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tv   Campaign 2020 New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention  CSPAN  September 7, 2019 9:11am-11:11am EDT

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with the past comment. know iant to let people am a south carolina resident. a lot of the democrat candidates come here, and they have the nerve to go into the churches. host: i hate to do this but the event just got underway in new hampshire, so maybe join us tomorrow morning. for the call. live coverage from manchester just getting underway right now from the southern new hampshire university arena in manchester. live coverage will continue through the course of the day and on the web as well as and c-span radio. thanks for being with us. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> new hampshire's largest college town. with seven colleges and universities. [applause] we have developed innovative workforce development
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partnership like velcro university and ever source academy, to not only ensure our local businesses have skilled workforce they need to thrive but also better prepare our students for success after graduation. manchester proud, a coalition of business leaders, is putting together the first ever community based strategic plan for our school district to make sure we have strong public education that sets our students up for success. and this year, we were able to give our public schools the largest increase in funding in 14 years. [applause] manchester has always been a city of immigrants, and we are proud to celebrate our diversity. [applause] mayor, i have appointed more
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people from historically underrepresented communities on our city boards, emissions than ever before. -- and commissions than ever before. office, theyear in five flags flew at city hall for the first time. [applause] as you can tell, i love manchester, and i am so pleased to welcome you all here. one of the great things about being mayor is the ability to directly and positively impact our communities. i am so proud to be joint -- joined by friends and colleagues making a positive impact in their communities. from nashua, mayor jim dodges. [applause]
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from concord, mayor jim belay. [applause] rochester, mayor caroline mccarley. [applause] somersworth, mayor dana hilliard. [applause] that ours, we know cities are stronger when we work together. a quality that will be refreshing to see in our next president. are you excited to see our candidates for president? [applause] are you ready to hear from the person who will defeat donald trump? [applause] ok then, let's get on with the program. i would like to introduce our convention officers. candidate for manchester
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alderman and convention secretary hassan. [applause] high school democrats president and convention treasurer akbar. [applause] convention sergeant at arms and the next state representative from f thing, naomi andrews. [applause] please rise for the presentation of our colors by the manchester fire department escorted by the pipes and drums. following the presentation, remain standing for the pledge of allegiance led by our convention officers and for the national anthem performed by dnc member yvette lewis.
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[applause] >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with
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liberty and justice for all. [applause] >> ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars fight the perilous o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming glaree rockets' red
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the bombs bursting in air proof through the night thereur flag was still that star-spangled waver yet o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [applause]
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mayor craig: thank you, thank you and have a great day. [applause] ♪
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>> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage officers of the democratic party. kennedy,ctor andy finance chair senator kate wheeler, dnc committeewoman john boudinot, dnc committee member jeanne shaheen, dnc committeewoman cafe sullivan, legal counsel bill christie.
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treasurer brian rap, secretary might treat tahiti, secretary buddy lessie, martha polder clark and chairman ray buckley. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> good morning. [applause] round for another mayor clegg -- mayor craig and all of our officers at the convention. [applause] are you ready for a great day? [applause]
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are you ready to win in 2020? [applause] 2020? ready to win in [applause] you know, if 2018 got you to quote this song, you ain't seen nothing yet. let's get this party started. i want to apologize. two weeks ago donald trump was here. we did our best to get the sulfur smell out of here. i apologize if there is a lingering scent. the good news, when everyone is inside, you are not going to see an empty seat like we saw with donald trump. once again new hampshire democrats [indiscernible] [applause] i hereby call the convention to
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order. [laughter] and ask our phenomenal first vice chair, the senate president pro tem, for the credentials to be recorded. [applause] chairman, i am so proud to announce that we do have a quorum here today. 1227.mber is [applause] outstanding. [applause] mr. buckley: now the rules committee chair, esther dickinson. [applause] ms. dickinson: good morning.
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a motion is in order to suspend the business of the convention so we can hear from the next president of the united states. [applause] i hear a motion. do i have a second? all in favor? motion carries. mr. buckley: i look give a big round of applause for our phenomenal party executive director amy kennedy. [applause] ms. kennedy: thank you. good morning, new hampshire democrats. this is an honor to be here with all of you. thank you for being with us this morning and for democrats across the country and region who have come here to spend this day with us. it is my honor to be here today and introduce you to this team. these are folks who work for the believe in party
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building and investing in the grassroots. i could not ask for a better team to do this with every day. join me in thanking them. they are scattered around the arena without them, today would not have been possible. nhdp director spike goodwin. operations director ethan moorhouse. grassroots director donnie spencer. i see you in the front. outreach director chloe singer. our senior communications advisor holly shulman. communications associate gaetz mcpherson. our directors savannah wilson. press secretary josh market blank. research and tracking -- our data director chris garrity.
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-- our deputy director which jack trammell and. our desk manager morrow mob. rachel tamir. our deputy house caucus director julian derby. and some folks he will hear from quite a bit over the next -- you will hear from over the next several days, municipal organizers, josh query from manchester. timberlake, tristan the manchester city democrats director tom sullivan. without them, today would not have been possible. i am honored to spend every day doing this work. thank you. [applause] mr. buckley: thank you,
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everyone, for joining us today. fellow democrats, we are the party who will sweep in 2020 because we believe in a better new hampshire and a better america. because we believe in raising the minimum wage. we believe in workers rights to organize. we believe in supporting our public employees. we believe in equal pay. we believe in a strong economy that works for every family. we believe in reining in wall street and the big banks. we believe in fiscal responsibility. we believe we should be safe in our homes, streets and schools and elsewhere. we believe common sense responsible gun safety. [applause] we believe that presence should be reformed and not for profit.
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-- prisons should be reformed and not for profit. we believe in judicial reforms to depoliticize the supreme court. judges should put the rights of people over corporations. we believe judges should be qualified for the role of being a judge. we believe in marriage equality. we believe that we must do more to protect our transgender americans. we believe black lives better. we believe that every american has the right to vote. we believe that every vote should be counted. we believe in overturning citizens united. shouldeve the russians not be allowed to rig our elections. we love him -- believe in public schools. we believe in higher education.
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we believe that no child should go to school scared for their life. we believe no child should go to bed hungry. that no child should be put in a cage in the united states of america. [applause] do you hear that, donald trump? we know you are watching. [applause] we believe in science. we believe in climate change. we believe in clean air and water. in a safe and sound modern infrastructure. we in new hampshire believe in commuter rails.
