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tv   911 Memorial Service in Shanksville PA  CSPAN  September 12, 2019 2:11am-3:56am EDT

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climate leadership council talks about his organizations support for a carbon tax. live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. vice president mike pence and interior secretary david bernhardt delivered remarks at the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. 18th anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks. ♪
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♪ >> good morning and welcome to flight 93 national memorial. my name is sephen clark, and i have the high honor of serving as the superintendent of flight 93 national memorial, one of over 400 sites within the national parks system. the national park service is honored and deeply humbled to serve as the steward of this moving memorial dedicated in
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memory of 40 amazing heroes. ago, theay 18 years passengers and crew members of flight 93 bonded together and prevented their hijacked airplane from reaching its dc,nded target, washington, 18 minutes flying time from this location. unquestionably they sacrificed their own lives to save so many. , thesince that moment special people have always been remembered as heroes, not just to americans but also many around the world. extraordinary citizens who showed it incredible resilience under such circumstances. i would like to acknowledge the many dignitaries and representatives in attendance
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today eerie the vice president of the united states america, by -- mike pence and second lady karen pence. [applause] i would like to recognize the secretary of the interior, mr. david earnhardt. [applause] senator and atate dear friend, mr. pat stefano. [applause] guinea -- it of cannot tell you how honored and humbled we are, mr. president, to have you in attendance, with your group. it truly is an honor. thank you. [applause] von reddicker from
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the empathy of -- the embassy in washington dc. land of the national parks foundation. ago,tleman i met moments zukov can already say mr. is going to be a tremendous partner. finally, i would especially like to thank and acknowledge the families of the passengers and crew members of flight 93
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joining us this morning. thank you so much. [applause] at this time, i would like to extend a special thank you to the many volunteer ambassadors who represent flight 93 national memorial on a daily basis and help connect visitors to the stories of these 40 amazing people. ambassadorsnteer provide approximately 10,000 hours of their valuable time, which equals approximately $250,000 of in-kind services. absolutely astounding. [applause] gentlemen, i would also like to knowledge and thank
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our law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, and members of our military for keeping this great nation safe each and every day. [applause] finally, to our local communities and their caring leaders to include shanksville, indian lake, stony creek township, and somerset county itself, who have all provided tremendous and unwavering support to the development of this memorial over these many years. i think you all. [applause] , would you please stand as you are able for the national anthem, performed today
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by the river city brass band. that you remain standing brotherer paul britton of flight 93 passenger marion britton, leads us in a moment of unity. ♪ [national anthem plays]
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♪ [applause]
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>> the hebrew poet, moved, filled with the presence of his god, her god, wrote these words for us. how very good and pleasant it is when kindred lived together in unity. it is like the precious oil on the head running down upon the cobblerunning over the on the road. which fallshe dew on the mountain. asgather together today kindred minds. thought, memory,
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and in love. ood and here to be a g pleasant gathering of sisters and brothers in our joint with one thought, thanksgiving for the 40, with the 40, withe for the 40 thatonor for they may bind us in this place and always into one community. amen.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. 18 years ago this very day, a.m.,ber 11, at 10:03 united airlines flight 93 impacted the earth just several hundred feet from the very spot on which i stand. flight 93ecial time, national memorial ambassador and the president of a friends of flight 93 will read the met -- will the names of the passengers flight 93.mbers of
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for each name, judy and jane, as ambassadors, will ring the bells of remembrance in their memory. >> christian adam's. -- christian adams. [bell rings] >> lorraine g. bay, flight attendant. [bell rings] [bell rings] >> todd m. beamer.
