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tv   House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Weekly News Conference  CSPAN  July 25, 2019 10:22pm-10:48pm EDT

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washington policy making for all to see, bringing you unfiltered content from congress and beyond. a lot has changed but today, the big idea is more relevant than ever. lookn is your unfiltered so you can make up your own mind, brought to by your cable or satellite provider. journal,'s washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, we'll discuss the deal to increase federal spending and raise the government's borrowing limit with two members of the budget committee. first we talk with brendan boyle. then pennsylvania republican congressman dan meuser. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. >> house minority leader kevin
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mccarthy held a news conference on the legislative agenda, taking questions from reporters andt a two-year budget deal special counsel robert mueller. mr. mccarthy: good afternoon. good morning. just this morning, i saw the house democrats held a press conference to celebrate their first 200 days in the majority in congress. what i can't figure out is what are they celebrating? what have they actually accomplished? it's not even a question for me. it's not a question america is
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asking. but it's a question internally, chief of staff, inside to the congresswoman, has actually twittered -- or tweeted a question to challenge any person in america to name them one thing this democrat majority has accomplished for the american public around their kitchen table. only internally they're asking, but now they're holding a press conference. what i thought i would do, i would go look at what were the numbers at this moment, at this time in the last congress where there was a different majority. so i first looked at the number of bills passed out of committee because that's where real work begins. that's where the expertise, that's where the voice of everyone across the nation that has elected their representative to be heard. well, in the last congress, there were 308 bills passed at this moment. the democrats, who celebrated their 200 days, haven't even passed 200 bills out of committee.
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they're at 184. you know why? it was on display yesterday. i hope yesterday was a historic day. i hope the failure of what they saw, what they thought they would actually try is the final chapter of this book that they have put us through the american public, on this mueller investigation. it was there for everyone to see. if you watched the democrats themselves on the floor, they would jokingly say that was a major failure. they say we hope we don't have another hearing on this. but as you listen to their leadership, they continue to try to change the course of an election that they didn't like the outcome to. but they are holding the american public back. you see from the sheer numbers of only 184 bills passed the committee. and this is what's important. remember the committees that they went to. the judiciary committee. earlier this week, a new gallup poll showed that a third of the country believes immigration is the top issue currently facing our nation. one third says it's the number one issue. in close to 20 years, only a
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handful of issues have ever become that prominent in the minds of americans. have they had a hearing in regards to the crisis? they first said it was a made-up crisis. and we waited more than 58 days to have a supplemental to actually have the funds to deal with those who are coming across the border and care for them that they said they cared so much about. only then, after all this time, after the senate showed the way by having a bipartisan vote and the number of times that this new socialist democrat majority tried to deny it did we get the bill passed. the american public knows it's a crisis. the only people who do not believe it's a crisis ask the -- is the majority party inside the house of representatives. let's think for a moment, in a few short days, we'll leave for a six week break.
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but earlier in the summer, the administration started the process to get the u.s., mexico, and canada trade agreement through congress. but mexico has already done all the work. canada, trudeau, says he's waiting on us. they have broken, he said he'll have to call everyone back to take the vote once we take action. what will this do? only make our country stronger, more prosperous, create more jobs, make the debate with china even in a stronger position for america, and make the future better than it is today. but they didn't do anything about it. because one person has all the power, the speaker of the house . she has not called the bill up where the other country has. she's going to go on break. so that wasn't part of the celebration of 200 days. they actually denied the work that america could become stronger. then let's look when it comes to medical costs. the moment in time when these committees actually work, the energy and commerce, they found bipartisanship. every republican, every democrat
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voted to lower the prices of generic drugs, three bills just like that. but an odd thing happened on the way to the floor. it went through the leadership. you know what the democrat leadership did? they made it a poison pill so they could not become law. i don't think they celebrated that today. another failure on their part. surprise billing, one of the biggest concerns we have in america today, where you, as an individual, look into your network, go to a hospital for a procedure, but somehow you find out that maybe the doctor is not in the network and you get a bill outside of what your insurance costs are. we haven't dealt with that. i didn't hear any celebration in those 200 days. so it's interesting to me, when you look at the day they had yesterday, they had all this anticipation. this was the day chairman nadler has been waiting for. this is the day that chairman nadler had promised this democrat majority when he was campaigning to become chairman
