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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 14, 2019 1:17pm-1:55pm EDT

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journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, reuters white house correspondent jeff mason and fox congressional reporter ellen mills and will join us to talk about the week ahead in washington. the economic policy institute heidi shere holt and michael farren of the mercator center will discuss the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. c-span's live picture here from gilford, new hampshire as senator kamala harris greets supporters. she is expected to at a private residence. she and other presidential hopefuls have been making stops throughout the state this weekend. several presidential polls show the senator between 6% and 7% in support. you can see the crowd gathering
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on the backyard of the house in guilford. [background chatter]
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announcer: as we continue to look at the live picture, on
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friday, linda tanner endorsed senator harris saying in part, kamala harris is far and above the rest indirectness and poise in asking the tough questions. if there is one thing i have learned in the legislature, you have to develop an ability to ask tough questions and pull answers out of people. the senator herself is expected to join this event between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. while we wait, here is some recent back and forth recent presidential candidate's forum hosted by lulac, the league of united latin american citizens. >> to join us on stage. lulac, and welcome. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. hello! it is good to see you!
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i would love to. thank you. let me start by saying thank you so much for inviting me to be here. there is a whole range of issues that i know are important to the latinx community from education to housing to entrepreneurship. i hope we get to talk about all of them. i want to say at the top about my immigration plan, if i can. premise, with a basic and that is immigration is good for the united states of america. [applause] it helps us build a strong economy, and it ties us to families and people all around the world. our immigration system is broken. and i get donald trump goes out there every single day and tries to exploit that for his political end.
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but we all know in this room it was broken long before donald trump came along. and we need a big change in immigration some -- in the immigration system. we need that kind of change that helps us build a stronger future. is that better? that is about our security, that is about building a future that thattes our economy, and also is about living our values every day. let me just give you the highlights. you know me when i do my plans, there are lots of details. [laughter] sen. warren: that also it is who i am! but let me give you the highlights. it starts with expanding legal immigration. families have been held apart for too long. we have a backlog that now runs years. that makes no sense for the united states of america. citizenshippath to
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for everyone who is here to stay. [applause] sen. warren: it is for dreamers and for grandmas, and four brothers, and four sisters. it is for our neighbors, for people who started businesses, people who work farms, it is for people who have been here for years and who are part of our great american family. and that path to citizenship has to be both fair and achievable. part three to this plan is to say we have got to stop the crisis at the border. i will stop the crisis at the border. little bit more about that in detail. nationrren: no great tears families apart, no great nation locks up children. and that is critical. [applause] sen. warren: and then the fourth part is to say quickly we need
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to provide more aid around the world, particularly in central america. help establish the rule of law, make a little investment in the economy, and not so many people will feel that they need to run for their lives. we should be a country that builds a future here in america and encourages others to do it all around the world. thank you for having me. >> sorry to interrupt. questiong to ask the first in spanish and then i will jump into english. [speaking in spanish] i want to start out by asking you about this breaking news. president trump decided today to withdrawal his challenge to include the citizenship question. what is your reaction? sen. warren: wow, he is going to follow the law? [laughter] [applause]
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he is going to take other ways to get information. sen. warren: this is not about trying to figure out real information about citizenship and non-citizenship in america. this is about trying to stir up more hate. to get more people excited. donald trump has one big message to the american people. if there is something wrong in your life, if there is something not working, blame them. blame people who do not look like you, blame people who do not sound like you, blame people who do not pray like you, blame people who were not born where you were born. anl, he wants to build america that pits working people against hard-working people. that is not how we build a future in this country. we build a future together. that is how we make it straw -- make a stronger america. [applause] [speaking in spanish]
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we focus on trump and not enough on trumpism. if you become president, how will you make sure those followers don't feel disenfranchised by you as many people feel under trump? sen. warren: the question in 2020 who government should work for? this is not a problem again. we have gone for a long time where america has worked better and better and better for a thinner and thinner and thinner slice at the top. and it is just not working well for anyone else. we live in an america that works great for giant drug companies, just not for people trying to get a prescription filled. it works great for giant oil
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companies that want to drill everywhere, just not for those of us who are worried about climate change bearing down upon us -- upon us. it works great for corporate executives, billionaires, but it is not working for the rest of us. here is how i see this. we have a chance in 2020, in a democracy, to take this back and make this government work for all of us. we can attack the corruption of a government in washington that only works for those with money. we can attack it head on. and we can make this government work. not just for those at the top, but for everyone. we can help restructure this economy. we can strengthen unions so working people have a real voice in this economy. [applause] we can put a wealth tax in place. tax two things, on the top of 1/10 of 1%.
