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coverage wednesday. vice president pence and josh hawley speak at a student conference hosted by the young america's foundation. later, federal reserve chair jerome powell holds a news conference after his closed-door meeting with fed officials. on c-span two, the senate is back at 9:30 to consider judicial and executive nominations, including kelly craft, to bun ambassador. it is possible senators will suspends thethat debt limit for two years. on c-span3, the senate armed services committee considers the nomination of chief of naval operations per that is followed by a hearing on train safety with the head of the federal railroad administration. it's >> for the nest -- for the
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next three hours, we will get facebooke calls, comments and tweets. "washington journal" is next. " is next. ♪ host: it was progressive's versus moderate at last night's cnn debate in detroit. we will get your reaction to what you heard from the candidates and where you think the race stands. .emocrats, 202-748-8000 republicans, 202-748-8001. and independents, 202-748-8002. you can also go to twitter at @cspanwj. with anhevarria overlook of last night's debate.
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2: if you are wondering who got the most talk time, cnn had a breakdown breed elizabeth warren with an average about 18 minutes-11 seconds. andowing, bernie sanders pete buttigieg with 14 minutes. even for all the talk about john delaney, 10 minutes and 24 seconds of talk time. marianne williamson getting a lot of talk time as far as responses and her actual debate talk time, eight minutes and 53 seconds. how many times the candidates -- the story breaks down how many times the candidate mentioned donald trump. politico, they have a story on some of the other items and data. the number 35 is what they offer and that is how many times
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candidates try to interrupt each other. it was elizabeth warren who accounted for many of the interruptions with numerous interjections of "i would like to respond." twitter had the amount of people who follow the candidates after last night's debate. topping that was marianne williamson with 8005 twitter followers. by mayor pete. bernie sanders rounding out of that list with 2331 new followers. host: one moment from last night that is making headlines, this exchange between john hickenlooper, the former governor of colorado and bernie sanders. [video clip] >> the policy of this notion that you are going to take private insurance away from or you already -- the
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green new deal, make sure every american is guaranteed the government job they want, that is a disaster. you may have well -- you may as well fedex the election to donald trump. the word malpractice -- i always thought it was doctors or lawyers, negligent, improper, illegal, professional activity for doctors, lawyers, or public officials. donald trump is malpractice personified. why is it soybean farmers need 10 good years to get back to where they were? why are we lurching from one international crisis to another? all things he promised american voters, we will focus on that and the economy and jobs and training so we can promise a future for america everyone wants to invest in. >> senator sanders, how do you
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respond? >> the truth is every credible poll i have seen c -- has me beating donald trump, including the battleground states of michigan, where i won the democratic primary. wisconsin, where i won the democratic primary, and pennsylvania. and the reason we have to beat trump's he is a fraud and phony and we will expose him for what he is. the american people want a minimum wage, which is a living wage. the american people want to pay reasonable prices for prescription drugs, not the highest prices in the world. host: last night's cnn debate, it was 10 candidates. indiana. washington, what did you think about last night's debate? caller: thank you. i don't think the democratic
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candidates are describing medicare for all very well because it is just an actuarial thing. if you have the entire base of the country on one health care plan, it is obviously going to be less expensive, that is how insurance works and they don't seem to describe it properly, that is why we have that mandate to enroll healthy people on obamacare. the democrats don't seem to really get it. warn thatsychologists trump is an unbalanced, violent person. when he talks about slamming fire andan in 10 days, fury, aircraft carriers, 6000 troops, subverting the government of venezuela, we are looking at a violent, psychotic person. democrats better get him out of
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office and not wait for this election. that is a risk we cannot take. host: who is your candidate for 2020? caller: bernie sanders. bernie sanders. listen to what he is saying. deal.medicare, green new we are going to have no ice caps in 2029, 11 years. host: you bring up medicare for all, this was discussed and debated last night. take a look at this exchange andeen congressman tim ryan senator sanders. [video clip] >> here we are in detroit and we have all our union friends. this plan being offered will tell those union members who gave away wages in order to get good health care that they are going to lose their health care because washington will come in
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and tell them they have a better plan. a new and better is move medicare down the 50, allow people to buy in. kaiser permanente said if 60,000 people did that, they will see a 40% reduction in health care cost. >> let's talk about that. if medicare for all is enacted, there are more than 600,000 union members who would be forced to give up private health care plans. i understand it would provide universal coverage, but can you guarantee those union members the benefits will be as good as the benefits their union reps fought hard to negotiate? >> they will be better because medicare for all is comprehensive and covers all health care needs. for senior citizens, it will include dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. >> you don't know that, bernie. >> i do know. i wrote the damn bill.
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union of all, many of our brothers and sisters are now paying high deductibles and copayments and when we do medicare for all instead of having the companies putting money into health care, they can get decent wage increases, which they are not getting today. >> senator sanders does not know all the union contracts in the united states. i am trying to explain these union members are losing their jobs, their wages have been stagnant, the world is crumbling around them. the only thing they have is possibly really good health care and the democratic message is going to be we are going to go in and the only thing you have left, we are going to take it and do better. it is bad policy and bad politics. sandersill senator drafted by definition will lower
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quality in health care because it said specifically the rates will be the same as current medicare rates and the data is clear, medicare does not cover the cost of health care. it covers 80% of the cost of health care and private insurance covers 120%. if you start underpaying health care providers, you will create a two tier market where wealthy people by their health care with cash and people who are forced, like my dad, the union electrician who will have that health care plan taken away from him. host: pedro echevarria, a moment for senator sanders. time he said "i wrote the dam bill," if you go website,nders campaign this appeared, a sticker you can get. appearing during the course of the debate. you talked about john delaney
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and showed a little about what he said about the two tier system. the pages of the atlantic highlight what he said and talk about those concerns. that transition to single-payer health care have found their health systems bright for katie -- bifurcating. brazilians got healthier and lived longer and they have few catastrophic health expenditures . the system looks more like a safety net with holes. if you want to read more, go to the pages of the atlantic. kaiser health news put out a poll taking a look and talking to people about this idea of medicare for all and it showed the pole made clear 83% of democratic voters view the issue of very important, more than any other issue, but 72% told pollsters they support medicare for all.
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when asked to choose between medicare for all proposals, 36% of democrats chose medicare for all and 57% -- host: dan in arkansas. did you watch the debate last night? are you with us? from arkansas.t i am on the democrat line. host: go ahead, apologies. caller: no worries. yeah, i watched the debate last night. i thought it was great. i think you could almost see the bias coming from cnn moderators and if you watch cnn and msnbc, which i do, it is almost like a nonstop selling campaign of joe biden. why is that?
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while bernie and people like that are out meeting with the people, joe biden is spending all his time meeting the corporate heads. wall street pharmaceutical, fractures -- frackers. joe biden is exactly what we don't need and exactly why trump and hillary were bad candidates to start with. trump got into office and he is the king of the swamp now. if we want to get this country with a man who is honest and has a track record of decades people, won in michigan, won the independents -- independents. 30% of the republican vote in the primary. this is our guy. if we get him in, every state
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will vote for him again. he is the unifier and pure honesty. we need bernie and the black voters better figure out biden is not their friend. arkansas, you are next. did you watch the debate? caller: can you hear me? host: yes, we can predict ag walk that -- watch the debate -- yes, we can. did you watch the debate? caller: yes. i did not hear anything i haven't already heard. what i want to say is give trump a chance. he has done a miracle and all these people need to let off -- let up on him and he will get this mess cleaned up, hopefully. host: who do you think poses the greatest challenge to the president? caller: i don't see any, ma'am,
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i really don't. i have never seen such a comical bunch of people in my life. i have two grandsons and i want the best for them and i don't see the democrats doing anything but just messing mr. trump up. leave him alone, please. pedro echevarria, what do you have? host 2: some of the qualifications for tonight's debate, to qualify for the second round of debates, candidates had to fill 1 of two criteria, either get 65,000 donors with at least $200 in 20 different states or 1% in three poles recognized as legitimate by the committee. looking forward to the third set of debates that will take lace september and october. vox has to
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qualifications. garner 130,000to individual donors for grassroots support, double the number they needed to get into the first debates. host: in new york, independent. what did you think of last night? caller: i stayed up and watch the whole thing and i thought it was very exciting, more than i expected. i thought bernie did excellent and i wanted to add to what the caller said about bias from the moderators. when bernie is talking about free public colleges and universities, but when the moderator spoke to his incumbent and returned the question to one of the other candidates, they said how do you feel about free colleges for the children of wealthy parents? what everybody knows is the
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children of wealthy parents don't go to public colleges and universities. they go to private institutions like harvard and yale and princeton. there is bias and i think bernie recognizes it and i think everybody else recognizes it as well. who is bernie's most ardent competitor in this field of 20? who do you think poses the greatest challenge to him? caller: the greatest challenge to him. host: to him getting the nomination of the democrats. caller: i don't really like -- ise other caller said, biden bad news all around. i don't see him being there at the end. the other people are very nice don't see anybody having the experience and the
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knowledge and the willingness to fight for the people the way bernie sanders has for years and years. host: have you contributed to his campaign this time around? caller: not yet. i will contribute this time. host: you will. will you volunteer? caller: yes. host: karel in chicago, democratic caller. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: good morning. caller: i watched the debates last night and i have a different perspective. i am really impressed with the democrats. they areeryone said too big, may be too far to the left, that is garbage. there is nothing wrong with dreaming big and having big ideas. tohallenge any republican call and tell me what have the
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republicans presented to the american people to help them? nothing. the last two times they were in power, they pushed two major tax-cut bills. they did not have the support of the american people. those tax cuts do what they claim they were going to do. anythingr want to do for the people. you had this guy from arkansas talk about his family. ask what the republicans have done for his family. ideas,ts want to have that is too far to the left, that is too big. that is garbage. as democrats, we need to tell republicans -- tell the people
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-- at least we are dreaming about how to make it better for americans. host: the argument you are talking about was made by moderates on the stage like steve bullock, first appearance in a debate. here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> the only one in the field of 37 that actually won a trump state -- i know we have to win back some of those places we lost and get those trump voters back if we are ever going to win . this isn't a choice between the left and center, it is not a choice between wishlist economics or thinking we have to sacrifice our values to actually win. what folks want is a fair shot. the way i one and how we can win is focus on the economy. that is how we can take back the office. >> you make it a point to say you are a capitalist, is that
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your way of convincing voters you might be a safer choice? >> it is my way of talking about i know how to fight and how to win. i took on giant banks and beat them. i took on wall street and ceos and lobbyists and lawyers. i took on a popular republican incumbent senator. i remember when people said barack obama could not get elected. i remember when people said donald trump could not get elected. i get it, there is a lot at stake and people are scared. we cannot choose a candidate we don't believe in just because we are too scared to do anything else and we cannot ask other people to vote for a candidate we don't believe in. democrats win when we figure out what is right and get out and fight for it. i am not afraid and for democrats to win, you cannot be
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afraid either. >> congressman delaney response? wei think democrats win when run on real solutions, not impossible promises. look at the story of detroit, this amazing city we are in, this city is turning around because the government and the private sector are working well together. that has to be our model going forward. we need to encourage collaboration between the government, private sector, and nonprofit center and focus on those issues that matter to hard-working americans. i don't understand why anybody goes through the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we can't do and should not fight for. host: pedro echevarria, what do you have? story: mark points to a in usa today, too many
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soundbites, too much john delaney. if you go to the story, one of the complaints from last night is from someone who would appear on the stage tonight saying two hours in and not a single question about reproductive rights, paid leave, childcare. we need a president who will prioritize these issues, not treat them as an afterthought. another frequent complaint, the amount of time given to longshot candidates, particularly john delaney. , nohe history of debates candidate pulling this poorly has gotten this much time. usa today, if you want to read that story, katrina asks the question, does anyone know where i can watch last night possibly? this saturday and sunday, you can see the full debate and if
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you want more information about the debate and any of our other campaign 2020 coverage, go to our website. host: we will have last night's debate and tonight's debate for you to watch in its entirety. caller: good morning. one of the candidates last night brought up malpractice. these same candidates are guilty of that malpractice. they have run this country $22 trillion in debt. these same people want to take over our health care system. that is not intelligent. any person that balances a checkbook knows if you run your checkbook into the red, 20 $2 trillion, these people would be fired. these people want to take care of our health care, you would fool to let full --
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that take place. the people on the stage have no problem sending taxpayer dollars to illegals coming into this country. they want to fund their health care, but yet the people of baltimore, they don't get their health care funded. the people in the cities of detroit don't get free health care. they don't get any of that, they don't get free health care, but yet democrats want to fund illegals in this country, but the people in the inner cds living in -- inner cities living in slums don't get anything. host: we are going to ed in miami. did you watch the debate? caller: yes, i did. good morning. host: what did you think? caller: i am a moderate republican. i voted for clinton and bush and obama. i can go any way. if you give me a choice between
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sanders or warren, i will, unfortunately, vote for trump anytime. i can vote for biden, brian, --aney, i could never, ever moderate troubling -- republicans like me -- if you are going to give me the choice again between one of those super liberal people, you are guaranteeing donald trump will win the next election. host: might i ask how old you are? what do you do? and what is it about the far left agenda that concerns you? educator,am an upper-middle-class, and i don't want my taxes paying for anybody's freebies. i believe you work for what you get. you provide for your family and i don't want my taxes to go up
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to pay for everybody's freebie. i paid my way through college working two jobs while i went to college. i paid my student debt. i don't want the government taking care of that, that is your responsibility. the: do you think government has a responsibility to deal with the cost of college for people entering it? caller: the government has a responsibility to make sure we are safe and secure and rights are taken care of. they are not responsible for paying for year -- for you. host: a democrat watching, good morning to you. who is your candidate? caller: good morning, c-span. may i just speak two words before i go to the candidate? i would like the meant -- to mention the caller who called about 6 callers before mentioned
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what did republicans do for the american class -- middle class? i agree. they believe if you make the rich richer, that wealth will trickle down to the middle class. it has never happened. .bama was right around countryng saying the economy is doing great. the economy has -- is doing great for who? you just lost the middle class. not lieliar in chief saying the economy is doing great. it is doing great for his class,
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not anybody else. those people who talk about the ultraleft, do you know how much billions and billions we pump into the rich corporations with taxpayer money every day? the amazon man did not want to pay.$15 minimum is only thing trump has done -- spent ane card entire three years talking rubbish about other people stealing the jobs and the money. host: are you on board with a wealth tax being proposed by senator warren? caller: absolutely right.
