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tv   Washington Journal 06272019  CSPAN  June 27, 2019 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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senators including mitch mcconnell. next two hours, we will take your calls and reaction to the first democratic the last night in miami. often to journal. ♪ host: the road to the white house officially kicked off last night with the first democratic debate. nbc news hosted 10 democratic hopefuls last night in florida. another 10, including senator sanders and vice president biden will take the stage tonight. we want to get your reaction to what the candidates had to say on the economy, health-care, guns, taxes, immigration, and more. republicans dial in at 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. .nd independents, 202-748-8002 join us on twitter at @cspanwj
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or you can join the conversation if you go to we will get to your thoughts in a minute. tost, bill scanlan with us give us more on last night's debate. a couple of snapshots, this one from the wall street journal. -- cost of advertising time advertisers were asked to pay up to $100,000 for a 30 second spot. afact --from politic -- othere-payer talks discussion about the role of health insurance and cost of care. bill de blasio and elizabeth warren are the only two candidates of night 1 to not mention president trump. watching the clips on cnn reinforces the decision to not
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watch. three folks talking at the same time. o'rourkeer and beto spoke the most. here is the graphic from the new york times, which candidates and topics got the most time during the democratic debate. cory booker, beto o'rourke, and the list of 10 candidates including tulsa gabbard and we point her out because of the polls we are seeing early, she is leading the pole in the drudge result. vote. the , the on the substance economy was mentioned according to msnbc, 18 times. it is how the moderators kicked off last night's debate and the first question went to elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren proved she is ready for the big show. here she is on the economy.
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[video clip] >> i think of it this way, who is the economy working for? -- at theg great for top and drug companies. it is doing great for people who privateinvest in prisons, just not for african-americans and latin families whose communities are ruined. it is doing great for oil companies that want to drill everywhere, just not for the rest of us watching climate change bear down on us. when you have a government, when you have an economy that does great for those with money and is not doing great for everyone corruption, we need to call it out. we need to attack it head-on and make structural change in our government, our economy, and our country. yearselizabeth warren, 70
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old, former harvard professor. robert in waldorf, maryland. who stood out to you last night? as ar: you left out dumb box of rockss. why did they come out dressed in santa claus outfits? all they want to do is give away this country. they seem more interested in the amount of people coming in from central america who voted for socialism and to destroy their countries and now they want to -- them to come in here and destroy this country knowing the people in this country do not want socialism. they value people in social and value these immigrants more than they value people in the country. we have homeless people on the streets. there is a commercial -- a great
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commercial for people to watch. people digging through dumpsters to feed their families because we have homeless in this country . those people on that stage do not value the american people. the american citizens. they value people from central know theycause they have already voted to destroy their country and they want them to come and vote for socialism here. host: immigration he said discussed too much at last night debate. joe in sun city, california. what do you think? caller: what i saw was pretty pandering, divisiveness and they think they have all the answers, which is typical to democrats. at least to the subtext is with these third world people coming across the border here,
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ultimately, it is all about a power grab and you are going to have nevada and arizona in particular are going to go blue. florida is probably borderline and texas is on their way to blue. that is their ultimate goal. that will ensure a democrat president from here on out. that is how warped these people are. anything for power. do you have any conservative posts? i know you are a liberal, pedro is a liberal. are there any conservatives on c-span? in sun city, california. a republican. hers -- his comments are echoed on the front page of -- candidates battle for support of the working class. here is senator cory booker, democrat from new jersey asked
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about the power of corporations and proposals by other candidates to break them up. [video clip] >> i think we have a problem with corporate consolidation and you see the evidence of that with how dignity is being stripped from labor. people make -- work full-time jobs and cannot afford a living wage. factee that by just the this is actually an economy hurting small businesses and not allowing them to compete. one of the most aggressive bills in the senate to deal with corporate consolidation is mine. i feel strongly about the need to check corporate consolidation and let the free market work. i live in a low income black and brown community and i see every day this economy is not working for average americans. the indicators being used from
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gdp to wall street's rankings is not helping people in my community. it is time we have an economy that works for everybody, not just the wealthiest in our nation. >> you did say you did not think it was right to name names and name companies and single them out. why is that? out companiesle like halliburton and amazon that pay nothing in taxes and when it comes to antitrust law, i will appoint judges that will enforce it and have a doj and federal trade commission that will go through the processes necessary to check this kind of corporate concentration. at the end of the day, we have too much of a problem with corporate power growing. we see that with everything from citizens united and they way they -- and the way they try to influence washington. we need to have someone who is a champion for them. jersey0-year-old new
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senator, cory booker, also served as mayor of newark. tyrone, good morning to you. what did you think of the debate last night? caller: it was refreshing to see adults on stage not calling each other names, not trying to belittle each other about their plans and speaking about some of the things that matter to the american people. i am just glad they did not go gopherto this gutter and bait and see who could get the most recognition because someone called someone stupid or idiot or something like that. i'm glad we did not go there. i hope the next debate will be as informative and they ask more probing questions about what are you going to do for the american people because this is what matters. host: you are talking about tonight's debate with the next
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10 democratic candidates breed of the 10 you saw last night, who stood out to you? caller: i am still with him -- elizabeth warren mainly because she is talking about major doporations and she tried to something about these banks and the way they are fleecing the american public and when they are wrong, it creates such a problem for everyone else because when they rip off someone and the person is desperate, there is no telling what they are going to do. andmake people desperate desperate people do desperate things. still withre elizabeth warren. what about the 10 you will hear from tonight? bernie sanders, former vice president. do you have your eye on any of those candidates? caller: i am keeping my options open. i am still thinking about bernie sanders.
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lefted to push more to the in this country mainly because those ideas push more toward more of the american public other than enriching big banks we figure will trickle down on us eventually. while we are waiting for that trickle, what are we doing? how are we surviving once we don't get any money coming down to us and in this country, money is god. if they don't have money, they cannot live. we will go to jim who is a republican. caller: it is interesting what your last caller said because in america, money is god, that has been the strategy for a hundred years, to replace god. all these people that cry about populationead on the
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just like myself. i don't cry about and i don't envy someone else's success because i did not go that route and i am not going to cry because someone else has made really good decisions and made a good way and -- on the american dream. let's think about something else we are not hearing. your previous caller two back from california said it was about power. i don't hear any of the democrats saying anything about the last election cycle where we had president obama and joe biden and administrations the agencies of the united states at the highest spy on theircally competitors and also sabotage the incoming president.
