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tv   President Trump White House Departure Remarks  CSPAN  May 31, 2019 1:32am-1:55am EDT

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unfiltered view of government. >> before departing for colorado the president spoke to white commented onrs and are on the mueller's statement from wednesday. china, the ussed and british politics. president trump: we just had turkey released a prisoner that we were trying to released him a little while ago into home released d he'll be from home custody to the united just pretty soon and i erdogan.thank president they released the prisoner, hostage, whatever you want to him. he's in home custody in turkey. he'll be released fairly soon. that's good news. i guess probably you know about that.
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other than that, i think things very the economy is doing well.tically beyond anything expectation. unemployment numbers are just ofut the best in the history our country. employment numbers are the best. 160 million e to people working today which is more than we have ever had before. going out to colorado today to give the commencement address air force, which is actually very exciting for me. it's an amazing place. great people so i look forward to doing that. any questions? >> i think it was the same as the report. wasn't much changed. the s, to me, the same as report. and there is no obstruction. obstruction. there is no collusion, no nothing. nothing but a witch-hunt. the media and
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the democrats. partners, and if it keeps going, i thought when the report was released, but it goes on. to me, it was the same frankly as the report, and he said the same as the report. think robert l honorably.haved >> i think he's totally conflicted. as you know, he wanted to be the f.b.i. director and i said no. after he left the f.b.i. we had not a nice one. did.asn't happy with what i and i don't blame him but i had to do it because it was the i had a ng to do but business dispute. look at the relationship of him and comey. look, robert never should have chosen because he wanted the f.b.i.'s job and he didn't
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next day he was youed as special counsel so tell somebody, i'm sorry, you can't have the job, and then he going to make a ruling on you. it doesn't work that way. e had a business dispute and his relationship with comey was extraordinary. thing i want to say is why peter he investigate trzok, page, mccabe, comey, brennan, and the lies, and clapper and the lies to and all the things hat happened to start this investigation? why didn't comey come clean? why didn't comey come clean and the things that he knows are
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facts? mueller investigate comey, his best friend or his very good friend, and there are things?other here's the question. russia.a study of why didn't they investigate the insurance policy. in other words, should hillary got an lose, we've insurance policy. guess what? the we're in right now is insurance policy. > i think he's a total conflicted person. true k mueller is a trumper. he's snab dislikes donald trump. he's somebody that didn't get a requested that he wanted very badly, and then he was appointed. and despite that, and despite 18 trump haters, including people that worked for hillary clinton and some of the on earth, beings they got nothing. it's pretty amazing.
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not help me get reelectrocuted. you know who got me elected? elected. russia didn't help me at all. russia, if anything, i think side. the other what you ought to ask is this. do you think the media helped get elected?on she didn't make it but you take a look at collusion between media. clinton and the you take a look at collusion between hillary clinton and russia. to do in the campaign with russia than i did. i had nothing to do. way, that's one other thing, if you look, this russia, russia, russia. they don't talk about russia anymore because it turned out to be a hoax. it was a hoax. and then they say, gee, he fought back. terrible?t he fought back. of course, they fight back. because it was a false accusation, a totally false accusation, and it's a disgrace, and it's a very sad period for
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this country, and i think in the end, i will consider what's happening now to be one of my achievements. exposing this corruption. you think they are going to impeach you? how they can because -- although i can't imagine the courts allowing it. gotten into it. i never thought, that would even word.sible to use that to me, it's a dirty word, impeach. disgustingy, filthy, word, and it has nothing to do with me. there think so, because was no crime. it's high crimes and not with orchies, it's high crimes and misdemeanors. there was no high crime and misdemeanor, so how do you impeach me? t came out that there was nothing to do with russia. the whole thing is a scam. giant presidential harassment, and honestly, i hope
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one of my n as greatest achievements because i've xposed corruption, exposed corruption like nobody knew existed. -- [inaudible] president trump: we're doing well with china. come here, i want to shake your hand. come here. fairly.ted me thank you. thank you. wait. wait. add a real reporter's question. e're going to answer a real reporter's question, okay. hina would love to make a deal with us. we had a deal and they broke the deal. i think if they had to do it have done wouldn't what they did. we're taking in billions of china is subsidizing product, so
