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tv   Road to the White House 2020 LULAC Presidential Candidates Forum  CSPAN  July 14, 2019 2:00am-3:57am EDT

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talks about his book once a cop. >> i was in a family of six. five girls and myself. my father left after the third grade. it is ironic in my book once a cop i have a picture of me in the fifth grade sitting in the front. i am holding my feet because i have holes in the bottom of my shoes and had cardboard so my socks would not get wet. i had a rough upbringing. i got involved and met some friends and they were selling drugs. it was like the thing to do. announcer 2: sunday night at 8:00 eastern on cue a day -- q and a. on thursday democratic presidential candidates participated in a forum hosted by the league of united american citizens. speaking at the event were former congressman and o'rourke of texas, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, former hud
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secretary julian castro and vermont senator bernie sanders area this is almost two hours. -- bernie sanders. this is almost two hours. [applause] >> just a quick heads up before we get started. you got two minutes for an introductory round to talk to the audience and then we will get going with the questions. just a quick thing i am going to , try to do the questions first in spanish and then in english, because we are live on univision. so you have two minutes. [speaking spanish] [speaking spa] thank you to all of our lulac chapters. [cheers and applause]
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i am julian i have twitter bet joaquin says i am one minute uglier than he is which is not true. i'm happy to be here this evening about conversation of the future of the country. we had our first presidential debate and at the end i said i was happy to be there in my presence on that stage marked some of the tremendous progress we have made is a latino community. the question before us the next few months is what kind of country do we want to be from cracks and then to achieve the dreams you have achieved because generations have worked for progress to make sure no matter the color of their skin if you went out
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for a - - an apartment to rent you can get good job opportunities. and exercise your right to vote at the ballot box. the question before us is if we continue to be that country that people in a matter who they are or what they look like what their last name is , or will we go backward to become a nation where opportunity is only afforded to those who live a certain way? who sound a certain way. i believe in the america that is expansive and all about opportunity for hard-working americans all over our country. i'm glad to be here because i
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know so many people in this room have made that beautiful progress possible. thank you so much for the work you are doing on behalf of lulac to create a stronger america for all of us. and to ensure all of those shoulders that we stand on we do right by bypassing that opportunity to the next generation in a country that's a - - better than before. >> and now we can talk in front of everybody. >> of course with that institution. >> out if you have been told
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to focus on english or not speak spanish at all? [speaking spanish] may be around half of the audience. if you frame that yourself in an interview recently. [speaking spanish] so how do you celebrate? it's about much more than just language. >> i have been asked a lot on the campaign trail how well i speak spanish and i tell people like a lot of second-generation latinos i
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understand it pretty well but i'm not fluent. i can speak some but one of the things i played to the mainstream media is i grew up in texas. my grandma got here in 1922 there were still signs on the windows that said no mexicans allowed. that is one of the reasons lulac was formed to make sure that the latino community and to push for equal rights in one of the things to happen is that spanish was looked down upon you would be punished
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even if you spoke spanish in class in the catholic schools so they would beat the spanish out of you and the saddest part is that in a lot of our families people started to look down on speaking the spanish-language. and wanting to teach their children english first. people here in the audience will remember those generations. one of the things i am proud of about the country today as we live in a country where understanding spanish and speaking that for another language now my daughter is in a bilingual program this is a wonderful thing. met the mark as the progress we have made to be a latino candidate the ability to speak spanish is something that is important to connect with the community is one part of that. and also where you stand on issues in your positions. >> let's talk about those features or proposals.
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>> [speaking spanish] with those proposals some are called extreme and unworkable. how do you respond quick. >> it's obviously not friendly. [laughter] i would say secretary johnson is wrong and vice president biden is wrong on this and congressman o'rourke is wrong on this and i will tell you why. since lulac is formed through 2004 we treated crossing the border as a civil violation not a criminal violation.
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so for years and years we did not treat that as a criminal violation and post 9/11 it was treated as a crime. a lot of the problems we see today exploded. and then to guarantee to use that law to incarcerate those parents from their children. we will not have that in the years to come if i am president. i will not abide by it. i will not stand for it. we will not do it. secretary johnson has suggested somehow that people will take that as open borders open borders is a talking point was 600 miles and
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personnel with planes and helicopters boats and guns and security cameras and we have the asylum process those that know they are presenting themselves at the border they are not trying to go anywhere. they want to present themselves so it makes no sense to make policy based out of political fear. i will not make policy based out of fear that those who need a voice right now. and we have these children that are separated from their parents and kept in conditions they don't have so poorer toothbrushes and crowded. they will be traumatized for the rest of their lives and i will not do that. i will work hard to make sure
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no future administration can weaponize that law to do what donald trump has done. >> some of the families and detention centers. >> i would say that people are coming are no different from the irish that fled from famine are coming from germany or poland or italy or from cuba in the sixties. everybody had desperate circumstances that the common denominator. they had just as much to add in this country is certain others have before. one of the things that distinguishes what i put forward versus the critics
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talk about solving the challenge i said we need to do at 20 percent marshall plan for central america to partners so they can find safety and opportunity at home instead of coming to the united states. that is a long-term way to solve. >> speak - - [speaking spanish] >> and with those full tuition scholarships if you make 5000 or less per year.
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>> i have been very blessed to go to the public schools in texas to get a good higher education allows me to provide for my family and give me the career success i have had. want to have those opportunities available to everybody. and with community colleges and job training and certification programs and those will remember university of texas system was almost tuition free university of california system through the late seventies and eighties was tuition free and a bunch of other state university systems one generation ago were tuition free. it is more imperative than ever to make that investment because if you know jobs require more knowledge and skill than ever before. so kids need to get that higher education.
