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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Rep. Eric Swalwell D-CA News Conference  CSPAN  July 9, 2019 4:11am-4:27am EDT

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more about the lives and leadership skills of 44 chief executives in c-span's ," availablents everywhere books are sold. >> here is a look at our live coverage tuesday. senate judiciary hearing on protecting children online starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. from its returns holiday recess to work on several financial regulation and housing bills. senate returns to continue work on judicial and executive branch nominations. a pair of of vents on c-span3. at 11:00, the american enterprise institute hosts a form on border security and migration. later, a senate armed services subcommittee hearing on the u.s. southern command, which covers central and south america and the caribbean. congressman eric swalwell has
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announced he is no longer running for president, making him the first president to drop out of the race. the announcement was held at his campaign headquarters in dublin. >> good afternoon. welcome to the union hall. this is a hall that i know quite well. when i was a teenager, i worked out of this hall on behalf of a candidate. over the past 20 years, i have worked to support the work of this union and the working campaigns of other candidates around here, so a very fitting and comfortable place for me and my family and my campaign team
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to work out of for our campaign. we started about three months ago a presidential campaign, believing that we must bring the promise of america to all americans. the idea is that no matter who you are, who you love, where you're from, what your parents did, your hard work should mean you do better for yourself and dream bigger for your kids. it was a promise i saw the filter my parents. my dad was a cop. my mom worked a number of different jobs. they believed if they worked hard enough, i could be the first in the family to go to college. that was achieved for us. but with my eyes open, working as a prosecutor and serving as a city councilman, i saw all the people who did not have that promise fulfilled. i went to congress. in this past midterm election, i would come home for town halls and meet with my constituents. at almost every town hall, with hundreds of people filling up gymnasiums and churches, i was told the most important thing i could do as their congressman was to reverse the course our country was taking, go out and find new friends, and reshape the congress. so for two years, i went to 26
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states, i led an effort to find 40 candidates age 40 and under who could flip 40 seats. 28 of them won. after being so demoralized, just like so many of you, by mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting in america, was about to lose hope. and then parkland happened. the communities of parkland converged with communities in sandy hook and cities where we never shared the names and never knew the stories like chicago, baltimore, miami, and oakland, and they marched through town squares and town halls to the ballot boxes. they beat 18 nra endorsed members of congress. we had momentum after the last midterm election. i believe the best way to seize that momentum with a young, diverse caucus for the democratic party and 18 fewer to members in congress was
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have a leader in the white house who could seize that momentum. that is why i chose to run for president. i was excited by what i saw across the country over the last three months, building on the work we did for the midterms. i told my wife and our staff and my constituents and our supporters we are only running for one reason, to win and to make a difference. not a vanity project, not to write a book, not to make this about anything other than the people who really, really needed that promised to be filled for fulfilled forbe them. so being honest with ourselves, we had to look at how much money we were raising, where we were in the polls, and to prove we were serious, we qualified for the debates immediately, made the first cut, got on the debate stage, had a campaign operation with staff in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, new york, washington, and california and moved the needle on the debate stage on an issue that i
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am very passionate about. believing that every candidate should pledge that they would support a ban and buyback of the 15 million assault weapons in our country. on the one opportunity i had to do that, our three front-runners that were on the stage with me, vice president biden, senator sanders, and senator harris, all three said they supported that. so we have achieved that. communities across america who have been stricken by mass shootings, no at least three of -- now know at least three of the front runners support this idea that these weapons of war do not belong in our communities. but we have to be honest about our own candidacy's viability. an american author, lewis l'amour, wrote, there will be a time when you believe everything is over.
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that will be the beginning. today ends our presidential campaign, but it is the beginning of an opportunity in congress with a new perspective shaped by the lives that have touched mine and our campaign throughout the last three months, to bring that promise of america to all americans, to believe that it will be the next generation whose leadership will solve climate chaos, bring cures in our lifetime for health care, address the student loan debt crisis, and make sure we say enough is enough. we do not have to live this way anymore, and that we love our children more than we love our guns. i am fired up to do that work that i have already been doing in the congress, to go back to washington on the house judiciary committee, the house intelligence committee, and as the chair of the policy
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-- steering and policy committee to work on these issues, but to carry the stories of so many people i met attack -- across america. i also want to carry the stories -- i also want to thank my wife. they were a lot of fun on the road. my wife was a hell of a surrogate for us. she was a mom with a full-time job that put everything into her husband's campaign. i also want to thank my parents, eric and vicki, my brothers, josh, jacob, and chase, as well as my staff, led by our campaign manager as well as our supporters, who made the small contributions, who knocked on made the text messages, believed in us every step along the way. thank you. i want to thank the media, because i see the media everywhere we go across the country, carrying your materials and lugging its
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through airports, trying to catch me and ask the tough questions that we expect in a democracy. you are not the enemy of the american people. you uphold the promise of our constitution of free speech and a free press. but i want to thank most importantly my constituents. the only reason that the son of a cop who was the first in his family to go to college believed he could run for president and elevate the issue of gun violence is because i am around people who have this spirit of risk-taking and learning from their failures and turning them into successes. i grew up in the tri-valley. it should really be called t-r-y valley. we try, we fail, we try, we fail. the next major tech company. that is in our dna. a little bit of that is in you. i have no regrets. -- is in your congressman.