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you know what we could do with that? we could provide universal baby ages zero to five in this country. think about that. universal pre-k for every three-year-old and four-year-old. raise the wages of every childcare worker and preschool teacher to the professional levels they deserve. [applause] tuition free, technical school, community college, and four-year college, for every one of our kids who want to get an education. [applause] billion into$50 historically black colleges and universities and minorities serving institutions, level that playing field. student loan debt for 95% of the kids who have got it. that is how we build the future for everyone. democrat and republican. >> talking about the playing field, i want to get your
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thoughts on the backlash against the u.s. women's soccer team after they came back with their fourth world cup. what do you think about that? sen. warren: i love just seeing the women win at soccer, come on guys, this is fun! wow! [applause] sen. warren: i have to say, both my kids played a soccer. -- played soccer. my husband and not play soccer but he became a soccer coach. daause that is what good ddy's do. when he first started out, he would say, -- he had -- he was a good tennis player, very driven, and that is the person he is. he said coaching little girls at soccer, it is a different world. you are totally into running drills and then someone says, a butterfly. [laughter] sen. warren: and he said but,
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over time, i truly believe, i would watch them as he coached and as our daughter grew up and then our son, i think soccer may do both our children and my husband better people. i am in all the way. >> the demand for equal pay is about more than that. sen. warren: it is about a chance. this is a women's team that gets out there every day and produces. by golly, produce, women ought to be paid for it. come on. [applause] >> i think they agree. [speaking in spanish] we just had another record-breaking month in terms of heat in june. we talk about a climate emergency but we are not getting leadership from this
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administration. [speaking in spanish] what would you do in the first 100 days of your administration? sen. warren: i think we are getting leadership, but they are leading us in the wrong direction. it is important to turn this around. this is a crisis. this is the one that threatens our existence on this planet. thing.his as a two-part one is you do everything you can do that a president can do, i love saying this, by herself. [applause] for example, on the first day, i will put in place a moratorium so there will be no new drilling, no new mining on any federal lands and no offshore drilling. that moves us in the right direction. rejoin the paris climate accord. we will move in that direction. but i also have a bigger bill.
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and this is a green manufacturing bill. as ie do this in as short can. think of it this way, as we move forward, the united states, we can get it to net zero emissions by 2030. it is an ambitious goal but we can do it. that only solves 20% of the problem. we have a worldwide problem when we are talking about climate. way, there isis an upcoming $23 trillion worldwide market for green. green energy, green products, products that help clean the air, products that help clean the water. a lot of these products have not been invented yet. here is my plan, first we do what we do really well in the united states, and that is we invest heavily, 10 times more, in research and development. in creating all of those new
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ways to do things, all of those new products. part two, we say to anybody who wants to develop them and turn them into a product they can sell, you can do it, you just have to build it here in the united states. for it, taxpayers pay you build it and create those jobs in the u.s. third, we need to increase our marketing and sales of these products all around the world. china out spends us right now 100 to one. $1.2will produce about million -- 1.2 million new right here injobs the u.s. this is a way to create a future to build allies, and to protect this planet and create a green sustainable planet for all of us going forward. >> thank you, senator warren.
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we will open questions. [speaning in spanish] >> thank you and welcome. i want to ask the first question which has to do with criminal justice. this is a way to create a future to build california to ask that question. invite richard from hollister,>> begin veneto's, ser warren. takesteps do you plan to to prevent miscarriages of justice as recently reported, specifically regarding secretary acosta? sen. warren: thank you. [laughter] sen. warren: i am kind of guessing from the question that you believe in accountability. here is the problem we have in america. we have two justice systems. one for people who are rich and can hire lawyers and lobbyists and have lots of connections and friends, and one for everybody else.