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[bell tolls] [bell tolls] beaven.anthony [bell tolls] [bell tolls] mark bingham. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> deora frances bodley. [bell tolls] [bell tolls]
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bradshaw.augh [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> marion r. britton. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] burnett, jr. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> william joseph cashman. [bell tolls]
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[bell tolls] rose sister, georgine corrigan. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] patricia cushing. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> captain jason dahl. [bell tolls] [bell tolls]
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>> joseph deluca. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] --patrick joseph driscoll. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] felt.ard porter [bell tolls] [bell tolls]
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jane c. folger. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> colleen l. fraser. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] garcia.w sonny [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> jeremy logan glick. [bell tolls]
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[bell tolls] >> kristin osterholm white gould. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> lauren catuzzi grandcolas and unborn child. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] green, flight attendant. [bell tolls] [bell tolls]
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donald freeman greene. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> linda gronlund. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> richard j. guadagno. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> first officer leroy homer. [bell tolls]
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[bell tolls] >> toshiya kuge. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] looking forward to that great resurrection day, my love, ceecee ross lyles. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] hilda marcin.
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hilda marcin. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> waleska martinez. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] >> nicole carol miller. [bell tolls] [bell tolls]
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>> our brother, louis joey nacke ii. [bell tolls]toll peterson.arthur [bell tolls] [bell tolls] hoadley peterson. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] mark david rothenberg. [bell tolls] [bell tolls]
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>> christine ann snyder. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] talignani. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] honor elizabeth wainio. [bell tolls] [bell tolls] deborah jacobs welsh, flight
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s] [bell tolls] saidbert einstein once there are two ways to live your life. is as as though nothing
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miracle. the other is as though everything is a miracle. today, we celebrate miracles. beyond race, beyond create, beyond age. beyond place of origin. in spite of the fact that most are strangers or alien to the other. community was founded, strength
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infound, decisions were made .hat was spur of the moment we celebrate the miracle of the 40. to realize that miracle lies in all of our our lives.all of is ouriracle possibility. their 18 years ago is our today and tomorrow. me in au to join with moment of silent prayer and meditation.
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amen. amen. and amen. it is my joy to introduce to you .re open keynote speaker [applause] -- our keynote speaker, professor mitchell zuckoff.
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here on the are anniversary of 9/11 in a time of hotly raging debates over the meaning of american values. itm an author and professor i'm not here to be political. i am here to make the apolitical case that by their actions, their statements, and ultimately their shared sacrifice, that the passengers and crew members of united flight 93 should be emulated for representing the greatest of all american values. when they boarded that flight in newark, new jersey, they came from an array of backgrounds, they practiced a variety of religions, they held different views. by terroristted hijackers, these 40 strangers set aside individual interests.
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through phone calls, they collected information about what happened at the world trade center and soon after at the pentagon. in mere minutes, they transformed into a cohesive unit and unstoppable force. callsand again, in phone from the plan to the ground, they spoke of their planned uprising is a joint effort. passenger tom burnett told his wife dina, a group of us are getting ready to do something. flight attendant sandy bradshaw told her husband that some passengers were getting hot water from the galley. someone said, a few of us are getting together. ceecee lyles told her husband, we have a plan. passenger jeremy glick told his
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wife liz that they were taking a vote. how american is that? existential crisis, they decided to vote on a response. from the phone calls and recovered cockpit tapes, we know how that vote turned out. andnow they banded together answered the call. we know they fought bravely. we know they battled to the end. at the cost of their own lives, forcedels of flight 93 the followers of al qaeda to crash the plane on the sacred ground we stand on today. they saved countless others in the u.s. capitol or the white house, and gave us the first glimmer of hope in a terrible
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moment. let me also note that the people, the good people of somerset county, pennsylvania, did much of the same. they didn't ask who was on board the plane, where they were from, how they prayed. they only asked, how can we help? they have continued to do that every day since. withtly, i was emailing the founder of the flight 93 ambassador program. about how i named all 40 passengers and crew members. we talked about why i wanted to list them all especially since i didn't name everyone aboard other hijacked planes. the truth is, i did feel i had any other choice. in my line of work, the goal is
