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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Mc Carthy News Conference  CSPAN  July 18, 2019 6:50pm-7:11pm EDT

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today that big idea is more relevant than ever. on television and online, c span is your unfiltered view of government so you can make up your own mind. brought to you as a public service by your cable and satellite provider. >> former special counsel robert mueller is on capitol hill next week testifying in back-to-back hearings about possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power by president trump and russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. live, all-day coverage on wednesday, july 24, starts at 8:30 a.m. eastern. watch live on c-span3, on loin at or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy defended president trump's reaction to supporters at a rally who began chanting "send her back" when the president talked about democratic congresswoman ilhan omar he also addressed the debt ceiling limit, digital currency and president trump's tweet about four minority dermic lawmakers.
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mr. mccarthy: all right, i'll read a little slower here. good morning, i guess, still. no, we're past noon. good afternoon. two nights ago, i hosted a telephone town hall, something i do quite often with constituents. i believe in this job, we all understand we are here to serve our community. it's important to know exactly what's on their mind. i take an hour to talk with them, listen to their questions and answer them. now, when you listen and you do these telephone town halls, it's simple. they talk about jobs, a strong economy, a strong defense. but in this particular case i was doing it about ridgecrest and it was about disaster assistance. just had a multiple earthquakes, some even yesterday we've been
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through. looking to see where their government would be. there's a military base there too, see if we'd be able to rebuild it. when i answered questions about what was going on in the house for the last week, talked about an impeachment bill coming up. the contempt. and anything else this new socialist democratic majority wanted to do to go after this administration. what's interesting is, i didn't turn to the republicans for the question, i found a question that agreed with that came from a chief of staff from a democratic member. the challenge -- that challenged anyone to name one thing that the democrats have done to help the voters around the issues around the kitchen table of that telephone town hall that night. i agree with himmle there's not one i have found. i watched in the last week. they've take an national defense authorization bill that for the last 58 years had been bipartisan.
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in the senate, 86 votes, still bipartisan. and they changed the history of this body and made it partisan. i watched really, with a really sad view of what happened this week. a debate on the floor. the speaker of the house has a responsibility to uphold the rules of this house. she broke the rules. she felt the responsibility she held above all of it. she had her own members vote to hold her different than anybody else when they broke the rules. that she could come back and still speak. and that her words could stay in. so we learned in a body we believe in the rule of law that it's equal, that it's not equal. this house has changed a lot in a short amount of time. but also, the democratic party has changed a great deal and become a socialist democratic party.
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the taxpayer funding of campaigns, the guaranteed government income. for those who don't want to work but are able to work, tried to provide them an income and making it illegal to have private health insurance, taking it away from 180 million americans. we can do better. we should be doing more. and i will make this promise. that on this side of the aisle we'll work with anybody who wants to work on issues around the kitchen table and put aside their own personal differences because they're upset about an outcome to an election. let's open it up for questions. >> you said a short time ago that the chance of -- the chants of "send her back" have no place in this country. why is it a problem when people chant it but not when the president tweets it. mr. mccarthy: the president clarified he didn't tell somebody. he talked about the love of his country he clarified inside his tweet. if you want to read the
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clarification. he said if you don't love this country, you can leave. that's a fundamental difference. that's what the president is talking about. this is an issue about ideology. this is an issue that when you talk about one of these individuals who introduced a bill, introduced a bill in support of boycott, dwestture and sanctions against israel. in this bill she introduced, it even talks about the boycott when it came to nazis in germany. this is the differences that we have. this is what this debate and fight is about. reporter: do you really think these lawmakers don't love their country? mr. mccarthy: i didn't say they don't love their country. the president didn't name the individuals he said if you do not like this country, you can leave. the president talked about building on this economy, making it stronger. there's a clear difference in this. you watched, i didn't get to see the rally, the president didn't join in any chant like that. if you're going to claim the
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president, having a battle over a socialist issue, a socialist democrat, that's one he has taken up everyone at the state of the union. he promised that this country will never have socialism here. and that's why he's fighting so hard. i think it's really wrong that you would even challenge this president when you look at the first lady is foreign-born as well. the question is without a base. reporter: last night as we were hearing the chant the president stood there. mr. mccarthy: he moved on with his speech. reporter: does the president have a responsibility to cut this out? mr. mccarthy: for those who were at the event, i was not, behe said it was a small group to the side. the president did not join in. he moved on. he moved on about a speech about a country and the things that are building and right. that's what the president did. if we've come so far that you want to dislike the president so much you're going to accuse him of doing something he did not do, from the place he is moved on in his speech, he never joined in, and you want to tri-to hold him accountable for