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of judiciary. one of his strongest platforms in becoming chairman, competing with other democrats, he would be the very best chairman when it came to impeachment. didn't care about the facts. he just wanted to impeach. so he won the vote inside the democratic conference to become chairman based upon that belief. so he moved forward no matter every time the facts did not lay out, even when the report came out that there was no collusion, no obstruction, he refused to go down and read the last six lines of the report itself. so he held this hearing, that was a total failure on their part. headline after headline shows it. question after question. but what did he do? he came down to a press conference to try to spin it another way. and all that while he's wasted america's time, there's been a crisis at the border and he has
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not moved any legislation to solve it. all that time that there's been a problem with health care, the moment that we had bipartisanship, he wanted to make sure that the bill could not become law. all that time when we had an agreement to make america stronger with mexico and canada, they refused to bring it up. so they'll go away for six weeks. but what they'll get is the exact same question they're getting from their own members. what have they accomplished? they've done a lot of resolutions. think for a moment about the resolution that we passed just this week for anti-boycott divestiture and sanctions against israel. the senate passed the bill, senate 1, with 77 votes. leader schumer not only voted for the bill, he co-sponsored t -- cosponsored it. but they didn't run that bill through committee. that's not one that's passed. of the few they have been able
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to get done. they decided instead to hold it up and move a resolution because words are so much stronger than law in their world. and when there was a moment in time, after a failure of all day of their hearing in mueller reports, there was a motion to recommit that could put it into a bill, not for language, even though there is more than 300 people who voted for it. a strong bipartisan resolution, there was a point to take your words and actually put it into law. they stood on the floor and argued against it and voted against it. i wonder if they celebrated that in their 200 days. that they'll say one thing but they won't carry it out because maybe they really don't mean it. and then, something that never happened in the republican majority, for the fourth time they lost the motion to recommit. if you really want to see the democratic party, it's not the democratic party of old. it's a new socialist democratic party that has an internal fight within itself, that is primarying one another and continuing to harm the american public because they can't get their work done.
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it's just like the u.s. house of representatives under their majority has become the u.s. house of resolutions. so they're celebrating 200 days of doing resolutions but never could be able to provide law. it's holding america back. yes, ma'am? reporter: leader mccarthy, are republicans going to vote for the budget deal today? and are republicans no longer the party of fiscal responsibility after this? mr. mccarthy: two questions. let me take your last question first. if your question is about being a fiscal responsibility, in 2011 when americans -- when the republicans took the majority and nancy pelosi had to hand that gavel to john boehner, the unfortunate moment where i had to hand it back to her when we lost the majority, the discretionary funding, which congress has control over, those 12 appropriations bills, was actually less money being spent at that moment than was being spent when nancy handed the gavel over. this is a core element of what
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we fundamentally believe. i believe our greatest crisis in america today is our debt. unfortunately, we're living in a world where the new socialist democrats are in the majority. if you look what they have passed in the appropriations and what we'll vote on today is $100 billion less. so, yes, even though we are in the minority, we have got to be able -- we actually forced them to spend less money. were we able to protect in the riders that are law? yes. were we able to fund the military to begin to build it after what the obama administration did? yes. but have we gone far enough? no. i want to see more done. so, there will be republicans who vote for it and republicans who don't for it -- reporter: $300 trillion. mr. mccarthy: that is really the goal of mandatory spending. and once you found when republicans were in the majority, they were the only ones who were able to reform mandatory spending. but unfortunately, we lost that vote in the senate by one vote. we are the ones who have been able to pass a budget when we were in the majority.
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and in our budgets, they always balanced. i've watched the democrats, i watched nancy pelosi as the speaker, show me your budget, show me your values. in those 200 days of celebration, they didn't put on the list that they passed the budget because they didn't do it. the fundamental responsibility of a majority is to lay out a budget. you will never get spending under control unless you have a budget. we laid out a budget every year. the funding that we had control over, we actually decreased. and that's what we will do getting back to the majority to put us back on the path that we have a balanced budget and pay off this debt. reporter: there's been some criticism of the tax cut bill. i understand what you're saying about discretionary spending, but that has contributed to the decreased revenues, which is why they had to move up the debt ceiling. you had the presidency. your president was willing to go to the mat and shut down the government earlier this year. why not take that tact again if that was so successful?