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sometimes it is job training or certification program but they need something beyond high school and that's why we need to make that investment. i like what ut austin is doing but i would go further to make sure higher education is successful for everybody. [applause] [speaking spanish] >> now it is time for us to hear from the family of lulac we have questions sent in by members all over america. we have screened them and we have some of these guest tonight who will be asking you mister secretary some same questions. as a green card veteran and a bronze star recipient.
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and now to have in the audience to lines of veterans who are standing here before you. what is the significance quick. >> this war-torn helmet is to symbolize our brothers and sisters have protected our country. our members here are standing here in solidarity with our departed - - deported brothers and sisters to do whatever it takes to get them back. >> do you commit to have those individuals who have served this country greatly to be repatriated from exile cracks what is your answer quick. >> yes i will. first of all thank you very much for your service with your patriotism and to serve
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honorably. [applause] >> and also appreciate the voice you are giving on behalf of veterans who are deported which is shameful and the immigration plan i have i release on april 2nd, one of the things i called for is to immediately ensure that veterans who have been deported can come back into the united states to pursue citizenship here in the united states after they served honorably. we owe them a dad of gratitude the last thing we should see them is to be deported they should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. >> our next question is from a lulac member and is here to ask this question.
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>> that teacher shortage growing nationwide. what is your plan to improve the unequal distribution of highly qualified teachers and to motivate individuals to seek a career in education quick. >> thank you very much for the question. thank you to all the teachers who are in the audience. [applause] my father was a teacher and my wife has been a public educator. my brother and i are proud products of public schools i know the value of great teachers in our country one of the things i called for is to increase teacher pay. and we do that through a tax credit to range between
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$2000.10000 and would get higher on a sliding scale based on the percentage of students who were on free or reduced lunch. in other words we would incentivize teachers to go into those areas often times the most struggling schools in our country. and to get more teachers into the pipeline to invest in and the best remedy and recruitment because we have a lot of people that go into the teaching profession but after one or three years they leave go they get frustrated they are not sure if it's for them and that's true in the united states i would invest in teacher recruitment and training to help them succeed
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professionally to stay and do a good job in those schools paragraph to tell you part of my experience is that after college and before law school i go back to my old high school thomas jefferson high school in san antonio texas perk i was a permanent substitute teacher paraguay had one class had 37 people , one had 38 the other had 39. i knew right away i knew very little how to teach effectively and i gained a tremendous amount of respect for what it takes to be a good teacher. is not just a simple going into the classroom to talking but it's a craft that takes skill and understanding and often times you're also a counselor. so we need to invest in those teachers.
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>> and we need to pay them what they deserve. [applause] >> our next question comes from milwaukee wisconsin. >> hello and as a teacher thank you very much. if elected what will you do to reduce gun violence and how do you plan working with republicans in congress quick. >> thank you very much for the question and even more so for your activism you all have inspired so many across the country as the parkland students have as well. i believe in several things. first of all common sense gun reform to get universal background checks limit the capacity of magazines. a renewed assault weapons ban
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and pass red flag laws to stop folks from getting a gun who should never get in the first place. close loopholes like the charleston people and the boyfriend loophole. and i believe like we end the distinction with physical health care and mental health care to invest in mental health care in our country. so a lot of people who died especially with a handgun. too many people suffer in silence with depression that they spiraled downward in silence. until they take their own
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life. so to connect the dots to make sure we are investing in a productive way the stigma that goes with mental health issues. so by doing that it will have a positive effect on reducing gun violence when it comes to death by suicide. like smart targeted gun buybacks. we can make the country safer. >> we have one minute left. but one more question from mary who was from wisconsin. >>. >> what do you propose to do about student loan borrowers who are still struggling to pay off the loan? there are student loan forgiveness plans but how does the program you would initiate work? for example if you propose to pay 75 percent of the loan
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with the unsubsidized speed paid off first then the remaining 25 percent with the income -based repayment plan still be available quick. >> i apologize we have very little time. >> i hope people will go to my website to check out my education plan that includes student loan debt relief. this is a huge problem in our country saddling too much to prevent people from buying a home or starting a family. my plan addresses that. if you make less than 250 percent of the federal poverty level than the repayment is zero. if you make over that then the most you repay is 10 percent of your income and the total amount you pay would be capped. interest would be capped as well. go to julian to check out the - - the full plan thank you.
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[applause] [speaking spanish] >> there will be the democratic national convention. >> thank you very much for having me here thank you lulac we have a large texas contingent. thank you for being here. this election is all about what we want the nation to become in the years ahead. if you elect me president i will work hard every single day to make sure your children and grandchildren have a
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strong program to work hard for the local school districts to make sure it works for everybody in this country i will work hard to ensure you and your family can have good health care when you need it to have universal healthcare where you live or your background you can get it when you need it. and have a good job opportunity whether you live in a big city or small town so to provide for your family and no matter the color of your skin or your sexual orientation how you identify whether a man or woman, you can reach your dreams in this country. my grandma came here seven years old from mexico worked as a babysitter she never finished elementary school. my mom raised me and my brother is a single parent and
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two generations after my grandmother got here with almost nothing one is now the congressman from san antonio the other one is here asking for your support to be president of the united states. the great united states of america. and with your support on january 20th, 2021 we will say adios to donald trump. [cheers and applause] [speaking spanish] >> when asked the former national president of lulac.
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and what your reaction does he convince you and have a solid response to questions he was asked quick. >> absolutely not only does he have my vote he has my money. [applause] >> please stand. what did you think about what you heard from the secretary. >> it was very genuine and i think it's a great opportunity not just for the community but for all of those who are willing to put in hard work and to see immigration reform to continue to move this country forward. >> do you think he has that temperament to take on someone like donald trump who attacks very personally and aggressively? >> i think so. >> you ask the tough question. you asked about the repatriating men and women
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deported after serving this country. is that a broken promise in your view? for those who came here to serve in uniform quick. >> definitely. >> they serve their country. >> did he answer your question quick. >> he did. and it's to get these folks back sooner. >>. >> can you see doing what he is doing seeking public office quick. >> i would run for congress the minute i get the chance to at the age of 25. >> you should see the sparkle in his eyes. thank you for this reaction you are very happy over here. where you from. >> so there you are from strawberry country to the central coast of california so tell us about that community.