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a soft coup and the rule of law should be applied to these people. you are not hearing these people talk about that because they will do the exact same thing if they have the opportunity. host: bill scanlan, what on last night's debate. host 2: great to hear from our viewers and listeners. this viewer tweets -- bilking tweets c-span, all 10 candidates were too mellow in attacking president trump. that is not the way to defeat him in 2020. the top tweeted moments, number one was immigration policy, the discussion with booker answers in spanish. the broadcast technical difficulties and we will tell you about that in a little bit. from a bc, senator warren has the most -- was the most tweeted about candidate on stage at the
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debate. knight 1 of the two debates and at 5:38, the polling and analysis site tracking hooted well and hooted poorly and they linked to their article, you wanted a better way to judge the debates, so did we. the picture before, not surprisingly, joe biden in the lead in their collection of polls, but they also have the popularity contest, which they updated yesterday before the debate, the favorable and unfavorable rating for the 10 candidates last night. they do the same for tonight. we hope we see some movement and perhaps an update on that particular measurement. host: it is a pole we can do right here right now with our viewers read who do you think did well? who stood out? who did poorly? lucille, a democrat. caller: good morning.
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i watched the debate last night and everybody was good. host: everyone was good, okay. caller: to me and no one was poorly. we need to love one another. worldh hatred in this today and we need to -- host: last night there was a lot of discussion on health care. who do you think responded best on health care? caller: elizabeth warren. host: why? she cares about all of us and she really was on health care more than anybody else up on stage. if we don't have health care, we will get six and die.
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if we don't have health care, who is going to pay taxes for the country to still run if we die in host: sickness? let's go to dennis. good morning. we are listening. caller: go ahead. host: we are listening so you have to turn down that tv so you can hear and talk through your phone. caller: there you go. how is that? host: all right. caller: i watched that debate last night and, honestly, all 10 meple scared the hell out of . this free health care stuff is for the birds. you have to work to get your medicaid, medicare. i am a disabled veteran and i don't get medicaid and medicare because i go to the v.a. my brother gets it, he worked 55
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years. i worked 55 years after my i paid inervice and just like everybody else. these candidates want to give it to the american people for free. somebody has got to pay that. host: let's watch that moment from last night's debate. [video clip] >> many people working at home has health insurance coverage through their employer. who would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government run plan? senator klobuchar, you are one of the democrats who want to keep private insurance in addition to a government health care plan. why is an incremental approach better overall? >> it is something barack obama wanted to do, a public option.
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i am concerned about taking half of america off their health insurance in 4 years, which is what this bill said. let me go beyond that, there is a bigger issue in addition to that and that is pharmaceuticals . the president went on tv and would spin's heads much he -- theow cost went down on pharmaceutical office -- prices. he gave a hundred billion dollars in giveaways to the companies. for the rest of america, that is what we call all foam and no beer. we got nothing out of this. my proposal is to do something on pharma, to allow negotiation and bring in less expensive drugs and pharma thinks they own washington. they don't own me. host: amy klobuchar.
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all foam, no beer she says. in gainesville, virginia, democratic caller. good morning to you. who did well last night? caller: good morning, ma'am. before i talk about who did well, may i please tell none of the candidates on stage last night offered anything free. if anything, they talked about medicare for all and that is not free because everyone pays taxes. in my book, elizabeth warren won. she talks about the same thing all the time and she is passionate about what she is talking about. the republican party headed by trump now did only one thing for the last 2.5 years. 1.8 trillion dollars of american taxpayer money that
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added to our national debt and deficit. $1.8 trillion. $1.2 million went to the richest families. cut expired in 2026, so that was a big joke, but corporate taxes do not expire. elizabeth warren is passionate to make sure this corruption stops and the government works for people, not for corporations and there is only one thing the republican party has always done, give the tax cut to the wealthiest corporations and -- everybody will be happy. that doesn't work. it stopped working about 40 years ago. people cannot afford their prescription medication.
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warren is the right person for this country. she is not talking about socialism. she is talking about getting the government to work for the american people. not for those who have money and influence. host: we will go to bowling green, florida. good morning. you watched last night? caller: good morning. how are you? host: good morning. who do you think stood out? caller: i liked the war and lady, but i liked the spanish guy. i think his name was julian. host: julian castro. he was the hud secretary. caller: what i like the most about the entire debate was for the first time i got an opportunity to look at this and it was awesome to see how much and theou have on board ideas, so many different ideas.
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it is amazing, it would be wonderful if our country could put aside their parties and get the best ideas from both and put them together and i think we would have an awesome team for the american people if we could do that. host: an independent caller. more of your calls coming up, but more from bill scanlan on the debate. host 2: what were people googling last night? the top 10 democratic candidates googled on google trends, cory booker, kelsey gabbard, beto o'rourke, bill de blasio, and elizabeth warren. president trump paying close attention to his potential rivals as he is heading to japan for the g20 he tweeted nbc news and msnbc should be ashamed of themselves for having such a horrible technical breakdown in the middle of the debate. truly unprofessional and only worthy of a fake news organization.
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statese viewers in other tell me their debate telecast were briefly cut to black a few times. that issue and this issue is what the president was focusing on. thank you msnbc, real professionals he says. take a look and listen. 15 miles less than from parkland florida where 17 people were killed -- >> what is happening? we are going to take a quick break and get this technical situation -- >> what is happening? ♪
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>> we are going to take a quick break and get this technical situation fixed. we will be right back. host: president trump having a little fun with last night's debate. monique in washington, d.c. democratic caller. caller: the technical difficulty did not really bother me because i was more so into the ideas and proposals the candidates had. my first -- i liked elizabeth warren. she had specific details about what she would do for the american people. i think a lot of people get caught up in soundbites when they say socialism and everything of that nature. taxpayers pay taxes. nothing in america is free at all. of peoplemes to a lot saying about corporate greed, that is because they are not
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paying taxes. a person like myself who makes $55,000 a year, when i go to orthopedics or therapy, i have to pay an additional amount per visit and i say to myself, why is my co-pay so high on top of the amount of money i pay every two weeks for my health insurance? nine times out of 10, i am not sick. personally, with my employer and am payingether, i about $18,000 a year for health insurance when i probably only use up about 3000 of that per year, but i am still paying more out-of-pocket for copayment and medicine and everything else. i just want my fellow americans to stop looking at all of this negative stuff going on and look at the facts. elizabeth warren is my candidate. heardyou liked what you
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from her? she got behind medicare for all. caller: medicare for all sounds great as well and it is not free . instead of us paying for private insurance, we will be paying into a pool so everyone can get insurance. i hear a lot of veterans calling in saying they paid as a service member. you don't pay anything for your health insurance. when i hear someone disabled calling in and saying i served for my country. you are right, you served for your country and we appreciate that, but you do not have to pay copayments or any extra funds out of your pocket. it is free, it is subsidized. you work for subsidies and v.a. loans. you work for the g.i. bill. everything you get, i pay for. when a trump voter calls in and socialism,ey want is
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you are a part of that. i am making sure you get paid. amazon to pay zero in taxes, it is not right, but i had to pay 2000 something dollars to the federal government and i rarely travel. i am paying for services i don't even use. host: you are making an argument that bernie sanders makes in today's wall street journal. he has an op-ed and the title is trump is the worst kind of socialist. this is what he argues. if you are a fossil fuel company , mr. trump and congressional republicans offer billions in government subsidies, including tax breaks, royalty relief, and funding for research and development. if you are struggling to pay your utility bill, you get the free market, higher and higher electric bills. if you are a pharmaceutical company, you make huge amounts
