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tv   Defense Secretary Mark Esper Welcome Ceremony  CSPAN  July 26, 2019 3:57pm-4:54pm EDT

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but today that big idea is morrell vant than ever. on -- more relevant than ever. on television and online, c-span is your unfiltered view of government, so you can make up your own mind, brought to you as a public service by your cable or satellite provider. >> president trump and vice president pence participated in a welcome ceremony at the pentagon for new defense secretary mark esper. the senate confirmed him as the 27th secretary of defense in a 90-8 vote on tuesday.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [gunshots]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please stay standing for the united states anthem by the united states navy band.
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whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight oer the ram parts we watched were so gal aptly streaming and the red rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
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er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [commands]
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>> it's a great day for a prayer and great day for our nation and thank the lord for the opportunity to be here in this great weather here in washington, d.c.,. let's pray with me today. lord ks we come to you in this moment and seek your blessings upon this ceremony. defense secretary esper of the united states of america. thank you for your presence with us today and thank you for your presence with those of our forces and families wherever they are around the world. let them know we are praying for them today and lift them up and bring them home safely. lord, as lovers of peace, we come to this place today where we need to pray when times require peacekeepers and peace
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makers. therefore, grant president trump, vice president pence, defense secretary esper and the joint chiefs of staff your divine wisdom, your divine strength and your divine knowledge that leads to increased power and brings increased peace. as these leaders work together with our allies, watch their efforts to support national interests and the good of mankind. as defense secretary esper officially enters this role may he serve with honor and integrity and new-found love and admiration for one other. now king eternal, as you continue to bless the united states of america and the department of defense, we continue to trust in you, in your power, for your glory, now amen.rever,
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.
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♪ [commands]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the 47th secretary of defense. [applause] the secretary: well, good morning, everyone, and to the troops on the field, you look fantastic.
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[applause] the secretary: president trump, vice president pence, members of congress and distinguished guests, thank you for joining us today. on behalf of the department of defense, welcome to the pentagon. this historic building is not only the headquarters of our armed forces, it is a prominent symbol of america's military power and of our willingness to defend our people and our interests around the world, to generations of americans, this place, this building embodies our national security. however, a building is nothing without the people within it and the spirit and dedication they bring to it each and every day. as such, i want to thank the great patriots, military and civilian alike, who come to work here and focus on one thing, supporting the more than two million soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who sacrifice
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and serve in defense of our debate nation. they all represent america's best and i am proud to serve with them and alongside them. [applause] the secretary: mr. president, thank you,, sir, for your confidence in me and this incredible opportunity. it is a great honor to lead the greatest military and i'm humbled that you would be here to celebrate this occasion. i thank you for your commitment to our armed forces and to a strong national defense. our military has made tremendous gains in recent years thanks to your leadership. and today we are ready to face any challenge, any time, anywhere, as we continue to stand guard around the world. timely, i would like to thank the armed services committee for its swift action on my
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nomination and strong bipartisan support that i received from the entire united states senate. the global security environment has become more complex. the free and open order that has preserved the peace and sustained our prosperity for decades is under duress. competition has re-emerged as china and russia try to seek the balance of power in their favor. iran sows discord and terrorist organizations like isis look for new safe havens to plot against the u.s. as the department of defense takes on these challenges, we will continue to strengthen our military and deter conflict in order to preserve the peace and advance america's interests. we will do this by building a more lethal norsigian, one that is increasing its red anyness and modernizing to the future. thanks to the president's leadership and support of congress, the last two budgets
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have allowed us to make significant investments towards these ends and the next couple promise to do as well. in addition, the department is on a verge of a significant change in how we organize, train and equip our space forces. mr. president, i know this is an important priority for you and my pentagon team is fully engaged with the armed services committees and bipartisan congressional leadership to create for the first time in 70 years, a new branch of the armed forces, the united states space force. [applause] e secretary: second, we will strengthen our alignances a like-minded network that will fight together that is an advantage that our add veer sears do not possess. our allies must contribute to