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could julian castro connect with them quick. >> absolutely. so what when you're listening to their answers quick. >> everybody one - - everything he says from the military and he got my attention. >>. >> and we continue with elizabeth warren. [applause] [speaking spanish]
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[speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> and now to come up on stage welcome to elizabeth warren. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you.
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so let me start by saying thank you so much inviting me to be here. there is a whole range of issues i know are important to the community from education to housing and entrepreneurship i hope we can talk about all of them. but i want to say at the top about my immigration plan if i can. it starts with the basic premise immigration is good for the united states of america. [applause] it helps us to build a strong economy for all of those around the world. our immigration system is broken and donald trump goes out there every single day to exploit that to his political and. but we all know it but is
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broken long before donald trump came along. and we need big change immigration. we need the kind of change that helps us build a stronger. future that is about our security and building a part two
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citizenship for every one who is here to stay. [applause] is for the >> for our neighbors, people who have started his misses. who work on farms. it's for people who've been here for years and who are part of our great american family and that path to citizenship has to be both fair and achievable. part three is tuesday. tuesday to stop the crisis at the border. i will stop the crisis of the border. [applause] no great nation tears families apart. no great nation walks up children.
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the fourth part is to say quickly the need to provide more around the world particularly in central america. help us to push the rule of law, make a little investment in the economy and not so many people will feel that they need to run for their lives. we should be a country that builds a future here in america and encourages others to do good all around the world. [applause] i'm going to ask a question first in spanish and then i will jump right into english [speaking spanish] i want to start asking about breaking news today president trump decided to withdraw his challenge to include the citizenship question in the census. what's your reaction?
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>> wow, he's going to follow the law. [cheering] he said there will be other ways to get this information. >> it's not abou about trying td out real information about citizenship in america. it's about trying to stir up for hate, to get people excited. he has one big message to the american people. if there's something wrong in your life, something that's not working, blame them, people who don't look like you, people who don't sound like you, people who don't pray like you, blame the people who were not born where you are born. he wants to build an america that puts working people against hard-working people. that isn't how we build a future in this country. we build a future together. that is how we make a stronger america. [applause] [cheering]
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>> [speaking spanish] he has millions of followers. we focus too much on him. how do we make sure the followers of don't feel in franchised as many feel under trump? >> the question in 2020 is who the government should work for. this isn't a problem again and just started with trump. we've gone for a long time where america has worked better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top and it's not working well for anyone. it's great for the giant drug companies but not for someone getting a prescription filled.
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it's great for the oil companies that want to drill everywhere to stop for those of us working to get to worrying about climate change bearing down upon us. it works great for the corporate executives, for billionaires, but not for the rest of us. so here is how i see this we have a chance in 2020 in a democracy to take this back and make the government work for all of us. we can attack the corruption of a government in washington that only works for those with money. we can attack it head on and make the government work not just for those at the top, but for everyone. we can help restructure the economy and strengthen unions so working people have a voice in this economy. [applause] we can put a wealth tax in place. taxing to send from the top one tenth of 1% and you know what we
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could do with that? we could provide universal child care, babies ages zero to five in this country. think about that coming universal pre- k. for every 3-year-old into 4-year-old. raise the wages of every child care worker in preschool to the professional levels they deserve. [applause] tuition free technical school, community college and four year college for every one of our kids who wants to get an education. [applause] $50 billion into historically black colleges and universities and minorities serving institutions, level playing field. [applause] and cancel student loan debt for 95% of the kids who got it. [applause] [cheering] that's how we build a future for everyone, democrat and republican. [applause] >> [speaking spanish]
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i want to get your thoughts on some of the backlash against the u.s. soccer team after they came back with there for days before the world cup. what do you think about that? >> i love women and soccer. come on. [cheering] i have to say both my kids played soccer, and my husband, bless him, didn't play soccer but he became a soccer coach because that is what good daddies do. [laughter] he is t used to say when he firt started out you know, -- he was a very good tennis player, very driven and that's the kind of person he is. he said coaching little growth of soccer is kind of a different world. you are in running drills into somebody says a butterfly.
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[laughter] he said but over time i truly believe, i watched them as he coached in first or daughter atr grew up and then our son. i think soccer made with our children and my husband better people, so why name. [applause] >> it's about a chance. it is a women's team that gets out there every day and produces a. when the women produce then they ought to be paid for it. come on. [cheering] i think they agree. >> [speaking spanish] we just got another record-breaking month in terms of heat in june. we talk about a climate emergency that we ar but we areg
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any leadership from this administration. >> [speaking spanish] what would you do in the first 100 days of your administration? >> i think we are getting leadership from the administration, they are just leading us in the wrong direction and it's important to turn this around. this is a crisis. it's the one that threatens our very exist on this planet. i see this as a two part. one is you do everything you can do that a president can do by herself -- [cheering] and for example, on the first day i will put in place a moratorium so there will be no new drilling or mining on any federal land or offshore drilling. that moves us in the right direction. reed joined the paris climate accord. people move in that direction.
