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tv   House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  June 11, 2019 9:35pm-9:57pm EDT

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accountable. nobody is above the law in the united states of america, not even the president of the united states. >> the house went on to adopt the resolution of a party like vote, authorizing the judiciary committees take action against william barr for not complying with subpoenas. the measure, which falls short of holding them in contempt of congress, also allows other committees to enforce future subpoenas without consideration by the full house. >> the house will be in order. >> for 40 years, c-span has been providing america with unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, supreme court, and public policy events from around the country so you can make up your mind.
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created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span. your unfiltered view of government. house republican leadership held a news conference to discuss the legislative agenda and how house democrats were proceeding with their investigations into president trump and the mueller report. this runs 20 minutes. thank you for being here. we still have a crisis at the southern border. the democrats seem incapable of
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doing anything the american people elected us to come here and do. the president has taken action. the mexicans have agreed to take key steps that will help to alleviate the crisis, but we still have to close the loopholes here in congress. we have to ensure we take that responsibility seriously to keep our nation safe. instead, the democrats are focused on holding hearings with people like john dean. they will be holding up the great deal yet -- the green new deal yet again and government takeover of health care later this week. while things at the border continue to get worse, while people across the nation continue to expect their elected representatives to be here to make sure that we continue to keep the economy growing, make sure we are seeing regulations continued to be rolled back, that we are continuing to focus theealth care, jobs, economy, and national security, the democrats are doing none of that. they have two pillars of their six months in office, one is
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attempted socialism and the other is attempting to impeach the president. we understand the american people want real change and substance from their elected officials. we will make sure we understand what they are prepared to do. important most responsibilities and obligations we have is to provide for the common defense, and we will be marking up the national defense authorization act later this week, so we have asked the republican leader of the armed services committee to join us to the about the in daa -- ndaa market. mccarthy and i were among those who got to attend the anniversary ceremonies at normandy for d-day recently. in addition to thinking about the incredible acts of bravery of those folks who scaled the weres, i think all of us
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mindful of all that has been built and accomplished since that time. house, both in the armed services committee with our committee markup and also on the floor with the defense appropriations, we have the opportunity to build upon what those in normandy fought and sacrificed for. we consistently had testimony in the armed services committee since 2017 that there needed to be 3% to 5% of real growth in the defense budget through 2025 to repair our military and maintain our current position versus russia and china. neither the bill on the floor or the chairman's mark in the armed services committee meets that mark. i will have an amendment to give members the opportunity to go up to the 3% real growth, which is the same as the president
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requested, which is the same as the senate is marking to. and i hope my colleagues will follow through. another key area for you all to pay attention to is the nuclear deterrent. all of us probably have gotten to the point where we take for granted that the united states has a strong nuclear deterrent that prevents others from using nuclear weapons against us. junk fortunately in the bill before our committee tomorrow there is a weakening of that deterrent and republicans will make the effort with democratic support to make sure we have the credible nuclear did he terpt, all three legs of the triad. i would like to turn it over to he whip, mr. sca list. mr. scalise: thank you, mac, on
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fighting to make sure that our men and women have the tools to have their job and i wish you well as you represent those views on the ammed services committee and we are hoping to see an ndaa that takes the politics out of our military. speaker pelosi wishes tore weaken our military. look, you are seeing on the floor again this week, speaker pelosi wasting her majority on presidential harassment. when you go around the country, you don't hear people saying they want to go down this rat hole of impeachment. this is clear about the speaker and her leadership team and she talked about putting the president in jail and talk about
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impeaching the facts with nol facts to do it. they are on this search to find something as opposed to folk can cussing on the problems of this country. there is a crisis on our border and the committee that deals with the crisis at the border is wasting all their time on impeachment instead. there has been 150,000 people crossing the border illegal per month. this number is a crisis. i commend the president for getting an agreement with mexico just a few days ago and mexico has said they will put real troops on their southern border which is where this tide of caravan of people are coming from. and mexico is stepping up to secure their southern border so we don't have as big of a crisis but mexican officials made it clear that the broken asylum
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laws are one of the big magnets that is bringing people in illegally. through mexico's southern border illegally as well. so we have to focus on those problems. i call on speaker pelosi to work with us to address the problems that mexican officials have pointed out on our southern border as opposed to march to impeachment. president trump has focused on the problem. i call on speaker pelosi and her team to bring a bill to address the president's request for supplemental funding so we can properly address this serious problem and we move towards passed. smca speaker pelosi needs to create more jobs and better work opportunities for americans and help our opportunities on on
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canada and mexico. we need to get this done. and now the republican leader of the house, kevin mccarthy. mr. mccarthy: thank you, steve. good morning. i want to thank our republican leader on armed services for his service. we were on a bipartisan, bicameral codel over tore normandy, listening to the president and listening to president macron and look at that moment when he talked to the veterans, there was a tent laying out to the veterans. and in this tent they have a glass wall and seven of the eterans looking in a out towards the ocean. as i turned to one to shake their hand, he looked at me and
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said i haven't been back here in 75 years and what a difference it looks like today. you watched those men and what they went through. they are the greatest generation. as we look and learn from every battle, every war we had, every lesson, we don't want to repeat it. the work that will be done is some of the most important work in the markup of the ndaa. congress has all the times in the past no matter how partisan this body has ever become has de away to make the ndaa bipartisan. i have a fear that this new socialist democratic party has changed that. m hopeful in watching this markup tomorrow, to keep the tradition and put their partisanship aside and put the
