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tv   Interview Caitlin Emma  CSPAN  June 20, 2019 4:38pm-4:50pm EDT

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>> steve king is looking to allow that question on the citizenship on the 2020 sense us and democrats are looking to
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ensure language that privacy and other issues, but by and large democrats are blocking this language which they say will deter people from answering the numbers being accurate and ultimately affect federal funding and resources to communities. >> on the 290 amendments allowed up by the rules committee, you tweeted the breakdown, 90 commerce, justice, 35 for the agriculture and f.d.a. 69 interior and environment. and 62 for transportation and housing and urban development. what are some of the key amendments? >> some of the key amendments we are watching for affect the department of commerce, the census question and affect the department of justice and hiring of immigration judges and there is some language that democrats are looking to bar the
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department of justice from trying to overturn the affordable care act. there are a number of amendments in there offered bipartisan support increasing funding for issues like school violence or gun violence research. we will be watching a lot of those. and chiefly one amendment i was looking for that was no inserted were democrats were trying to insert language in the bill that would block the 2020 census question. the bill always does that. it was taken out because it was duplicative. another one is the manager's amendment that says federal agencies are allowed to hire daca recipients, which is something that sort of was slipped in the last minute. it's unclear if republicans are
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going to try to pull the same stuff with the first minibus where they were demanding roll call votes on every single thing. it's possible this will go indeedier this time. congressman chip roy has been active. >> this is the second of the three spending measures. they are taking this five-bill package and tweeted this from the majority leader. the house is likely to consider the third and final pack acknowledge and homeland security, financial services and legislative branch 2020 spinding. what issues do you see coming up on that bill? >> there are a number of contentious issues. we have the stragglers, homeland security, parts of the legislative branch and the financial services bill. the legislative branch measure was stripped out of the first spending bill pack acknowledge
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because it does not include language that would block a congressional pay raise from taking effect. if the bill is passed as it was drafted, members of congress $4,500 a cost-of-living adjustment added to their salaries. it attracted a lot of pushback and ultimately house democrats decided to take it out of the first spending pack acknowledge. we will be coming back to that issue. we have the department of homeland security's bill, which as has been controversial all year, includes a number of provisions that would have knock the trump administration's immigration policies and providing aid and funding for the department of homeland security. still dealing with the stragglers and the problem child, i guess, of this full 2020 --
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>> because this has come up several times on these debates, republicans in particular bringing up the issue of border security, you retweeted from your colleague. senate appropriations committee has approved $4.6 million border supplemental. when is the senate likely to take that up? and how soon will the house get around to that? >> both chambers are looking to take up a package before the 4th of july recess. the senate appropriations this morning very quickly passed $4.6 billion bipartisan bill to address president trum's $4.5 billion funding request. and the bill is sort of a compromise, neither side gets what it wants. it blocks the use of funding for a barrier at the southern border
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while at the same time fulfills a lot of what president trump was seeking in humanitarian aid. in the house, there have been a lot of disagreements and lawmakers, for example, congresswoman rosa delauro who is the chair of the labor-h.h.s. education panel and she says this is something that needs to come together. but a number of democrats have strong reservations and want protections on the money. they say they don't want to offer a blank check. but whether or not democrats are le to assuage of those concerns, there is consternation about not funding what is the president's harsh immigration policies. and ultimately produce something that is bipartisan remains to be seen. > read more at
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thanks so much for the update. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> the house working on that package of spending bills covering the justice department, commerce and veterans affairs, the measure $3838 billion with hundreds of amendments being considered today and tomorrow. a final vote of this spending bill is expected on. and votes on 28 amendments as soon as the house gavels back in.
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>> here on capitol hill, the house expected to gavel back in in a moment, working on a package of spending bills, justice department, commerce and veterans affairs and considering hundreds of amendments. today, they'll continue that. and tomorrow, expecting a final vote on the spending bill by monday. 28 votes expected in the
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first-round here when the house gavels back in.
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>> and the house of representatives was expected back a few minutes ago. still gaveled out here. working on a package of spending bills covering justice department, commerce and veteran affairs. and when they do gavel back, expect 28 votes in their round of votes today. this weekend, we'll have more "road to the white house" coverage from south carolina. tomorrow we'll see jim clyburn, several a fish fry with democratic presidential candidates, live tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern.


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