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-- a taxpayer gets the free market and pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. bernie sanders will be on the stage tonight with nine other candidates. there were three candidates last night. debate 9:00 p.m. eastern time and on the washington journal, we get your reaction hearing from those candidates as well. let's go to dennis in texas. what did you think of the debate? caller: i don't want to jump off the topic, i want to go to my question, but that last lady, i am a veteran and i pay every month. if you did less than 20 years and retired, you are not entitled to anything. that lady was incorrect. congressman from maryland made the best point talking about how the top 20 or
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40 hospitals in the country would go bankrupt if all they took was medicare. i live on a small town of 21,000 people and we maybe have 120 doctors. only 80 take medicare. there is 20 to -- 20% to 50% who do not take government stuff. medicare does not kick in until you are 65 years old and disabled read elizabeth warren and all these other people have to get this approved through congress. the republican senate would never approve any of these things last night and i am also disappointed they never brought up how 80% of the democrat candidates are talking about giving health care to illegal aliens. that was never brought up and that is also an expense. host: dennis was talking about john delaney, former congressman from maryland and businessman elected to the house in 2012, is has beenic idealist,
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running aggressively since 20 and already visited every county in iowa although it is unclear if he improved his longshot prospects. caller: i just want to say i think each one of them brought something positive last night and that is what i was looking at and i look forward to the debate tonight to see because it feels so different when you have someone talking about policy instead of trying to divide the country and calling each other names and et cetera. i did want to say c-span, i was wondering why you did not just have democrats calling in in response to the debate -- to the debate for a few moments because you know republicans would only have something negative to say. they were not interested in hearing that debate. host: we want to hear from
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republicans and independents to see who they thought might pose the strongest challenge to the president and get their thoughts on the debate as well. somebody mentioned health care, it was brought up over 30 times. aboutr warren was asked medicare for all proposal by senator sanders. here is how she responded. [video clip] >> i am with bernie on medicare for all and let me tell you why. i spent a good chunk of my life studying why families go broke and one of the number one reasons is the cost of health care, medical bills and that is not just for people who have -- don't have insurance, it is for people who have insurance. the business model of an insurance company is to bring in as many dollars as they can in premiums and pay out as few dollars as possible for health care. that leaves families with rising premiums, rising co-pays and
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fighting with insurance companies to try to get the health care their doctors say they and their children need. medicare for all solves that problem. i understand there are a lot of politicians who say it is just not possible, we cannot do it, have a lot of political reasons for this. what they are really telling you is they will not fight for it. health care is a basic human right and i will fight for basic human rights. it's host: elizabeth warren on medicare for all. bill scanlan with more on that issue. host 2: one of the analysis --ces from politifact during wednesday night's democratic presidential primary debate, the first in a two night debate viewed as the defect a launch of the primary season. the 10 candidates used health polities -- policies as part of an effort to differentiate
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themselves from the pack. senator warren and cory booker used early questions about the economy to take aim at andmaceutical companies insurance companies. one analysis from matthew iglesias and his headline, elizabeth warren proves she is ready for the big show. she showed the political savvy democrats have wondered about. you can read more at why dower tweets democrats assume medicare is free or that everyone is entitled to a benefit for the elderly? host: we will go to peter, a democrat in florida. good morning to you. what did you think of the debate?
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debate -- iink the don't agree with how we enable ourselves -- label ourselves to being either democrat and republican or closing ourselves off to come together and be make alln and agree to americans -- whether that is providing health care or that means taking a little bit less from the top. phoneit sounds like your is having technical difficulties this morning. we will have to move on. tom in fort lauderdale, read a republican. caller: good morning. i want everybody to know last night and tonight's group, when you witness the members of that
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debate, you are looking at a group of people who would turn america into mediocrity. i was very disappointed that education was not brought up in that debate. the total failure, fumbling, mediocrity of our educational disgrace.a i guess it is because democrats are pretty much in control of -- that should show everyone -- everything the democrats control is a failure. look at illinois, california, new york. middle-class people. -- people cannot wait to get out of those states, it is horrible.
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illinois and new york have the most segregated schools in the entirety of the united states. nobody ever talks about it. everything the democrats touch goes up in smoke. they want socialism. are you there? host: we are listening. it goes up in smoke, we understand. caller: okay. elizabeth warren is the most cunning of all because she says she is a capitalist. what she really wants is the epa. she does not want ownership. takeover of american corporations, but she wants to control the government and tell them what they can and cannot drew -- do. she is a socialist like the rest of them. host: kim in iowa, democratic caller. caller: good morning.
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i agree with bernie and elizabeth warren, it is bad socialism and good socialism. bad socialism is subsidizing oil instead of putting it into our infrastructure. bad socialism giving corporations -- they don't pay taxes, we do. why are people arguing about we should not have health care? insurance.rivate you are telling other people you don't own insurance, we pay for it. we are paying for it. today through their head that if you are paying taxes, you are paying for medicare for all, too. you might as well give good socialism back to the people,
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let the rich have their low taxes, but we are paying federal and state taxes and they pay zero. middle ground voters that are scared someone is going to take no one is taking, we are giving. if everybody puts in an works for it, we can give them medicare for all. host: democratic caller. caller: good morning, greta. how are you doing? lackluster asof far as i am concerned. they mentioned over 30 times about free, free, free. i was on msnbc earlier and there was a lady on their from princeton university and the quick calculations and everything they talked about last night free, free, free.
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trillion.r $60 i have been a democrat all my life and i can tell you, nothing is free. for elizabeth warren, and i like her, but for her to raise her hand and say is she going to take away private insurance from 180 million americans -- if she goes against donald trump or something like that -- our only somebodyo get practical like joe biden will be watching tonight. we need to be practical about our solutions. these people are coming to america from everywhere in the
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world because of the incentives and he got up and said let's make more incentives and do away with this and that. let's not call them illegals, let's let them come here. it is insane for either party to have open borders and when we see these poor people trying to get across the river and i belong to the vfw and there is not one person in the vfw, i think cnn showed that picture over 300 times yesterday and we are looking around going we feel bad, but it is not our problem they made that long trek and dragged their kids across the desert. host: the pundits are pointing
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to that moment you are talking --ut when hooley and castro julian castro stood out when he talked about immigration. [video clip] >> in april i became the first candidate to put out a comprehensive immigration plan and we watched those images -- it is heartbreaking. it should also piss us all off. [applause] >> if i were president today, i would sign an executive order that would get rid of trump's zero-tolerance policy, the remaining mexico policy and this metering policy. it prompted them to make that risky swim across the river. they had been playing games with people coming and trying to seek asylum. they went to a point of entry and they were denied the ability to make an asylum claim, so they got frustrated and tried to
7:42 am
cross the river and they died because of that. i would do that executive order and follow that up in the first 100 days with immigration reform that would put undocumented immigrants as long as they have not committed a serious crime on the pathway to citizenship and go through the root cause of the issue, which is we need a marshall plan for honduras and guatemala and el salvador so people can find safety and opportunity at home instead of coming to the united states. host: former hud secretary and also the former mayor of san antonio. this debate over immigration was happening in washington yesterday and bill scanlan has more. 6st 2: one independent, democratic senators missing the debate and vote yesterday. it passed in the house and that measure failed in the senate and the senate passed its own
7:43 am
version and an update from craig caplan who tweets this morning that house democratic leadership changes bysummary of expanding key priorities and expanding care of migrant children and families. the rules committee is meeting this morning at 8:00. reported by secu. pelosi lays out demands for a border funding compromise, ensuring higher standards for medical care, nutrition, and hygiene, limiting to 90 days the amount of time a child can spend in makeshift temporary shelters. com.can read more at secu. senator harris will be in florida for the debate. my message to immigrants, you are not alone. we stand with you and we will fight for you and your rights on every day.