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[applause] we believe in supporting our veterans both on duty and back at home. [applause] we believe in a foreign policy that makes the world safer. and we believe in making room for those fleeing to america. [applause] we believe women should make their own health care decisions. [applause] we believe in planned parenthood. we believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. we believe in obamacare. we believe in medicaid expansion. we believe in social security. we believe in medicare. and we believe that big farmers
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-- big pharma should be held accountable for their role in the opioid crisis. [applause] we believe our president should not be a liar. we believe our president should not be cruel. we believe our president should not be [indiscernible] ourkingly we believe president should not be racist. [applause] we believe a president should not promote hate. we believe a president should not incite violence. because we believe that donald trump should not be in the white house. [applause] we believe that corey lewandowski should not be anywhere near the u.s. senate.
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that chris sununu should be vetoed. [applause] hampshire in the new advantage because it is the people of new hampshire, that is the true new hampshire advantage. we believe the american dream focus for all, and when we seen all, we mean all. so let's join together and get ready, because there is no defeating donald trump without new hampshire turning blue. there is no senate majority without reelecting senator jeanne shaheen. there is no u.s. house majority without reelecting annie kuster and chris pappas. there is no getting rid of the republican gerrymandered districts in new hampshire without defeating chris sununu and retaining legislative majority.
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hell,'s work like speaking of donald trump, the next 14 months can change the world. on to victory. [applause] since 2016, here in new hampshire we have won nine out of 11 special elections. they were the first time since 1984. we won manchester city hall and swept nashua. we held on to the first congressional streaks, the first time since the civil war we elected democrats back to back. districtnto the second , the first democrat ever to be elected four terms in congress. -- executiveection council majority and state and it majority and the house majority -- state senate
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majority and house majority. none of that would have happened without the strong, sustained and substantial support from tom perez and the dnc. the dnc was the only national organization to partner with us last year, the only one. without the dnc's investment, we could not be smiling here today. since his election, tom perez has raised money to make an investment in our state parties and to rebuild our party infrastructure from top to bottom. tom perez has quarterbacked the reforms of the dnc and opened the doors to greater diversity of members and staff, their background, ideas and thoughts. of this and every single day he takes a sledgehammer to the cruel and corrupt scrape in the white house and he will lead us to victory in 2020.
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please give a great new hampshire welcome to our chairman, tom perez. [applause] ♪ mr. perez: good morning, democrats. you ready to roll? ready, folks? what an honor to be here are give it up for your great german, raymond buckley -- chairman, raymond buckley. thank you for your leadership, your partnership, your passion. been taking butt we are excited to work with you, excited to contribute with you, and folks every one of your elected officials is fighting for you, for a better new hampshire.
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thank you so much. so much success in 2017. one of my favorite moments was when mayor craig became mayor greg. we were happy to invest in that. in 2018 you virtually ran the table thanks to your leadership reelecting annie kuster, helping chris pappas become the first openly gay representative from this great state. [applause] and folks, you have two fantastic united states senators, women leading the way in washington. [applause] hassan and jeanne shaheen. shaheenhampshire is country, folks. new hampshire is shaheen country. new hampshire is shaheen country. we are going to say goodbye to
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chris sununu in 2020, and we are going to reelect jeanne shaheen. [applause] happened here is what about three or four weeks ago. someone came to my office and said one of trump's crooked cronies was thinking about running for the united states senate in new hampshire. and my first question was, which crooked crony? have got to narrow the field. you have got to give me a little more granularity. when i heard it was corey lewandowski, oh my goodness. let's set the record straight. this person has spent every single minute since trump was elected cashing in on the trump presidency by selling access to the highest bidder. since trump took office, here are his clients.
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he has advocated on behalf of predatory payday lenders -- these are the folks that charge you 30% interest. he has advocated on behalf of of big oil. he has advocated not surprisingly on behalf of foreign interests. don't forget this was campaign manager for donald trump, with his presidential candidate was anding mexicans rapists drug dealers. he was the campaign manager or associates were in touch with russian agents. he was the campaign manager when trump was talking about the muslim ban. he was the closest advisor to this president when he has been tearing apart the fabric of america. end protections for pre-existing conditions. he is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry. he would go after women's
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reproductive rights. he was a close advisor to this president when trump called new hampshire, and you remember this, a drug infested den. that is what corey lewandowski was talking about. the infestation is not in new hampshire, it is in your heart, mr. lewandowski. i think the new hampshire and union leader may have said it best when they set a random write-in candidate would be a better choice. and you know what, if he decides to get in, jeanne shaheen is going to kick his butt, i got no doubt about it, folks. workhorses there are and show horses. jeanne shaheen has been a workhorse her entire career. you know that here in new hampshire. the firstrailblazer, woman in the united states
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history to be both a governor and then a senator, the first woman in history. she has spent her career as you know fighting for you, for good paying jobs, to expand access to health care. i don't say this as someone who is a spectator. i say this as your former labor secretary. when i got into the labor department there were only two states that did not have a job corps center. they are critical to the success of young people who are fighting to expand opportunity for themselves. who led the effort to make sure a job corps center was built? jeanne shaheen. and shefighting for it will never forget about it. what did trump try to do? cut funding for it. what is shaheen doing?
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she is fighting for people. we got a lot of work to do but you know what, i come to you with unrelenting confidence because her record is clear. her north star is you. it is not the pharmaceutical industry like lewandowski. she understands we have to work hard. this is important. one thing that will be different about jeanne shaheen in 2019 is she will be part of the united states senate majority for the democratic party. [applause] because we are winning races all over the country. we are going to take seats in colorado, north carolina, , and jeannene, iowa shaheen i predict, you will not be simply calling her senator. you will be calling her chairperson shaheen when she takes over important committees.
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that is what she is about. we got a lot of work to do, and we will get it done. we are your partner. you are going to hear from all of the presidential candidates today. we have such an incredible field , the most diverse in american history. that is who we are as a party. it is a defense. however diversity will always be our greatest strength. as we listen to our candidates, as we move forward and we got 423days until the weekend, days until the most important election of our lifetime, as you listen today, keep in mind sites us -- mind what unites us exceeds what divides us.