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the class is crushed. what is this wealth president trump is talking about for the middle class? nothing has changed. she isws exactly what talking about, not like everybody else. is talkings what she about. host: is she your candidate? caller: it is either warren or bernie. i have a feeling if warren runs against trump, warren has a better chance of winning because warren does not use the word socialism. the moment warrant -- sanders gets into the fray with trump, they are going to hammer that he is a socialist.
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warren has a better chance of winning over trump because she is a moderate. host: tim in north carolina, independent. are you considering voting for a democrat? caller: yes. republicans are terrible and democrats are slow thinkers. i am independent. have ptsd from trump winning. joe biden, we definitely don't need. he is the status quo. they are looking at who is the best person to beat trump, and they will put the same old status quo in there. the only way trump can win this election is through division and
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the oakland -- open borders. congressman and everything about e-verify. trump hired a lot of illegal aliens. -- bring it out to the people what a hypocrite he was if he was so against illegal immigration and democrats need to get behind e-verify. citizens people become and do the drills and everything like that, but have no more and the way you do that is through a strong e-verify system. host 2: speaking of president trump, c-span had the opportunity to sit down with the
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president. .ou can see it at reuters picking up the story about what the president would look to if he did win a second term, making cuts to the defense budget. here is a portion of that interview. [video clip] > your big agenda in the second term would be what? >> now that the military is close to being rebuild, cost will be a big factor. we want to strengthen social security so no one gets hurt later on. i think we will do strong health care. very, very strong health care. it is important to me because obamacare is not good. do i manage it well or purposefully poorly? we have managed it well, much better than they managed it. it is still too expensive and still not good health care. we will make something good and
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i will leave that for the beginning of my second term. if we can lead the house, senate, and presidency, we will have health care that will be phenomenal. >> budget cuts are in the works potentially? >> absolutely, sure. in terms of the military -- a lot of this money is going to rebuilding, ordering new planes. planes last for a long time. story you have reported on where the grandfather flew the planes. we have parts from the plane graveyard in the desert where they don't make the parts anymore. and now we have brand-new f-35 sand f-18's and the best missile .ystems in the world
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we have a lot of really great things happening. host: c-span's interview with the president. you can watch if you go to chase in maryland, republican. caller: i don't think anybody in particular really grabbed my attention. i like pete buttigieg. everyl, if i was to say single candidate -- i kind of wish i could combine all of those until 1 and that would give me the ideal person. regardless, what i thought was one interesting thought, i think it came from williamson, was the .dea of money in politics
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i implore people to wake up and educate themselves about how this country works and we are not a representative democracy or a democracy at all. we are a plutocracy in which the people who have the money have the access and those who have and --ess half the power have the power and the ability to drive decisions. for me, i am tired of people with the money being able to influence my lifestyle. kanye west and kim kardashian should not be in the oval office talking about someone gaining clemency from the president. that is absurd and shows money talks. host: of these democratic candidates, who has the best what do you want them to do to close the wealth gap in
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this country? caller: wealth gap wise, i am not speaking wealth gap wise. i am talking incremental -- governmental reform. i think buttigieg made an interesting point about the structure of how are our government is currently formed and operates. we can reform our government and the way things operate and the from which it is influenced and operated, that is what i am looking at, structural change as a whole and as long as in politics from super pac's and billionaires, that is not going to change. they will always be there to pit us against each other. i would like to say something about all the conversation on universal health
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care. the moderates said last night would lose people health insurance and they were talking about the union members. anybody talking about those industries laying people off like crazy who find themselves losing their jobs are also losing their health insurance within 40 days and they have to switch to cobra and pay the split premium under cobra between them and the coverage provided by the employer and that lasts only for 18 months and after that, they are on their own. everyone who is tied to the idea, i love my health insurance, better be sure they will never lose their job
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because as soon as they lose their job, they lose their health insurance and have to and 18 monthsa later, they are out of luck again. host: who is your candidate? caller: my ticket, i would love to see elizabeth-mayor pete ticket. i think the people who suddenly came out of the woodwork and started calling themselves moderates, i agree -- i don't know why people want to run for president if they want to talk about things that cannot be done . i am a supporter of elizabeth right now, very much. host: it was the moderates talking about health care, one of the policy issues last night and as you mentioned, they were talking about government-sponsored health care. here is former representative
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senator sanders asking to respond to delaney's criticism of government-sponsored health care. [video clip] >> you are wrong. [laughter] right now, we have a dysfunctional health care system . 87 million uninsured or underinsured. every yearmericans going bankrupt because of medical bills. 30,000 people dying while the health care industry makes tens of billions of dollars in profit. a countryes away is called canada. they spend half of what we spend and by the way, when you end up in a hospital in canada, you come out with no bill at all. health care is a human right, not a privilege.
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i believe that, i will vote for that. create a universal health care system to give everyone basic health care for free and i have a proposal to do it. we don't have to be the party of subtraction and telling half the country their health insurance is a legal. my dad, the union electrician, .oved the health care he got is bad policy and it will underfund the industry and it is bad policy. host: we will go to rick in tennessee, independent. good morning. what did you think of the debate? could get aink i daycare full of children that do better than they do. it is sad the democratic party allowed themselves to have such
7:41 am
childish and immature and really uneducated people running for office and even the ones like becauset amazes me there are three legislative branches of government. they are not going to work together and they have not worked together for years. ago,goes back 40 years democrats and republicans are the reason the jobs went to the reasonries and for what is going on in this country today and then you take big business and what they are trying to do with health care and people need to become educated on how their government works. for health care you have insurance companies. the united states government at one time was going to the insurance companies bail this country out. when you take away private health insurance, you are going to take everybody on the same page and that means some people
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are not going to get care because there is some people who are not going to work or pay their bills. i look at people wearing nice clothing, paying food stamps, the wic program. americans who worked all their lives cannot get anything. am i a republican? no. you want to live free, i would rather be dirt poor living in the streets of america than any other country. free.uth will set you host: before you go, what do you do for a living? caller: i lost my job. i was been -- i was in sales. i sold health insurance. i basically sold life insurance and 401(k)'s. big money makes big money when you are saving. if you have a 401(k) at work and week, you willa
7:43 am
never get to the promised land. host: who is your candidate, then? caller: my candidate is donald trump and i tell you why, he stands up to all people. it doesn't matter what race you are, what party you are with. even some of the wall street people, the business people, mayors, governors, he knows them . they are scared of him because they know he knows. host: clay in louisiana, a republican. caller: good morning. comments after watching at least part of the debate last the whole group last night pretty much scared the hell out of me. i am retired. i planned my life around our system, lived by the rules.
7:44 am
thinketired person, and i i speak for a lot of retired --ple -- thatup fight me group is coming out to me and my group and the only thing standing between me and them is donald trump. .hat is the issue talkr as joe biden -- they about the old, white male, looked as if he has been encased in wax. they parked the chinese warship off the coast of japan -- russians tried to invade germany or something react?