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the words engraved over the supreme court of the united states are equal justice under law. and that is what we have to abide by. [applause] sen. warren: let me say this about it. we need to reform our criminal justice system from the front end, what we declare illegal, all the way through the justice epsteintself where mr. got a pass that i did not know was available to people, on the through incarceration and at the end, helping people reenter our communities when they have served their time. i have plans in every part of this but i will mention a couple. there are so many places in here where race intersects the notion of justice. and that people of color simply are treated differently. from white people. let me give you some examples. we know for example from the
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that african-americans and crimes,exactly the same african-americans are more likely to be arrested, be detained, taken to trial, be convicted, and have harsher sentences. that is a criminal justice system that is broken. all of us in america to live our values. and that means we need public defenders, we need to change the cash bail system, we need to get rid of for-profit prisons, no one should make money by locking people up. [applause] >> senator, thank you. senator warren, the next question -- >> if it -- ache follow-up because it is relevant. supporting senator schumer on this demand that
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secretary acosta resign? sen. warren: yes. i was there a long time ago with him. [laughter] [applause] >> thank you. sen. warren: let me count the ways. >> senator warren, the next question deals with rico. this was sent in by juan carlos. your question? >> thank you. senator, as president, you will have the courage to support the equality rights and statehood for american citizens of puerto rico? sen. warren: i will support what the puerto rican people want. if the puerto rican people vote for statehood, count me in. [applause] >> senator, to that point, if i may add to his question, the victims of the worst hurricane to ever strike the island were thrown paper towels. 23 months later, they are still waiting for help. what do you attribute the fact
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that they had to wait nearly two years to get aid that also have been dispensed differently in other parts of america? sen. warren: i think this is part of donald trump's same plan to say people who do not worship like you, don't look like you, weren't born where you were born, everything is their fault, treat them differently. he treats them as if they are not part of our country and they are part of our country. people from puerto rico serve in the military at higher rates than most other places in this country. i have three brothers who are veterans, we honor the service of those in puerto rico. hard-working people who deserve more respect than they have been given by this. >> does that mean you would commit to immediately provide the promised relief that they were given and never delivered upon? sen. warren: yes. >> thank you. immigration and
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mixed status marriages. let me invite someone from chicago, illinois, a member of lulac. here is the question that she has to offer. >> hello. sen. warren: hi. >> i question for you, coming from someone who is from a mixed status family, i have a sister who is a u.s. citizen, a daca recipient, but my daca has been delayed, and my mom is also here illegally. will you support the right to family campaign? the national movement to create a three year renewable and retroactive visa program for parents and spouses of u.s. citizen and parents, and spouses of dreamers, we need a candidate that will advocate for all of our mixed status families that are separated every day by mass deportations and i would also like to add that the borders are no longer just down south. the borders are in our
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communities, in our homes, and they are willing to come in and separate us. we have a bill. are you willing to support it or do you have a better bill? sen. warren: i think i actually have a better bill. understandyou to this bill, it was written in part by spending a lot of time with mixed status families. that is how i came to the understanding that i understand why we want to protect our dreamers. i am all for protecting our dreamers. but not just our dreamers. what does it mean to protect a dreamer if her mother is taken away? if her father is taken away? if an older sibling is taken away? if a younger sibling has missed the time cut off? that is not who we are. we are about families that stay together. that is what makes family stronger but it is also what makes our country stronger. >> senator, we have a question about an important topic to
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millions of latinos across america, and that his mental health and making sure that that is included in our health country -- health coverage. we have someone from milwaukee, wisconsin. if i can ask her to come forward, here is her question. >> hello. given suicide rates have increased for the current youth population, what is your plan to have insurances provide mental health services to the youth population, especially minority youth? sen. warren: i am so glad you raised this issue. i just want everyone to think about what has happened with mental health in this country. an emergency room and say, i think i have broken my leg. they find a way to treat you. but come in with a mental health problem and they say come back in three weeks. they say, i'm sorry, you only get this many treatments whether it is what you need or not.
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i want to be clear on this part. mental healthhat must be treated the same as physical health. that means coverage is supposed to, under the law, be the same. but this is one more example of where our government is not on our side. they are not fighting the insurance companies over this, they just about to the insurance companies. here is my promise, mental health issues matter to me. and i have the courage to take on insurance companies all across this country and make sure they provide equal coverage, and that this government provides equal coverage. >> thank you, senator. i want to ask you about education. [applause] >> the questions submitted by our member in harbor city, california is this, what are you going to do for the low income communities and children of color who are struggling with
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schools that need school supplies, and also accommodate schools that do not have the things to teach the kids with the tools they need? sen. warren: so, let me go back to where i started a few minutes ago and that is to talk about a wealth tax in this country. i want to underline this for everyone. this is a tax on the 1/10 of 1%, the greatest fortunes in this country. it is about 75,000 fortunes. it says your first $50 million, free and clear, i see some of you relaxed with that. on your 50 millionth and first dollar, you have to pitch in two cents. two cents for every dollar after that. that produces enough money to start making real investments in our kids. i started with universal child
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pre-k for every three-year-old and four-year-old raising the wages of preschool teachers and childcare workers, but it also carries through what we need to be doing in k-12. i have supported in the senate more investment in our schools and making sure those pre-k fory three-year-old and four-year-old schools, that money, goes to the schools that need it most and have the children that need it most. this is about money, i'm a numbers nerd, i admit it. here's the deal, it is about our values. is it more important to leave two cents on the dollar with the bazillion airs or is it to say you need -- mated to big, we are glad you made it big, but pitch into cents. >> we have very few seconds left. do you support the privatization of public education? the privatization of public education? what is your position on that? sen. warren: no. [applause] >> thank you, senator warren. >> thank you so much for taking
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the time to talk to us today. thank you for coming here. you have two minutes for your closing statements. sen. warren: good. word. just say one more it is a great honor to be here with all of you. family that was a paycheck-to-paycheck family, sometimes didn't have a paycheck. as i mentioned earlier, all three of my brothers joined the military. i had a different dream, from the time i was in second grade of knowing what i have wanted to do and i have never varied from it. i wanted to be a public school teacher. that was my dream. by the time i graduated from high school, my daddy was working as a janitor, we did not have money for me to apply to college, much less four years of college. i have a twisties story of how it happened. ultimately, i ended up at the university of houston which back then, -- go cougs!