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i also have a bigger bill and this is a green manufacturing belt. let me do this in as short a view as i can. think of it this way. as we move forward, the united states, we could get to that zero emissions by 23. 23. it's ambitious we could do it and that woulandthat would selle problem. we have a worldwide problem talking about climate, so think of it this way. there is an upcoming 23 trillion-dollar world's worldwide market for green, green energy, green products that help clean the air, help clean the water. one hasn't been invented yet so here's my plan. first we do what we do really well in the united states and that is we invest heavily, ten times more in research and development and creating all of
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those new ways to do all of those new products. number two can anybody that wants to develop them and turn them into a product you can do it you just have to build it here in the united states. american taxpayers pay for it, we build and create those in the u.s. in third we need to increase our marketing and sales of the products all around the world. china out spends us right now 100-1 on marketing their products around the world. we need to do that and that will produce about 1.2 million new manufacturing jobs right here in the u.s.. this is a way to create a future, to build allies and to protect the planet and create a green sustainable planet for all of us going forward.
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>> thank you, senator warren. [applause] [cheering] >> [speaking spanish] thank you and welcome, senator. i want to ask the first question which has to do with criminal justice we invite richard from hollister california to ask that question. >> given the current conditions of the criminal justice system owhat steps do you plan to take to prevent this justice as reported specifically the one regarding mr. epstein and the secretary. >> thank you. [laughter] i'm guessing from that question that you actually believe in accountability. here's the problem we've got an americinamerica we have to juste system, one for people that are rich and can hire lawyers and lobbyists and have lots of connections and friends and one for everybody else.
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but the words engraved over the supreme court of the united states are equal justice under law and that is what we have to abide by. [applause] let me say this about it. we need to reform our criminal justice system from the front end would we declare illegal overweighallthe way through thee system itself where mr. epstein got a pass i didn't know was available to people through incarceration and at the end helping people reenter the communities when they've served their time. i have plans in every part of this but i will mention a couple. there are so many places here where race intersects the notion of justice and that people of color are simply treated differently from white people and let me give you some examples.
2:46 am
we know for example, from the data that african-americans and whites on exactly the same crimes african-americans are more likely to be arrested, detained, taken to trial, to be convicted and have harsher sentences. that is a criminal justice system that is broken and it is for all of us in america to live our values. that means we need public defenders, we need to change the cash bail system, we need to get rid of for-profit prisons. no one should make money by locking people up. [applause] [cheering] >> just a quick follow-up because it is relevant to the question. >> [speaking spanish] are you also supporting senator
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schumer on this that the senator re-sign? >> yes. i was there a long time ago. [applause] >> let me count the ways. >> the next question deals with porter rico and this was sent in by carlos from new york. sir, your question. >> sander comes to be this basic -- [inaudible] >> >> label suppor >> i will support of the puerto rican people want. if they vote for statehood, count me in. [applause] to that point the victims of the worst hurricane to ever strike the island were thrown paper towels. 23 months later they were still waiting for help.
2:48 am
to what do you attribute the fact they had to wait for nearly two years to get aid that also would have been dispensed quite differently in other parts of america? >> i think this is part of donald trump's same plan to see people who don't look like you and sound like you, people who don't worship like you or who are born where you were born everything is their fault, treat them differently. he treats them as if they are not part of our country and they are. people from puerto rico served in the military at higher ranks than most other places in the country. i have three brothers that are veterans and we honor the service of those in puerto rico. [applause] hard-working people who deserve more respect than they have been given. >> does that mean that you commit when you are elected to immediately provide the promised relief that they were given and never delivered upon? >> yes. >> thank you. [applause]
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the next question is on immigration and specifically asked status marriages. up the invit we invite from chio illinois and a member here is the question she has to offer. >> my question for you and this is coming from someone also from a mixed status family i have a sister that is a citizen but has been delayed a and disposes of dreamers we need a candidate i that will advocate for all of our families that have separated every day by mass deportations and i would also like to add the borders are no longer just
2:50 am
himself. at the borders are in our communities and homes and they are willing to come in and separate us. we have a bill. are you willing to support it or do you have a better bill? >> i actually think i have a better bill but i want you to understand about this it was written in part by spending a lot of time with mixed status families and that is how i came to the understanding that i understand why we want to protect our dreamers. what does it mean to protect a dreamer but her mother is taken away, if her father is taken away commits an older sibling is taken away or a younger sibling has missed the time cutoff. we are about families that stay together a bit of a question qun
2:51 am
here's a guide by melissa from milwaukee wisconsin if i could ask her to come forward here is her question for tonight. >> i'm so glad you raised this issue. i want everybody here to think about what's happened with mental health in this country. you go to an emergency room and say i think i've broken my leg. they find a way to treat you that come in with a mental health problem and they say come back in three weeks. they say i'm sorry you only get this many treatments.
2:52 am
whether it's what you need or not. now, i want to be clear on this part. the wall says mental health must be treated the same as physical health. that means coverage is supposed to under the law be the same. but this is one more example of where our government isn't on our side. they are not fighting the insurance company over this. they just bound to the insurance companies. so here is my promise to you. mental health issue does matter to me. and i have the courage to take on insurance companies all across this country and make sure that they provide equal coverage and that the government provide equal coverage. >> i want to ask you about education. [applause] the question submitted by the members what are you going to do for the low-income communities
2:53 am
and the children of color are struggling with schools that need school supplies and also accommodate schools that don't have things to teach the kids with the tools they need? >> let me go back to where i started a few minutes ago i want to underline this for everyone. it is one tenth of 1%, the greatest fortunes in this country. it's about 75,000 fortunes. the first 50 million free and clear crazy for you rely swift vets. [laughter] on the 50 million you've got to pitch in to sens 2 cents and evy dollar after that produces enough money to start making real investments in our kids. i started with universal child care, universal pre- k. for
2:54 am
every three-year-old and 4-year-old raising the wages of preschool teachers and childcare workers but also carries through what we need to be giving in k-12. i've supported violate them in the senate more investment into schools and making sure that that money goes to the schools that need it most and have the children that need it most. this is about money and numbers but here's the deal is about our values. is it more important to leave 2 cents on the dollar at the gazillion error were to say we e glad you made it big every other kid has a chance to.