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every single candidate for president believes that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few. every single candidate for if yount understands have diabetes or some other free existing -- pre-existing condition you should keep your health care. every candidate on the democratic side for president understands you should not have to choose between insulin and rent. you should take on the pharmaceutical industry, not go into debt. every single candidate understands that one good job should be enough. if you work a full-time job, you should be able to feed your family. every single democratic candidate for president understands when women succeed, america succeeds. every single democratic
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candidate for president understands when the labor movement succeeds, the middle class succeeds. thank you to the labor movement for bringing us middle-class. -- the middle class. every single candidate understands we don't put children in cages and remove them from their parents. thatderstand as democrats we can be a nation of laws and a nation of men and women. every single candidate for president understands the imperative of combating climate change. president in the aftermath of this hurricane, and i can't help but think rather than focusing in on imaginary victims of the hurricane in alabama, he had to help real victims in florida and the carolinas.
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focus -- if he focused half as much time on helping the people of puerto rico rebuild as he has focused on this alabama charade, we would be much better off and every single candidate understands that. every single candidate for president understands that our democracy is on the ballot. hurricane donald is a category 5 hurricane. thatracy is at the eye of hurricane and it is on the ballot in 423 days. every single candidate understands we should make it easier for people to vote, not harder. as someone who enforced voting rights laws and the civil rights division of the justice department, as i was watching of manipulate that map
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alabama, i could not heart -- help but notice it is not -- it -- it is not the first time he has tried to manipulate maps for partisan advantage. every candidate understands, my friends, civil rights is the unfinished business of america, that our native american brothers and sisters deserve to be treated with dignity, people with disabilities, no matter who , youre, who you worship should be judged by the content of your character and nothing else. that is who we are as a democratic party, as a nation and every single candidate for president shares those values and will fight for those values and we will do it everywhere and in every corner of this world, corner of this country. when we do it here, we do it everywhere.
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[applause] and i leave you with this because you will hear from everyone today. we were in san francisco meeting.for a dnc we heard from so many of the candidates, and we also heard from reverend barber. one of my favorite leaders in america. he is a modern day martin luther king. he is a moral begin. he pointed out we are at a moral folk -- fork in the road. there are over 140 million people living in poverty and the democratic party is the party that understands that we are judged by how we treat the least of us. we will continue to make sure we lift up the least of us. what he also said which was so critically important, and i quote, we have to turn to each other, not at each other. friends is our
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greatest strength. it is our greatest ally. it is what won us the elections at scale, working together, coming together, we understand all of those values are the values of the democratic party. that is how we succeed. there are many candidates i hope you will fall in love with, i expect he will fold above with many. and then when we get the -- i expect you will fall a lot of -- fall in love with many. then the speed date. when we have our nominee, in order to govern, we must first win. in order to win we are at our best when we are united, and we will be united. we will work together. of justiced the ark together. let us make sure we do that together. remember this, as you work every single day, this is what i do
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every day, i ask myself the following question. am i spending 100% of my time on defeating this president and electing democrats up and down the ticket? 98% ain't enough. that is what we have to do. remember what this president said when he came to new hampshire a few weeks ago. he said "you have no choice but to vote for me." i got some news for you. the motto of this great state is and in 423or die," days, we will show him he has no choice but to pack his bags and get his ass out of the white house. let's elect jeanne shaheen. let's elect democrats up and down the ticket and let's do it together. thank you very much.
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[applause] folks, for those of you who want to learn more about corey lewandowski, let's go to -- corrupt or you want to email him, go to ru stands for russia. have a great day, have a great convention. [applause] ♪
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>> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage, u.s. senator jeanne shaheen. [laughter] [applause] ♪ sen. shaheen: thank you, guys. ♪ thank you, all.
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thank you, new hampshire democrats, thank you. i love those signs very those are great. what a great crowd. know, you may not know this, but we have got thousands of people still waiting in line to get in to the room. so this crowd is going to get even bigger. [applause] stay in lineto because the best is yet to come. amy, and ally and of the great team at the new hampshire democratic party for putting together this event and for bringing in this huge crowd. i are thrilled to be here today, and thank you to tom perez, our great dnc chair,
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for his kind remarks, and for inspiring us. of course he took my line about the president. >> [laughter] sen. shaheen: raymond told me this is the biggest crowd ever for new hampshire democratic party convention. [applause] and we want to make sure it is not just the biggest crowd, it is the most energetic and enthusiastic at excited crowd ever. -- and excited crowd ever. [applause and cheers] we want mitch mcconnell and donald trump to hear this crowd all the way in washington. [applause and cheers] so are you ready to help elect joyce craig this fall in
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manchester? and are you ready to take back the united states senate? [applause and cheers] and are you ready to defeat donald trump and elect a new president of the united states? yes, we are. [applause] us have so much to celebrate a new hampshire. the great people who live and work here, the small businesses that drive our economy, the natural beauty of our state from the seacoast to the white mountains and the canadian border and everything in between , and of course today we also celebrate the democratic majorities in our statehouse in concord and our state senate and on the executive council. [applause]
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thank you to all of you who are serving in office for your sacrifice and commitment to make new hampshire and this country a better place to live. and to my wonderful democratic washington, to with meassan who is every day in the senate, we are so lucky to have this congressional delegation representing new hampshire. [applause] in the senate i am working every day to make a difference for the people of new hampshire. we got tenfold increase in funding. to help new hampshire tree to
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the devastating epidemic of opioids. [applause] we stopped donald trump from cutting funding for the naval shipyard to build his border wall. [applause] we have given our veterans more options for care, health care closer to home, and we have made protecting clean drinking water from harmful contaminants a national priority. [applause] none of the would have been possible -- that would have been possible without the help of you and so many people across this state who care just like you do. there is a direct link between
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the work and activism of people in this room and the real and lasting change that improves people's lives. it is democrats up and down the ballot who are fighting for middle-class families, fighting to make college and childcare affordable, fighting to increase the minimum wage and make sure seniors have a secure retirement. but there is so much more that we have to do. right now the trump administration is in court trying to take health care away from tens of thousands of our neighbors. >> [shouting] >> they try to repeal the affording care -- affordable care act at the booth, and we would not let them. [applause]
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they tried to repeal the affordable care act in congress, and we stopped them. [applause] do andey are trying to an end run abound -- around the american people, trying to appeal the aca through the courts. we won't let that happen, and we know that they are planning to [booing]roe v. wade and to take away a woman's right to choose. aca,ll fight to choose the we will fight to choose the woman's right to choose. [applause] there. are not stopping to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, to lower insurance premiums.
