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tv   Sen. Rick Scott on CNN State of the Union  CSPAN  April 14, 2019 5:55pm-6:00pm EDT

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border or stop it from getting worse or they will have to take on some of that burden in their communities if that becomes an option. that is not our first choice, probably not our second or third choice. we have to look at all options as long as democrats refuse to do their job. >> do you agree the president has the absolute legal right to do this? >> i don't. the president has no right to spend money appropriated by congress to ship immigrants all over the country. asylum,ne requests there should be a place for that person to stay while the asylum request is being adjudicated. nor is it right for the president to use immigrants or people who are claiming political asylum as pawns in a fight against political opponents. use them as what he imagines as retribution.
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it is another misuse of presidential power against the wall. we heard several weeks ago from whistleblowers that steve miller came up with this before we heard about it from another source. probably see miller -- steve miller, who seems to be the boss , we'll come ahead and explain some of these policies. >> do you think his frustration gives him this right to break the law? >> no. what i told everybody, we will enforce all the laws. if you want to change the law, you have to go through the legislator. is very the president frustrated. we are not securing our borders, the democrats are stopping this. we have to comply with every law. everybody does. there is no such thing as a sanctuary city. you have a right to pick and choose the law. you don't get to do those things.
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let's fix immigration. buttigieg today, pete officially announced he is running for president. we will show you that e event at about 6:30 today. yesterday, cory booker entered the race. booker: we are here today to say we can't wait. [crowd chanting] sen. booker: we picy and rolling back the rights of generations of americans fought for and heroes died for. is throwing administration
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children fleeing violence into cages. banning muslims from entering the nation founded on religious liberty. ,nd preventing brave transgender americans from serving the country they love. because many of our most serious challenges as a nation were with us long before donald trump entered the white house. because we have a criminal justice system that in the words of my friend brian stevenson treats you better if you are rich and guilty than if you are poor and innocent. [applause] a system so deeply based with bias that it ruthlessly discriminates against black people and brown people and low income people. with mental illnesses. folks with addiction. economy.wait for an
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profits are soaring while wages for most americans have barely budged. massive corporations have taken over entire industries, killing all competition. driving out innovation. squeezing out small businesses. family farmers are disappearing at a disturbing rate. we have had decades of unjust policies that have destroyed our economy and extracted money from our commonwealth and plowed it into tax cuts for the wealthy and wars overseas. theead of investing in things we all know grow our economy and create more opportunity for all. like education and infrastructure. >> that is why, when i am
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president of the united states-- [applause] >> we won't wait. >> west virginia senator joe manchin is our guest on "newsmakers" this week. he is the ranking democratic member of the energy and natural resources committee in the senate, also the appropriations committee, which put him at the table with the attorney general this week, we are going to ask you more about that, and also serves on the armed services and veterans affairs in the senate. thanks for coming in. sen. manchin: thank you for having me. >> two reporters will be asking questions this week. bob cusack returns to us from the hill, editor in chief. hello, bob, burgess everett covers congress for politico, returning to us as well. nice to see you. bob, you are up first. bob: the attorney general created headlines when he said they were spying on the


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