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mary.let's go to fort myers, florida. who stood out to you? caller: thank you for taking my call. first of all, i find i have no one to vote for. and most ofextreme the topics discussed have been going on for decades. all sides never accomplished very much and there is always those people, millions of us, who do not complain. war. case, 58.5 years of other families with children do not get help. they trudge to work every day and live on minuscule budgets, but they keep on working. this extremism is not good and as far as the immigration
7:45 am
situation goes, yes, i am not coldhearted. the united states even after world war 2 was not all that generous and forgiving. everybody had to have a sponsor. the american citizens did not pay for anything and we were treated like a herd of cattle. even the poor jews, the victims, also. they did not just come into the united states. everybody had to have a sponsor. host: let me pick up on what you said and show you and others the front page of the new york times. democrats split on how far left to nudge the nation and you said you did not have anybody to vote for because everyone is extreme. would you say that about joe biden? caller: i think he is being pushed toward the left.
7:46 am
i think we need -- nothing is free in this world, nothing. somebody has to pay and medicare is not all that good because i theybeen on medicare and can disprove it and you are not going to get paid. when you go into the hospital, if you are on medicare or any other insurance, they want to get you out of there as quick as possible whether it is time or not because they want to make the money. if the person is on medicaid or does not have insurance, they are kept in the hospital longer because nursing homes do not want them. host: i will leave it at that and go onto charlotte in tallahassee, florida. good morning. morning to and good you, c-span. good morning to you, greta.
7:47 am
i am a pragmatic person and a conservative person. those are not words that relate to a party, but rather, choices and decisions we make about our lives. here we go again. yes, education is very important . it is clear that people from a florida, the gentleman from pennsylvania, and texas clearly are not as educated as they need to be and well informed. we are speaking about a system. a system that was created for all. we are the united states of america and we are not a collection of individual people who are then brought into our own personal lives. people are speaking about their personal situation and not looking at the collective. we are trying to select a presidential candidate who will bring about a collective policy
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direction for our country. as it relates to the private market, free market context and concept we have in our economy, we are, in fact in north florida where we have had the storms, we have had, in nebraska, i have a friend who is a part of the fema organization at a very high level. particularly here in florida since we are in florida talking about this debate. i believe very clearly the lady people call in saying nothing is free, this is exactly right. nothing is free, we are a collection of putting our tax dollars into a federal system where we pay federal income tax. state and local tax. that mainly covers the educational budget for our school board and pay for our education of our children.
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primaryes us a 10% component of title 1, title 3. i want to make this point. medicare, social security. we have those systems and they do work. i am a part of physician care in terms of my professional and academic and medical daily life where we provide medical care and we also teach at the higher educational function. we have a medical school. four of my children are doctors and they paid out of duke, surgeons, as radius -- radiologists and pharmacologists. we have a medical system that provides for nursing homes, that also pays for our residents. we have not increased the
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resident slot for our children to go to medical school. therefore, we have foreigners who come here from their countries, india and china, who produced their children through all means of support, not getting them out. trillionent debt $1.6 -- my own children who came out of duke and harvard, $400,000 in student loan debt and they will be able to pay it because they d in the amount of 7000 -- i am telling you the truth of the matter. we have people in north florida living. i see them as patient care, living in trailers. they were not living in hard brick homes. florida is a mobile home living society. rv living and mobile home living and they are asking now for the government -- why did you not
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insurance?e health host: amelia in georgia, democratic collar. caller.-- democratic caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the debate last night. i thought elizabeth warren had some good policies and just wanted to make a comment. listening to the callers and especially the alwayscan side, it is negative. donald trump says a lot of negative things about other people. i think what is lacking -- people need to be critical thinkers. you need to focus, listen to the
7:52 am
think.and critical if we don't, we will be losing our democracy. one thing that everybody is always controlling about the democrat. democrats have not held power since 2010. i think a lot of people mist that. republicans have been in charge since 2010. president obama was not able to put a lot of policy in place because of republicans and all they have done is two things that favor corporations. host: on that last point, on favoring corporations because that was a key component of last night's debate, how they began, the moderators began with questions about corporations and minimizing the wealth gap. new york city mayor bill de issio, 58 years old, here
7:53 am
what he had to say about how he would minimize the wealth gap. addressingbeen inequality by raising benefits, putting money back in the hands of working people. $15 minimum wage, paid sick days. what we are hearing already in the first round of questions is that battle for the heart and soul of our party. i wanted to make it clear, this is supposed to be the party of working people. yes we are supposed to be for a 70% tax rate on the wealthy, yes for free college, free public college for young people, we are supposed to break up big corporations when they are not serving our democracy. this democratic party has to be strong and bold and progressive and in new york, we have proven we can do something different, we can put money in the hands of working people and every time
7:54 am
you talk about investing in people and their communities, you hear people say there is not enough money. there is plenty of money in this world and this country, it is just in the wrong hands. host: that was the mayor of new york city, one of the 10 candidates on the stage last night and there will be 10 more tonight at the msnbc-nbc debate. tonight. underway there are other candidates you will hear from tonight. likely the topics will be the same. the economy, health care, immigration. you might hear more on foreign policy, taxes, et cetera. tomorrow morning on the washington journal, we will do what we are doing now, get your reaction to what you heard from democratic candidates. let's go to marsha in chicago, a republican. good morning.