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what something in a big audience, are you going to hold imaccountable for protesters? i think that's an unfair position. reporter: he has no resmonsability to turn and say, this that's not right? mr. mccarthy: he moved on to make them stop. and the president talked and the greatness of the country. >> two questions on two different topics. the first one, the debt ceiling. the treasury secretary said he spoke with you, i think yesterday. mr. mccarthy: spoke with him today too. reporter: he said you have an agreement on a two-yore debt ceiling increase, top-line numbers for two year the need for offset. is that where you see this agreement headed? and the second question is, on libra, you've been vocal on your concerns about the social media platform do you agree with democrats that this crypto stopped? eeds to be mr. mccarthy: i'll take that first question, the secretary of
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treasure, we're working on getting an agreement to move to premises bills from the caps but we have to deal with the debt ceiling that's coming up quickly, could hit on the first week we come back in september. we don't want to put that in doubt in any shape or form. nothing is fully agreed to until everything is fully agreed to. one of the concepts is to have a debt ceiling that gos for 1/2 years that would be appropriate. that's what we're talking about. but there's no ayeementgreement. the -- there's no agreement. the other point you have to have, we should not leave here without doing something on the debt ceiling. even if it means 30 days. should not come in doubt about the debt ceiling. your second question was about libra. facebook and others. i'm very clear. i support crypto and bitcoin. i support innovation. but i have real concerns about libra because it's not decentralized. i like blockchain. i think the government should use blockchain. it gives you security. one of my greatest concerns is when it comes to privacy. but this is a fundamental
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difference and the philosophy of the way we look at something. let me give you an example. i watched in the banking crisis. the democrat's proposal was dodd-frank. what it did, it took away a lot of community banks opportunities. when i look at how they're dealing with tech companies, they want to either break them up or make them utilities. two things happen. it does nothing to protect privacy and it takes away innovation. i watched the chair of the financial services introduce a bill to deny lib rah to even go forward -- libra to even go forward before they had a hearing. that's the difference between democrats and republicans. i believe in innovation. i also believe we should have a hearing on it and maybe put frameworks around it. but what i'm most concerned about is privacy. to me, our privacy private something for free online, you are not the client, you are the product. your information they are
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selling to a third party. i read a new york times editorial this week. had this discussion with a friend, he said what if the postal service offered mail for free? if you could mail your letters for free, but when you mail them, the government got to read your letters? but it would be ok, because we found out you wanted to go on a vacation and we would send you advertisements. people would be concerned. that is exactly how gmail started. they claim that they don't read your emails, but they allow through parties to pay them to read your emails. privacy is like private property. i should know when i go on the site what they are able to know about me. it is my property. i should be able to move it if i want to go to another platform and i should be able to delete it with the one thing i will not do as with the chairwoman of financial services did, to put her head in the sand and make
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sure we don't have information. you can't ignore technology and innovation, but you can make sure they are safe and protect the privacy of the individuals who use it. themany have ever read terms before you signed up on the site? you're giving away so many rights you have never even read through. shouldn't we as a federal government lay out in clear language what somebody can take? if it is our private property, you should be able to move it, delete it, and if they monetize it, you should get a piece of that money. that is where you stand. >> could you speak to the concerns you may have about what can happen when at a rally like at the president, if a group of supporters begins a chant and if that becomes the catchphrase of the new campaign, much like lock her up was, what concerns or dangers do you think there could be of setting a tone among
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republican voters that is viewed by many people as racist or potentially putting harm onto these congresswomen if people misuse that sentiment? >> i want to be clear to everyone he was elected, i want -- i watched language used against ice i watched last buildinga storm upon a inside america and take down an american flag to raise the flag of another country. was that driven by anything else but elected officials saying certain things? i have watched individuals talk about and introduce bills about boycotting israel and empowering something that nowhere in this body has gone before. anti-bill --, and socialist democratic party that is the majority introduced a
