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tv   Campaign 2020 NH Democratic Party Convention - Sen. Booker  CSPAN  September 8, 2019 3:46am-3:57am EDT

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[cheers and applause] ♪ sen. booker: all right! hello, granite-- it is so good to be here. boy feelake a jersey at home, right here.
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-- it was 50 years ago that my parents tried to move to another new state and that one was new jersey. horribleencountered racism. every time they would show up to try to buy a house in the places where the -- with the best public schools, real estate agent would greet them and see we were a black family and say -- i'm sorry, this house is already sold. you cannot move into this on. but what my parents really encountered was not just hate and bigotry. they encountered love. people that understood that adria chism is love of country but you cannot love your country unless you love your fellow countrymen and women. they encountered people that nation, lovethis
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is not just a sentiment or sentimentality. love it says if your children does not have a great public school, my children are lesser off. they knew that injustice anywhere was a threat to justice everywhere. so a community of activist, .rassroots activists mostly white folks in that new jersey suburban community said they were going to set up a conspiracy of love and they actually got a white couple volunteering to follow my character when my parents were told the house was old, they would leave and a white couple would come out and find out the truth, if the house was really for sale. i grew up in new jersey because a white couple put a bid on a house for my parents. at the day of the closing, instead of the white couple showing up, my father did and a lawyer. [cheering] let me tell you right now, my parents raised me to know the
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truth of this nation. we have always had bigotry and hatred and divisive leaders that have risen up all throughout time. but they told me to have faith in us and who we are because when we stand together and work together, no matter how much people try to drag us down, we will rise. now, now, know or, now, america -- we must understand this election is not a referendum on one guy in one office. this election is a referendum on who we are and who we must be to each other. it is a referendum on the spirit of america. this man tries to divide as an demesne americans integrate americans and pitch us against each other, it is time for us, it is time for us as democrats to remember who we are.
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"we", not party of the party of "me." we are the party of inclusion and not exclusive. we are the party of civil rights, women's rights, the party of the environment. the party of unions. no matterthat says who you are, what your background is, when we stand together and work together, we rise together. and so, we must understand that this is a time that will define the soul of our nation. this is a moral moment in america. we democrats have to be careful. i don't care who our nominee is, but we cannot tolerate democrats that turned against other democrats and try to tear us down. this election is not about some purity test that if you do not
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mark every box correctly, then you are not a good democrat. we need leaders that will not turn against each other that towards each other because that is where our strength is. and we cannot make another mistake. we cannot make the mistake that said -- we have to play it safe. this election is just about finding someone that can be donald trump. let me tell you right now, we have to beat donald trump but theing donald trump is floor, it is not the ceiling. beating donald trump gets us out of the valley but it does not get us to the mountaintop. i want to go to the mountaintop. in a moral moment. we are in a moral moment. and we cannot let someone who preaches heat -- hate list our
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soul. i was in a town hall meeting in south carolina running up to the stage. football, a former player, a former all-american football player and the older i get the better i was -- and he comes over to me and he puts his arm around the and says dude, i want you to punch donald trump in the face. and i look him right in the face without missing a beat and i say, dude, that is a felony. we have seen dictators. we have seen that kind of behavior. we have seen big it, hatemongers. the way we have been them is not by showing the worst of who we are but by showing the best of who we are. out, i went out craig.sing with joyce we knocked on a door and i met a man who was a recovering addict. of the euroavages
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crisis in his life but what blew me away is that now he is an activist for dealing with addiction the right way. with treatment and by empowering people. this is a man that turned his pain into purpose. that turned darkness into light. and that is the call of where we are right now, democrats. we beat a bull connor not by bringing bigger dogs and bigger fire hoses but by bringing activists who challenged the moral imagination of a nation. to be bluntm going with everybody here. a lot of candidates want to tell you what they are going to do. i have put that out and my plans but this election is not just about our plans but about our heart and guts. if i am your nominee, i am going to ask more from you than any nominee in our lifetime. i am not going to ask you to put butith more or suffer more
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i'm going to ask you to work more, volunteer more, and engage more. martin luther king said the problem is not the vitriolic words and violent actions of the bad people. it is the appalling silence and inaction of the good people. work song to ask you to enat we can get jeanne shahe reelected. i'm going to ask you to work so that we can return chris pappas and annie kuster to congress. i am to ask you to rise up when they try to eat us down because -- when they try to beat us down. the cut that is a we are. despitehe people that the obstacle have always turned together to say that we will rise. we come from great leaders. the mountaintop and kennedy pointed to the moon and said to america -- we will .ise! we have a great history
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when they tried to beat us down at stonewall or beat us back at the edmund pettus bridge, we did not turn against each other. we grabbed hands, stood together, and told the whole nation, we will rise. well, if i am the nominate, i'm going to turn to you and say -- we will rise and make sure that we have health care as a right for everyone. we will rise and make sure we have great public schools for every child. sure thatse and make unions are strong again. thatll rise and make sure we take on the challenge of the climate crisis. and stand for our veterans and with them. man nowen -- there is a who is trying to define this country at home and abroad.
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he wants the world to be a about him but we know different. us, he isng to lie to trying to divide us. a is trying to demean and great the character of this country. this is a moral moment and we collectively have to summon the spirit. one of our greatest poets, maya through oursay actions and through our works that the man in the white house may try to wear down our nation -- right down our nation with his bitter lies. i tell you america, like dust we will rise. we will rise! rise!a, we will thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause]


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