7:55 am
caller: hi. actually, i don't know that i am a republican. i am a trump supporter. i used to be a democrat all my life, even my father was an alderman in chicago during the 1960's. i think we are going in the wrong direction. i don't think the democrats have a hold on it yet. they just don't get it. we are visibly importing poverty every day, every day. i live in chicago, so i know. this is the first time since trump has been in office that i have been able to get a loan so that i can open a second salon. i own two nail salons in chicago and i am black. i talked to my customers every day and it is always the same thing, i think i am doing a
7:56 am
little better, things are looking up. host: and you give president trump credit for that? caller: i do. you have to invest in corporate. you have to. toporations have to be able trickle down something and i say -- hear people say it never trickles down, it does. you cannot start at the bottom. i am not for open borders. none of us are. i hear a lot of black people calling in saying it is great to have all these hispanics coming in and great, great, great. it is not good in chicago and i am so afraid. i think we are going to have a civil war. the: let me ask you about former vice president because many in the democratic party point to him as the person who has the record and the againstty to win
7:57 am
president trump in a general election matchup. what do you say? host: i don't think so. i don't think there is much black support behind biden as he thinks. i am just talking for my family. we were all democrats forever and we don't like the democrats anymore. they have turned away from black people, they don't care about -- they only want the vote. it is all about the votes. we are just sick of it. chicago is going down fast because of the heavy debt chicago is under or the state of illinois is under and we don't know where we are going to land. that is about it. in newe will go to jorge hampshire, a democratic caller. caller: hello, good morning.
7:58 am
i think i am actually proud of the democrats last night. i think they need to reach across the aisle and sponsor some bipartisanship. one thing i would like them to do is drain the swamp. i think political corruption is ruining america. they should have mandatory minimum sentencing for political corruption. we do it for everything else. --year mandatory political sentence for political corruption would nip it in the bud. host: roger purred caller: -- hi, roger. caller: i watched a little bit of the debate last night. when they get on health care, i get a little bit disgusted because that whole group of people has the greatest health our country can offer. they have no worries about
7:59 am
health care. how can they talk to us about health care? everyone up there voted for obama care, which was the biggest disaster if you had your own health care when obamacare came in, it killed us. host: what do you want to hear from these? you are calling on the democratic line. caller: i am just curious, what should we pay for insurance. i would like someone to tell me a number. what should we pay? and i wanted to make a comment to the caller from chicago, she sounded like she was right on the line. i have a young son who just got out of high school. i think everything is working. he got a job -- a low-level job at kmart. the kmart went broke and they closed their store. i went on unemployment and
8:00 am
kept telling him. he said i am on unemployment right now and he said he was making -- not a lot of money, 140 away on unemployment. he said after 6 weeks, i need to get a job. everyplace has a help wanted sign. these are for low-level or entry-level jobs. he applied three places. all three places one him, he got a job -- wanted him, he got a job. he was receiving $140 a week from the government. week topays them $140 a the government. i think the government is doing well. host: what is your point? trump, hishink
8:01 am
to bees, everything seems working better for people. host: we are at the top of the hour here on "washington journal ." we will continue until 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, the house will be gaveling in early this morning. you're getting your reaction to we areocratic debate -- getting your reaction to the democratic debate. we will continue getting your reaction as the road to the white house kicks off here officially. surprisingly, a good deal of media analysis and reaction to last night's debate. we will put our viewers and listeners in the direction to read more about it. a similar headline in "the washington post."
8:02 am
winners and losers from the democratic presidential debate's first night. politico's headline, the seven takeaways from the first democratic debate. warren takes care of business. from wmur, new hampshire's primary source looking back at night one, .ooking ahead to night two granite state saying a experts handful of candidates came out looking strong. inslee of washington had the most memorable one-liner when he allered "donald trump" when
8:03 am
of the candidates were asked to name the one most serious threat to the country. ocasio-cortez was on the late show with stephen colbert. -- headline in fox news here's what she said. >> this economy has to work for everyone. right now, we know it is not. it will take all of us coming together to make sure that it does. [speaking spanish] right now, we have a system that favors those who can pay for access and outcomes.
8:04 am
that's how you explain an economy that is rigged to corporations and the wealthiest. a $2 trillion tax cut that at a timerporations of historic wealth inequality. we have returned power to the people, no tax, no gerrymandering, automatic and same-day voter registration -- that's how we each have a voice in our democracy. [applause] >> that is time, sir. would you support is 70% individual marginal tax rate? codewould support a tax that is fair to everyone. you take the corporate tax rate up to 28% to generate the revenues we need to pay for the programs. >> bento o'rourke at last
8:05 am
night's debate. if you want to see alexandria ocasio-cortez's reaction, you have to go to the late show's website. marianne williamson tweeted -- "i need to learn spanish by at 9:00."ight an host: timonium, maryland. please listen through the phone. we will have to move on. bernard in new york. a republican. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. we are in a terrifying situation. i've never been more fearful of my country than i am today. there wasn't one person on that platform that had any gravitas
8:06 am
whatsoever. bc left had three msnbc/n wing so-called journalists -- they are left-wing activists -- it was only democratic show -- it was only democratic show. the left has taken over almost everything, every form of communication, hollywood, the google, it facebook, is very possible that one of these radical left-wing socialists will become president of the united states. that will destroy america. one of the lies they tell about this porter thing -- border thing, the children don't have toothpaste -- a woman comes from el salvador, it takes two months
8:07 am
to get here, she's paying the coyotes but she doesn't have $.27 for a toothbrush? this is such nonsense the way they twist everything. msnbc and cnn are the worst fabricators of lies and useful idiots that just listen to every word and then spit it back. it scares the heck out of me. host: ruth in jackson, mississippi. democrat. harrisburg, pennsylvania. caller: i used to be a democrat until the democrats decided they didn't like people who love their country. the biggest winner last night was donald trump. the message was open borders,
8:08 am
open borders, anti-military, anti-police. all the calculator for free stuff they want to do -- i couldn't do it. the green deal and medicare for trillion.over $50 the big winner last night was bill de blasio. he was the only one that kept bringing up the workingmen. strongthere's a performance by someone tonight, i don't see anyone on that stage provide upside against donald trump. for the was a moment congresswoman from hawaii, tulsi gabbard -- gabbard was most searched democratic candidate after debate despite getting
8:09 am
third lowest speaking time. withan exchange she had representative tim ryan of ohio. >> i've been in congress 17 years. 12 of those years, i've sat on the armed services committee. the lesson i've learned over the years is that you have to stay engaged in these situations. nobody likes it, and as long, it long, it is- it is tedious -- we must have our military engaged. even havedent doesn't people appointed in the state department deal with these things, whether we are talking about central america, iran, afghanistan. we have to be completely engaged. us fromareups distract the real problems in the country. foring a drone shot down
8:10 am
$130 million because the president is distracted, that's $130 million we could be spending in places like youngstown, ohio or flint, michigan. >> i will give you 30 seconds. you will tell the parents of those two soldiers who were just killed in afghanistan we just have to be engaged. that answer is unacceptable. we have to bring our troops home from afghanistan. we have lost so many lives, we have spent so much money, money that should be going into communities here at home, meeting the needs of the people here at home. we are no better off in afghanistan today than we were when this war began. it's important to have a commander-in-chief who knows the
8:11 am
cost of war. [applause] >> i will go down the line here. >> you get 30 seconds. >> i don't want to be engaged. i wish we were spending this money in places that i represented that have been completed forgotten. if the united states is not engaged, the taliban will grow. bigger, bolder terrorist acts. we have to have some presence there. >> the taliban was there long before we came in. cannot keep thinking we are going to somehow squash this taliban -- >> they started flying planes into our buildings. usthe taliban didn't attack on 9/11.