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know, our dnc chair said it very well. the difference between democrats and republicans is clear. as democrats, we believe health care care is a universal right, a human rights, and that all people deserve access to affordable health care. [applause] but, we know for the republicans in congress, it is not about people. it is about profits. it's not about protecting people with pre-existing conditions. it's about protecting big pharma's bottom line. today we could lower the cost of prescription drugs if we just allowed the centers for medicaid and medicare to
10:01 am
negotiate with the big drug companies, just like the v.a. does. [applause] but you know who is preventing that from happening? mitch mcconnell and the republicans in congress. [booing] yeah, you know. [chanting] i like that. six years ago, [chanting] we can do this all day. yeah. six years ago, you are there for me during a tough campaign. i wouldn't be here without your
10:02 am
support, without your friendship, without your energy, and your hard work. 2020 is shaping up to be another tough fight. >> we have your back. >> thank you. [applause] appreciate the early endorsements from the new hampshire fighter fighters and the afl, cio. you all very much. [cheering] [applause] >> yeah. know republican outside groups are already attacking me in new hampshire. they have already spend more against me than any other single democrat up for reelection in 2020. know, several republicans have already gotten into this race. you may know some of them. there is former house speaker
10:03 am
bill o'brien. [booing] yes, good. now, donald trump's fired campaign manager is talking about joining the race. [booing] it doesn't matter if the republicans choose bill o'brien, or somebody else who is planning to run. opposes thethem affordable care act, affordable the woman'sopposes right to choose, opposes the minimum wage raise, opposes the voting rights act. they even imposed taking action on climate change and campaign-finance reform. [booing] >> [indiscernible] oppose them, i agree. we do oppose them. [applause]
10:04 am
for,here is what they're rubberstamping mitch mcconnell and donald trump's agenda. [booing] that is not good for new hampshire, and it is not good for america. [applause] [coughing] the next president of the united states is going to be in this room today. [cheering] [applause] and, each of those men and women is challenging us as a nation to do great things. to fight climate change, to cure cancer, get dark money out of
10:05 am
politics. >> yeah! [applause] debt.end college to address gun violence. [applause] to have a smart immigration policy that understands that we ,an secure our borders recognize the value that immigrants bring to this country -- [applause] [cheering] --and, treat people humanely. [applause] so, listen to all of the candidates. it listen to their plans. pick your favorite, and then get
10:06 am
to work. remember, no matter who you support in the primary, when the nominee is chosen, we have all not to come back together and support that nominee. [applause] [cheering] we've got -- [applause] we've got to do that because that is how we win in november and that is how we put this country back on track, so thank you all very much for all of your work. [applause] [cheering] thank you. thank you very much. ♪
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[applause] ♪ [indistinct chatter]
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>> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage, vice president joe biden. [applause] [cheering] ♪ v.p. biden: hello, new hampshire. it's great to be here.
10:09 am
thank you, thank you, thank you. minutes, i better get going. my name is joe biden, and i'm heen, and to defeat donald trump. bones thisw in your election is different than any you have ever faced. this president has unleashed the deepest, darkest forces in this nation. he has assigned a moral equivalence between those viewing hate and those with the courage to stand against it. i so those folks walking onto the field carrying torches and charlottes foil -- charlottesville, that we are in a battle for the soul of this nation, and we are. that's why i'm running for president. [applause] [cheering]
10:10 am
v.p. biden: we have to rebuild this nation. the middle-class is being crushed. the poor are getting poorer. incoming quality -- inequality inequality is at an all-time high. did not build this country. you build this country. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: the middle-class class built this country, and unions built the middle class. [cheering] [applause] v.p. biden: it's time we start to reward work over wealth. nurse god's name should a , a firefighter, police officer, teacher, why in god's name should they pay a higher tax rate than someone making tens of millions of dollars? it's wrong and it will change in my administration. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: ladies and
10:11 am
gentlemen, that's a guarantee. tois within our power guarantee every single solitary american that health care is a right and not a privilege. will build on the affordable care act which covered 24 million people never covered before. 100 million people with conditions now covered. we will provide a public option making sure everyone that don't like the plan they have can choose the public option, and anyone who can't afford it will automatically be enrolled. anyone qualifying for medicaid. ladies and gentlemen, we have to make sure people have access. and mentalddiction health services, and affordable prescription drugs which i do fight for. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: it's time we make the remarry -- the american
10:12 am
education system. the public that say they care about education, my dad used to say, don't tell me what you value, show me your budget and i will tell you what you value. i would triple the amount of money we spend on title i, increasing distressed districts from 15 billion per year to $45 billion per year. it will make sure every child can go to pre-k, speak -- preschool, and real school to increase success dramatically. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: making sure education is available beyond high school. every single person who want to go on to a trade school wants to go on and get a certificate or community college, it should be free, and we can afford it. we can afford it now. [applause] v.p. biden: folks, but the greatest crisis of our
10:13 am
time is climate change. a $400iately call for billion increase for funding for alternatives, new funding in science technology to bring us down to zero net omissions by 2050. i will immediately rejoin the paris climate accord, which our administration put together, to get the rest of the world accountable for 85% of the problem, and we need to lead them. there is no leadership now. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: how president isn't up to this moment -- our president isn't up to this moments. he lacks the moral authority to lead. this president had more in common with george wallace than george washington, and ladies and gentlemen, we have 330 million americans that have to do what this president can't do, stand together and stand up awful situation
10:14 am
we face with him as president. stand up for our best, what our nation believes. we believe in honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignity and respect, giving everyone a fair shot and leaving no one behind. and, giving hate no safe harbor. demonizing no one. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: not the poor, powerless, immigrant, or other. maybe most importantly, leading example of our power but by the power of our example. it's the american code, who we are. president trump does not get it. andrriott is an idea, bang idea that a stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, and more powerful than any dictator or tyrant. [applause] v.p. biden: it gives hope to the hopeless, and not only are our
10:15 am
values under attack, but our very democracy is. we have learned nothing is guaranteed about democracy. we have to earn it, protected, fight for it. -- protect it, fight for it. in thet powerful ideas history of the world beats in the heart of people in this country. it beats in all of us. the american creed. we hold these truths self evidence -- we the people. we are the most unique experimental and all that you -- experiment and all the history of the world. the genius of every generation, up to this one, with this president, with every generation, as we open our arms wider to include more people in that arc. that's why it has never gather dust in our history books. [applause] v.p. biden: it is still alive today, more than 200 days after its inception. we cannot, and i will not, let
10:16 am
this man be reelected president of the united states of america. [applause] [cheering] years.den: limit to four i believe history will look back at this presidency as an time.e if donald trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. [cheering] v.p. biden: donald trump does pose a threat to this nation. it's not hypothetical, his threat to this nation. our very democracy, everything that's made in america, america is at stake, and everyone knows who donald trump is. now, we have to show them who we are. [applause] v.p. biden: we choose hope over
10:17 am
fear, science over fiction. we choose unity over division. and yes, we choose truth overlies. [applause] [cheering] folks, i'vefolks, never been more optimistic about america's chances than i am today. we are better positioned than any nation in the world to leave the 21st century. we have the worlds most -- lead the 21st century. have the world's most powerful economy. we find ourselves with of work forced -- with a workforce three times as productive as the workforce in asia. it is time to get the hell up and stop walking around with our heads down. this is the united states of america. we can do anything, anything we set our mind to. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: anything. it's not hyperbole.
