden. he is a man of true character, he is someone who could beat president trump. he loves his wife, jill, he loves his family, and when you talk about pain, i know people who have gone through intense pain in their lives, and 10 strategy, and he has better insurmountable tragedy, and you are right, instead of going is angry andne who closed off, he decides to empathize with people and to touch them and to of them, and i will take that any day. and the second accuser, amy, said we have four women candidates running, he should throw his support about them through if this is about you wanting a woman
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candidate, just say that. and part of it is if you do not think he is progressive enough to be the candidate right now, come out and say that, but do not attack his family and his character, because i am telling you, his kids are feeling this, and i have not spoken to them, but i can just imagine going through this is a hatchet job. [applause] host: from abc's "the view." here at the table, cheryl chumley of the "washington times " and sophia tesfaye of beene, you have waiting patiently. we should point out you are on the republican line. go ahead, george. caller: thank you. yes, i am a republican. biden has been doing this for many years. everybody as noted, the democrats some of the republicans, and it has just come up mount your my major concern is not really about whatever he is doing is perversion, my problem is joe struck a million
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dollar deal with the chinese government 10 days after his father went to china, and this is when he was vice president. things like that bother me. i am not worried about biden and more whaties, it is he has done to the united states. host: thank you. we will get a response. guest: i think he raises a good point in that here we are stuffsing joe biden, and that he has done in the past, stuff that is ongoing, but step that has absolutely nothing to do with this political record. and that kind of underscores what a poor political candidate he would make for the democratic party. if he cannot even move past the party and talk about his issues and defending some of the policy stances that he has had through the years, that i would say he
5:27 pm
has zero chance and he might want to consider -- reconsider even announcing a run for the democratic ticket. because as it looks right now, this is going to play him throughout the entire nomination process. host: sophia tesfaye, there are literally hundreds of video clips of joe biden our website. he has been in the senate since 1972. we started archiving in the late 1980's. before he announced, the mayor pete,th indiana, mayor had -- there is a long paper trail for people like joe biden but not really for people like and mayorto o'rourke pete buttigieg dutch. . guest: experience is what people want to judge, and they often judged negatively, especially with people like joe biden. i should mention was a record is
5:28 pm
examined, it is going to be whatingly out of step with public polling shows democratic primary voters are in agreement again,ertainly, and primary voters are some of the most active, but it does not mean they are the most progressive in all of these states, but they are the most active, and i think, in some ways, that could go well for biden, because being active means you are a party faithful, and yearning for the obama days i think is still there, but the vibrancy and the lack of a record i think will bode well o'rourke,pete, beto and elizabeth warren, she has a record, and i think her record is more in line with the progressive party, and the more she speaks on hers, you will see her numbers perhaps rebound from her campaign. the democrats cannot just
5:29 pm
run against trump, they have to run for something. let's go to peggy in massachusetts. good morning. caller: hello, yes, thank you. can you hear me? host: we sure can. caller: ok, thank you. iwould just like to say that voted for obama, president obama twice, and i voted for donald, and subsequently, after his attack on the press, which i find incredibly autocratic, i moved back to being a democrat, presidentialse hopefuls and new members of congress are voicing their opinions, it is, for me, it is and i wouldhe left, never want to vote for trump again, but i am almost thinking about staying. thei think joe biden is only sort of blue dog candidate
5:30 pm
trump,uld possibly beat although i am sort of taken by the charisma of beto o'rourke. but this criticism of him i find sort of hard to bear. and these new members of congress and the green deal and medicare for all, it is just too far to the left, and for me, even though i am very opposed to israeli apartheid, what i call it, to have these new members of congress come out and assault israel, i mean, it is just so politically immature. i kind of find infuriating. it is hard to -- i was one of the people who encouraged my sisters to push past trump's "locker room talk." host: thank you for the call. let me put it another couple of comments on the table. this is from our who says "i believe this noises brought on
5:31 pm
by democratic-socialist wing who once the democratic to get the nomination. personally, i agree, i want a younger female democrat to get the nomination. bbiden is too old and too old-school to get the nomination." cheryl chumley? guest: the comment about biden goes to what i said at the outset of this show, but i too think that biden is a little too present democratic party, to represent the youthful voice that is emerging. that is not to say i like the youthful voice. placek socialism has no in the american political system. i actually agree with jim jordan at this point, which means nothing, because the election is months away, but donald trump is definitely the winner of the white house once again.
5:32 pm
i think that the democratic party needs to work hard on bringing forth a moderate voice and developing some issues that are not just anti-trump. they need to speak to health care, they need to speak to immigration from the national security standpoint, not the civil justice or civil rights standpoint. and they need to talk about taxes and the economy. those are three issues that, if the democrats would start harping on, and maybe the people in the independent wing of politics what start paying more attention to them instead of just dismissing them as radical. host: sophia tesfaye. host: i think we have a couple of data points. there was a 2018 midterm. democrats took back the house, and republicans went back to the senate with fewer seats than i think they anticipated. and we do have trump's consistent low polling numbers as well as his fumbling of almost every agenda item he has, from health care to the border, doingd the economy was
5:33 pm
quite well, i would point out, during the midterms, and still republicans were unable to maintain control of the congress. so the notion that trump is just going to walk right back into the white house is kind of, i think, built upon trump's own butoric and bluster, voters, i think, as evidenced by his unable to break up 50%, are not that flexible with him, even integrated t even in a great ec. host: the strong face a challeng republican challenger? guest: [laughs] no. does run, ioesn' think john kasich, the former governor of ohio. but it would be for the sake of argument. i do not think there is a credible challenge of that actually knock him out in the primary. host: cheryl chumley, you will
5:34 pm
have the last word. guest: i think he will have more judge, johnll kasich will come in, i think there will be more establishment-minded republican candidate, the never trumper side of things will come in challenge trump, but i still think trump will win. host: if people want to follow you on social media? @ckchumley or find me on >> on newsmakers, the republican named for the oversight reform committee. he talks about how much the public should know about the mueller report. he also discusses some of the pending issues for congress to in the session. newsmakers, today at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
5:35 pm
>> this week on the communicators, technology watcher tim lou talks about his boot -- book. the curse of bigness, it got extremely large. they do not take the position responsibly. they ended up being hacked. instagram, too. they had this terrible effect on what passes as news. there is the political effect of facebook that is norma's -- enormous. >> there are many new faces of the 116th congress, including representative madeleine dean of pennsylvania, former attorney in english professor who serves in the pennsylvania state house. >> at what age did you get interested in politics? rep. dean: it goes pretty far back. in high school, a friend came


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