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to know exactly what happened so i can convey it to readers. for united flight 93, some details will be lost to history when the plane struck the ground. i have made my peace with that and embraced it. the result is that we are compelled to celebrate every man and woman aboard that plane equally and collectively. their story, like the american story, is about more than individual achievements and interests. it is about the power of what can be accomplished when people trust one another. in doing so, the men and women of flight 93 changed from strangers to partners, from fingers to a fist. as abraham lincoln said on another battlefield not far from
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here, it is the living to be dedicated here to the work that those who fought here have so far so nobly advanced. it is my view that the legacy of the passengers and crew of flight 93 was the cause of the common good. witherica, the stranger different beliefs or background might become your greatest ally, your blood brother or sister. or, perhaps, the internal andggle for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. be open to that possibility. by doing so, we honor the sacrifice of the 40 heroes of flight 93 as the upmost embodiment of true american values. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> thank you, professor. ladies and gentlemen, from time to time, people come into your at that just know moment you meet them are something special. of president of the families flight 93 is indeed one of those individuals. of flightthe brother 93 passenger edward porter felt. over the past few years, i have atten to know mr. felt on personal level. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming mr. gordie felt. [applause]
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gordie: good morning. mr. vice president, secretary clark,dt, superintendent britton,ff, reverend distinguished guests. nationhat serve our through their work with the national park service, the ,light 93 national memorial partners of the national park service, national park ofndation, and the friends flight 93, visitors, and families of flight 93. i welcome you all to our annual service to honor the 40 extraordinary heroes of united flight 93. here we are again come a year
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since our last commemorative gathering. we have seen hundreds of thousands of give -- of visitors in the past 12 months passed through the gates and pay respects. enabled theas flight 93 story to be shared with interested parties around the world. attendance figures here in somerset county continue to trend upward. volunteerism at the memorial is strong and the efforts of the national park service, we are seeing this ground come back to and through reforestation other critical projects designed to heal the land. school groups, veterans, andists, history buffs, concerned citizens of the world continue to be drawn to the
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sacred ground, and for good reason. heritage timeur and time again speak of instances where, under the greatest of pressures, heroism is revealed in a time of crisis. heroes,d ones, those 40 or remembered well and given the honor and dignity they deserve. may they rest peacefully, embraced in the loving arms of their families and those who may forever member their sacrifice. this sacred ground serves as a reminder to us all that the heroes of flight 93 helped to change the course of our history. those individuals were private citizens on the morning of september 11, 2001.
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because of their actions on that fated blue sky morning, their memory belongs to us all in their actions will inspire generations to come. for those who choose to remember, inspiration can help heal an eternal wound and provide solace to those who lost so much that morning. our lives these last 18 years have taken a new course. understanding the reasons for this pivot and the lessons learned leading up to this change are critical factors in ensuring that history cannot and will not repeat itself. our task is to never forget that, if it were not for the action of the crewmembers and passengers of united flight 93, this pivot may have been far more drastic than already
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experienced. imagine the implications and our country's response to the attack on 9/11 if we witnessed the destruction of our capital building, and how much even more our lives would have been changed. religious, who dies, who tells your story? a song from the musical "hami up," asks, when my time is have i done enough? i can't imagine asking the 40 heroes who perished on this ground, giving their lives, and saving us from an even darker 11, 2001.tember but how about you, how about me?
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are we letting the lessons learned on september 11, 2001 affect decisions we are making filed thosehave we lessons away? i remind you that any one of us could have been aboard flight 93 that morning. anyone of us could have been faced with the unspeakable horror of facing down people incarnate -- facing down evil incarnate. anyone of us could have had to choose passivity under pressure or fighting to survive. how can we continue to be inspired by the heroes of flight 93? i say to you that the genesis of our loved ones'power emanated from three critical factors that
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are incorporated into our daily whilewhich serve us well honoring our heroes. strengthee factors are through diversity. the crew and passengers of flight 93 were made up of citizens of many nations. religions,f races, backgrounds, sexual orientations , various professions and passions, a spectrum of ages. the list of diversity goes on and on. this allowed for diverse experiences to help formulate the plan and quickly respond as modern-day minutemen and women to the crisis before their eyes. the second factor, a commitment to democratic principles. strength ones soft
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through collective action. we know that they formulated a plan, they prayed, and then they voted to move forward. each crewmember was given it presumably took the opportunity to choose their own course of action. the only people on the flight trying to dictate terms that morning work overwhelmingly defeated. thee, a willingness to make tough decisions, to do what is right, not what is easy. faced with the unimaginable morning, our loved ones new that they could not just sit back. in a world that is becoming far more dangerous, the heroes chose to fight. individualserse andulated a plan, voted,
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stood up and said no, we are coming for you. concepts that seem simple when stated but so difficult to execute under pressure. let us remember those principles and incorporate them into our day-to-day lives, showing the world that we can be better. let us continue to be inspired by the story of flight 93 and the memory of those 40 incredible individuals. can rise and be extraordinary. let us continually ask ourselves, to paraphrase lin-ma is, miranda, when our time have we done enough?