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american uniform on when they fall into that chamber. we don't want to see partisanship go into to our men and women who are going to defend our freedom. being prepared means we may never have to send men and women into a battle like they faced that day. before we went home, we watched where the paratroopers dropped at 2:00 in the morning. and they thought they could all land. the intelligence did not give them information how deep the water was or the bridge to move across to liberate france. two of our members jumped out of those planes on that sunday. a republican and a democrat. i hope when we jump into the nd arch a, we have that same feeling and that same tradition that it will be bipartisan. it will keep the issues that
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divide us out and really put us in a position of strength around the world for greater security. that is what we should be looking for this week. and i'm hopeful in this delegation that was bipartisan and bicameral takes the emotions that we saw that day from the crosses and stars of david from the names we did not know, that many fell on that single day, that we look for making sure they are protected in the future of their generation. as we come back, we had a hearing in the judiciary committee. chairman nadler is back to the same things that chairman nadler promised he would do when he cam paped for the job. when he campaigned to become the chairman of the committee, the number one thing he campaigned
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on, he would be the number one. the mueller report did not turn out that he hoped, that it did not stop the path. who did he invite as witnesses, john dean. the same individual who has tweeted 900 times against president trump, the same individual who pleaded guilty and accused every republican president since his service in the administration that he was worse than watergate in a book he wrote, an individual who is paid by crmp nn as their witness. i think at the same moment that he were having their hearing, he would pick up the "new york times." the "new york times" is not known for writing something that is on a conservative side. they are bent a little different than most would believe. but they had a second editorial because he did not read the first one. last month alone 144,000 people
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were apprehended illegally trying to cross the border. what does that number mean? it is the highest in 13 years. those are the people who are just apprehended. they are the body of jurisdiction for our committee. that's not what they are working on. even though the "new york times" for the second time wrote the editorial and let me use their words. t is time for congress to stob digittering and pass emergency funding to deal with this nightmare. it's not the president hasn't requested it. time and again the democrats have ignored it. what is most outrageous, mexico understands and able to work with president trump to do something about it. it is it only the democrats in congress that continues this. e are on pace to have one more
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million people illegally crossing our border. i come from california. the largest population of any state. 12% of the entire nation lives in california. the capital city of california, sacramento, it will be twice the population of sacramento coming across that will be apprehended. but the democrats continue to believe nothing is happening. they are the only ones. chairman nadler, who ran for chairman on the idea to impeach, but he ran for congress on the idea he can legislate. the jurisdiction of his committee should deal with this issue. this is what she should be having a hearing on and moving on instead of what they hope to do with their own plea on the day the president got elected. as we continue to move forward, we will have appropriation bills
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on the floor this week. it will be interesting to see if a large number of new freshman democrat socialist members as they vote for appropriation bills, will they look at the philosophy of what's moving forward. that will be an interesting debate when we go to the floor. it will be interesting to see when the amendments are offered. there are more democrats' amendments allowed on the floor than they were republicans. as of this moment, i think the number is somewhere less than 20% of the amendments have been allowed on the floor. much different congress much different intention and now a socialist democrat majority. we have or other work we can rk upon, nunes-mexico-canada agreement. one that will improve our
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economy. again, the only thing holding us back is the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. she calls the bill up, it will pass. the only question will be, they do not want the president to have a victory. it's not a victory for president trump but a victory for america. i hope they look to americans before ploiks. -- politics. >> the bill to support -- what is your position -- [indiscernible] mr. mccarthy: two-fold. i know when you talk this subject about a cola, cost of living increase, it evokes an impullings i have emotion. one we should pause. more than 10 years in the process. i know the current study says the pay has decreased by 15%. i do not want congress to only
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be a place that millionaires serve. this should be a body of the people. and i think it's something that should be looked at and people should take a pause and study it. the other thing that happens to the cost of living increase that hasn't increased in 10 years is also tied to the staff and to the security inside congress. i know the executive branch continued to go up in the last 10 years but it brings a real challenge to staff as well. reporter: is it an appropriate place to adjust it or adjust it in the upcoming appropriations package? mr. mccarthy: modernization is something we overlook all of congress and there will be -- there are two different appropriations you can address it. but it's my understanding that
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the democrats wanted to address in financial services so it's not coming up at this time. reporter: one of your republicans have criticized as t relates to this vote on barr and mcgahn. what is so dangerous about this? is it not a good thing they are forcing congress' subpoena power? mr. mccarthy: it's not enforcing subpoena power. what they are doing is taking power away from congress and putting it into a group of five people, three democrats and two republicans. called the bipartisan legislative committee. and what happens that are any future subpoena that can go directly to court without congress even voting on it. the history of congress any time it came forward. didn't matter what issue it was,
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from doma to obamacare. so what the democrat majority is doing, they are trying to do impeachment without having their members vote upon it. they are trying to protect members from taking a difficult vote. it makes them weaker in court. the court would have to ask the question, does the power of congress lie on the speaker of the house, steny hoyer and clyburn. if this passes, we will release the power of congress into those individuals to determine what happened and that every subpoena into the future. this has never happened in congress before. this again is a concern that i have of this new socialist democrat majority taking power away from what members of congress, which means is representative across this country. reporter: what is your reaction to justin amash leaving the
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freedom caucus? , i mccarthy: justin amash guess decided to leave the freedom caucus. justin amash for a long time if you watch his voting record, i just watched the other day, there was a motion to recommit. there was one republican voted with nancy pelosi was justin amash. when it was on the floor to make the mueller report public didn't vote yes. he can determine his own future, but i think in a philosophical basis he is in a different place. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit ncicap.orgith comments fr tishary committee chair


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