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tv   Campaign 2020 NH Democratic Party Convention - Tom Steyer  CSPAN  September 8, 2019 2:05am-2:15am EDT

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♪ mr. steyer: hey. so, let's hear it for dudley dudley, an example of the leadership encouraged that exemplifies new hampshire. let me say this, it is new for me to be running for president, but not new for me to becoming to hampshire, because next to agenda america -- next agenda
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america has been organizing on the ground since the beginning of 2014, and i have been coming here and it is always fun. this time i have been here for three or four days and stopped in at the red arrow diner, which is fun. i sat in the seat that al gore sat in, and i set across the booth from where paul newman set. sat acrossly, i also from the booth where donald john trump sat. so let me say this, every democrat running for president and every democrat sitting in the seats in front of me is more qualified and more decent and more patriotic than the criminal who resides in the white house of the united states. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: and let me say, i don't know if you notice, but this week, the house judiciary committee is finally going to take up an impeachment inquiry into this president on wednesday. it is about time we held this criminal to account. [cheers and applause]
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mr. steyer: now, i know that a lot of you don't know me, and when i read stories about myself and the press, sometimes i think my first name is billionaire, so let me actually tell you a little bit about who i am. my mother was from minnesota. she taught in new york public schools and in the brooklyn house of detention. my dad and his brother and his sister were the first generation of their family to go to college. he interrupted his law career to join the navy in world war ii. and he prosecuted the nazis at nuremberg. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: for the last 10 years, i have been putting together coalitions of ordinary american citizens to take on unchecked corporate power in this country, and we have been
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winning. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: that is what my parents would want me to do. that is what my parents stood for. and we need to recognize that donald trump did not just get elected, he was tapping into legitimate anger in america. four out of five americans believe that corporations -- in america. i am in that four out of five, and i bet you are in the four out of five. that is why i'm running for president. there has been a hostile corporate takeover of democracy, and i am determined to do it to restore a government that, by, and for the people, because i know if we break the corporate stranglehold on our democracy, we will get the progressive vision that everyone in this room wants. we will get health care as a right for every single american. we will get the education that our children deserve from pre-k to college with ongoing skills training.
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we will get a living wage and restored organized labor force. and we will get clean air and clean water is a right for every american. [cheers and applause] bus to do it, we will have the donald john trump. and to beat him, we are going to have to beat him where he is supposedly strong, which is the economy. i built a business from nothing to a multibillion-dollar international business. i will say this. i will expose mr. trump as the failure and fraud that he is in business, and i can expose him as the failure and fraud he is as an economic leader of the united states. his tax plan is a giveaway to the rich and corporations that is killing working families. his trade policy is causing a
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manufacturing recession. we have a looming recession in this country, and he knows it. that's why he is begging the fed to bail him out before the election. he is desperate. i would love to go to toe. i can take him down and win. [applause] mr. steyer: let me say this. in the four early states, including new hampshire, where i spent my time in the last seven weeks since i declared i was running, my campaign is in either fourth or fifth place. people are hearing this message. we are really on the move. [applause] mr. steyer: but i am not new to new hampshire. the organization i started was organized the last time jeanne shaheen was running for the senate. in 2018, we were on the ground,
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making sure with the people in this room that maggie hassan won. we were organizing to make sure the state legislature was blue. and let me say this. nextgen america will be here in 2019. it is on 90 college campuses. -- 19 college campuses. next gen will be here in 2020. job, letll finish the me say now, mr. sununu, we are coming for you. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: and let me say this. what nextgen has done in new hampshire with the people in this room it has also done across the country. in 2018, nextgen is the largest youth voter mobilization in american history. we elevated turn in republican congressional districts and we flipped early three districts by
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doubling youth turnout under 30. that's not all. i don't know if you guys know this. i have taken on oil companies directly at the ballot box and beat them when nobody thought we could. i have taken on tobacco companies at the ballot box. they have run 17 times in a row, and we have beat them. i have taken on monopolies for clean energy and beat them in their home states. i closed the tax loophole for a billion dollars and gave the money to the public schools. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: i know that we can break this corporate stranglehold on our democracy. i know it because i have done it. i am proposing a term limit in congress of 12 years. let me tell you what that would do. no more moscow mitch mcconnell. [cheers and applause]
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mr. steyer: no more leningrad lindsey graham. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: look, this is a political convention. there are always a lot of words at a political convention. i put actions behind my words. i built one of the largest grassroots organizations in the country. i have taken on corporations in the ballot box and consistently beat them when people thought it would not happen. and i organized the largest petition drive to impeach this criminal president. that's what we've done. let's talk about what we need to do together. here's what we need to do. show up, turn out, win big. that's what new hampshire democrats do, show up. that means do the organizing on the ground that has turned the state blue. turnout.
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this is going to be the biggest turnout election in anyone's life in this room. people are going to show up on both sides. we have to show up, win big. we have to beat mr. trump, but that's not nearly enough. we need a mandate for progressive change. win big. [cheers and applause] mr. steyer: that's what the democrats in this room have done, show up, turn out, win big. if you put your trust in me, i promise you our party across the country in 2020 will do that. show up, turn out, win big. and i promise you we will win big. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] ♪
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♪ [cheers and applause] sen. warren: wow! [cheers and applause]


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