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tv   Campaign 2020 NH Democratic Party Convention - Pete Buttigieg  CSPAN  September 8, 2019 12:40am-12:53am EDT

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bitter twisted lies. i tell you america, like dust we will rise. we will rise! america, we will rise! thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] mr. buttigieg: thank you. thank you. wow! all right. thank you.
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thank you. hello, new hampshire democrats. thank you so much. thank you, new hampshire. thank you. [cheering and applause] you are making me feel right at home. thank you. and thank you to ray buckley and the new hampshire democratic team for everything you are doing. thank you to joyce craig. i'm with the people of manchester, my choice is joyce. and thank you, new hampshire for you bringing us the pathbreaking delegation of senator shaheen, senator hassan, chris pappas and congresswoman annie kuster.
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we need more like them in washington. [cheers and applause] my name is pete buttigieg. most people call me mayor pete. and i am running for president. i am running for president because i think america might be running out of time. so much depends on us right now. for a new generation, not just mine but one younger still, not even old enough to vote. trusting us with their lives. the 13-year-old who asked me at an event with tears streaming down his face what we are going to do to keep his school safe because he fears for his life every time he sits down in class. the 12-year-old girl in orlando who asked me about health insurance, not because she is a
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policy buff, but because she has type one diabetes and is worried about what will happen if her parents lose their coverage. she is 12. and this is what she is thinking about. and the only fair answer to kids like that is that they should not be dealing with this at all. we, all of us old enough to vote, should sort that out so they do not have to. that is what we owe to them so they can focus on the in kids. - focus on being kids. and a few years from now, by the time they are adults, there could be 100 million more guns on the streets. we will cross the point of no return on climate. and a woman's right to choose will not even exist. or -- we can act. not four years from now or 10 years from now but right now. we can act. [cheers and applause] and it is not just kids. none of us can afford to ignore the problems that we have tolerated for far too long. because they amount to a crisis
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that has destabilized our entire country. a crisis that represents the only plausible answer to how a guy like our current president ever got within cheating distance of the oval in the first place. that does not happen unless something is already wrong. it has been brewing for a long time. we felt it where i grew up in the so-called rust belt. i have seen how politics affect everyday life. i have seen the face of my city changed by deindustrialization. the course of my life altered by the orders that sent me to a foreign war. even my marriage exists just by the grace of a single vote on the u.s. supreme court and thank you to everyone that helped bring that equality to this land. [cheers and applause] as a mayor of a city once called
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dying and now growing i also know what can happen when people come together. our city's future changed when we mobilized around shared values and focused on delivering real results for real people. pragmatic and values-driven leadership. we need more of that in washington right now. because for too long in washington we had accepted the unacceptable. and now, there is a noise machine making it almost impossible to hear the alarm bells ringing in our everyday lives. americans are looking a t prescription drug prices and wondering how they are going to be able to buy groceries and the president has us arguing over whether to buy greenland. americans are picking up their possessions to flee a superstorm and the president is picking up a sharpie to redraw a weather map. [laughter] [applause]
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how did we get here? politics is supposed to be about making our everyday lives better but nothing could be further from the top of the president's list or come to think of it, the governors. speaking of governors, let us talk about that veto pen. because your legislature is doing extraordinary work responding to the needs of the everyday but when people need to get paid more, plain and double, the governor is be vetoing a minimum wage law. that is wrong. parents want to spend more time with their kids and the governor proudly, proudly veto's a paid family leave bill. that is wrong. the good news is, voters have veto power too, and you get to veto this governor and get
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something better. [applause] and it is not just that the policies are all wrong. it is that they are pitting us against each other especially in washington and bringing out the worst in us. they speak of patriotism but surely patriotism lies in defending our beliefs as well as our country. not shouting down those that dissent and telling them to go back to where they came from. [cheers and applause] because the flag that was on my shoulder when i stepped off that airplane that took me to afghanistan was not a republican flag, it was an american flag. symbolizing our responsibility to speak up when our leaders do wrong. that is an act of loyalty to the republic for which it stands. [cheers and applause] they speak of freedom. surely freedom includes the freedom to organize for good wages. freedom to control your own body. freedom to choose your own spouse. and freedom from racial discrimination.
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that is freedom too. [cheers and applause] they speak of these values. they speak of faith. and family. but what faith, what family values would condone families being torn apart at the border? surely faith and family has something to do with feeding the hungry and welcoming the stranger and lifting up the least among us. [cheers and applause] those are our values. so today, i am here to offer a clear choice and a clear message. the answer to donald trump is not playing his game or going on his show. it is a laser focus on improving everyday lives and doing it in the name of shared values that light the way to a better future. the kind of pull this that will boldness that is
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the way forward that will bring us together and not tear us apart. that is the way forward. we need ideas big enough to meet this moment but it is not enough to think of good policy. we have to unify americans around the solutions are nothing will actually get done. that is why my health care vision is medicare for all who want it. let every american have the choice to walk away from the corpora-private plans and find something better. but when they are ready, because i trust americans to make the right choice. and yes, health care means mental health care also and we will unify to save a million lives when it comes to death from despair. as your president, i will match the ambition of the marshall plan with a douglas plan for black america to attack systemic racism in every form in this nation. [cheers and applause] i will create a million paid national service opportunities a year so that everyone can have the solidarity that i got by
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going to military, and not have to go to war to get there. we are a nation ready to serve. i will appoint women to the judiciary and the highest levels of this administration. [cheers and applause] and speaking of appointments, i will appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public education. [cheering] it is time. and while we are at it, and environmental protection agency head that actually believes in climate change so we can unify the american people around solving that problem before it is too late. [applause] the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president but the unification of the people. pulling us together in common
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purpose to tackle our greatest challenges. and if we get that done, then the future does not have to be a dark place. i cannot wait for a future where we look back with pride on the choices that we have made in 2020. i cannot wait to tell my future children about what we did to set them up for success. to tell them that in 2020, we created an economy where a rising tide really does lift all boats. that once upon a time it was the case where children were learning active shooter drills before they learned to read but we summoned the courage to get weapons of war out of american neighborhoods. [cheers and applause] that we beat the odds and got ahead of climate change before it ruined the opportunities in their lives. and delivered a society where your race has no bearing on your health or your wealth or your relationship with law
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enforcement. we will be so proud. [applause] running for office is an act of hope that we can get this done. not the hope of the naive but the hope of those that know we cannot afford to go back. so, new hampshire, are you ready to spread the sense of hope that is required to deliver a new and better future? are you ready to break from the past and bring a better era to american life? are you ready to put away the reality show in washington and change the channel for a better future for america? and for the american people? then with hope and our hearts and fire with our bellies, let us go forward all the way to the white house and beyond. thank you, new hampshire and i will see you on the campaign trail. thank you. thank you. [cheering and applause] thank you. [cheering and applause] ♪


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