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thank you. [applause] ♪
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[applause] >> james comer thank you once you oncejames, thank again, to you and your entire band. [applause] >> at this time, i would like to introduce the secretary of the department of the interior, david bernhardt. secretary bernhardt was confirmed on april 11 of this
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year. he leads an agency with more please, who are monument,d including wildlife refuge, and national park sites just like this one. please join me in welcoming secretary david bernhardt. [applause] secretary bernhardt: good morning. script forto go off the first time in my life. i am going to say, there have been some great speeches in american history given outside in the state of pennsylvania. speech washink your one of the most eloquent set of remarks i have ever seen.
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president, misses pence, thers. national park service, my fellow americans, i am joining you -- i am honored to join you today as we recognize and remember the lives lost on flight 93 18 years ago. each of us know exactly where we the fewthis day, one of days in american history where the nation and the world seemed to stand still. we will never forget how this transformed us as a people and a nation. lost innize the lives the twin towers, the pentagon, and right here in pennsylvania. but this year is unique.
3:16 am
americans borng after the attacks have enrolled in college where they will join many peers who have no direct memory of what transpired. for them, 9/11 is an historical event, a date. the flight 93 national memorial is vital in sharing our story with that of the world. monuments that the apartment of the interior's national park service partisters our an integral of our identity. this memorial mourns the lives which could have changed the course of history for the worst and forever serves as a reminder why america is the home of the brave. among those brave heroes on
3:17 am
flight 93 was a u.s. fish and wildlife ploy. were devastated crash,onth after the they found richard's service badge resting in a tree. for us at the department of aterior that badge serves as moving reminder for all of our follow -- all of our fallen collie who have gone -- fallen keepagues who have gone to americans safe. the badge is a symbol for the twos we suffered nearly decades ago. i take comfort in knowing that president trump and vice
3:18 am
president pence are keeping america safe and secure. [applause] trump knows firsthand the devastation the attacks brought to his city and this nation. he and the vice president are committed to keeping the american people safe from forces of evil throughout the world. committedas we are, to honoring the heroes of flight 93 and all the victims of 9/11. now, i have the honor of introducing the vice president of the united states, mr. mike pence. [applause]
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vice president pence: secretary ,ernhardt, distinguished guests my fellow americans, and, most of all, family of the victims who perished here. it is september 11 and is deeply humbling as vice president of the united states to stand before you today at the flight 93 national memorial as we pause to honor the 40 heroic americans who were lost in this place 18 years ago. today, all across this country, americans will pause to reflect,
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remember, and never forget the day 18 years ago. in new york city, at the pentagon, and here in shanksville, pennsylvania. field onee a common day became a field of honor forever. days, ourst solemn of hearts are also with the families of the men and women who lost their lives in the world trade center and 184 men and women who perished at the pentagon. the president just this morning paid respects to the fallen outside the pentagon. we gather, as president trump
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said today, as one american family, united by patriotism, bound by destiny, and sustained by faith in almighty god. [applause] the bible says, if you owe debts, pay debts, if honor then honor. if respect then respect. and president trump asked me to be here today to pay a debt of honor to the memory and the families of the 40 passengers and crewmembers of flight 93. men and women who rose up, who fought back, and who met unspeakable evil with selfless heroism and american strength. [applause]
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vice president pence: america was attacked on september 11, but america took the fight back to our enemies on that same day. not on some foreign battlefield, but right here, in the skies above these fields. where the heroes of flight 93 were forged. 18 years ago today was a beautiful tuesday morning. when united flight 93 left newark airport bound for san francisco, carried onboard 40 men and women from all across america, from every walk of life. age, deorayears of
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frances bodley was the youngest person onboard. a student at santa clara home. also onboard with edward porter felt, an accomplished man, with degrees in colgate, cornell university, two patents, an encryption technology, devoted husband, a father of two daughters, the new jersey native was making a last-minute business trip to san francisco. then, there was a flight attendant, wanda anita green who worked for united airlines for 29 years. a mother of two, the deacon at her church. she earned a real estate license, dreamed of opening her own real estate office after retiring from flying.