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host 2: the first group had their chance and the second group comments on the events in detroit. bill de blasio talking about the events saying what a night. moderates are not going to win this election. it is more clear than ever, we need a president who will vote for democratic values and working people. she may be an effective communicator, but the policy she is communicating to take health care away from 180 million people, we can achieve universal .ealth care how many more to go without clean water before we act? every american deserves the right to clean water. mustnslee saying we deliver on the promise of education for all. cost public college
7:46 am
for those in need. kirsten gillibrand saying it is good democrats having their debate about how we make health care right. we should have a single-payer as the end goal. we have that transition plan. i am the candidate who wrote it and andrew yang saying that is it for the debate, tune in for the next episode of who will run our country. you will probably hear more on these themes. host: logan in oregon, a democrat. how much of the debate where you able -- were you able to watch? caller: two thirds, i would say. host: who do you think won? caller: i am always bad about picking winners on these things, i would not be entirely comfortable sticking my name on anyone who came up fully ahead. that think you mentioned earlier about how elizabeth warren got a lot of the talking time did seem
7:47 am
like her and bernie had a pretty good run although everybody got in their licks. it was interesting to see. host: who is your candidate, logan? caller: in much the same manner, i tend to be one of these sit back and watch -- see who is there before the dust settles before i get too far into somebody. it takes a while before oregon gets to it. i was joking with my friends, i will have to sit and read everybody's plans before i do that. host: would you call yourself a progressive or moderate? caller: probably more on the moderate end of things. i like some of the progressive ideas, it boils down to their feasibility, i suppose, and that is sort of what the arguing was
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about. there was one thing that drew my attention. i was struck, there was one thing on the immigration issue that stood out to me as it stands out to most of us, something senator sanders said when he was talking about -- sort of addressing the problems causing people to come into our southern border. i will get the whole hemisphere together to sort out these problems and eliminate those factors pushing people away from their home countries and towards us. i thought that was really important. it was kind of a vague, broadbrush approach. we had a bill i think passed the house not too long ago. it was like the northern triangle enhanced engagement act or something like that and that
7:49 am
passed and it was starting on this and i hope it makes it through the senate and it will have the support of whoever wins the democratic nomination or president trump as he wins again because i feel like addressing that initial starting point issue like whenever we talk about immigration, it is all about what do we do at the border? problem before a it becomes a problem, that would be better. host: there was quite a lengthy debate between the candidates last night on immigration. here is some of that. this includes senator warren, hickenlooper, klobuchar, and sanders. [video clip] >> the problem is right now the criminalization statute is what gives donald trump the ability to take children away from their parents and gives him the ability to lock up people at our borders. we need to continue to have
7:50 am
border security and we can do that. what we cannot do is not live our values. i have been to the border and seen the mothers and cages of babies. we must be a country that everyday lives our values and that means we cannot make it a crime when someone comes here. >> would you criminalize illegal border crossing? >> the point is not about criminalization. that has given donald trump the tool to break families apart worried >> governor hickenlooper, your response. >> i agree we need secure borders. the frustration with what is going on in washington is they are kicking the ball back and forth. make sure whatever law does not allow children to be snatched from their parents. on the two debate nights, we have 107 years of washington experience. it seems like that should be fixable. >> one way to fix it is to
7:51 am
decriminalize. that is the whole point. what we are looking for is a way to take away the tools donald trump has used. >> i would say there is a will to change this in congress. what is missing is the right person in the white house. i believe immigrants do not diminish america, they are america. if you want to do something about border security, change the rules so people can seek asylum. then you pass the bill and what the bill will do is it will reduce the deficit and give us money for border security and help processing the cases and allow for a path to citizenship. donald trump wants to use these people as political ponds. we have people all over our country that want to work and obey the law. you want toanders,
7:52 am
provide undocumented immigrants free health care and college. why won't this drive more people to come to the u.s. illegally? >> because we will have strong border protection. what trump is doing through his racism and xenophobia is demonizing a group of people and as president, i will end that. if a mother and child walk thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view, they are not criminals. they are people fleeing violence and i think the main thing we have got to do among many others -- we have to ask ourselves why are people watching 2000 miles to a strange country where they do not know the language? what we will do the first week we are in the white house is bring the hemisphere together to talk about how we rebuild honduras, guatemala, and el salvador so people do not have to flee their own countries.
7:53 am
host: your thoughts on part 1 of round 2 of the democratic debate . the other 10 candidates will be there tonight. we are getting your thoughts on the washington journal. logan, democratic caller. we will go to jerry in arizona. independent. caller: my name is terry. host: you are on, go ahead. caller: i live here in arizona and the border crossing -- i have a problem with people's understanding of legal and illegal. if you are illegal entering our country, you should be arrested and sent back. those seeking asylum and doing it the right way, i have no problem with that. this country was built on immigration. they don't steal, lie, any more than other people actually born here.
7:54 am
this mess is horrible. the -- i work at the airport. the bus station they are dropping these people off, nowhere to go, don't speak the language, it is ridiculous. i am tired of democrats constantly on this trump is a racist. the only way to get around that .s to get to the issues what has he actually done other than keep his friends rich? let's get off of what this personal ideology is. they are all over the world, that is nothing new. this country right now, we have a lot of things going on. the only people getting richer are those in the top 1%. host: who do you plan to vote for? caller: i am up in the wind. i tend to warrant as an
7:55 am
independent. i like some of her ideas, but as a whole, i don't see her coming through on all the promises she is attempting to make. she is the only one at this point, to me, who seems to be talking about issues and the things that matter to this country. host: did you vote for hillary clinton in 2016? caller: i did not, actually. host: you voted for president trump? caller: i did. and i regret that. as a black female in america, i regret that now. host: what? caller: i thought we needed a businessman, we needed something to tighten up our economy. obama did good and i am a great -- he left us with a
7:56 am
budget surplus, not a deficit. i initially thought donald is a cloud. businessoint maybe his acumen -- i had no idea republicans would cow down and worry more about their job than the people they are -- then they serve. say youug, would you are a progressive or moderate democrat? caller: progressive. host: who is your candidate? senator warren. host: how do you think she did last night? caller: i think she did good. host: what do you think? what stood out to you from that debate last night?
7:57 am
the issues. she is a very smart, i guess you would say, person, and she is really well read on the issues and she does have a plan for everything and she has got it .ll together likeealth care issue, i the affordable care act and the named obamacare. he said if that is what you want to call it, you can call it that
7:58 am
. host: your point? get to my point is to medicare, medicare for all, i don't think we can get there all .n one election host: just a reminder to doug and others, you have to listen for your phone. host 2: an entire democratic debate -- this is tom steyer, past with zero questions about reproductive health, abortion rights, or gender equality. we cannot take away the basic right to bodily autonomy. withdrawing all american troops
7:59 am
without leaving any force to prevent the next 9/11 is the same mistake president obama made in iraq. the onlyirk saying winner was marianne williamson adding "you go, girl." a profile in the washington post about one of the exchanges that took place last night on the topic of reparations saying she was asked about her support, arguedhe discussed and the government should pay $500 millionshe was asked what made r qualified to make those types of decisions. [video clip] init is not $500 billion financial assistance, it is payment of a debt that is owed. that is what reparations is. commissioned another to look at evidence. i appreciate what congressman omar had said.
8:00 am
i appreciate what congressman omar had said. it is time to realize that this country will not heal -- a country is a collection of people. people heal when there is truth telling. we need to recognize that when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites in america, the comes from a great injustice that has never been dealt with. that great injustice has had to do with the fact that there were 250 years of slavery followed by another 100 years of domestic terrorism. say makes me qualified to $500 billion? , 40 acres the math and a mule, given how many slaves that were at the end of the civil war, 40 acres and a meal for every family of four. it would be trillions of dollars if you did the math today. anything less than $100 billion is an insult and i believe $500 billion is politically feasible because so many americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a
8:01 am
toxicity underneath the surface, and emotional turbulence. marianne williamson, 67 years old on the debate stage last night along with nine of her other democratic contenders. last nights debate in detroit hosted by cnn. we are getting your reaction to it this morning. here are the headlines from some of the major national papers. sanders and warren battle after visions of fairytale promises and party rifts flare. sanders and warren take friendly fire on far left
8:02 am
agenda. been in virginia, republican. >> good morning -- caller: good morning. host: what did you think of the debate? caller: i am a republican. hase the democratic process been ongoing -- host: can you turn down your tv or press mute? process,he democratic ever since the clinton days i think has been a ridiculous freak show. they have nothing to do but whine and cause as much stalling and stage events as they can possibly come up with and it has been an ongoing charade that is getting worse by the day. they have no plans. they have nothing tangible to go on.
8:03 am
they are just astronomers, fairytale, fractured fairy tales. why i think -- i think the plan that trump has outlined is doable. there are some debatable issues. the southern border crisis, but is not our fight. let's go home and resolve their own problems. host: can i jump in? are you set on president trump as your candidate? caller: i am. host: because of what he has done so far and has talked about doing? caller: exactly. i think he has been very easy-going. i expect him to stomp through this democratic commotion much more forcefully than he has. he has been polite in putting up with their rhetoric and harassment. he is not going to be deterred.
8:04 am
program is doable and i am all for it. host: i'm going to leave it there. al in hudson, new york, independent. caller: good morning. it is actually castleton, not hudson. host: is that on the hudson? caller: yes. it sounds very high class but it is very middle-class. watch much of the debate last night purely for the fact that there was something i have more ord less coalesced around a few candidates, biden being my main choice right now. he is middle-of-the-road, he speaks to the middle class and that was the problem with the democrats under hillary clinton. the democrats forgot who the middle-class were. she was always endorsing all
8:05 am
these fringe groups, which is fine, but i am middle-class. i am a veteran. i raised a family and work for a corporation for 35 years. i earned my retirement. i am 70 plus right now and i still work a part-time job. i view this whole thing right now as a stage full of people selling books or running for getting free advertising for the office they are running for or trying to get some notoriety. host: the name joe biden did come up in last nights debate. mary in new york, democrat caller. the former vice president will be in tonight's debate. what did you think of last night? caller: i have to agree with the brother from virginia. i am a democrat but this is so disappointing. -- wherebelieve that we are right now.