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taxpayers aretes, paying very little of it and if you look at inflation and if you gone up ricing it's very little. the tariffs are having a on china.g effect people are fleeing the country with their companies. are leaving for vietnam and other parts of asia, and they are even coming to the then therees because is no tariff. i think we're doing very well with china. we'll see what happens. but i can tell you, china very uch wants to make a deal because the companies are leaving china to avoid the tariff. becoming a very weakened nation. become a very s weakened nation. to make a deal als also. [inaudible] nigel farage is
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boris, two mine, very good guys, interesting people. 32% of the vote starting from nothing, and i think they are big powers over there. they have done a good job. i like them. friends of mine but i haven't thought about supporting them. maybe it's not my business to after i lot e but of those for both men. think it's fair to john mccain that they were banned from hearing you speak? >>. president trump: i don't know happened. i wasn't involved. i would not have done that. john very angry with mccain because he killed healthcare. i was not a big fan of john mccain in any way, shape, or form. i think john mccain had a lot to getting president bush, a lot to it.with to go into the middle east, which was a catastrophe. wasn't a n mccain, i fan. but i would never do a thing
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like that. now, somebody did it because i didn't like him. okay? i they were well-meaning, will say, i didn't know anything about it. never have done that. >> do you owe mccain an apology? president trump: we had a tremendous group of sailors from various ships. it was a beautiful day but the thing i knew nothing abou about. [inaudible] president trump: i think i've elections ougher on than president obama. president obama was told in 2016 the election in september, that russia may try and interfere with the election. did nothing. and the reason he did nothing is he thought hillary was going to win. we're doing a lot and we're trying to do paper ballots as a as much as em possible. because going to good ole fashion paper in this modern age way to do it.
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[inaudible] president trump: i think we want o have a relationship with russia and china and everybody, and i've said that for a long time. russia, along with getting along with china is a good thing. fair terms ort on terms. [inaudible] president trump: venezuela, we're just on watch. what happens. i would love to see them work out their problems. a lot of nd there are talks going on but i'm all for the people of venezuela. probably better than anyone. > netanyahu was unable to form a coalition. are you worried about that? president trump: it's too bad israel.pened in looked like a total win for netanyahu. he's a great guy, and now they in the debate stage and they are back in the election
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staining. that's too bad because they don't need this. they have enough turmoil over there. it's a tough place. feel very badly about that. it looks like they are talking, they will have into election mode. -- --russia trying to [inaudible] president trump: i believe that russia would rather have hillary clinton as president of the united states than donald trump. the reason is, nobody has russia than me. whether it's our energy policy, which was not hers, whether it's the pipeline, as you know, in europe, going all over the bitterly t i've been complaining about, whether it's ukraine, whether it's a whole of things, there is nobody tough or more difficult for russia than donald trump. i have to tell you this. sanctions on russia at a
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level that no one has seen before. no one wants to write about it. with all of that, i want to get along with russia and i want to get along with china. want to get along with europe. i want to get along with everybody if it's possible. along with to get iran and iran wants to talk and if they want to talk, i'm available. thank you. president trump: we're going to be staying in ireland because a greatvenient and it's place but it's convenient. we'll be meeting with a lot of and it will icials i look ernight stay and forward to that. [inaudible] president trump: well, i can't ecause i didn't know anything about it. i don't know who did it. we'll probably be able to find out who did it. me thought they were doing a favor because they know i am
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john mccain. john mccain hill healthcare for the republican party and he healthcare for the nation. i disagreed on john mccain the -- you've got to get choice. he was never able to get choice. john mccain on missile. a very d bush to make bad decision in the middle east, o i wasn't a fan of him and i never will be but certainly i could care less whether or not a boat named after his father. not say --ueller did [inaudible] were no trump: there charges. none. look at bill clinton, that very nice gentleman who has side, as you on my know, his special prosecutor, it guilty, ty, guilty, guilty, guilty. nome guilties.