8:12 am
al qaeda did. that's why so many joined the military, to go after al qaeda. old,lsa gabbard, 38 years army national guard veteran. >> you mentioned tulsa gabbard coming up in the top google searches. here's how this is different from just before the debate. before and after the democratic debate, here's the map bu before, the top four searches, ,lizabeth warren, beto o'rourke hawaii --r white host: ruth in jackson, mississippi. democratic caller.
8:13 am
caller: i've listened to the debate. what we got is a lot of people arguing -- they are not touching on debate issues. host: we are listening, ruth. caller: we have a lot of people in this debate arguing about what they are going to do and what they can do. most of them, when they get in office, they can't do anything more than the other -- host: you just have to talk and listen through the phone. turn down the tv. caller: will do. they can do any better than the other one because of the arguing. host: miami, florida. democratic caller.
8:14 am
caller: i am a democrat, i'm happy i'm a democrat. --ald trump does nothing we are listening. caller: i want democrats to stand up to donald trump. picture, the guy donalde little kid -- trump is making live miserable miserableants -- life for immigrants. he supposed to do something for the immigrant people. he's supposed to do something for the immigrant people. host: this was part of the
8:15 am
picture, part of last nights debate. a lot of discussion about immigration. the president also addressed it at the white house yesterday before he departed for the g20 summit in japan. [video clip] >> thank you very much. pelosispoke with nancy and we had a good conversation having to do with the humanitarian aid at the border for the children mostly. we are moving along well with a bipartisan bill in the senate. we are doing very well. it is very far along. i believe the house is going to be getting together with the senate, hopefully they can get something done. humanitarian aid is important. a lot of people are starting to realize that i was right when i said we have a crisis at the border.
8:16 am
it was not a manufactured crisis. we have a crisis at the border. if theyolve the problem would change some of the rules and regulations, change asylum, change so many different things, the loopholes in particular could be done quickly and you wouldn't have this problem. i've been saying this or a year and a half. you have to change the loopholes and change asylum. todayhey are working on is humanitarian aid for the children. the senate is very close. nancy wants to get something done. the senate and house will get together and they will be able to do something. host: president trump before he departed for the g20 summit. he landed this morning around 5:00 a.m. eastern time.
8:17 am
agenda the welcome ceremony and then bilateral meetings with several of the leaders who are attending the g20 summit, including vladimir putin. the headline from "the new york times" this morning, emmanuel macron is saying climate changes -- redline at the g20 climate change is his redline at the g20. issue he calls a redline. let's go to rose in illinois. a republican. who stood out to you? caller: it really scares me listening to these debaters talk about all the stuff they're going to give. marx got rich as a capitalist,
8:18 am
not as a socialist, then he expounds philosophy for however xat else should live -- expouses philosophy for how everyone else should live. they are doing the same thing. that scaring me to death they are doing this to our country. for what they desire and what they decide is good for us. host: clayton is a democrat in missouri. what are your thoughts on the debate? caller: good morning. i enjoyed the debate. i thought the three women definitely stood out. can you hear me? host: yes, we can.
8:19 am
caller: the three women stood out. booker was good. i apologize, i don't know his name, but the spanish guy. they seem like they represent america, not just one part of america. i enjoyed that. everythingning to that i'm hearing the callers call in about, it seems we are suffering from mental illness. people are so misinformed. it is terrible how we as a country with all this supposedly -- supposed suppos knowledge. for: six women running office, three more will be on the stage tonight.
8:20 am
some other news happening in washington today. >> a major day in washington with the supreme court wrapping up their current term. the headline at, supreme court to issue electoral maps decision. the attempt to add contentious citizenship question to the 2020 census and the partisan manipulation of electoral district boundaries, a practice called gerrymandering. -- you can follow along at scotus log.ocm.
8:21 am
thoseutes, they expect decisions to start at 10:00 eastern. we will bringon, that to you later in our program schedule. the second debate in miami tonight. why florida? some insight from gallup. they write that florida has held -- donald trump won in the general election. in 2016, florida had 29 electoral votes, 5.4% of the .lectoral votes up for grabs 2016, floridand cast votes for the winning presidential candidate 77% of the time.
8:22 am
in that timeframe, florida supported democratic candidates more often -- the state has voted for the winning candidate in every election between 2000 and 2016. host: columbus, georgia. democrat. caller: i have a bone to pick with you. i've been a c-span watcher all of my life. thesehave i seen you let so-called democrats call in on they areknowing that nothing but closet nazi republicans. didn'tson the democrats want c-span there is because we've heard rumors about rupert murdoch owning c-span now.
8:23 am
occupying ourw space in the building where c-span is. why these crazy crackers call in every morning to discredit us. host: c-span is not owned by rupert murdoch. c-span was founded and started by the cable companies. cable providers bring c-span2 you. tot c-span -- bring c-span you. that's the way it was founded. that's the way it still is. fox news has their own studios in this building. so does msnbc. there is no conspiracy there. wefar as who calls in, expect people to tell the truth. we are depending on people's
8:24 am
honesty. obviously, some people don't follow that, but we do our best to talk to them a little bit before we let them come on. we expect people to play along with us and sometimes they don't, unfortunately. aaron in north carolina. an independent. caller: i'm calling about the , the kids coming up from mexico. i was in florida a few years back. weren't given toothpaste, toothbrush, soap for over a week. i wonder how people from another country deserve rights that weren't given to americans. thank you for michael. -- thank you for
8:25 am
my call. host: susan. caller: i just heard that lady talk about people calling in pretending to be democrats -- i feel the same way she does. the democrats are doing the best they can. mitch mcconnell is blocking. to do a lot of things for this country and mitch mcconnell is blocking everything he can. we have to get the republicans like mitch mcconnell out of office. all, the socialism from thesent to know republicans, who do they think is paying the bills for the roads, the schools -- that was
8:26 am
started by roosevelt, a lot of these programs. things able to pay these because the rich were being and they were loyal enough to this country to pay their fair share of taxes. the billionaires are not loyal to the united states of america. they are loyal to their own pocket books. themed to stop giving , subsidizing them, which is welfare -- republicans don't like welfare. why are they giving the billionaires the welfare? why not heard from anybody, are we not going after the people hiring -- i understand people coming across the border
8:27 am
are running from violence and stuff, but there's people coming in who just want better jobs and that's fine, but they need to do it legally, but we are not going after the employers. donald trump hired illegals all the time. they are not being paid right. need to haveo medical for everyone, but i'm additionsking away that people have for their own choices. with medical coverage for everyone, you don't always get the best coverage or you don't get coverage for certain things. that's why a lot of these people don't want their medical coverage taken away. they won't get the coverage for the things they need. host: i want to follow-up on your comments on socialism. bernie sanders will be on the
8:28 am
debate stage tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. he wrote a piece in the wall street journal, trump is the worst kind of socialist. mr. trump and congressional republicans offer billions in , includingsubsidies royaltytax breaks, relief and funding for research and development. -- tomorrow on "washington journal ," we will spend three hours getting your reaction to round two of democratic debates hosted by nbc news. atbegin with your thoughts 7:00 a.m. eastern time here on c-span. anna in desoto, texas.