8:06 am
the democratic party better get it together. trump's number one for me. people walking through our borders and doing whatever they want. it just can't happen. has immigration always been a single issue you vote on or is it -- is this something new for you? arizona, nornot in am i in texas but hearing from those states and what they are having to go through, i feel bad for people who are coming here to seek an opportunity, but i agree with the president. you apply from your country and then you decide to get a paper and you come here. we will welcome you and help you as best as we can but you can't just walk around our country and do whatever you please whenever you please and then you want to
8:07 am
tell us what we should be doing with our country? i speak spanish and i know what these people are saying. that cannot happen. issue, thatthis one is how you will make your decision? caller: absolutely. these other candidates start talking reality, trump is my man. have --dro, what do you we will go to bill and then to pedro. bill in -- republican. caller: you talk about this border crisis. we had clinton and bush, 16 years of open borders, look what it did to this country. i voted for mr. obama. i respected him as a president. all the whites moved to the
8:08 am
suburbs so all i am seeing for these new candidates is wanting to start another white blight. where are white people going to move? that was very racist what president obama said. chelsea in alabama, independent. caller: good morning. commentlling to make a about the debate last night. the candidate that stood out to me the most was mayor pete. and ad a lot of his ideas lot of the things he was saying. i do think up -- do i think america is ready for him? i do not know. i like elizabeth warren and i like bernie. a couple callers were making comments about the border and everything. i wish that people -- nobody is
8:09 am
saying that they just want to have the border open for people to walk over and just walk through. it wasn't a crisis until president trump made it a crisis. they are telling me that obama deported more people under his presidency. that means things were getting handled and it wasn't a problem. people were still able to come over and seek asylum and i think they need to go over there and fix some of those places and maybe stop the people from fleeing. address the root of the problem. host: what do you do for a living in alabama? caller: i am in management. host: what did you like about mayor pete's ideas? caller: i liked mayor pete thatse i do think
8:10 am
sometimes we need to do something new and we need fresh ideas and we need somebody -- he is the only candidate that is talking about doing something new. reconstructing some things. as far as the government. he was talking about some things because maybe it is time we look at some things that don't work and reconstruct some things just like you have to overhaul anything. mayor pete is great but i think i am looking for someone who will tell me how to make things better for everybody. host: mayor pete talking about his record as the mayor of south bend. [video clip] >> as an urban mayor serving a diverse community, the racial divide lives within me. i am not saying i became mayor and racism or crime or poverty ended in -- on my watch but in
8:11 am
our city, we have come together repeatedly to tackle challenges like the fact that far too many people were getting the help they needed in housing. in the wake of a police involved shooting, our community is moving from hurting to healing by making sure the community can participate in things like revising the use of force policy and making sure there were community voices on the board of safety that handles police matters. i proposed a douglas planta cap -- to tackle this issue nationally because mayors have hit the limits of what you can do unless there is national action. systemic racism has touched every part of american life, from housing to health to homeownership. a hospital ando you are black, your reports of pain will be taken less seriously. if you apply for a job and you are black you are less likely to be called. frompose we do everything investing in historically redline neighborhoods to
8:12 am
supporting entrepreneurship for black americans. host: more argrr calls coming up, your reaction to the democratic debate at first, pedro on more of the debate. guest: you hurt chelsea talk about who she liked. one thing that some did not like about the debate was the format itself. the new york post picking it up in a story this morning, saying that the candidates were given 60 seconds to answer questions from moderators and 30 seconds for rebuttals but the rapidfire turnaround left some viewers peeved. the time limit is horrible tweeted one. i stopped watching when i realized no one could finish an answer to a question. another user added, this format is a disaster. one person said they quote, hate this freaking time limit. and then the week magazine on its website, took a look at another aspect of the debate,
8:13 am
the start saying after a minutes long video sitting up the stakes for the night, the candidates were invited one by one onto stage but there was an elaborate presentation of colors and the national anthem and then a commercial break. after 15 minutes, the candidates were finally invited to deliver their opening marks. only 10 minutes later did cnn finally dive into the suss -- the substance of the debate. sue ine -- host: florida, democrat. caller: i am calling because i watched the debate last night and was left terribly frustrated. i love mayor pete. i think he is the only one who made any sense. we have got to figure out as democrats, if we want to overthrow trump and 2020, how to coalesce and come together and stop making comments that are not going -- about that is not going to work, we will change the government, we have to appeal to those people -- i live
8:14 am
in florida, ohio, minnesota, michigan, and figure out what it is they need to hear, and then we need to figure out how to make them happy so they want to vote trump out. host: john in virginia, independent. and thanksd morning for having me on. when i think of who would be the best candidate to debate trump on stage, i think it is bernie sanders. long votinga record, he has been consistent in his messaging throughout the 2016 campaign and today. the idea of having health care for all or college education paid for, i don't think it is radical. when i think of my kids or grandkids, being able to have a better life, a better job, maybe
8:15 am
longer in health because they have better health care, i don't think those ideas are impossible at all. if we can pay for four more years, that does not sound extreme to me. host: eric in virginia, republican. can you start over? we missed the top. caller: i would like to comment on the democratic party's tactics in dealing with donald trump over the past couple of years and now this upcoming election. the problem is that donald trump can be radical. response should be even more radical and then completelyis ultra out of control faction of the democratic party which takes it more extreme but the bottom line
8:16 am
is, what they are fighting for does not resonate with people. whatever what party -- no matter what party or profession you are, you can't do things such as go across the border and start campaigning. you can't go about -- talk about the rights of people from other countries over the rights of people in this country. you can't talk about just paying without thinking how you're going to be paying things. people may not be educated but they are not stupid. when you have someone like a central left person like john delaney getting shut down and attacked and the democrats i really believe, the candidates feel that donald trump was radical and people want what is radical so we have to be more radical but the problem is, they are going down a deadhead -- a dead end rabbit hole. your candidate? is it the president?
8:17 am
caller: it will be the president and i tell people this. unless you can tell me that -- tell me something that has happened in the past two and a half years that has been detrimental to this country other than the social division which is fueled by the media. we have not had an attack on the homeland. the wars in iraq and afghanistan are going down. the stock market is going up. are the lowestte in history. that is what people are looking at. unless you can show me something that says this person didn't do a good job, i know people don't like his style, i understand that. you have to look at the substance. i think at the end of the day, no matter what happens, people get emotional over certain things but when you look at it on paper, what bad has happened in this country? absolutely nothing. i guarantee you the overwhelming
8:18 am
majority of americans in the country today are better off today than they were prior to the election whether you want to give it to the president or not. up in maryland, richard, democrat. which of these candidates do you think could win the democratic nomination? caller: good morning. pete.e would go for mayor i think he did and exceptional job last night. , think that what we are seeing i believe the democrats have a much deeper plan in place than what most people realize. what weare seeking, -- are seeing, what we were shown last night was a clear generational shift. we have candidates like bernie whoers and elizabeth warren
8:19 am
are longtime democrats and have these incredible ideas and they are almost think tanks, while we are bringing in the millennial generation. i strongly believe that candidates like mayor pete or even some of the other younger candidates are going to help usher in a new age of millenials. host: let's show that moment last night because the moderators noted the age difference on the stage and here is how mayor pete responded. [video clip] >> i don't care how old you are. i care about your vision. i do think it matters that we have a new generation of leaders stepping up around the world. is good that the prime minister of new zealand got a lot of attention in democratic debates. she is younger than i would be if i take office. this is the kind of trend america might be leading instead
8:20 am
of following it only if it is backed by the right vision and we can have great presidents at any age. we need the kind of vision that will win. we can't have a vision that amounts to -- feeling reason we got this president is that normal didn't work. we have to be ready to take on this president and southern it has not been talked about as much tonight, take on his enablers in congress. ran for congress or governor, the republican party 20 years ago ran away from him. today, they are supporting naked racism in the white house and are at best silent. if you are watching this at home and you are a republican member of congress, consider the fact that when the sun sets on your career and they are writing your story, of all the good and bad things you did in your life, the thing you will be room ever for is whether in this moment with this president you found the courage to stand up to him or you continue to put party over country.
8:21 am
[applause] pete is right. it is a question of vision. whether you are young or old. my vision among other things says that if we are going to fight for health care, we don't take money from the drug companies or the insurance companies. i have asked all the candidates who are running to say they will not accept money from those entities who in my view are going to war against the american people in terms of health care. that is a new vision. must vision says that we debtl completely, student because the younger generation in this country today for the first time in modern american history will have a lower standard of living than their parents. host: 77-year-old senator
8:22 am
sanders, the oldest candidate on the stage last night standing next to the youngest, mader -- mayor pete buttigieg. brian in michigan, independent. caller: good morning. last night when i watched it, it seem like they were saying the exact opposite things they said last month. host: on what? caller: bernie sanders wanted a secure border last night and yet we were going to let all the illegals in. immigration, would you mention the senate bill where it is taking the camp off of immigration, would you mention the senatehigh-end immi? talk about the millions of doctors -- the same senators who were talking about lowering immigration are not talking that took senate bill
8:23 am
off all the limits. hypocrites. being they are not even talking about that. i am in the detroit area and it was not even televised in detroit. you had to go to cnn to see the show. they did not want local people to see the show. this is terrible. e-verify would eliminate all of it but not one senator or congressman once that because it would eliminate everything. host: pedro? guest: reaction from the republican national committee last night saying on the debate stage, americas witnessed a -- americans witnessed a doubling down on the radical socialist proposal. of healthnt takeover care, decriminalizing illegal immigration, they're out of touch priorities on full display. voters will choose four more years of this great american comeback rather than allow democrats to take us backward.
8:24 am
a piece from last night's debate, the centrist did not hold is the title. the root flaw of the debate was that because of the lack of a draw, sanders and warren weren't against -- weren't set against the only two moderates in their league, biden and harris. biting could articulate policies on the debate stage. elizabeth warren proved to be a skilled dunker when she went after delaney by saying quote, i don't understand why some he goes to the trouble of running for president just to talk about what we can't do and should not fight for. that cut to the core issue. the moderates were defined by what they opposed rather than what they supported. the only have -- the only had a negative ideology of naysaying and premature surrender. indiana, our next caller is a republican. caller: good morning.
8:25 am
i watched a little bit. i only have one comment, these guys running for the democratic president,he u.s. they are practically running for the illegal aliens and the people that come here illegally and the people that have to go to work4 and support all these guys and then give everybody free things. that is the only comment i have. host: are you voting for president trump? caller: yes. host: jesse in new mexico, democratic caller. who is your candidate? i just wanted to say that i am a teacher getting ready for this next school year and i think this idea of free college for all is really not a good idea. i don't think taxpayers should
8:26 am
have to subsidize the tuition for kids going to harvard and yale and princeton and usc and ucla and berkeley, stanford. that is a horrible idea and i think the democrats need to focus on winning some specific states. ohio, michigan, illinois, thinkia, new york, and i the three top people from last night would be from winning york,es, delaney from new number two would be tim ryan from ohio because we need to win ohio and number one, and i am going to vote for her, is klobuchar. i like her, she is from the midwest. host: amy klobuchar from minnesota. john delaney is a former congressman from maryland and he was asked about senator warren's wealth tax at the debate.
8:27 am
here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> i think wealthy americans have to pay more. i grew up in a blue-collar family. first and my family to go to college. i became a successful entrepreneur and supported thousands of entrepreneurs all across this country and i have done well financially. i think i. should pay more in tax. i think wealthy americans should pay more but we have to have a real solution. the real solution is to raid the capital gains rate. there is no reason why people who invest for a living should pay less than people who work for a living. that is ridiculous. it is the biggest loophole in our tax code. we act like wealthy individuals are endangered species and if we don't -- if we raise their taxes they won't invest. that is crazy. that is how we get more revenue, we roll back the trump tax cuts to wealthy individuals. the wealth tax will be fought in court forever. it is arguably unconstitutional in the countries that have had
8:28 am
it have largely abandoned it because it is impossible to implement. a real solution, not impossible possible problem -- promises. raise the capital gains tax and rollback the tax cuts. >> i have proposed a wealth tax. it is now time to do that. it is time to tax the top 1/10 of 1% of fortunes in this country. your first $50 million you can keep free and clear but your 50 million -- you have to pitch into sense. cents.h in two we can provide universal childcare for every child in this country. we can provide universe -- we can provide pre-k for every three-year-old and four-year-old. we can raise the wages of every childcare worker and preschool teacher in this country. we can provide universal tuition free college. put $50xpand pell and
8:29 am
million into our historically black colleges and universities and we can cancel student loan debt for 95% of the people who have it and start to close the wealth gap in america. it tells you how badly broken this economy is. cents from the wealthiest americans would let us invest in the rest of america. >> this is not about whether wealthy americans should pay more. i think we are in agreement on that. it is a question of if you have a real solution to make it happen. we can raise the capital gains rate to match ordinary income. the first is proposed doing that was ronald reagan -- the first to propose doing that was ronald reagan. i call for the extension of universal pre-k so every american has pre-k and i do it through an additional tax on high network individuals. we don't need to come up with new taxes that are arguably unconstitutional. host: back to your calls about last night democrat 2020 debate.
8:30 am
it was the first of two. the second debate for the democratic candidates, over 20 of them running. who do you think was the winner? ed in new york, a republican. caller: i watched some of the debate last night and i thought we closed down the circus years ago but now i know where the workers went. -- she hascare end, gone blind and she has a disease and every tribe -- meantime we've got people coming into this country that the democrats are more worried about and we have people that are americans here, suffering just for health care, that alone to survive and live in the state we live in. we can't we live in, declaw a cat but we can kill babies. there are a lot of things happening in this country that is not right and i will be voting for trump.