3:24 am
gno, says youuada just heard, a dedicated public -- as you just heard, a dedicated public servant, project manager for the u.s. fish and wildlife service where he worked for 17 years. on september 11, he was going home after celebrating with his parents, sister, and family at his grandmother's 100th birthday. a lawyer, public relations executive, an antique dealer, a world war ii veteran. as you heard so eloquently from this podium already this morning. they were ordinary americans, but their heroism would inspire the nation. when they took off at 8:42 a.m., their flight must have seemed like any other. they had no way of knowing that within four minutes, american flight 11 would hit the north tower. within 21 minutes, united flight 175 would hit the south tower of the world trade center.
3:25 am
and within 46 short minutes, their own flight would be hijacked by terrorists, determined to strike another attack, this time on our nation's capital. and they had no way of knowing , those 40 remarkable men and women, that within 81 minutes from takeoff, their lives would be over. they would enter eternity. but not before they had earned a place of honor in the annals of history and in the hearts of every american. [applause] vice president pence: it was
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9:35 in the morning when the plane diverted toward washington, d.c. and immediately, the men and women of flight 93 sprang into action. they began calling their loved ones and soon learned of the attacks that were gripping our nation. when tom burnett's wife told him about the attack on the pentagon, he replied -- we have to do something. so they did. at 9:47 a.m., jeremy glick told his wife that the passengers were voting on whether to charge the cockpit, and he later told her that those onboard voted to act. so they did. talking with her husband on the phone, flight attendant sandy bradshaw uttered words that
3:27 am
captured perfectly her and the passenger's clarity of purpose. she said everyone's running to first class. i got to go. bye. and in the midst of the chaos, a young husband and father, a man starting a business career, prayed the lord's prayer. with an air phone operator and recited a verse from the 23rd psalm. only then to speak words that would echo the resolve of a nation. let's roll. history records they ran forward. they charged toward the cockpit. and at 10:03 a.m., flight 93 plummeted to the earth.
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right here. in the early days after the attacks, a pennsylvania state trooper hung an american flag on an old drag line sitting atop the hill overlooking this crash site. but now, 18 years later, there stands a memorial and an even more fitting tribute to the courage and sacrifice of that day. just not far from here stands a 93-foot-tall tower of voices which today holds eight chimes, each with a different musical note. symbolize the voices of all of those lost 18 years ago. when played together, the notes perform a perfect harmony, just as in their final moments the men and women of flight 93
3:29 am
worked in concert to defend our nation, defend our capital, and defend our way of life. [applause] here at this memorial, the names of those 40 men and women are etched in marble, but i want to assure their precious families, they're also carved into the hearts and the memory of the american people. [applause] the bible tells us that the lord is close to the broken hearted. and that's our prayer for you. this day and every day, and it's
3:30 am
our prayer for all of the families all across our nation who meet this day each year to remember a personal loss. we're with you. to the families gathered here, you honor us by your presence, and america stands with you. [applause] the american people will never
3:31 am
forget or ever fail to be inspired by the courage of the men and women of flight 93. we honor them by remembering them. and we honor them by resolving here and now that we will do as they did, each of us, in all of our varied roles to prevent such evil from ever reaching our shores again. when flight 93 went down, the heroes aboard were the first of a new generation of americans to rise up as citizen soldiers in what would come to be known as the global war on terror. after september 11, the rising generation of the new millennium also answered the call, and recruiting stations across the
3:32 am
country had lines around the block. since this day 18 years ago, 5.5 million americans have stepped forward to defend our country by enlisting in the armed forces of the united states, and we honor each and every one of them this day. [applause] and we especially honor the memory of the nearly 7000 other americans who gave their lives on other fields of battle since this day 18 years ago. to their families looking on, we pledge, we will never forget or
3:33 am
fail to honor the service and sacrifice of our fallen heroes. [applause] today, we honor those who fell on this hallowed ground, and in honoring them, we also honor every fallen hero since that day.