10:18 am
we all have to learn about john kennedy's speech about the moon, the one line in the speech. my friends have repeated it over the years, i don't know how many times. he said in answering the unspoken question of why we are doing this, because we refuse to postpone. i refuse to postpone one more taking back this country. the opportunities are amazing. we are in a position to lead the world like we have never been able to do before. ladies and gentlemen, we can do this. is our moment. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. god bless you. [applause] [cheering] v.p. biden: thank you. [whistling] ♪ [applause] [cheering]
10:19 am
10:20 am
>> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage, u.s. senator, maggie [indiscernible] [applause] [cheering] ♪ hey, everybody. how are you? good morning. this is great. wow. have a seat, everybody. hello, new hampshire democrats. [cheering] you guys look great. for everybody still coming in, please keep coming on in.
10:21 am
be patient and you will get here. what a great morning and a great crowd. i just want to start by thanking chairman buckley and the and hdp staff for all of your hard work putting this historic convention together. [cheering] [applause] sen. hassan: and, it is always great to be with my colleagues. they are doing great work for the people of our state. i am so excited to join all of you and working to reelect them next year. [applause] [cheering] sen. hassan: i also want to thank our state senate and house democrats, executive council members, and all of the local leaders for the the exceptional work you are doing in communities throughout our state each and every day. thank you, new
10:22 am
hampshire democrats. [cheering] [applause] sen. hassan: your values, your commitment, and your grassroots efforts will lead the way in 2020. hampshirew that new does democracy better than --where else, and we engage we engage in a way that recognizes the importance of spirited and respectful political dialogue. our first in the nation primary is an essential part of america's political process, and i'm thrilled our democratic residential candidates are here to talk with us today. we have an incredible field of candidates, and i know granite stators are challenging them to present bold ideas, and show them how they will work to put our country on a better path forward. our candidates would bring to the job different life
10:23 am
experiences, different approaches, and some different proposals to solve some of our nation's most important problems, but every single one of our candidates believe this, that every american deserves access to quality health care without bankrupting their families. [applause] [cheering] sen. hassan: everyone of our candidates believe climate change is real, and a danger to our families and our planet. every single one of our candidates believe america should be a global leader, standing for human rights, not with dictators. [applause] [cheering] sen. hassan: every single one of our candidates believes that people have a right to go to school, or the movies, or church, or shopping without the fear of a mass shooter. [applause] [cheering]
10:24 am
sen. hassan: and every single one of our candidates believes every person, no matter their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, health, or disability status deserves a government that treats them with dignity. [applause] [cheering] why --ssan: and, that is that is why next november, i will proudly cast my vote for our party's nominee. [applause] [cheering] primarysan: enjoy this process. engage in it, and work passionately for the candidate to you support. by the time we have a nominee, whoever he or she may be, please doubling joining me in down on that passion to ensure we take back the white house. [applause] [cheering] folks.ssan: but,
10:25 am
colleagues we, won't, be able to address those problems and more without a democratic congress. we need to maintain our majority in the house, and we must take back the united states senate. [cheering] that starts with reelecting the fabulous jeanne shaheen. [applause] [cheering] sen. hassan: senator shaheen, senator sheen's bipartisan leadership, which i get to witness each and every day, is delivering results for people across our state, and of course, in addition to reelecting her, we need to reelect eddie custer
10:26 am
and chris pappas too. [applause] sen. hassan: and, we also, not done yet, because we also need to ensure we have a leader in the corner office in congress who will fight for hard-working people. [applause] [cheering] the hassan: our majority in statehouse, state senate, and executive council are working tirelessly to move new hampshire forward. we need to hold those majorities, and we need to elect a governor who won't thwart our efforts to strengthen our families and our way of life. [applause] [cheering] but, before voters vote at the polls next november, and even before our first in the nation primaries, there are local elections that will have an enormous impact on the lives of granite stators.
