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tv   Washington Journal Tom Cole  CSPAN  July 12, 2019 3:29pm-3:34pm EDT

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between the united states and russia. when that is presented that way now, as a space race between china or israel, support shoots up to 49%. so, you know, that kind of thinking gets our competitive juices going. then we have that apollo era competition, you know, spirit happening, but not right now. >> you can find all of the results at including the findings on americans' attitudes towards space force and the privatization of space exploration. we are back with congressman tom cole, republican of oklahoma. let's talk about getting votes. no plan devote n -- devote -- to vote no. guest: it's about $15 billion less than the president requested. there are some policy changes i disagree with. it slows down the modernization
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of the nuclear arsenal and moves us away from the develop capability yield nuclear weapons -- develop low yield nuclear weapons. being moved to the united states. the senate has passed a bipartisan bill. 86-8. we are prepared to pass a partisan bill that he's already issued a veto threat against. not much sense in voting for something that is clearly not going to be anywhere near the final product. host: you say it does not spend enough on defense. however you have this headline, this banner on drudge report. "federal spending smashes record. deficit widens 23%." guest: until somebody is willing to deal with entitlement spending -- we are spending less on defense and overseas
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contingency operations, which is how you find warmaking then we were in 2010. we are spending less on nondefense discretionary items. been successive administrations have been unwilling to go where the money is at. you have to take a hard look at medicare, medicaid, social security. that is over 60% of federal spending. ost: we learned from the paper this morning that the speaker is aiming to have a vote on a clean debt ceiling bill. possibly combined it with the budget negotiations. she wants to do it before qld for the august break. would you vote for a clean debt ceiling? guest: i would. a lot would depend -- my
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recommendation would be we extended past the next election so we don't run into the some political spat causing a default, which would be catastrophic for the economy. we would look seriously at anything the speaker proposed. it would be better if we also coupled it with -- i suspect she caps prefer a cap steel -- deals. otherwise you risk a government shutdown or sequester in january, across-the-board cuts that would be damaging to defense and nondefense programs. host: what do you want to see in a budget deal to raise the caps on spending? guest: defense would be my number one. already. we ought to do the $750 billion the president proposed. i would prefer a nondefense number as we could get. i recognize democrats probably have a reverse priority and you
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need democratic and republican votes. the sad thing in washington is we live in divided government. everything accomplice has to be a compromise. you have to recognize that upfront and prepared to sit down and negotiate in good faith across the aisle. host: we will go to mary in auburn, new york. guest: -- caller: good morning. i have a comment. i was listening to your program manier with the democratic that was on. i can't forever what his name was. host: congressman kildee. caller: he was talking about the reason we rebuild foreign countries. him is i owns to my own home. if i give my money to my neighbor to improve their home
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now i'm in ame go, their home is raised it in value. the cities are going into disarray. i look at the city i lived in growing up and it was beautiful. now it is totally garbage all over, houses are not taking care of. host: congressman, do you agree with spending taxpayer dollars on foreign aid to help those in other countries? guest: i do. we don't spend very much. we have better than a $4 trillion budget. we spend less than $60 b


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