8:29 am
caller: how are you doing? right to say the whatever you want. i want to start with governor inslee and the lady from hawaii. i think they made the most sense. i love elizabeth warren and she does make some good points. democratsho called parasites, let me tell you about this parasite. i have a grandson who just graduated from the academy, the police academy in dallas, who's been doing an amazing job as per his trainer. i lost a nephew in iraq in 2005. europereally talks about and climate change.
8:30 am
trump saysald something about immigration, it is obama's fault. obama was called the border -- deporter and chief. -- deporter in chief. president obama never got the credit for what he did to turn around this economy. was at 6400an points when president obama took over. 850,000 ant was at month. we had to bail out the banks. people weren't getting unemployment. no one in america is illegal --
8:31 am
immigrants who come from other countries, i have to tell my son whoend, is your graduated from the university of miami in the fields? no, he's not. the groceries, the vegetables have gone up so high because we don't have those people in the fields. under up in east texas that nutcase, louie gohmert. we worked our butts off in the field. that is hard work. nobody in america is going to do it. host: i want to pick up on something you said. you said no one is talking about climate change. inslee.iscussed by jay this has been a signature issue of his campaign. [video clip] >> we are the first veneration to feel the sting of climate change -- generation to feel the sting of climate change.
8:32 am
burning, our fields are flooding. this is a climate crisis. this is our last chance to do something about it. we need to do what i've done in my state. we passed a 100% clean electrical grid bill. we have a vision statement. my plan has been called to the gold standard for putting people to work. is whot important thing is going to make this the first priority. saying only candidate this has to be the top priority of the united states, the organizing principle to mobilize the united states so we can lead the world and put 8 million people to work. governor jay inslee last
8:33 am
night. >> one of the topics that came out of the debate was the issues and technical snafus, you saw one there with the breakup of during governor inslee's response. this is the headline at thehill .com. the crowd at the first 2020 democratic presidential primary debate broke into laughter thatg a technical snafu resulted in some nbc moderators' microphones -- mississippi., democratic color.
8:34 am
-- democratic caller. caller: i thought the debate went fine. the debate is for the democrats to decide which person they think will represent them in running for president. i'm glad they didn't talk about trump. all of us are tired of hearing trump's voice and his negativity. we need to pick the best person. i learned a lot about people i knew nothing about, especially the governor and climate change. i learned a lot about the candidate in the army and about war. all of that is good for the democrats. i don't think yelling and screaming about trump is good for any of us. this country has gone crazy with that kind of thing. stop energizing trump
8:35 am
with everything we say being trump, trump, trump. host: his name was not mentioned often. john delaney was asked about the president. this is what he had to say. >> i guess there's always a first. i don't think anybody is above the law. including a president. i support speaker pelosi's decision that she's making in the house of representatives as speaker. she knows more about the decision to impeach the president. i do think no one is above the law. lawless,ident, who is should not be above the law. asked to do as much campaigning as i've done, this is not the number one issue americans ask us about.
8:36 am
they ask us about health care, how we are going to lower pharmaceutical prices. last year, 80% of the money for start up businesses went to 50 counties in this country. there's over 3000 counties in this country. that's what they care about. they care about what's going on with public schools, what's going on with pay, with health care, with infrastructure. these are the kitchen table pocketbook issues most americans care about. [applause] >> they want to know how we are going to solve these problems. host: back to your reaction. dennis in williamsport, pennsylvania. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. callers call in and they talk about medicare for all.
8:37 am
i can tell you why we need medicare for all. there's 160 million people in this country who get their health care insurance through their employer. 50% of those people say they cannot afford to use that insurance because the co-pays and deductibles are so high, they can't afford to use it. that's not exactly what i would call a wonderful plan. trump has talked about how they are going to come out with this wonderful health care plan. that would have to be a total change for republicans. they have opposed social security, medicare, medicaid and the affordable care act. the day they have a wonderful health care plan will be the day that pigs fly. host: health care mentioned the
8:38 am
most out of any issue in last nights debate. look at this exchange between beto o'rourke and bill de blasio. [video clip] >> my goal is to ensure that every american is well enough to live to their full potential because they have health care. old, a young man, 27 years told me he had been to a doctor once in his life. he was told that he had diabetes and glaucoma. he will be dead before the age of 40. high-qualitynteed, universal health care has to be our goal. the ability to afford your prescriptions, to see a mental health care provider -- in isas, the largest provider the county jail system.
8:39 am
-- ifeans every woman you're uninsured, we enroll you in medicare. if you can't afford your premiums, we enroll you in medicare. while makinghoice sure everyone has health care. --i want to ask a follow-up would you replace private insurance? >> no. the choice is fundamental -- >> private insurance is not working for tens of millions of americans when you talk about the co-pays, the deductibles, the out-of-pocket expenses -- it's not working. >> they can choose medicare. >> you have to start by acknowledging negotiated is not working for people. have 20 minutes left in
8:40 am
our conversation with all of you about last night's debate. >> looking at media sites tracking all sorts of numbers with this tweet. they publish a list of who spoke the most, the number of words by candidates. top five, cory booker, beto o'rourke, elizabeth warren, chuck todd and amy klobuchar. one of the moderators, spoke just four words less than elizabeth warren. tweet -- -- up electorate says
8:41 am
bc says -- --an says facebook, "a dead tree stump would be better than our current situation." host: jim in new york. independent. who do you think stood out? caller: none of them. not a single one of them. they all talked a bunch of rhetoric about what they would do, what they could do, about climate change, about illegal immigrants. day in myle every area that don't have homes to live in. they will do nothing for them. my wife had an aneurysm on
8:42 am
valentine's day. from oneransferred hospital out of state to another one for an emergency operation york cutospital in new her off because of the insurance she had -- my wife is 62 and the doctors wouldn't see her until she had insurance again. $10,000 for life-saving medication for her. transplant ander now, she still needs a kidney transplant and she had an aneurysm caused by all of that. how are the democrats going to fix that one with medicare for can get she is 63 and medicaid until she is 65 --
8:43 am
can't get medicaid until she is 65? say free wanted to stuff goes into taxes. the college and all that free , somebody has to pay for it. gas, you will pay $50 a gallon. bread, you will pay $15. the prices will keep miming. that climbing. -- the prices will keep climbing. the democrats want to get our land tax money. i will have to live in the street. social security is the only thing that trump said he can
8:44 am
save and he can by doing the things he wants to do. everyone is hearing lies about him. they have to pay attention to what's going on, what is being said. office,bama went out of --legalized the death shot if you are terminally ill, you can get the shot and go away. if the democrats get in, if you're terminally ill, even if you just have asthma, they will use you because you will government money for the rest of your life. people need to pay attention to what's going on. the democrats have the democrat news media doing all this stuff. the news media is for the democrats.