8:31 am
host: mark in connecticut, democratic caller. caller: pardon? host: your turn. caller: good morning. i would like to say hello america. just trying to calm everyone down for a minute. black, white, not a race, any color, not a race. when trump was going after the women, they did not look at them as women, they looked at them as race. they were saying race, race, sexism. it was actually host: did you watch the debate? caller: yeah. host: what did you think about
8:32 am
it? they did not give them enough time to make the points they really wanted to make and allow them to answer the questions that they were of like, so it was kind -- peopleeggs, it kind of understood a little bit but they still did not get to finish what they really wanted to say. they were interrupted to quickly. pedro -- host: pedro. guest: last hour we showed you and interview conducted with president trump at the white house. another portion, he was asked about others calling the president a racist. here is president trump's response. [video clip] cummingsssman elijah
8:33 am
calls you a racist. what is your reaction? >> the racist -- the term has gone down a long way because everyone is called a racist. her own party called nancy pelosi a racist two weeks ago. the word is so overused. i am the least racist person there is in the world as far as i am concerned. run use it almost when they out of things to criticize. they say he is a racist and in some cases it is true. , they have a hard time getting away with it and they don't get away with it and if you look at what i have done -- african-americans between look at criminal justice reform. president obama tried so hard to get it and he didn't get it. look at the opportunities, tremendous success, not covered but we did that as an experiment
8:34 am
-- i think it is one of the most successful things ever done for the inner cities. tim scott of south carolina worked very hard on it. so many other people did. it has become a great success. the biggest beneficiary are african-americans. it is incredible what has happened but between that, criminal justice reform and the biggest thing is the lowest unemployment rate in the history of this country for african-americans. the lowest in the history by far. and --u see those things the news, mainstream media or fake news, if it would be covered, but they don't talk about that. they don't talk about opportunities. i have not seen anything about opportunities. when i did criminal justice
8:35 am
reform, everybody was saying -- i won't tell you names but the biggest names were there, on the others, the liberal and conservative side, very bipartisan but they don't talk about it anymore. if president obama did criminal justice reform which is so good for the african-americans, so good, so important, letting alice out, 28 years left to serve, jack johnson who was so unjustly convicted, the great heavyweight champion from the early 1900s -- so many things we have done. if president obama did that, it would have been great. when i do it, people don't want to talk about it. host: you can watch the entire interview if you go to our website. did you watch the debate george? caller: i did. host: as an independent, would
8:36 am
you consider voting for one of these democratic candidates? caller: no, because i don't understand what they are talking about. they're talking about how much everything is going to cost. $82 trillion. where is that coming from? it is coming from my pocket. i am an independent and i make $50,000 a year and that's it. all of my money is going to go away? i don't get it. that is what my problem is with this whole thing. well here is about -- it is, we are just going to throw this out there, free education, free this, free that. i paid for my education. i went to school, my parents paid for the classes, trimesters and i paid for the books and the books cost the most and i did it. that is the thing that is frustrating. host: are you set on president trump? caller: i am not set on
8:37 am
anything. president trump has issues. he has problems. he wants to spurt out all kinds of bad stuff or whatever but i don't think he is a racist. i think he is a bit problematic. he is like your bad grandpa. he is there, he is 70 and he says i don't like you, that kind of thing. what if it is former vice president joe biden versus president trump and the general election? would you consider voting for biden caller: caller:? consider voting for biting? caller: -- for biden? caller: because i -- no, because i worked hard for my money. host: that is somewhat of the message you heard from others last night like john delaney. would you vote for him? one thate is the only made sense.
8:38 am
he made sense. host: steve bolick? caller: now. -- no. delaney is the only one that made sense. camedn't attack trump, he out with his first statement but i don't know how this country is going to get better if we have more trillion dollars. i know trump is not doing the best in the world but in the last three months i made $12,000 in my 401(k). no one has ever done that for me. host: what do you do for a living? caller: i work. right now i am on vacation. companyor an employment and unemployment is the lowest it has ever been. that is on. it is rare -- that is on. -- that is odd. that is rare.
8:39 am
it is unbelievable. not since 1969 if we had that kind of unemployment. host: george in florida, independent. jerome in california, republican. caller: good morning. -- the gentleman who called in earlier and said what has that president done to hurt me, well he is a man with no integrity and less compassion for the american public. he has stolen, lied and cheated the american public. he only passed one bill and that is the tax cut. everything else he has done has been through the edict of the crown and not the people. he has written nothing but executive orders to get his stuff passed through. he is ruining a majority of our relations with foreign governments. he has brought this country to the highest deficit on record with recent headlines proving that. the myth --ased
8:40 am
military industrial, purchasing overpriced jets that were overpriced for the time it was only -- and he has harmed the farmers with these tariffs. he also made that great statement that there is a sucker born every minute, once again true in this country. host: you are a republican. have you always voted republican? caller: i am not a republican. i am a person that does not have a party. i don't believe in parties. i believe in voting for the person and so when i hear these people talk, i close my eyes so i don't listen to their bias, i hear their voice and right now, to tell you the truth, i see a lot of great secretaries and only a very good -- only a few presidential candidates and that is what i am looking for. i don't like kamala harris because she is an executive order person.
8:41 am
i want our next president to have to do what the will of the people say and the will of the people is the house and congress. sometimes i don't like either party having all the control but i don't know anymore. i am so frightened for this country. i am frightened for the soul of this country. host: maggie in virginia, democratic caller. caller: hello. there are great candidates. i wish there was a magic potion we could mix parts from each candidate and make one great candidate but that is dreaming. the thing about the debates yesterday, i believe in my heart and basically, mr. delaney ms. klobuchar where the winners.
8:42 am
they were went -- they were middle-of-the-road people. --y can bring the ideas from and they can govern better, rather than going to the extreme right or extreme left. steve in missouri, independent caller. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. is, being an independent, there is nobody to represent us. there are some good points on each side. it is so extreme, the closest one that i could think of voting for is elizabeth warren. best and least at the i like bernie sanders in some ways but he is too far out there. if you raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, just a blanket across the whole country, that isn't going to work because a lot of small businesses are
8:43 am
going to go out of business. we should help immigrants. we've got extra food in this country. food to ship the extra these countries to improve their lives without giving millions and millions of dollars to the corrupt crooked government and trump is off his rocker. everything he says that other people are doing, if he calls somebody a racist, he is the racist. if he says they are corrupt, he is corrupt. if he says fake news, he's got fox news. host: what issues are the most important to you that you want the candidates talking about? caller: there are two issues at the very top, the budget and health care. bernie sanders got that down pat. you've got to get the insurance companies out and make it a nonprofit thing. saying keep the
8:44 am
insurance companies are the ones getting paid off by the insurance companies. the other one is the budget. the overblown military, the health care and the tax cuts. we have to get the electoral college out of there. i live in missouri and whether you are red or blue your vote doesn't count. we have to get that out. host: judy in michigan, republican. who is your candidate? is it the president? caller: yes it is. it is trump. host: did you watch any of the debate? caller: i watched the whole thing and even taped it. host: which one of those candidates on the stage do you think could pose a challenge? caller: i would imagine it would be warren. not because i think she is going
8:45 am
i guess democrats might listen to her. bernie sanders is angry looking and i don't need an angry president in our white house. i just don't. one issue that came up according to politico 25 times was climate change last night. here is an exchange between senator sanders and representative tim ryan and governor bolick. [video clip] >> i get a little bit tired of democrats afraid of big ideas. republicans are not afraid of big ideas. they could give a trillion dollar tax break to billionaires and profitable corporations. they could bailout the crooks on wall street. so please don't tell me that we cannot take on the fossil fuel
8:46 am
industry and nothing happens unless we do that. here is the bottom line. we have to ask ourselves, what do you do with an industry that ofwingly for billions dollars in short-term profits is destroying this planet? i say that is criminal activity cannot be allowed to continue. >> congressman, your response? >> i did not say we couldn't get there until 2040. all i'm saying is, we have to thing our way out of this and if we are waiting for 2040 for a man to come in on gasoline -- a band to come in on gasoline vehicles, we are screwed. get a chief manufacturing officer, align the environmental incentives with the financial incentives and make sure that people can actually make money off of the new technologies that are moving forward. ase is what i will do
8:47 am
president, cut the worker in on the deal. make sure these are union jobs to make sure these new jobs pay what the old fossil fuel jobs paid. >> on this issue, my friend, there is no choice. we have got to be super aggressive if we love our children and if we want to leave them a planet that is healthy and is habitable. i don't disagree with tim. what that means is we have to take on the fossil fuel industry , it means we have to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable good uniona lot of jobs as we do that. we have to transform our transportation system and we have to lead the world. >> governor bolick, your response. >> all of us agree that we have to address climate change. no one on the stage is talking
8:48 am
about -- the republicans won't even acknowledge that climate change is real. that is because of the corrupting influence of money. that has been the fight of my career. we transition to this clean energy economy, we have to recognize there are folks who spent their whole lives powering our country and far too often, democrats sound like they are part of the problem. we have to make sure to aid in those transitions as we get to a carbon neutral world, which i think we can do by 2040. >> who is part of the problem? whenthink democrats often they say these fossil fuel industries, these workers, those cold minors. the world is changing and we have to make a change but democrats often sound like the people that shower at the end of the day, that they are part of the problem and far too many communities are being left behind.
8:49 am
host: more all of your calls coming up on last night's democratic debate. pedro what do you have? guest: a couple stories take a look at winners and losers from last night's debate. the washington post single -- elizabeth warren was a winner according to them, and then adding bernie sanders, saying warren seem to be better at annunciating her liberal policy proposals. debate more or less adhered to the status quo. it cites john delaney as a winner saying the congressman has been a hit player on the 2020 race. sanders was asked about delaney's criticism of health care and they went back before anyone got a chance to weigh in and at one point eleni earned a rebuke from warren with the senator decrying democrats like delaney for running just to talk about what we can't do. if you go to the pages of
8:50 am
rolling stone, they list john delaney as a loser from last nights debate, saying that as a democrat in 2019 he seems look a category error. he fights against the ambition of the progressive wing, cautioning that possible promises -- impossible promises like universal health care will turn off voters and get trump reelected. i had another category and the rolling stones, treading water and under that category, buttigieg saying his night was not encapsulated by one moment but it is worth spotlighting is not sniffing the nomination without the support of black voters and he has to know that. that is the rolling stone analysis. if you want to see these debates, we have been showing you portions of them throughout the day but we will re-air them for you as well. saturday you can see them at 10:30 in the morning. this is the one from last night. sunday,also view it on
8:51 am
the one you will see tonight. that will be at 10:30 in the morning. that is part of our campaign 2020 coverage. you can go to for more information. host: let's show viewers that moment you were talking about between former congressman delaney and senator warren and governor bolick. [video clip] -- won a trump state, 25% of our voters voted for donald trump. i know we have to win back some of those places we lost and get those trump voters back if we are ever going to win. this is not just a choice between the left and the center. it is not a choice between wishlist economics or thinking that we have to sacrifice our values to actually win. what folks want is a fair shot. the way we can win is to focus on the economy. that is how we win and take back the office. >> senator warren, you make it a
8:52 am
point to say you are a capitalist. is that a way to convince voters you are a safer choice? >> it is my way of talking about i know how to fight and i know how to win. i took on giant banks and i beat them. ceosk on wall street and and their lobbyists and their lawyers and i beat them. i took on a popular republican incumbent senator and i beat him. i remember when people said barack obama could not get elected. i remember when people said donald trump could not get elected but here is where we are. i get it. there is a lot at stake and people are scared. but we can't choose a candidate we don't believe in just because we are too scared to do anything else. we can't ask other people to vote for a candidate we don't believe in. democrats win when we figure out what is right and we get out there and fight for it. and for afraid
8:53 am
democrats to win, you can't be afraid either. >> congressman delaney, your response? >> democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises, we run on things that are workable, not fairytale economics. look at detroit, this amazing city we are in. this city is turning around because the government and the private sector are working well together. that has to be our model going forward. we need to encourage collaboration between the government, the private sector and the nonprofit sector and focus on those kitchen table pocketbook issues that matter to hard-working americans, building infrastructure, creating jobs, creating universal -- >> i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. host: that moment from last nights debates between senator warren and the moderates on the
8:54 am
stage. your reaction to what you heard. george in new jersey, independent. caller: good morning. i have been a long time listener and fan of c-span. are in a lot of trouble if they don't start attacking trump. trump is fake news. trump is nothing but a liar. he has lied ever since he has been in. he is making foreign countries like their enemies. he is appointing judges all over this country that are going to make women's rights minuscule. there will be no rights for women pretty soon. if the democrats don't realize andto fight these people
8:55 am
get somebody from minnesota or ohio to run, and we will be trump because 52% of the democrats will finally wake up and say this is what we have to do to get this man out of office. he is hated by everybody in the world. he does nothing but -- host: we heard a point but who from those candidates last night , you were referring to a ticket with klobuchar and tim ryan? caller: klobuchar and ryan from ohio or the gentleman from wisconsin that will be on tonight? we need to do that. we are going to win new jersey and new york and we will win the east coast except for the south. we didn't fight in florida or missouri and we lost two seats. we have to get the senate back. which of these democratic candidates from just last night's debate or the ones that will debate tonight, which ones do you think should drop out? caller: we have to get rid of
8:56 am
the poor guy that is the mayor. nobody is going to vote for a homosexual. i hate to say that but that is the truth. nobody is going to vote for these people that haven't been around in politics to a certain degree because look what we've got. we've got trump. we have a man that has divided that evenry so much people you talk to did not want to vote for this guy because they are racist. host: we will go on to nick in illinois, republican. as a republican, you watched the debate? caller: no. last night i watched the cardinals and the cubs. i did not watch the debate last night. i completely forgot about it. jerseyller from new literally just made a far more homophobic statement than what donald trump has made.