10:27 am
we need to do everything we can to realists -- reelect joyce craig and all of our phenomenal candidates in cities and towns across the states. [applause] sen. hassan: new hampshire democrats, new hampshire democrats, there is no doubt there is a lot of work ahead of us, but time and again, you have proven grassroots energy here in the granite state is truly and bang unstoppable force. please, keep working, keep organizing, keep talking to your friends and neighbors. keep standing up for the values we hold so dear. together, we can build a brighter future for all americans. good luck. work hard. god bless the granite state, and god bless the united states of america. [applause] [cheering] ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage u.s. senator, cory booker. [cheering] [applause] ♪ sen. booker: all right. [whistling] sen. booker: hello, granite state. [cheering] sen. booker: it is so good to be here. y'all make a jersey boy feel at home here. [applause] [cheering] sen. booker: so, look. ago that myars parents tried to move to another
10:30 am
new state, new jersey. [cheering] theyhassan: and, encountered horrible racism. every time they would show up to try to buy a house in the places with the best look schools, a real estate agent would greet them and see we were a black family and say "i'm sorry, this house is already sold. you can't move into this home." but, what's my family really encountered wasn't just hate and bigotry. they encountered love. people that understood that hatred is him -- patriotism is love of country, but you can't love your country unless you love your fellow countrymen and women. [cheering] sen. hassan: they encountered people that knew. [applause] sen. hassan: that in this nation, love is not sentimentality. love says if your children do not have a great public school, my children are lesser off. injustice anywhere is a threat
10:31 am
to justice anywhere. the community of grassroots activists like those in this room, mostly those white folks communityie -- jersey said we would set up a operation, a conspiracy of love. they got a white couple volunteering to follow my parents. when my parents were told the house was sold. those families would come and see the house was still for sale. the bid was accepted as the white people put for my family. instead of the white couple showing up, my father did and a lawyer. [cheering] [applause] sen. hassan: let me tell you right now. my family raised me to know the truth of this nation. we have always had bigotry, hatred, and divisive leaders who have risen up throughout time, what they told me to have faith
10:32 am
in us and who we are, because when we stand together and work together, no matter how much people try to drag us down, we will rise. [cheering] [applause] sen. hassan: so now, now, new hampshire, now america, we must understand that this election is not a referendum on one guy in one office. this election is a referendum on who we are, and who we must be to each other. it is a referendum on the spirit of america. [applause] sen. booker: this man tries to divide us and the great americans, and pit us against each other. it is time for us, time for us as democrats to remember who we are. we are the party of we, not the party of me. we are the party of inclusion, not the party of exclusion. we are the party of civil
10:33 am
rights, the party of women's rights, the party of the environment, the party of union, the party that says that no matter who you are, what your background is, when we stand together and work together, we rise together. [cheering] [applause] sen. booker: and so, we must understand that this is a time that will define the soul of our nation. this is a moral moment in america, and we democrats have to be careful. i don't know who our opponent is but we cannot tolerate democrats turning against other democrats and trying to terrace down. [applause] [cheering] sen. booker: this election is not about some purity test that if you don't mark every box correctly, you are not a good democrat. leaders are not going to turn against each other, but turn toward each other, because that is where our strength is. [applause]
10:34 am
[cheering] can't make: and, we another mistake. we can't make the mistake that says we have to play it safe. this election is just about finding somebody who can beat donald trump. let me tell you right now, we got to beat donald trump, but beating donald trump is the floor, not the ceiling. [cheering] sen. booker: beating donald gets us to the valley, but does not get us to the mountaintop. i want to go to the mountaintop. [cheering] we are in a moral moment. [applause] sen. booker: we are in a moral moment, and we can't let someone who preaches hate twist our soul. i was in the townhall meeting in south carolina, running up to the stage, a former football player, an all-american football player in the better i get the -- older i get the better i was,
10:35 am
he comes up to me, puts his hand around me, and says i want you to punts donald trump and his face, and i didn't miss a beat. i said, that's a felony. [laughter] sen. booker: we have seen dictators, bigots, hatemongers, but the way we beat them is not by showing them the worst of who we are, but by showing them the best of who we are. [applause] [cheering] out -- went i win out canvassing with joyce craig. [cheering] [applause] sen. booker: we knocked on the door and i met a man who is a recovering att -- addict who saw the ravages of opioid crisis in his own life, but what blew anaway is that now he is activist.
10:36 am
this is a turned his pain into purpose. that turned darkness into light, and that is the call of where we are right now as democrats. by dogsbull connor not and fire hoses, but by activists who worked together and challenged the moral imagination of a nation. [cheering] [applause] sen. booker: so now, i'm going to be blunt with everybody here. you tof candidates once tell you what you're gonna do for them, but it is not just about our plans. it is about our heart and guts. if i am our nominee, i will ask more from you than any nominee in our lifetime. i won't ask you to put up with more or suffer more, but i will ask you to volunteer more, engage more, because as martin luther king said, the problem today is not words and the
10:37 am
violent actions of the bad people, it is the silence and inaction of the good people. [applause] [cheering] sen. booker: i'm going to ask you to work, so that we get jeanne shaheen reelected. i will ask you to work so that we return pappas and custard to office. i'm gonna rise up -- i'm going to ask you to rise up when they try to beat us down because that is who we are. we are the people, who no matter what the obstacle, has returned and always said together, "we will rise." we will come -- we come from great leaders. thats kennedy pointed to the mountaintop and the moon and said to america that we will rise. we have a great history. atn they try to beat us down stonewall or beat us back on the pettus bridge, we didn't turn against each other.
10:38 am
we stood together, hold hands, and told the whole nation that we will rise. if i'm the nominee, i will turn to you and say "we will rise" and make sure we have health care care as a right for everyone. we will rise, and make sure we have great public schools for every child. surell rise and make unions are strong again. we will rise and make sure we take on the challenge of the climate crisis. we will rise and take on the climate crisis. we will rise and stained with veterans. and listen, there is a man now who is trying to define this country at home and abroad. he wants the world to be about him, but we know differently. he is trying to lie to us. he is trying to divide us.
10:39 am
he is trying to demean and degrade the character of this country. this is a moral moment, and we collectively have to summon the spirit of one of our greatest actions andy to our our work that the man in the white house may try to write our nation down in history with his bitter twisted lies, may try to trot us in the very dirt, but i tell you, america, like dust, we will rise. we will rise. we will rise. we will rise. america, we will rise. [applause] [cheering] sen. booker: thank you, everybody. [applause] [cheering] ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage, congresswoman from new york, grace meng. [applause] [cheering] ♪ >> good morning, new hampshire democrats. [cheering] you, chairman buckley and your team for your many years of work. haveave experienced and turned resisting republicans into results. thank you so much. [applause] [cheering] rep. meng: i'm thrilled once again to be here in the granite state. i know you are fired up to elect our next democratic president.