2:55 am
thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and for coming here if you have two minutes for your closing statements. it is a great honor to be here with all of you. i grew up in a family that was a paycheck to paycheck family and sometimes didn't have a paycheck as i mentioned earlier all of my brothers went off and joined the military. i had a different dream from the time i was in second grade i knew what i wanted to do. i wanted to be a public school teacher and that was my dream. by the time i graduated from high school, my dad was working as a janitor and we didn't have money for me to apply much less four years of college. i have a twisty story on how it all happened but ultimately i ended up at the university of houston which back then --
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[applause] a college that cost $50 a semester. for the price i could pay for on a part-time waitress job i got a diploma and became a special needs teacher. i have lived my dream job. [applause] i am somebody that has lived opportunity and that came from the fact other people around this country made an investment to make that education available to me. i am grateful and the reason i'm running for president of the united states is out of gratitude. i want us to be in america that doesn't just work for those at the top. i want this to be in america that fulfills the dream of opportunity access to every kid
2:57 am
you get out there and work hard. the sky is the limit. here i am. i got the opportunity to be a public school teacher, to be a college professor, to be a united states senator and a candidate fo for president of te united states. [applause] [cheering] dream big and fight hard. [applause] [cheering] now we take a straw poll this is an opportunity to get your reaction may i invite you over we have heard two of the four candidates i'm at random picking people love of the audience may i have your name, please.
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>> you are right here in your hometown. tonight she wasn't going to muco much into the weeds chivas again to the points. >> i felt like she was honest and open with us tonight and it's up to us to dig deep into what her thoughts are and get that information for the source is the only get a snippet today but it's up to us to figure out what impact she can make. >> thank you for having us in your hometown. i want to invite to the state of california one of the academic leaders in the state you heard her response very simply and very clear on the issue of privatization of public education was she convincing with you? >> she was convincing but i wish that she had more time to talk about the dangers of
2:59 am
privatization. the for all of her career i believe we will take on privatization. >> everyone seems to feel education is one of the top priority is. you spent your life and education and yet we are still struggling with some of the achievement gaps in the districts around america. your reaction to that? .. >>
3:00 am
[speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> senator bernie sanders. welcome. [cheers and applause] >> good to see you. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> let me thank lulac and all of you for doing incredibly
3:01 am
important work here you are doing at this unprecedented and dangerous moment in american history. it gives me no pleasure to tell you what you already know then that tragically we have a president who today is a racis racist, who is a big it and a xenophobe, and is an embarrassment to everything this country stands for. [cheers and applause] my father was named eli and he came to this country at the age of 17 from poland and he came with very little education without a nickel in his pocket and could not speak one word of english.
3:02 am
he is exactly the kind of person that donald trump does not want coming into the united states. we know that trump is doing something unprecedented as a president and in order to win votes appealing to the most basic instincts of people from where we came from or our religion or sexual orientation and the reason that trump will lose the upcoming election to do the exact opposite to bring the american people together. black and white and let you know. - - latino asian american.
3:03 am
we will bring our people to gather around and agenda that works for all of us as wealthy campaign contributors. so not only will be and bigotry in this country that move forward to provide health care to all people as a right and make public colleges and universities tuition free. [applause] we will given one - - guarantee health care to every man and woman and child. >> good to see you again. [speaking spanish] >> i little bit of spanish. >> i know that i speak very very fast. [laughter] [speaking spanish]
3:04 am
>> so many of those issues we're talking about law on the campaign trail talking about in 2016 moving the party to the left and how will you regain ownership crack. >> i feel proud because all that we are doing is what the american people want us to do. the american people want an economy and government that works for all of us not just the 1 percent. the american people know we are the only major country on earth. i'm supposed to look at you? [laughter] they are more interesting than i am.
3:05 am
every other major country on earth guarantees health care to all people as a right. we have got to do the same. [applause] we have too many young people in this country from one - - you come from the families like i came from that don't have a lot of money and cannot afford to go to college. therefore we are losing their ability and their potential to be doctors and scientist. that is why we have got to make sure that all of the young people have the opportunity to have an entire education. other countries are doing it. it is a radical idea to make publish it - - public colleges and universities tuition free. i will tell you something else we should be doing to the top 1 percent we should cancel student debt in this country. [cheers and applause]
3:06 am
>> i'm just over here on the stage. that's fine. [laughter] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> what did you say? [laughter] >> some of those younger candidates have to pass the torch how is that generational change? i think we need a lot of change in this country to tell you the truth. but we look for candidates and experience as a factor in age is a factor the record is a factor. most and partly what that candidate stands for is a facto factor.
3:07 am
[applause] and i would simply say as honestly as i can knowing all the candidates. they are all good people. if you look at my record there are very few, if any candidates out there who spend as much time and effort, with success to stand up for the working people of this country. [applause] and once we talk about age you also have to talk about vision where do we want to go as a nation? so let me be very clear. i know not everybody agrees with me i am criticized every day but i don't believe america is about three people owning more wealth than the bottom half of the country.