8:57 am
nobody is going to vote for a homosexual? just moments after he said that women are losing their rights under this president? who has lost their rights under donald trump? let me get to pete buttigieg. the more i hear democrats because every time they bring up david duke, it is only during generals or presidential cycles. it makes me think of -- for the democrats. really? this is ridiculous. the mayor of south bend, indiana is now running for president, he ran that city completely into the ground. all of our big cities run into the ground. we hear people talk about -- we will win the east coast, we will win illinois. you guys have control. democrats have nothing but control here in illinois and have always had control in illinois. florida, democratic
8:58 am
caller. your thoughts on last nights second democratic debate -- last night's second democrat debate? caller: thank you for taking my call. i did watch the debate last night and i think i am in line with your new jersey caller. there was a lot of truth in what he said. i am calling because of the article about how the whole thing was run by cnn and i agree, there is something wrong with the way they are running it. i don't think they are the network to handle it to tell you the truth with this always breaking news mentality they have. i do like cnn, i watch them all the time and i get most of my news from cnn but i just think they are not doing the candidates justice, cutting them off. at least let them finish their sentence and then say ok that's it. with the newspaper, it
8:59 am
was not fair to the candidates with the way they ran the debate last night and i would be interested to see tonight if they have made any changes in the way they do it. host: all right. who will you be watching for tonight? caller: i have always kind of -- i think he is up-and-coming. this may not be his term but i do think he is someone the nation should watch. i love his ideas about the love and the unity and everything, and from last night i think we don't give mary jo williamson enough attention. the lady knows what she is talking about. is is a heavy hitter but she coming from behind so i don't think she is going to get the recognition she deserves but she
9:00 am
is really a good candidate. host: we will go to zach in mississippi, independent caller. we are approaching 9:00 on the east coast, spending today's washingtonjournal talking to alu about the democratic debate last night and we will do so again tomorrow morning on the "washington journal." did you watch? america,he problem is, -- the stimulus for the black community comes to our community and they said the revenue out of america. this is a country with systemic racism has been in the law, the government, the counties, the police, 400 years of slavery. if you give reparations to the people who built the countries, every race has come here, ever
9:01 am
race, don't say my people never owned slaves, if they benefited, my people were slaves, there is a debt to be paid and if you do not believe that, you are a racist. white man on 18 times as much as a black man and we built this country? we have died in every war in this country. we have contributed more than anybody, our religion, our blood , do not tell me about the indians giving up your land. if someone said, give me you and your ancestors for hundreds of years, or give me your land, which one would you give? slavery is not over, america. unless you do not want an even playing field, which you don't comment that is the reason why slavery lasted as long as it did
9:02 am
because there are people who do not want an even playing field. they won us the bedrock of this country, which we have been, and they want us to be everything everything is built on, we are a stimulus program from the world. six -- they send the poor to our neighborhoods and give them loans. host: we heard your point and let me show viewers from last night when marianne williamson is asked about reparations for african americans. here is what she had to say. [video clip] is $500 billion payment of a debt that is owed, that is what reparations is. we need truth telling. i appreciate what congressman -- the congresswoman said, we will heal, the country is a
9:03 am
collection of people, we need to recognize that when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites, it came from a great injustice that has never been dealt with. there were 250 years of slavery followed by 100 years of domestic terrorism. what makes me qualified to say $200 billion-$500 billion? the 40did the math of acres and a mule -- [applause] if you did the math, it would be trillions of dollars and i believe that anything less than $100 billion is an insult and i believe the $200 billion-$500 billion is politically feasible because so many americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a toxicity underneath the surface
9:04 am
and emotional turbulence. host: what do you have, pedro? what do you have, pedro? host: -- >> the times call of longmont, colorado, featuring john hickenlooper, headline, the former governor failed to stand out at the debate. battleglobe, democrats over party direction with a picture of candidates. tim ryan featured predominantly on a front page, he battles for moments, that moment is". -- in quotes the newspaper in el paso looking at beto o'rourke. if you go to michigan, the debate was featured, a picture of all the candidates. taking thee debate
9:05 am
liberals and the moderates. a sample of some papers in the united states, particularly where the candidates are and how they report on the debate. host: frank and bayside, new york, republican, good morning. caller: i watched the debate last night. they keep talking about medicare for all. which i believe in. being in the medical field for over 20 years, i believe in that appeared the only thing -- i believe in that appeared -- i believe in that. but will it be improved? right now, people i know on medicare that cannot -- they do not cover insulin, they have to pay out of their own pocket. i was on medicare but do not use
9:06 am
it because when i called up and try to enroll in a private point they toldvate plan, me it would cost $6,000 per month for the medication i am on. they are bringing a message across but they are not explaining it correctly. they have to explain it to where the people are not afraid to lose their insurance. if they put me on medicare right now, and did not change it, i would go bankrupt in a week. host: that was brought up a couple of times with the candidates debating what would happen under medicare for all. one exchange between representative ryan and senator sanders on the impact of medicare for all on unions. [video clip] >> we are in detroit with their reunion friends and this plan
9:07 am
offered by senator warren and senator sanders will tell the union members who gave away wages in order to get good health care, that they will lose their health care because washington will tell them they got a better plan. , moved better is this medicare down to 50 and allow people to buy in. kaiser permanente said if those 60 million people do that they will see a 40% reduction in their health care costs. let businesses by in. >> if medicare for all is than 600,000more union members in michigan who would be forced to give up their private health care. it would provide universal coverage but can you guarantee the union members that the benefits under medicare for all would be as good as the benefits that their representatives, the union representatives, particular should? >> they will be better because forcare for all covers all
9:08 am
health care gassiness citizens and will include dental care, hearing aid, eyeglasses. >> you do not know that? >> i do know it, i wrote the bill. [laughter] union members are paying high deductibles and copayments and with medicare for all, said of the company putting money into health care, they can get decent wage freezes which they are not getting today. [applause] >> senator sanders does not know all of the union contracts in the united states. i am trying to explain that these union members are losing their jobs, their wages have been stagnant, the world is crumbling around them and the only thing they have is possibly really good health care and the democratic message will be, we will go in and the only thing you have left, we will take it
9:09 am
and do better. i do not think it is a recipe for success, bad politics. >> a bill senator sanders drafted by definition will lower quality in health care because it says specifically the rates will be the same as current medicare rates of the data is only coversedicare 80% of the cost of health care and private insurance covers 120% and if you underpay the health care providers, you will create a two-tier market where wealthy people by their health care with cash and the people , there forced, like my dad union electrician, will have health care taken away from them. host: progressives versus ,oderates is how it is framed the democratic debate last night in detroit, michigan. president trump beat hillary clinton in michigan by 10,700 votes.
9:10 am
kay in missouri, democratic caller. caller: thank you for taking my call. i listened to the debates last night. i was looking for a word i do not think i ever heard, capitalism. host: capitalism? caller: capitalism, for-profit. i think bernie sanders is proposing, the only one proposing, every or most of the things ordinary americans, working americans, want a need, which is health care. they will have to deal with the 100,000 physician shortage and change medical education from the dynastic elite training it is to open for everybody, truly territory -- i cannot
9:11 am
think of the word, free tuition, they have had college in successful economies in europe, free tuition for 50 or 60 years. $15 per hour wage, living wage. we do. we have babies being left by their mothers with strangers after two months. climate is athat major issue. we have to deal with the flooding appeared you cannot expect -- flooding. expect people to be flooded every year and deal with the sewage. ats are the main problem electric cars i do not believe will be the solution. we already have acres and acres. small, it isity,
9:12 am
covered with car lots, used and new. host: that is a good list. carol in washington, independent. did you watch the entire debate? caller: i did. i registered as an independent when i called because i live in washington state and we do not have to identify as republican or democrat. i wish more states allow that opportunity because it allows people to start thinking of themselves as independent and not aligning all the time with either party and what the party is promoting. i did watch the debate. by how many struck things are being put on the table by the democrats that has no foundation in our constitution and it really bothers me. i think back to what a short
9:13 am
time ago it was when social security, medicare, medicaid was put in place. and now they are promoted as something that can be taken away and you should be scared that the republicans, if you vote for a republican, they will take it away. but if you vote democrat, you will keep it forever. when i hear suggestions made by the democrats last night, i hear more of that flavor, of we want , igive some new entitlement do not like that word but it is the word most people use, things like education, free education, medicare for all, they are offering all of these things. if they can give it to you, they can take it away. host: you are voting for president trump? caller: i do not know who i am going to vote for in this
9:14 am
election. i am watching and paying attention to what is going on in politics because i am a citizen at it really is in my best interest to pay attention. host: who did you vote for in 2016? caller: in 2016i held my nose and voted for donald trump because hillary clinton was an unscrupulous candidate and i would not vote for her. host: raymond in lexington, south carolina, republican. are you set on president trump in 2020/ caller? caller: i definitely am. i was disgusted by the way the cnn moderators were phrasing their questions, things like, what would you do to fight against donald trump's racist policies?