8:45 am
they are not for the people. the democrats are using the black people for votes. they need to wake up. host: rob in new york. a democratic caller. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i wasn't going to say this but it just occurred to me that i'm a democrat and i'm a commercial real estate owner and i'm very comfortable. trump just gave tax breaks to people like me. break, iask for a tax don't need a tax break, i'm very comfortable. especially on real estate, according to my accountant, the tax breaks are phenomenal for real estate owners. au can say that giving trump chance to do whatever this woman just said, giving him a chance
8:46 am
to do what he wants to do -- i didn't call to talk about that. host: what did you think of the debate? caller: biden will stand out to be the best candidate because he is scrappy, he's experienced in government and he can compromise. he can go toe to toe with trump. we know exactly who donald trump is. me,oesn't fool people like business owners, real estate owners, people from new york. can, heeverything he says wild and crazy things to distract you, to distract us from his lack of experience, his lack of knowledge, his inexperience, his ignorance. he knows headlines only. he doesn't know any of the details.
8:47 am
he's a reality tv show host. reality tv show for all the citizens of the united states. was in the summit a year or two ago, he was in the middle told theowd, he was camera was on him and he pushed the president of montenegro back and he stood up straight and tucked in his shirt and posed for the camera to be out front. it's a big show. i don't know why people don't get it. yesterday, he tweeted that the debates were boring. he's unable to discuss these issues. host: the atlantic has this headline. democrats avoided the toughest debate questions on abortion.
8:48 am
one of the first primary debates, the candidates did not go deep on the substance. there was this from governor jay work on the his right to choose. [video clip] >> it should not be an option in the united states of america for any insurance company to deny a woman coverage for the exercise of their right of choice. i'm the only candidate here who has passed a law protecting a woman's right of reproductive health and the only candidate who has passed a public option. i respect everybody's goals and plans here. we have one candidate who has advanced the ball. >> [indiscernible] >> there's three women
8:49 am
here who have fought pretty hard for a woman's right to choose. dominatedt's ideas the first primary debate -- they were talking about it and mostly weren't attacking their rivals for being too extreme. elizabeth warren may not have spoken the most, but her ideas and those of senator bernie sanders drove the discussion nonetheless. coming up, the u.s. house coming in, they will take up the border emergency bill that was passed by the senate. committee has approved the rule for the house debate in one hour. from fox tweets this
8:50 am
-- later today, we could have the house and senate on different pages again. call tweetsq roll -- there's no money for additional ice investigations, no military service money, which was requested by the administration. up u.s. house live, coming at 9:00 eastern. host: tom in ohio. caller: good morning. i think i'm on the republican line, right? i became a republican when donald trump took office. that's a fact. todayama, i watched him
8:51 am
on the news program. he deported some 4000 illegal immigrants and told them not to come up here. has becometic party a bunch of fascists. you can tell that by antifa, you can tell that by them spitting and youresident's son, can blame it on race of people ladymaxine waters and the who called from georgia calling white people crackers. this country needs help. host: chris in wisconsin. democratic caller. sayer: i wanted to call and
8:52 am
i want everyone to remember that last night's debate was just everybody introducing themselves. you didn't have a whole lot of time to do that. lookedly, everybody pretty good. i wish you would show there was that bill de blasio made a pretty strong appeal to blame they to not immigrants who are coming into the country, they are not our enemy. i wish you would just show that. to all the republicans calling with a lot of negative stuff, they've already made up their minds. host: we only have a few minutes
8:53 am
left before the house dabbles in. -- before the house in.els booker from new jersey, one of his key issues is committal justice and gun violence -- criminal justice and gun violence. [video clip] the only one on this panel that had seven people shot in their neighborhood last week. for millions of americans, this is not a policy issue, this is an urgency. they are tired of living in a learny where their kids about reading and writing and arithmetic and how to deal with a shooter at their school.
8:54 am
tired of hearing people who offer thoughts and prayers. we've allowed the corporate gun lobby to frame this debate. it's time that we have bold action and abled agenda. this is not about policy. this is personal. host: we have five minutes left here, getting your reaction to moments like that from the nbc news debate. good morning. caller: good morning to you. i had a couple of comments. i did not know the american public was this retarded until i started watching your show. congress likend the jury system where you spend two years and then get the heck
8:55 am
out of there. they are going to do what's best for the people -- perry in florida. good morning. caller: there was a comment or two about medicare for all. i watched the mayor of new york city go crazy about how co-pays and deductibles don't work. allwould we want to cut off employer contributions and put it all on the employees? who do they think the single-payer is? it's all going to come down on the little guy. all that employer money that is being put in every year, you want to cancel that all out and go with the government? a little more from bill scanlon this morning. >> joe biden, the presumptive
8:56 am
leader of the pack, the headline in politico this morning, biden's mission, don't punch down. he is the central target on a crowded stage. he has been coached to avoid conflict. joe biden rose to the occasion, he was authoritative and inressive and always that -- all ways obama was not. if eez proved anything over the --t three presidential runs anything over the past three presidential runs -- stand-ins, a
8:57 am
marathon practice as other candidates look to make their marks. host: silver spring, maryland. dan? caller: i have a comment about priority onnd his climate change. scientists say we have no more than 10 years until the tipping point -- that is a critical issue that must address for our future generations. and -- tulsi gabbard and her knowledge of promotinglicy -- democracy and peace. host: elise in california.
8:58 am
democratic caller. caller: i thought cory booker and elizabeth warren were the stronger of all the candidates up there. as i'm sitting here watching it, i'm thinking all of these people should be on the cabinet. elizabeth warren as president and have all of these wonderful i bet with great ideas, they could go and shake things up and drain the swamp. they seem to be hitting all the points that need to be done. this would be a great administration. host: what do you make of this headline? bookerhe debate, senator told reporters he wouldn't be a vp to a male presidential nominee. a male, asident is
8:59 am
female should be vp. caller: that is a ridiculous statement. he's not speaking properly. sometimes when it's after a debate or you are caught off guard -- we need more women everywhere because our rights are being thrashed. it would be great if that was a cabinet with elizabeth warren having the white house. host: elise in california, democratic caller. you can read that story on house is about to gavel in. thank you all for watching and calling in today. tomorrow morning
9:00 am
reaction towo, your the second democratic debate. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. june 27, 2019. i hereby appoint the honorable veronica escobar to act as speaker pro tempore on this at this. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. od, you reated us endowed with freedom. we give you thanks for giving us another day. as congress heads into a recess to


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