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it was a commuter college that cost $50 a semester. for a price i could pay for on a part-time waitressing job, i got my four year diploma and i became a special needs teacher. i have lived my dream job. [applause] i am somebody who has lived opportunity and that came from the fact that other people around this country made an investment, to make that education available to me. toes,rateful down to my and the reason i am running for president of the united states is out of gratitude. i want us to be an america that does not just work for those at the top. i want us to be an america that fulfills that dream of opportunity. every single kid, you
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get out there, you work hard, and the sky is the limit. here i am, my daddy ended up as a janitor, but i got the opportunity to be a public school teacher, be a college professor, be a united states senator and now a candidate for president of the united states! dream big, fight hard. that is how we win. >> thank you so much, senator warren. thank you. [applause] >> elizabeth warren. sen. warren: thank you. >> gracias. we take a poll, this is an opportunity to get your reaction. may i invite you over? we have heard two of the four candidates. i have been randomly picking people. may i have your name? >> margaret stewart. >> where are you from?
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>> milwaukee. you are here in your hometown. you have heard elizabeth warren speak with passion. she says she has a plan for everything. you are here you are here in yr hometown. you have heard elizabeth warren speak with passion. she says she has a plan for everything. tonight she was not going much into that, she was sticking to the key points. how did she do with you? >> i felt she was being honest and open with us. it is up to us to dig deep into what her thoughts are and get that information from other sources. we only get a snippet today but it is up to us to figure out where she really -- what impact she can make. >> thank you very much and thank you for having us in your hometown. i want to invite teresa montano from the state of california. she is one of the academic leaders in that state. you heard her response, very simple and clear, on the issue of privatization of public education. was she convincing with you? >> she was convincing but i wish he had more time to talk about the dangers of privatization.
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anyone who is a public school teacher and a college professor and now a candidate who has supported a public education for i believe career, will take on privatization. >> everyone in this room seems to feel education is one of the top priorities. you have spend your life and education and yet we are struggling with the achievement gaps in some districts around america. your reaction to that? >> for us, especially for those in the latinx community, education remains a top priority. we know it is important. we know it is a way out of poverty. we know it is important to our children. we know how to do it, we just need the resources to improve it. >> i want to thank you very much and thank the entire audience. you guys gave a rousing reception to senator elizabeth warren. thankwe know it is important tor children. we know how to do you! [applause]
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spanish]ing senator bernie sanders, welcome. [applause] welcome. sen. sanders: thank you very much. >> you have two minutes for your introduction round. --. sanders: let me [applause] sen. sanders: let me thank lulac, and all of you for doing the incredibly important work you are doing at this
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unprecedented and dangerous moment in american history. it gives me no pleasure to tell you what you already know, and that is tragically, we have a president who today is a racist, who is a bigot, who is a xenophobe, who is an embarrassment to everything this country stands for. [applause] sen. sanders: my father, his name was eli, came to this country from poland at the age of 17, and he came to this country with very little education without a nickel in his pocket and could not speak one word of english. kind of person that donald trump does not want
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coming into the united states. we know that trump is doing something unprecedented as a president. and that is in order to win votes, he is appealing to the most base instincts of people. he is trying to divide this country up based on the color of our skin or where we came from, or our religion, or our sexual orientation. and the reason that trump is going to lose the coming election is because we are going to do exactly the opposite. we are going to bring the american people together, black and white and latino, asian american, native american, we are going to bring our people agenda thatund an
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works for all of us and not just wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] sen. sanders: not only are we going to end bigotry in this country, we are going to move forward to provide health care to all people as a right, we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free. [applause] are going to we guarantee health care to every man, woman, and child. >> let's start talking about the details. to see you again. i think we spoke only good -- only two weeks ago. i speak very fast. i know you can understand part of it. [speaking in spanish]
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many of the issues we are talking about in the campaign trail were introduced by yourself in 2016. going to regain ownership on this progressive agenda? sen. sanders: i feel proud. [applause] sen. sanders: because all -- announcer: you can watch any time in its entirety on , newe returning to gilford hampshire where democratic presidential candidate kamala harris is expected to speak. she will greet her group shortly in a backyard in gilford. this is live coverage on c-span. >> especially as i have seen and heard about her vision for the future is senator harris. [applause] senator


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