9:15 am
predisposing it is a given that donald trump is a racist. i was horrified by that. candidates were talking about free health care and a nonprofit health system. anybody who has been into a social service office would understand that the government does not function properly when it comes to taking care of the people. if you had nonprofit health care system, everything goes into committees, we need to cut the budget, we did this cut and that cut. what does it guarantee? that they will have the proper equipment in the operating room's? a lot of these health care institutions could not function at the level of funding the government would want to give them. they would say, this is what you are going to get for certain services in the hospital. and the hospital could not sustain that.
9:16 am
the mentality of giving everybody things for free could not possibly sustain itself. if you build something on top of toothpicks, eventually the weight of everything on the top would collapse the entire system. careannot give free health to everybody, free education to everybody, free, free, free. host: democratic caller, wayne, richmond, virginia. who is your candidate? caller: elizabeth moran and bernie. -- warren and bernie. $16,um wage must go up to $17, don't cut me off, not finished. host: i am letting you talk. caller: donald trump paid for
9:17 am
prostitutes, if it got out, he would not be the president. what is his penalty? he is immune because he is president? if it was found that he paid money, he would not be president and that means he should not be president. i did vote for him. i could not vote for the clintons and i have to hold my nose to vote for him but i know right and wrong. person, or alack colored person, or african-american person, or negro, they change my identity every 10 years. everybody should watch a video called dan callaway. everybody should also watch rich man's trick. c-span has better get a different system on the phones.
9:18 am
you need more phones and better quality phone so we can hear the people talking. host: pedro? >> viewer tweets. candidates will excel at statecraft? howe a dumb question but did marianne williamson meet the debate criteria? one, steve saying i figured out the role the love candidate place -- plays. 2020 --ys trump-tense trump-pence 2020. a meeting yesterday between sayie sanders and cardi b the rapper and i finally met and we had a great conversation about the future of america. together we will get millions of young people involved in the political process and transform
9:19 am
this country, stay tuned for our video coming soon. go to huffington post and they from the-alike memes debate. yle says tim ryan on the left and some on the right from a nemo."finding and histigieg look-alike is actor christopher reeve as superman. host: the mona, new york, independent -- homeowner, new ark -- new york, independent, l. caller: the debate does not allow enough time for the candidates to speak out so whoever designed it, there is something wrong with their brain. host: ok.
9:20 am
caller: number two, about the minimum wage, by the time it goes up to $15, which i believe it will, it will need to go up to $20. i live in nevada for eight years and i could have rented a condo for $900, two bathrooms, brand-new, beautiful. $1600 and the governor is a joke because he will not allow the minimum wage. the minimum wage in nevada is a dollars $.25, i think. -- $8.45, i think. host: new york, republican. you watched? afraid i did not, i am of them, especially about the mayor of new york city, something wrong with his administration because i want someone to investigate where is the $9 billion going in the
9:21 am
human resources administration of new york when no one's seen any relevant outcomes. and we are paying taxes and not getting a fair return. we are denied applications. decent men cannot pay their rent. they need to investigate that first before they continue to run for president of the united states. thank you. host: that is a feature in the "washington post" today about new york residents upset with bill de blasio running for what they say is a second job. kenneth in kentucky, democratic caller. caller: i watched the debates last night and it is disgusting. wanting private health insurance, he wants his better than everybody is else,
9:22 am
something better for him. childk talking about a blown on a helicopter but if you have regular health insurance, you would not get it. sanders wanting to beat like they did in the previous election with hillary clinton. they are trying to destroy bernie sanders, if you does not run, -- if he does not get the nomination, he should run on the independent, if he does not, i will vote for donald trump because he will tell you what he is doing. host: did you vote for president trump and 2016? caller: i did not, i did not vote for hillary either, they did the same thing back then, joe biden i don't know, i might, i don't know, it was to see who could be bernie sanders. that willonly one make a change in this country
9:23 am
and something has to be changed. i -- warren, ie, used to like her but pay off the college debt, there is a limit to what people can do in one time and it needs to be in portions. host: who do you think from last night needs to drop out of the remaining canhose get more resources to continue this nomination process? caller: i was not impressed with any of them except bernie sanders. about privateng health insurance, he was not up to date, they are closing the general motors plant in detroit. what will happen to those union workers? i was union almost all of my life. i lost my job with no insurance. four kids and a sick wife. you go through it and you will
9:24 am
see what it really is. independent,eans, good morning. caller: good morning. on the lackcomment of questioning of the candidates ,bout, particularly in detroit why don't they talk about the number of canadians that come to detroit seeking medical care? why don't they talk about the closure of small-town community hospitals because the majority of the people in those small towns and in those communities are dependent upon medicare and medicaid. and it is not enough money to operate the hospitals. ask any of those questions to the candidates proposing this. i think we need to talk about paying down the debt. you are talking about adding additional benefits and no one
9:25 am
anywhere seems to be concerned about the debt even though the democrats and the republicans together have just agreed to trillionthe debt by $2 over the next few years so they do not have to fight about it while running for president. people that tell that passed in the house and there could be a vote in the senate today. finish your thought. caller: i am saying we are not asking the right questions. they are doing this for entertainment value. they are not doing this to inform the american people of the real issues. they are just doing this for entertainment. i would say cnn is equivalent to fox in terms of the idea that we want to entertain people and get people riled up. we do not really want to inform people the host: -- people. host: bruce, republican.
9:26 am
caller: you raise minimum ways to $15 an hour come a $16 an hour, that will just cause people to lose their jobs and rise up the cost of living and inflation will go up and the next thing you know you are paying $15 for a happy meal at mcdonald's. businesses will not lose money, they will either close or raise the rates. are you set on president trump? caller: i voted for him. my family all registered and voted for the first time. you will vote -- host: you will vote for him again in 2020? caller: yes. this free medicare for all, that is not going to work. doctors will just retire and nobody will go to school to be a doctor. host: why are you a republican
9:27 am
and what are the issues that matter to you? upler: the democrats growing were supposedly for the people but i am 52 years old and four years they promised this and promised that and i have seen none of it benefit none of us. host: david, albuquerque, new mexico, democrat. good morning to you. caller: good morning. host: who is your candidate? caller: it would be trump. he is a chauvinist, no doubt about that. every man is and i am 72 years old. we all make mistakes. these people who just want to pat themselves on the back of how good they are and want to take care of the rest of the world, we are struggling here. ignore hours to give to others.
9:28 am
take care of yourself first. you have your oxygen on an airplane before you help somebody else, that is what government should understand. help america and make sure we are getting better and do not promise anything you cannot do. , republicans do it cannot, donald trump is at least trying. host: baltimore, independent, dustin. did you watch last night? caller: i did. i thought several candidates at times made good arguments but i bernieing to support sanders and i will tell you why. years of receipts of being on the right side of issues. he will go to trump country and go to fox news. he is about bringing america together and donald trump likes
9:29 am
to vilify and has for the party fabric of this country. fabric ofn apart the this country. bernie sanders is like robert kennedy, he will go anywhere and he got 22 states last year in the primary before he was railroaded by the democrat party, he won michigan, wisconsin, states we need to win the election this time around. maryland,me go to republican, what is your name? caller: ola. isis entertaining that cnn doing this for advertising revenue and it is clear. they should get rid of the format. the terminology free and do not define free, free does not mean free, it means someone else is paying for it. i noticed that all of them have the same talking points.
9:30 am
none of them distinguish themselves. it is the same old thing, the same promises. all politicians go to the same school of lying. they tried to pick the ones that to fulfill atry minority of their promises. nothing they said yesterday differs from what they have always been saying. >> some things to look out for tonight's debate courtesy of nbc news. does joe biden look stronger than he did in miami? they say the debate will go one of two ways for joe biden, he will either have a good night which will solidify him or have a repeat that performance which could be the destabilizing affect. get ready for a big conversation on race, joe biden's pass will be easy, flanked by kamala harris talking about blessing and segregation, and on the
9:31 am
other side by cory booker who was loaded for bear on joe biden's 90 94 crime bill. came out swinging last month and it boosted her poll numbers before coming back to earth. did you go too far? will cory booker try to make his move? candidates at 1% or less, bill de blasio, michael bennet, christian gillibrand, they have little to lose and this may be their last debate. host: pat, west virginia, independent. caller: how are you? host: good morning. caller: hunter s. thompson said it best, he coined the term fear and loathing. rush limbaugh and donald trump and the republican national committee had been very good at
9:32 am
getting the message out, socialism, fear, free stuff, communism. when we all know that is not really the case. i see this as a race between probably bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on one ticket, and joe biden, if he does not stumble, and some other corporate master that is a democrat who will play ball with the democratic committee and take their corporate money like they have done for years and years, and when it is all over, once again, we will have a false choice between the democrat corporatist or the republican corporatist and donald trump. it was laughable, one woman said she did not trust hillary clinton because she was not genuine. i did not vote for hillary because in west virginia you through a vote away if you voted for her, we went 70% for donald
9:33 am
trump so i cast a dissenting vote. mostd trump is the disingenuous and the most foul mouth, and the most corrupt man that has ever held the presidency. that is all i have to say. host: pat, this is one moment from the debate last night when bernie sanders was asked to respond to representative delay being when he said government sponsored health care is bad policy and would get president trump reelected. [video clip] >> you are wrong. [applause] [laughter] right now, we have a dysfunctional health care system , 87 million uninsured or underinsured and $500,000 -- 500,000 americans every are going bankrupt because of
9:34 am
medical bills, 30,000 people dying quality health care industry makes tens of billions of dollars in profit. five minutes away from here is a country called canada. they guarantee health care to everyone as a human right. they spent half of what we spend. when you end up in a hospital in canada, you come out with no bill. health care is a human right, not a privilege, i believe that and i will fight for that. this, weorrect about can create universal health care system to give everyone basic health care for free and i have a proposal to do it. the partyhave to be of subtraction and tell half the country with private health insurance that there's is not legal. my father loved the health care he got from his union and would not want someone to take it away . half of medicare beneficiaries have medicare advantage, private
9:35 am
insurance, or supplemental plans. it will underfund the industry and many hospitals will close . host: new york, republican, iris. you watched the debate? ok, tooi did, it was many people so you do not give an idea of what they're saying. they fall over each other. i guess it is politics. host: are you open to voting for a democrat as a republican? caller: yes. host: why? caller: because i believe in the presidency but i do not believe the president should because it relying -- the constantly lying. you have to be honest, even if it hurts you. host: who did you vote for in
9:36 am
2016? caller: i did not vote because i did not want to vote for trump or hillary. host: ralph in whiteville, north carolina, democrat. go ahead. caller: good morning. i thought marianne williamson impressed me, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren, and the guy from montana and delaney all did pretty good. the colors talking about obama did not do anything, he saved general motors. , lot of people call in and say a lot of stuff is free stuff, but what do you think about giving $400 million lottery ticket to just one person. that seems like it is free stuff as well. , i cannotg democrat vote for a man who disrespects women. independent,polis,
9:37 am
your turn. caller: thank you for taking my call. i saw the debate last night and thought it was a good debate. i did not like the format. i think the democrats need to stop going to the stream. imm moderate -- going to the extreme. i am a moderate. if we are not careful i think donald trump will win again, i voted for him in 2016, i will not again. there has been a lot of extremes in the last several decades with americans in terms of globalization and the uncertainty of the time. donald trump has done a very good job in terms of nationalism versus globalism and i think the democrats seem to be fighting a lot for immigrants.