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i have no regrets. i am excited about what we have done. i think it is fitting that today, as we end this presidential campaign, over the last week, i have been mentoring and helping a working 34-year-old mother of two kids in the south who is embarking today on what will be seen as a longshot campaign for congress in the south, but what i really enjoy the most about my work is working with and mentoring young people, just like i had leaders work with and mentor me. campaigns will begin across america in the next few months to reshape the house, the senate, city councils, school boards, and i believe that those campaigns are run on the issues of going big, being bold with the solutions, and doing good with the way that we treat each other. we will see that promise of america fulfilled for all americans. and with that, i would be happy to take any questions. >> congressmen, do you know who you will endorse in this field?
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rep. swalwell: i do not know yet. i am really impressed. -- impressed by this field. i will probably endorse megan. i think she turns 35 . -- next july. i am really impressed with the field. i will not make any decisions right now. look it is a talented field. , that was one of the challenges for us. there is a lot of heavyweights in that field. it will take more twists and turns. i look forward to being a citizen watching the debates. >> what are you looking for as you look at the field? what are you looking for and who would you like to see be the party's standardbearer? rep. swalwell: these are issues of the future that we face and we need ideas for the future, so student debt affects 40 million of us, myself included. climate chaos, 12 years before the effects are irreversible.
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gun violence. as parents, we take our kids to school, and we worry all day that we will get a call if test a call that something has happened. that we will get a call that something has happened. these are issues that are new, and think it will take the next generation of leaders, and i believe the best match up against donald trump have somebody who lives in the present but never, ever stops thinking about the future. yes. >> [indiscernible] rep. swalwell: yes. yes. >> earlier, when you announce your candidacy -- [indiscernible] rep. swalwell: i said i would not seek both. our attorneys told us you could run for both. that decision would not have to come until september. if we were still in it in december, i would not seek votes. -- both. the polls have had their way. so here we are in july. i am excited to continue to work. i am going to leave here. i am going to an immigration roundtable to address the border crisis, which affects our district with so many migrants
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and families coming here, so i am excited to do that work. as i said, it is not just running for reelection. imminent -- eminent issues like the work we have on the judiciary committee and special counsel mueller coming before congress next week. >> it is not easy to run for president. what is your biggest take away? what lesson do you value from this experience? rep. swalwell: people really do trust you. when they get those opportunities face-to-face, they tell you things that they probably only tell their spouses. they are counting on you and they still believe this is a country of fairness and order and laws. they are counting on it being that way. i don't want to let folks like that sounds is why i get so frustrated with the president. you stand in the living rooms of hard-working americans, you see how hard they worked. they are not asking to live a lavish life and be a member of mar-a-lago.
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they just want to know that their prescription drugs are not going to bankrupt them. they want you to be straight. they want honesty and the -- in their politicians. they want equal opportunity in their own lives. >> [indiscernible] rep. swalwell: you know, it was fun. it was a lot of fun. it was fun to have my two-year-old and my 8 month-old out with me. in some of these living rooms, you walk in, and they immediately jumped up to take the kids. they are measuring and weighing your kids as much as the candidates. if i have any regrets, it is that my kids will not remember this at all. proud of whyey are i ran and what it meant to other families who wanted a champion on gun safety. " livehington journal every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, we will talk with attorney david ripken about the constitutionality of including a citizen is it -- a
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citizen -- citizenship question on the 2020 census. the cdo report will be discussed. on toa reporter will be talk about his recent piece looking at hundreds of active duty and retired law enforcement officers joining online hate groups. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> the house returns from its july 4 recess tuesday and starting wednesday, they take up the $730 billion defense programs bill. the senate passed its version of the bill in late june. the senate continues work on confirmation of executive and judicial nominations, including assistant secretaries in the education on labor department. watch the house live on c-span, the senate on c-span two. in 1979, a small network with
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an unusual name rolled out a big idea, let viewers make up their own minds. c-span to open the doors of to washington policymaking. advise change in four years. -- a lotat big idea has changed in four years -- 40 years. today, that big idea remains the same. c-span is brought to you as a. public service by a cable or senator vitter >> vice president pence addressed -- satellite provider. >> vice president pence addressed -- he responded to a video by -cortez werecasio from two migrant detention centers at the u.s.-mexico concentration ♪


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