3:34 am
we did not start this war, we did not seek it, but in every year that's passed, our armed forces have taken the fight to the enemy on our terms, on their soil. we've met the evildoers with the resolve and force beyond anything they could have imagined. our armed forces took the fight to the terrorists who attacked us in the mountains of afghanistans. their mastermind met justice at the hands of navy seals in abadabad, and our armed forces just this year captured the last inch of territory controlled by the barbaric isis caliphate.
3:35 am
[applause] but the threat of terrorism remains, and i can assure you, under this commander in chief, our armed forces will never relent until the earth is purged of the scourge of radical islamic terrorism. [applause] what the terrorists of 9/11 did not understand, is that america's love of peace is exceeded only by our resolve to defend our freedom. the fiery ordeal through which the heroes of flight 93 passed lit the way for heroes that were
3:36 am
to come, and it will inspire generations of americans for all-time. it is truly a privilege to be with you today here in shanksville, along with my wife, karen, to honor the memory of the heroes of flight 93. [applause] i pay tribute as vice president and as a grateful american, but as i said when we were here two years ago, for us and our family, it's personal. 17 years ago i was serving in congress, and my wife and i made
3:37 am
a point, bring our three small children here to this hallowed ground on a drive back from washington, dc to indiana. it was less than a year from that terrible day, but we wanted to come here to pay our respects and make sure that our children saw this place and knew what happened here. i remember that day like it was yesterday. we didn't find this impressive memorial. we found a plywood wall painted with the names of the fallen, a
3:38 am
timeline listed, and a wooden cross in the field. [applause] with the help of one park ranger, we learned of the sequence of that day, and i remember asking the ranger, if the united states capitol was the target, at what time would the plane have reached the capitol building? and what she told me i'll never forget. for at the time she mentioned, i, along with hundreds of others, was standing near the east front of the house of representatives. as i stand before you today i
3:39 am
say from my heart, i will always believe that i and many others in our nation's capital were able to go home that day and hug our families because of the courage and selflessness of your families, the heroes of flight 93. [applause] two years ago on this occasion i toured the memorial museum and there i took note of one of the possessions of a passenger that was recovered at the crash site.
3:40 am
among what was left of what was brought onboard was a book, titled "a life of integrity" by howard hendrix. as i looked at the display through the glass, i was struck by the book's title and how perfectly it represented what the men and women of flight 93 demonstrated on that day 18 years ago. shortly thereafter, i purchased a copy of the same edition of that devotional book, and it has flown with me every day since on air force 2 as a quiet tribute not just to the man, but to all the passengers and crew of flight 93 for all you've done for us. [applause]
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for what your loved ones did, for my little family and countless others in our nation's capital that day. we thank you. when heroes fall, words fail. for no greater love has a man than this that he should lay down his life for his friends. this, then, is what the heroes of flight 93 did. and it's important that we tell their story. i'm grateful that all of you are here today to hear it one more time. it's important that we tell their stories because as has already been observed, a whole generation of americans has come of age with no personal memory of 9/11.