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bill that is the opposite, the opposite of what the fundamental core of america believes to our greatest ally and only democracy in the middle east. you could boycott them, you could sanction them. that is what their message is about. that creates a problem in this country. they had the freedom of speech but the minute you go to facilities and talk about something that did not happen, that creates a problem as well. antifa will go out, beat and individual up based upon their philosophy and their belief and won't stand up against it. i watched the president when the chant happened move on to make sure nothing happened but i watched others in this body encourage something and never denounce it. that is the difference. when you think about the ,deology of what we have here it is really just in the house. it is this new movement in the
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socialist democratic party. more than half of them have signed on to deny 180 million americans the health care they currently have. they believe they want to take $4000 from individuals and put it into their campaigns to run the ads. that is what the battle is about. don't mistake anything else. this is about the ideology of america. socialism versus freedom and it is a big fight and i believe that everybody in that body should stand up against what antifa is doing or anybody that tries to go after ice and takes down an american flag on the soil of america. i don't think that should have to be debated, but unfortunately it does and that is what is causing these problems. so everybody should take a different position and if we are going to learn and pass bills in the body of this house that
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believes in the rule of law, everybody should be equal. not the person in charge of what is supposed to stand up to these laws to make the rules different for herself as nancy pelosi. floor, shet on her had her words taken down but she didn't come back to the floor and apologize. she didn't withdraw her words. when the parliamentarian had to make the decision, how many democrats did they have to go through before a person would stand up for what the rule actually says? themarliamentarian told nonpartisan, they would not do it. they had talk within their own caucus to go against what the parliamentarian ruled. when they made that decision, they said let's change the rules for the speaker of the house. she should be different. in this country, everyone is equal and when it comes to the question of an individual becoming an american, you walk in my office, you will see on my
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wall the papers of my grandfather when he came into ellis island. if you follow me in my district, we go to naturalization services. when they give me the opportunity to talk and individuals raise their hand, i tell them at this moment, george washington became your founding father. abraham lincoln was your liberator. martin luther king spoke of your dreams and the flag that flies on the moon is sure flag. andhave as much freedom right as i do, but you also have the same responsibility and in that responsibility is about a country that is exceptional. equalveryone is created and when i watched this last week a transformation of this house and people are not held to the same account of others, when i watched a bill get introduced that talked about bds against
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israel, the complete opposite of where both parties have ever been, it is a clear sign that there is no longer a democratic party in the house of representatives. this is a socialist democratic party and this is what the fight is about and what the fight will continue to be about. >> are you comfortable with how house democrats handled the --usations against [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] this weekend, american history tv features the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission and moon landing, starting saturday at 7:00 a.m. eastern, we are live from the smithsonian national air and space museum on the national astronaut,pollo
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museum director, director of george washington university space policy institute, and air and space medium space history curator. at 10:00 a.m., president recorded moon speech, september 12, 1962 in houston. >> we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. announcer 1: net at 4:00 p.m. eastern, the smithsonian national air and space museum host a discussion with testers and designers. take all the systems of a space test, provide your pressure, give you oxygen to breathe, scrub out your carbon dioxide, thermal temperature control. shrink them around a person and you want the person to stay alive, be safe and get their work done. moonncer 1: the 1970 film
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launch one showing pre-lift off preparations for apollo 11 and parades for the astronauts after their safe return to earth. seconds and counting. oxidize the tanks. pressurized. t minus one minute 35 seconds. 60 seconds and counting. 55 seconds and counting. .eil armstrong reported back he says thank you very much, we know it will be a good flight. announcer 1: sunday on oral histories at 8:00 a.m. eastern, apollo 11 flight director jean krantz talks about training for the mission, spacecraft problems and the july 20 moon landing. >> they are all cheering and you get this weird feeling. it is chilling. it goes in through the room and i say, my god, we are on the moon. announcer 1: explore our
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nation's passed on american history tv, all weekend every weekend on the on the c-span3. -- only on c-span3. announcer 2: earlier today, republican rep steve scalise and steny hoyer discussed next week's house agenda. they also talked about the minimum wage increase and allegations of racism and intolerance. for what purpose does the gentleman from louisiana seek recognition? mr. scalise: i ask unanimous consent to speak out of order for the purpose of inquiring to the majority leader the schedule for next week. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. scalise: i would like to yield to my friend, the gentleman from maryland, the house majority leader. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. on tuesday, the house will meet at 12 p.m. with votes postponed until 6:0