10:42 am
[cheering] rep. meng: and, we are going to hear from each of our incredible candidates today. i know we can all agree that anyone of them would be that leader that america is missing right now. you probably already know this, but you have one of the hardest working delegations in congress. behind new york of course. both chris pappas and annie kuster have been fighting every day in washington on behalf of new hampshire families. i know this firsthand, because not only is any customer my colleague and classmate, but i also had the honor of calling in one of my closest friends congress. she is an intelligent and substantive woman who lead with
10:43 am
empathy and compassion, and i see you all nodding your heads. >> yeah! rep. meng: since we were first elected, i have her reach across the aisle for real results for her constituents, to watch her, and learn from her. she consistently works to bring federal resources back home and bolster economic development in rural and underserved communities. our districts could not be more different. but, what i'm trying to find solutions affecting -- when i'm try to find solutions affecting my constituents in new york, i often reflect on how annis also many of her issues -- solved so many of her issues -- how any solved so many of her issues in her district. any fights to improve services and resources for veterans, their families, and helps to
10:44 am
support new hampshire farmers. me in welcome welcoming my friends, most recently seen on saturday night live, annie, raise the roof, kuster. ♪ [applause] [cheering] >> good morning, new hampshire democrats. [cheering] hereuper excited to be with so many energized and motivated friends and activists,
10:45 am
ready to stand up and take back our country. [cheering] [applause] year, ther: last folks in this room made one million phone calls and knocked out one million doors -- knocked on one million doors, and because of your hard work, democrats won back the house of representatives in washington. [applause] [cheering] backkuster: and, we took the statehouse right here in new hampshire. and thee, the senate, executive council. [applause] rep. kuster: and, i know that you are up to the challenge to win again in 2020. [cheering] [applause] i want tor: so, extend a warm granite state welcome to our many friends and
10:46 am
colleagues competing in our first in the nation presidential primary. thank you for your energy, your advocacy, and for fighting to on america back on track november 3, 2020. [cheering] [applause] the truthr: because is, america is under siege. republicans in washington, from donald trump to mitch mcconnell to every single republican in congress who has let them hijack , are undermining our values as a nation. , equality, all fairness, decency, and above all , honesty. [cheering] [applause] rep. kuster: we are in this
10:47 am
fight together, to send jeanne shaheen back to the united states senate. [cheering] rep. kuster: my terrific colleague, crip pappas and me, back to the house. me, back topas, and the white house. and above all, to send a white ho -- send a democrat to the white house again. [applause] [cheering] rep. kuster: i have heard from countless constituents who are worried abou climate change, the high cost of health care, prescription drugs. worried about the opioid epidemic here at home, and about gun violence in our schools and our churches, and theaters. worried about housing for homeless veterans, and worried about our nation's cruel immigration policies. a few weeks ago, at a town hall in the pelham, i heard from
10:48 am
kathy, go pelham's. playrd from kathy who $800 per month for health care coverage and has an $8,000 deductible. she has health care coverage, but what good is it if you can't afford to use it? here's what we believe. everyone, no matter your age or income or stage in life, everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care. [applause] [cheering] comes toer: when it health care, i am pro-choice. [cheering] rep. kuster: let's open a medicare -- let's open up medicare for those who choose it and let's let those who like
10:49 am
their plane keep it. let's life union workers keep their hard-fought health care benefits. [applause] rep. kuster: here's the deal, nobody gets kicked out, and everybody gets health care at a price that we all can afford, whether we are paying premiums or paying taxes. and, can turn the tide on the -- to turn the tide on the opioid epidemic, everyone with substance abuse disorders deserves access to the treatment to get well both in our communities and in our jails, by focusing on treatments and long-term recovery, paid for by medicaid, during incarceration. we can finally end the revolving door of addiction and recidivism in our criminal justice system. this is not just the right thing
10:50 am
to do, it means real savings for taxpayers, hope for families and hard-hit communities here at home and all across america. [cheering] rep. kuster: so, in the democratic house, we are hard at work fighting to deliver the change you voted for in 2018. but, republicans in the senate are blocking our progress. we passed bipartisan legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions and to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but that legislation still sets on mitch mcconnell's desk. [booing] rep. kuster: so here is where you come in. join me in sending a clear message to senator mitch mcconnell. mitch, pass the bill. can you do that?
10:51 am
mitch, pass the bill. we passed legislation to put america on the path of a clean energy future that we need to create jobs and to save our planet, but that bill still sits on mitch mcconnell's desk. what do we say? mitch, pass the bill. pastemocratic house even universal background checks -- passed universal background checks to protect our communities from gun violence, a measure supported by more than 90% of all americans, but even that bill still sits on mitch mcconnell's desk. what do we say? mitch, pass the bill. and when robert mueller confirmed russia interfered with the 2016 election, the house passed legislation to safeguard
10:52 am
future elections from foreign interference. seems pretty straightforward, right? someone still hasn't gotten the message, so help me sound it loud and clear. mitch, pass the bill. tohas become clear that achieve progress that we need and the change america so desperately needs and that you voted for, we need to retire mitch mcconnell and the senate republican majority. [cheering] [applause] rep. kuster: and that means reelecting our own jeanne shaheen and electing democrats to the u.s. senate all across this country. [cheering] [applause] rep. kuster: and we are not done in the house. we are going to continue to advance our clean new deal, which will invest in solar, wind, and renewable energy, and
10:53 am
end carbon pollution and save our planet. and we are going to protect funding for planned parenthood always, always, always defend a woman's right to make in own health care decision congress, in the executive council, and in the court. [applause] [cheering] rep. kuster: and we are going to hold this administration accountable for its actions. we will ensure that every family, every child seeking safety in our country is treated with respect and dignity. not we will not -- we will interests toiberty aggressive or politically motivated immigration enforcement. [applause] rep. kuster: that is for lebanon, new hampshire if you
10:54 am
have not heard. every day we will continue to build on economic opportunity here in new hampshire and across this country so that every american family can dream again of a bigger, better, brighter future for our children and generations to come. everything that we have fought , alleverything that you do of the progress we have made will be on the ballot next year. now, you, the people in this room, you built an unstoppable blue wave in 2018, and, together, we will build an even to win backtsunami the house, take back the senate, and win the white house again in
10:55 am
2020. [cheering] [applause] rep. kuster: let's show the world what we already know, new hampshire democrats have the values, the ideas, and the energy to win, and it all starts right here, right now, with you and you, and you, and you, and you. let's take back america. our moment is now. [cheering] [applause] ♪
10:56 am
rep. kuster: new hampshire democrats -- >> new hampshire democrats, please welcome to the stage, pete buttigieg. [applause] [cheering] ♪
10:57 am
>> thank you. thank you. wow. all right. thank you. thank you. hello, new venture democrats. [cheering] thank you, so much. thank you, new hampshire. thank you. [applause] [cheering] mr. buttigieg: you're making me feel right at home and thank you neway buckley and the hampshire democratic party team for everything you are doing. they cue, joyce craig. i am with the people of new
10:58 am
hampshire and my choice is joyce. [applause] [cheering] mr. buttigieg: and, thank you new hampshire for giving us the delegation of jeanne shaheen and others. w more like them in washington -- we need more like them in washington. my name is pete buttigieg, most people call me mayor pete. i'm running for president because i think america might be running out of time. so much depends on us right now. for a new generation, not just mine but one younger still, not even old enough to vote. [applause] [cheering] mr. buttigieg: trusting us with their lives. the 13-year-old who asked me with tears streaming down his face what we are going to do to keep his school safe because he fears for his life every time he sits down in class.