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mr. mccarthy: well, let's take your false premise here, the tax bill. when i look at states they get more revenue. your philosophy of what you're asking me is that government should keep more of your money instead of the individual. the government should take more. what has happened since that tax bill passed when not one democrat supported it? we are now living in an economy in the last 50 years is the strongest economy we have ever lived in. unemployment, for no matter what element, where you live in america, is at the lowest point we've seen. when i have traveled around the world, the number one thing the other countries bring up is we want to do tax reform just like you. we have spurred companies that had moved out of america to move back in. i was just with some this week, they looked at the president where i stand and said you know what we did?
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we just invested another $40 billion in america. we transferred where our production plants in another country and moved back. why? because of your tax bill. if you want to measure this tax bill in the end, it's going to provide more. what most importantly it will provide, it will allow the individual to make a decision what they do with their money. so no, i disagree with your question just on the premises itself. reporter: the idea isn't the premise. that's the reason the treasury secretary came up said we have to move this quickly because they were going to be down to only $250 billion by early september. that was -- mr. mccarthy: no, no, no, let me be very clear. where the challenge lies is, speaker pelosi the whole time the president won in the past when government shut down, did -- he didn't want to shut the government down. he takes 60 votes in the senate. leader schumer made the decision government had to be shut down. because once again the president realized there was a crisis on the border, but what did the democrats say? it was made up. they kept that philosophy until
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it was too big, that everybody else in america -- even "the new york times" wrote an editorial, not once, but twice. but what did the chairman of judiciary do? he kept the course in his promise that he made not to his district, but to the democrats in congress that he would be the best chairman ever to try to impeachment president. he ignored the biggest problem we had. so the president is sitting there -- i was in the room with the speaker. let's solve this problem. you have issues about immigration, too. let's find a compromise. the way government is designed to find. she denied it and would not do it. the president was able to move forward. the president had found in this whole point that here we were that he wanted to get to a budget agreement, that we had met for many months, the speaker would not, the speaker actually moved the democrats to be writing some false appropriation bills that only delayed the whole process which we know none of those will become law. the frustration raised to the
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secretary of treasury, he got involved because he was concerned, fiscally concerned that we knew that the debt ceiling, it was long before that the debt ceiling would come because extraordinary measures were a part of. what are the democrats going to do? they're going to have us leave for six weeks. we could've dealt with this. the speaker said, no, she would not deal with it. we are where we are. we put a plan together that had to have compromise. we made sure that the military's going to be able to continue to grow. we've watched what has happened around the world, from china and russia flying into areas of south korea they have never flown before, to iran boarding other boats. it's an unsafe world. and we have to make sure our military men and women have all that they need. reporter: you made reference to the internal struggle in the democratic caucus. you've got the speaker meeting tomorrow with aoc. is there a lot of pressure on her in that meeting? and, you know, does she have to decide or declare once and for
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all, impeachment, yes or no? mr. mccarthy: i'm not sure what the speaker's going to do. i think the speaker's meeting with a.o.c. not based upon impeachment but trying to get her conference in line. i understand that congresswoman a.o.c., she gave t-shirts to alt -- all the freshmen. the only reason i know is because the freshmen tell me they'd never wear it because they think it's some socialist symbol on it. it's an internal fight. i know a lot of those individuals they are spending more time primarying one another. i watched on the floor, they lost four m.t.r.'s, motions to recommit. if you watch the progressive how upset we were when we were able to get a bipartisan vote on the anti-b.d.s. bill. but it was only a resolution. i watched today where we are supposed to have a number of other bills come up, but they can't bring them up. they can't get the votes. it's more than internal fight. this is not a family fight. this is a war and a feud. the socialist democrats inside that party are taking the party over. they have been successful.