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our shared security. president trump has called on other nations to do more and they have responded. by the end of 2020, our nato allies will spend $100 billion on defense, an unprecedented increase that will make the alliance stronger. [applause] the secretary: third, we will reform the department to make the best use of every single dollar congress gives us. our country has many competing demands and it is incumbent upon us to look for ways no matter how small to free up time, money and manmarch to invest back into our top priorities. we must keep faith with the american people and be good stewards of their tax dollars. lastly, as a personal priority of mine, we will place focus on the well-being of our families. our military spouses and civilians and children make tremendous sacrifices for this
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country and in return i'm ensuring they are properly cared for. i thank mrs. trump and mrs. pence for the personal attention they have devoted to our military families and improve the quality of life for our spouses and children for our military throughout the armed forces. [applause] the secretary: in closing, i want to thank all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who make up the greatest fighting force all over the world. they are standing watch to preserve peace, on land in the seas throughout the skies and in space and cyber space, service members from army, navy, air force and marines solemnly and confidently carry out their duties. assured by the leadership of the commander of chief, the men and women we will never send them into a fight without the
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training, equipment and leadership they need to prevail. they know that this administration, that this congress and the american people have their back. and they know, when they are deployed far away from home, their families will be taken care of. thanks again, mr. president, to your support to our military and allowing me to serve the country as secretary of defense. as i take on this great responsibility, i will carry out my responsibility to duty, honor nd country that i have for nearly 404 decades at west point. this department will not let our great nation down. hank you, sir. [applause] it is migrate privilege to now
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welcome the vice president of the united states, mike pence. [applause] vice president pence: mr. president, secretary esper, members of the cabinet, members of congress and of the joint chiefs of staff and most especially for all those who wear the uniform of the united states and their families and the civilians who support you. it's a special honor to be here with all of you at the pentagon, symbol of american power and to join all of you for the full honors ceremony of the 27th secretary of defense, secretary mark p. esper. [applause]
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vice president pence: as the men and women who serve here at the pentagon know well, since day one of this administration, president trump has taken decisive action to make the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still. after years of budget cuts, president trump fought for and secured the largest increase in our national defense in more than a generation, including the largest military pay raise in over 10 years. [applause] vice president pence: at the president's direction, we produced a national security strategy that puts america first, pursued the modernization of our nuclear arsenal. as the secretary just said, our nato allies are contributing more to our common defense than ever before and with the strong support of leaders in congress, we are well on our way to establishing that sixth branch of our armed forces, the united
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states space force. and today, congress will vote on a budget deal thanks to the president's leadership, that preserves the historic investments we've made in our national defense. it provides for our veterans and also ends the defense sequester once and for all. [applause] vice president pence: mr. secretary, because of this president's efforts, you will inherit a military better equipped, better trained and better prepared than any military in the history of the world and the president and i have every confidence that you will lead the department of defense with the same dedication that marked your military career. mr. secretary, your reputation for leadership and your patriotism no doubt accounts for the 90 votes that you received in the united states senate and
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confirms the confidence that the president is placing in you today. so, mr. secretary, thank you for answering the call to serve our country once again. [applause] vice president pence: president trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people. and today, by providing renewed leadership to the department of defense, our commander in chief is taking one more critical step to provide for the common defense of the american people and our way of life. so now, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce your commander in chief and the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause]
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president trump: well, thank you very much to our great vice president, and thank you to all of the extraordinary patriots here at the united states department of defense, the worlds largest building. ive heard for many years, the worlds largest building. and its under great leadership. your devotion, strength, and courage keep america safe, strong, and free. its because of you that the united states military is the most powerful fighting force on the face of the earth. i want to express our gratitude to the old guard and to all of the service members in todays review for their extraordinary commitment to excellence and their unwavering loyalty to our
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nation. it is the greatest honor of my life to serve as your commander-in-chief. let me also recognize the incredible u.s. navy sea chanters and the band for that beautiful rendition of our national anthem. it was really beautiful, and thank you very much. fantastic job. president trump: thank you. thank you. were gathered here today to celebrate the swearing-in of americas new secretary of defense, mark t. esper. secretary esper, your lifetime of noble service has prepared you for this immense responsibility. and thats what it is: immense responsibility. on behalf of our entire country, thank you and congratulations. ongratulations.