10:59 am
a 12-year-old girl in orlando who asks me about health insurance, not because she is a policy buffer because she has type 1 diabetes and she is worried about what will happen if her parents lose their coverage. is 12 and this is what she is thinking about. the only fair answer to kids like that is that they should not be dealing with this at all. we, all of us old enough to vote should so that out -- sort that out so they don't have to. that is what we owe to them. [applause] [cheering] mr. buttigieg: so they can focus on being kids. by the time they are adults, they will be -- there will be 100 million more guns on the street. we will cross will cross the poo return on climate, and a woman's right to choose won't even exist , or we can act, not four years now,now, not 10 years from
11:00 am
but right now we can act. [cheers and applause] it is not just kids. none of us can afford to ignore the problems we have tolerated for far too long because the amount to a crisis that has destabilized our entire country, a crisis that represents the only possible answer to how a guy like the current president ever got within cheating distance of the over office. that doesn't happen unless something is wrong. has been brewing for a long time. i have seen how politics affect everyday life. i have seen the face of my city .hanged by deindustrialization the course of my life altered by the orders that sent me to a foreign war, even my marriage exists just by the grace of a single vote on the united states supreme court. thank you for everybody who
11:01 am
helped bring that the quality to lity to this equa land. as the mayor of the city once called dying and now growing, i know what will happen when people come together. future changed when we mobilized around shared values and focused on delivering real results, pragmatic and values driven leadership. we need a lot more of that in washington right now. because for too long in washington, we have accepted the unacceptable. now there is a noise machine making it almost impossible to hear the alarm bells ringing. americans are looking at prescription drug prices and wondering how they are going to be able to buy groceries, and the president has us arguing over whether to buy greenland.
11:02 am
americans are picking up their possessions to flee a superstorm, and the president is picking up a sharpie to redraw a weather map. how did we get here? politics is supposed to be about making our everyday lives better, but nothing could be further from the top of the president's list, or the governor. pens, let's talk about that veto pen. your legislature is doing extraordinary work responding to the needs of the everyday, but when people need to get paid more, the governor is vetoing a minimum wage loawaw. that is wrong. parents want to spend more time with their kids, and the governor proudly vetoes a paid family leave bill. that is wrong. the good news is voters have
11:03 am
veto power too, and you get to veto this governor and get something better. [cheers and applause] mr. buttigieg: it is not just that the policies are all wrong. it is that they are pitting us against each other, especially in washington. they speak of patriotism, but surely patriotism lies in defending our beliefs as well as our country, not shouting down those who dissent and telling them to com go back where they come from. the flag that was on my shoulder when i stepped off the airplane in afghanistan was not a republican flag. it was an american flag symbolizing our responsibility to speak up when our leaders do wrong. that is an act of loyalty to the republic for which it stands. they speak of freedom.
11:04 am
freedom includes the freedom to organize for good wages, freedom to control your own body, freedom to choose your own spouse, and freedom from racial discrimination. that is freedom too. values.ak of these they speak of faith and family, but what faith, what family values would condone families being torn apart at the border? surely faith and family have something to do with feeding the hungry and welcoming the stranger. those are our values. [cheers and applause] today i am here to offer a clear choice and a clear message, the answer to donald trump is not playing his game or going on his show. it is a laser focus on improving
11:05 am
everyday lives and doing it in the name of shared values that light the way to a better future, the kind of boldness that will bring us together, not terrorists apart. that is the way forward. we need ideas big enough to meet this moment. we have got to unify americans around these solutions, or nothing will actually get done. that is why my health care vision is medicare for all who wanted. let every american have a choice to walk away from the corporate and private plans for something better, but when they are ready because i trust americans to make that choice. yes, health care means mental health care, and we will unify to save a million lives when it comes to deaths of despair. i will match the ambition of the marshall plan with a douglas plan for black america to attack systemic racism in every form in
11:06 am
this nation. create one million page national service opportunities a year so that everyone can have the solidarity i got in the military without having to go to war to get there. we are a nation ready to serve. women to thet judiciary and the highest levels of this administration. willing of appointments, i appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public education. it's time. while we are at it, and environmental protection agency had the believes in climate
11:07 am
change so we can unify the american people around solving that problem before it is too late. the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president, it is the unification of the people, pulling us together in common purpose to tackle our greatest challenges. if we get that done, the future does not have to be a dark place . i cannot wait for a future where we look back with pride on the choices we made in 2020. i cannot wait to tell my future children about what we did to set them up for success. them that in 2020 we created an economy where a rising tide really does lift all boats. that once upon a time it was the case that children were learning active shooter drills before they learned to read, but we summoned the courage to get weapons of war out of american neighborhoods.
11:08 am
be the odds and got ahead of climate change before it ruined the opportunities ahead in their lives, and delivered a society where your race has no bearing on your health or wealth or relationship with law enforcement. we will be so proud. running for office is an act of hope, not the hope of the naive, but those who know we cannot afford to go back. new hampshire are you ready to spread the sense of hope required for a new and better future? are you ready to break from the past and bring a better era to american life? are you ready to put away the reality show of washington and change the channel to a new future for american people? with hope in our hearts and fire in our bellies, let's go forward
11:09 am
all the way to the white house and beyond. thank you, new hampshire. i will see you on the campaign trail. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪
11:10 am
""up around the bend playing] >> please welcome to the stage former new hampshire governor john lynch. ♪ mr. lynch: thank you so much. thank you so much. thank you for being here today.
11:11 am
i basically wanted to stop by to thank all of you for all that you have done for me. not only in terms of the elections and the campaigning, but what you have done for me in helping to govern the great state of new hampshire. made a together we difference, a positive difference in the lives of the people of our state. [applause] mr. lynch: there are so many groups i want to thank. join me in thanking our wonderful teachers, who do a great job educating our kids. [cheers and applause] join me in thanking our state employees and our municipal employees, who do a wonderful job delivering


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