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tv   Reel America Gateway to Victory - 1944 Newsreel  CSPAN  June 6, 2019 5:03pm-5:17pm EDT

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left. those doing the flag island.walked off the >> president trump troika -- joined french president macron and other world leaders on the beaches of normandy, france to pay tribute to the surviving veterans of the battle that of world warourse ii. tj.ontinue our look back at up next the u.s. office of war information reports on the invasion and the june 5 liberation of rome.
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>> the atlantic wall has been penetrated. precariously to a few beaches but now they have a solid hold on fortress europa. men move onto the beaches with every favorable tide and some unfavorable. the advance is complete. the tremendous offensive was bitterly contested. the american, british and
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canadian troops pressed forward of friends the soil and made contact with the french people. this was no pushover. some of our troops dropped within yards of the water's edge. were two enemies, the germans and the heavy seas. german prisoners were taken almost at once. british aircraft supported the shock troops magnificently. american marauders plastered peaceful looking forests, the hiding places of german troops.
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[explosions] with beaches free of enemy fire, the wayance cna clear landing strips. survivors were given prompt attention. many were bewildered by the .mashing allied below
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they pushed forward, yard by yard, into the villages and small towns. more and more prisoners fell into their hands. were arrogant, reluctant to raise their hands in defeat. hitler's's invasion of britain, they become defeated campsonfined to the marked with barbed wire. the united nations is moving ahead on many fronts. in rome, general clark watched his men march into the city. allies were able to view the work of their mighty air support.
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repairs for the germans were out of the question. devastation now being rocked throughout the whole of europe. entry, the umphal long history of the ancient city has seen few more joyous events. rome is the first grade capital to be freed from the enemy. the flags of the united nations .ere unfurled at once
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the balcony, where mussolini once harangued his people. suddenly, there is excitement. a bomb has been thrown into the former german headquarters. the italian people discovered some hiding inside. soon they smash thei rway in. they find little forgiveness in the hearts of the people. road throughark the capital, american flags found their way into the hands of liberated italians. the -- of the
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victorious french armies went up to the balcony with the american commander. the drama shifted to st. peter's. his holiness the pope was about to speak. pope pius had this to say. thanks be to god. we have been spared the horrors of war. language]ng foreign
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[cheers and applause] >> back in the english channel, great convoys of troops theinued to move toward beaches of normandy. beachhead had already expended to 50 miles. it put forward of the equipment of a highly mechanized army. pinpoint shooting put numbers of nazi tanks out of action.
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cover for theded forces below. the allied troops are received as long-awaited friends. less than a week after the
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initial landings we had taken 10,000 prisoners. there is much fighting ahead. the germans are facing a three-front war. the mountains of italy, and on the beaches of this marvelous piece of military history. among those witnessing the beachhead operation was the supreme allied commander. here he meets with general ramsey and general montgomery. handupreme commander is on to learn how the offensive is going. the meeting of the leader symbolizes the unity of the forces they represent. leader returns to the task at hand.
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♪ >> president donald trump joined french president macron and other world leaders on the beaches of normandy france paying tribute to the 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion. watch the entire ceremony tonight at 8:00 p.m. et here on c-span. sunday on american history tv on c-span three, we continue our coverage of the 75th anniversary of d-day. eastern listen to
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past american presidents who traveled to the beaches to honor the fallen. followed by ronald reagan in 1994,bill clinton in george w. bush in 2004, and barack obama in 2014. on reel america, the film "d-day to germany." the cherbourgat was brat -- badly destroyed by the germans. they destroyed the docks. it took them almost two months before we could bring a ship in. >> at 6:30 on oral history, world war ii veteran describes how his company was diverted oralpoint to hocdu hoc to beach. >he talks about the cries of the
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wounded. >> most of it was medic, but it was also mama and things like that. they were drowned out by the rifle and machine gun fire from the right. at 8:00 p.m., president trump and first lady melania trump joined president emmanuel macron for the d-day ceremony. watch it on american history tv on c-span three. today marks the 75th anniversary of d-day. there was a ceremony today with world war ii veterans. >> good morning. on behalf of the friends of the national world war ii memorial, welcome to the national world war ii memorial as we commemorate and from ever the 75th


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