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they have defeated those in the past. they defeated the number four, crowley. they're beginning to win the seats underneath them. they're primarying others. i saw a recent poll that the strongest endorsement in a democratic primary is first a former democratic president, and second, congresswoman a.o.c. never mentioned the speaker of the house. there's a question i hear all the time on the floor, a question who the actual speaker is. that's why they're having a meeting. it's internal. why would you ever even bring up impeachment after yesterday's hearing? that should be put to bed. that is over. we watched it. we heard it. we've read it. what more can they make up? the only people that want impeachment are the ones who are sitting inside this chamber on the democratic side. the american public have made their decision. poll after poll, you see it. but why would they put the american public through it
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instead of doing the job that they should be focused on? from creating a better economy with usmca, solving a crisis at the border, our health care. reporter: i'd like to get back into the compromise. you said the national debt is the biggest crisis in this country. this has always been a tough vote for republicans since you took the majority in 2011, a lot of the so-called hell no caucus that wouldn't vote for debt limit increase. as you look to get the majority back, isn't this a really tough, tricky vote for your incumbents to take and support? i'm just kind of wondering, would you get half of your congress to support this? our fundamental principle is to make sure we have our fiscal house in order. we understand we live in a house that has defined compromise. this is not the bill that we would write. we're not in the majority. what it will do, the entire body will motivate us even greater, to show the contrast in the
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plan. take, for instance, if you ask this question. he just watched on the floor the democrats passed a number of appropriations bills. this is 100 billion less. even though we are in the minority and every moment we're trying to make government live within their means. unfortunately, we have a socialist democrat party on the others who wants medicare for all to actually break medicare. we watched this new democrat majority -- i'm sure they put this on their list of the 208,000, whee -- 200 day they'retion, wehere literally going to take millions of dollars from americans and put it into their campaign ads. the principle is the same with the republicans, to get us a balanced budget. yes? reporter: what you make of automakers --? mr. mccarthy: i think it would be better if we had one standard
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across the nation. california does have a percentage of the entire nation, roughly 40 million individuals. i think one standard, it would've been important for the same motion for those in california to work to the automakers, to actually work with the federal government. but again, i've watched democrats more focused on trying to change and outcome to an election and the election is over, then working together. i will work with anybody who wants to put this country first. we've watched it time and time again. we all voted together to lower the drug prices, but only to find when the democratic leadership took a hold of it, they major it wouldn't become law. there's a time for politics, but there's also a time to put it aside. yes? reporter: the white house said
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you organized a meeting between president trump and pharma. why did you set up that meeting? mr. mccarthy: because i want to see drug prices lower, just as the president. and i want to see a bill that actually lowers the price where the constituents actually feel it. i don't want to lower it by 1%. but drug prices are too high. i want to see a bill become law. i'll work with everybody who's participating. and i want to bring people together to solve the problem. it was a productive meeting, too. i think there's a better chance today, after the meeting yesterday, of having drug prices lower. and this is something that the president has focused on. i give him all the credit. he doesn't care who's there. he has one goal, lower the price of drugs for all americans. and that's what he's going to get in the end. reporter: your leadership team announced his retirement this week and he cited not only the
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program's rhetoric he's frustrated with, but the toxic atmosphere on capitol hill. have you heard these concerns from other members and what is your message to others who might leave congress for the same reason? mr. mccarthy: let me first thank paul. paul is an amazing man whose accomplished so much. i will tell you, if you asked paul for his resume, the very first thing he'll say is a father. the second is a husband. successful in business, and business is about education, educating people. he was beyond successful in that. but he always believed in participating in making government better, making his community better. that's why he ran. know i spent a lot of time with paul and his family. he has a beautiful son, dekland. and i know at the time, when i commitmentl, the he's in, we all come to that
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conclusion. but he has made a tremendous contribution to this country and he will continue to. he's not leaving today. it doesn't matter where you are on both sides. it doesn't matter whether you serve in congress or the board or the senate, or whether you work with government. those are decisions that are personally made. i respect his decision, but i also want to thank him for his service. he's an amazing man. reporter: do you think the atmosphere and capitol hill will cause more lawmakers to retire? mr. mccarthy: i think the people -- reason people retire is that it's their own personal decision. some people retire because the voters decide they retire and they still want to stay. that's the makeup of our government and that's what's so beautiful. america is more than a country. america is an idea, an idea that the power does not rest here, but with the people. unfortunately, we're having a real contest about that.
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this new socialist democratic party things all the power rests with them. we've seen results but they are just not there. they are fighting among themselves. they can produce anything out of committee, and now we are finding from the chief of staff from the most coveted endorsement is questioning and challenging, name me one thing that they have accomplished for america's kitchen table. the answer is easy. there isn't any. sir.ank you, >> that's it. >> later, house democrats gathered outside the capital, led by house speaker nancy pelosi, to talk about the


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