9:38 am
this is the perception and perception is reality. they need to do a better job of looking like they are fighting for americans, especially as it pertains to immigration. i know they are not for open borders that they always fighting for the immigrant and they will not win if they think they will have a platform of immigrants versus americans. at the end of the day, we are all americans and we have to come first. not to say we will not help our neighbors but the democrats have not done a good job and donald trump has done an excellent job of making it seem he is for the american people, particularly as it pertains to immigration. host: claudia, north carolina, republican. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. i have been watching the democratic debates. i did vote republican in the last election but i have been
9:39 am
trying to determine what is the platform for the democratic party. toranges from socialism almost conservative, but there seems to be a lot of, i do not want to use the word hypocrisy, it is an inflammatory word, but up until two months ago the democrats were not admitting there was a border crisis and now there is one. they want to protect children in cages but they want the full abortion rights for women. and if they want to give away a lot of free stuff to people, nonlegal immigrants, but we do need to look at the cities, the sanctuary cities, and how american citizens are living in those cities and not receiving all of the free benefits.
9:40 am
host: you and others have whatht up immigration and you're hearing from democrats versus what you hear from the president on this issue. let me show you exchanges last night, more from the candidates that were in detroit last night on this issue of immigration. [video clip] >> the discussion that shows how often the debates are the test from people's lives with 100,000 people showing up at the border and if we decriminalize entry, we give health care to everyone, we will have multiples of that. that was president obama's homeland security secretary that said that. the biggest problem we have with them version is donald trump. -- with immigration is donald trump as he is using it to rip apart families and rip apart this country. we can get to the point where we have safe borders, where we have
9:41 am
a path to citizenship, where we have opportunities for dreamers. you do not have to decriminalize everything, you have to have a president with the judgment and the decency to treat someone that comes to the border like one of our own. >> he just said your plan is not realistic. how do you respond? america that be an is clear about what we want to do with immigration. we need to expand illegal immigration, create a path to citizenship, not just for dreamers but for grandmothers and people who have been working in the farms and students who have overstayed their visas. we need to fix the crisis at the border. a big part of how we do that is not play into donald trump sans. hands.ld trump's >> your response?
9:42 am
>> you are playing into donald trump's hands. it is alenge is not is criminal offense to cross the border but the challenge is donald trump is president and using this to rip families apart. a sane immigration system needs a sane leader and we can do that without decriminalizing and providing health care for everyone. it is not me saying that, it is obama's homeland security secretary that says you cause further problems at the boarding desk border and not make it better. -- border and not make it better. law is matter and if our we will lock people up who come here seeking refuge, who come here seeking asylum, that is not a crime. as americans, we need to have a sane system that keeps us safe at the border, but does not
9:43 am
criminalize a mother fleeing her country. sanders programs and centralized people to come into this country not legally? >> yes. if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. we have asylum laws. it is shameful what is happening, but donald trump is doing it and even if you decriminalize it, which we should not do, the president could still use his authority to separate families. we have to get rid of donald trump but you do not decriminalize people walking into the united states. if they are seeking asylum, we want to welcome them, we are strong enough to welcome them. as far as health care goes, undocumented people can purchase health care. everyone else in america is pay for health care and i do not take it is a stretch to ask
9:44 am
undocumented people to also pay for health care. >> senator sanders, your response? >> sane immigration policy moves the comprehensive immigration reform, moving to a humane border policy in which we have enough administrative judges so we do not have incredible backlogs we have now. believe that when i talk about health care as a human right, it applies to all people in this country. under a medicare for all single-payer system we can afford to do that. host: immigration and health care as part of the debate last night in detroit. cnn hosted it and the second one tonight. your reaction to what you heard from the democratic candidates. more of your calls coming up but first here is pedro. >> other news, the trump administration according to the
9:45 am
associated press, it will set up a system allowing americans to legally import more cost to script of drugs from canada, weakening a long-standing ban. administrations had sided with the industry on importation, concerns it could expose people to substandard medication or counterfeits. federal reserve meeting today possibly bringing rate cuts. the new york times saying most investors expect the fed to make a quarter-point rate cut at the meeting and possible officials could ask for something more theytic in -- as in 2017 cut rates by a half point and most economic indicators back then were holding up but financial conditions or tightening and the housing market had decelerated. the fed hinting one or more rate cuts have been coming. politico reports that mike
9:46 am
conaway of texas will not seek reelection in 2020. that will become the fifth republican to announce retirement in the past two weeks. he is a veteran lawmaker representing the ruby red district. republican sources expect him to say he is retiring. his office is declining to comment. host: san diego, independent. caller: i would like to make a comment about health care. of the top be one issues among the democrats in the debate. i want to make a point to strugglinges, people feel like undocumented people should not have health care but going to the point, undocumented people, if they get sick, they come to the emergency room, do we expect the doctors to ignore
9:47 am
them or help them? unrealistic to watch them believed or get sick and die in the emergency room -- watch them believed or get sick and die an emergency room, so we need to find a way to cover these people, but also americans. when they come to the emergency room, we pay for that. we should have health care covering all of them. whether documented or undocumented. that is my comment. host: damien in brooklyn, democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: morning. caller: good morning. i enjoy the debate last night, no thanks to cnn, i felt they were trying to get entertainment points and put people against each other. i enjoyed that bernie and senator elizabeth warren joined to the regressive ground against
9:48 am
people who seemed to be afraid of big ideas. host: are those the leading candidates for you? caller: yes, absolutely. people say the democratic party is going so far to the left. how is going so far to the left and being compassionate to people crossing the border extreme? how is it extreme to make sure people do not go broke when they get sick? being able to afford college? they are thek mainstream. the gop does nothing for poor people. they have heard people with past presidential -- hurt people with past presidential administrations and governess. but it is nouption thanks to the gop past administrations.
9:49 am
i am happy with elizabeth warren and senator sanders. i feel they could easily beat trump in the general election. host: should anyone drop out at this point? caller: i think delaney and ryan , marianne williamson, they should clear the way. i like pete buttigieg. i think he should stay in. it is incredible. we have an openly gay man running for president. we and it is wonderful. progress and it is wonderful. with joe biden it is more of the same. a nice-sounding, centrist thing. i think we need to make room for more progressive ideas. host: what about that o'rourke staying in the race?
9:50 am
caller: i think he should drop out. he had his moment. good against a cruise and he is right about texas, it will turn blue. cruz and he is right about texas, it will turn blue. host: here is o'rourke talking about gun violence. lose nearly 40,000 people in this country to gun violence, a number no other country comes close to. we know the solutions and yet nothing has changed. it is because in this country money buys influence, access, and increasingly outcomes. the cdc prevented from studying the issue in the first place and as president we will make sure we stop collection oh action committee -- political action committee payments to people in office and listen to people and not political action committees,
9:51 am
people, not corporations, people, not special interest. >> foxbusiness looks at the indidates who will appear the debates tonight and how much money they have spent so far in the race. front runner of the race according to foxbusiness, joe biden, he has burned through $11.1 million in the last three months and spending about 51% of the money he has available. kamala harris raised 1.5 million dollars within the first 24 hours of raising -- throwing her hat into the ring and since 64% in theas spent last few months. cory booker, one of the top million, spending $5.3 going to 117% of the money he had and kirsten gillibrand -- the senator from new york in the red, moreover a budget than any
9:52 am
other candidate, spending 184% of her funds since april. in seeing interested the debate we saw last night and tonight, do so as we broadcast them on c-span. the debate from last night will rebroadcast again saturday morning at 10:30 and the one tonight will be rebroadcast. on sunday at 10:30 in the morning. find information on the c-span website. host: kevin in hawaii, independent. were you able to watch in hawaii? caller: yes. it is early in the morning here, 4:00 a.m. government can be run much more efficiently and effective than it is. i have worked in local, state, federal issues for 40 years. by looking at things more holistic way we can become
9:53 am
efficient come every government has a covering to plan and if we automate them and rolled into the state and national level, we can look in investing in things versus expenditures. if we look at health care, why not invest in reducing health care costs by an scenting -- incentivizing people to exercise more and eat healthier? it is time we take advantage of the technology going to put -- technological capabilities we have to operate government more effectively and to do that we have to look a services across a respected, whether transportation, housing, health care, etc. we are all in this together and we can do this more efficiently than we currently are. let's invest our money and not make expenses that we can reduce by investing money more efficiently. minnesota, duluth,
9:54 am
are you set on president trump? caller: yes, i will be voting for president trump again. i watched the debate with my 26-year-old daughter who has become a prosecutor for a county in minnesota and she went to college, paid her college, did two years of americorps volunteering to get money to go to law school. she has gone to law school. aent two years doing courtship for a judge and is now a prosecutor doing child protection. so she has watched the debate with me. we sat down together and she was appalled at what she was hearing. free everything for everybody and she has worked hard to get where she has. she does not understand free
9:55 am
college for everybody. she has just gotten herself a great job with private insurance that may be taken away from her. she said to me, as we were watching, very interested, disagreeing with a person of color is not racist, disagreeing with a woman is not sexist, it disagreeing with an lgbt is not homophobia, disagreeing with a ,uslim is not islamophobia disagreeing with an immigrant is not xenophobia. through the eyes of a 26-year-old who has worked so hard, she will be voting for donald trump. host: jamie in milwaukee, democratic caller. caller: hi. host: who is your candidate and who stood out last night? caller: i have not chosen one. host: did one standout? -- caller: biden is ok.
9:56 am
host: you did not watch last night? caller: just part of it, i had to leave. thought it may be on rerun later. host: what are the issues you care about? caller: i was calling because i have a question. dying with my insurance. i am retired. i am pleased with my insurance. calling, does him changing insurance, does that have anything to do with the people who worked? host: i do not know, apologies. steve, greensboro, north carolina come independent -- carolina, independent. caller: i have always been an independent and say you vote on issues and character, i am so
9:57 am
disgusted with the embarrassment we have in the white house that i simply cannot tolerate the idea of voting for any republican. in charlottesville, the president says there is good people on both sides and i think there were good people associated with the republican party. however, in most organizations you have a true believers, the true believers in the republican party know they are there for the rich people. it is not about being immigrant or black, it is about being rich or not. the republicans will take care of the rich people, the top 10% of the nation. they do not care about the rest. the rest of the people who vote for republicans have been duped. putin has made donald trump his chump.
9:58 am
mp, true the chief chup this -- if you vote for a republican, you believe a lie. host: our last call, thank you for watching, we will be back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time with your reaction to round two of the scene in debate tonight in detroit. we will see you then. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> in 1979, a small network with
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an unusual name without a big idea, led viewers make up their inown life and c-span open the door to washington policymaking for all to see, bring you content from congress and beyond . a lot has changed in 40 yes but today the big idea is more relevant than ever. on television and online, c-span is your unfiltered view of government so you can make up your own mind. brought to you as a public service by your cable or satellite provider. >> president trump sat down for an interview with c-span yesterday and was asked about his tweets and whether he regretted any of the messages he had sent on the social media site. you have issued 43,000 tweets , did you ever regret sending one out? about thetrump: not in quotes and that
10:00 am
turned out to be true. people andd after my they asked me if i set it and i said what is the big deal? the reason it was a big deal was it turned out to be true. you could say a lot of the times the biggest problem is the retweet. it turns out to be from a player that is not the best player in the world and that causes a problem. i would say not at all. i think it is a modern-day form of communication. it is not really a tweet. it, as soon as i put out a tweet they have breaking news. it is an incredible way of communicating. combat news that is dishonest, how would i combat a reporter or network that is totally dishonest


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