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president trump: i have no doubt i know you well that you will thrive in the performance of your duties and make all americans everybody in this great country all americans very, very proud. theyre right now very proud, but theyre going to be even more so as time goes by. people love our country more than ever, and our country is respected again. remember that. im delighted that many members of your family could be here for this special occasion, including your wonderful wife leah, your mother polly, and your children luke and katherine. thank you. thank you very much. congratulations to a great family. thank you very much. president trump: great family. also joining us are acting secretary kevin mcaleenan, acting administrator chris
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pilkerton, director dan coats, representatives kay granger, john rice carter, and many members of the diplomatic corps. with us, as well, are many distinguished military leaders: vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general paul selva. where is paul? paul? aul. acting secretary of the army ryan mccarthy. ryan? hi, ryan. stand up, ryan. youre doing a great job. president trump: youre filling big shoes, ryan. acting secretary of the air force matthew donovan. thank you very much. thank you, secretary. president trump: acting secretary of the navy thomas modly. thank you, thomas. great. president trump: army chief of staff, general mark milley.
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mark? thank you, mark. president trump: congratulations to mark. coast guard commandant, admiral karl shultz. thank you, admiral. president trump: marine corps commandant, general david berger. general, thank you very much. president trump: air force chief of staff, general david goldfein. general, thank you very much. president trump: and chief of naval operations admiral, john richardson. thank you all. thank you, admiral. president trump: over many decades, in times of war and peace, mark esper has answered the call of duty. hes never failed. he hails from uniontown, pennsylvania the hometown of his personal hero, the legendary former secretary of defense and a great one, george marshall. mark attended the united states military academy at west point.
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graduated in 1986, receiving a ommission in the infantry. soon, he earned his tab ranger tab and fought with the famed 101st airborne division in the gulf war. he was awarded the bronze star and the combat infantryman badge for his service. brave guy. they all told me he was a brave guy. i knew that anyway. in total, mark served in our nations military for 21 years. he completed his final active-duty assignment right here at the pentagon on the army staff and then returned six years later as the deputy assistant secretary of defense for negotiations policy. over his career, mark has advanced our national security in a variety of other government and private sector roles. he has worked in both houses of congress, advising lawmakers. i
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can see he had some talent because he won was it 98 to what? no, you got 90, right? can you believe this? i dont believe it. i heard a ninety. ninety to eight, right? president trump: i dont know. i havent heard that sound in a long time, mark. president trump: now im worried. ninety to eight. wow. he served as vice president of raytheon. along the way, mark earned a masters degree at harvards john f. kennedy school of government and a phd at george washington university. in 2017, mark was sworn in as secretary of the united states army, a position in which he earned universal admiration and respect. tremendous respect. at the department of defense, secretary esper will work with
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more than 2 million service members and hundreds of thousands of civilian employees all dedicated to one critical mission: the defense of the nation and of this great nations people. i have absolute confidence that mark will ensure that our incredible military is fully prepared to deter conflict and to defeat any foe. no enemy can match the awesome might of the american army, navy, air force, coast guard, and the united tates marines. we had a budget approved when i first came in. billions and billions of dollars more than it was previously, in the previous administration: $700 billion. hen i went to $716 billion.