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with me, there was no guilty. one, there was no crime. and number two, i fought back, you, wait, wait, wait, there was no collusion, collusion.o read volume one. there was no collusion. say said he could not there was no crime. he -- >>. president trump: that means you're innocent. excuse me. then he should have said, you're guilty. be ut he said that would unfair. president trump: that's wrong, no, because, he said it the first time. so he said, essentially, you're innocent. all charges.of and, you know, thing that nobody no crime. there was he's obstructing something and there was no crime and no one brings it up. someday you ought to read a thing called article 2. read article 2, which gives the president powers that you wouldn't believe, but i don't have to rely on article 2.
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there was no crime, there was no obstruction, there was no collusion, there was no nothing. and this is from a group of hate if they only found anything, he would have had it and knows that better than anybody. >> he did not say you were innocent. he said -- no crime, no charge because he had no information. >> do you agree with louisiana's abortion? is that a good law? president trump: we're going to have a statement about it and also going to have probably oday a major statement on the border. this is a big league statement, something oing to do dramatic on the border because people are coming into our democrats will not give us laws, they will not change laws, they will not meet, anything, they want to have open borders, they want to have crime, they want to into our pouring country, they want to have human
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trafficking, i'm going to be statement probably tomorrow, but maybe today -- no, closing the board, i'm doing something else, we're going to be having a major border sometime later today or tomorrow. [inaudible] it will be a p: statement having to do with the border and having to do with thele illegally coming over border, and it will be my iggest statement so far on the border. we have brought something to the light of the people. they see an emergency and most people agree, the democrats but they won't give us the legislation we need to fix it. catch ow, when you somebody you have to release them. us the 't give legislation. whether it's chain migration or -- ery, they won't give us and the asylum procedures are ridiculous. world has what we have in terms of ridiculous
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immigration laws so i'll be a major statement. i would say my biggest border, probably today or tomorrow. thank you. >> further details are expected from the white house tomorrow concerning the situation on the border but the president tweeted earlier this evening, "on june 10 --
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c-span's washington journal live every day with news an policy name pact you. coming up friday morning, a discussion of the delay in of ral aid for victims recent natural disasters with shutt and david barker talks about his book "one and n, two realities," discusses the current political stalemate between congress and the white house. to watch c-span washington journal life at 7:00 morning.riday join in the discussion. some of our featured programs this week on book tv. saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern
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2019 pan america literary gala. his year awards were given to investigative journalist bob woodward, professor and lawyer nita hill, and scholastic chairman and c.e.o. richard robinson. comedian was hosted by john oliver. >> -- nationwide membership of with more than 7,500 journalists, nonfiction writers, playrights, translators, agents, agents get a shout out. where did they get a piece of as well?ca they work hard. >> then sundays at 8:00 p.m. "spyingin his new book, author outh," the late ony horwitz captures olmstead who wrote about life in the outh during the lead-up to the civil war. he taped this program on may 20
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the age at on may 27 at of 60. > first the vividness of his writing about the south in that how he my curiosity of got from there to central park, his mission of, and cross ing to go this divide and try and understand what is happening at this >> and at 9:00 eastern on fterwards, significant minutes correspondent scott pelley on major news events he's covered his thoughts, plus on a free press. his latest book is "truth worth telling." he's interviewed by political gregory.avid >> what's the fastest way to destroy a democracy? is it war? is it terrorism? is it another great depression? i don't think so. the fastest way to destroy a democracy is to poison
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the information. that's exactly what we're seeing right now. view from the my information age to the disinformation age. tvwatch this weekend on book c-span2 >> the very views are in for c-span's "the presidents" book. kirkus revuls calls ate milepost reputations of presidents and from the new york journal of books, it makes a engrossing read w. father's day fast approaching, presidents" makes a great gift. historians rate presidents the best and worst. explore life events that shaped they aders, challenges faced, and the legacies they have left behind. c-span's "the presidents" is available as a


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