3:08 am
[applause] i don't believe it is about giving massive tax breaks to people who don't need it and we have 500,000 people sleeping out on the streets of this country. we need to build affordable housing so they don't pay 40 or 50 percent of their limited income and housing. instead of having a president who denies the reality of climate change, we need a president who will lead the world in transforming our energy to move away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency. [applause] this is an incredible threat not just to the united states
3:09 am
or for latin america but africa, asia, europe. you already read about the heat wave in europe and india and people are dying right now. what the scientists are telling us that if we do not act aggressively to transform her energy system that within 12 years, which is no time at all, the damage done to this planet will be irreparable. here is my vision. it's a radical idea i don't know if it will ever happen but this is what i would do is a president. i would go to russi russia, china, brazil, india all countries around the world and tell them that instead of spending a trillion and a half dollars every year on weapons of destruction designed to kill other human beings, we should use our resources to
3:10 am
come together to fight our common enemies which is climate change. [cheers and applause] >> [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> lowering the cost of healthcare is the number one issue for our most recent poll for latinos. i know you have been asked that question a thousand times but with a republican congress had to get them to support that hyper partisanship we have seen quick. >> we will make the republicans an offer they cannot refuse. [laughter]
3:11 am
first of all my sincere hope is we will get rid of republican control of the united states senate. [cheers and applause] and i will work as hard as i can to make that happen. second of all we have some democrats as well to be honest with you. every nation we have to answer to questions and people disagree. first, do we believe that healthcare is a human right which should be enjoyed by all people rich or poor? [applause] i think most americans believe that. the second question is if we believe that if you think that is absurd that in america today we have 34 million
3:12 am
people who have no health insurance, even more who are underinsured they hits the latino community particularly hard, if we are spending twice as much per person on health care than any other country, if we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, if the function of the current healthcare system is not to provide quality care to all but to make huge profits for drug companies and the insurance companies, to me the answer is we need to move to medicare for all. and the way we do that and the way we bring that about is the way real change always takes place if anybody understands
3:13 am
history america or any other country on earth the only way to change from the bottom up never from the top down. so what that means is millions have to stand up to the drug companies and insurance companies and anybody in congress to say sorry. i am a human being and my children are human beings. as human beings we are entitled to health care as a right. [cheers and applause] you want to ask how we will pay for that? we already pay for that. we are spending twice as much per capita on healthcare than any other country he pay through it to your out-of-pocket expenses, premiums and deductibles and copayments and high prescription drugs. we can lower the cost of healthcare substantially for
3:14 am
the vast majority of the people through public funding of a medicare for all single-payer system. [applause] >> we will open the floor to questions. >> senator sanders thank you for so very much i was breakfasts on - - i would request brevity and the answers. so on the behalf of reggie gonzalez the question for the senator. >> do you favor or abolishment of the electoral college? >> it is hard to defend a system that we have a president who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. [applause]
3:15 am
and in dallas texas i also love the polling data based on recent polling more than half of them prefer to keep their private health insurance. >> so the function is that they should with doctors and
3:16 am
hospitals and nurses. under medicare for all, people will have absolute freedom of choice regarding doctors and hospitals and a choice because of it's not in your network you have to pay out-of-pocket. please eliminate that and provide freedom of choice. so they can go to any doctor they want with private health insurance. here's the bottom line making $69 billion of profit the top five insurance companies ma may $23 billion the function of healthcare should not be to make huge profits and the insurance company. >> thank you senator. the next comes from austin texas and we have a question that has been submitted who
3:17 am
will handle that question for you quick. >> lulac is all about education and civil rights where are you on education and student loan debt quick. >> as anybody who introduce the concept of making public colleges and universities tuition free mod proud of our success university of texas just announced they will have free tuition on the austin campus california san francisco free at community college new york state new york university medical school announced a few months ago free tuition for medical students. we are making progress but the bottom line is that you know and i know if our kids make in the middle class we need an entire education not just college but job training for
3:18 am
sheet metal workers and they have to provide that in a way that is free like i said earlier. if we could bail out wall street one.$5 trillion in tax breaks then we damn well can cancel student debt in this country. [applause] >> so on immigration. >> much of the immigration from central america is due to instability from the northern triangle from failed policy. the western hemisphere is now like the middle east. what you do to help alleviate or mitigate that violence and corruption in central america?
3:19 am
and for peace in that region of the world? >> good question. >> are you looking at somebody who not only voted against the north american free trade agreement and one of the reasons is that i understood what would happen to farmers in mexico and elsewhere who could not compete with what was manufactured in the united states and as a result of that policy they lost they had no income where will they go? so here is a promise that i make everybody here understands only under dire circumstances of mama take baby to travel 1000 miles. that mother flees the violence
3:20 am
of the honduras and elsewhere. so i would say it would be very busy but very shortly we have to deal with the crisis to bring the leadership in honduras and guatemala on - - guatemala into the oval office to say to say corruption is no question about it. how can the united states play a positive role to deal with violence and terrible poverty that exist everything equal nobody wants to travel there would rather stay home and live in peace and security.
3:21 am
[speaking spanish] >> what would you support. >> not the one that trump is offering but historically trade agreements have not been written with the needs of working people or for those people in mind or mexico or canada for that matter they are written to protect the profits of the large multinational corporations who write the agreements behind closed doors. it is an agreement that works for working people of the united states and canada. >> we have two minutes left. >> as someone who is supported
3:22 am
your campaign and is supportive of universal healthcare for all irrespective of its name, how specifically do you plan to convince the american peopl people, not just the democratic party you are the right person for the role of president of the united states quick. >> this is an issue in terms of universal healthcare , looking at the united states senator who has lead that effort for a number of years. you are looking at the senator who wrote the bill has 15 cosponsors in the senate and a similar bill in the house with over well over 100 cosponsors and looking at the senator who is prepared to take on the insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry in terms of healthcare at the end of this month i will do what i did 20 years ago to pay people from the united states across the canadian border to buy insulin for one tenth of the
3:23 am
price that they pay in america so to answer your question the record will indicate if you want someone to stand up to the greed of the insurance companies to substantially lower the cost to guarantee health care to all people. [applause] [speaking spanish] teefour. >> thank you so much. >> and thank you to all of you
3:24 am
for the important work you are doing especially this moment in american history. earlier today i had a meeting with folks here in milwaukee and i told them what i have seen time and time again, a young person come up with tears in her eyes talking about her fears as an undocumented person. i have talked to young kids 13 or 14 years of age or scared to death that when they leave school and go home their mother or father may not be there here is another promise that i make to you that we will end the hatred and the xenophobia that currently exist in this country with legal status of the
3:25 am
one.8 million people in me will move through comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented. [applause] and we will develop a humane at the border not one that criminalizes people for having traveled a thousand miles not one that rips babies out of the arms of their mothers this is not just what i want or what you want this is what the american people went together we will add the hatred and the divisiveness to create the nation of love and compassion that we must become thank you very much.