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and i wont even tell you what this one is. i can only tell ou its even more. because we have rebuilt things that nobody ever even thought of rebuilding. weve added the greatest planes in the world, the greatest missiles in the world. weve upgraded our nuclear very, very powerfully, including new. we never want to have to use it. pray to god that we never have to use it. but we have the best in the world in every aspect of military. the sight of american warriors brings solace into the hearts of our friends and strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. our military today is more owerful, by far, than ever before. and three years ago, we could not have said that, could we, mark? were giving our warfighters the tools they need to fight and win with overwhelming force. after
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years and years of budget cuts and all of the things that theyve been doing to set us back with our military, we have more than made up for all of it. were building new tanks and ships and submarines and planes and missile systems to ensure that our warriors operate with unrivaled capability in onflict. any battlefield will be a battlefield on which we win. we have given our service members their largest pay raise in nearly a decade. and under this administration, we have faced the challenge of our time with clear eyes, fresh thinking, and bold determination. our first priority is always the safety and sovereignty of our nation and our citizens. here at home, we have deployed military forces to confront the grave national security crisis
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on our southern border. and i want to thank all of the great military leaders for the help youve given us on our southern border. and, as you know, mexico has now deployed 21,000 troops, which is something theyve never done before. and theyve been a tremendous help. tremendous difference in the numbers very rapidly. and we want to thank the country of mexico and the president. no nation can be safe or secure that fails to control its borders. in syria and iraq, thanks to the bravery of our warriors and their allies, the isis territorial caliphate has been 100 percent and just absolutely destroyed. and we did it in a very quick moment of time. as soon as i said, i want to do it and i want to do it fast, our military kicked in
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and it happened very, very quickly. today, we stand not far from where terrorists attacked the pentagon on 9/11, claiming 184 precious lives. we will never forget the immortal sacrifice of those american patriots. we vow to do whatever it takes to protect our homeland, to safeguard our people from the threat of radical islamic terrorism, and to preserve american freedom. around the world, america faces new threats and strategic rivals, it seems like all the time. we have met this competition with unmatched confidence, purpose, and resolve. we talk to all of them nd they talk to us with great, great respect. they respect our country so much more than they have for many, many decades. right now, they respect us more than they have in many, many
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years. and its only going to get more so. we are ensuring american dominance across every warfighting domain land, air, sea, cyber, and now space. that is why, under secretary espers leadership, we will as mike and mark have already said, but its so exciting to say. and whenever i make a speech, people start going wild. they stand up and they clap, and i cant sit them down. and i have to wait because i say, were launching the united states space force. they go absolutely wild. they understand thats where its going to be at. and were going to be there, and were going to be there in every way that you can. as we aim ever higher, i know the men and women of this department will never let up and never rest easy. together, we will fulfill our sacred mission
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to protect the greatest nation in the history of the world: the united states of america. with unyielding strength, we will defend our country, we will defend our people, and we will proudly defend our great american flag. secretary esper, congratulations again to you and your family. this is an incredible day in the life and fabled history of the united states. secretary of defense, do you ever see that, looking into do you ever see that one? as i watch all of these great men and women youre going to do a great job, i have no doubt. absolutely no doubt. president trump: no doubt. we cannot wait to see all that you will achieve for our nation as the new secretary of defense. i want to thank everybody for being here. very special people. god bless you. god bless our military. and god bless america. hank you very much everybody.
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at this time, we would like to recognize the people who have joined us today by performing the songs of the armed services. we ask that you stand and be recognized. ♪ >> united states army. ♪ >> the united states air force.
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♪ >> the united states marine corps. ♪
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>> the united states coast guard. ♪ >> the united states navy.
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♪ [applause] > honor guard. [commands] >> forward march.
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♪ >> mr. president, this concludes today's ceremonies. >> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's ceremonies. please stand and remain in place for the departure of the official parties.
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♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you again for squoining us today at the pentagon. ave a wonderful day. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019]
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captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> starting at 8:00 p.m., parents who lost students in the school shooting at parkland will discuss gun violence. and the dect tore of i.c.e. testifies on oversight and crmp span 3, a hearing examines high prescription drug prices and the mpact on patients. c-span's washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impath you. coming up saturday mork, immigration reporter discusses progress on the u.s.-mexican border wall and other immigration topics. a look at borrowries johnson's ageppeda and the potential impact on u.s.-u.k. relations with the strategic on international studies and 's" looking at the
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suicide epidemic in the western u.s. watch "washington jourm" on saturday morning. joip the discussion. this weekend on c-span, republican congressman garrett gafse of louisiana will discuss climate change and the work of the select committee on the climate crisis. congressman graves sits on that committee and will talk about robert mueller's testimony before congress and the budget deal and other issues. garrett graves is on "newsmakers" on sunday on c-span. the house yesterday passed a budget and debt deal negotiated with president trump that will increase spending by $324 billion and suspend the debt ceiling allowing unlimited borrowing. the house is


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