3:42 am
so the rest of us, my fellow americans, must tell the story. we must never forget and never fail to honor the memory of those who were lost here in new york city and in washington, dc, and this we will do. we will tell their story. we will honor their memory, always. [applause] so to the families of the fallen, as president trump said this morning at the pentagon, i say now, the memory of your loved ones will never die. they will always be with us. we will always tell their story to future generations.
3:43 am
and as long as this nation endures, americans will ever be inspired by the faithful and courageous words and deeds of the heroes of flight 93. so may god bless our beloved fallen, may god bless and comfort the families gathered here and all those who suffered loss on this day 18 years ago, and may god continue to bless the united states of america with such men and women as the passengers and crew of flight 93. [applause]
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>> please be seated. thank you again, mr. vice president, for your thoughtful words, and again it is truly an honor to have you and the second lady with us today. as many of you know, vice president pence also joined, as he mentioned, for the 16th annual observance two years ago. as we conclude here today, i am indeed reminded of vice president pence's words from that ceremony. i will never forget that sentiment that he shared of how on the morning of september 11, 2001, as he stated, and i quote,
3:45 am
and i quote, for me, it was personal. i'll never forget that. i remembered that vice president shared his firm belief that the heroism of the 40 passengers and crew members of flight 93 may indeed saved his own life as he stated. he was on capitol hill that morning. however, i believe there are many individuals who share that same sentiment as many people were both inside and around the capitol building that day. they included members of congress, thousands of employees working inside that building, and countless citizens. ladies and gentlemen, people don't just visit flight 93 national memorial, rather they make it a pilgrimage as for them, too, it is personal. please allow me to share a few powerful messages left by
3:46 am
visitors on comment cards very recently. quote, "the passengers on this flight could have saved my life and many people i know because i was working near the capitol building that morning. and many of my co-workers were in the capitol at that time. forever grateful." end quote. signed, h. thomas. here's a message that was written directly to the families of flight 93 left on september 7, just four days ago. and i quote, "to the families of flight 93, we will be forever grateful for your sacrifice for our son. kevin, was working in the
3:47 am
capitol that day," end quote. and finally, a powerful message left on august 24 of this year, quote, "thank you for your brave selfless actions in the midst of evil. because of you, thousands more were saved. our nation is forever thankful, and your memory will forever be remembered." signed, "a grateful american." as it is clear from the three examples above, it is very common to have powerful testimonials that mirror the vice president's meaningful words both today and also in 2017 left behind by visitors who visit flight 93 national memorial. their monumental sacrifice was most certainly not in vain. all of us here at flight 93 national memorial thank all of
3:48 am
you for pausing on this day to remember the heroes of flight 93 and all those affected by the events of september 11. we, indeed, remember those who perished here at the twin towers and also at the pentagon. we carry their memory with us as we go forth from this place to better ourselves, our communities, and our nation. ladies and gentlemen, thank you once again for being with us today and sharing in this special day. thank you. [applause] at this time, the vice president, the second lady,
3:49 am
gordon felt, and the secretary of the interior will lay a wreath in the memory of the 40 heroes. if the families of the passenger and crew members of flight 93 would please join us in that special moment, memory and moment over at the wall of names. i would ask that all of you who remain seated while the family members make their way to the wall of names. when indicated to do so, by a national park service representative, all of you will also be cordially invited to join at the wall. once again, thank you, all, for joining us today and helping us honor the memory of the passengers and crew members of flight 93. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> here is a look at our live coverage thursday. the house returns at 9:00 a.m. bill that consider a would prohibit oil and gas exploration and the alaskan wildlife refuge. kevin mccarthy holds a news conference in baltimore where house republicans are meeting for their annual retreat. president trump will be speaking at the gop gathering.
3:56 am
on c-span2, the senate is back to debate and vote on executive nominations. on c-span3, the house judiciary meets to consider articles of impeachment against president trump. live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, pennsylvania democratic congresswoman susan wild discusses her push for mattel -- mental health care legislation. the climateof talks aboutouncil his organizations support of a carbon tax. watch live every day. join the discussion.


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