3:26 am
[cheers and applause] >> we will continue right now of course we have opportunity i know you are with the green card veterans and that is a significant issue but tonight you've heard three candidates talk about a lot of things what has most impressed you about what they said quick. >> i have always been a fan of bernie. but tonight was very direct and no-nonsense attitude. >> she has been called a lot of names. how do you think she would react if he calls or something like that in a debate if nominated. >> she would not care and keep
3:27 am
on going. >> tonight have you made a different decision from what you came in thinking? >> not yet. >> you are still waiting. >> and want to get a reaction from different people in the audience. please come over because she comes from the immediate state director so i will ask you over here you've had a chance to study these candidates up close has he held his own or how would you rate - - rank him tonight quick. >> yes i think they all have such significant issues so it will be very difficult because i think they all hit the nail on the head and then to continue to see straight on
3:28 am
with those issues to change their mind but so far they have all done a terrific job. >> is this their setting where they feel the latinos are here to listen and support quick. >> it is a popular organization. >> [speaking spanish]
3:29 am
>> beto o'rourke. [applause] >> you have two minutes for your opening and we will take it from there. >> it is a huge honor for me to be here with you tonight. for those of you from el paso texas, i knew you would be here. if you are not from el paso texas we are lucky enough to live in the largest binational community in the western hemisphere. in the middle of the chihuahua desert in the foot of the rocky mountains of 3 million people from two countries
3:30 am
speaking to languages, to histories, to cultures who are joined and not separated by the rio grande river than the sum of the parts of the number of people involved if not one of the safest cities in america have. we are safe because we're a city of immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees and yet inexplicably and in the shadow of a wall built with the best of intentions those who seek a better life we have a border patrol station outside of el paso that houses hundreds of children some separated from their parents sleeping on
3:31 am
concrete floors under alumina blankets not afforded deibert's on - - diapers or cleaning supplies or toothpaste for the older children. right now in america the largest incarceration of children who committed no crime in the history of this country with the exception of the internment of japanese americans. so in that same community we have a gentleman who may be here tonight this catholic charities seeks to reunite those families that have been separated provide housing and shelter for those throughout the most vulnerable moment in their life there are hundreds to keep vigil just outside the station and this convinces me the worst of what is happening today will be met by the best
3:32 am
of the fellow americans like el paso to make sure we live up to our potential and fulfill the promise. thank you. >> i'm doing spanish and englis english. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] and with those mass deportations so what is your reaction to this quick. >> what president trump is already doing and i describe that it el paso texas what he
3:33 am
proposed to do this we can with the massive raids internal enforcement will separate potentially thousands of families, many of whom who have committed no crime in this country or pose no threat to the united states of america not only a stain on our conscience but also make us less safe as a country. [speaking spanish] [cheers and applause] >> to make our communities safe we don't need to deport people around them up when immigrant communities fear local 41 - - law enforcement they are less likely to report crimes to serve as witnesses they are no longer
3:34 am
participating in the civic life of communities to be less safe that's why as president i will lead the effort to rewrite the immigration laws to reflect our values here in milwaukee and el paso texas the very presence makes us stronger and more successful and safer and more secure so forever after never criminalize another person who comes to seek refuge or asylum at the border for those that are detained right now reunite them with their parents with the same strategy in el salvador and honduras to reduce the need to flee violence and crushing poverty and hunger to make sure legal permanent permanent residence of more than 1 million dreamers never again fear
3:35 am
deportation to a country that they don't know here in this country tonight to get right and register for security and safety that is what i will do as president of the united states. [speaking spanish] many people said just focus on the senate race instead of running for president. >> i want to serve this country in the most consequential position available to make sure
3:36 am
everything you are discussing here tonight that we are able to accomplish what i learned from that senate run in texas in 2017 along with many of you is that if we go everywhere of those 254 counties if we take no one for granted we can do the impossible at the end of the day in texas more than any democrat in the history of that state for the first time embedded young people turn out 200 percent of what they did in 2014 now there two new members of congress both democrats and republicans who help to support the house of representatives with the composition of the state legislature 17 african-american women elected
3:37 am
to judicial positions in harris county in the most diverse cities what if we were able to lead a grassroots movement across the country it is a movement and that a person that will defeat donald trump in 2022 reunify a very divided and polarized country to work on the biggest challenges we have ever faced. >> and now that you mention president trump. [speaking spanish] what is the biggest mistake the president has done with foreign policy quick. >> there is an open question in the world tonight may be in
3:38 am
this room is the future a democratic one to choose those who represent our interest or autocratic rule by strongmen and dictators our president has chosen vladimir putin who not only invited to invade our democracy in 2016 but renew the invitation just this year after the release of the mueller report in philippines and egypt on those dictators to leave behind the allies and democracy whether mexico and canada or north america with the european union and nato every challenge we face whether a trade imbalance or the invasion of democracy with russia or the potential of a nuclear armed iran to face the
3:39 am
challenges together with friends and allies and in some cases in a crucible of blood and sacrifice going all the way back to world war ii and lastly to elevate the priority of this hemisphere progression not have come as a surprise to us that tens of thousands of children are willing to make a 2000-mile journey seeking refuge and safety in this country we went to work the communities in el salvador to work with those stakeholders in the region to make sure we address these issues before they become problems there. [applause] [speaking spanish]
3:40 am
[speaking spanish] >> this is my message to the members of border patrol. and there to protect the united states for smuggling illegal drugs of people they must remain vigilant. it has never happened before seeking to explore - - exploit our border for the united states of america. and that gratefulness for the work that they do and to act
3:41 am
with impunity as we have seen throughout the history of border patrol. whether it is the awful comments made from representative escobar visiting that border patrol station where the inhumane treatment under their care or the fact that those that have died under their custody over the last year has to be oversight and accountability and as a member of congress to introduce with a republican to do just this that they have that power over the rest of us than those who approach the country at the border to have that oversight and accountability necessary and as president i will guarantee that to make sure to redo that legislatively by executive
3:42 am
order i am grateful that we hold them to the highest of all standards. >> so next barbara will ask the question it has to do with the topic of equal pay. >> and those that are employed full-time latinas are pay just 53 cents for every dollar to white non-hispanic men. how do you deal with the wage disparity quick. >> thank you for the question. signed into law was the paycheck fairness act you are no longer penalized for
3:43 am
sharing your wage level or history with fellow employees so you know where you stand and can take action to have the support of the courts if necessary. we also ensure previous wage history is not used as a factor to setting future wages if you were paid 53 cents on the dollar for your working life and that is a used going forward you are only be starting lower than where you should be. in addition we will ratify the equal rights amendment. [applause] equal protection and then to perform the economic life in america thank you. >> the next question is on the topic and the question will be asked. please come forward.
3:44 am
here you are. [laughter] >> last year hate crimes report show once again an increase of attacks of lgbtq people in the united states and the administration working with law enforcement with the education system to reduce a crimes against marginalized communitie communities. >> thank you for the question. i think we first have to acknowledge why some of this is happening. for the last three years there has been a rise in hate crimes every single year.
3:45 am
we have a president who describes mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals and as an infestation you have been given tacit approval to give those children in cages. signing an executive order to be in muslim travel you may explain why on that same day that mosques was burned to the groun ground. and also via twitter a transgender troop band that violence we have seen under this administration the inexplicable can become explained. we must go further to reverse that transgender troop in which i will do a day number one and sign into law the equality act that guarantees the full civil rights of every single american. >> i want to thank you for that response.
3:46 am
asking about climate from the state of new mexico. >> what are your plans to protect our environment and help with climate control clicks. >> thank you for the question. we will make sure that we save the planet for the generations that follow us. we will guarantee those communities that are disproportionately impacted by climate change very often lower income communities and minority majority communities are fortified against the droughts and fires that's part of what we are experiencing right now we will do this by mobilizing $5 trillion over the next ten years to invest in people and communities and housing and infrastructure to raise the next generation of technologies to allow us to be free of the dependence of fossil fuels to create the high wage high-value high skilled jobs coming to america
3:47 am
as a result. talking about foreign policy earlier to make sure each one is doing their part to keep global warming after which the storms and droughts and fires we're seeing today that will pale in comparison if all of us to everything that we can not half steps are half measures are half the country but include everyone in the solution, we will be after the greatest and most existential challenge we have ever faced. >> we need to move on. this question has to do with the economy in the working middle class in america. >> thank you. the national vice president for young adults and collegiate students the middle class has been impoverished do
3:48 am
you have programs to bring back a true middle-class quick. >> thank you. yes. let's begin by elevating one - - elevating the prominence of unions to make sure more women and men can join in the apprenticeship to teach them a trade or skill they would command for the rest of their lives that allow them to command a living wage and let's make sure the call for better education is affordable for every single american and we radically expand the public service debt forgiveness program to take care of those veterans they can focus on doing that to wipe clean their debt. let's make sure the minimum wages living wage of $15 an hour everywhere in this country paid family leave without exception for every american and healthcare. health care is fundamental to the success of this country and middle-class high-quality
3:49 am
primary health care every woman make your own decision of your own body to have access that makes that possible. >> we have one minute left how do you heal america after president trump quick's. [laughter] >> certainly it cannot be with more division, pettiness and meanness. he is dividing the country with the wall he seeks to construct and the cages in which he has placed those kids. into that fear we must bring the courage and confidence and ambition and we must bring everyone. if you are republican or democrat or independent live in a big city or small town we will not write you off but bring you win not just into the campaign or the election but the single solution to every challenge we face as a
3:50 am
country. >> yes or no will you call immediately for the closure of the concentration camp child detention centers quick. >> yes. [cheers and applause] >> before we say goodbye you want to make a point. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> i mentioned el paso at the outset of my comments i like to close with a reference to my community. texas held the first high
3:51 am
school baseball championship in 1949 they were also who enter the competition their uniforms hand sewn their gloves made from scrap material by their dads. they won the city and regional championship traveled to austin and i and our trip where along the way restaurants and hotels said no dogs or mexicans allowed in fact the night before they play the championship game they slept on the field under the bleachers where they would compete the next day and they won that game. [cheers and applause] they bring back distinction and honor to el paso to this and want us to this country. and as they grew into adulthood they met the intolerant the racist but that
3:52 am
same courage and perseverance in that ability to overcome. that's exactly what we need right now in this country at this moment whether the challenges healthcare are we writing immigration laws or a more inclusive economy to be there for those that veterans who battle for this countr country, want to make sure we bring everybody in. those who do not come to the same conclusion on the same issues that i do that before we or anything else race or ethnicity or party affiliation we are americans first and human beings and that is the way we will live to our full potential and fulfill this country's promise thank you for having us out here tonight. [cheers and applause] >> beto o'rourke.
3:53 am
[speaking spanish] thank you so much for an incredible evening. you can wrap it up. >> was at a great program? [cheers and applause] in 1963 the grandson of irish-american immigrants for the first time addressed a meeting that was jfk. if we carry on that tradition with presidential candidates so get out your cell phone 52866 and tell us which presidential candidate in your opinion. we are doing a straw poll. [speaking spanish]
3:54 am
and who did the best job we are on the move of your us resident become a citizen and get involved and run for office join lulac. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish]
3:55 am
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